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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 25, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ right now tragedy on the tracks. a tourist visiting philadelphia slips and falls right in front of an oncoming train. the sad scene in the middle of rush hour. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. just so tragic. countless septa rider has to find new way home. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at septa headquarters in center city tonight. chris? >> reporter: well, lucy, things are running back to normal tonight on septa's subway lines after a major disruption on the market frankford el at the height of rush hour. police say a man fell on to the tracks and was struck and killed by an on-coming train. we're told the victim was a tourist who just finished seeing the sites of the city. tonight the turn styles were humming again at 15th and market streets. but earlier, this is what it look like from skyfox. >> it was mobbed. it was mobbed. >> reporter: just after 5:00 the market frankford el was shut down after police say a 55-year-old man fell on to the
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tracks at the 13th street station. >> he was leaning over from the platform looking down the tunnel to see if the train was coming. and that's when he fell on to the tracks and within seconds westbound train struck him. >> reporter: victim was with his wife who witnessed the accident from the platform. police say the couple from out of town had just been sightseeing. >> he was a tourist. he's from texas. he was with his wife. he had just got done visiting the liberty bell. >> reporter: the accident had septa's busiest line shut down for an hour and a half. >> they pretty much told me i just have to wait until it shows up because they don't know. everyone is off schedule. >> reporter: passengers were put on a convoy of shuttle buses between 30th street and spring garden. it was a big inn 15. schultz wasn't running much you had to go across the street and catch the schultz. a big convenience. >> reporter: by 6:20 the trains where running again not before making many evening commuters very late for dinner. >> all i had was more stop to
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go. >> reporter: you had to wait on the bus. >> how long was that. >> half an hour. >> reporter: now, police say they do not think this was a criminal act or a suicide rather a very tragic accident. iain. >> all right, chris, thank you. developing to night bill cosby is going to trial on sex assault charges. comedian left montgomery county courthouse today moments after a judge ordered the criminal case against him to go to trial. his lawyers tried to take their case all the way to the state supreme court to get it thrown out. today's hearing was over in a master hours. fox 29's bruce gordon was there. >> reporter: prosecutors portrayed the aging and now frail comedy legend as classic predator, calling andrea constand to his cheltenham home in early 2004 giving her pills and wine to ease her nerves then as she drifted in and out of consciousness, groping her. con stand herself did not testify instead montgomery county detective catherine hart fred constand's interview with
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authorities about year after the alleged incident. constand was quoted as saying she felt dizzy, nauseous, had no sense of time. "i was aware his hands were on my breasts, in my pants. prosecutors noted cosby later apologized to constand for his actions. so why did constand not take the stand? >> under case law we presented and the judge ruled in our favor it wasn't necessary. it's preliminary hearing. hear say is admissible and we're just over the next hurdle in this. >> reporter: defense led by philadelphia attorney brian mcmonagle hammered at constand's credibility. 11 what cosby himself referred to as petting was consensual, one of several intimate encounters between the two. they noted constand made major revisions to her initial reports to police and that she stayed in contact with cosby after the incident. asking him for tickets to show. afterwards mcmonagle was stewing over constand's failure to
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testify in person. >> what they presented today was evidence. they had 12 years to bring an accuser to confront mr. cosby. they chose not to. >> reporter: at trial, constand will almost certainly testify in person. >> mr. cosby, anything to say at all? any comment whatsoever, sir? >> reporter: and we'll have to confront cosby in a manner that convinces a jury of her claims. >> watching these criminal proceedings attorney gloria allred who represents 30 of the accusers in pending civil cases. >> the typical defense tactic is always attack the victim. put the victim on trial, not your client. >> reporter: cosby will be formally arraigned here at the courthouse july 20th. he has already waived his right to be present for that session. in norristown, bruce gordon fox 29 news. attorney and fox 29 legal analyst ken rothweiler talked to us earlier about the possibility of weather accusers taking the stand in this trial. >> my bet you'll going to see the standard here is called mo,
