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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 15, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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at 4:00 o'clock we begin with breaking news a diner erupts in flames and fire fighters were worried with a nearby hotel. we have breaking news out of chicago where three officers were shot during a drug investigation. how they are doing this morning and what happened to the suspects is next. and more trauma for new jersey governor chris christie, what he didn't do, that now has some fuming this morning. here with donald trump just said about christie that may have you thinking there may be trouble in paradise. good day, everybody. tuesday, it is march 15th, 2010. >> welcome back. >> better. >> you posted on social media you have a bronchitis diagnosis. >> acute bronchitis. >> that means it is very painful, it is there.
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>> yes, and ear, nose and throat doctor to find out more. >> so why are you here. >> well, there comes a time, like don't go to work until you go see one. >> is it contagious. >> it is not. >> if so the whole show, will be like this, hi, sue, how are you. >> yeah, hide behind that magazine, good to see you, good to see you too, glad you are with us this morning. we have got the more rain on radar. it is nothing like what we were experiencing yesterday but if you walk outside right now you'll feel that drizzle, misty, drippy thing that is not even showing up on radar but we have the cloud around this morning, and we do have some rain, outside around maryland, and some of that will make its way here. so you will need the umbrella, again today. 46 degrees to start off, an 8-mile an hour wind, 89 percent relative humidity and 72:00 is your new sunrise time as we struggle will this week to get used to the new time today light saving time.
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visibility is an issue in someplaces, down to two and a half miles in philadelphia, only 2 miles atlantic city and wildwood, reduced visibility in pottstown and mount pocono this morning because of that mist ape that moisture that is still around this morning. temperatures are in the 40's, like they were yesterday and upper 30's in the mountains. so we have 45 in wilmington and dover and millville, 46 degrees in atlantic city. our wind is not much, but it is there, it is a breeze out of the north or north east at 8 miles an hour. here's your planner for the day, mist, drizzle this will morning. it will be around 40ish, 50ish to start, and mid 50's on spotty showers by noon, still cloudy but a peak of sunshine and high temperature of 60 degrees by 3:00 o'clock and 56 degrees as we get to 7:00 o'clock and we will get, sunrise, sunset i should say, a little later today. that is your planner. the eventually we will get
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sunshine but not this morning, bob kelly, very misty outside. >> misty, we have got fog, so still some have of those element we had to deal with yesterday, with us again this morning, good morning, everybody. 4:03 on a tuesday. the live look at ben franklin bridge, in problems or delays at all coming into the city. crews are still outside though on i-95. they are out on i-95, this is the north bound off ramp to cottman avenue, that is still blocked until about 5:30 or so, all with construction. crews are working southbound this morning, right here near betsy ross bridge interchange and find delays, until will about 5:00 or 5:30 or so. we have an active fire locates here in chester, chester delaware county, route 352 which is edgemont avenue at off ramps to i the 95. so watch out for possible lane restrictions and local detours there. they are working out on 295 as you head south down in toward that bellmawr interchange and then 42 as well, that new
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pattern between the 25, and 544, and again with the rain, the extended overnight or lack of daylight until 7:12 makes things difficult again this morning. no problems on the turnpike or 422, mass transit the is looking good. the chris and lauren, back over to you. >> thanks very much, bob. breaking news out of delaware county where fire erupts inside a diner. >> crews on the scene in chester along edgemont avenue where we will find dave kinchen standing by live, dave, good morning. >> reporter: that is right, chris. still an active scene right here, this is the great leaves diner here in chester. fire crew is still working right now. fire is under control. it a appears that crews are dealing with hot spots at this point. no known injuries right now but this was a two alarm fire and we will show you you more as we go to video. now it appears that thinks also a a attached to the days inn hotel here and guests told
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me that fire crews went door to door, knocked on their doors and evacuated them from the hotel and so many people are outside, waiting to go back inside as they watched this whole thing taking place. now this fire scene is actually right across the way from the fire department. there is a fire department on the other side of this building, so it looks like response time was assisted in that manner and crews got here very quickly. no men injuries in this fire, but we know a couple different departments are at least on the scene knocking down the flames early, fire is under control, also, crews evaluating a damage, possible hot spots, the days inn was evacuated and there are people just waiting to get back in. for mess people it it was a rude, a awakening, major inconvenience but one we understand in the interest of safety. that is very latest here, now back to you. >> great hustle getting to that scene, check back. more breaking news, this
