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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> now it's my sad duty to have to share with you that circumstantially we believe the fired round that led to detective colson's death was fired by one of his fellow prince george's county police officers reactioning to this. >> officer colson's grieving parents were on hand for today's sad announcements and police vow to see the investigation through. today our fox 29 bill anderson went to chichester to catch up with those who new detective colson growing up. bill? >> the people who knew officer jacai colson are obviously in mourning. young man they described to me as fun-loving, respectful and dedicated to the community tragically lost his life. today some who knew him as a student in delaware county shared their memories of what they called an impressive young man. >> the nation continues to mourn the senseless death of maryland police officer jacai colson during a gun battle.
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there's still few answers for why three men randomly opened fire on a landover police station. today we spoke to people in our area who remembered 28-year-old jacai colson before he put on the uniform. >> he touched so many lives. he was just a unique individual. he was -- he was your chi pride. upper chichester is mourning. >> while nation looks for answers, friends and family are trying to cope. colson was from our area. he lived in boothwyn, played sports at chi hester chester high school and still came back to delaware county to catch up with childhood friends. >> he'd come back for football games and basketball games, you know, with his -- with his buddies, his crew. >> you know, it's really a shame. >> obviously any time someone is gunned down, it's a tragedy. but those who knew officer colson say this especially hurtful. they say the killers took a life from someone who was always so positive. >> he had a huge infectious smile. he had the biggest smile, and i
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don't know, he was always -- whenever you saw him he would smile. even before you'd say hello to you it was always a big smile, everyone loved that. >> reporter: police today arrested three brothers in the ambush. they're investigation into the motive continues but none of that will change how people remember officer jacai colson. he will will be mourned for how he died, but celebrated for how he lived. >> no one could say they didn't like him. >> reporter: in announcing the friendly fire case, the chief was clear in explaining the hectic and dangerous situation officers were facing while being ambush. they said more information will be forthcoming. until that time locally we join in offering our prayers for officer jacai colson. dawn. >> we sure do, thank you, bill. another tragic loss of live new jersey state trooper sean cullen laid to rest this afternoon. the 31-year-old trooper was fatally struck by a car while on the scene of a car wreck last week. dan family and friends and comrade in blue paid tribute to man who died while living his
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dream. >> the dream of becoming a state trooper. our bruce gordon is just back from cullen's funeral and joins us in studio tonight. >> reporter: iain and dawn, sean cullen had just celebrated his 31st birthday in late february. set to be married and was doing what he always wanted to do, serving others in law enforcement. that all disappeared in the blink of an eye but cullen's impact on his community, well, that will long be remembered. in this season of rebirths, they came to mourn death. family, friends and camden comrades gathering at the saint charles borromeo catholic church to say boo goodbye sean cullen the cinnaminson kid who gave his life in service to others. >> i have children and i can't imagine what he's going through. >> troopers came from far and wide to honor one of their own. cullen had serve the several local south jersey police departments in part and full-time capacity. but it was his dream to become a state trooper. he had been in that position less than two years when last
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week, he was fatally struck by a car while investigatin investign accident in wept deptford. mindset no matter what the jurisdiction. >> we sign up knowing we're going to have to run into situations everybody sells running away from. ♪ >> reporter: cullen leaves behind his mom and dad, two brothers and a sister. a fiance' and a nine month old son shamus. cullen was described as a firecracker of a kid full of life but also full of love for his parents. he was a wrestler in high school and even better in college. >> reporter: as a state trooper cullen was top notch professional but could lighten any mood with a quick sense of humor. said his station commander at the bellmawr barrack. >> great character. the only thing that's getting me through this by of some of this crazy antics that he did. >> reporter: as cullen's body was carried to its final resting place, the funeral procession passed by his home on the way to the cemetery those in attendance
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stopped and paused and reflec reflected. those who choose a life of service to others be they police, firefighters, emt's men and women in the arm forces, ought to be celebrated. cherish. too often they are not. until they're already gone. >> we need to get better at it. appreciating what they do for us. every day. every minute. >> reporter: all around the church today were reminders of cullen's irish heritage. he was born in dublin ireland moved here as a toddler. then left his mark on topped country and community. dawn? >> so sad. thank you, bruce. we have set up a link on fox where you can share your condolences and your memories of trooper sean cullen. just look for the story on our home page. well it was a wet and drear row day out l felt a lot more like march when you stepped out the door. a look at ultimate doppler showing shows the rain is slowly moving out of the region. >> here's live look in allentown tonight. shows the roads are still damp out there.
