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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  February 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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♪ it didn't sound very good. i liked it. i like this part when they come marching toward the camera. >> i love the camera angle. >> we will have all of the super bowl highlights, of course, of the half time show. >> quite the debate. >> quite the debate.
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>> back and forth. everybody calm down. everybody is cranky because we didn't sleep last night. >> i can tell, by response on social media, people stayed up late, too much to drink, they are taking it the out on us. >> i haven't eaten yet. >> good day, it is monday, february 8th, 2016. now, lauren was going to be here. i have a feeling she may be with chris murphy. >> she's eating. >> he didn't have a date, and he is in love with lauren and they are a couple basically on tv. >> look at them. >> well, she hasn't got than there yet. >> here's another thing happening, chinese new year.
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>> yes. okay. thank you, thank you. >> wow, that is how you start the year off right. >> hello. >> wow. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. they drug you in, so to speak. >> i was walking in and said this is a party.
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i can join the party. >> did you drag her in. >> thank you all. >> can i bring the kid over. they are all so cute. >> most of the the celebration started last night in chinatown. it is very first day of the year of the monkey. >> look at all of the kids. >> yes. >> come on in, kid. >> everybody filing in. >> cute kid. >> everybody slide on in. >> here you go. >> tippy toes. >> is what are name. >> kyle. >> is what your name, luke. >> who are you. >> who is this cutie. >> what is his name. >> mason. >> i know my name. >> how old are you nathan. >> two. >> everyone is holding up three. are you three. >> he is three. >> just say yah i'm three. >> what do you have here. >> some cards. >> very nice. >> let's see what is in them.
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>> are they gifts for us. >> no. >> no. >> darn it. >> they are mine. >> thanks for coming in guys. >> happy new year. >> wonderful, thank you year of the monkey. >> yes. >> love your little dance there. >> love it. >> we will see you tonight. >> what a great show. >> this he were doing it last night too. >> there is a big celebration and now it is the new year. >> okay. >> by the way, you went ahead is that for good luck. >> yes. >> we need you. >> all of the love you can get. >> lettuce, is that right. >> what is the name of the group again. >> they were here. >> lee's lion club. >> they are so great. >> happy new year. so, hi lauren. >> hi, how are you. >> you look fantastic. >> how is your voice. >> getting better. >> a lot better then last week. >> it was rough last week. >> i gave her some tea. maybe that will help a little bit. >> you sound greaty was
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sipping my tea for a week now. >> she didn't say a word all weekend, it was a great weekend. well smith says toughen up little kids, why he want his children to face criticism and trauma in their life. >> the truth about pizza, before you take a bite out of your favorite slice, listen up, doctor oz reveals what you need to know about one of the america's biggest foods. >> here's the problem, super bowl sunday was yesterday. it ties late. you know how many pizzas were sold yesterday. >> biggest day. >> big day sunday. big day this weekend, valentine's day weekend. jen is helping us out, jen. >> some people call it, gallon times day are you guying something for your girl pal your friend hoist a a girl. some woman are doing it. some women are cheering up their friend who might be in a bad space relationship wise. come on back we have tips for gallon tines day. i wanted my pizza to be
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healthy i looked up if there was any fiber to see if there was fiber, in there. >> so, did you do that real quickly. do you buy gifts for your girlfriend. >> i haven't bought gifts but do i hang out with them. >> we will go out to dinner, and get all dressed up and be each other's date. >> my doubt course that too. >> yes. >> guys don't do that. >> no. >> what do you do. >> we're just thrilled that we don't have anybody to be with so we don't have to go through the expense. >> are you one of those people think it is a hallmark holiday and should never be around. >> yes. >> or just lazy. >> my dad was saying guys dread this holidays. it is a lot of work. >> your daddies a romantic. he does sweet things for your mom. >> even in general, he is men in general, you always likes to give me men advice. >> we don't like to be forced to do stuff.
