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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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facebook friends he's not going down without a fight. >> the house is going to blow up. >> believe it or not, this ended peacefully but wait until you hear what he said to police. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. breaking news in west philadelphia. big traffic tie up for drivers on i-76 near girard avenue. this is a live look from one of our many traffic cameras. crews well you can still see them out there cleaning up the mess from a tractor trailer that had turned over in the eastbound lanes this afternoon. one person is in the hospital. we're working to learn how their doing and you can seat backup is still causing all kinds of problems on the roadways. this is look at what it looked like earlier. soon after the crash. from one of our traffic cameras as well. no word on what all the debris is out there. wee bring you more as the news warrants. right now at 5:00 deadly shooting in wissonoming. skyfox over the scene on the
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4600 block of high dee street investigators started work. authorities found a man shot to death in a backyard. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lease knowl. the deaths are stitt coming at this hour. let's get straight to fox 29's dawn timmeney at philadelphia police headquarters. dawn? >> reporter: lucy and iain, police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened here. we do know that two guns were found at the scene and one man is dead with a gunshot wound to the head. emotions running high this afternoon on the 4600 block of higbee street in wissonoming. philadelphia homicide detectives on scene investigate as deadly shooting just before 12:30. >> i heard the shots going off and i workday rant corner and i'm like wow. >> how many shots did you hear? >> about six. about six. >> reporter: police tell us a 28-year-old man was shot once in the back of the head. a gun found by his body. he was discovered behind the house in a driveway.
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>> we have several people that we are talking to at this time. we'll look into everything and find out exactly what happened. at this point we're not sure exactly what transpired. >> reporter: neighbors express shock over the daylight shooting, at least one resident is not surprised at all. >> this neighborhood is going down the tubes and i mean down. i've been living here 54 years. all we heard is a bank and that's it. >> reporter: now several people report that they heard as many as eight gunshots. police are still investigating again they say one of the guns was found by the dead man. the other gun was found in a vehicle at the crime seen so they're not trying to determine who that car belongs to and who the gun belonged to. they're also checking surveillance video in the area hoping that it will provide some clues as to just what happened here. we are continuing to gather information and we'll bring you the very latest tonight on fox 29 news at 6:00. lucy and iain. >> thank you very much, dawn. happening right now an official answer to one big
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question. human error an deadly distraction that is now the official and final ruling from the national transportation safety board on the cause of the deadly amtrak derailment. the board met this morning in washington, d.c. to vote on the findings from the may 2015 crash that kill eight people and injured more than 200 others. now the vote may bring some form of closure to the lives that changed that night. >> our bruce gordon was one of the first reporters on the scene that night. he was in d.c. today for the ruling. >> reporter: in the end, federal crash investigators concluded the derailment of amtrak 188 was the result of simple human error. >> it's a very basic error getting distracted and then you lose your position but in this case it was a very costly error. roar report ntsb investigators said amtrak engineer brandon bostian was not fatigued nor drunk nor high nor on his cell phone that night. but minutes before the crash, multiple radio transmissions
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alerted thyme a nearby septa commute train struck by a vandal or vandals throwing rocks. a windshield was broken. that engineer got glass in his eye. bostian was quote very concerned about the situation and while distracted says the ntsb thought he was beyond that is north of sweeping curve at frankford junction. traveling at twice the posted speed limit the amtrak train derailed killing eight passengers and injuring nearly 200 more. >> with his attention diverted to the septa train for several minutes the engineer made have lost track of where he was before he accelerated to a high rate of speed. >> reporter: ntsb has for decades called on railroads to install positive train control on all tracks. it would have slowed the train automatically to a speed safe for that curve. but it was not installed at the time of the crash. >> if a ptc system had be active this train would not have derailed on the curve. close to 200 passengers would not have been injured and eight