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mo is mod did you say operandi the method of operation. and if you can prove that in the case that someone has done something over and over and over again, that it's their method of operation, then it becomes admissible in a courtroom. >> rothweiler says if the prosecution is able to prove that to a judge then those women will be able to take the stand. now as news breaks in this case you can learn about it first by checking out our website, or by downloading the fox 29 app available in the google play or apple stores. on your radar tonight, the clouds and gloom are gone. get ready for the heat. here's live look from reading to night. us are still in the 70s. leave the jacket -- you'll need a jacket outside in south philadelphia. we could be close to 90 the next few days. >> you don't need your jacket. didn't bring my coat that was good because we're not going to need it over the next couple of days. you can see counterclockwise swirl over new england that area of low pressure that brought the clouds, the rain we'll say goodbye to as we see clearing
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skies overnight tonight and most us in the 70s. 76 in philadelphia. 70 in wilmington. 72 in wildwood. 60s to the north and west in the poconos it is only 51 degrees. overnight 61 in the city. 56 in the suburbs. mainly clear skies. they will be moonlit and it will be mild even into tomorrow morning. tomorrow we have some poor air quality. code orange that means for sensitive groups if you suffer from asthma, try to limit your time outdoors. we'll have heat and a little humidity but that will be cranked up during the rest of the week. so the sun returns we'll be nearing 90 in the seven day and keeping an eye on the tropics. i'll explain coming up with your seven day forecast of course a preview of the holiday weekend. it's hard to believe it's already here. >> all right. kathy, thank you. moving live to wilmington tonight, take the weather authority with you in the palm of your hand with the fox 29 app. you can see live radar and get alerts sent right to your phone. two men walked into an alley but only one came out alive. camden police are looking for
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the man that you saw in the red shirt there it is right there. he ran away from the scene of a murder on the 2800 block of north constitution road last friday. 24-year-old james roads died from a gunshot wound. if you know anything about the man you saw in the red shirt, give police a call. a devastating scene in northeast philadelphia. a man on the sidewalk just waiting for his bus when a car comes crashing into him. the driver took off leaving the man to die. tonight, police say they have that driver after he turned himself in. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney has been talking with the victim's wife. >> it's just so difficult. i love you and i wish you were here with me. >> reporter: emotional christie silva breaks down on the steps of her home in sauder street in north philadelphia. her husband and the father of her two children molina was killed by a hit-and-run driver early this morning. the 50-year-old was under a canopy waiting for septa bus at bustleton avenue at the intersection of cottman when he was mowed down by 2,003 lexus.
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>> we have been together for 23 years. he is my heart. he is my life. he is everything to me. i'm going to miss him dearly. >> mow lena works the overnight shift at a warehouse and was on his way home when he was hit. the impact sent him flying 120 feet in the air. the septa can nappy was tossed down the sidewalk and the car a mangled mess. >> it was clearly a factor absolutely the weather was pouring rain at the time losing control. >> reporter: police say the 35-year-old driver got out, looked at molina and ran away on foot. he eventually turned himself in around 8:00 o'clock this morning. >> he came in this morning, and said, i understand the police are looking for me and i'm here to turn myself in. >> reporter: marina lived feet from where the accident happened. this is not the first time someone has crashed into the septa canopy. >> it's too dangerous. the way cars turn and the way they try to beat those lights, the car loses control and they hit that station.
