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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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well, red lights and sirens, cop car slams in the bread truck on south street, the copies in the hospital. she was bleeding from the mouth. we have an update. he was distracted by septa, the ntsb is expected to release a final probable cause of last years deadly amtrak derailment that killed eight people and injured hundreds more. and, how about some boardwalk alcohol? atlantic city is considering a new policy, that would allow alcohol on the boards. does that mean more money for ac? is that the point. it the is seasonably cold weather wasn't bad enough, how about some rain. >> all right. >> when you can expect to pull out that umbrella coming up, better keep it handy. >> do you see that little box down there? an update on our trip to doylestown on friday. >> oh, look who is in the car together. >> yes, good day, everybody the. it is to you, may 17th, 2016.
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>> you should be okay with that convertible. >> seventy's by friday. >> today, not so much. >> okay. >> let's talk about the number of the day. it is a five out of ten, rain is on the way, bus stop buddy has the best advice, bring the umbrella with you. you don't need it now but you will later on. temperatures in the 40's and 50's, at least it the is not as cold as it was yesterday at this time. so, you see the rain, most of it, in at least the leading edge heading toward washington d.c. right now. we're in the seeing anything falling from the clouds but we are seeing clouds in our area right now, with a temperature of 54 degrees in philadelphia we just had sunrise at 5:44. southbound westerly breeze at 6 miles an hour, 44 in the mountains. fifty in reading. down in wilmington, 52. fifty millville. fifty-three atlantic city. so temperatures will in the move a whole lot, we could see a few peaks of sunshine today but mostly clouds and showers
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and a high temperature of 62 degrees, your sunset is 8:11. that takes care of your tuesday, we will talk about the rest of the workweek and perhaps a rainy weekend, bob kelly. >> you got it, sue. 6:02. good morning everybody on a tuesday. live look downtown philadelphia, backed up here as folks exit the vine street expressway getting over to 30th street station. we have green on the screen radar wise but notice not hitting surface level yet. that is good news. be ready as day goes on we will get wet and first one out the door gets the best umbrella no problems here on i-95 as you head toward downtown. septa is using shuttle buses, through next month now, on the 101 trolley, between providence and orange. that will add a couple extra minutes. when you get on the and off the trolley, vice versa. keep that in mine. we are good to go on the schuylkill. in problems up and down 476. take a look at this missing manhole cover. this has been missing since
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friday. i got a text from somebody, passed it on to the streets department. still missing. thinks seventh street just north of market and is there only a few little cones standing between you and disaster. imagine your front even your entire tire will get swallowed up in there along seventh street. be careful, seventh off of market. dave kinchen on the scene of this accident this morning at 11th and south with some local detours but otherwise mass transit is looking g mike and alex, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. new details developing about what led to last years deadly derailment of amtrak 188. >> federal investigation points to the engineer and whether he was paying close to what he was doing, was he more concerned about two-way traffic, radio traffic, about a septa train getting hit by a big rock. >> hi there steve. >> reporter: but we now know it is not the just engineer's fault that these investigators found but fault of the bunch of factors that created this
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disaster starting with those vandals tossing rocks down on the passing trains near where we are again this morning which had both a septa and amtrak train engineers on the radio with track dispatchers leading to amtrak 188. brandon bostian to lose track where he was on the busy northeast corridor. that will be among findings taken up in the hearings down in washington. saying that bostian lost what is called situational awareness just before the big frankford curve here, distract by all of the talk on the radio just before he sped up to 106 miles an hour. then there will be the completely obvious recommendation investigators expected to make while concluding that the engineers being distract that having two engineers and not just one, would have been safer. no kidding. that is why airplanes have co pilots in case one is overcome by sickness like a heart attack or one in the bathroom. wall street journal reports this morning other recommendations will include ordering the windows on the
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railcars changed because their factor and failure led to the causes of many of the deaths and injuries from being thrown from the train from the crash and there will be recommendations even for philadelphia officials here alex and mike and how to better tiehl with the mass casualty. maybe what we already know as well, that if that automatic train slow down system had been in place, like it is now and was until seven months after the crash none of it would have happened no matter what the engineer was doing. >> exactly right. >> plus there is in reason to go 106 miles an hour anywhere between 30th street station and frankford, you never get more than 80 miles an hour. steve, thank you you for that. a police officer is expect to be okay after an overnight accident, this is right at 11th and south, police say the cruiser collided with the bread truck, and at that intersection at 2:00 this morning. she was on her way, red lights and sirens with other officers when a call along, she was trying to get to third and
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south where there was a fist fight in the the middle of the street. officials say driver is cooperating with police and was not injured in the collision and it looks like the officer will be okay. emergency crewness cobbs creek were able to get a store fire under control in 20 minutes late last night. officials believe that the blaze started in a stove in the back of the building on the 6100 block of walton avenue. there is in word whether the fire was suspicious but luckily no one was hurt. in brewerytown a three story building eruptness flames, fire crew where is called out on new kirk and cecil b. moore, just after 1:30 this morning on the second floor especially, most of the flames were. we have learn that no one was inside at the time thank goodness. officials say soon you will not have to go in the bar in atlantic city toy enjoy that beer or cocktail just bring it outside. city leader are allowing open containers on the boardwalk. >> it would be a cloud between albany and massachusetts avenue come this um iser.