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a a a lot of people talk about last night. >> you're asking for it. >> lady gaga's national anthem performance, some saying it was the best, ever. i heard best in recent history. i would agree with that. best in maybe 20 years. is ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? ♪
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>> blue angels fly over, perfectly timed. >> amazing she held that net a long time, follow accounts. >> she sure did. >> yes. >> she looks great to me. >> she really does. >> lady gaga, is that you. >> she haddon her gucci red with her red matching eye shadow, blue nails and super patriotic. weird look, with the flag on them. i don't know if i was digging the look. >> it sounds fantastic. >> some people say she and elton john look alike. >> he has worn red suits like that, that is for sure. they're friend. but while i'm listening and after it was over i was kind of crying a little bit. does that top, not everything has to top something else, right. >> right, but makes you think. >> takes me back to whitney
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houston. ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? ♪ that was super bowl 25. it took 25 years to match it, fit is matched. again, it is not important to say who was better, but just. >> two really amazing performances. >> yes.
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>> wow. >> we have comments from people on social media. >> okay, all right. >> whitney houston of course, gaga good but no match for the diva. >> i agree. >> i might gree with that too. >> this next one. >> lady gaga sounded fantastic last night, whitney was icon nick 1991. both were truly great. >> you said it right, stephanie. >> i cannot read this. >> lady gaga did better than whitney houston incorporating national anthem. it was definitely good though. and you will always be the best national anthem. her face at the end says she know he crush it and she did. hashtag whitney. >> let's get in the debate that is much more strong this morning. >> yes. >> we want to warn you, we were talking about this earlier. i had someone saying you don't know what real music is. they are very passionate. yes. >> real dangerous territory. >> get ready. >> yes. >> half time show. >> let's show some of this and
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get this over with. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i was all excited on that part right there. >> but we love uptown funk. >> well, that is true. >> then what happened. >> then they slowed it all down again. >> but they are together, unity, love.
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>> we are the world moment. >> well, some of the past performers. >> it was good because it is super bowl 50. we should look back at the great moments the super bowl has brought us and half time show. they felt like this is number 50. this should have been huge. >> and it was. >> what you are saying is maybe you would have like to have seen, like performers from the past, lot of them. >> they brought flashbacks, that was cool to see great moments. >> you could have them there, and people with go nuts. >> they would have gone nuts. >> yes. >> how about this, a solute to the bay area, think of all of the artist that is have come out of the bay area. have them all there. true. carlos santana, mc hammer. >> true. >> grateful dead, jefferson starship. and others. >> michael jackson, we saw
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video there, that outfit, they were saying beyonce modeled after him last night. >> that was from his world tour, dangerous world tour. >> she modeled it after that. >> some people were talking about i think beyonce almost fell down. she's so strong that she does almost bounce on her butt but recovers. >> wow, wow. >> so people are making jokes, saying beyonce did not almost fall, she just moved a little bit. >> beyonce did not fall. >> i totally stopped breathing for a second because i was like no. i thought for one second she lost her footing. you don't know had will happen. she gets up like nothing ever happened. >> i was so excited and screaming, but, chad tweeted saying you have to be athletic to fall but not really fall. she bounces again, got up, and still was on beat and still able to perform. >> beyonce always on beat.
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>> i was any of us though because i have never seen anybody perform on grass at the super bowl. >> i thought the same thing. >> who would fall down. >> how cool was that arrow that they made, did you see that. >> yes. >> they made an arrow out of beyonce's head. >> and big discussion around our facebook right now. a lot of people, back and forth about cold play, back and forth about beyonce. have one agrees bruno mars upped the energy and brought the show. everybody loves bruno. >> they added him a couple nightsy think that was planned but he had a instagram post. people say they have a dance animal. when i hear him, he and bruno he knows how to bring it. >> yes. >> really. >> no, i'm there. >> i loved it. i loved it. here's the thing though, i was watching this last night. my grand pop: >> please show us, it is not funny unless you show us.
