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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 19, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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right now, a packed stadium to remember two teens killed hours after their prom. a sea of candles lit up the high school stadium in bridgeton tonight honoring the 15 and 17-year-old girls and another teen killed a week earlier. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page a lost questions about the after prom crash that killed two of the girls. fox 29's shawnette wilson was at tonight's vigil and she's live in bridgeton. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy and iain, tonight this stadium here for the vigil was full of heavy hearts and lots of tears much it's ban tough past week for the staff and students here at this school as they struggle to cope with the loss of three of their own. >> precious gifts he gave to us della cruz, mikayla mosley and daisia sulton. ♪ >> reporter: heavy hearts tonight packed stadium at
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bridgeton high for three students killed over the past week. 17-year-old mikayla mosley and 15-year-old daisia sulton were killed coming home from prom early saturday morning. their car crashed into a tree object route 49 in morris township. the week before, 18-year-old della cruz antonio was killed car crash in salem county when she hit utility pole. >> it's really emotional. we're coming for support for her and the family and the other girls. >> reporter: sandra hill and her daughter are neighbors an friend mikayla. >> she always smiling. she was was never mad. you never seen her mad. she was goof fearing always playful. >> tonights vigil was full of emotion. ♪ >> reporter: jamyra dawkins is mikayla's cousin she attend the vigil with many family and friends. >> really hurtful. like i'm still dreaming like i literally can't believe it.
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>> people crying, people on the floor, hurtful. it's a big loss for. >> she was a goofy and funny person. remember her spirit. her spirit will always be around. >> the vigil ended with candle light as the crowd said goodbye to the girls with song. ♪ and back here live as for the investigation publish reports state that alcohol and drugs have been ruled out as a cause in the crash that killed mikayla and daisia. state police and investigators are still trying to determine the cause. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. a 16-year-old is in critical condition tonight. he was shot this afternoon in west philadelphia. police say someone fired shots into this car on the 100 block of. the teen was hit in the chest. so far no word on motive or an arrest. upper darby woman lucky night at the casino ruined by this man say police. they're telling us he robbed her of her winnings after hitting it big at harrah's in chester. investigators say he followed
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the 59-year-old woman. fox 29' dave schratwieser is live at harrah's. dave? >> reporter: lucy, the suspect is behind bars tonight and that casino patron is okay but police tell us this is a growing problem. they say robbers are preying on casino patrons and their cash. they described them as predators fresh off winning night at harrah's casino in chester the 59-year-old victim headed home to upper darby, but little did she know someone was following her. >> saw her cash out. he saw her collect the money. he followed her from chester. >> reporter: woman made a quick stop at the grocery store and head to do her home in the see cane neighborhood of upper darby much as she walk into the house carrying her groceries and nearly $7,000 in casino winnings, inside a kohl's bag, the 6-foot 350-pound robber pounced on her. >> she's luck keep this guy is a bad guy. he's no angel. he's a street thug. >> reporter: vick testimony
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called 911. she gave police a description of the suspect. volvo stationwagon as he sped off. clifton heights police quickly spotted the vehicle on baltimore avenue and stopped it. >> as he approaches the vehicle, he asked the driver where you coming from? he tells him that he just come back from the casino. >> reporter: the suspect 35-year-old gary taylor of philadelphia took off. >> he's going to get out and run away. 350 pounds he ain't going far. >> reporter: after a brief chase he was captured. when police searched him back at police headquarters, they found the stolen cash. >> edit hidden in his genital area. woman got her money back. >> reporter: superintendent chitwood says despite tight security at area casinos, he's worried for patrons. >> everyone of these places no matter how well they run have these predators in them that are looking to rob these people who won. >> reporter: gary taylor is champed with assault, robbery and other charges. he does have criminal record and
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he was wanted on a parole violation at the time of his arrest again the patron is okay. and she did get her money back. iain. >> dave, thank you. on your radar this rain is just won't go away. here's live look from wilmington tonight. we could have more showers again tomorrow but kathy, at least we're warming up i guess. >> we are. we're on our way up. we can't go too far back at this point iain. ultimate doppler there's some spotty showers moving through the region and that's all they are is spotty. moving toward the south southeast and win the neck couple of house they will dissipate. may need the windshield wipers. 60 in wilmington. 59 in allentown and trenton 54 degrees. millville 58 with a cool comfortable night during the overnight hours. mostly cloudy skies during the overnight with light wind in the city 52 degrees in the suburbs getting down to 47. coming up, still a chance of a shower during the day tomorrow. 70s will make a come back and then a saturday soaker.
