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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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to the person who gunned down her teenaged daughter. >> search for the person who stole a dad's mini van with a baby inside. what that dad did that helped bring the child back home sale. your news in 30 seconds. ♪ right now, honoring local teen gunned down just sitting on her front porch. dozens gathered tonight to remember the innocent victim hit when bullets starting flying late saturday night.
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the 18-year-old had dedicated her life to stopping the same violence that cut her life sho short. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn tim feature lucy is off tonight. now as police search for the shooter the victim's family is looking for answers. fox 29's shawnette wilson was at tonight's vigil. >> she celebrating with us. she catching those balloons. >> reporter: a sad scene on north salford street in west philadelphia. a family surrounded by the community as they release balloons for 18 year olded in gee. >> she's my angel. i need her. i need these two right here to remind me of my daughter. >> her mother held her daughters best friends shale la and did he facia tight as had he broke down in tears. vigil was held outside her friend' house she was hit by a straight bullet in front of the home around 11:30 saturday night. police say she was an innocent bystander. >> my daughter was in the.
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sean the perfect child. sean an angel but this time she was innocent. >> reporter: police believe a group of kids were arguing just down the street when someone opened fire. she was hit in the chest. taylor was her mentor. >> immediately stopped what i was doing. stop the violence -,. >> many who ad vigil called for peace, love and an end to violence. >> her mother called for other who's may know what happened to speak up. >> there's a reward out l i could careless. i want to know who killed my daughter. >> reporter: police tell our shawnette wilson they are still looking for whoever fired those shots shots. on roar yea dart end of a cold and gloomy day. here's live rock from wilmington right now. most of us caught in the rain at some point. it's not over just yet. kathy orr we may have more rain
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before the warmup. >> we're in between weather systems. well offshore. we have a break but drizzle and fog tonight and another system moving our way that will bring some showers during the day tomorrow. now first we're looking at the temperatures. 45 in the city. temperatures not falling off all that much overnight. could rise a few degrees. in pottstown 42. 44 degrees in wilmington in the poconos it is 37 where we already have reduced visibility. only a mile and a half there. we do anticipate areas of fog throughout most of the area overnight. so in the city, staying steady at 45. in the suburbs 41. drizzle and fog a cool breeze with that northerly wind keeping it cool. as we work our way through the overnight little bit of drizzle with that fog. a few sprinkles come tomorrow morning but no problem for the morning rush. then watch more showers moving our way toward the afternoon. there will be some breaks in the clouds as well and not everyone will be seeing the rain. the big story is going to be the temperatures rising. we will make it to 70 again this
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week. we'll talk more about that and a spring storm in the seven day i'll see you later in the broadcast. all right, kathy. thanks. as we take live look at allentown tonight, remember to take the weather authority with you with the fox 29 weather app. you can get live radar and alerts right to your phone you'll find it in the apple and going good play stores. >> new information in the death of a maryland police officer with local ties. investigators now say he was caught in a crossfire during a wild gun battle killed by friendly fire. detective jacai colson died late last night. police say it all started when three brothers ambushed officers in a chaotic shootout outside the prince george's county police station. fox's marina marraco with more. >> he kept yelling, come out, confront me, i'm ready, i'm ready for you. i'm ready for you. rot report for nearly 10 minutes jeanette gray watched from her front door she says this man stood in the middle of the street facing prince george's district three station threatening officers.