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>> drinks would have to be in the cup with the logo of the approved boardwalk bar that powered the drink. having alcohol in the streets or beach would still be banned so just on the boardwalk. the change will go before city council tomorrow. we will see what they have to say. >> my prediction, i think it will pass good do you think so. >> yep. >> later in this program an adolph hitler stashed new jersey man is busted, look at that mustache while working in the wood what police found on the suspect leading to his arrest but first this. >> what are we supposed to do we keep spending money, hundreds of dollars to get windows replaced and they keep busting them out. >> neighbors fed up, and what police in the a area are sharing with the public hoping to catch the suspect.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. beautiful morning even though rain is coming our way. people in olney are federal up with whoever is smashing windows and break nothing to cars in the neighborhood. >> it seems like it is one guy too. police say in the area of rising sun and front streets, they have had a 66 break ins. they have had 66 break ins over the past month. this woman had her car broken in to three times. seven of those happening just yesterday morning. last night the 35th district had a community meet to go address residents concerns and
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share surveillance pictures of the person, there he is, look at this dude, that is person of interest in these break ins. >> plainclothes officers in the area. we have other highly motivated officers in the area trying to do quality pedestrian stops. if we see someone in the mid of the night, we will walk up to them, asking him do you live in the neighborhood. >> what are we supposed to do? we keep spending money, and, and, police. >> and, early morning hours of 4:00 and 8c a.m. they asked residents to report anything sus fish fuss they net is anything happening. >> would i look out on the street right now this is when he strikes. >> true. >> we have heard going to church can save your soul. >> but can it save your life. having a place of worship keep you healthy. >> did you hear that bob, i want you in church, this sunday. >> are you talking to me? look who is calling the kettle black. we will get to church back to the alter boy class, north on
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i-95, two lanes are blocked, from an overnight accident investigation, right there, near the brandywine river bridge. speaking of bridges, how is platt bridge looking? live look from our airport camera at the platt bridge this morning, all right, well, platt bridge is in there somewhere. we will grab a cup of coffee and get it all straight and be back in two and a half.
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just about 6:15, and here it comes, the rain is on the
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way, high pressure was in control yesterday and even with the wind and the fact that it was cooler, it still turned out to be a beautiful day, not anymore, we have got systems coming out of the northwest and southwest all heading here over the next day, day and a half, probably lingering this rain into wednesday morning. so here's where we are right the now, you can see the green edging into western pennsylvania, and coming at us, from the southwest, as well with some of that rain starting to move into d.c. but problem is as this rain tries to get in it is hitting a a dry air mass, high pressure loses it grip on us. so probably by end of the morning rush we could see a few areas of green earlier but that is gone. by end of the morning rush when we will see steady rain rolling n so probably after 9:00 o'clock. you can see on this computer model by 11:00 we are seeing scattered showers. heavier rain is here by lunchtime, noon or 1:00 through 3:00 o'clock. there is a phillies game
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tonight. it the might dry out. there may be a few showers around. maybe a rain delay but i think we will get the game into tonight, and then this rain does linger into a little bit of tomorrow morning. so this time tomorrow, it may still be seeing rain but then it is clouds, sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow, and after 62 degrees today, temperatures get in the upper 60's on wednesday, we're finally back in the 70's by thursday and friday. the not staying there. we have rain in store for the weekend, unfortunately, probably arriving by saturday afternoon. lingering into at least sunday morning, jury still out about the rest of the day on sunday, but, might as well warn you now, bob kelly, so you you can adjust your plans. >> we got saturday, sunday, baseball, soccer, outdoor things going on. lets get the through today. dry right now. here's i-95. we have a jammo double jelly doughnut here from academy to girard. beginning of the morning rush hour.
