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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 5, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> take a look at this video. disturbing video, struggling to get out of his car, urinates on the sidewalk. bill: i can imagine the naacp can do better for all models. >> the showdown. >> friended as the action figure primary. ♪ >> i've talked, no clue what's wrong. >> shot 26 times after an argument in an alleyway. >> take a look at this video taken in jersey city. a man struggles to get out of his car, urinates on the sidewalk, staggers over the ground, fried chicken, that man is a jersey city naacp
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president william breaker. after he was praised in the jersey journal for his leadership and trying to recruit the last leaders in the community. well-known around here, former retired lieutenant in the police department as well as former hudson county freeholder. i met up with a man who obtained a video, editor of the real jersey city. >> happened to be there that night. the sub breaker rollup, pulled out their camera and fireworks happened from there. >> obviously these are just allegations. we will let you judge for yourself.
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obviously need some help. very long time now and we said that this is not been the 1st time he has been in trouble. i can't really say anything negative. clearly it is not working out the way it should be. >> found guilty. bill: i'm glad you said that. i was thinking as he introduced them, former lieutenant, retired cop, i would've added the word disgraced freeholder. the guy was sentenced to 41 months in prison for bribery. chris christie went after him and got him. picking up his life after coming out of prison. i would imagine the naacp
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can do better with role models if there trying to reach out to people. >> that is why concerned citizens were outraged. >> has there been word or comment from him? >> it is a good question. has he said anything? >> the naacp were aware of the video. i will keep you updated with everything i here. ♪ bill: "high speed chase",. >> nj transit has come out with plan b in case there is a strike letting commuters know what they should do. it does not sound complicated. five different points where you can have some shuttle purpose. metro park rail station and row 17 rail station. also, offering enhanced bus services on the already pristine bus line. >> my longtime friend and his fiancée rebecca have been working with her family
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to say for the upcoming wedding. burnt to the ground. they lost everything including the mother of the bride stress and all the bridesmaids dresses for the wedding. you can find the go fund me page. >> take a look at this video it is a surveillance video from my gun shop in houston were a team of what police are saying his gang members busting into a gun shop in a huge robbery. a truck outside for the chain ripping the gate out, and they poor in smashing and grabbing taking at least 50 high-powered weapons. arrested people in connection with the robbery. ♪
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>> shot 26 times after an argument in an alleyway. police still don't know who killed him. >> no clue, no one's wrong. >> a boxing champ. >> yes, sir. >> 2013 for illegal possession of a firearm. telling his father he needed it for protection.
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>> the houses over there were being shot at. >> did not want to go inside the house. the 1st time he was at the home. the confrontation with somebody and suddenly shots rang out. he ran to the house, a few steps right here and then i don't know, and dried up. when inside the house. the bullet holes are still in the house two years later. >> one bullet hole, another bullet whole. >> started grabbing. >> no one has come forward
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with any information. the thousand dollars is way too low. a sad situation for he and his family and friends. like i said earlier, still looking for answers. when that hat went down,, everyone knew, you fill me? it was a sad situation. bill: having a gun for protection make sense to me. >> his 1st arrest was in 2013. prior to that, i don't know. bill: that is the problem. the bad guys all armed. thirteen bald eagles and the reward was $10,000 for any
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information leading to an arrest warrant. if the reward gets increased to 5,000 someone is going to talk. money talks. ♪ >> this weekend will see bernie sanders and hillary clinton has shut out. first, it's the showdown of the action figures. >> friended as the action figure primary. selling for about a year already. >> many bernie and hillary each leading to $1 donated to their campaign. >> one reward we can get hillary and bernie together. i still think it's a distinct possibility. >> i don't know about that. the brooklyn -based design studio factory. the company burst onto the scene in 2008 and last year
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created the hillary clinton action figure, and last week they began bernie. ♪ so then a little bit of their commercials, walking around the street. ♪ >> just were not ready for him to come along. >> and they were not the only ones. the company created a kickstarta kickstart her campaign to raise funds. the goal $15,000. they exceed that amount. more than $120,000 raised with orders coming as far. >> he looked at her.
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>> it has joined the rough-and-tumble politics. a fake republican. they using dolls as if there politicians. >> a natural slots to him. >> you don't have to leave new york city. >> 's andisn't the.of spring break to leave the northeast? >> another day in the life of being a chaser.
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>> we report the news, but we do it differently. it's not just about the story.
