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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> tricky storm system going to impact your weekend. >> you're looking at the ben franklin parkway, tomorrow is the first day of spring, but a storm is threatening to hit us with a blast of winter. good evening, everyone, i'm dawn timoney. >> i'm joyce evans there is morning it looked like the storm was no threat at all, but things keep changing. right over to meteorologist, dave warren. what now? >> looking at huge storm, number of areas to watch. >> now, weaver little rain, and sleet right now. this is just a first little wave. >> this will be moving through overnight tonight, temperatures above freezing so mainly just wet roadways,
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might see some sleet coming down here, winter radar is trying to pick up little mix here, across chester county, about as far north as it goes. right along 95, little further south, reports around williamstown of some rain and snow even some sleet. little heavier there, in parts of the atlantic county, little farther west here, seeing some activity around dover, and up toward wilmington, where we've seen reports of light rain, then little bit after mix. so this is all moving through, with the temperatures into the 40's, not many problems on the roadways, but might want to grab the umbrella head out, might even see sleet coming down, where it is right now, computer forecast picks it up, pushes it to the south here. over the next few hours, clearing up, briefly, because this next storm, which is developing, watching this closely, updating the forecast it, looks to be intensifying little later now, and we'll start to bring some areas of rain and snow later tomorrow night. that is the key timing here, because a lot of the snow that could be coming down will be coming down after sunset. forty's, 30's, now, with some
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late rain in philadelphia, the temperatures dropped a bit. everybody above freezing, and we will stay above freezing overnight tonight. thirty-nine southeast winds at 5 miles an hour, enjoy the last night of winter, spring begins just after sunrise, or just after midnight tomorrow. so, looking at the headlines here, the rain changes to snow, tomorrow night, so that will be key. because we'll see some accumulation, could make a mess of the morning rush on monday. a look at the specific amounts, and the timing of this next storm, and what to expect along the coals, could see some coastal impacts there with flooding in each high tide coming up a little later with complete seven day forecast, dawn, joyce? >> thank you, dave. heart breaking discovery made at a home in philadelphia's holmesburg section, animal officers carried out more than dozen animals found living in filth. sabina kuriakose following this animal hoarding investigation for us tonight, so sad, sack even? >> dawn, the 15 dogs and two cats have been brought here,
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to the pennsylvania spc a on erie avenue, being looked at and evaluated by veterinary staff after humane officers took them nut in the holmesburg section on mars done street. woke around 1:30 in the morning to loud barking social security called police, responding officers called the pspca. they found the 15 small dogs in what they call filthy conditions as well, as two cats. now, pspca officers removed the animals from the home in dog carriers, appeared to have four dogs they could see dalely, never expected there was more, dozen more animals inside that home. >> today, pspca officers executed search warrant to investigate possible violations of the animal cruelty code. we found filthy conditions, and we were able to remove 15
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animals, 15 dogs and two cats at this time. >> the smell, all of the urine and feasts in the house, what the spca people told me, that's seeping in my house, and then my neighbor next to her here. >> and back out here live, now, we're happy to report that we've been told those animals are in good condition, and they are expected to be okay, meantime, this investigation continues, so far no charges have been filed. dawn, joyce, back to you. >> all right, thank you, sabina. now police on the hunt tonight for a killer who opened fire on two men in north philadelphia late last night. detective say the victims were shot outside on the 1300 block of west seltzer street. then they ran into a home there. when police arrived at the home, they found a 22 year old man shot in the chest. he later died. the second man, 20 years old, was shot in the thigh and his bottom. list in the stable condition tonight. police say they don't know yet what led to the shooting.
