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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  May 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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people are now being transported on shuttle buses. we got a picture of the activity from 30th street station sent to us by fox 29 viewer anthony hopkins. you can see the police on the tracks. we will continue to follow this story and keep you update. >> time now 6:00 o'clock straight up. right now a new challenge for bill cosby. comedian left montgomery county courthouse today moments after a judge ordered the criminal case against him go to trial. his lawyers had tried to argue all the way to the state supreme court to get the case thrown out. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. today's hearing was over in about an hour. fox 29's bruce gordon is in norristown with a today's developments. bruce. >> reporter: guys, this was really a preliminary hearing a sort of strip down miniature trial in which prosecutors simi had to prove that the crime of aggravated indecent assault had in fact happened and that bill cosby was more than likely the culprit. well a judge listened to morning's worth of testimony and decided that prosecutor has answered both questions.
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the frail and now nearly blind comic legend left court without a word. >> mr. cosby, anything to say at all? any comment whatsoever, sir? >> reporter: after the ruling that will now see him face trial for aggravated indecent assault. said prosecutors reacting to the judge' decision -- >> we're here because we want to seek the truth. we're here to serve justice. >> reporter: prosecutors used earlier statements to police not live testimony from andrea constand to tell the story of cosby calling her to his cheltenham mansion in early 2004 sending her pills and wine calm her nerves as she drifted in and out of consciousness groping h her. detective catherine hart intervened constand in 2005 and quoted her as saying the pills and wine made her woozy. said her legs quote felt rubbery like jelly. heart quoted constand saying cosby touched her breasts and genitals. later as she came to constand said quote my bra was undone. my sweater was bunched. >> obviously this is a trial in
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justice. they had 12 years to bring the case. they didn't. and what they presented today was evidence of nothing. >> reporter: defense led by philadelphia attorney brian mcmonagle offered hints to their trial strategy claiming the incident was consensual. one of several intimate encounteencounters between consd cosby. and they noted constand stayed in touch with cosby after the incident. watching the criminal proceedings attorney gloria allred who represents 30 cosby accusers in civil cases i asked her about that on-going contact between accuser and accused. >> i don't think that one should take that as some kind of admission that she wanted to continue, you know, a relationship with mr. cosby or that nothing happened of a criminal nature. >> reporter: bill cosby is set to be formally arraigned here in norristown july 20th. he has already waived his right to be present for that session.
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iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. coverage of the cosby ruling continues on just look for a link on the home page. >> developing right now, a man is dead after hit-and-run in northeast philadelphia. police say he was on the sidewalk simply waiting for the bug. and they say the driver who hit him ran away from the scene but they got him tonight. let's get straight to dawn timmeney live at the scene. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, police say that driver turned himself in about seven hours later. he confessed. they are not identifying him at this moment. but they have identified the victim who was a family man on his way home from work. >> this is so difficult. i love you and i wish you were here with me emotional christie silva breaks down on the steps of her home on sauder street in north philadelphia. her husband and the father of her two children molina was killed by hit-and-run driver early this morning. the 50-year-old was under a canopy waiting for septa bus at
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bustleton avenue at the intersection of cottman when he was mowed down by a 2000 sand three lexus. >> we have been together for 23 years. he is my heart. he is my life. he is everything to me. i'm going to miss him dearly. >> reporter: molina work the over tight night shift at a warehouse and was on his way home when he was hit. the impact sent him flying 120 feet in the air. the septa can nappy was tossed down the sidewalk and the car a mangled mess. >> speed was clear al factor. absolutely the weather was pouring down rain at the time. lost control. >> the 35-year-old driver got out, looked at molina and ran away on foot. he eventually turned himself in around 8:00 o'clock this morning. >> he came in this morning, and said, i understand the police are looking for me and i'm here to turn myself n. >> reporter: molina feet from where the accident happened for 13 years and this is not the first time someone has crashed into the septa can noon knop pee. >> it's just too dangerous, 'cause the way cars turn and the