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other passengers would still be alive today. >> reporter: many track officials were on hand to hear a list of safety recommendations made by the inform tsb. >> we'll make adjustments. we'll talk with people and find solutions to those things. >> reporter: also on hand, at least one victim of the crash. a temple university professor on his way home to north jersey when amtrak 188 left the tracks. >> i'm angry that i have to sit here and be to be a part of it. >> reporter: relive this? >> i relive it every day. >> strip away the complexities and this deadly crash likely resulted from a chain reaction of events that began with someone throwing rocks at a septa train. one wonders what that unnamed unknown person is thinking tonight. in washington, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. the lawyers who firm filed the first passenger lawsuits after that deadly reenactment or reacting to the nsb's finding. train's conductor brenton
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bostian acted wreck lesley. the finding that he may have lost his way or not known where he was is speculation and they say it will not hold up in cou court. >> the issues that we are dealing with in this tragedy have been compounded by his changed testimony on more than a score of different facts. leaving the victims to continue to ponder and try to answer the question of why? >> the attorneys claim that bostian change his testimony on at least 20 key facts about the derailment. there was a loft new information released today. you can get another look at it on our website just head to and look for link on the home page. the rain has returned in your fox 29 weather authority. that's not breaking news. i know that you know. check out all of that green on the ultimate doppler radar. my goodness. along with the rain things are still cooler than normal and you know what, more of the same is on the way. let's get straight to
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meteorologist kathy orr. kathy. >> breaking news is. >> go ahead. >> the sun is going to come out this week. >> there you go. >> um-hmm. not tomorrow but it will be so soon. on ultimate doppler you can see the rana all the way along the coastal plane. spotty showers right into the evening fort phils game, yes, a little bit of wet weather, but very light fine rain to start and then we'll be drying it out with drier air to the north and west. even some breaks in the clouds through the lehigh valley and also berks county and the poconos. you can see on ultimate doppler triple sweep. we have patches of trying going on but this swath of rain right along the i november corridor does need to push to the south obviously before this comes to an end. if you're in philadelphia light rain, pockets of heavier rain threw parts of chester counsel terek, upper providence seeing the showers as well as warminster. a break in trenton. you can see towards shamong and hammonton down the expressway seeing wet weather. temperatures in the 50s and pretty much going to stay there through the evening overnight tonight cool down but at least we don't have to dole with wind. the wind is calm. so this evening a spotty shower
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at 7:00 p.m. with temperatures falling through the 50s during the evening period. as we look ahead, we'll talk about a few lingering showers. when we get back to the 70s and unfortunately weekend rain with a potential coastal storm. we'll time that out coming up later in the broadcast. we'll see you then. >> kathy, thanks. new video shows the punch that knocked out a man along south street last night. you may find this video hard to watch. investigators say a man punched two other guys along the 300 block of south street. according to police, one of those men was knocked unconscious. the other lost a tooth. one was responding officer was involved in crash with a bread truck at 11th and south street. she's expected to be okay. police later found the man accused throwing the punches. niece police custody tonight waiting to be charged. police say caught a local teacher having sex with a student at a cemetery. kelly al danger now faces charges of institutional sexual assault. police say they caught her having sex with a 17-year-old
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male student at easton cemetery. the 49-year-old who is married was a substitute teacher at easton high school. reportedly she also recently served as an official at her church. according to court papers, both she and the teen have admitted they've been having sex since the fall of 2015. when the boy was 16. developing right now, a floor collapses inside a west philadelphia home trapping a man under the rubble. it was a scary scene as first responders tried to save the guy who was buried. we are learning tonight that l and i had previously said this house wasn't safe. >> a lot of questions tonight. our bill anderson is live at the scene in west philly. bill? >> reporter: lucy and iain, were you a very scary situation here in west philadelphia. if you take a look at this house right behind me, obviously it's need in a lot of work, that apparently is exactly what was going on when construction workers were on the scene this morning. the first floor collapsed, trapping a man in the basement that nobody new was there. rescue workers carefully worked