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we always say tuesday morning seemed to be the heaviest of the workweek. a lot of folks take that monday, that personal day, work present home but everyone seems to report to report on tuesday mornings. a live look at 422, eastbound on the right, passing target, heading into king of prussia. all of the construction from the overnight pick up and gone. starting to see delays here i-95 south from the betsy on in. we will slide down to an early morning overnight accident a person was struck on i-95 down near brandywine river bridge. so i-95 northbound this morning, there is only two of the four lanes that are opened. if you are coming from the south and heading north through wilmington you may want to stick with 495 as they take care of that investigation. an investigation underway as we heard from dave at 11th and south streets this morning. otherwise mass transit looking good, mike and alex, back over to you. 6:17. an fbi agent showed jurors,
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checks that they say links pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah on trial and in racketeering case in a federal courtroom yesterday. prosecutors worked to show fattah paid an illegal one million-dollar campaign loan, and misused federal fund and charitable grants. four associate are on also trial with chaka fattah and trial is expect to last, listen to this, until the middle of july. a race to replace, the race to replace, republican governor chris christie in new jersey has its first candidate. >> so democrat phil murphy officially declaring himself in the candidate in e-mail sent to supporters. murphy's united states former ambassador to germany. he previously work on wall street and expected to be joined by a crowded field of democrats in next years primary. christie's term runs through the end of 2017 in word on republicans just yet. an attorney for media organizations seeking a list of unindicted coconspirators
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in the george washington bridge lane closing scandal is rejecting claims by a man on the list who claims that his rights would be violated if it is published. a judge in newark moved the deadline to noon today for the government to release the list, time is running out here. two former allies of the governor chris christie have been indicted and face trial this fall. a third pleaded guilty already. lawyers in a lawsuit by the family of the late penn state football coach joe paterno, against the ncaa are being given time to look into new abuse claims. both parties have been given 45 more days to explore claims a boy told paterno way back in 1976 he was molested by former assistant coach jerry sandusky and that two coaches witnessed sandusky abusing children in the late 1980's. paterno's relatives have refuted all of these accusations.
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new developments in the death of the young boy who disappeared from his haddon township home last october. a judge denied a defense attorney's request to toss first degree murder case against three year-old brandon creato's father, david. investigators say he killed his son because his girlfriend didn't like his boy and dumped the body. they argue medical examiner was mislead the grand jury. a charge they disagree. hitler stashed new jersey man was busted with a guns and ammunition while lurking in the woods. police say bruce post the third was giving off hints that he was a possible white supremacist. convicted felon was found with the ak-47 and large amount of ammunition. post was also wearing combat gear when cops found him. prosecutors charged him with unlawful possession of weapons. he is now in jail, on a 400 you this dollars bail. weirdo. 6:20. possible good news for those gearing up for a summer vacation. tsa says it has a ten-point plan to reduce security time
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wait times. >> i'm into all ten of these points. they are hoping to deploy dozens of dogs, as well as hire more screening agents. the agency, shed about 4600 screeners in recent years. so who is going to replace them? only got a travel from congress to hire 800 replacements. union representing tsa officers say 6,000 new screeners are needed to help the wait lines become less than an hour. >> i have seen stories of one person, he went to the airport two hours, in advance of his flight and almost didn't make it. >> they say for domestic it is two hours and international you got to be there at least three and a half hours ahead of time. makes you not even want to go. well, sixers, what a big night for them getting ready for the big lottery drawing tonight. our howard eskin has break down of the drafts for the nba what are the odds? innings isers have have the best chance of all 14 teams.
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>> maybe ever in our favor good please.
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justin borne who gave up two home runs. borne crush these puts my am
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you up three-one this team has to score to win and that is not what this team does. >> we had plenty of base runners but we could not get production and drive them in, ten hits, nine singles. game is all about making good pitches and making the plays, and coming up with clutch hits . we didn't get any. nba draft lottery is tonight. sixers have a 26.9 percent chance of getting the topic in next months draft. new you yesterday sixers had players in for predraft work outs including saint joe deandre bembry, josh hart and temple's jaylen bond. they could, could be part of the draft. that is sports in the minute. i'm howard eskin. well, let's throw in eagles talk too. single game ticket for all ten eagles home games, of course, including preseason, go on sale this morning, that is two preseason. >> yes, and eight regular season games. >> if you want tickets you better be ready.