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>> this woman decided to catch the bus across the street at a different stop after learning about the fatal crash. >> it's scary, 'cause somebody really just died here last night. it's terrifying actually. i'm about to walk up the street. >> reporter: police say the car involved did not belong to the driver. owner police he didn't know where it was. investigators also want to talk to a person who stopped and offered to help. they say he had a brief conversation with the man who hit molina and they just want to find out what he might know. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. pennsylvania governor tom wolf wants to free the six pack. he sent a letter today to the state's liquor control board to let gas stations sell beer. "allowing malt or brood beverages to be sold at gag stays under appropriate circumstances is an important step toward our shared goal of freeing the six pack and up creasing convenience improving cut move satisfaction for all pennsylvanians" as of now
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pennsylvania liquor code denies beer licenses to any location that sells fuel or oil. police say this man walked into a home claimed he was from the water department, even had what looked like id. princeton new jersey police say the guy was up to no idea today at that home on stewart road east. he told the homeowner he was with nj america water. police say he was not but that he did look at the meter and left. if you recognize him or his truck, call police. skyfox over a fire that cut the school day short for some students in montgomery county. a fire inside north penn high school sent kids home early just afternoon today. we're hearing the fire started in a maintenance room. no one is hurt. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. school officials say classes will resume as normal tomorrow morning. ♪ it was supposed to be 16 but he took it out for a joy ride racing downside streets even calling for take out food and it's all caught on camera.
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what did he the moment he realized the jig was. >> a local woman says she was kicked out of her kids class at the ymca. what she was doing that madame people so uncomfortable she says she was asked to leave. >> teenaged girl broke out in this huge brawl right in the middle of school. the boys jumped in. what happened next that landed nearly a dozen teens in handcuffs. the joy and excitement for two parents to be quickly turns to fear for their unborn child. >> it was a big shock. >> i think both of us immediately shot to we're losing the baby. >> doctors find aware birth defect. the incredible efforts by chop that helped save their baby boy they now call they're miracle.
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♪ robbed a store left her wig behind. that's what police say happened yesterday inside 7eleven on lime in pike in abington the the man pulled a gun and demanded money from the clerk. once the employee handed it over he took off. investigators found a wig that matches these images and the man's shirt nearby. recognize any of this, call police. a woman says a ymca told her to leave because she was breast feeding her baby. >> tonight an outcry on social media and some of those critics claim what h happened wasn't evn legal. shawnette wilson spoke to that mother and she's life tonight at that ymca. shawnette. >> reporter: well the mother says that she was asked not to breast feed in the classroom she
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was in with her son. tonight the ymca is apologizing calling this whole thing a misunderstanding. >> i just couldn't believe it was happening at the ymca. >> kate can't believe what happened after she nursed her son 19 month old weston during a toddler movement class at the spring valley ymca in limerick yesterday. >> upper management came in. i stood up with wes and they said if you're going to nurse again, you need to do it in the hallway. i said, there's benches in the hallway. i said, why? and she was like, well, there's men in this class and they're uncomfortable and making complaints. >> reporter: kate says she was sitting on the balance beam nursing her son which she says she's done in the building before. but she says this time upper management asked her to cover up and leave the room despite it being legal to breast feed publicly she says. >> they can't force me to, um, nurse in the bathroom or cover it up but they can -- he was
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telling me that's what they prefer. >> reporter: kate says several of the staff admitted they didn't know the law but after looking it up, she says they still preferred she not nurse in the classroom. sean elliot at the co and calls eight misunderstanding. he says staff and the children needed to use the balance beam that kate was sitting on, but also suggested other places she could breast feed. >> for me, the key message is, women are welcomed to breast feed anywhere in our facilities. it's a very natural thing and any miscommunication is unfortunate and if we can do better job communicating we're happy to do so. >> reporter: kate isn't buying it. >> it took a lot of courage to go out and public in nurse him. you get dirty looks. >> yeah, good job. >> reporter: and back here live, kate says she does actually plan to return to this y with her son she says they absolutely love it here. she just hopes to have a conversation with the president of the y she says to discuss training and educating staff on