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>> hi, alex, how did you like bounce. >> i said what are you talking about. >> bounce. bounce. >> i said beyonce, he meant beyonce. >> not the quicker picker upper. >> that sums it upright there. >> he is in his mid 80's. >> i love it. >> he loves watching the show. hi grand pop. it it was so cute he texted me that. >> bounce. >> but, there is bounce music maybe he is talking about that too. >> i think meant beyonce. >> love you grand pop. >> here you go, last night, right after the super bowl. >> yes. >> cbs wanted to milk their late night shows so they had them on sunday night, stephen colbert. steven talk to president obama in a pretaped segment about the super bowl and who won. so the president, jokes that all of the winners of the big game for the next 50 years are written on the back of the
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constitution. >> you don't even necessity who won the game, sir. >> i didn't say that. of course, i do. it was denver broncos. >> what? >> how could you you possibly know that. >> steven, i'm the president. is a it turns out all of the super bowl winners for next 50 years are written on the back of the constitution. it the is part of the national treasure three. >> sir, there is no national treasure three. >> that is what you think there will be. the script is on the back of the declaration of the independent. >> well, thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us, but now, i will need that ball back. >> absolutely. >> get ready, i will put some mustard on this one. >> wow. >> let's move. i want to see your very best super bowl touchdown dance, come on.
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>> excuse me, who is throwing a football in the white house. >> ohh. >> last one was funny checking out of this one. >> that is cute. >> all right's let's check with chris people are concerned that he is eating 14 courses of food in an hour and a half time period. what are you up to. >> so what is this one. >> this is your fish and chips, wild striped bass, served over lemon and malt vinegar with red cabbage and lemon jell on the outside. >> delicious. >> thank you, chris. >> these chips they make them right here. very good too. >> the name of this place is marigold. >> yes. >> they have a new chef. >> yes. >> they all live in this house. >> they all live there. >> yes. >> like a frat house.
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then they come down. and they are all chefs. >> wild. >> what course was chris on, nine or ten. >> that was nine. >> can you imagine what meals are like in their house every day. >> we have snow, sue. >> yes, there is a little bit today. there could be quite a bit more tomorrow. the storm number one is the in the process of moving up the coast, in fact, it will fall will in new hampshire today, hopefully gone by tomorrow for that primary but it is snowing in the boston area and as far south as ocean county, which is where we have that winter weather advisory in effect and rain around atlantic city. our winter weather advisory continues. coastal flood watch late tonight into tomorrow afternoon forstrom number two and a winter storm watch forstrom number two late tonight into late tuesday night, so, it is all supposed to begin, anytime around
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midnight, maybe earlier for some of us and accumulation on the grass to start, but how much will we get? this is a tough call but three to five, maybe three to 6 inches in the dark blue, less as you go further south because more mixing with rain and that will affect snow fall totals. this is an event that starts late tonight, all day, on and off tomorrow, and even, into wednesday morning and guys, when snow is gone, cold, cold, cold, valentines weekend, high temperatures in the the 20's. >> yes. >> where is that ground hog. >> it will bring people together. >> groundhog. >> he called for early swing though. >> dufuss. >> he didn't say it would happen immediately. >> it is meteorology. >> spring will come early, it does not mean it will happen earlier. >> it will happen earlier than march 21sty believe in you,
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phil. >> right less than 50 percent of the time. >> or less. >> how many pizzas were consumed in america. it has got to be close to a billion, right. >> yes. >> well, it is too late now, doctor oz reveals the truth about pizza. >> um-hmm. >> will it be good or bad. then there is a exertion from last night the that i really liked. >> moving on up. >> to the east side. wait is that george and weezey. >> yes. >> lil wayne and george washington. >> all right. what was your favorite commercial use the the hashtag fox 29 good day or we can't find it.