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>> he reached, put his hand in his coat and i said oh my god he's going, you know, shoot or something. i came back in. i looked out here. i was looking out the window then i heard gunshots. like pow pow pow pow. i said oh my god they're shoot at each the. >> reporter: the chief believes michael ford used any target inside to get attention of officer. >> the ford brothers fired at this citizen's car. fired at this citizen's car. fired at an ambulance. fired randomly. >> reporter: closely behind investigators say michael ford's brother elijah and malik sat silently without warning police and video taped what investigators believed would turn out to be suicide by cop. >> this was coward lesley recorded and could have been prevented. >> reporter: from surveillance video investigators determined michael ford fired off a magazine and then reloaded his handgun. it was then that detective jacai
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colson pulled up stott station. >> detective colson was arriving in an unmarked vehicle and found himself in the middle of a gun fight. he immediately engages with the shooter as he skits that vehic vehicle. he's dressed in civilian cloth clothes. he's not wearing body armor not prepared for fire fight he just arrived. >> reporter: report detective colson's parents listened publicly to details about their son's death. the chief says colson engaged the suspect allowing officers to neutralize the threat but it was also then when colson was critically shot. >> circumstantially, we have we believe the fired round that led detective colson's death was fired by one of his fellow prince george'county police offg to this. something could have been prevent, could have been stopped. >> reporter: forensics will officially determine which of the sick officers who fired rounds ultimately took the life of one of their own.
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>> it is in this confusion we believe that the errant round struck detective colson. >> i went to that window and there were so many p guns pow pow pow pow pow all over. i better get away from that window, too. iran in the bathroom and stayed. i heard almost like 50 or a hundred gunshots. >> reporter: people right here in our area are mourning the death of detective jacai colson. colson grew up in delaware county and tonight those who knew the 28-year-old personally are remembering a life lost way too soon. colson lived in boothwyn attended chichester high school where he was heavily involved in sports. school officials tell us that he always had an incredibly positive attitude. he still came back to delaware county from time to time to catch up with this childhood friends. his former principle says he'll be remembered fond. >> inn he'll student athlete the kind of kid you wanted to coach. well like, well mannered raised
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right by great people. it's a shame. >> community members tell us colson's grandfather was a police officer in up cher chichester for more than four decades. ahead tonight tearful goodbyes to south jersey man who sacrificed it all to protect his community we'll take you to the emotional farewell of new jersey state trooper sean cullen. investigators in gloucester county are trying to figure out what caused a deadly crash tonight. take look. this was the scene along 322 near berkeley forty five in woolwich township. this was just before 7:00 o'clock tonight. crews tell us the driver of the car was pinned and they had to have that person extricated. the driver was rushed to the hospital where they died. no other cars were involved. police are trying to find whoever shot and killed a man in north philadelphia. it happened around 4:00 this afternoon near 26th and toronto streets. investigators say a man inside a white ford taurus was shot three times by a man in white hoodie. he died at the scene.
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police have not yet released his identity. fist fights are nothing knew at ice hockey games in chester county fists weren't flying on the ice. get this. instead the battle happening between fans in the lobby at a youth league game. chris o'connell live tonight in west goshen township where he talked with students about how things got so heated. chris? >> reporter: well, dawn, if you know it the flyers cup championship is really one of the premier youth hockey games in the state every year. unfortunately, this year's contest was tarnished by a post game student brawl leaving one teenager arrested and police looking for other suspects. a bitter high school hockey rivalry gets ugly off the pies. moments after the flyers come championship game at ice line rink in west goshen township a brawl between fans breaks out in the lobby. >> some kid started kicking him. >> it was fight between students