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this issue. lucy, back to you. >> all right. thank you shawnette. contractor is in the hospital after police say he was shock while operating a boom truck. it happened along the 800 block of biddle street in ardmore right around thee this afterno afternoon. authorities tell us part of the boom hit power lines. the 40-year-old man is at crozer chester medical center we don't know his condition n chester county a woman is seriously injured after she's drag along the side of a car as man steals her purse. police are now trying to find this guy and another man. police say one of them grabbed the victim's purse gateway shopping center around 8:00 last thursday. police say one of the suspects later used the woman's credit cards as he tried to buy crest white strips and razors. police think the suspects might live in lancaster county. philadelphia will hold its annual pride parade in three weeks, and this year a group of local lgbt law enforcement officers are participating but their inclusion is not sitting well with everyone. fox 29's bill anderson explains why some point to significant
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part of lgbt history as reason why the officers should not be center stage. ♪ >> reporter: philadelphia's annual lgbt pride parade is scheduled tour next month. the parade originally grew out of recognition of stone wall riots against police violence some were surprised to learn that an organization of lgbt police had been asked to be parade grand marshals. >> they can stand with us, but we are not going to tolerate, again, police officers being honored in a parade that has, n came out of the spirit of revolution. and uprising. it's just not going happen. >> reporter: greater philadelphia gay officer action league or goal represents law enforcement officers from throughout our area. their president a transgender man 14 year veteran police officer told me it's an honor an positive step for them to be involved.
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>> but i'm an lgbt community member first. that's who i am. i've been to the parade. not as a cop or not working or not marching but i've been to the parade for years. it's my people. it's community. it's where i wanted to be. >> he told me uniform or not the officers have many of the same challenges and stand along with the lgbt community. >> i'm a police officer eight hours a day. when i go home i take off my bald much and my shirt and i'm still a son, i'm still, you know a partner, i'm still, you know -- you know, i'm a parent. i'm all of these thing y put that aside when i become a cop. >> reporter: as a petition opposing the officer's involvement now hastily nearly 300 signatures the opposition believes standing with officers is one thing, honoring them is another. >> yes, there is room for -- for healing and, yes, we have lgbt people who are police officers. we do. that needs to be acknowledged. but acknowledging that doesn't mean putting -- putting these folks on pedestal. >> reporter: what's interesting about this both sides seem to understand the
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concerns of the other. they recognize the need for more inclusion but they also think that the police officers need to be more sensitive and perhaps more accepting hopefully the fact that they understand each other will lead to some sort of solution before the plan june 12th parade. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> after national championship title and parade in their honor the villanova wildcats basketball team has something else to look forward to. big stuff. >> they are heading to the white house. the team tweeting out that they're going to meet the president may 31st at the white house. of course the wildcats beat north carolina in that buzzer beater when kris jenkins hit that shot last month. the win resulting in celebrations all around the villanova campus and victory parade in center city. two guys watching this store looking to rob it. what constitutes bickering with each other right in the middle of the crime. >> a teen shows up to buy a car he saw on craigslist. what the owners say he tried to
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use to pay before he jumped in the car and took off. it looks like it's probably yummy if you like fruit loops. why the big treat landed one guy behind bars. now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. got some buses running instead of the trollies 101 media trolley using buses between providence road and orange for the next couple of weeks. all due to track work. work tomorrow during the day along 309 at paper mill, they're also going to be working on the pennsylvania turnpike and the northeast extension during the midday, and tonight through tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. is when they'll have that vine expressway closed from broad street over through the schuylkill expressway. hump day forecast and we'll check the jam cams bright and
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ local workers in hawaii saved two people after plane crash. witnesses say they looked in the ocean zahn the downed plane. two lifeguards got on their atv's and jump into the ocean swam about 50 yards. witnesses say the two survivors were hanging on to the wings of the jet with the help of those good samaritans and survivors were able to swim to shore without any serious injuries. the tsa is taking steps to try to cut down on long long lines at the security checkpoints that airports across our nation all that waiting had