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♪ >> boy, it is dark and gloom any sea isle city. we have had coastal flooding and quite a few of the shore towns, it looks like it the is okay there in sea isle right there. we will keep an eye on it. so all of us, i certainly stuffed my face full of pizza. it happened all over america and around the world because it was super bowl sunday. >> we love pizza a. here's the thing doctor oz is saying don't love it too much. >> well, listen. >> we are asking question how does pizza go from being a wholesome italian stapel like this, 250 calories to an american fast food, where calories have american tripled, like in this slice. this stuffed sausage and pepperoni has about 800 calories, 40 grams of fat in one slice. everything you need in all day in one slice. >> and doctor oz, how about those commercials new pizza, that has the appetizer in the crust, of garlic balls.
9:25 am
it is attached to the pizza a. my goodness. so what has happened. >> the pizza you are talking about are annuities for people like me. i'm a heart surgeon. i troll for patients when people eat those patients. the old fashion italian pizza in that clip was made from real mozerella a cheese. so, because of that it is white when you cook it and in the a lot of grease. that is how you can tell fit goodies pizza. all that extra grease you have to wipe off or turn the pizza upside down that is not speaksed to be there second big mistake is tomato sauce. our investigation shows if you have real tomato sauce which is tomatoes you don't have that is there junk. you will not have we havery calorie laden pizza. the bread is supposed to rise over evening and makes it taste better and makes it light. if you look at slice there should be more air within the dough. but today it is like a piece of rock and it is like a brick
9:26 am
in your belly. you can order from all of the big vendors a healthier pizza. you are not going to. we have fixed thousandsness a lifetime you are not giving it up, not in philly. you could do smart substitution that is make it still taste great, better quality pizza and better for you. >> i'm all for that. i was getting nervous telling me we can't have pizza anymore. >> yes, alex. >> well, first of all double cut your pizza. psychological when you have a slice, it is a slice. if you double cut it and 16 slices you will eat less and that is over and over again what we fine. then make sure you order a pizza, you have a whole cheat sheet on this on the show. make sure you order your pizza so it has whole wheat dough and cut back on the meat, most of it is fatty meats and put as many veggies. big loud fat pizza with mozerella a cheese and half calories or less. >> just use mostly vegetablesy didn't think about the double
9:27 am
cut, that is a good idea, fool your brain a little will bit. >> we will be watching doctor oz, today. >> yeah, don't forget charlie sheen coming back on wednesday to have a honest discussion about some of the things he has been doing. there will be fire works. >> thanks very much, doctor oz. >> he makes a good point. when i went to it thely for first time, i said this is pizza. we know how it is in america. over split is completely different. >> very thin. >> a lot of star power at the super bowl, i mean celebrities flooding from hollywood to northern will california. we will try to go through as many as possible.
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in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country.
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course number ten, chris, we're marry gold, one of the owners, and you're presenting my meal for me. >> correct. >> what are we having here. >> australian beef tender loin, smoked with a wheat tray, have chocolate mushroom right there, little red wine jou. >> oh, goodness. >> take a look at this, guys. oh, my goodness, yes. >> someone sent a tweet saying, yes, can you hear me, mike? >> i know what you're going to say. her name is i am shantae, big fan, chris, said you've never looked happier. >> well, there is that. but also, someone said, well, where do i go after this? because i'll be starving still, no, a lot here, a lot of flavors, you will definitely be full. >> the flavors and the quantity at this, for sure. >> sixteen course, yes. >> you're just look at one plate. >> thanks. there were 63 superbowl commercials yesterday, i
9:32 am
believe, different products, so we can't talk about them all. but let's show a favorite. i really like this one. it is for snickers. >> okay? don't look at me like that, it will be amazing. >> oh,. >> this is a disaster. who is a genius puts a girl in a dress on a subway grant. >> you get a little crank when he you're hungry. better? much better. >> they're saying it will never make the cut. >> morons. >> i couldn't come up with the actor's name but it is willem, who i just saw in a film to live and die in l.a. i watched that over the weekends, then he pops up. >> snickers, hilarious. >> love it. yes, cranky, marilyn monroe. >> but then everyone got constipated for the next one. >> i certainly was constipated
9:33 am
by the ends of the evening. >> right. >> from all of the stuffy was eating, but do we have to see commercial about it? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> if you need an opioid to manage your congress pain, you may be so cons path philadelphia feel like everyone can go except you. try the many things, still struggling to finds relief? you may have opioid constipation, may need different approach. block pain signals, but, can also block activity in the bowel. which is why it can feel like your pain med -- >> wow. >> was this one later in the game after everyone had etienne. >> i think it was toward the ends. i'm trying to find, usa today put out a list, they surveyed
9:34 am
thousands of people after the game last night. >> yes? >> and they asked them what was the best and worse, 63 different products. i can't finds opiod. >> maybe it wasn't on there, but something a lot of people were tweeting about after it happened. >> maybe it is one of these two products. number 62 and 63. jubli a and -- two medications ,. >> did you seat little red colon running around, too? he was cute. >> but this one, drake's hotline bling, it is now a commercial. >> this is actually one i laughed out loud, again, they ran it twice, i laughed both times. here it is. >> ♪ >> changes? i lover changes. >> when you say call me on my cell phone, just eligible for upgrade after 24 months. >> genius.