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the very latest with our computer models coming in. i'll have that later in the broadcast for you with the seven day. >> all right, kathy, thank you. let's move live to trenton tonight. make sure you're ready to start your day with our fox 29 weather and traffic authorities from the latest forecast and any problems out there on the roads sue serio and bob kelly will have you covered beginning at 4:00 a.m. skyfox over a serious crash tonight in medford township, new jersey. this is what route 70 looked like right near main street right around 6:00 tonight. this three hiv car crash injured five people seriously enough choppers had to fly three of those people to hospitals. medics loaded two others in the ambulances. route 70 is still closed right now as investigators try to piece together what exactly happened there. traffic has to follow detours for now. in berks county police officer facing some serious charges the reading officer caught on camera in a violent confrontation with a woman during a traffic stop last month. the district attorney says not only did the officer throw punch tas woman and throw her on the
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sidewalk, he lied torsel fellow officers. fox 29's karen hepp now with look at the video and the charges. >> reporter: this is how it starts victim is in this dark car clearly signaling she's pulling over. but that's not what the officer jesus santiago dejesus told fellow police or wrote in his report investigators say. in fact, he blatantly lied. >> the officer said the turn signal was not used. we have overwhelming video evidence that in fact they used a turn signal. >> reporter: rattled driver and her boyfriend are sitting on stoop. they try to record what happens next but investigators say you can see officer santiago de jesus wrestle the woman for her phone. >> he took it and slammed it on the ground. >> reporter: you can see it bounce back up. next investigators say he punches her and throws her to the sidewalk. >> her head hit a pipe. >> reporter: cut her so badly she went to the hospital for
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staples and then prison when this all happened in back in april. now the officer is the one facing charges. investigators say, he had has history. >> this officer was involved in another incident when a cell phone was present, um, and he took that cell phone and slammed thacell phone down also. he was disciplined for that, and was told that is not to happen again. >> reporter: the officer is expected to turn himself in shortly to face numerous charges. from reading karen hepp fox 29 news. you decide 2016. ed rendell is saying sorry for some commentary about the presidential race. the former governor of pennsylvania is tonight apologizing for saying "there are probably more ugly women in america than attractive women". he made the statement while talking to the washington post today about donald trump's prospects in pennsylvania. he said trump's past comments about the unattractiveness of certain women could cost him votes among women because again "people take that stuff
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seriously". ed rendell they sure do. tonight 30th street station he explained that he was trying to say that trump's comments would strike a nerve with many americans because so many are insecure about their own looks. end added he is very sensitive about his lack of hair. but he says it all came out wrong. >> what i said was incredibly stupid and incentive and when i read it in the article, i said did i say that? that was dumb and stupid and incentive. if i offended anybody, i apologize sincerely. >> and there you have it. rendell's comments quickly became a trending topic on social media. now donald trump is topping hillary clinton in the latest fox news poll. presumptive republican presidential nominee has a 45 to 42% edge over secretary clinton. the poll also finds majority of voters feel both candidates lack strong moral values and both will say anything to get elect
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elected. construction in one philadelphia neighborhood has got neighbors annoyed. crews are replacing underground pipe. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in bella vista, tonight. chris, neighbors tell us workers have been dig the streets for weeks. >> reporter: no, iain it's been months. you think the parking problem in south philly is bad now, throw in a street utility an paving project on top of it, and you get a recipe for frustration. >> just little dangerous. >> reporter: call it the price of progress as another work day ends for construction crews in south philly. residents nearby are wondering will this ever end? >> what's the view like these days? >> well, looks like beach front property. >> reporter: joe warner's beach is tenth street and it's got no ocean just a lot of sand, pipes and bulldozers from a gas line replacement project. streets around the bella vista neighborhood have been closed for the last two months around tenth and fitzwater, and parking, well, a bad situation
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just got a whole lot worse. >> this is not normal. so sometimes i find myself five, six blocks away park and. >> reporter: residents are finding it hard to navigate around the mess. >> you have to walk out into the street. there are things that you might trip over. there are holes that aren't really covered. >> reporter: the much needed utility project by the philadelphia gas works has entire streets torn up and residents fed up. >> it's dirty and dangerous. >> reporter: from the lack of sparking to the mounds of sand and curbs closed at almost every turn. >> it's horrible. it's really horrible. >> reporter: even for a city kid like drew levin the neighborhood noise makes it hard for her to do homework. >> i grew up in the city so it doesn't really bother me that much, but it's still really loud. >> reporter: although the signs say work should have been done by may 15th, pgw tells us repairs will most likely continue for the next month. maybe more.