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way they try to beat those lights, the car loses control and they hit that station. report roar this woman decided to captain bus across the street at a different stop after learning about the fatal crash. >> it's scary 'cause like somebody really just died here last night. it's terrifying actually. i'm about walk up the street. >> reporter: now police say the car involved did not belong to the driver. they talked to the owner who said he didn't know where it was. investigators also want to talk to another man who stopped and offered to help after the accident. investigators say he had a conversation with the man who hit molina and then left the scene. they just want to talk to him about what he might know. lucy and iain, back to you. >> all right, dawn, thank you. our situation is improving out there fox 29 weather authority as we take a live look at reading today we were dry and now things are warming up out there. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams what we can expect. scott? >> well, 83 degrees iain that was the high temperature today. well above the average for this
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time of year which is in the mid 70s. pretty comfortable stepping outdoors right now. that area of low pressure pinwheeling on off toward new england. maybe a spotty sprinkle or shower across the area this evening but most of us will stay dry and on the mild side of thing. take a look at the temperatures right now. a pair of sevens in millville. atlantic city 77 degrees. we have upper 70s to low 80s north and west. if you liked today, get ready for feels like temperatures nearing 90 degrees. we'll talk about that and the tropics next. all right, scott, thank you. in delaware county a worker was sent to the hospital after being shot by a wire. haverford police say the 40-year-old man was operating a boom truck when the wire and the boom made contact that happened this afternoon in ardmore. county line road and biddle street. the worker is a contractor for west supply. there's no word on his condition tonight. n delaware county also a woman was dragged alongside a car as man pulled her purse away from her. the victim has several injuries
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to her face and body. 33 did you have trip police now trying to find this man in a second suspect they say the pair were riding in a blue or teal car when the woman was targeted last thursday. she was walking in the gateway shopping center when they stole her purse around 8:00 that night. then about 30 minutes later, police say one of the suspects used a woman's credit cards malvern wegmans and then again at a turkey hill in lancaster county. police think the suspects might live in lancaster county. ttsa is taking steps trying to cut down on long weights across our airports. long lines that make thousands every people miss their flights recently. the tsa blamed the lack of screeners and increase in passengers. more agents at some of the nation's busiest airports including 100 news agents at newark liberty international, by the end of this month. >> i do not want to see this airport short changed by investments bees made by congress and tsa thus customers,
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are pushing customers away from here because it takes so long to deal with newark airport. >> the agency is also replacing security kelly hogan. house overnight committee says he received around $90,000 in bonuses from late 2013 to 2014. homeland security later found that tsa agents failed 90... 95% of the time in finding dangerous items in actual covert tests. as this busy travel season revs up for summer officials say you've got control to make your travel filled with least amount of headaches. >> tsa officials shown us first hand at philadelphia international airport. so first they say to check the tsa website so you know what you can and cannot bring to the airport. remember you're limited to a quart sized bag of liquids limbed to 3.4-ouncounces. arrive at the airport two hours before your flight takes off. three hours if you're taking international flights. officials say that things more commonly hold up the line.
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>> we still will see oversized liquids, passengers will come with water bottles. additionally pocket knives. we'll see passengers with maybe leather man or swiss army 95 they put on their belts every day. they put in their backpack and they forget today they're going to the airport and you can't have that item. >> tsa officials say they're not blaming passengers for long waits but they can do their part to help make sure everyone gets where they needing to faster. you can sign up for tsa pre-check program you sail through security. pennsylvania governor wolf wants to free the six pack. he sent a letter to the state's liquor control board asking it to let gas stations sell beer making it much easier for beer lovers to get their hands on it. as of now pennsylvania's liquor code denies beer licenses to any location that sells fuel or oil. already national champ already had parade in their honor. what's next for the villanova wildcats basketball team. how about a trip to the white house? the team tweet today they'll meet the president next week.