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for over an hour to free a man trapped in the basement of 108 north salford street in west philadelphia when the first floor caved in. neighbors applauded when the man was rescued but questioned why anyone would be allowed in a building in such bad shape. >> i've been here for seven years, and a lot of snow and rain been going through that house. hit no roof. so it doesn't surprise me and i'm don't understand they allowed them in the house l and i. they didn't have a license or sticker on the door or anything. >> reporter: construction workers were on the scene surveying the building after the owner received notice from l and i that it was a hazard. as bad as the building was, the collapse was still a surprise as l and i told us predicting collapses is far from an exact science. >> to prioritize what -- where work needs to be done first, it's not always a hundred% accurate. there are buildings that are unsafe that collapse. there are buildings that are unknown to the department that collapse. >> reporter: on lookers
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relieved that the man trapped in the debris was rescued. but officials told us he was not a part of the construction team. so there are questions why he was in the building in the first place. >> the person who was found in the basement was illegally on the property. was not lawfully on the property at the time. he was not part of the construction crew. he was not associated with the owner. >> reporter: there will be on-going investigation into what caused the collapse and why the man was in the building but for now everyone is just happy the injuries weren't more serious. >> he was removed from the dwelling. he was alert and conscious and transported to presbyterian hospital for evaluation. >> reporter: as you take look up through the open window you can see that this structure is essentially hollow. so l and i had to take out neighbors on both sides to go into a walk threw make sure their homes were viewer. they did say that they are okay. all of the neighbors who were evacuated are back in their homes. so we shall see. we'll continue to follow this and at 6:00 i'll tell you more about the man and the questions about why he was even in the
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building. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much, bill. heroin hooked their mom, even killed their dad. and entire tomb family is now fighting for two the did little girls he left behind. >> he was my other half and i just -- i'm so lost. >> nobody doesn't matter how strong you are, it will get you. >> how their father's death is now helping save lives. and -- you see crazy. do i look crazy? >> a man loses control while broadcasting live on facebook a swat team outside his door. how these tense moments came to a peaceful end and the shocking word he instead to police. new at 6:00 police say these twins share more than dna. they say both blue up properties after a two-week crime spree. we'll tell was clues helped police catch up to the brothers.
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>> barring news in west philadelphia. big traffic tie up for drivers on i-76 near girard avenue. here's a live look from one of our traffic cameras. crews as you can see still work to go clean up a mess from a tractor trailer that overturned in the eastbound lanes this afternoon. one person is in the hospital. we are still working to learn how they are doing. we of course will keep you dated. >> police released new surveillance video in the hopes of finding two dangerous criminals. they say that these men tried to rob a man on april 30th near 24th and clifford streets in north philadelphia. now during the struggle one of the robbers shot the victim in the chest critically injuring him and apparently they got away with nothing. if you recognize the men or have any information about what
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happened there, give police a call. testimony continues of continued today in the corruption trial of u.s. rep shack at a fattah. he is accused of of misusing campaign funds and federal grants. prosecutors say fattah took an illegal loan in the amount of a million dollars for his 2,007 mayoral campaign. fattah says he's done nothing wrong. the trial is expected to last at least six weeks. n delaware, lawmakers are expected to vote on bill that would change the definition of family in the first state. that vote is supposed to happen today. now the legislation would get rid of the words husband and wife from relationships that constitute a family and use the word spouses instead. the goal they say is to make references to couples gender neutral. federal appeals court has delayed the release of a list of unindicted co conspirators in the 2013 george washington bridge lane closing scandal. a ruling from the third circuit court of appeals in philadelphia today calls for a june 6th hearing to decide whether to
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release the list. one of the people on the list is challenged its release arguing his due process rights will be violated in that list is publish and he would be brand add criminal. two former allies of new jersey governor chris christie have been updated and face trial this fall a third pleaded guilty. 76ers reward for winning just 10 games this past season could come tonight. tonight is the nba draft lottery to determine the order of picks next month's draft. because they had the worst record in the league. the 76ers have the best chance of getting the first pick in the draft. sean bell in new york where the lottery is taking place. sean? >> reporter: lucy, chance, we only have a 26% chance of getting the number one pick and we're not very good with chances, all right. we haven't gotten number one pick even though we tried for the last three years. we don't like our efforts and really we hope we're not here again. sam hinkie out. brian coangelo in. hopefully we don't have to be in this position looking for top