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>> i understand things need to be done but i don't understand why everything is being done at once. >> reporter: well, i did just get a chance within the last hour to speak with a spokesperson from pgw. she tells me that the work is actually behind schedule because some of these workers digging here were finding some of these streets were collapsing with dirt so they had to call in the streets department. it has put them behind schedule but they also say it's not much different than some of the other work going on in other parts of the city. iain. >> what a mess, chris, thank y you. philadelphia police are trying to track down the man who they say set a chair on fire in front of a home in overbrook and then shot a 19-year-old who walk out of the house. it happened this morning on lebanon avenue. the teen was shot three times. he's now in critical condition. investigators say they do know who the shooter is but have not yet made an arrest. >> delaware county couple is leaving the lights on all night to help their daughter who is missing come home. a friend dropped off 1684 old brianna watson at diamond street
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park saturday afternoon her family and friends have not seen her since. they're searching the clifton heights area and putting flyers up across town. brianna's mother says she doesn't have her phone or the medication she needs to stay healthy. she tells fox 29 she is overwhelmed with worry. >> i'm worried is she alive, is she safe? is she warm? is she eating? all them concerns are all there. >> clifton heights police are investigating. they say they haven't ruled out anything including foul play. firefighters pull a man from burning home in south philadelphia. crews were able to get him from second floor bedroom of the house on the 900 block of wharton street this afternoon. that man was taken to the hospital. neighbors described the scene. >> i just came outside. i smelled the smoke. i seen the smoke come out of the third floor. next thing i know the fire engines were here.
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win minutes. >> the victim is still in the hospital tonight in critical condition. no word on what started the fi fire. there's still no word yet as i mention wad started that fire. we've just learned philadelphia school employee hurt when a boiler exploded inside an elementary school has died. fire broke out inside the boiler room in january when christopher, was working on it. the district says the 25 year veteran with the district died earlier today from his injuries. stealing from the media. burglars smashes the front door community food bank in atlantic county. once inside investigators say he stole money from a donation jar. surveillance camera got a good shot of him. he broke in early yesterday morning. if you've got any information about this crime, please call police. west philadelphia smells a little more fragrant tonight it's because incense man is back on the job. he was back selling incense and oils on the median at 52nd and walnut eight days after a hit-and-run driver crashed into
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him. lebron says he spent four days in the hospital with fractures and cuts and a concussion. he says he was riding his bike last tuesday when a white suv hit him and kept on going. but another driver rushed over to help him. >> i woke up in the hospital and i was wondering what am i doing in the hospital? they brought it to my attention that i just got struck by a vehicle. >> he's thankful for his community's well wishes. he says that has helped him heal mentally. police are still searching for the driver of that white suv. vote on measure that would allow booze on the atlantic city boardwalk has been tape tabled by city council. the order naps would allow anyone 21 or older to carry an open container on the boardwalk. but the proposal would only allow that booze to be bought from licensed businesses on the boardwalk and the cup would be required to have that logo the business on it. council was set to vote tonight but officials say some businesses are concerned about the policy so members will vote at a later date. it sounds like the plot of
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an alfred hitchcock movie turkey vultures invading a west philadelphia neighborhood and apparently they set up a house in abandoned row home. at least that's the claim that brought our bruce gordon to the 400 block of north 50t 50th strt today. but sometimes things don't work out the way you planned. >> reporter: in this neighborhood all eyes are skyward. everybody it seems has a grainy picture to show you. they all have stories of meeting a creepy raptors face to face. >> it was on the roof over the there. >> what did you think it was at first. >> i don't know. i asked my cousin was a flying turkey. (laughter). >> reporter: flying turkey. >> flying tougher keep turkeys don't fly. >> reporter: neighbors tell me a committee turkey vultures a group of them is called showed up about three weeks ago seemingly living in a vacant and crumbling row house on the block. here they are next door. the vultures sometimes called buzzards scene particularly active on trash day digging around for a free meal. ink grilled bullock lived on his block for years and says