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>> and we do know more tonight about a deadly shooting in north philadelphia, that we first told you about, last night, this shot man several times on "a" street, happened yesterday around 5:00 p.m. police say the victim was targeted by two men who road up on an orange off-road motorcycle, one suspect found at the bike, at the crash scene, he was arrested, and police looking for that second man. pennsylvania supreme court justice is attacked by a homeless man in center city, justice kevin dougherty you see here swearing in jim ken any january was treated at hospital after that assault. >> police say it blocked near 15th and market streets around 6:00 last night. the man asked for money when the group said no he hit the justice in the face, according
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to investigators. >> dougherty was not seriously hurt. twenty-six year old james poke was arrested, police say they believe this was a random attack. the crews say a, i should say, fire crews say gas leak at newark, delaware apartment building is now under control. that gas leak forced evacuation at the cavalier country club apartments on gulf view drive. emergency crews were called out about 10:00 this morning, officials say the situation was placed under control in about an hour and the good news no one was sick. skyfox over north philadelphia this morning, as two public housing highrises are demolished. the 18th story towers came down just before 7:30 this morning, falling fast and sending a cloud of dust throughout the neighborhood. fox 29's jennifer joyce spoke with a woman who said she had to be there to see the buildings go. >> three, two, one.
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>> in a matter of seconds history was made in north philadelphia. nearly 15 year old norman's apartment complex was demolished as part of $500 million revitalization project, to spruce up these blighted blocks. >> we are sitting in the 22nd police district, where crime is two, three times out of the city's average. literacy rates, fourth grade level, desperate need here for quality, affordable and housing. >> she said she was born and raised in the blum berg towers. >> all of my dreams, my hopes, my aspirations cents were birthed right here. >> despite the drugs and violence that plagued the property, bolton shares her own positive experiences. she says she went onto receive a college degree and then a master's, and she felt it was
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necessary to come back to her old stomping grounds saturday morning to witness a monumental change in this community. >> the families, the love, the history, the experience, the memories that has been created here, that's what defines blumberg housing development. >> from old to newspaper, in the coming years, the property will provide more than 1200 housing units, both rental and ownership, affordable, and market rate. the project has ten phases, the first phase here on 24th street, already underway, families will be living in these houses, by next fall. the entire project would take five to seven years to complete. people who were relocated from the towers will have first dibs on the new gigs, according to the pha. the goal is to make this a community where families can thrive. >> far too long we've told them that they needed to wait for something better. they don't have to wait any more. >> north philadelphia, jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news". the suspected masterminds of the paris attacks officially charged today.
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he is facing terrorist murder in belgium. a convoy caring sella, one of europe's most wanted men, left a brussels hospital for an unknown location this morning. he was being treated for leg wounds after he was captured during the shoot-out yesterday. investigators say, he helped plan the paris attacks. investigators believe he had intended to be a suicide bomber at france's main stadium, but he backed out at the last minute. 130 people were killed at several venues in paris last november. happening now, an investigation is underway into a deadly plane crash in southern russia. a makeshift memorial is placed outside the airport where that accident happened to honor the 62 lives lost in the crash, that plane was arriving from dubai. officials say the crash happened as the plane was on its seconds landing attempt. now investigators are trying to figure out if wind may have played a role in that accident. will car is following the investigation for us.
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>> snowflakes, unbelievable grief takes hold, jetliner crashes in southern russia, the plane caring 62 people was being operated by the middle eastern airline fly dubai. rough weather may have been a contributing factor. >> in spite of the harsh weather conditions, the examination of the accident site continues, during this process, the remains of bodies are being taken to be photographed for identification for forensic tests. >> not known if any americans were aboard the flight, but ukrainians among the dead. >> all 62 people on board were killed and among the 62 people we have eight ukrainians. >> this is the first crash for the budget airline which started operating in 2009. the age of the plane, not likely to be a factor since the fleet is relatively new this particular aircraft was only five years old.
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investigators already have a lot of information. >> two flight record verse also been discovered during the site examination, a void recorder and par met i can recorder, also forwarded to specialists for decifering. >> the 737 was traveling to russia from dubai, and all flights going to russia from the middle east have been under extreme strewn scrutiny after plane crier in the peninsula last year. that plane was believed to have been brought down by a bomb. will car, fox news. and still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 attribute that no sitting president has take never nearly a century, but tomorrow president obama will head to cuba. >> and as the president prepares for his historic trip, new jersey is mourning its residents don't even -- warning its residents don't even think about vacationing in cuba. historic clerk quick thinking saves baby from serious injury, or worse. the surveillance tape you don't want to miss coming up.
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plus: >> like eden berg, like an audience is watching. >> and this fire breather, talks about a performance, that went bad, he describes what happened and what went wrong. sean? >> joyce, yesterday was one of the greatest days of basketball ever seen. st. joe's, one of those instant classics at the game, and listen to phil martelli talk about an amazing amazing ending, later in sports.