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after reston high school between springfield high school in the championship game and it was caught on video that we have blurred. reston senior says tess is a says more than a dozen students were involved. it started with name calling then escalated to punching and kicking. >> i was definitely scared considering i was right there. but it all happened so quickly so it was just in shock more than anything. >> reporter: west goshen police made one arrest friday but they're looking for more. including one student scene on video kicking a ring employee in the face and immediately running away. ring security cameras captured the entire melee. >> it is a great rivalry. >> reporter: ring manager says 10 police officers were on duty that night and responded within seconds. and although no players were involved in the incident, he's hoping the fight doesn't detract from the long-standing rivalry of two great hockey teams. >> it truly is a shame. i do feel that it was a small group of individual unfortunat
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unfortunately that caused the fight. i believe it was parties from both schools. >> reporter: although the hockey teams are considered club sports, school administrators are helping police identify students in the video. for students bike tess is a, she's hoping those responsible are held accountable. >> i feel like they should like get what they deserved for doing it because what they did was not right. >> reporter: now, we are told that one employee who was injured here suffered a concussion. is doing okay tonight. as for those other suspects, police say more video clips have surfaced and they do expect to some arrests later this week. iain. >> chris, thank you. a fight that began over a hat ended with a 24-year-old man stabbed to death. 40-year-old steven, charged in the murder of colin mcgovern. according to police the two got into a fight over a new jersey devils hat around 3:00 sunday morning on the 1800 block of rittenhouse square. that's when investigators say he
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stabbed mcgovern in the stomach. police are calling the crime senseless. ♪ imagine waking up to see this, hovering over your bed. it was the start of a terrifying night for local woman. what she says this guy demanded before he would leave her alone. take a good look at this much police say this guy stole a mini van with a four month old baby still in the back seat. the dad just feet away in a local convenience store. >> i think i came close to experiencing how it would feel to get your soul suck out of. >> where the infant finally turned up safe and sound. >> a bizarre police chase that hits almost one happen dread miles an hour. police cars weaving in and out of traffic. why officers were chasing one of their own squad cars. plus, how would you like to own hell? it's a real place and it's for sale. what you can get for a bargain price. ♪
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♪ caught on video a mini van left running outside of a west philadelphia store is stolen but that's not where the story ends in the back of that van is issue fan. the father comes out of the store to fine his van and child gone. >> jennifer joyce is live outside southwest detectives to night with this wild story. good evening, dawn. fortunately the baby is back home safe and sound tonight but the man's vehicle and cell phone still have yet to be recovered. but the 32-year-old father says tonight he gained a valuable lesson. >> i think i came close to experiencing how would it feel to get your soul sucked out of the. >> reporter: frantic moments for a philadelphia fire of five
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whose car was stolen this morning in matter minutes while his four month old son cameron was sitting in the back seat. >> everything that happened so fast. >> kareem more, sr., pulled over at 49th and walnut streets to run inside a convenience store and grab some water for his infant. it was a rainy morning, he knew he was going to be quick. what he did not know was that this young man in a green puppy vest holding a red umbrella was going to be even quicker. this teen realized moore left his car running and swiftly seized his opportunity to steal it. >> i just ran to the corner looking for him. pouring down rain i'm looking for my son. face full of tears, hands shaken. >> he left his cell phone in the van. he ran back inside the store and call and text his cell phone hoping the teen would react and he did. >> the person who took the car did the right thing. he communicated back to the phone i'll put the kid at penn street up in the germantown second of the city. so we directed 14 district
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officers immediately take that location and the kid was found. >> reporter: baby com ran was treated and released from the hospital. his family is still recovering from us the scare. this father says it's a mistake he will never make again. >> i can't even imagine what this father went through when he came out of the store and your car is gone and you know your kid is in there. i can't imagine what he's going through. he received his punishment. >> reporter: charges are likely in store for the suspect. he and the stolen van a white 2013 town and country are still missing. police want your help tracking him down. >> his father, his father, his grandmother and other friends may know this individual and we're just asking to call our tip line at 215686 tips so we can talk to this young man. >> reporter: again, that vehicle police are looking for, a chrysler white town and country with pennsylvania plates jmx6013 and as you heard lieutenant walker say, if you know who or where the suspect is or if you come across that vehicle, call the anonymous tip line at 215686 tips.