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whatever they're called they've developed a bit of an attitude. >> you feel like they're taking over. >> i'm fine as long as they stay up there. but when they come down here, i'm done. >> reporter: first time you ever saw them what were you your reaction? >> what is that? >> right. >> why is it around here. >> reporter: cameo ali bay and his wife christina live next door to the squatting vultures. they hear them all night long. >> it suns like humans, like people walking in the house and just scratching noises. >> we actually -- >> reporter: little creepy. >> like a huer row movie. >> reporter: kay tea cup yorkie rocco needs a bodyguard when he goes outside. >> i'm scared that the buzzards will try to -- scoop him up. >> scoop him up and make him dinner. >> reporter: nothing. pictures and videos they're all fine but i want to see an actual turkey vulture out here. there said to have incredible sense of smell so this half eaten cheeseburger ought to do the trick. ought to draw them out wherever they're hiding. just half an hour, presto a
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turkey -- just a regular bird pecking on a bun. well, there is some good news that crumbling house that's apparently hosting the vultures well i called license and inspections and -- >> coming down on thursday? >> yes. >> reporter: that's great new news. turkey vultures everyone swears were here but we never actually saw will now be homeless. says cameo -- >> about time. >> right. >> it's about time. >> reporter: i wonder if i can get the rest of my cheeseburger back. in west philadelphia, bruce gordon fox 29 news. ♪ >> a police car barrels through a red light slamming into this car. the driver is left pinned insi inside. the first thing she saw when she came to. she says she will never forget. this woman says cherie lied on her psychiatrist to treat her anxiety and deep depression. what did they she get instead. >> asking me for sex, um -- um, wanting me to have, um, intercourse with him.
3:19 am
>> she's not the only one. he says he didn't do it. why did he give up his license? fox 29 investigates ahead. plus -- when i pulled up i heard two gunshots and i thought something terrible had happened with some guns. >> a mail carrier now called a hero. what he did next that saved the life of a father right in front of his daughter. they can make your skin crawl just looking at them. leaches are a hot trend for medicine. how these creepy crawl lease are being used from skin care to surgery. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for hard hat thursday tomorrow. working out along 422 between santo good and route 724 tomorrow morning. you know what thursday means. we hit a different neighborhood. breakfast with bob tomorrow lorenzo's cafe italian style in northeast philadelphia and septa using buses along the 101 for the next couple of weeks all due
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to track work v great night. we'll see you bright and e
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ >> guy walked into this convenience store and put a 76-year-old woman in a choke hold. that woman is one of the owners. a second man walked in and headed right for the cash register. this went down in honolulu. they left the woman unconscious. a customer later found her called police. she is still in the hospital. police say the same guys robbed the same store just days earlier
3:22 am
holding a gun to a 70-year-old man's head. a mailman in detroit being credited with saving a live when a pitbull attacked. marilyn williams was carrying male last month when he heard a woman yelling the next block over. as he got closer he heard gunshots but he ran into the home where all the commotion was and he found a father and his daughter had been tacked by their own pitbull. the daughter says she was forced to shoot the dog so it would let go of her father who was bleeding from the neck. >> there was blood everywhere and i put the pressure by his neck and kept the blood from flowing out. was i was just there at the right time, that's all. >> the two have some cuts and bruises left behind. they're still recovering from their injuries. they say they are forever grateful for their thinking mailman. >> how much is willing to pay for the gun george zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin. tmz is reporting zimmerman is weighing several offers and the
3:23 am
top bid is more than $120,000. it's the firearm used to kilt 17 year old n2013 a jury ruled him not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter in the teen's death calling his actions self-defense. you can file this under only in philly. >> a crowd waiting in line for a cheesesteak i don't know if it was with or without but they were on south street they break out in boy boyz ii men. >> ♪ >> they had a few cocktails there? >> no! >> it was around 3am saturday at jim' steaks. the guy who posted it online wrote quote this is why i love this city it has been shared thousands of times. many sharing the same sentiment. >> i love it much that's aweso awesome. >> local psychiatrist stands accused of of groping, kissing,
3:24 am
even exposing himself to his patients. other possible victims are now stepping forward. he says he did nothing wrong so why did he give up his license? fox 29 investigates is ahead. talk about losing your appetite. what one person says they found in their morning cereal so creepy you'll be taking a second look at your breakfast. kathy. >> in weather we're talking about temperatures that will be warping up back into the 70s but will it stick? we'll check out the numbers coming up with the seven day forecast when we come back. 1 underline