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>> the roll out mat for president obama, to begin two day visit, the first time in almost 90 years, that a sitting us president has visited cuba. on the itinerary for the president, sightseeing trip to old havana with the first family and baseball game between the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays. in the meantime, police in new jersey are launching campaign ahead of president obama's visit to cuba. >> they are warning would be tourists that the island nation still harbors four wanted american fugitives. fox's rick leventhal with the story. >> really an insult to everybody. >> the superintendent of the new jersey state police is angry and frustrated that convicted cop killer joanne chessmar has been living free in cuba for decades you, no, warning tour tourists toss use caution, sentenced to life in prison for the murder of trooper killed in a gun battle with wanted role -- radical,
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on the new jersey turnpike, in 1973. >> she escaped from prison in 1979, and thread to cuba in the early 80s, allegedly protected by the cuban government along with dozens of other fugitives from american justice. >> there is no intention on their part to change their status of political asylum, they're coddled, and they're walking around the island openly and american tourists are going to run into them. as it says in the opinion article that i wrote, they are still disenchanted and hateful of all things american. and that's a risk for american tourist that is are going to cuba. >> on friday afternoon, the white house press secretary said the issue is a priority. >> we have raised our concerns with the cuban government repeatedly, that there are fugitives from american justice, that have sought safe haven in cuba, and we are seeking their return, i can tell that you there has already been law enforcement dialogue established between our two countries, to seek the return of these fugitives, so they can be brought to
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justice. >> is this a slap in the face to law enforcement? >> it is a slap in the face if we refuse as a country to make them part of the negotiated settlement to normalize relations with cuba, yes, i think it is. colonel says the fugitives return should be made affirm condition with cuba before opening the doors. and he's hoping it is not too late. >> in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. vanderbuilt business student being remembered after he was killed in tel-aviv. the university held a memorial service for taylor force, force was one of several people stabbed during a attack in tel-aviv earlier this month. he was traveling with other graduate student in israel to learn about global entrepreneurship. professors called force dedicated and driven. >> he embodied real leadership, courage, humidity, vulnerability, taught others what it meant to enact it. >> before entering business
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school, taylor force served in the army, and he completed two tours in iraq and afghanistan. vanderbuilt is setting up a scholarship in force's name for military graduate of attending its business school. >> close call for lufthansa airline after it came within 200 feet of hitting a drone. the pilot says it happened as the plane approached los angeles international airport yesterday afternoon. the faa immediately notifying the los angeles police department about the pilot's report, but officers could not finds the drone. the federal aviation administration is investigating this incident. group of american amongst living in a monastery in italy are selling their own beer. amy kellogg shows us what's brewing from rome. >> brother francis, from dallas texas, is the booamongin chief, of this beer, newly available in the united states. the tradition of brewing dates back to the middle ages, and
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despite what you might think about alcohol, and lent, beer for amongst is a substanance giving beverage during the fasting periods, proceeds help to keep this monastery afloat there is group of mostly american benedictans brought it back to life in 2,000. the beer is not just about the bottom line. it is cents a bridge to the community. >> many people are very afraid of the church, afraid of religion, afraid of a priest, afraid after among. but they're more than happy to talk about beer. >> monastery built in the place for saint benedict often called the father of western menace i am lived. produce as much as they can between their eight daily prayers, without having to hire lay brewers. >> all among made. we label it, we bottle it, and we taste test it to make sure. >> in terms of what they have brewing as their next business venture, not quite sure yet. they say may be scotch. but meantime, they're just working hard to perfect their craft. in rome, amy kellogg, fox
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news. >> two girl scouts from new jersey just trying to sell some girl scout cookies are verbally assaulted. >> but now other friendlier community members are showing their support. >> don't remind you about it, because i don't want any of those girl scout cookies, except she said the f word before that. >> the little girls had a tough time. that mother social media post went viral, now people all over that community, joyce, including the local community, two sisters have sold hundreds of boxes thanks to their nice neighbors. what a terrible thing to say to somebody. still ahead, two polar bears go for stroll at busy zoo. forcing visitors to get inside. the break out that caused some tends moments. >> and the pope's social media presence is growing, why the
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pontiff believes it is so important to be on instagram. you heard it, instagram.