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ready to press a button. the entire season sold out in a matter of minutes. >> it will again this year. >> they go on sale at 10:00 this morning. >> all righty then. >> 6:26. here's sue. >> sue? >> yes. >> we are looking at the seven day forecast, and unfortunately, yeah, that weekend isn't looking ideal. lets see if we can do anything about that by the time we get there, dave? >> reporter: we are following a developing details here, a police officer injured after a crash on south street, and tow truck getting ready to toe vehicle away, coming up what the officer was responding to before this happened after the break. stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise
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toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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6:30. >> we are taking a live look on south street where they are bringing away a police cruiser after this cruiser collided with a delivery truck, trying to respond to a call, we will give you details. and, also happening today, around 9:30 or 10:00 o'clock this morning the ntsb is expected to release a final probable cause of last years amtrak crash, that killed eight people. we will be in washington d.c., for that report. and i'm sure we have all her going to church can save your soul but can it also save your life? how having a place of worship could help keep you healthy.
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all right: get this, it is going to rain again. today. >> it will rain again, today. but the sunnies trying to squeeze through the cloud but look what else is squeezing through, a graphic for good day hits the road. it thinks friday just a reminder, we are live, we will take the whole show to doylestown our first stop 7:00 e on the streets. we will be on state street between main and pine. >> we hope thaw come out and join us. we will there been from 7:00 to 10:00. come out get on tv. >> we will do this every friday throughout the summer. >> we may come to your town. >> oh, yeah. >> monkeys, we may be coming to your town. >> well, this is bus stop buddy with the best advice, of the day, you will be glad you brought your umbrella even though you don't need it right now. temperatures in the 40's and 50's and mostly cloud which that sun trying to come through and rain trying to get here but it is being met by a
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dry air mass. with all these included eventually we will see the rain break through after the morning rush is over. maybe a little sprinkle before then but steady rain arrives later. fifty-four right now. relative humidity at 62 percent. temperatures in the 40's to the north of us but not nearly as cold as it was yesterday were 44 in mount pocono. fifty in millville. 54 degrees in dover, delaware. today's high 62 degrees, cloudy skies with showers around, on and off pretty much all day long and tonight we're down to 50 degrees with showers and some clouds. we will tell you when rain gets out of here and then comes back again in the seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 6:31. we are seeing beginning of the rush her live look here at the blue route 476 near baltimore pike, roads are still dry but that is all going to change as we move through the day and as sue just told thus afternoon could be crazy, live look at i-95 what a difference, we are
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backup from cottman all the way down through to girard. your two slow spots 95, schuylkill expressway, we have that police, investigation at 11th and south, more from dave on that in a moment and then watch for some delays this morning as we will drop on down pulled that parachute cord and where are we going, bam, on the pennsylvania turnpike, the e-z pass lanes route 29 exit will be closed all day to day from 10:00 to 2:00 in chester county to make adjustments to that e-z pass electronic that snaps the picture of your license plate there. then they are also on the blue route 476, one of the many of the roads that the the police department started to click it or ticket campaign 87 police departments, enforcing the seat belt rules between now and memorial day weekend. be ready for. that make sure you you click it, again, saving lives here this morning.