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is aftermath of the accident involving a police vehicle on interstate 95. between academy and cottman just after midnight. officials tell fox 29 that the police vehicle was responding to another accident when a car crashed right into it. luckily the officer was not injured. most of that damage was done to the the car that crashed in the police vehicle n word if that driver was injured in the accident. we have breaking news from overnight three chicago police officers shot during a shoot-out with a drug suspect. the shooting happened on the city's west side late last night, gunfire broke out a after the officers approached the man and a woman whom they say were involved in suspicious activity. both suspects fled on the chase before a man opened fire on those officers, shooting them multiple times, one of the officers was able to return fire killing the male suspect, the with man was arrested sometime later, the officer's injuries are non-life threatening. new information in the death of the the maryland police officer with local ties, investigators say he was caught the in the cross fire during a wild gun battle,
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killed by friendly fire. detectives j ac ai colson died late sunday night. police say it started when three brothers ambushed officers in a chaotic shoot-out the outside prince georges county police station. we have learned colson grew up in delaware county. he lived in boothwyn attending chichester high school where he was heavily involved in sports. the community members tell us that colson's grandfather was a police officer in up are chichester for more than four decade. south jersey community said good bye to a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty, troop are sean cullen was just 31 years old when he died last week after being hit the by a car investigating an accident scene on i295 in west deptford. law enforcement community flocked here from all over the country to pay their respects to cullen. he served in several local south jersey police departments before joining the new jersey state police, in 014. there is a a side note to this, new jersey governor chris christie under fire for
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skipping that funeral yesterday. >> so why did he do it? he went to support donald trump on the campaign trail. steve keeley live at the state house in trenton, new jersey with this bizarre story, hi steve. >> reporter: put this on facebook on sunday when i heard he wasn't going to be there on twitter and facebook and this thing caught like wild fire. we are at state house in trenton where new jersey's gor has been mia and lawmakers and citizens may put christie's picture on a milk carton but easy to spot chris christie today, look at this, mock again nationally and donald trump continues to use his on his campaign and abuse him, as he said twice, new york daily news shows christie in one of those ray more and flannigan living room lung chairs he sat in, in the a good picture talking to trump on stage yesterday, many felt he should have been attending new jersey state trooper, sean cullen's funeral as his lieutenant
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governor, chris dead cop diss, skips trooper a's funeral to later mock christie right in person on stage in front of the huge crowd. >> and your governor is absentee, he goes, listen to this because i know i was there but i go back and i still work, i have a job you have to do your job. your governor kasich if you look at him, and i'm being totally impartial, he goes to new hampshire, he is living in new hampshire, with chris, is chris around. even more than chris christie who was there. even more. i hated to do that but i had to make my point. >> christie must be wondering why am i up here doing this? he even got more ripping yesterday, look at this, he is out in the bad weather that we all experience and getting off the trump plane as jim roberts
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tweets, trump gets the umbrella, christie gets the rain. all this less than two weeks after christie had that two hour news conference here, well criticism even from his own supporters and his own republican party, senators and assembly people here in trenton said quit campaigning for trump. he said he had in plans to campaign and look at him he is back the on the road again, and again, being donald trump's punching bag up on the stage. we will have have more criticism to show you throughout the morning, too. >> not only was his campaign a disaster it the is worse after he stepped out of the race, it seems, it is unbelievable, i have never seen anything like it, steve. >> reporter: he surely know how to stay in the national spot light but not the in a good way. >> let's stay with politics. it is a crucial day for race for the white house n just a few hours voters will head to the polls in five states including winner take all states of both ohio and florida. so the results of today's primaries will determine the
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future of the g.o.p., senator marco rubio, and governor john kasich, rubio florida, kasich from ohio, each doing last minute stumping in their home state the where they are winner take all must win states. the polls from the sunshine state aren't looking good for rubio instead favoring front runner donald trump. >> we don't necessity what the margin will be but we know it will be up to you. >> to lead this country. >> as for john kasich, a just released monmouth university poll only gives him a slim lead in ohio over trump, and it could be the day that officially makes republican contests a two man race between trump and senator ted cruz of texas. primaries are being held today in north caroline, illinois, and missouri, lauren. police say this guy stole a minivan with the four
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month-old baby in the back seat, dad feet away inside a local convenient store where the infant finally turns up, safe and sound. and imagine waking up to see this, hovering over your bed what a local woman said this guy demanded before he would leave her alone.