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>> anti-donald drum rally escalates in new york city, protesters gathering outside trump's building in manhattan this morning. the crowd holding signs and
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effigy's the frontrunner, police did steve in as the situation escalated even had to use pepper spray and another trump protest sparked in arizona, as well. protesters there blocked a road trying to prevent people from getting to the candidate israel. >> i brief scare at the cincinnati zoo this week, where two polar bears got outside their enclosure. >> officials say no people were actually in danger, but still pretty frightening. visitors were kept indoors while zoo officials responded to the situation. they say, two bears got into a service hallway through open door, but never left a secondary containment area. >> keepers and people were not in any danger. but as a precaution, very big dangerous animal, we got all of our guests to go in the buildings where we new they would be safe until we were really aware of the situation, and then at that time, again, to play it safe, while the veterinarians stabilize the animals, folks are asked to leave. >> the zoo's director says staff followed protocols and
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the bears were back in their habitat within about two hours. >> twin brothers celebrate a major milestone birthday. they turned 100 years old, albert and elmer, here, their family through huge bash in louisianna for the occasion. they were born on march 15th, 1916 in sagnaw, michigan. they say as kids they tricked a teacher by going as each other to class. they credit their fate and staying active as the secret to their long life. >> and still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 little boy with a life threatening disease, hits the ice with the pros. how his dream is coming true. plus: >> like an audience is watching. >> this fire breather talked about performance that went bad. he describes what happened and what went wrong. >> dave? >> get ready for the first day of spring, just after midnight
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tonight. but we have to keep the radar in the winter mode. the mixing happening now, this will be clearing out, but little more snow is in the forecast, i'll let you know what to expect tomorrow, the start of the work week, all coming up.
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look at this lightning over houston, hammered by wicked weather, on thursday, golf ball size hail, killed several exotic birds, at the zoo in fort worth. >> looking liver at old city, it is a chilly evening out there. and fox 29's dave war send tracking a spring storm, he just got in some new information about the storm's track, and if it means snow or no snow. you'll have to language around for a few minutes to hear that. >> high school prep rally quickly turned chaotic. got scary out there.
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fire breather performing for the student to set himself on fire. >> he survived but talking about what happened. and we want to warn you the video you're about to see is disturbing. >> gone terribly wrong, st. patrick's day fund riser, another performer jumped over him, the flames got out of control. >> when i do the flame, it light so fast, the flame came back and cut my face. oh, this is new. >> charles said he had tried a new kind of lighter fluid, and it got out of control. as the stunt performer tried to put out the fire, the flames spread to the rest of his body. rain off giant inflatable slide more than 2,000 student watched and screamed. >> second agree burns of varying depth, and they're on, as you can see, on his face. his ears, the rest of his head. >> the school district says
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seven students taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation, and other injuries. twenty were treated at the scene, charles' doctors say it will likely take several weeks for his burns to heal. but he says, he's trying to stay positive. >> i'm lucky. it is like these burns, like an audience is watching. it happened so fast. we got to thank god for that. i'm just lucky to be here. >> charles says he's been performing this show for more than a dozens years and knows what he's doing. he says this was just a case of not practicing enough with new material. fox news. and now to your fox 29 weather authority. i have my winter jacket on. you said you saw snowflakes? >> i did, i saw snowflakes out in drexel hill, then as i came in the city little sprinkles,
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sprinkles, sprinkles, hopefully that's all we're getting. >> right now tonight it is. you may not need the snow shovel for what we are talking about tomorrow, but little more snow coming in, maybe little less snow, but the timing is worse, because it is coming in tomorrow night. so, a lot of things have changed. and first off, we get through what's happening tonight, and well just few light showers coming down. now, we are seeing little change here. and a lot of this rain is really not reaching the ground. it is starting to mix with some sleet and snow. we've been seeing few reports at the surface, the radar picks it up, but could evaporate before it hits the grounds, that's been changing seeing more and more reports of some rain or sleet. temperatures are above freezing. so this will just lead to some wet roadways. but might and inconvenience if you are headed out tonight, seeing it starting to mix here between route one, and route 30, not much farther north in the turnpike, and that's exactly where it will stay. not moving north. this is all staying to the south. rain, little bit of sleet there in parts of camden, gloucester county, little rain there in atlantic city and it