9:35 am
>> genius. >> so glad. after going places where you don't belong, add mexico and canada. >> also, you need to include -- >> hold on. i like when he laughs. >> just slip that in there. >> sleep that in there. >> fantastic identify glee and you can't say you got exactly you what asked for because we never give them what they ask for. >> unless they ask for hidden fees. (laughing). >> so funny laughing. >> it was great. because drake, it is so out of character. then they get in the box and she starts twerking. >> it is so funny, so fun. >> i but i mean, out of character. you know's actor, started out. >> i know. >> the squat down, right? >> steve harvey. >> he's still riding off of that mistake. >> this has to be his last possible time, steve, you can do this. here goes. >> listen, folks, i have to apologize again. look, those were last year's
9:36 am
numbers. it says right here on the card t-mobile double the coverage in the last year, juan more let than verizon, pretty much everyone they do. i'm not taking responsibility on this one. verizon got it wrong. >> it looks cool, too. >> it does look cool. but -- >> that's enough. >> yes. >> i mean, i'm not mad. get that paycheck. >> still riding offer of t the best thing that happened to him in a long time probably. >> a loft star power on stage for last night's superbowl half time show. you know that, but what about the star's children? we have some adorable back stage pictures, most every these folks have kids now. >> that is one will melt your heart. >> oh, yeah.
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hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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all right, good morning and welcome back. we are at marry gold. we're on what now, let's see, 11, 11 of 14 is going to be the cheese plate coming. i promise, guys. they're trying to time this out for us, mike and alex. and here it is. okay, chris, what do we have here? >> this will be air rated goat cheese, served with maple glaze, ground nut mess, orange zest. >> this is what? >> sweeter root vegetable, sometimes going by the name oyster plant, as well. >> hum. are you kidding me? that's so hot and warm and delicious. fantastic, guys. rad i can justly good.
9:41 am
>> i'm not eating that. >> okay. so the performers, at the half time show, a lot of them have kids, right? so, if you're loved one is performing, you got to watch the kids, you know, back stage. so, actress gwyneth paltrow thereto support her husband, chris martin, right, posted this picture on her instagram page of her daughter apple. apple is getting big. >> i know. >> she is the big apple. >> awe. >> and that's blue ivy holding hands. >> and, you know, gwyneth paltrow and beyonce, jay-z, they hang out, economy on trips together and things, so it all makes sense that their kids are friends. >> kind of cool. >> very cute. blue ivy! >> i know, beyonce talks about her song, her new song formation. >> right. >> i love it. >> proud of her black hair. >> yes. >> her baby hair and her
9:42 am
afro's. >> so there are more pictures, too. there they are at the game. the whole family there. jay-z, beyonce with her daughter, blue ivy. >> i would guess that was probably a rehearsal couple of days before? >> out fill little different. >> noon one there. >> has socks on. >> no one is there. a moment with the family. >> ♪ love is in the air ♪ >> speaking of that valentine's day is sunday. >> yes? >> we have to get some gifts. >> who is we. >> women for other women who don't have loved ones, you know. >> for your galentyne. >> so would you give another woman, jen? >> husbands better be watching. he better give me some of. >> this there are some other options for your galentine. come on back, it is not all flowers and stuff. but those are nice, too.