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three to five pick again. okay? so chance, we don't have a good one in philly, we feel like we don't have many chances. hopefully torque night is the night and brett brown will be near represent them and brett brown a guy who should believe in luck because he needs it tonight, but he doesn't really. >> what i think there would be many, many, many other people that don't agree with me and so whatever good luck charms means something to the city, bring them out, wear them, rub them, do whatever you got to do, and i'll be grateful for whatever help can be passed our way. >> reporter: all right. sam bradford decided to put on his big boy pants finally. came in to practice and after asking for a trade wanted to be out. heed no choice. towed come back, and bradford he says he really knows what the real deal is when it comes to the future in philly. >> i'm not completely naive. i mean i think you realize that, you know, if the organization
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made a move to get up to two at some point it's probably not going to be my team. but, you know, until it's not, you know, i'm going continue to lead these guys the way i did last year. i'm going to do my job to the best of my ability. >> yeah he sounded a little wobbly not the confidence you want to hear from your starting quarterback. but he knows the real deal. the real deal is, he's about to be gone. later on we'll talk to doug pederson about his relationship with sam bradford and what he thinks about this whole situation. iain? >> sean, look forward to that. thank you. last week a bear was spotted in philly's fairmount park. this way it's delaware county officials who are looking for a bear. a fox 29 viewer sent us this video from chadds ford. check it out. the bear is actually running through a residential area. police tell us the bear was last seen near the texas road house restaurant near route 1 and 202. if you see that bear, be sure to stay away and call police. in the midst of controversy over which public restroom transgender people can use the
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suburban is on to make everyone feel safe. how these buttons could make that happen. police get a man to strip naked in california they question those officers trying the answer that could have been live or death. >> after three years on earth, this toddler's life is about to change. the device that's about to help her hear everything she's been missing and the moments her parents will never forget. ♪ trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags.
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thousands of low prices. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> today mark the 62nd anniversary of brown versus the board of education. on its heels did school district in rural mississippi ordered by a federal judge to finally desegregate. the order effects cleveland, mississippi the town is divided by railroad tracks which also for the most part separate white families from black families that division reflected in the town's school system. the legal battle to did he segregate the schools has been going on for more than 50 years and now federal judge has ordered the town to consolidate its schools integrating all of its students into one middle
5:24 pm
school and one high school. the goal is to have schools combine by the beginning of the fall term. on-going controversy over transgender bathroom laws. some students at an oregon college working together to make sure all students feel safe and included on the oregon state university campus the pride center is handing out these buttons that read hash tag i'll go with you by wearing one a student volunteers to go with another student to a bathroom or any other space they might feel uncomfortable going into. it handed out more than 100 buttons it just received a donation to make more. organizers say they hope transgender students feel supported. >> the thing that means so much to them and expresses so much love and identity for them on complete stranger someone who's making a statement that says i don't know you but i'm here for you and i stand with you. >> meanwhile oregon state university has more than 200 gender neutral bathrooms on campus. concert in sacremento ends in tragedy now a police
5:25 pm
investigation is underway into both explosion and a homicide. first, a propane tank exploded injuring one person. it sounded like gunshots say witnesses so lot of them took off but later police say a fight spilled condiments left one man dead. >> other dude that got the, no, let's square up and fight right now. he was nasty. like he literally hit the settlement with his head really hard like i heard the smack. >> police sevenned every car leaving the park looking for the suspect they say they know who he is but they haven't found him yet. heroin killed their dad an entire family is now fighting for the two little girls he left behind. how their father's death is helping change the lives of others. and -- want me to talk to a psychiatrist. you see crazy? do i look crazy? >> a man loses control while broadcasting live on facebook. a swat team right outside his door. how these tense moments came to
5:26 pm
a peaceful conclusion and the shocking word he said to authorities. kathy? in weather we're still tracking some spotty showers across the delaware valley. mainly along the i-95 corridor and the suburbs to the north and west and south and east. phils game a little bit wet weather but i think we can get that game in. more rain to come, plows the sun returns with 70s in the seven day when we come back.