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buses will roll instead of the trolleys on the 101 beginning today through mid-june. so allow some extra time on the 101. mike and alex, back to you. police officer is expected to be okay, after the officer was hurt in an accident along south street. >> in fact they are towing her police vehicle right now at 11th and south, that is where davis, hi dave. >> reporter: let me step out of the way. you can see police tow truck taking that vehicle right new from the third district. impact on the passenger side there really taking off much of the back even. it is being hoisted on to the toy truck here at 11th and south street. here's's what happened. they tell thus morning a female officer in this vehicle was heading eastbound on south street for a priority call when she collided with a bread truck heading north on 11th. it is in the clear who had the light but police tell us that the the cruiser's car, lights and sirens were activated, the officer was bleeding from the
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mouth and complained of pain from the left side, she's alert, and communicating but will be okay. driver is not hurt and cooperating with investigators. police tell us that the officer was responding to a call have of a foot chase of the suspect wanted for assaulting two men at third and south, apparently overnight argument around 2:00 . one man was punched ape knock out. other had facial injuries. police tell us that the person with facial injuries told cops on the scene about this suspect, described and the suspect ran off when police put a radio call out and officer in this vehicle was responding but never got there because this crash at 11th and south street happened. as we come back live there is a real time crime camera as part of the camera system that feeds into the philadelphia police department's monitoring systems where they can get live updates of things happening. we are told accident investigators are trying to get access to that video and see exactly how this happened and who may have been at fault
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in this situation. but the good news is officer will be okay. the person they were going after the suspect in that assault at third and south has been arrested as well. back to you mike and alex. >> good wrap up there. 6:35. distracted by the radio traffic, that is how investigators described the engineer, seconds before the amtrak train flew off the rails. >> it seems like now if some jerks hadn't been throwing rocks at a septa train this whole thing wouldn't have happened, steve. >> reporter: yeah, that started a whole ball down the mountain, you can say and there was no safety net to catch that ball before it got down to the end. we're not just going to hear that the probable cause was amtrak engineer losing awareness of where he was on the route because of all that radio traffic about those vandals throwing rocks at trains smashing their windshields on both amtrak and septa trains that night. wall street journal reports that the this morning the national transportation safety board meeting in d.c. is also
6:36 am
going to recommend changes not just to amtrak but also officials here in philadelphia to focus on better managing mass casualty events. federal safety investigators have concluded that train 188 engineer brandon bostian lost track after where he was on the amtrak's busy northeast corridor. they call it losing situational awareness. it is similar when you are driving and go past intended exit on the highway because you are talking on the cell phone a lieutenant of people have done that. in this crash engineer was on the radio with the dispatch are and also been talking to a septa train engineer hit the by those rocks. one factor was engineer distracted by radio traffic when he went up to 106. other recommendations better signal systems, sensors on the tracks and automatic systems slow trains down if speeding or headed towards a collision. also recommended the federal railroad administration, make sure and really order essential changes to the windows in the the railcars, they contributed to the number of the deaths ape injuries
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because so many people were thrown from that railcars because the windows failed to do what they are supposed to do and that is hold everything together and stay in place. these emergency windows change too that was new too. >> all new. >> we have bruce gordon down to d.c. for the ntsb announcement. >> 9:30 or 10:00 o'clock this morning. 6:37. emergency crewness cobbs creek they were able to get a storm fire under control late last night. they believe it started from the stove in the the back of the building on the 6100 block of walton avenue. there is no word whether the fire was suspicious or an accident but luckily no one was hurt. and in brewerytown a three story fire, fire crew where is called out on new kirk and cecil b. moore around 1:30 or 2:00 this morning. most of the fire was on the second floor. we have learn in one was inside at the time. a construction worker was hit and killed on i-95 in wilmington. crash was just after 7:30
6:38 am
yesterday evening on the brandywine river bridge. the 29 right lanes of north bound i-95 was closed for a short while. the construction worker was rush to the hospital where he later died. delaware state the police say the driver did stop at the scene. 6:38. police are searching for the man they say used his phone to look up underneath a woman's skirt. >> this guy, by the way, at the pretzel factory on south 69th street in upper darby. police say victim was waiting in line as you can see there. this happened a week ago today when a man started taking pictures. she realize what was happening, confronted him and then he runs off. >> what a jerk. >> this is when she notice. what are you doing? what are you doing. >> and then he runs off. if you have any information, do you recognize this guy? again, pretzel factory 69th
6:39 am
street, call police if you you know that guy. >> that is terrible to see that video. >> awful to watch. >> bucks county couple remains behind bars this morning another awful store tie of abusing their two month-old twin girls, one of the babies hospitalized with broken bones 306789 year-old michael shale and his 25 year-old wife melissa of tulleytown jailed pending half million-dollar bail each. accusations range from severe physical a abuse to mal nourish. according to the court record melissa admitted doing certain things to those babe is in front of her husband out of anger to get a reaction out of him. officers interviewed neighbors including one who saw that baby's face when it was blue. >> we understand that there was stuff stuffed in the ones mouth and trying to get it out with pliers. yeah, it was just terrible. >> sickening. it makes you sick to your stomach. i'm just glad that they are finally lock up. >> the couple has a two-year old son in protective services with his other baby sisters. authorities say there are no
6:40 am
signs he has been abused. times running out to register to vote in new jersey's june 7th primarically includes selecting those candidates who will run for president in november. it is also the last chance for vote tours switch political party affiliation, unaffiliated voters must declare a party affiliation nerd to participate in the primary. broadway musical stars offers career advice to the u penn's, graduate class. she urged grads to follow lead of immigrant. during yesterday's commencement speech she said quote it is beginning of the great unfinished symphony that is our american experiment, time and time again, immigrants get the job done. that is a look at your top stories. >> there is great video from twitter, he was dancing with the band, playing songs from hamilton. >> what a creative guy. >> my gosh. >> look at you, okay. >> yes, he wrote a speech the night before, too. >> how about that. >> you can see.