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♪ ♪ you know valentine's day doesn't have to be a big romantic disappointment. i know a lot of single gals, hey, we take it, we'll do it ourselves. so get the girls together, go out, have great time. go have some dinner, something, but you might want to give a gift. >> so jen, what are good gifts to give our gal pals? >> we'll talk about the gifts in a second. i think it is kinds after unique thing, like people are just getting used to the idea after galentine. i did a twitter pole, people say they're not used to it,
9:46 am
good morning to you, i love these gorgeous flowers you brought over from argyle bouquet. so we talk about this off-camera. when it comes to your galentins, maybe they're going through something, they used to get something like this. >> certainly. so picture your girlfriends sitting at home by herself on valentine's day, might have just gone through a divorce or break up, this is what she is used to getting? >> yes. >> and she won't get anything. so if you stop by, nice alternative is, you know, a pretty little bouquet. >> i like that because it doesn't look like dozen roses. it doesn't look, you know, boyfriend giving to girlfriends. >> certainly. it is just someone who is giving you something nice to make you feel good. have a smile on your face. >> yes, because i do think valentine's day, i'll put this over here because it is gigantic, valentine's day can be a lonely time, christmas, hanukkah, probably surrounded by other people. but if you want to have some fun, boho it up, jewelry also obviously outlove give jewelry to your friends? >> i think so.
9:47 am
we talked about personal gifts last time, but whether it is girlfriends to girlfriends the nicest thing to do is give trends. like something fashionable, trendy, which somebody might not think to get them. >> right. >> like this necklace that you are wearing is a great piece. we just put it on you because it is friends i, it is fresh, it looks like spring. and it is fun. it is not looking like you want to be real like the other things. this is like a great trendy piece. >> yes. something you can also help your girlfriends, to update her look. >> yes. >> she came over, we've been basically playing dress up in your store all morning, feathers continue to be a big trends? >> feathers, horns are great, crystals are really, really strong right now, lots of beads are strong, so we have them here in different element, have them with great spikes, which you had on earlier, which i love. i love that piece also, it is really, really beautiful on, like a loft impact, but not too big. >> yes. >> so seeing a lot of different cut-out brass again, metals. this is a little bit boho sheik. >> yes, not going away.
9:48 am
>> it is not going away. it has been stronger and stronger. we have rough cut crystal here, crystals really strong, as well. >> okay? >> also because i think they have healing powers. >> yes. >> nice to give to your budd. >> i it is. >> and again, you say that flowers go any time. we talked earlier about whether you're dating six months, a year, you're married, you think flowers should be in addition to everything? >> i think so. i mean, even if it is your first date, and you're crazy enough to go out on valentine's day, i think certain expectation it, doesn't even have to be something this nice, it can be a bunch of tulips wrapped up with a bo. it is the thought that counts. everybody else is getting flowers on valentine's day, you want the person that you're with to feel that special too. >> they do. all right, and girl talk. oh, you have bill saying going on because you want the men to come in and glue. >> we have having buy one get one free for the week, really. >> that's pretty cool. so again, men will be coming in last minute. >> right. >> there is new study by the way, from like eight a % of the men do it last minute.
9:49 am
>> jen, you know, your free florida. >> right. >> bogo, remember that? >> we love that. >> we love a bogo. >> buy one get one. can't go wrong with. that will thank you, jen. 9:49. so there is a lot of star power on and off the field, right? but there is a lot of celebrities who wanted to see this game in person. can you blame them? >> no. >> see who was there, lauren? okay. and let's check in with chris murphy, should be on course number 12 i think by now. >> number 12, okay. so, 12, 13, 14, to go. and number 12, chris, is really interesting. what is this? >> we'll have burger -- >> we have some turkish cut any spread here, apricots, granola with raisins, spiced almond, wild rice. >> i'm going to try the turkish cut any with little granola here and we'll be right back. this is so fun, marigold, 35th and larchwood. perfect for valentine day.
