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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  May 25, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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breaking right now on the fox 29 morning news a man is shot dead just over an hour ago in germantown. steve keeley is on the scene with the latest. >> bill cosby will finally face trial for criminal, why the judge ruled. >> and what's in a grade? many in the central bucks school district say they couldn't tell you why parent say new standards based report card system is confusing them, and then hurting their kids. >> plus, free the 6 pack. why governor tom wolf wants to give beer sales the green light at gas stations, good day everybody, it is wednesday, may 25, 2016. excuse my hair and my sniffles. >> oh, little allergies going on? >> ya. >> your hair looks fantastic. >> thank you, kind of like all over the place. >> how is your hair today?
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having a good hair day? >> it is pretty good. because we're holding off the humidity until tomorrow. we've got the heat coming today. the humidity tomorrow, and specially friday. but what is this? no rain on radar? we finally got rid of that storm that's been plaguing us ever since saturday. we had rain from it yesterday. now it is gone. 61 degrees, very mild start to the morning, just three mile an hour breeze out there, 72% relative humidity, sunrise time 5 38. and we will have quite a sunrise today. we've got 42 degrees in mount pocono, skies cleared up overnight, that's why we'll see sunshine today. so temperatures did go down in a few places but we kept them mild here in the city, 59 degrees atlantic city, 651 in wilmington, 6 after degrees at the moment in dover, delaware. our winds are coming out of the northwest and the west. so the drier air moving in. at last we don't have rain in the forecast for today.
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plenty of sunshine, pleasant start, already in the 80s probably for some, by lunchtime, and topping off, look at this, 88 degrees. so forget spring, we're developing right into summertime today. we should stay therefore part of the holiday weekend, your forecast is coming up. bob kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, double 8's, wow, it will be cool, 4 02, good morning, crews still out here working from last night, this is the eastbound schuylkill expressway right at conshy, right at 476, only the far left shoulder is open. watch it. i came through here this morning, the barrels are kind of sitting right in that travel lane there. and the guys are right there working, they've got the bright white light out, there open up on the vine street expressway, i don't know what's one this project, supposed to close it every night this week, they've been a no show. but that's okay for all every us that use the vine early in the morning, we're good to go from one end to the other.
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good to go on 95, no major problems on the major roadways, accident wise, some left over construction, crews out here along 422, as you work your way in toward king of prussia. they are working right there, at route 23, in both directions, they're also working on i-95, northbound, at bridge street, on the northbound side, and of course you have your construction at cottman and again at girard avenue. they are doing repaving over in cherry hill, along route 70. it was rough ride home for everybody on market frankford line last night, shuttle buses used until five a.m. full train service returns on both the market frankford and the subway, chris, lauren, back if you. >> thank you so muchment following breaking news, shooting around 2 15, leaves one man dead. >> police say this happened near wayne and west chelten avenues in germantown, going to steve keeley live on scene now, steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, victor's tavern, where somebody was kill here couple of years ago, right out front, has a second murder here, the victim was in this bar, just before closing
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time, came over into this parking lot, that's his hat you see in the parking lot there, among all of the evidence markers, lots of bullet casings, at least, 2 guns, and in this case even though it is only an hour and half old, it is like sadly to say this like an up sewed of law and order, because it seems like the police have it solved and have maybe the killer's in custody already. great police work here in germantown, by the philly cops. and with us is the man in charge, commander overnight, you know him, scott small. what happened here as far as you know? >> well, police officers in patrol in the area heard multiple gunshots around wayne and chelten. they got here within seconds. and they found the victim unconscious on the parking lot, they returned him to the hospital. he was pronounced dead at the hospital at 2 38 a.m. >> gunshot wound to the chest, couple of graze wound to the head. there were several people still on scene. they turned out to be persons of interesting, we had them
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separated, all transported to homicide, and we even had several witnesses that identified our persons of interest of being on the scene when the gunshot errupted. we know there was an altercation between 2 or 3 people, we know definitely two guns used, we found 11 shell casings, and those 11 shell casings are of two separate caliber. so we know two semiautomatic weapons were used on this homicide scene. you can't see they will well but kentucky fried click end and burger king, police lights, looks like guard ago car over, there you think you have a gun in a car over there? >> one of our persons of interest that was positively identified, possibly as a sheeter, were holding his car, we did get some preliminary information that the gun, a gun, actually a gun fired tonight, is in that car. so that car is being held, guarded for prints, but we're really lucky because we have