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♪ one year and five days after the deadly derail. amtrak twain 188 the national transportation safety board has found that the train's engineer was apparently distracted. investigators announced at a meeting in washington, d.c. today. that engineer brandon bostian was focused on a words nearby train had been hit boy a rock and he lost the track of where he was before the crash. ntsb investigators say he had -- positive train control been in use technology that can automatically slow trains the accident would have been prevented. very few things about police standoffs are routine but an incident that just happened in tampa, florida was most definitely not routine. >> guy hold up on his own streamed the entire thing life op facebook. fox's crystal clark has the dramatic video and how it all came to an end. >> reporter: coughing from tear gas.
5:30 pm
adam mayo refused to come out of his home for four hours. >> want me to talk to psychiatrist. >> you see crazy do i look crazy. >> reporter: 30-year-old's mother is the one who called tampa police last monday. she said her son has a mental disorder, and was off his meds. >> so when the bare cat gets here, the house is going to blow up. >> reporter: mayo would not let police take him in for evaluation. he armed himself with a handgun and an iphone broadcasting live on facebook. >> i know there's people watching this so call 911 and say, officer, what the bleep is wrong with you. >> things started to go south when the officers noticed there was laser, green laser trained on them. >> they fired a gas canister through window mayo fired two shots. >> that's right. i shot two bleep shots! >> his facebook friends watched in shock telling him just give up. mayo even found the time to like
5:31 pm
some of the comments. watching along just as closely where tampa police officers getting a tactical look inside the home. >> we there was dogs inside and they were bark and we knew he had a weapon and he was addressing his pretty directly. >> mayor buck horn was on the scene watching the live stream can. once the gas became too much to handle he left the home peacefully even apologizing to the mayor before he was taken away. >> he literally said to me, i want to apologize, i didn't mean for this to happen. i'm sorry. >> reporter: his video cut off just before he was handcuffed. >> you're on life, sorry. >> mayo has not been criminally charged at least not yet. he was taken to a mental health facility for evaluation. to your fox 29 weather authority now. good thing i had very large umbrella today because it was coming from different directions the rain. >> hmm. >> hmm. it was. it was coming a little whirlwi whirlwind. >> it could have been the alley. the whole wind tunnel effect.
5:32 pm
>> that's exactly what i think. >> not much wind out there now. but we have the umbrellas wor working overtime. showers moving back through this evening with a northern band of rain moving on through. you can see at the airport it's wet. it is cloudy. there are some areas of fog out there as well. so please be aware of that if you're going to be traveling the roads tonight. we're looking at item which are of only 53 degrees. believe it or not, we made it to 62 today. but that was before the rain. the normal high is 74 degrees. haven't been there in awhile. sunset tonight at 8:11. now, right now temperatures in the 50s and it's going to stay that way. not going to be warming up this evening much that's for sure. but some 60s to the west with some drier conditions and some sunshine. we'll get there tomorrow. it's just going to take little while to get there. you can see the rain mainly moving from west to east associated with a front and an area of low pressure to the south we have a weak disturbance to the north and you can see that rain developing through our suburbs late this afternoon. kind of joining the southern stream showers and all this will be pushing toward the southeast
5:33 pm
over the next couple of hours. staying cloudy. rainfall today pretty much decided that it would be south and east. that's where the forecast lie for today and you see the heaviest. allentown nothing. an area of low pressure will move toward the region and we'll see a few spotty showers tomorrow. that's just about it. high pressure builds in for your thursday. could see a few clouds associated with this early in the day. but for the most part it will be dry as we look at our fox future cast you can see during the day on wednesday, a mostly cloudy day with a few spotty showers. that's really just about it for tomorrow. mostly cloudy with temperatures getting back into the 60s. temperatures still well below normal. the normal 74. today's early high 62. tomorrow still below average. thursday still below average. and then by friday we finally
5:34 pm
bump above normal for a change. overnight tonight temperatures right around 50 in the city. 45 in the suburbs with a few spotty showers. winds becoming northeasterly. during the day tomorrow mostly cloudy, a few showers here and there. few and far between. the wind out of the northeast a cool wind for us. temperatures will definitely stay in the 60s. as you plan your day tomorrow, remember it will be a cool one. mostly cloudy day. but by afternoon some breaks in the clouds possible and as you head toward the din are in hour any evening plans games, practices for the kids, they should get it in with temperatures right around 60. and on your exclusive seven day forecast, from fox 29, temperatures will be slowly but surely warming up this week. so thursday partly sunny, 72. friday definitely a perfect 10. haven't seen that in a really long time. 75 degrees. sunny and warm a dome of high pressure sits over us. the clouds roll in friday late evening and then saturday and sunday all eyes on the coast
5:35 pm