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is all moving through, and will be clearing say after midnight tonight. this is where it is now. so it will continue for the next few hours. again, these temperatures are above freezing. by tomorrow morning, it is still above freezing, but all of this is gone. this is just this first little wave that is moving through. in fact, you might wake up to little more sunshine tomorrow morning. here are the temperatures, all above freezing, even up in mount pocono. in fact few areas still into the 40's. maybe dropping into the mid 30's, overnight tonight. so not expecting any slippery roads here tomorrow morning. that could change monday morning. very complex storm developing. we are watching these areas of low pressure, what's moving through tonight. it was forecast to intensify with this low off the coast but that's moving out. what is really intensifying tomorrow is down here across southeastern, southeast coast, that means, that the snow we're talking about is still coming in, but it could be coming in little later tomorrow, and it is close enough to the coast, where we will see this rain changing to snow. here's the timing. we're starting right here at
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6:00. it starts as some rain tomorrow. we could wake to up sunshine, but could change and become rain hereby tomorrow evening. now, i don't like the timing here because once that sun goes down, you're losing the benefit of the late season storms, the sunshine can melt the snow during the day. cold air comes in, that rain mixes with snow, by midnight it is right along 95, maybe little further north, still raining in atlantic city but changes as the storm moves away, bridges in cold air with it, here's snow coming down, by the morning rush hour, on monday, just some light snow, but it end quickly, and again, the key here is this is coming down at night. so, a lot of the accumulation even the ground still above freezing could be on grassy surfaces, but we could see it on some roadways, 1 inch or less, over this area, but where it could be snowing little longer we could get one to three, and this could be parts of 295, maybe the turnpike, just south and east of 95. but you could see this mainly on grassy surfaces but because it is coming down at night,
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could be little slushy on the roadways. so, along the coast, key times here sunset, look at where we are getting majority of the snow, fairly light, could be accumulating and sticking on surfaces, now, little further inland, i-95 corridor, starting as rain late sunday, will change to snow well after sunset, but before sunrise, you could get that little coating of snow early monday. so, those are the things to watch for monday morning. it will just be monday morning where we see the slippery roadway. snow falling at night. that will means it could -- has better chance to accumulate. also with this northeast wind, look for coastal flooding, high tide, 7:00 p.m. sunday, then again 7:00 a.m. monday. it will be a cold breeze though, once this moves out, even though the rain and snow is done, windchill temperatures monday morning, grab the coat, keep it handy, upper 20's, as far as the temperatures g that's what it feels like when you step outside. it is a windy and cold day, there, monday day. the regions tomorrow little sunshine but cool, 42, that rain develops late. then it changes to snow.
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thirty-nine, stay above freezing, along the city right about 39 south and east, maybe little colder but the northeast wind will be gusting here, quite a bit. seven day forecast, yes, it is spring, yes it will feel like spring, just have to wait a few days. tuesday and wednesday, there is the sunshine, warms up little bit as the wind dice down. wednesday, and thursday, there it is, whatever snow sticks on the grounds it, melts, you will be back on the golf course in no time by wednesday and thursday, temperatures into the 70s. showers a little bit on friday. and cooler breeze next weekends. not talking about any weather like we this weekend, but hey that doesn't last. enjoy it thursday. >> thirty's, 40's, 50's, 70s. >> we got it all. >> little bit. >> all seasons in the seven day forecast. >> thank you, dave. well, what kind of boat can $40 million buy you? all sort of luxury water toys are on display right now. we are going to show it to you next. >> plus, he is a power house in the music world now, bridges, has new plan up his sleeve. how he hopes his fans and
6:37 pm
maybe even attract some new ones in 2017.