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thousands of people missing their flights in recent weeks. tsa blames a lock of screeners and increase in passengers. among the changes, more agents at some of the nation's business guest airports. 100 new agents at liberty newa newark. by the everybody this month the agency replacing head of security kelly hogan. man in texas in police custody tonight after police say he crashed an ambulance. >> but he's no paramedic. police say this all started early this morning when they found 22-year-old taylor paterson drunk inside a car. authorities say he's an army specialist at fort hood. police put him in cuffs and into the back of a police car. according to officers, he somehow got loose. even shooting off an officer's gun that was left in the car. >> he was somehow able to defeat both the seat belt and get his handcuffs to the front where he proceeded to force open the lo locked screen that separates the prisoner and the officers. >> then cops say the man hopped
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out of the patrol car into an ambulance and sped off. he later crashed on a highway. no one including paterson incredibly was hurt. kathy? >> in weather we're talking about things heating up. we're turning up the heat soaring near 90. we'll talk about how long this lasts and when the better half of the holiday weekend. >> a joy and excitement for two expectant parents turns to fear. doctors find a rare birth defect in their unis born son
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>> right now at 10:30 creative find in newark, delaware. fruit loop creations. 22 year dylan nun piqued curiosity of officers in the white clay creek state park last week. look like he was up to somethi something. what they found police say 460 grams of edible marijuana on him all for sale and search of his apartment turned up more pot, lsd and drug paraphernalia.
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he faces several charges. big crowd of parents of central bucks school district students turning out tonight to see which way vote on school report cards goes. >> the parents say these schools grading systems. let's get out to jennifer joyce live in doylestown tonight. jennifer, when i grew up we got as and bs and cs but that's no longer existing. huh? >> reporter: yeah, lucy and iain a lot of school districts throughout the philadelphia region have substituted those traditional as, bs and cs for various letters that represent whether or not a child is meeting standards. what does it all 1980's confusing and confusing to parents. some parents from central bucks school district showed up to school board meeting to night to express their frustration and their confusion and say that it's hurting the children. what's in a grade? many parents in the central bucks school district say right now they couldn't tell you. ousting traditional letter grades and installing new standards based report card system in confusing them and
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hurting their children. tonight parents, school board members and administrators came together at a school board mee meeting to address this confusion. hunterhunters say receiving an m meeting standards versus till cal a, b or c does not tell her neglect about her children's progress. >> i have two very separate, very different learners, and very different performers in school. their report cards look identical. to get ms in everything. i have a child who will come home with a hundred on a math test. it's an m. i have child who will come home with five wrong on math test it's an m. everything is an m. >> reporter: other parents also want the system overhauled but some think the proposed compromise for next year a hybrid of both letter grades and standard indicators is too confusing. >> i'm trying to explain that the a she earned means
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approaching the a she earned means outstanding. the letter a on the same document with two completely different meanings. >> the entire system will need to be changed but that can't happen by september. tonight the board voted five five-four in favor of adding letter grades to the existing report cards for fifth and sixth grades only. >> reporter: it's a lot to follow but the bottom line is, tonight, some parents consider this a win and other parents still think they're in for another very confusing year when it comes to report cards in the next school year. so i'd like to keep this conversation going. i'm a little confused myself but i have a sneaky suspicion there
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are several parents out there in different school districts dealing with this all the same so let's continue that conversation on facebook and on twitter. we'll talk to you then. >> the conversation will definitely continue, jennifer. so what would you give iain page kathy orr as far as the grade goes for the weather. >> i would give it an a. >> an a. >> a plus tomorrow. >> would it be an m meeting standards. >> no, c. >> if you don't like the forecast did you change your mind about me. >> you're meeting expectations. i still like you, though. >> okay. double standard here. >> take a look at ultimate doppler you can see our storm system is slowly rotating its way toward the north and east. so it will be over nova scotia by tomorrow that's the good news. skies clear tonight and tomorrow. we'll really pack in the sunshine. the temperatures still 76 degrees. the high today made it to 83. the normal 76. so final al day above average. it's cool in the poconos. typically is this time of year and this time of night in