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iain? >> jennifer, thank you. police released the identity of the philadelphia international airport janitor charged with taking a federal flight officer's gun. authorities say 31-year-old victor sheered took a gun april side a bag that flight officer accidentally left behind at an airport bathroom. sheered is now facing a list of charges including unlawful taking. a south jersey community is in mourning this day foreman who died living his dream. new jersey state trooper sean cullen was just 31 years old when he died in the line of duty last week. today's weather adding to the somber funeral services for trooper cullen. could it not dampen the fond memories shared by his fellow, family and state troopers. >> bruce gordon was at the church. >> the rape fell like tear drops as mourners gathered at the saint charles borromeo catholic church to say goodbye to a
10:18 pm
cinnaminson kid who lived and died chasing his dream. friends of the family could hardly put their grief into words. >> i just can't even begin to imagine quite frankly what's going through their minds. such a tragedy. >> reporter: law enforcement community flocked here from all over the country to pay respects to one of their own. sean cullen had served in several local south jersey police departments before joining the new jersey state police in 2014. he died last tuesday after being struck by a car while investigating an accident scene on i-295 in west deptford. >> you've got to be the type of person who will run into the situation that everybody else is running away f trooper cullen unfortunately died in the line of duty doing what he loved doing. >> reporter: but sean cullen was more than state trooper. he was fart part of a family with parents, siblings a fiance' and a nine month old son shamus. sister jennifer called him firecracker. >> reporter: cullen was based
10:19 pm
out bellmawr barrack a cop's cop but also a guy who would light up a room with his sense of humor. his commander called him character suggested that memories of cullen's antics might help ease his pain. >> today is our day to be strong. we'll have our time to mourn. but we need to be strong for the family and help them get through this. >> reporter: as sean cullen was carried to his ryan resting place church neighbors paused in reflection. offering thanks to the men and women who risk their own safety in fact their very lives in order to protect us. it's not just what they do, it's who they are. >> they don't get enough credit. they get a lot of crap. and not enough credit. >> reporter: no charges have been filed in the accident that killed trooper cullen. he is the third new jersey state trooper to suffer a vehicle related death in just the past 10 months. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. you can leave your condolences for trooper cullen head to and look for
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the facebook link near the top of the home page. it was a scary ride for some passengers on board a septa bus today. take a look at this video from ogontz. that's a septa bus into the side of a pnc bank on york road. old york road actually. septa says there was no driver behind the wheel of the route 55 bus as it just rolled away. this happening around 11:30 this morning. several passengers had to be treated for minor injuries. new video shows the moments police nab accused serial kill killer. why he blames an app you probably have on your phone right now. and someone smashed their way into woman's car. they swiped this from the front seat. that's no purse. what's inside the victim hopes could turn the thief's live around. and the fire rescue going viral tonight. the look op one dog's face as it was pulled from the flames capturing hearts around the country. now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. out and about the yellow springs road bridge that goes over the
10:21 pm
pennsylvania turnpike in shut down mode for the next couple of months. so there's lot of extra volume as you roll through charlestown. work throughout the day tomorrow here on the 42 freeway in bellmawr. right in that 295 interchange. and they're also going to be working tomorrow along 95. the work zone up at cottman avenue. have a great night and we'll you bright and earl whole we kick it off sue and i at 4am. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ tonight investigators loo looking into a western kansas train derailment trying to figure out if the condition of the track tracks had anything to with this accident. the ntsb says an engineer noticed a bend in a rail and applied the emergency brake before the derailment overnight in a rural area. investigators also trying to determine if the car crash damaged the tracks. at least 32 people were hurt when the train derailed. two passengers were critically injured. one passenger says it was chaos in the moments just after the accident. >> one gentleman just stopped me kind of in the darkness of the field and said, you know, friend, friend, you're right, what's going on? he said is there any blood. i shaped my cell phone light and his face was bloodied. >> officials say the track had been inspected just last week and that the train was traveling at normal speed before the cra crash. some powerful storms
10:25 pm
impacting much much northern california causing mudslides and toppling trees. the severe conditions forcing road closures throughout the weekend but one man showing a sense of humor about it all clinton stanley jokingly placing this mannequin in the debris to get offers of help. mudslide placed a giant boulder in his driveway and clearing paths around homes and business social security still difficult because of all that debris. flood waters remain in louisiana parishes and they're proving to be deadly. you need a boat to get around since there's several feet of water surrounding most homes. the rain has stopped but it's going to take days for the waters to recede. many have evacuated but one man did die trying to go back to his flood ravaged house to try to retrieve some personal items. new dam cash video shows the moments deputes arrested the man behind a night of deadly shootings in michigan. >> take look at the video. you can see that they've got jason dalton pulled over with his hands outside of the window. uber driver accused of of killing six people in one night
10:26 pm
last month. police say he even picked up riders throughout the night. he apparently told police the uber app took over his mind and body setting off the shooting spree. he's now facing several counts of murder and assault. imagine walking up to see this hovering over your bed. it was the start of a terrifying night for a local woman. what she says this guy demanded before he would leave her alone. bizarre police chase that hit almost 100 miles an hour. police cars weaving in and out of traffic. why officers were chasing one of their own squad cars. kathy? >> in weather a few more showers areas of fog and then a big warmup to talk about. but how long it will last? we'll take look at your seven day forecast as spring begins coming up.