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should dry out overnight. but you still want to have that jacket happy. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. yeah, that's certainly right, iain and dawn. temperatures are going to stay chilly as we move toward the overnight. we're looking at low temperatures, low 40s to mid 40s across the area. a live look right now outside of our studios. still socked in with the clouds. we have some pocks of drizzle. but the steadier rain that we saw the first part of the day, that has lifted on out to the north. from 46 degrees right now the average high for this time of year is 52. but with those winds out of the northeast at about 14 miles an hour it feels a little colder. so once again, as we look at ultimate doppler and it's the satellite and rad door most of the steadier rain off to the north. we'll get a little bit of a break but we have more chances tomorrow with that system out to the west. we saw about an inch of rain in philadelphia. you can see allentown, over 35 hundredths of an inch and doylestown closing in almost an. of rain. look at the temperatures right now. pretty uniform in the 40s. so once again if you're stepping
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outdoors keep the jackets handy. those temperatures will hold pretty instead deem we'll talk about when to expect 70-degree temperatures back in that seven day forecast coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott. thank you. police in north philadelphia are investigate a homicide that happened just a short time ago. a man was found dead inside a white ford taurus near the intersection of 26th and toronto streets. he was shot three times in the chest. a black man in a red hoodie was seen running from the area. no arrests have been made non gun was recovered. the woman convicted of simple assault against a gay couple in center city will have to serve out her full sentence in jail. lawyers for kathryn knott argued that she only deserves the same probation that her co-defendants received. the judge however disagreed saying she found quote a complete disconnect between knot statements and the severity of her crime. philadelphia added sexual orientation to its hate crime laws as a result of this case.
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a vigil underway right now in west philadelphia where police say an 18-year-old girl was hit and killed by a stray bullet. >> here's some video montage of 18 year nadje circulating on facebook in memory of her and to spread the word about the vigil tonight. police say they got the call at 11:30 saturday night about gunshots on the 400 block of salford street. the victim was on the porch of a friend's house. she had been hit in the chest by a stray bullet and died at the hospital. we talked to friend who doesn't want to show her face but says she was there when the victim was shot. >> i've known her for about year and some moss. she was a real cool person. she was funny. she was nice. she was sweet. like she -- we thought of her like a big sister to us. >> police believe the shots were fired between a group of kids arguing at the end of the block where the victim was hit. they're still looking for suspects. terrifying moments for a woman in chester county when she a quickens to find a masked man
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at the foot of her bed. police say this man broke into the home on the 100 block of cress line road just after 1:00 o'clock saturday morning. that's when the suspect tide the victim up with duct tape and told her to be quite and you won't get hurt. he got away with her vehicle, jewelry and an atm card which he used to withdraw cash. the vehicle was recovered at a short time later. if you have any information at all about this home invasion, give police a call. a fight that began over a hat ended with a 24-year-old man stabbed to death. 40-year-old steven simminger charge in the murder of colin mcgovern. according to police, the two got into a fight over simminger's new jersey devils hat around 3:00 in the morning on the 1800 block of rittenhouse square. that's when investigators say simminger stabbed mcgovern in the stomach. police are calling the crime senseless. >> philadelphia police are hoping newly released surveillance video can lead them to the man accused of of stealing a car with a baby in the back seat. police say this man stole the
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vehicle after it was left running this morning along the 4800 block of walnut street. the four month old's dad was inside a store at the time. investigators say the accused thief actually found a number in the van and sent a text message to the child's father letting him know the baby was dropped off 8 miles away near penn and green streets. fortunately, little baby was not injury. senator bob casey tend ago round table today in north philadelphia. focused on fighting gun violen violence. casey meeting with experts and families impacted by gun violence in the city. the cease fire pa moderate dag's discussion at temple university. the senator says politicians need to act and take steps to enforce back ground checks and make it harder to buy military style weapons. among other things he says that will make philadelphia and the country a safer place. >> what we need now more than anything is act. and action doesn't mean speech speeches. speeches are nice for me and
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others to give. action means legislation. >> casey claims the measures he sports don't impede on america's second amendment right. several passengers are treated for injuries after a septa bus rolls out of control and into the side of a bank. why didn't the driver hit the brakes? it's one of the only states in the northeast that does not allow some form of medical marijuana. could pennsylvania be one step closer to finally allowing it? >> howard. >> the local basketball coaches getting ready for the dream of the national championship. they have to try to sell their players on the toughness of their op pone nem. the shot of shots coming up in sports.