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two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ ♪ >> brought on from last comic standing, absolutely hysterical, everything from
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moving to suburbia the donald trump may be becoming president. >> i just love to disrupt. >> if you want to see live she will be a new jersey comedy club friday night and saturday night. >> a florida teen accused of practicing medicine without aa license and pretending to be a dr. was back in jail. arrested tuesday evening on charges of fraud and larceny.larceny. charged a woman almost $3,500 after making five visits to her home. called an ambulance to take her to the hospital and then asked her to leave the purse behind.person behind. when she was released naturally her bank account was empty.
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hallelujah, spring break is here. >> believe it or not college students are checking their dorm rooms. rutgers, writer, nyu. what is a young adult to do? have no fear. i took on the challenge of finding a suitable for america's leader. welcome to seeing your frog. the spring break mecca for generations with locations in cancun, puerto vallarta, acapulco and now nyc.
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it is our job, but somebody has got to do it. get some veggies in. and by that i mean holy moly guacamole. step two, followed by three, four, and five. spring break dance for 2016. ♪ >> something called the wobble. i don't know. i did not really get it down. step three, take over. now, i had all the right moves, but something was not right. i was not dressed for the park. while i was at it i tried my hand up balloon and art as well.
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>> you forget everything. the freaky weather. >> no rolling in this week and next. you don't have to leave new york city to have a great spring break. >> i hate to rain on your parade, but isn't the point to leave the northeast and go somewhere warm where you can get a tan and alcohol poisoning? >> people are taking safe havens. spring break, i nailed it. also, i have guacamole on my shoe.
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♪ >> it has been a big week in politics. blew up at the super tuesday press conference. then there was a debate. i will break that down, what is in store with donald trump this sunday at noon. fifty boys from the john witherspoon middle school came to learn all about energy. showing them all about electromagnetics cryogenics and plasma. sponsored by my brother's keeper and initiated to get young kids interested in staff. science, technology, engineering, mathematics. if you want to know more visit tpp l .gov. bill: a way of honoring the men and women of law enforcement. today we honored lawrence
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>> we demands joint café offering free t-shirts with any order of the chris christie berger.
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♪ bill: guys, as you know, i designated it as blue friday. this is a way of honoring the men and women of law enforcement. today we honored florence township police officer nathan thompkins off-duty driving down the road with wife and kids in the car rolling through a stop sign. runs out, chases the chart down, opens thedown, opens the door, gets his foot on the brake, stops the truck and then pulls out narcan and saves the drivers life who hadn't overdose apparently. real heroes. ♪ >> don't you? >> yes, i do.
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>> smoking some weed. >> i just did, legally. >> put me in a cage. that is what the laws are now. bill: hank, chasing everyone's favorite pot smoking christie antagonist. >> not that hard to find. his lifetime goal is crystal clear. he's willing to go the distance. >> i am addicted to the fight to legalize marijuana. >> on thursday, we demands joint offering free t-shirts with any order of the chris christie berger. >> a chris christie turkey burger from new jersey. >> fragrance donors.
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>> mac & cheese in the middle. >> you have your choice. >> now we are getting christie about it. >> why now. two more years in office. >> anti- weed. >> he made it up point of his candidacy to be anti- marijuana. a prohibitionist guy. [laughter] >> if you have not been in a while, they put in an upgrade. a head shop outfront, everything is different
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because they have been working. >> the podcast. >> only one way to get ready for it, i suppose. >> only one. >> god, i miss college. >> back yard lounge will be picking up as the summer weather comes around. pretty happy about the koi pond. >> stoners, man. we just need things to tinker with. thiswith. this is one of my little tinker things. >> i am happy that chasing news is now a dish on the menu. chicken and waffles. bill: did you try it? >> i have not had the play area. >> i heard it's actually the best thing they have their from multiple people. coincidence or not. bill: he lowsloves being on "chasing news", a friend of the show.
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>> sweet saba. vitamins ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. hi, everyone i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. cold overnight an cold start to the day on saturday. temperatures in the upper 20s. running errands early in the day upper 30s. high temperature right around 44 degrees with a chance for some overnight light rain and snow saturday night into sunday. temperatures warm up as we head into next week. 70's on the map. into next week. 70's on the map. how long detai
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d'oh! (tires screeching) (grunts) (whirring) mmm. paper jam. okay, dad, i'm ready for take your daughter to work day. how come there's never a take your son to work day? 'cause boys are already on track to get all the good jobs. the dirty dozen? all guys. twelve angry men? uh, men! the x-men? mostly men. (bart and homer laugh) good one, dad. yeah. well, despite all that, today's going to be fun, dad! will there be lots of other girls there? just a few. for some reason, there's been a lot of infertility at the nuclear plant.


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