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hello. we've got a look at our damp roadways here in olde city and what to expect over the next couple of days and this morning we will be damp, chilly, just kind of drizzly out there, maybe some actual
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rain but you will need to cover up and wear rain gear today. it will be slow to clear today too, we will have cloud lingering even after the rain ends as maybe a little bit of sunshine by the end of the day. warmer by mid week but spring does arrive on sunday and along with that a chance of spring showers. speaking of showers, here's yesterday's rain that has moved up to new england and rain to our south, that probably over next couple of hours will at least edge into southern delaware and we will see what happens with this rain around western maryland, so not as heavy and we told you that yesterday, any rain that fell today wouldn't be as heavy a as what we saw yesterday in the morning. even though it doesn't look like anything is on radar it the is still drizzly and misty this morning. it is 46 degrees. not warm either. forty-five in wilmington. forty-three lancaster. forty-three in reading. forty-eight in mount pocono. forty-five in dover. temperatures will probably move more today especially if
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we get that sunshine, wind out of the north at about 8 miles an hour right now. our average high is now up to, 52 degrees as we get close, really right in the middle of march, the 15th right now, but the ides of march today and much cool tore day yesterday from the weekend when we were at 61 degrees both saturday and sunday. the lets see where we are going to day, backup to 60, 62. again that depend on the sunshine if we get any. 70 degrees tomorrow ape there could be a shower late in the day. it looks like it is a decent day on thursday, by friday, we are a little bit cooler, sunny and cool on saturday but seasonal and then by sunday which is the first day of spring we will have some legitimately springy the showers but at least it is just rain out there, bob kelly, if we have to spin it at all, could be worse. >> good morning, 4:16. wheels are spinning here on the the 42 freeway, we are
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still dealing about not that heavy rain like we had this time yesterday but just enough to kind of of make it an icky start, we will get spray, puddles out there along the way and we are dealing with some fog in some areas. remember as well with the clocks moved ahead yesterday we drove to work an extra hour in the darkness and kid are standing outside on the street corner, too with that later time we see sunrise. a live look at the schuylkill near montgomery drive, in problems or delays on the majors. here's the latest on that fire as we heard from dave, live just a few moments ago, it is right off of i-95 it is kind of like a triangle, providence road, 14th street and edgemont avenue but right the at edgemont avenue off ramp for i-95. so just watch for police and fire activity, as you are exiting 95 this morning. there is in problems on i-95 related to this fire, you see white smoke or a little bit of
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smell heading south down toward the airport area south on i-95 they are still working near bet thecy ross bridge until 5:30 or so, speaking of the airport we will see weather delays today, a at least early flights getting out of the gate, so factor that in down there. up there in chester county yellow springs road they demolished that bridge over the weekend that goes over the pennsy turnpike which carries route 252. this is only second work day that folks are getting used to that line up n port richmond delaware avenue ramp to enter i-95 and aramingo avenue that is closed for next couple months. the mass transit looking good, chris, lauren, back over to you. police continuing to search for shots fired in west philadelphia killing a teen girl. that teen whom police say was just a an innocent bystander last night, a vigil was held for 18 year-old nijay steadily who was found outside north salford street where she was hit the by a stray bullet. police say saturday night