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>> he has sold more than 100 million records world-wide. now, music legend prince is planning to see how many books he can sell at a pop up concert last night in new york, prince told his fans that he signed a deal to write his memoir. it will be published in 2017. and the working title one of my favorites of all time, prince songs, the beautiful one. >> well, spring starts tomorrow. and some people in florida are getting red which some new water toys, like boats, big ones. >> , surf boards. >> but these toys come with a hefty price tag. fox's fill keating takes a look. palm beach show boats on display, see that, no hands, door opens wide open. that's because that is what $40 million will get you. this is the sea lion, 203-foot superyacht, gorgeous view, gorgeous amenities, all around, the other 900 boats that are on display this
6:41 pm
weekend, but as we've learned, it is not necessarily about how big and how bad your boat is. it is about the toys. >> felling feeling like a dolphin, these hot marine toys are some of the kleagles the throttle, the trying here -- >> sea creature part fighter plane, part submarine. >> cross the water can go 16 feet, giving this fish eye view, then shoot back up out of your seat like on a roller coaster. >> wow. >> price tag starts at 80 grand. >> feeling like james bond? the renegade hummer craft skims across the water. easy to learn, it is like drift driving, and i was doing three 60s in no time. price tag, 30,000. x jet pack has the jet blade, which blasts water from your boots. as i learned, you will be
6:42 pm
buddy slammed. but it, doesn't take too long to get it and it is thrilling, like flying on a skateboard. >> the question is not how highs the boat is, no one cares at that point, what do you do when you get to the weighter, what will you use? what will you play with? >> and if you really hate the hawes ill of strong stands up, to move your lounge chair, to line up with the sun, well, how about a rotating sun bed? way of the future. in palm beach, phil keith willing, forks news. >> he gets the best assignments. well, pope francis is expanding his social media presence. the pontiff launched an instagram account today says pope believes images can reveal many things, and the instagram account will allow people to share the pope's gestures, tender necessary and mercy. the account uses the pope's last inch name, francis cuss, it already has about 800,000 followers.
6:43 pm
wow. >> still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 little boy battling life threatening disease, hit the ice with the pros. his dream come true next. >> plus, you'll hear from a store clerk, whose quick thinking saved a baby, from disaster, that's next. >> i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson, did you hear about this time from havertown, our area? he sued chipotle, and he won. >> certainly you can talk about your boss on social media and not get fired. we also may have some snow coming. >> oh, we'll finds out how much. dave will have that for you tomorrow morning. see you on good day. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car
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pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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>> colorado click quick thinking saves a baby, reached out to save the child second away from disaster, kevin talks with the woman who who is being called a hero tonight. >> come on up. >> when you work in a convenience store, some things don't change. >> you get to know your customers. >> how are you guys. >> and you get to know them well. >> thank you. >> see people all the time. >> but, on sunday -- >> i had never seen this one before. >> they walked through the doors and into rebecca's life.
6:47 pm
>> coming through, so i calm up to the counter to help her. >> customer before her was quiet? she just had a glazed look on her face and i knew something was glock she started swaying. >> so i reached over the counter, grabbed the baby's arm. >> then, without notice, she collapsed. >> it scared me, it scared me. >> rebecca only had enough time to save her baby from falling, also. >> i wish i could have held ton her longer. >> turns out mom had a seizure, she fine now and so is the baby girl. >> as for rebecca, she doesn't feel like a million bucks, even though her customers say she should. >> hit your first million, remember? >> instead, she is getting praised one sale at a time. >> people like you make the word right. >> that baby was lucky, that was fox's kevin reporting.
6:48 pm
>> i can't believe it, already, right around the corner. >> really is, on sunday, we are talking tomorrow, fox will tell the story of the life of christ during a two hour live event. tongs' musical the passion airs tomorrow, and it focuses on the last hours of christ on earth. it is set in modern day new orleans, and the passion takes place around some biggies i's most iconic locations, tyler pearly is the host inaurate or, talked about the massive production this morning on good day. >> you know, kinds of hard to put it in -- if you think grease, you think the wiz, it is not that at all. it is so different, so unique, so powerful, i can't wait for people to see it. >> you know, i'm thinking back to the movie the passion, mel gibson film starring james, and there is a lot of criticism about how graphic that was. this seems like it is a much
6:49 pm
different approach to of course the same subject. >> same biblical story, but more like the passion plays we used to do in church growing up, easter sunday plays, so it is not as graphic, but it is definitely for the whole family. watch here live tomorrow on fox 29, that's sunday at 8:00 followed by a full wrap up of the day's news, weather and sports, on "fox 29 news" at 10:00. >> and ohio boy born with a kidney disease has his dream come true. >> it is a one-day, four year old robert gibson, got to play hockey with the pros. fox's melissa read has his inspiring story. >> hockey socks up.