6:41 am
>> 6:40. well, i will show a picture of guy who seems to be pretty darn happy these days because he is part of history, big thumbs up for this guy. what doctors are calling a game changer for men, history making surgery by those two doctors right there. plus new developments in picture taking, maybe as easy as a wink forget your phone what if your eye was the camera. >> that would be fantastic.
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it is 6:44. >> an honor at the the white house for fallen philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson the third. >> this was a good moment, president obama awarded wilson the medal have of valor. >> that is officer wilson's grandmother she accepted the honor. president obama took a moment to remember, sergeant wilson's
6:45 am
sacrifice, inside of that game stop. >> give his life when two men open fire in a video game store where sergeant wilson was buying a son a birthday present. to his family, who is here, his grandmother constance, his brother, sister, please know how deeply sorry we are for your loss, how grateful we are for sergeant wilson's services. >> there were over 20 family members made the trip down to d.c. >> you may remember sergeant wilson the third was 30 years old. all right. 6:45. here's bob. >> yeah, i remember that day. good morning, everybody. fifth 6:45. as you mentioned on this tuesday, live look at 422. we are seeing volume build heading eastbound in toward king of prussia road is still dry here at the moment but as sue will tell us, she has got time line for this rain. we will get it, sometime
6:46 am
today, southbound i-95, still dry but jammed up from academy into downtown. septa using shuttle buses today through middle will of the june on 101 trolley due to track work between providence and orange. there is the two spots where trolley will come to an end, throw an extra couple minutes as you get off and jump on the bus there in both directions. regional rails patco, new jersey transit looking good, as we move through the day and especially the evening hours. expect delays at the philly international and penndot set to do paint work today, i-95 paint something lines, they are set begin up here around scudder falls and then head south on i-95 past the airport depending upon the rain, will depend upon how far they will get an a overnight accident with an investigation in wilmington northbound i-95 at brandywine river bridge, two lanes are block. coming from the south and heading north this morning you may want to stick with 495 to a void a delay, but two slow
6:47 am
spots out of the northeast schuylkill coming in and out of the conshohocken curve and sue has time line for that rain that is on the way coming up in 15 seconds. yesterday was so cold we broke a couple low temperatures record in allentown it ways 37 degrees. trenton was 40. remember in mount pocono it was 29. today it is more comfortable, 44 degrees in mount pocono. forty-eight in allentown. we have 54 in philadelphia, 49 in doylestown where we will be on friday, and 55 degrees, in ocean city, new jersey. so those are the current temperatures, as the rain, starts to roll role in but it hasn't made it through our viewing area and we don't expect it the to until the
6:48 am
morning rush is over. we have had a little bit of shower activity earlier in chester county but we are sacked in with clouds and hear by 11 or 12:00, just a few sprinkles before then, on and off rain, throughout the a afternoon, and overnight gets fired up, again, just another round, moves in just in time for the morning rush on wednesday. so, today, and part of tomorrow, you'll see that on and off rain, only 62 degrees today, 68 on wednesday but eventually, some sunshine and best weather days of the week are thursday and day we go to doylestown on friday, the weekend, well, not so much, we will talk about that, and try to refine that forecast coming up, mike and alex. you where to see a fairly happy man who lives up in massachusetts, inside mass general hospital right now, there he is, thumbs up, better believe it. he received the first
6:49 am
successful pennies transplant in our country. his name is thomas manning. underwent five hours of surgery, lasted over two days actually. he previously had trouble with cancer, so they had to remove that organ. he has been battling cancer for a couple years. doctors hope the surgery will eliminate stigma associated injuries affecting genitals especially with our troops, veterans coming back dismembered. our doctor mike will be here later in the 7:00 o'clock hour to show us exactly how they did it, and it was difficult, and how that organ can be functional once again. remarkable history making surgery. >> huge. 6:49. going to church could save your life. >> i tell you that all the time. >> last time you were in church we were together. >> we were. >> we will not talk about that experience. >> it was remarkable, actually. >> it sure was. >> researchers at harvard school of public health
6:50 am
follows 75,000 female church goers over a 20 year period and those who attend more than once a week were 33 percent less likely to die early. according to the study less likely to experience heart disease and cancer, and and optimism and beautiful day of stress and, women,. >> just another day of believe that. >> one of them are men and with men live longer than men. we should be working on the guys. >> we have got you all in the the work place now, and the stresses of all of that. >> yes, it is exciting to come up. >> will this make you get to church knowing you you could live longer if you went. >> sure, could you not the bring this up constantly. >> because we're talking about it. >> well, in question bit, i feel better when we go to church. >> i think we had a great time. >> i like to sit in the front row. she wanted to be in the back. >> i didn't want to,.