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>> i know somebody who is not running on empty, chris, 14 course meal at marigold. >> and they're coming quick. what are you up to? >> guys, here it is, dessert, right? so what we will do, we'll combine the last two, so this is 13 here. chris, what's this? >> that's going to be called kicking ice cream. >> this is cake and ice cream. >> i've never seen cake and ice cream like this. >> what is this? >> cream fresh ice cream, bottom carmelize dollars white chocolate banana pure a, little m minute brownie, quince. >> you put that with cheese in from spain, like a hard jelly
9:54 am
almost? >> more of like a combination between an apple and pair, if you will. >> warm, texture, too, definitely. and the cake real moist, crunch of what's this again? >> puffed barrel. >> i wow, puffed barley. and then last course. >> fortune cookie at the end, that will be coconut, and the other will be a chocolate dolce. >> oh, fortune. >> little inspirational quotes from different chefs. >> you will have gas. >> (laughing). >> call the doctor. >> eat something that is not only good but totally new is a double thrill double the enjoyment from fran andrea. >> oh, who is fran andrea? >> fran andrea, he pioneered, in spain, pretty much he
9:55 am
started the father, of the restaurant. >> who knew? there you guys go. want the other fortune? you read this one for me. because i don't even know who grant is. >> i don't care if you're doing home cuisin or burgers and pizza just do it right. this is from younger chef from our restaurant in chicago. >> well, they're doing it right, that's for sure. >> how about peace and prosperity in 2016. guys, marigold's fantasticment and i am full. fourteen smaller plates, but fantastic, guys. >> thanks for being our test taster. >> that's very cool. >> i'm here to taste your food for you. you better let me taste it first. >> i like. >> what's that from? >> acting class. when i was like eight. >> i saw alicia keys, hey, katie hudson was there, or kate hudson, yes, tear and i
9:56 am
was there. >> oh, big mishap. >> can she get it right? >> tweeted oh, honey, cold play. >> cold play, cook. >> i january jones, amy adams. >> oh, julie ann hoff, just saw her, and then kevin did your and the hads a photographer's pass, was down in the end zone shooting pictures for whom? >> i forget the magazine. hold on. >> somebody play. >> players tribune. >> everyone is like wait, is that kevin did your and the. >> you know will smith says he wants his children to be ready for the harsh nature of hollywood. >> so he says he wants to expose will and jaden to the realities of living in the limelight. he says, quote, i want them to experience as much trauma as they can without getting them broken. he said in a interview that willow getting the most criticism because pretty young, but the oldest tray hardly gets any. then jaden popped up over the weekends, he was in -- posted some pictures like in a dress. >> wearing another dress, yes. >> and said something about
9:57 am
his haters, or something he does. i don't know. >> okay, hey, the creator of seinfeld, lori david, went back at it again. saturday night live over the weekends, i guess -- that wasn't a surprise. the real bernie saunders, well, watch this. >> shake my hands. >> oh, no. >> i saw it. >> no, i didn't. >> common. >> cough into your hand. >> so then the highlight of the whole darn show is the real bernie sanders came out, they stood together. >> and how did they look side by side. >> he can actually the same. >> by the way, jason is going to be on our show tomorrow. >> really? >> and his co-star in this new movie looks really good. so if you're a fan of saturday night live, he is on the show tomorrow. >> we have to talk about it.
9:58 am
>> stay by fox 29, too, we may have big breaking news involving football players. seriously. live from new yors
9:59 am
10:00 am
the "wendy williams show." >> we're here to play today. >> you won't believe what i am about to tell you. >> with all due respect have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight and no chaser. >> now here's >> wend >> wendy: whoa, and it's


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