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around 11:30, two groups of teens were argues when shots were ringing out. she was hit. her mother surrounded by the community, spoke during the vigil who pleaded for those know something, say something. >> my daughter was innocent. she wasn't a perfect child, not an angel but this time she was innocent. there is a reward out there but i could careless. i want to know who killed my doubt are. >> people at the vigil called for peace, love and a end to the violence. balloons were released in memorandum willry of that teen. fight the in rittenhouse square started over a hat ending with a 24 year-old man stabbed to death. steven simminger, is charged in the murder of colin mcgovern, according to police, two got in the fight over simminger's new jersey devils hat, around 3:00 o'clock in the morning on sunday. this is on the 1800 block of rittenhouse square. that is when simminger stabbed mcgovern in the stomach, police are calling the the crime senseless. police are trying to find however shot and killed a man
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in north philadelphia a this happened around 4:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon near 26th and toronto streets. investigators say a man inside a white ford taurus was shot three times by a man in the white hoodie. he died at the scene. police have not released his identity. all right. imagine waking up and seeing this standing right over your bed, terrifying moments for a woman in chester county when she awakes to find this. tredyffrin township police say this guy broke into this home on the 100 block of crest line red just after 1:00 o'clock the saturday morning when the suspect tied up the victim with duct tape and told her to be quiet and you won't get hurt. he ransack the house getting her atm card and car keys and then showed her a stun gun. he got her atm pin number which he later used to withdraw cash. mini van left running was stolen outside of a west philadelphia a store and a baby inside this minivan, incident caught on cameras we first told but yesterday on good day, kareem ward says he
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ran inside of the convenient store at forty-ninth and walnut to grab some water for his infant son. his son was still inside the car. police say a teen realized more more left his car running hopped inside and took off. when kareem came out and saw his car gone, of course, he called police and his cell phone that was also left inside that van. >> i ran to the corner looking for him, pouring down rain looking for my son. handshaking. >> person who took the car, communicated and said i will put pot the kid at penn street up in the germantown section of the city. is he we directed 14 district officers to take that location and the kid was found. >> the child was then taken to the hospital for treatment, and was released. police are hoping surveillance video will help them find young man you see here, if you know whereabouts of the suspect, or come across vehicle call will police, on their a anonymous tip line. woman convicted of assaulting a i gay couple in
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center city will to have serve her entire sentence in jail. lawyers for catherine knot she deserves the same probation her co-defendants a agreed but judge disagreed saying she found a complete disconnect between knot's statements and the severity of her crime. philadelphia an added sexual orientation to its hate crime laws as a result of that case. police have released identity of the the philadelphia international the airport janitor charged with taking a federal flight officer's gun. authorities say that this man 31 year-old victor shards took a gun inside of a bag that a flight officer accidentally left behind in an airport bathroom. he is facing a list of charges including unlawful taking. 4:22 the time. big five coaches are getting ready for the biggest time of the year, ncaa championship, howard spoke to villanova's coach about their first match on friday. >> all right. the lets hope we win. speaking of winning, here are your lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. madness of march start with the three local teams this friday. villanova play this is friday in brooklyn. they had a light practice yesterday. they play a team they have never seen, i haven't seen
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them either, unc/ashville and nova is 17.5. favorite. wildcats tried to tell everybody on the toughness of their opponent. >> they have a trap that is really aggressive and tough, they turn people over. they are a little under sized but tough, athletic and very skilled. good team. >> yah, okay. i guess they are. who knows. 17.5 favorite. i can't get over they are a good team. miguel franco is on fire in florida. two home runs today, this is in sarasota a a. phillies lost eight-seven. has six home runs in 11 games. big game for flyers tonight, they play detroit the at home, at wells fargo center. they need wins. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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breaking news overnight a hotel diner catches on fire. we have a crew on the scene with a live report coming up. three chicago police officers injured in the shoot-out the latest on those officer's condition. scary moments on i-95 after a car crashes in the police vehicle will who was there working another accident. >> my goodness. good day, everyone it is