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>> fox 29 investigates three women are telling fox 29 a former delaware county psychiatrist kissed them, groped them, even exposed himself during treatment. >> it's not the first time he's been accused of. fox 29 investigates is tracking the story. jeff cole is here now. >> reporter: we've been working this. he surrendered his license permanently several years ago when accused of by former patients now there are more accusors and a local district attorney wants to speak with him. we want to caution you about some of the content here. kaya durnell says she's long sudden with anxiety and
3:28 am
depression which would land in her doctor's office clinging to her sanity. >> i would just show up there crying all the time and not knowing for sure what was really happening to me. >> reporter: she says, doctor daiwan suggested she see her husband who practiced in the same media delaware county building. drew nel says he walk her to her husband's office where she claims her nightmare began. >> he started to, um, sexually, um, abuse me. >> reporter: it started slowl slowly. >> he started to kiss and hug me, i mean right from the very first day. >> she says, during her office visits from 2005 to 2011, it progressed to intimate touching and more. >> it gets to him penetrating my vagina with his fingers, asking
3:29 am
me for sex, um, wanting me to have intercourse with him. >> does he at some point masturbate in front of you? >> plenty of times. all the time. >> durnell is suing claiming he engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with her and failed to properly treat her and his wife alleging she knew or should have known that the doctor could be or was engaging in inappropriate sexual contact with her. in legal filings, canta diwan denied the allegations. her attorney claims diwan abused his client at her weakest moments. >> he took the most vulnerable people and in a selfish way and a reprehensible way took
3:30 am
advantage of their vulnerabili vulnerability. >> dr. diwan under questioning by jack says he never sexually abused durnell. >> do you deny all those allegations? >> yes. >> you never touch her up pope yep it. >> no. >> you've never kissed her either in a non sexual way or in a sexual way? >> no. >> this is not the first time diwan has been accused of sexually abusing his patients. in 2011, he signed a consent agreement with pennsylvania regulators when three female patients stepped forward to say that he abused hem. he admitted no guilt or wrongdoing but voluntarily agreed to give up his medical license permanently. >> the patients appear in the document by their initials only. their claims meara durnell says happened to her include some admissions by dr. diwa inform. respond dent diwa inform admitted that he engaged in inappropriate touching, kissing, exposing himself, respondent
3:31 am
admit he had placed his hands inside of patient's bra and her pants and exposed himself. remember, diw. inform signed the agreement in late 2011. but he now says he was pressured by the state investigator to admit things that never happened. here's what he told durnell's lawyer about her. >> she threatened me and said that they will not let this thing rest if i find something the whole thing will vanish and case will be closed. >> reporter: spokesperson for the pennsylvania department of state would not comment on diwan's claims of threats. but we had another question. did the agency inform prosecutors of the sexual abuse allegations made against the doctor? spokesperson said it's their practice alert authorities but wouldn't say if it was done in this case. there was no answer at the diwan
3:32 am
county home. they own place in florida. her lawyer declined comment. >> i knew i didn't feel safe driving witness kids in the car. so i pulled over to the side of the road and i've i broke down crying. >> three young children includ including a son with special needs led to a crisis for mary beth orens of media. she says she began treatment with dr. diwan in 2003 until 2011. she has not sued him. >> then eventually he kissed me and he, um -- he slid his tongue into my mouth and at that point i was very upset and grossed out and panicked. >> yet she remained his patient for years. >> here's a doctor that i'm seeing. i need medication obviously. the only way to get the
3:33 am
medication is to see the doctor. as things went on i would brace myself and, you know, try to hold him back. >> i was taken advantage of. >> this woman says being a victim of crime made her seek diwa inform's help. she says that -- asked we hide her face and not say her name. she has not filed lawsuit. she tells us she was dr. diwa inform's patient for nine years. >> he makes you feel like special you're the only one. he says things he likes you. like you take it as like it's not even abuse. >> reporter: she says, her sexual abuse began slowly and evolve. >> he starts by, you know, giving i was hugs and kisses and then he puts his hands down your blouse and he exposed himself like, he made me touch him. >> reporter: she claims their sexual contact extended outside the office and ended when she found a new therapist.