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philadelphia police cameras right at the intersection, and we have about five other businesses with cameras in close proximity, so working on getting those recordings right now. >> i am talking to viewer last night, it is murder after murder both camden and philadelphia lately. you're in charge. we're talking towel it seem like this all the time. does this ever get to you and all of the cops that are dealing with this stuff on daily basis? it seems like murders just getting out of control in this country and in this city, as well. >> well, it is part of our job, that's what we investigate shootings, we investigate homicides, we take them very seriously. there is definitely too many. like sylvester johnson the commissioner used to say one a year is too many. i agree with that. but that's our job. we respond to these scenes quickly, philadelphia police do great job. like in this particular case if they got here so fast, they were able to get what appears to be the shooter and other individuals that were involved that were still on the scene because police heard the shot, got here within second, and these individuals had no chance to get away and they've
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all been transported to homicide, separately, and crime scene once again out here, homicide detectives, out here, processing this rather extensive scene. >> all right, once again scott small, thank you very much. so sad to say, chris, lauren, you know our viewers are watching going here we go again, starting the just with more murder and mayhem, and hard to congratulate cops doing great work. looks like they catch them almost by instantly reacting like, that but nobody wants a pat on the back when they have to deal with stuff like this. >> that's right. and one murder too many. >> also breaking,ing it 1 year old man also in the hospital after police say he was shot once in the back at philmore and tackawanna streets in frankford. around 1 30, police were called tore area health where they say he told them he was hit near that location. officials say they are looking for two men caring guns who also shot out the back window of a car parked outside of the nearby china house restaurant. >> a montgomery county school will be back in session after a fire cut classes short
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yesterday. flames inside north penn high school sent kids home just after 12 p.m. now, we ' hearing the fire started in a maintenance room. thankfully no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. school officials say classes will resume as normal this morning. >> let's get to the top story. confusion over grades in the central bucks school district has parent really confused about their child's progress. >> first teaching them the new math, now figure out how they did the new math. what's in place currently deserves a f. what's a f mean? we'll go live to dave in doylestown. >> a, b, c, assisi as 123. apparently not. here in doylestown a complicated grading system much like the once popping up at school districts across the philadelphia region, this one here in central bucks, paren tell us that they used to know where their children stood when they had the traditional abc letter grades, but they're gone now, in their place, what's called standard space
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system, for example, parents say that their kids are getting a m for meeting standards, versus the old way, and they say it doesn't tell them anything about the progress of their children and their confusion does not ends there. >> it means out standing? >> a on the same document with two completely different meanings. >> i have two very separate, very different learners, and very different perform nerves school. their report cards look identical. they get m's in everything. i have a child who will come home with one hundred on a math test, and it is a m. avenue child who will come home with five wrong on math test, it is a m. everything is a m. >> parents want the system overhauled, but some think
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come posted compromise, high grade of letter grades and standard indicators won't work either. overall we're told the entire system will have to be changed but that can't happen by september. the school board voted last night five to four in favor of adding letter grades to current report cards for fifth and 6 graders only. bottom line, parents say, if they don't get it, they're left out of the process. they say that's the worse place they can be. back to you. >> we'll keep an eye on that, dave, thank up. a pennsylvania judge ruled yesterday there is enough evidence for comedian bill cosby to face kyle on criminal sexual assault charges. in a montgomery county courtroom, prosecutors portray him as a preditor. they claim he called andrea constand to his cheltenham home in early 200 had, drug her with pills, and wine, groped her as she drift in the and out of consciousness. cosby's defense hammered at con stand's credibility, while maintaining the relations were concentual. she herself did not testify but a detective did read parts of her interview with
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authorities. >> the typical defense tactic is always attack the victim. put the victim on trial, not your client. >> what they presented today was evidence of nothing. they had 12 years to bring in an accuser to confront mr. cosby. they chose not to. >> constand is expected to testify at the trial. cosby waived his right to be formally arraigned and enter a plea. the case now in the hands of the lawyers, some reports say it could be a year or more before cosby goes to trial. >> developing this morning, protests outside a donald trump rally in new mexico turned pretty violent last night. >> demonstrators are seen burning t-shirts and flags, even throwing them at police officers outside the albuquerque convention center there. were also reports of bottles and rocks being thrown. police responded by using pepper spray as the crowd pushed down barricades inside the rally, trump was interrupted repeatedly by shouting protesters. trump supporters responded with chats of build that wall.