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allentown 67. 68 in pottstown. wrightstown 64 degrees. down by the shore brigantine 66. beach haven on the southern part of lbi looking at 63. inland 65 in medford lakes. levittown 66. doylestown 62. perkasie checking in at 61 with clear skies as our storm pulls away high pressure dominates the weather over the next couple of days. we'll watch this front get close but not close enough to disrupt our weather. tomorrow's high temperatures well into the 80s and some places pushing close to 90 degrees. so it's going to be hot. we'll definitely feel the difference usually exercise during the day maybe you wanting to earl err because our bodies are not used to this hot weath weather. we're watching the tropics this is an area of disturbed weather cluster of thunderstorms not organized just yet. the national hurricane center think that is within the next couple of days as it drifts toward the north and west it could become a tropical system. that would be tropical storm bonnie and it could be making a
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landfall over the holiday weekend between mid atlantic and possibly georgia. so keep careful eye on this. it look like as far as our weather is concerned we're in the clear through the holiday weekend but it will get cooler toward the second half of the weekend in the city 61. 56 in the suburbs. clear skies. tomorrow temperatures soar well into the 80s. it will be really a shock to the system. allergies are going to be an issue. it will be warm. it will be increasingly windy. if you suffer from allergens oak trees, mulberry trees and the grasses, that gets me every time, you can see in the medium to high range for wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. better chance of damp weather by sunday. on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast 89 for thursday. 88 degrees for friday with chance of some pop up showers and storms. stays warm saturday and then by sunday you can see additional storms much cooler by the holiday on monday but it's still 79. little bit damp as well on tuesday.
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but nevertheless, string of 80s is more than we've seen since last summer. >> upper 80s at that. yeah. all right. thank you kathy. >> two guys targeted verizon store but once inside things did not go as planned. what went wrong after they coralled employees into a bathroom that had bad guys turning on each other. plus group of teenaged girls end up in this huge brawl right in the middle of school. then the boys jumped in. what happened next that landed nearly a dozen teens in handcuffs. >> a teen is in big trouble for bogus attempt to buy a car. what he handed over to the car's
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♪ in florida pure chaos in the halls of high school 10 students were arrested in tarp upon springs according to police. drama started over the weekend outside of school. but residual anger spilled into the school and a fight broke o out. the whole school put on lock down around noon as administrators and police tried to regain control. thankfully nobody was seriously injured. in your money tonight, call it keurig for pot. yeah, you heard that right. take look. that's a vaporiz vaporizer expeo
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debut early next year i meets marijuana enough to release the active ingredients and users breathe in the vapors the pot comes in small single use pods like the famous coffee maker. the catch is, only available where weed is legal. all right. disney and netflix just made one big deal. the streaming service will have exclusive us rights to new disney movies. this took effect in september, disney, marvel, pixar projects. what does this mean? it could mean anything from star wars to cartoons of which you'll only be able to stream through netflix. not sure how i feel about that one. in indiana craigslist sale turned into a crime investigation. >> police say teen tried to buy a car with movie prop money. police say this 18-year-old austin davis a ranged to meet up with a hub and wife selling their car on craigslist so after a test drive, davis supposedly decided he wanted to buy the nissan he hand over 7600 bucks.
3:40 am
just as the victim started to count the money the suspect took off, that's when the victim realized the money had the words promotion picture use only principled on it. luckily the police were able to stop the teen about 5 miles down the road. the police spotted a car with the plates off of it. they took the plates off because they were doing the he can change. stopped it. >> according to the police report, officers found another $10,000 in movie money on davis and 18-year-old told him he bought it all on e-bay for 20 bucks. supposed to be 16 this car but instead he took it for a joy riride. he raced downside streets, even called for take out. camera caught it all. what he did the moment he realized the jig was up. >> two expectant parents fear the worse when doctors find a rare birth defect in their unborn son.