potential developing coastal storm. saturday looks like the wet day. if i had to pick day, that i'd say eh, it's saturday. by sunday we could see the showers moving out early and then you have nice monday and tuesday with temperatures in the lower 70s keeping careful eye op saturday. there's a lot going on around the region so we want to work on that. >> all right. let's keep an eye on it. >> um-hmm. >> gets nice just when we have to go back to work. >> yes. >> good. >> that's the way it usually works. >> i know, right. >> nasa on the other side of the world this morning to send balloon flying into the at mass fear. the big plan that will take 100 days. >> police get a man naked in california -- actually deputies. the question those officers were trying to answer that could have been a matter of life and death. along the east coast cyclists are riding hundreds of miles from virginia to massachusetts their ems workers with an important message. why they say they're losing so many first responders because of the job.
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up up and away for new space project. nasa launch add massive pressure
5:39 pm
balloon in new zealand this morning. its notion conduct near space scientific research. nasa says aims for the balloon to remain airborne for more than 100 days. this was the fifth attempt to get the balloon airborne after bad weather prevented previous launch efforts. in california a man is forced to strip naked during a poe shammily dangerous bus ride. police wanted to make sure did he not have grenade. ergo the stripping. this happen in norwalk. a bus drive called 911 thinking he saw a passenger with an explosive. thinking is the key word. deputes got the driver and passengers off the bus, and the passengers off the bus. told the man who was -- the driver was concerned about to lie down near the bus. when deputes moved the man got up began waving his arms they ordered him to strip naked. >> we were able to get our arsenic explosives team out here and other resources from the sheriffs department that assisted us to determine what we had and what we didn't have.
5:40 pm
>> bomb sniffing dogs found nothing. nothing at all. so after the embarrass many of having to strip naked after the embarrassment of getting into custody and questions deputes red let the mack go on his way. >> larger than the eiffel tower and already hold as world record and now the ship is about to make history in in a different way. we'll explain. >> heroin hooked their mom, even killed their dad. now, an entire family is fighting for the two little girls he left behind. >> he was my other half and i just -- i'm so lost. >> doesn't matter how strong you are. it will get you. >> how their father's death is now helping to save lives.
5:41 pm
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5:44 pm
>> south jersey dad had everything to live for but a powerful addiction took his life and his family is now trying to prevent other families from dealing with the same type of tragedy. fox 29's karen hepp has their emotional message. >> this is his life. this is what's left of my baby. >> reporter: they found steven on his daughter's bed in a sea of pink surrounded by stuffed animals and dolls his heroin and spoon in his dufflebag. it was the day before easter. >> the morning steven died my heart broke. it broke in so many pieces that i can never pick it up and put it together again. ♪ he was just baby. he was only 26. he should have walk his
5:45 pm
daughters down the aisle to get married report roar his daughters four-year-old abigail and five year old cassidy are gorgeous and sweet little girls so funny and clever. now they're growing up without a dad an mom who is just getting her footing back. heroin has devastated their family. killed their dad, hooked their mom and uncle. nearly an entire generation of one family. >> he was my other half and i just -- i'm so lost. >> reporter: steven's fiance' lizzie is pregnant with their third child. a baby he'll never see. she and steven met in high school and they shared everything, including addiction. >> i can say now oil in recovery, and, um, everything gets better when you're in recovery. everything. you get your family back. you get your life back. you get you back. >> reporter: steven's death was a crushing blow and also a
5:46 pm
family wake-up call, a catalyst for change. helping to push both lizzie toward sober living and cousin donny to get help. >> i believe he saved my life. >> reporter: donny saw what happened to steve and knew the next funeral would be his. he vowed not to put his family through another heartbreak. >> i want steve. i want steve. what am i going to do? what am i going to do? oh, god! >> reporter: tammy wales for her son racked with grief. they cry and they pray for steven. >> and all of those struggling never in a million years did they think it could happen to their totally average family living in mays landing. it turns out the pull of heroin is stronger than even love. >> he was my best friend but that drug twisted him and turned
5:47 pm
him into somebody that would look at me and he told me he hated me. that he would spit on my grave. that wasn't my steven. that was steven on heroin. that's what it does to you. >> as the man and the father of my family, you know, i'm always the one that's responsible to make things right when things go wrong. this is one of those things that i couldn't fix. ♪ >> reporter: so how did it all start? >> people have to be aware of this. >> reporter: donny says they just didn't realize what they were getting into. nobody wants to become a heroin addiction. >> i just pick it up one day and thought i can handle it. nobody can. it doesn't matter who you are. how strong you are, it will get you. ♪ >> reporter: that's why the family is speaking out now. heck, they would like to scream warning from the top of their lungs. don't do it! don't try it! if you do, get help.