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trip is scheduled for may 31st and remember of course villanova beat north carolina in a buzzer beater for the national championship. the win resulted in celebrations around the villanova campus and a victory parade in center city. coming up new at 6:00 a huge celebration of year in philadelphia. the pride festival. gives the city to celebrate lgbt community. this year the organizers want to honor some police officers but not everyone is happy with that plan. howard? >> the eagles back at practice and the new defensive coordinator speaks explaining what he's trying to do with defense that was not close close to good enough last season. >> phillies manager makes it clear who's the boss of this baseball team. that's coming up in sports.
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officials cut power on the market trang forward line between 30th street and spring garden. you're looking at skyfox eye view live over the scene near 11th street.
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a train has struck and killed a man who was on the tracks. police you know they're there. they're right now trying to figure out what happened. if you travel septa you need to know that shuttle buses are now transporting people. continuing to follow this story. we'll bring you more as the news breaks. a group of fishermen come to the aid of a hump back whale stuck in fishing net off the coast of the ocean county new jersey on saturday the group called the coast guard for help but the agency couldn't get there for an hour so the group went to work cut through the net to free the whale who was able to swim away. video was taken by one of the fishermen. >> fishing gear kills hundreds of thousands of marine life every year. a group of lgbt law enforcement officers are participating in this year's annual pride parade. >> not everyone happy with the plan. bill anderson in the newsroom with what got some people upset. bill. >> for 27 years the local lgbt community and supporters have celebrated the region's largest pride parade. over 25,000 people stand
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together to show unity and support but this year there are some who say the choice for grand marshal goes beyond unity and support it's offensive. ♪ philadelphia's annual lgbt pride parade is scheduled tour next month. the parade originally grew out of recognition of the stone wall riots against police violence some were surprised to learn that an organization of lgbt police had been asked to be parade grand marshals. >> they can stand with us but we are not going to tolerate again police officers being honored in a parade that has -- that came out of spirit of revolution. and uprising. it's just not going to happen. >> greater philadelphia gay officer action goal represents law enforcement officers from throughout our area. their president a transgender man 14 year veteran police officer told me it's an honor and a positive step for them to
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be involved. >> i'm an lgbt community member first. that's who i am. i've been to the parade. not as a cop or not working or not marching but i've been to the parade for years. it's my people, it's my community. where is i what happened to be. >> reporter: he also told me uniform or not, the officers have many of the same challenges and stand along with lgbt community. >> i'm police officer eight hours day. when i go home i take off my badge and my shirt i'm still a son, i'm still a partner, i'm still, you know... i'm a parent. i'm all of these thing. i don't put that aside when i become a cop. >> reporter: as a petition opposing the officer's involvement has nearly 300 signatures the opposition believes standing with officers is one thing, honoring them is another. >> yes, there is room for healing and, yes, we have lgbt people who are police officers. we do and that needs to be acknowledged but acknowledging that doesn't mean putting these folks on a pedestal. >> reporter: it's interesting
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about this everyone i spoke to understood both sides of the issue. they get the need for inclusion as well as the need for police to continue to expand their acceptance and sensitivity. so hopefully the fact that they understand each other will lead to some sort of solution lucy before the planned june 12 many parade. >> all right. thank you very much, bill anderson. to your fox 29 weather authority now. it's warm out. >> it is finally warm out. >> are you happy? >> i am getting happy. >> i'll be even happier tomorrow i think. >> yes, 83 degrees today but tomorrow it's going to feel close to 90 degrees. yeah, ultimate doppler right now much improved from yesterday. a couple of areas may be a sprinkle or two but most of us will stay dry jut kind of cloudy through your evening. look at the temperatures right now. a pair of sevens millville. 77 degrees atlantic city. 77 wrightstown. look at allentown, still 83 degrees. 82 in reading. the cool spot right now 67 degrees in the pocono mountains and also a little
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cooler down the shore. we have beach haven 72 degrees. 64 right now seaside park. moving a little farther inland west chester 82 degrees. 79 in pottstown. 75 right now in perkasie. so that little disturbance will move on out to the north. tomorrow this will take hold of our weather this area of high pressure. so out ahead of it, winds will be more out of the west and look at that temperature. 87 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. but with that humidity, it's going to feel like 90. but also tomorrow, take look at this. we have the ozone alert. so just limit your outdoor exposure if you have asthma, upper respiratory disorders. because of the ozone levels increasing. also, look at the tropics. they're trying to heat up this has a chance to developer happens into something tropical or subtropical as we head toward the holiday weekend. it if it gets a name next up on the list take look at that would be bonnie. so we'll be monitoring that for