6:50 pm
number one is red. >> i number one. >> standing at 3 feet 2 inches tall, and weighing 38 pounds, the lake erie monsters newest player couldn't wait to hit the ice. >> i like to go on the mohawk. >> then four year old robert gibson of lakewood wish to become a hockey player for a day came true. as he skated through the tunnel, onto center ice, for player introductions. >> i don't think i have words to explain that feeling, it is amazing, been so great, i'm just like i was teary eyed the whole time. and it was just awesome. >> he even got to drop the puck before the monsters took on at the cue friday night. >> all he takes about is going through the tunnel. we pretends he is a hockey player at home, one of his favorite things to do is be introduced on the ice. that will was a great thing to happen. >> robert got to play with the
6:51 pm
monsters, thanks to special wish foundation, which is based right here in cleveland. >> robert's parents say he was born with kidney disease, and has had to undergo 14 surgeries. >> earlier in the day, robert got to practice with the players, and even signed a one-day contract with the team. >> no doubt rob setter one of the most tough players on the monster's roster friday night. a little guy, laughter. >> once in a lifetime experience for all of us, i think think so that was great. >> flyers currently the eighth seed in the eastern conference and they try to stay right there against the penguins, st. joe's, wild game yesterday, phil martelli, martelli talks about the dramatic ending and moving on through the second rounds next
6:52 pm
in sports.
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>> kicking off rounds of two in the ncaa tournament villanova getting ready to face iowa tomorrow at 12:10. this is the only round that really matters. they lost in the second rounds, the last two years, so, the only way this season is considered a success, is if they win this game. and j. wright really knows it. >> it is the job of the media to ask that question. it is their job. we can't answer, if we, we're idiot, we might not get to the tournament, might not get past the first rounds, i'm happy how they handled everything to get to this point, now, everyone will have to go, we have to go do it, bottom line, if we don't do it there is failure, but nothing failure
6:55 pm
in sport. >> isiah miles, hits three right there, to put joe up by two. then, since he races it back down court, ellis finds himself wide open for the dunk. tide game. wait just one minute. the official review is no good. ellis didn't get it out of his hands in the time the basket waived after st. joe's loses the game, phil martelli talks about unbelievable inning to last night's match up. >> i wish it had ended with isiah making a three and us getting a stop. but at least from what i can say it was the right call. >> yale trying to upset duke, but devils just too much early. on the fast break, grace allen with the dump. the blue devils once up by 27,
6:56 pm
yale, tied the game, too late, brandon ingram with the tray ball right there. and 11 seeded wichita state with a chance to upset three seed miami in the second half, rod baker pops up, and hits the three. that's their first lead of the game. they were one down, 27 to six. but the hurricanes, brad, look at this, rodriguez with the shot. and it goes in. the hurricanes survive, and advanced, 65 to 57. punching their ticket to the sweet 16. >> villanova and st. joe's aren't the only teams in fill that i could make it appose season run. the flyers are fighting for the eighth seed with the detroit red wings today. they took on the pen wings, second period, flyers down two-one, pen wings on sad break. chris, shoots, and gets the goal, but check it out. one more time. the puck actually went offer the wall, hits mason's leg and
6:57 pm
goes cents in, the flyers lose four-one, now one point behind of the eighth seed. and i don't know if people watch st. joe's last night, the last game, but unbelievable. northern iowa just a minute before that hit a shot from half court to win the game, one of the greatest days from ncaa basketball, so many big time plays, st. joe's got it done because temple coin. we had something there. >> saw the replay to see if the ball was actually in the basket or not? >> oh, no one new. it was too quick. you needed slow-mo. >> it was amazing. >> thanks so much. hey, that's our news for this saturday night at 6:00. your live lottery drawing is next followed by "tmz", see you back here for "fox 29 news" at 10:00. thanks for watching. have a fantastic night.
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