3:34 am
>> it's sexual abuse and control, power and control and he feels entitled like he can get away with it. he wanted, upping, to get away with it. >> reporter: now the chief of police in media delaware county says he was aware of that consent agreement we just reported on and the allegations. he says two of the cases were too old to criminally charge and the third the delaware county da at the time passed on. but now the current da wants to speak with the women in our report and anyone else who believed they may have been victimized in this instance much folks. >> incredibly disturbing. >> yeah. >> keep working it. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> follow up. thank you jeff. police car barrels through a red light slams into this car. the driver is left pinned inside. the first thing she saw when she came to she says she'll never forget. >> talk about losing your appetite. what one person found in their morning cereal that might just
3:35 am
have you taking a s
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3:37 am
3:38 am
>> talk about stomach turning. look at what one person found in their cereal. that is a blueberry with a full web inside. since the user posted it online it's been shared thousands of time. one person clipping to be a former blueberry farmer said it would be okay to eat. >> little extra protein. florida woman hit by speeding police officer is talking about the crash. what crash it is. surveillance video shows her terrifying it was. an officer with the police department was chasing armed robbery suspects when that happened. yell this month he ran a red light. the cruiser crashed into the 26-year-old woman's car you saw what happened. it just spun around and around and around. here's what she saw when her car finally came to stop. >> i wake up with my arms not feeling them but it was painful. i'm bleeding i saw blood on my
3:39 am
feet. i had no shoes, no socks. i saw my body bleeding and nobody could get me out. >> such an impact. the officer received a citation for failure to yield. the department says it's reviewing it's procedures were it comes to high speed chases. would you let someone put leaches all over your body? how these are being used from skin care to surgery. kathy? >> yes, i've heard about this. yuk! no way. weather wise we're talking about a coastal storm bringing us rain and maybe a little wind this weekend. timing when it moves in and out of the delaware valley and when
3:40 am
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♪ they might make your skin crawl just looking at them. yet more of these critters are feasting on patients everywhere from hospital rooms to therapy sessions. >> fox 29's joyce evans shows us how they're getting more popular here in our area. ♪ >> reporter: they're medicinal use older than the pyramids. by the middle ages, people couldn't live without them. and they were still saving lives during the war between the states. while remaining in stock at high end apothecaries around new york
3:43 am
and philadelphia. >> long history of using these thousands of years. >> reporter: rapid advances in medicine side lined the little blood suckers rendering them almost prem my tiff until modern times presented problems for which science had no prescription. the leach was back in business. but only on the fringe. more recently -- >> i have been doing this for two months. >> reporter: beach therapy appears to be gaining traction at holistic or natural medicine clinics. >> leaches work like live needles. >> in place that may surprise you and treating ailments you may not believe. >> i had hernia in my back. traditional doctors told me that's it. you have to live with it. >> vladmir, is only 35 and he races boats, sales and cruises for living. >> so i'd rather do the natural
3:44 am
way. >> the natural way is what enticed neurosurgeon couldn't stan 19 lockheed to hang up his hospital coat and become a certified hero dollars in demand between new york and d.c. >> sometimes you can use it 20 or 30 leeches but application time on the skin it can be one minute, two minutes, five minutes. >> reporter: they just don't take much to hair, lotion or cologne. doctors say they like a smooth clean surface to shrink and latch on. suck blood while is he creteing into your body pep tides, proteins, natural blood thinners and other healing properties. >> it works for me definitely. i can tell the difference. >> reporter: he shows us old marks from treatment to build his immune system. he describes what came out hours afterwards. >> i don't even know what it is. >> reporter: really. >> kind of like blood mixed with all crazy stuff.
3:45 am
>> reporter: alcohol causes the critters to release regulations mandate that they be destroyed when their work is done. >> sorry, guys. >> vladmir' leaking is done in a day or so then back here in a week. i mean it's not pleasurable in the beginning. you can feel it but after five minutes the feeling is gone and you actually feel like kind of relaxed. >> reporter: she is beyond relaxed at three leeches at her belly button and ankles. >> ecstatic a little bit. i'm drunk a little bit. >> reporter: just 10 minutes into her treatment to improve blood circulation and she'll be this way for awhile. >> people can go this way to. 30 minutes and she's done until next week. cost is out of pocket pric pricr leach, small, medium or large.