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>> happening right now at 10:30 terrifying moments for a woman in chester county when she wakes up to find a masked man standing over her bed. township police say this man broke into the home on the 100 block of crest line road just after 1:00 o'clock saturday morning. that's when the suspect tied the victim up with duct tape and
10:30 pm
told her to quote be quiet and you won't get hurt. he ransack the house goat getting her atm card and car keys and he showed her a stun gun. he used her atm and pin number to withdrawal cash. if you have any information give police call. >> woman convicted of assaulting a gay couple in center city will have to serve out her full sentence in jail. lawyers for kathryn knott argued that she only deserves the same probation her two co-defendants received. the judge however disagreed saying she found a complete disconnect between knot' statements and the seventy three rest this prime crime. philadelphia adding sexual orientation to its hate crime laws as a direct result of this case. legal saying of medical marijuana taking a step forward in pennsylvania's legislature tonight. the senate passing a bill in may but now the house is taking up more than 200 am. s to the measure a key amendment that would lay out rules for prescriptions and
10:31 pm
other regulation pass. it would allow the state to license growers, dispensers and prosecutions. it would treat cancer, epilepsy, parkinson's disease and other debilitating diseases. the full bill still needs a final vote. you decide 2016. donald trump campaigning in several states before head to the polls tomorrow. >> republican front runner having to deal with disruptions during one of his rallies. >> i get off stage with kasich and -- >> donald trump campaigning with governor christie by his side in north carolina and florida today. it comes after a weekend of violence at some of his campaign events in north carolina today trump addressing that very iss issue. >> nothing like this has ever happened. this is a phenomena. the democrats are seeing what's happening and they try and disrupt what's happening but
10:32 pm
it's not a big deal. they stand up, they shout for a couple of seconds and they get whizzed out. not big deal. >> donald trump raw was nearly attack at a rally in ohio over the weekend. the secret service springing into act after protester jumped a barricade and rah and for the stage. trump claims nobody has even been hurt at any of this rallies. bernie sander social security hoping to build on his momentum from last week. remember he pull the upset off of hillary clinton in michigan. he's hoping to do the same thing in illinois and ohio tomorrow. but clinton is hoping for big wins herself in states like florida and north carolina. clinton says he's the candidate that can take on donald trump in a general election. so could there be a clear nominee for either party come tomorrow night? as the numbers come in we'll bring you the results live right here on fox 29 news at 10:00. a scary site at an airport in vermont. >> plane flips over and weather could be to blame. check this out. a single engine plane flipping over yesterday afternoon at the burlington international airpo
10:33 pm
airport. officials say the cessna was taking off when it may have been hit by a cross wind. a pilot and a passenger were on board at the time of the crash. medics took them to the hospital. fortunately their injuries are not life threatening. here's a check what's on your radar night. here's kathy orr. >> not much green on the screen, iain. we have areas of and fine mist out there. just enough to peak it little bit messy. we will see drier air during the early morning hours but then here comes a few showers, the bark is worse than the bite. a lot of this will be weakening as it moves towards the philadelphia area. a chance of a shower each day this week but not a lot of rain. as we look live on mark street you can see it's damp, the roads are wet, pretty quiet and cool. the temperature 46. we made it to 50. average high is 52. a day below average for change. winds out of the north northeast at just 12 miles an hour. and that northerly wind component is going to keep it cool, cooler than our southern temperatures for the next couple of days. right now 46 in the city.