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>> two guys walk into verizon store near atlanta ready to rob the place. but within minutes the two suspects are fighting with each other. police say they forced employees into a back room then while one loaded up phones the other maced
3:44 am
the employees in the face so that started an argument between the two. one ordering the workers to wash the mace off their face. they tied them up and made off with 30,000 in phones and tablets. woman handed over her keys to get her brand new car detailed. she never expected what a waited her when she pick up her car. ♪ what you're looking video from the dash cam she had in her car. it turns on as soon as the car starts. the man behind the wheel worked at the ought dough body shop the car owner says her camera recorded his joy ride racing past cars, speeding downside streets, even caught him as he ordered take out. >> let me get two orders of croquettcroquettes, please. >> i feel personally violated. disrespected. um, obviously, they didn't care one way or another about whether they did any damage to the vehicle. >> when the driver realized the camera was rolling, you can hear
3:45 am
him say he's going try delete the video. the owner of the auto body shop what do you suppose he did? well he says that he's going to reprimand the guy that did it. he's the owner's son. >> having a baby is one of the most exciting times in the lives of parents but for one young couple their joy turned to fear when their unborn child was diagnosed with a rare birth defect. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney shows us the amazin amazing effort ato save this little boy. >> what's going on here? >> reporter: walter scott of children's hospital of philadelphia is thrilled to see how well little cam is doing during a recent check up at chop. >> are you showing off? >> what's going on here? >> reporter: this is certainly a milestone for cam. >> because this cute little baby boy almost didn't make it. >> i think he's in the miracle category. you can mark him with capital m.
3:46 am
>> his mom went through routine ultrasound at 14 weeks into her pregnancy. she and her husband eric never imagining the devastating diagnosis they would get that day. >> they said, you know, he has what we think is a cystic lesion on his right lung and here are your options. >> unborn child had a huge mass on his right lung. rare birth defect is known congenital cystic add gnome ma toyed malformation. the prognosis not good. >> it was a a big shock. fear a lost words we didn't understand. both of us immediately shot to we're losing the baby. >> reporter: making the situation even worse their doctor in arlington, virginia where the couple lived had limited experience with the condition. the parents to be immediately started researching c cam everything point to do children's hospital of philadelphia. and the center for fetal diagnosis and treatment. >> we book the first appointment
3:47 am
we could. >> reporter: lauren saw dr. scott at 19 weeks. the situation had escalated. the sift had grown substantial substantially. >> huge right side lesion. there's three lobes on the right, two lobes on the left. it look like it occupied most of the right lung, the heart whatever over to the side squished. heart failure. roar report the doctor could have done fetal surgery but the chop team decided on prenatal steroid treatment to save cam's life. >> one that we can give the mother steroids. that helps mature the lung and stop the growth of the lesion. >> reporter: because the baby had developed heart failure, lauren received four rounds of shots over 12 weeks which is a record at chop. >> that stopped the growth it was still very large. >> reporter: on november 3rd of last year, lauren had a planned c-section in the special delivery unit at 37 weeks. >> eric could come in two minutes before the baby was actually born and obgyn held the
3:48 am
baby up and we snapped a couple pictures he wasn't off to surgery. >> reporter: dr. performed delicate and life-saving surgery on cam in adjacent operating room. >> huge lesion. this big. very very sick baby. very very sick. we got the baby through the operation barely. went down to the nic ureport report it was nerve racking and frightening but lauren and eric new camden was in the best of hands. >> about six hours when we actually got to see him for the first time which is -- a long time. >> reporter: couple was not able to hold cam for day or two. once they did it was amazing. >> really calm, happiness. report roar this baby boy rocky road was far from over. doctor at sick had diss covered another mass during the first operation but it was simply too risky to remove at the time.