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march 15th, 2016. >> thank you so much for waking up with us. i woke up to this in my inn box my christmas gift from lauren johnson keeps on giving, thank you very much. >> i love that because you are reminded of me. >> every month lately i have been reminded that it is in the golf weather yet. it is not here yet, sue serio. >> fruit of the month club, right, that would be good too. yeah, we've got this non-golfy the weather but if you golf in drizzle you might be able to do so today. very drizzly outside. that doesn't show up on radar as we look here and see we put satellite picture on here as well and we definitely have a lot have of clouds but not the a lot of rain but you still need, waterproof gear today. 46 degrees. 7:12 is your sunrise time but another day where we won't see sunshine. at least not early in the day. visibility reduced visibility at the airport 2.5-mile. 2 miles in atlantic city,
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foggy in wildwood, pottstown, and, slightly reduced visibility up in the mountains that got better since last time we check. so it the is only 38 degrees in mount pocono but we have got low to mid 40's every where else. we have millville at 45. the atlantic city, 46. it feels outside like it did yesterday just kind of chilly, a bit of breeze, and it is just a lot of things that could slow you down a little bit this morning. a lot of things could slow you down a little bit. the drizzle and mist to start, cloud lingering through lunchtime and we may see some sunshine before the end of the day. 60 degrees our high, sunset time 7:08. so that looks a little bit better. that is your planner for tuesday. we will see how warm it the gets tomorrow and is what up for weekend coming up with the seven day forecast. bob kelly very damp, drizzly and intermittent windshield wiper day. >> that is exactly right intermittent windshield wiper day this morning on a tuesday
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at 4:31, coming up 4:59:32. live look downtown philly here vine street expressway, crews did not work here last night. we are opened in both directions. maybe a puddle or two as you pull out and head to the major. live look at the blue route the 476 coming out of the mid county. everything wet, damp, still slippery and that could cause some accidents this morning. we have got fog to start out here in the suburbs off of 422, 202, the turnpike between downingtown and the route 29 slip ramp. we have a fire location in chester delaware county we will get to dave in a second right at off ramp of i-95 to route 352. sort of the try angle will there. we have edgemont avenue, providence and 14th streets. so just watch for some fire activity and then south, on i-95 out of the northeast they are working near bet thecy ross bridge, they will be out there until 5:00 or 5:15. they are working northbound i-95 cottman avenue off ramp is block until 5:00 o'clock and crews are over here with
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the rain slickers on the 42 freeway between the 25 and 544. sue mentioned poor visibility, probably will have delays, early flights out of philly international but mass transit the looking good the at the moment. chris and lauren, back over to you. we have breaking news out of delaware county. crews battling a two a alarm fire at sunrise diner on the 1300 block of edgemont avenue in chester, the the fire broke out just before 2:00 o'clock this morning. the it is directly next to the days inn hotel, in injuries have been reported here, we have a live report from dave kinchen coming up in just moments. more breaking news overnight, aftermath of the accident involving a police vehicle will that happened on interstate 95 between a academy and cottman just after midnight, officials tell us that the police vehicle will was responding to another accident when a car crashed into it. luckily the officer was not injured and as you can see from the video most of the damage was done to the car that crashed in the police vehicle in, word if that driver was injured in the