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♪ police are looking foreman who robbed a gas station in east oak lane. it happened just before 6:00 o'clock yesterday morning. at the sunoco on west kell 10 ham avenue. the suspect enter the the store wearing a mask den manning mon money. cashier complied and gave the guy cash. if you recognize him, give
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police a call. take look at this video from ogontz. septa bus on the side of p inform c bank on old york road. septa says there was no driver behind the wheel. on the route 55 bus and it rolled away. this happened around 11:30 this morning. several passengers had to be treated for minor injuries. a proposal that would make medical marijuana legal for some conditions in pennsylvania is now headed to the house floor. the bill was passed by the senate in may. the medical cannabis act would allow the state to license growers dispensers and processors. patient boss need written certification from a doctor to verify. they have a qualifying condition. the list of conditions includes cancer, epilepsy, park kin sons disease and other debilitating conditions. >> philadelphia signature sandwich is doing more good than just killing hunger pains. pat steaks teaming up with different chefs for interesting challenge called the pat guest chef series different chefs put
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their own spin on patti's sandwiches. money raised goes to charities. >> taking the challenge this mow mow is chef jose garces. >> i've always loved your beef. of all the philly cheesesteaks spots in town i always thought you did a good job with the beef. it has good flavor. i add the mushrooms, caramelized onions and... >> sounds good. all proceeds from the challenge are matched and given to the chef's charity of choice. this month the garces foundation will benefit the organization provide social services for immigrants. now back to your fox 29 weather authority. it will feel lot more like march out there today. it was rainy and temperatures struggled to reach the 50s. >> some improve many is on the way. chief meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in just 15 seconds.
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certainly was damp and drearier for most of the day. we continue on right now with the clouds as well as the drizzle across the area. so as we move throughout the overnight it will stay kind of damp as well as chilly then as your tuesday progresses we'll finally start to clear out late in the day but we also have chance for a couple of showers later this week. it looks like temperatures will peak by the middle of the week around 70 degrees and spring arrives as we move toward your sunday. take live hook right now at the philadelphia international airport. we still have some gusty winds and also we have low ceilings and also that drizzle so airport delays right now continue across the area. as we look at those winds you can see gusting close to 30 in wilmington along with wrightstown, down the shore, atlantic city, winds gusting out of the north and east 29 miles
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per hour. so as we look at the current airport delays, around the about an hour as we move toward the philadelphia up national airport just keep that mind but the steadier rain that's lifting on off into parts of new england. we still have the clouds once again we still have some pocks of drizzle as we move toward the overnight watching out for some fog developing too. 46 degrees right now in philadelphia. but look at the 70s as close as raleigh, 76 degrees. 76 in atlanta and look at the heat here in texas. 88 degrees in dallas along with houston so near 90 degrees right now well to the west. some of that milder air eventually head in our direction once again by the middle of the week. but looking at the rainfall chances we have a couple of chances as we move throughout much of the week. no heavy rainfall. not a wash out so don't cancel any plans. but just keep an eye to the sky. hour by hour through the overnight we're looking at patchy fog developing. mostly cloudy for your tuesday. there could be a couple of spotty showers around once again