3:49 am
so 3.5 weeks later, cam was back in surgery. >> we had gotten very close. that was harder to see him wheeled back. >> reporter: cam would spend two months in the nicu at chop he was on high frequency ventilation. this tough little guy managed to pull through. >> someone toll when you say we got into the nicu these babies will amaze you. they're stronger than any of us will ever give them credit for. >> reporter: camden is now seven months old. chest x-rays show his lung is growing nicely. >> he's so sleepy. >> reporter: babies can actually grow more lungs until they're about eight years old. >> there's a saying to operate on baby and save the baby you have to save the -- that's what our team has done. >> he's wonderful little kid. look at him a wonderful little boy. he's going to be great. >> reporter: baby camden is till on feeding tube but it's a
3:50 am
matter of time before he's off of that. he will continue to see a team of specialists at chop every six months or so. but the road to recovery is looking bright. his mom is convinced that he'll run a marathon. his dad thinks he'll be a soccer player. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> i'll bet he'll do both. exactly. >> exactly. >> great story. >> try athlete. >> josh hart has made a decision whether to return to villanova. he toll his head coach jay wright whether he will go into the nba draft and the phillies trying to avoid losing their second straight series in the ryan howard watch continues on how many days he spray left with these phillies all coming up in sports.
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the phillies it's the same story. they are challenged when it comes to scoring runs. now you won't within scoring one run. let's go to detroit. they got that in the ninth. cabrera hotter than hot looks like it could be a homerun. it wasn't. a double. scores run. and detroit goes up on the phillies in the first inning one to nothing. sixth inning with the score still one to nothing, this turn the game around. maikel franco, you got to catch that ball. it was ruled a double you got to catch that ball. that sets up two runs in the inning. so detroit is up three to nothing. justin verlander against this guy ryan howard, one for four with a strike out verlander 10 strike outs, eight innings. ryan howard upped his average from .156. that's terrible. best game tonight in the national league in washington. to washington. that's ben revere former phillie antonio bastardo a former phillie, revere with a homerun. believe in miracles.
3:55 am
the nationals had three homerun. washington wins it seven-four. eagles continue mini camp with two of their major players still not in cam fletcher cox and did darrin sproles. they're not in camp yet but i've got to believe they will be here when the practices are mandatory in june. the players are not even in pads at this point, so no contact so what? the eagles have new coaching staff we know that. and that is also the new offense and defensive coordinators. defense needs to be much better than last year and the new d coordinator jim schwartz knows what he wants to do and feels he has the player to do it with mentee time. >> we're on the right track. we'll put the players in the best position to best use their talents. what we did in buffalo a little different than what we did in detroit which is a little different from what we did in tennessee. all right. it's now or never for those pittsburgh penguins to tampa. tampa was up thee-two. watch sidney crosby. weaves through the defense. puts it through the pads. they go up three-zero pittsburgh
3:56 am
held on and scored a couple late. they win five-two so there will be a game seven in that series. josh hart will be coming back to villanova for his senior season. really wasn't a first round pick nba. he decided to pull his name out of the nba draft. good defense in baseball fun to watch in many cases. that's what we have tonight. let's go to st. louis. watch the player bite the short stop. diaz not only does he catch it, he throws it to first runner for the cubs has to touch second gone back. double play. by the way the cubs won it develop-three. >> it doesn't matter. really nice play. >> it was a great play. >> we've got a big night tonig tonight. >> we do because your mega millions drawing lottery is up next.
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breaking right now on the fox 29 morning news a man is shot dead just over an hour ago in germantown. steve keeley is on the scene with the latest. >> bill cosby will finally face trial for criminal, why the judge ruled. >> and what's in a grade? many in the central bucks school district say they couldn't tell you why parent say new standards based report card system is confusing them, and then hurting their kids. >> plus, free the 6 pack. why governor tom wolf wants to give beer sales the green light at gas stations, good day everybody, it is wednesday, may 25, 2016. excuse my hair and my sniffles. >> oh, little allergies going on? >> ya. >> your hair looks fantastic. >> thank you, kind of like all over the place.


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