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accident. south jersey community said good bye to a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. troop are sean cullen was just 31 when he did last week after being hit the by a car investigating an accident scene on i295 in west deptford. law enforcement community flocked here from all over the country to pay their respects to cullen. he served in several local south jersey police departments before joining the new jersey state police in 2014. there is a political side note to this, new jersey governor chris christie under fire this morning for skipping that funeral yesterday. >> so where was he? well, he was supporting donald trump on the campaign trail, steve keeley, and a lot of people are talking about this. >> reporter: christie's run for the white house kept him far from the state house most of last year and new donald trump's run for highest office in the the land has christie's lowest ever approval ratings getting close to single digits the fallen even further then his lowest ever last month following his trump
4:35 am
endorsement. the news his trump campaigning is getting him mock nationally and ripped here at home. here's new york daily news front page today never a christie fan to begin with calling him fatso on the front page previously has this very unflattering front page picture and critical head line, chris's dead cop dis, skip's trooper's funeral to be with donald. donald trump himself mocks christie up on stage as trump criticized john case being and christie at the same time for being absentee governors. >> and your governor is absentee. he goes, listen to this because i know, because i was there but i get back and i still work. you know, i have a job. i have to do my job. are governor kasich, if you look at him and i'm being totally impartial. he goes to new hampshire. he is living in new hampshire. living, with chris. the is chris around. even mow so than chris christie he was around. even more, right.
4:36 am
i hated to do that but i had to make my point. >> reporter: maggie of the insuring times unclear if christie knew he was signing up to be punch line for trump himself but that's what happened today. he is getting punched all over the place including head of the new jersey state trooper a's union who had very angry things to say about the fact that he was with donald trump instead of at the sean cullen's funeral yesterday and that is why lieutenant governor kim guadagno was there in his place, lauren and chris. >> all right, steve he keeley, thanks very much. we are following breaking news, a hotel diner catches on fire, we have a crew on the scene, we will have a live report coming up next.
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breaking news, when fire erupts inside aedine. >> crews are on the scene in chester along edgemont avenue. dave kinchen is there with the very latest, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. fire crews this have blaze under control but right now they are still looking at the roof because that is where mess of the the fire was, and it appears that they are looking at hot spots. obviously days inn is attached here as well. people were in the days inn and they were evacuated. lets get to the video as this fire was placed under control. fire fighters say someone called the fire in, and did not come in as an initial alarm so they say someone saw flames and called it in, and it ended up going to two alarms. fire crews dealt with the bulk
4:40 am
of the flames on the roof and fire fighters went door to door evacuating guests at the days inn hotel which is attached to the diner. now guests saw smoke filling the rooms. here's more from the fire chief. >> this came in as a fire alarm. the so somebody had to see it. luckily they saw it before it got worse then it is. the whole dining facility, restaurant facility, it got up in the roof area, so there is smoke, water damage throughout the whole fat it is. so this is going to be closed down for a while. we had hotel evacuated. we're in the process of blowing smoke out. once the smoke is cleared we will let resident backup. >> we smelled smoke in the room and then next thing they are banging on the door to get out and hall will way is filled with smoke. we had to go downstairs and that is all we necessity right the now. >> reporter: thankfully no one was hurt. it turns out the fire department is located on the other side of the diner and
4:41 am
hotel, so that close proximity helped in terms of the response time but looking live here, several fire crews are on the scene, reelingly taking a look at the roof and they are also working inside, of the diner, the fire department, says most of the damage is confined to inside the diner, not the hotel at all but some residents a smoke did get into their rooms. in one was hurt, not even smoke inhalation, thankfully so this could have been much worse. we will send it right back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen, live in chester. how would you like to own hell, it is a real place and it is for sale. we will explain.