10:34 pm
up a degree since the last half hour. 37 degrees in the poconos. 44 degrees in wilmington and 45 in millville. so temperatures staying steady or slowly rising a little bit during the early morning hours. you can see cold air with the 30's to the north and 40s down through the mid atlantic. milder conditions but we will have that northerly influence and a chance of a shower tomorrow, wednesday, even thursday and friday but more like a spotty or scattered shower each day. so as we move along hour by hour, during the overnight, we'll just be seeing patchy clouds, some drizzle and some fog. then early tomorrow morning no problem for the morning rush but cloudy with fog a few spotty showers through the morning period then by the afternoon we shall be seeing some breaks in the clouds. so little bit of sunshine in the afternoon. especially before sunset. so overnight, drizzle and fog a cool breeze out of the north. 45 in the city. in the suburbs i was round 41. during the day tomorrow, the high around 60 degrees. so above average.
10:35 pm
slow to clear but some afternoon sunshine. the best chance of a shower will be before noon. as you plan your day tomorrow mist and drizzle in the morning spotty shower before noon and then cloudy and mild with temperatures near 60 degrees by 3:00 o'clock. 7:00 p.m. mostly cloudy. still some sun remember sunset not until about 7:07. the temperature will be 56 degrees. on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast, wednesday a chance of a shower but temperatures still making it to 70. st. patrick's day a chance of an afternoon shower. so any morning festivities should be fine. 63. friday 57 so it's cooler. saturday a mix of sun and clou clouds. sunday we talk about a spring storm because spring begins on sunday, the latest computer models coming in are just showing a chance of a rain shower maybe a wet snow shower north and west. but not really a storm on the current maps. we'll have to see tomorrow morning what that guidance says. more confidence as we get more information and then monday it stays cool.
10:36 pm
the temperature 53. the average high is around 52 this time of year and it's typically a shower wee, windy month. >> right. >> we're almost through this month. >> we are. >> moving fast. >> it is. which is good. >> all right. >> i know. >> get to the warmth. all right. bricks crumbling on the side of this store after police say a group of guys rammed the stolen pick up right through the wall but it wasn't cash or electronics that grabbed. what they were after inside we did not expect. and a backyard shock, this mine shaft just opened up so deep you can't even see the bottom. how long one expert says that huge hole has actually been open. plus how would you like to own hell? it's a real place and it's for sale. what you can get for a bargain price. ♪
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♪ terrifying sight in one home's backyard. drone video shows a huge mind shaft that opened up in a bargain in britain. so deep you can't see the bott bottom. the city was just started making the rounds when a contractor there says the hole actually opened up back around christmastime. no word on how much how long the mine has been around and the good news is that no one has been hurt. in your money tonight
10:40 pm
forever 21 pulls graphic t from store shelves after critics say it's message defends rape. statement on the shirt reads "don't say maybe if you want to say no" the chain was blasted on twitter for the message with critics saying the row moated victim blaming following the backlash forever 21 says it took the shirt off its website and in a statement issued an apology for causing offense. it's that time again get ready to cash in on your free rita's italian ice this weekend. it's an an ya'll tradition been one for 20 years. free water ice on the first day of spring. this year is no different. you can get your free serving this sunday from noon until 9:00 o'clock at night. last year rita gave away almost 1 million of the treats. i believe it. exactly. michigan man wants you not only to go to hell, he's hoping you'll buy it. >> actually a town in michigan and the own are in says it's really quite a bargain. >> welcome to hell. how the hell are you today?
10:41 pm
where the hell you from? hell is a 5-acre tourist spot near an arbor. john cologne bought the 14 years ago and says, hey, i'm 70. it's name time to retire and the price has just gone down. what was over 1 million now for 900,000 bucks you get the screams, put put golf and souvenir shop. hell's chapel of love, hell hole bar and more. >> it's endless, believe me. it's a different jokes and the different things. good they know somebody really wants to be busy that special kind of person to -- that prefers humor in life than anything else. >> how much would you pay? you can also opt to be mayor of hell for a day for 100 buck. you got a t-shirt, definitely horns an mug to keep. bizarre police chase that hits almost 100 miles an hour. police cars weaving in and out of traffic. why officers were chasing one of their own squad cars. and someone smashed their
10:42 pm
way into a woman's car to swipe this from the front seat. that's no purse. what's inside the victim hopes could turn the thief's live around.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
♪ wild police chase in california.