3:46 am
>> we're using it within the confines of surgical patients. >> reporter: and they've got plenty says penn plastic and reconstructive surgeon steven kovac. we go down into the back of the pharmacy right there in the fridge of one of the world's largest cutting edge medical centers. >> so these are clean leeches much they don't go to a swamp -- >> no one was out in the back of the swamps in philadelphia collects these leeches. they are bread by a company and specifically for medicinal use. we usually keep about 50 or more on hand. anybody want to hold them? >> no, thanks. >> reporter: they're just what the doctor orders for some cases of amputation and mastectomy. >> they found the seclusion creeks by the leeches can restore blood flow that had a finger reattached. >> reporter: that's not all. penn pharmacy coordinator michael breck kerr says doctors are now ordering in maggots case
3:47 am
by case for wound cleaning. >> so what's old is new? >> what's old is new, that's right. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> we need new versus the old in the weather department. >> we certainly do. >> yuk! i must say that first. ultimate doppler yuk with us as well. green on the doppler screen moving on out and we'll see a break in this wet pattern. we've been saying but it's coming in the seven day. 57 degrees the high today 69. so finally busting out of the 50s into the 60s. the normal high 74 for this time of year. we'll watch the clouds kind of linger during the overnight hours. high pressure building in for tomorrow. so we will see some sunshine. but, of course, we have a pesky little trough by the afternoon with the daytime heating we'll see a few spotty showers firing up. moving across pa into south jersey. not a lot. but you will see a few rain showers. high pressure builds in again for the day on friday. for tomorrow, though, 72 degrees a mix of sun and clouds a
3:48 am
pleasant day. during the afternoon you'll see a few showers popping up otherwise a light wind out of the northeast. then friday a pleasant day. you can see clear skies with clouds moving in late in the afternoon. but it will be dry. this area of low pressure will be moving through the interior coastal plain and bring some rain by late saturday morning. it will be raining saturday afternoon as this redevelops as coastal low pushing moisture into the region saturday evening and then it's out of here. it looks like by sunday morning we'll see some clouds and by the afternoon some sun. on your exclusive seven day forecast, from the weather authority, 76 degrees for your friday. saturday looks like the rainy day that is not changed. sunday perhaps a morning shower sprinkle but the trend will be clearing day. and then next week chance of shower monday. tuesday partly sunny. wednesday we break the pattern 80 degrees. remember, good day is live in doylestown kicking off summer on friday looks like a perfect 10.
3:49 am
>> okay. i'm just waiting for my name. >> it's me, hi. tonight a special moment in the sports cast and the phillies continue on their role. that carries them into first plplplplpl
3:50 am
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3:52 am
♪ how about those phillies? they wouldn't again and it comes down to pitching. the game six innings, two run baseball will jeremy hell licks son. let's go to the ballpark. big hit for tyler go dell his first major league homer. they made it four-two. they beat miami four to two. they were in first place for a little while. i know we may have reached our quota on dog stories in the newscast this week but i'm a rule breaker. let's go to new york. oh, the bark in the park. how about these little dogs and they're in the rain, too. give that dog a dog. all right. baseball game the mets, heck witness baseball game let's go back to the dogs. we can't have enough dogs on this show. next week dogs every week and in the rain jeff cole you got to do story on that. you got to get to the bottom of that. all right. by the way washington won. stanley cup playoffs to tampa. pittsburgh on the break. scoreless in the first. late in the second, seconds
3:53 am
left, off the rebound, pittsburgh scores they're now leading it with seconds left four-two. obviously they'll win that
3:54 am
3:55 am
>> latest on the search for the debris. three separate shootings in camden after sports.
3:56 am
>> we are back here at 4:00 a.m. for forking 229 morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue serio, bob kelly have you covered with weather and traffic all morning. big night tonight. >> power
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4:00 am
>> breaking overnight, off the radar, egyptian plane missing without a trace, now the hunt is on for possible survivors and debris in the crash, three separate shootings, one fatal in our area watch camden officials now think all of these crimes may have in common. plus, developing overnight, philadelphia housing officer taken to the hospital after an accident, the latest on his condition next. >> good day is hitting the road, head today doylestown tomorrow. and we have a huge announce, giving away one of the biggest prizes in history, you have chance to end tow win if you join just doylestown or watching us at home live from 7:00 to 10:00 between state street and pine, do you not want to miss this. >> oh, i wish i was eligible for


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