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for 20 years now you get a free water ice, on the first day of spring. this year is no different. you can get your free serving of water ice, this sunday from noon until 9:00 p.m. last year rita's water ice it gave away almost 1 million cups of the water ice. the the one in northern liberties, right there at second and browny think, it is in more. >> what happened? >> it closed, i don't know. >> it is strange. >> we have to travel living up in that area. >> that is still fun. >> because you are getting thirsty, sue serio. >> don't we long for those
4:45 am
days where we thirsty enough from the heat, of the spring license hike temperature. >> then you have to wait in line because there is a always a line when weather is hot out and sometimes you just don't mine. anyway, we have had windy conditions yesterday. we a little bit of the complex system here which is keeping us still unsettled, so once this last low pressure is tell comes through it should let in some sunshine for the day but it is still unsettled. this morning we have drizzle, fog out there and then our next cold front, that comes through later on in the week. right now we're showing rain on radar but none of it is right here in our area, looking at the future cast shows not only precipitation, but cloud cover, and whether we will get some sunshine this afternoon, and this morning, we are pretty socked in with the clouds and you can see a few showers rolling in, maybe in delaware, maybe around here, as well, we could see a brief downpour or at least a brief shower, so again you'll need that rain gear, waterproof jacket this
4:46 am
morning. now by this afternoon we will start to see the cloud thinning out a bit by three or 4:00 o'clock, maybe filtered sunshine, so before the end of the day hopefully we will see some sun again. it has been since saturday we have seen sunshine. 42 degrees in pot town. forty-five in dover. forty-six in wildwood, and philadelphia a, that is about where we were yesterday. a bit of the the breeze out there, average temperature is 52, we were above average over the weekend but we only made to it 50 yesterday with the showers around and today we expect 60 degrees even with the clouds and fog, 70 degrees tomorrow but by the even of the the day we could see a shower, so it is a brief surge of milder air on wednesday, thursday, and friday we do see a cool down between thursday and friday, mid 60's on thursday, mid 50's on friday, and a seasonable day on saturday, but, spring showers in store for sunday, and for monday as well. so, that is the deal as we look at at the seven day
4:47 am
forecast, but it was a good idea to maybe leave early this morning, bob kelly. >> you got it. we're all laughing the heat is on in the studio. i don't think we have ever felt the heat on in the studio. you can smell it good it has a dusty smell the heat is kicking on. >> did you finally pay the bill because it is freezing in here every morning. get some water ice. good morning everybody. 4:47. it is little things that they us for a crazy loop here. north bound i-95 an accident near 413 involving an overturn vehicle. police are just responding here to the scene. again this is i-95 northbound at 413 right there in levittown. good morning the to the bennie, in problems coming up and over, everything is wet, slippery that fine drizzle, the intermittent wipers, you'll need this morning, we don't that have heavy downpour like we had yesterday but everything is still wet, from all of that rain and we're dealing with some fog to start
4:48 am
out of the suburbs like chester county from downingtown, portions of 202 and 422, as we just heard from dave on the scene of that fire in chester, this is right at the exit for widener university. so if you are heading to widener this morning here's the exit to get off 352 and bam, right there at that first traffic light where edgemont providence and 14th all come together, the days inn and it the is all centered around the diner that is located within the days inn. so just watch for some fire activity. southbound i-95 crews are still out the for another half an hour right here near bet thecy ross bridge. chris and lauren, back over to you. cereals lovers, listen up, kelloggs say a criminal investigation is now underway after a video surfaced on line showing a man, urinating on one of its factory assembly lines in memphis, tennessee. the incident took place in 2014 but the company says it just learned of the video friday and immediately alerted authorities.