5:48 pm
>> united and write red shirts they wear the message on their hearts. stop the heroin. >> this is a war and it's killing our kids. it's killing our friends. our wives, our fathers, our borders, our children. >> reporter: for all those children, lizzie is going to take little cassie and abby to the beach in a few days one of steven's favorite places for their big gender reveal party. she hopes steven had see their little family and know they are getting better and they promise his death will not be in vain. >> he told me i had to do something. he said to meek he said mom sometimes someone has to die so someone else can live. >> you know so often rehab is just not long enough. the family really wants to help. they want to offer some scholarships to get people into sober living homes. if you would like to help they've created a website stop the we put a link on our website
5:49 pm
i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> we also have some resources for you on our website. if or anyone you know is battling addiction head to for more information. fox news host meghan kelly is going head to head with republican presidential candidate donald trump tonight as you probably know relations between the two of them are anything but warm. >> meghan talked to mike jerrick this morning on good day about the question the first gop debate that set whole thing and what to expect tonight. >> were you surprised when he took offense to that question at the debate? >> um, not exactly. i mean, i -- trump does not like to be asked pointed questions. so it wasn't a complete shock. i would say the aftermath like the extent of the have it tree ya'll was surprising as i said earlier i think we had over estimator the extent of trump's anger management skills and we get into in the interview. were you angry that entire time. entire nine months or was that
5:50 pm
tack tiff used to generate please ya buzz. >> let's see what he said. here's a clip from tonight. >> i mean i might have said they weren't nice. that doesn't mean they have to be nice. i've known many -- >> you know it's not a cocktail party. >> and certain way what you did might have been favor because i felt so good about having gotten through i said if i can get through this debate with those questions you can get through anything. >> do you feel like you did him a favor? >> in a way, yes, because i think this issue was coming, you know i mean, that comment from me about trump's language on women was not hey, megyn kelly thinks this is bad. what say you mr. trump. >> hillary clinton is going to come after you with this that. opening round was about think elect ability and what problems they might run into. as we sit here with trump having around 70% disapproval rating with american women, it's clear that some of these comments became an issue. i'm not say it was all attributable to his comments about women. but obviously hillary is making
5:51 pm
that an issue. >> i've known you so long now. is it weird that you're part of the 2016 presidential campaign? your name comes up all the time. yes, although i sort of gotten used to seeing myself mentioned in these, you know, ads about trump and these, you know, when people sort of list the crazy things that he has said. >> about women, yeah. >> i'm used to hearing my name mentioned very bizarre in the beginning and there i am, okay. >> watch the bignd true night right here on fox 29. megyn kelly presents a prime time exclusive interview with donald trump. it starts at ale follow by the season reamer of coupled at nine. get a full wrap of the days, news, weather and sports on the fox 29 news at 10. >> after three days on earth the toddler's life is about to change. the device that about to help her hear everything she's been missing and the moment her parents will never forget. and coming up at 6:00 these twin brothers in trouble accused in a zero receives explosions across two cun tease. what clues they left behind that helped police track them down.