6:51 am
>> if i start to nod off, or something,. >> why would you nod off. >> sometimes not the best of speakers. >> according to a new study, the sound of your mothers voice, may be more powerful then once believed, and babies through 12 years old, you can discern your own mothers voice throughout the early years of your life, and it suits you. >> children with the best social skills had strongest brain reaction to their mother's voice. common voice causes range to light up with activity. they say effects different for each mother/child relationship and children did not react the same way when they heard mom of other children saying the exact same word, as what their mom says. >> you recognize your own mother's voice. >> you know your momma. >> when you are a baby. >> that is so cute. >> you you know your momma. >> we have been in her room
6:52 am
for nine months. >> womb with the view. >> let's talk about alcohol. we have talked about church. the beauty of mothers. now lets talk about alcohol. something i know about. the atlantic city is considering a policy that would allow alcohol on the boardwalk, in certain types of cups. before you pack your solo cups, head to ac, how new jersey officials are making sure the policy becomes profitable for the city, that is the whole point.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
there you go. >> you have to go witt. >> yes. >> okay. >> let's see. >> okay. >> anyway, i took a picture of you. instead of using camera or smart phone to use a camera, if you can do it with a blink of an eye. new technology. >> it sound like a james bond thing, double 07. >> but since they have come up with a way to turn your, they want to see it, to turn your old fashion contact lens into a digital camera. so sony has filed for a patent. to take a picture all you have to do is blink. >> details are being kept secret but eye ball camera would capture still images and
6:56 am
video all by the m of your eye. >> it is in the like a blink or a wink. >> yes. >> it is a blink. >> yes. >> but you can also video, that little thin piece of contact lens. >> that is crazy. >> that is years away but man, i would love that. >> remind me of my north report, that movie. >> tom cruise he walked through, scan his eye, hello. >> yes. >> that kind of thing. >> think of the stuff you could getaway with. >> let check on this police officer, her mouth was all bloody and she has an injury to her upper torso but it looks like she will be okay. there was a wreck at 11th and south overnight between delivery truck, bread truck and police car. and then also we are expecting more information to come out about the amtrak, 188 crash, steve is on that. >> reporter: 370 days after that awful tragedy, here at the frankford curve, we have got answers, conclusions and recommendations how to make sure it doesn't happen again.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
finally getting answer as how radio calls and a septa train played a role in the deadly amtrak crash. seriously when will this stop. more rain and cold ape it is the middle of may? how long will we put up with this. and, a potential huge break through in treating
7:00 am
brain cancer. why doctors are new looking at the polio virus as a possible cure. and, bottoms up on the boardwalk. the big change that could becoming to the shore, the plan to let you stroll the boardwalk with the drink in your hand. let get right to the weather at 7:00 o'clock. we have so much to get to at this hour, hi. >> excellent idea. >> it is not raining yet but it will be. it will be a half and half day with five out of ten in weather by the numbers. bus stop buddy has the umbrella later on. so enjoy dry weather, temperatures in the 40's and 50's but not as cold as it was yesterday. there is radar to show where rain is coming from the west and southwest, just kind of socked in with included right now, it is 55 degrees, right now, and 62 is all we will manage for a high temperature today, probably by middle of


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