4:49 am
f.d.a. is conducting the investigation, kelloggs say product that would have been affected would be passed their expiration date. catholic church will soon welcome a new saint mother teresa is one step closer to canonization. the famous missionary now grace the walls, build initial india where mother teresa spent many years caring for the poor. the last december pope francis signed off on the second miracle needed for mother teresa's miracle and new positive planned a meeting with cardinals and church officials this week to finalize the details have the grand sainthood ceremony for mother theresa people in india are very excited over this. >> mother teresa, she was a great lady, just simply honored. she already is more than a saint. >> the sainthood ceremony is expect to take place in early september, close to the 19th anniversary of mother teresa's
4:50 am
death. forever 21 pulls a graphic t-shirt from store shelves after critics say the message defend race. don't say maybe, if you want to say no. the chain was blasted for twitter on message saying it promoted victim blaming. follow the backlash forever 21 took the shirt off the web site and in a statement issued a an apology. the search for love is back on, for tinder users, after an hearst long outage continuer tweeted monday night that they fix a technical glitch that accidentally deleted, some users matches and left some people unable to log in. well, will he still like me? other people said that message history went away, the company told users to log out and then back in, and to have their matches restored. thank goodness. >> my goodness. >> everybody calm down. >> oh, the humanity. >> your prayers have been answered, the heat is on.
4:51 am
it is getting warm in here. >> it is okay. >> it is like someone lit a fire. who cranked the heat. time stamps will be on post instead of users have go to go back and figure out a date for pictures that says it was posted 22 weeks ago for example because then i have to break it down like how many months ago. the company says time stamps will will show the full dates for post over a week old. they can be found under the comments. >> i saw that, i noticed that you have to go under the comment and the it says exact date so december 7th, 2015, instead of 46 weeks ago and then you are like... >> yes, 88 weeks ago, what year was that. eighty-eight weeks ago. >> have have you you ever though, let the me ask you this, been stalking someone instagram page and double tap on a picture that was six months ago so they know you are stalking their page. >> you just have to hit the
4:52 am
heart though, you have to specifically find the heart, you double tap. >> i said look at this. she's like let me zoom, you cannot zoom inn and she is taps the picture. >> you cannot zoom? i like that though. >> certain picture you don't want to be all up in your business. >> if you don't want them all up in your business you don't post it the in the first place. >> that is right. >> 4:52. we digress. a michigan man want you not the only to go to hell but he hopes you'll buy hell. >> this town in michigan and owner says it is quite a bargain. >> welcome to hell, how the hell are you today, where the hell are you from? >> well, hell is a 5-acre tourist spot near ann arbor. john cologne bought it 14 years ago and said a it is time to retire. the price has just gone down. what was just over 1 million, now for 900 you this dollars. you get to put put golf
4:53 am
course, souvenir shop, the hell hole bar and a whole bunch more. ♪ >> hit broadway play hamilton, at the white house and if you like those people and wanting to, you can, this morning, we have what you'll be missing. >> 350 bucks a ticket. >> if you can get in. >> we will be right back.
4:54 am
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4:56 am
president obama welcomed cast of broadway hit hamilton to the white house yesterday. it the tells true story about alexander hamilton the first treasury secretary here in the united states. >> ♪ >> this is one of these guys, about to become president. he order up the cast to come to your house. president obama taken his daughter to see the show, first lady caught the performance herself last spring. they raved about this. >> everyone i know has seen it, has had nothing but amazing things to say. >> yes. >> so you were just telling us because you go to broadway
4:57 am
once in a while. last time you tried to score tickets. >> it is tough. >> we can get you ticket in november. it was like, what, november. >> november. >> i never plan that farrah head. >> if you can get a ticket in in, how much are they. >> 350. >> dang. >> hutch does that run you. >> 175. >> it is double the price. >> yes. >> 4:57. big brawl erupts at a localize skating rink, in the the so friendly exchanges that caused fists to go flying.
4:58 am
4:59 am
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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happening right now a local diner goes up in flames, the effort happening to get this fire under control. a car crashes in the police vehicle overnight sending one person to the hospital, what police say cause that had driver to lose control. drama continues in the race for the white house why it appears chris christie made with donald trump has some people really mad this morning. good day everyone it is march 15th, 2016. beware the ides of march, yes. >> dawn believe it is halfway through march. >> i know, it is unbelievable. >> where is time going. >> if you are going to the flyers game tonight, it the is a big one. they have to beat detroit, and then they get to chicago tomorrow, back to back games sue serio and this is good weather to


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