5:52 pm
>> a man shot to death in the backyard in a philadelphia neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon. what police are now saying about what they found near the man's body.
5:53 pm
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all aboard world's largest cruise ship getting ready for first passengers. harm mon knee of seas pulled into southampton today. he it has 16 decks and resembles a floating city. it is the wide defendant cruise line built with passenger capacity more than 6,000 it will
5:56 pm
make inaugural voyage sunday to the netherlands. kids learning to speak by listening and coping their parents. one georgia girl couldn't do that because of hearing loss. >> her challenges were compounded because she has down syndrome. how little support is now going a long way. >> reporter: for sarah grace davis getting fitted with toddler sized hearing aids has been a game changer everything the three-year-old hear everything she's missed out on. >> she has never pass another hearing test ever. >> sarah grace who's a twin was born with down syndrome a common genetic disorder that affects 400,000 americans. up to 70% of children with down syndrome suffer from hearing problems. ashley davis was worried that sarah grace's inability to hear was affects her learning to speak. >> kids with down syndrome are already at a disadvantage as far as speech is concerned. they already have speech delays.
5:57 pm
so to add in a hearing loss to that, a hearing impairment, it just -- odds are stacked against her. >> come on back. >> reporter: tanya a otto lar ology is fitting sarah grace with a ear molding. sarah grace has known as conductive hearing loss. >> meaning the hear nerve is working fine. the sound can't get there because of ear infections and fluid. >> sarah grace is already extremely outgoing. so news obama is hoping by helping her hear better that will help her interact better with the people around like her twin sister header. >> sometimes people with hearing loss appear quite or withdrawn it's not necessarily they are quiet. they're just not catching all of the conversation or different things in the environment to respond to when they can't hear them. >> reporter: sarah grace has only had her hearing aids for two months. her dad is already seeing big change.
5:58 pm
>> cease responding to allotted more and using a lot more words since getting the hearing aids which is great. 'cause our biggest problem was communication with her. >> it's amazing. you put in her hearing aids she would be running away from you as fast as you could down the hall. sarah, she'd turn around and look at you she'll actually stop and come back to you now. hugely different. >> she loves seeing kids like sarah grace respond to the world they've been missing. >> best part of my day. absolutely the highlight. >> that's so cute. sarah grace's parents now say that she is hearing better. she's learning speech at a faster rate and that has helped her with issues like potty training she can now tell her parents when she needs to use the bathroom. ♪ standard human error getting some of the blame for the amtrak derailment that killed eight people in philadelphia. officials say the train engineer lost his focus. >> i would say that somewhere in that process he went in a matter of seconds from distraction to
5:59 pm
disaster. >> but that's not all. what else was revealed on capitol hill today about the tragedy. ♪ >> a man trapped in the basement of a west philadelphia home is free tonight. why what happened here may have been a long time coming. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. one year ago eight people lost their lives when amtrak train 188 derailed as it sped around a curve in philadelphia and tonight investigators are putting much of the blame what went wrong on the train's engineer. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. ntsb officials sat in front of lawmakers on capitol hill today and bruce gordon is following the investigation from washington, d.c. >> reporter: after a year long probe federal crash investigat investigators have concluded the derailment of amtrak 188 was likely the result of app engineer who simply lost his
6:00 pm
concentration. >> he went in a matter of seconds from distraction to disaster. >> reporter: ntsb has concluded that amtrak year brandon bostian was not fatigued, impaired or on his cell phone at the time of the crash. the train signals and track were all in good order. but moments before the amtrak derailment, a vandal or vandals through rocks at a nearby septa train. breaking a windshield and injuring that engineer. series of radio transmissions followed but investigators say bostian followed closely while distracted bostian accelerated his train to 106 miles an hour. believing erroneously he was already past a sweeping curve at frankford junction. traveling twice the posted limit the amtrak 188 train derailed killing eight and injuring nearly 200 more. >> with his attention divert the to the septa train, the amtrak engineer may have lost situational awareness. >> reporter: the safety board made repea


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