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about 30% chance for that. but otherwise, temperatures tomorrow about 10 degrees warmer than today's high of only 50 degrees in philadelphia. so for tonight, drizzle, fogs the sun will set this evening later at 7:07. due to the time change. mid fours tonight in the city. then tomorrow, slow to clear, there could be couple of scattered showers around early in the day but 60 degrees will be the high temperature. that will put us above average by about 8 degrees. so here's your planner. you can see we'll keep those clouds around. some fog, mist and drizzle to start. 59 degrees by 3:00 o'clock tomorrow. but those clouds hang pretty tough. 70 degrees by the middle of the week and then for sane patrick's day, a couple of scattered showers around, low 60s. and then as we move toward friday, 57 degrees and then it turns a little cooler by the upcoming weekend. to kick offspring we're looking at a storm, rain, maybe even a little wet snow far north and west. but it looks like most of that system is going to head into new
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england with a snowstorm there. >> all right. >> let's keep that it way. >> quick question. how productive think people will be in work with thursday being sane patrick's day and a game is on in the afternoon. >> not at all. >> zero. >> people in the office will be looking. >> don't get me started. the local coaches talk about their opponents going after their dream in the ncaa tournament. and he's an eight-year-old and made a shot almost the length of the basketball court. all that coming up in sports.
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♪ >> this is the week the madness begins with the ncaa tournament. what it really becomes is a drop of productivity in the workpla workplace. during this week it's people filling out their tournament pools or be politically correct phase is bracs. still gambling. e-mails to play go out everywhere. then with the games this week in the afternoon most are all wat watching on their phones or computers but here's the schedule locally in case that's what you're going to do. two schools from philadelphia will play friday afternoon in brooklyn. villanova and temple each win, their first game, they'll meet sunday afternoon for chance to go to the sweet 16. villanova had their first practice getting ready for unc ashville.
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nova is the third largest favorite in the first round. 17.5 points big numbers but teams will always tell their players how tough they're opponent can be. >> come after you defensively. one-three-one trap that's really a aggressive and tough. they turn people over. a little under sided but they're tough in athletic and very skilled. good team. >> jay, jay, they're the 15th seed. 17.5 underdog. temple is the underdog also playing close to home in brooklyn. they're a seven-point underdog against iowa. experience could be a factor temple hasn't been to the tournament in three years. >> let's say devon coleman rises up for a jumper wide open jumper at 22 feet. does he say i don't have any experience. i don't know if this is going to go in? 31 of that's happening. we're just playing basketball much that's what we want to do. >> send out a questionnaire. st. joe's has a long trip for their game. it's against cincinnati spokane, washington. 10:00 p.m. that's eastern time
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st. joe's is a 1.5 underdog. and this is the shot of shots. to virginia alexandria virginia, kid eight years old and bang! make it. now, the rules are brutal. william herman only got two points out of this shot because league rules don't have three pointers. >> awww. >> quite a shot. >> that was a pretty good shot. (laughter). >> all right. be sure to -- >> filling out his pool right now. >> join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10. a wild police chase on streets packed with cars. officers trying to stop one of their own squad cars much what start this whole thing and how police finally brought it to an end. that will do it it for us tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching haven't a great evening. ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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only at pizza hut. ♪[ music ] my body guard. what we learned about donald trump's number 1 body guard. he's done it before. >> don't touch me sir, don't touch me. >> and sarah palin emergency. her husband rushed to the er after a snowmobile accident. >> thank you guys for your prayers. >> plus, donald trump's butler. >> the suit had to be pristine. >> what the presidential front- runner is really like at home. straight from the butler. >> you would know. >> then, fitness guru richard simmons breaks his silence. >> is he being held hostage inside his own mansion? >> what his close friend is telling "inside edition." >> what is


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