10:45 pm
if you look closely you can see the vehicle leading the cops through packed streets as one of their own squad cars. investigators say the suspect attacked a cop behind the wheel and then took off in his cruis cruiser. the chase through los angeles freeways hitting almost 100 miles an hour. >> it ends in deadly gunfire. take look. authorities say it all began when the map behind the wheel called police and made an unusual comment. what exactly he said police are not saying but investigator sauce when an officer arrived, the suspect attacked and jumped into the front seat of the patrol car. that led to high speed chase along highways all around los angeles. >> the initial issue had to do with a rather bizarre statement made by the gentleman about -- that's giving some issues as to his mental health. >> the chase ended behind a bowling al whole another officer rammed the car.
10:46 pm
officers spared into the vehicle killing the man. his identity has yet been released. take a look at the damage left behind at this store near detroit after a group of guys slam as pickup truck through the wall. police say it was all on purpose. officers say three men rammed a stolen f150 truck through the side of the store in order to get inside. they then ransack the place getting away about $3,000 in costume jewelry. so far tonight no arrests. a new road sign in iowa causing drivers to do a double take. when you a look at this you'll see why. it was men as deer warning that reads watch for suicidal deer. most people in the area agree drivers should be on the look out, many think this sign is just incentive. >> suicide it make it look like a joke, and i myself have never had anyone close to me decide to take their own life. but i've had a lot of friends and other people who have and i know it's a very sensitive
10:47 pm
subject and i think that's kind of a mockery. >> a county soup 55 says the sign was only meant to grab attention. they had no up tension of offending anyone. they were looking to prevent accidents with deer in the area. in just days after kim kardashian had people buzzing about another naked picture the la sheriffs is warning parents to talk to their kids nude selfies. >> he doesn't kim kardashian by name he does call upon public figures could be good role models for girls. texting makes children vulnerable to pedophiles or sex traffickers who try to lure them online and some agree with the sheriff's message. >> i think it's good that the parents are being aware of it because i think lot of parents don't assume that their kids are doing it. >> i have veep-year-old daughter. that's terrifying. but i'll talk to her about that. i don't think my son is the one that i would have to worry about really. >> legal experts also warn teenagers that viewing or
10:48 pm
sharing nude photos is considered child pornography that can lead to felony charges. a woman near atlanta wants to know how someone could go so low. she says crook crashed her car window and then took her bible. fox's an gentlemen leak procter spoke to that victim. >> reportervictim. report but roz well mom alicia couch has not been able to find her precious bible anywhere. a crook smashed her van window and stole it while it was parked at east roswell park. it was a in bible carrier that looks like a purse. >> my mom got knee the carrying case that it was in. there were other things like the notes i've had it for nine years. you read stuff and important thing you take notes. so everything in there was important. >> report roar since the wife and mother of four has $500 insurance deductible she'll have to shell out the money for the window rye pair. she wonders now if karma might catch up with the desperate
10:49 pm
thief. >> as he unzipped it maybe they saw the bible and were freak out. if that's a sign, i don't know what is. they might have open it up and maybe changed your ways. i don't know. kind of karma. >> roar report roswell police say this crime proves nothing is sacred. >> typically entering autos are like crimes of opportunity. people are walking by the car and they look in and see that there is something laying on the seat. >> reporter: it's not a good thing i guess to put to open it you ansi a bible maybe it's a sign for them they might need the bible more than me at this point. i don't know. >> the victim says the bible is very special to her. she hopes someone will find it and return it. the catholic church will soon welcome a new saint. mother theresa is one step closer to canonization. murals now gracing the walls of buildings in india. where mother theresa spent many years caring for the poor. last december pope francis signed off on the second miracle
10:50 pm
needed for mother theresa's sane hood and now the pontiff planned a meeting with cart unless and church officials this week to finalize the details of the grand sainthood ceremony for mother theresa people in india are excited. >> mother theresa she's a great lady. just by giving -- definitely not anything in addition to her. simply an honor. she already -- she's more than saint. >> sainthood ceremonies is expected to take place in early september. close to the 19th anniversary of mother theresa's death. a puppy escapes the terror of a fire. thanks to a good work of some firefighters in maryland. >> this little guy's face really says it all. the snapshot looks like he's caught right in the middle of a smile. photo capture last thursday out of baltimore county. crews were responding to an apartment fire and they were very quickly able to knock it down and that is one lucky dog. >> absolute many.