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some potential impacts along the southeast coast. as early as the holiday weekend but temperatures for tonight pretty mild. 50's, low 60s, look at the high temperature for tomorrow. 87 degrees. mostly sunny skies. those temperatures well above average and then it's going stay that way for several days. thursday 89. 88 on friday. a couple of pop-up storms. the holiday weekend right now saturday 87 degrees. then back to the upper 70s on sunday. some pop-up storms and then it looks kind of unsettled as we move toward memorial day itself and cooler high temperatures inland in the low 70s and probably in the 60s down the shore on memorial day. >> are you happy about the 80s. >> i am. >> near 90. >> exactly. >> about time, thank you scott. >> howard is always happy. >> smiley face here for iain. >> pete mackanin made it very clear last night in close game that players not dogging it may
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be more important than winning games right now. and the eagles continue to work players in with many new coaches on the staff. defense was a big problem last night and the new defensive coordinator gives us his game plan how to get it better much that's all coming up in sports. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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players fletcher cox and darrin sproles not on the field again today. let's be honest about these mini camps. players don't practice with pads on any way and there's no contact. it's a lot of basic stuff. now the players are however getting used to new coaches to the team besides the head coach doug speed son there are new coordinator it's on both offense dean fence. defensive coordinator now coaching new defensive schemes to try and get defense better than the one that hurt the eagles last season. jim schwartz getting defense ready and hopes to get them ready down the road. >> if we're on the right track we'll put the players in the best position to best use their talents. what we did in buffalo is a little different than what we did in detroit which is a little different than what we did in tennessee. >> just attack, you know, part of it. we going to be coming and flying around especially d line i feel like it always starts up front and that's where we preach every day. turn and run to the ball.
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making sure that we strong group out there. >> it's all about speed. speed. phillies manager pete mackanin has a tough job with his team even though the phillies they're not expected to really within anything this year. he obviously has to play ryan howard at times even with the worst batting average in baseball at .156. howard is in the starting lineup against do night as designated hitter and he's batting fifth dropped down a spot. no team wants him in a trade and the front office won't release him yet. last night mackanin showed he won't let the players run the game. let's go to detroit. seventh inning tie game. best hitters her hoorah. did he not run hard to first. the manager will not put up with dogging it to first. watch when he comes out of the box. he -- pitcher has got it. i'll just jog down to first. the manager toll players he won't put up with it. four-four game and he would bat again in the ninth inning which his spot came up but he took him right out of the game. none of that stuff on this
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baseball team. kentucky derby winner nyquist finished third last saturday in the preakness. owner and trainer done the right thing for the horse. he will not run in the third leg of that crown the belmont stakes. no way a horse should run three races in that short period of time. now with no triple crown, nyquist will not run in the belmont. that's actually good. it's unfair to the horses. no say in the whole thing obviously. >> they're still growing. young creatures. breaking news. >> breaking news service has been restored to the mark frankford line. that is good news. >> and be sure to join us tonight for your fox 29 news at 10:00. the joy and excitement for two expectant parents turned to fear when doctors undiagnosed their unborn baby with a rare defect. the incredible effort by chop who helped save their baby boy they now call a miracle. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you tonight at 10. inn died edition is up next.
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blind bill cosby. colliding into the metal detector as he heads into court. >> cosby's attorneys screamed at the top of their lungs at the judge. >> then, kelly osbourne's revenge. >> she let the world know the private phone number of the hair dresser accused of having an affair with her father. >> kelly, by the way, has more than 4 million followers. >> and, biggest loser shocker. the former contestant who said she was told to gain weight. >> the biggest mistake of my life. >> why she says she was told to drink baking soda. >> then, extraordinary precautions women are taking on the road. >> what is the first thing you do when you get in your


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