10:51 pm
hughes howard with sports. >> dog gone stories coming up in sports. all right. the big five coaches are getting ready for the biggest time of the year. a chance at the ncaa championship dream and half court shot becoming almost an every day occurrence. mark sanchez addressed the media of his new team talked about a very interesting reason why he can compete to be the starter in denver. all that's coming up in sports.
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♪ it's the week the madness begins with the inform caa tournament. really becomes a drop in productivity in the workplace during the week people filling out tournament pools. then with the game this week in the afternoon most people they'll be watching on that are phones, their computers. my question to salespeople, how many are making sales calls on thursday and friday afternoon? all right. here's the schedule locally. two schools from philadelphia will play friday afternoon in brooklyn and ifville notify van temple both within the first game they will meet sunday for a chance to go to the sweet 16. st. joe's made it into the top
10:55 pm
25 with that big win sunday against vcu. really good basketball team right now. they don't play until friday at 10:00 p.m. against cincinnati but i think the ncaa really did them injustice sending them spokane, washington in the west region. head coach phil martelli gave his team the day off today for reason. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with catching your breath enjoying the experience, reveling in your accomplishments and then when we come in here tomorrow at 3:30, the responsibility will fall on me to make sure what i've tried to do all year prepare them for this game. i don't have any question that we'll be ready. >> he's dawn really great job with as jay wright has with villanova. the eagles have their backup quarterback with chase daniels. mark sanchez spoke to the denver media has a good reason why he can be the starter there. >> i'm not married. i don't have a girl friend.
10:56 pm
i don't have kids. i just want to may ball and i want to win. i really want to win and so lucky to be in spot like this. you know, every waking moment that's all i'm thinking about what an opportunity this is. >> go blame it on the women. maikel franco is on a tear in florida. sarasota florida playing baltimore. franco six homeruns in 11 games in florida. however, the phillies -- he had two. phillies lost to baltimore eight-seven. former flyer defenseman his daughter has her own sports moment. south jersey. she goes plays for cherokee high school. i mean half court shots all over the place. isabella is a junior the cherokee high school. she make the half court throw. however, they still love the game. that is pretty good shot. the only thing we need now we need a dog to make a half court shot. because we love dog stories, don't we. >> we do. >> we like stories like yours, too.
10:57 pm
girls, dogs. >> exactly. better. >> babies. >> full hour of entertainment news next tmz followed by dish nation then tune into chasing news and the simpsons. >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly will have your weather and traffic covered all morning. have a great night. >> squirrels. ♪ your daughter wants to stay organic.
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your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: we now have video, rob kardashian is not only losing weight, he's now officially light on his feet. >> blac chyna's working, putting on a show for us. the thing with rob, he's smiling. harvey: he just needed -- i hate to say it -- available ass. >> what man doesn't need available ass? [laughter] >> donnell rawlings was involved in a crazy bawl over an unpaid bill. >> hey! >> the kitchen guy comes running out and he just swings at donnell. this is probably one of the best fight videos that we've gotten in a long time. harvey: best fight video. it's like ooh, this is a good one. >> it is really good. >> we got a video of aaron carter trying to fight a dude because he honked at him. aaron flips out, gets out of his car with these two like


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