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getting really contentious. >> crowd of commute ers, a septa stop involving a tourist, what he was doing before he fell on to the tracks. and there is this: >> we have been together for 23 years. he is my heart. he is my life. he is everything to me. and i'm going to miss him dearly. >> a family mourns after their loved one is killed in a hit-and-run waiting for his bus. where police say that driver is right now. >> and we are keeping up with breaking news this morning, steve keeley live on the scene with the latest as police investigate the shooting death of a man killed over an hour ago in germantown. for dog hair and dirt
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>> the beach at the end of this week, sounds very balmy. >> very summary, like we skip right over spring. expect high of 88 degrees today at least friday, saturday, sunday. that low finally got out of here, the one that started bothering us saturday. now we can expect rain fro day. >> that's good thing, as we look at the area. we see nothing on radar. we've got the new list of atlantic hurricane names, alex first one on the list, because, yes, you know what, we'll actually refine that list because we are looking at the possibility of something in the tropics, before the season actually starts, and that had a happen on june the first, tropical storm season. here is a look at the 7 day forecast, numbers for you, i got the pictures for you. working on the words.
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>> since you want to run out, enjoy it, make sure to have the sunscreen, as we remind you yesterday, make sure you reply. so, 88 degrees, giving awe ten out of ten today. we don't expect the humidity to kick in until tomorrow. so, thursday and friday, will be warm and humid, close to 9 degrees with heat index in the 90s, friday we've got afternoon and evening pop up thunderstorms, saturday, sunday look good. chance of some rain monday in a will keep us in the 70s monday, i don't think necessarily wash out memorial day itself. another chance of showers on actuals. i told you, get ready to sweat. >> sweating in the 80s, good morning, 417 a.m., old school construction crews out here along route 23 right at the 422 interchange in valley forge, a lot of paving operations again, they were behind from that whole week's worth of rain that we had. so taking advantage of the nicer temps, and out there
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little later than normal, no show again tonight on the vine street expressway, or last night i should say. so we are good to go, no problems at all coming into or out of center city on the vine street expressway. septa using shuttle buses on both the market frankford and the broad street subway last night's ride home was interrupted, someone hit by train here, on the market frankford, elevated line, underneath in the tunnels, and that forced shuttle bus service for the entire evening rush hour. so this morning's bus service just a result of the normal overnight work, and trains will start rolling again at 5. >> eastbound schuylkill, they are working right near 476 right at the conshy interchange. >> no problems on the blue route looking good on 995.
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>> chris, lauren, back to you. >> today three liquor control board members will consider 9 beer license applications from seen screen yens, currently, state law prohibit business frost selling both beer and gas. >> beer and gasoline on the same property as long as the . of sale are separate. the state supreme court is now considering an appeal. >> free the 6 pack, state letter to the state liquor control board, let gas stations sell beer. >> here is his letter, in part it reads allowing malls or brewed beverages to be sold at gas stations under appropriate circumstances, and an important step toward our share goal of freeing the 6 pack, increase being satisfaction for all pennsylvanians. >> so as of now pennsylvania liquor code denies beer
4:20 am
licenses to any location that sells fuel or oil. >> lansdale doylestown line, septa already installed ptc on the fox chase line. that safety system is designed to limit human error by regulating train separation, avoiding collisions, between trains, and enforcing speed limits on the track. >> septa getting ready to formally announce partnership with the rared sharing service uber. details will re-release today on summer pilot program between the two. it will aim to increase access to and from regional rail stations in the suburbs. septa says, the program is part of ongoing research that they're conducting on how ride sharing services impact public transit. >> more than 20% every riders already use ride sharing to connect to septa services. >> officials at the port authority of new york revamp how it plans to spend tens of billions of dollars over the next decade. former 28 billion dollar plan was heavily criticized for not including bus terminal.
4:21 am
organization chairman says the new plan could be ready by september and includes bus terminal money, plus, major renovations at electric guard ya and newark liberty airports. >> devastating scene in northeast philadelphia. a man just waiting for his bus, when a car crashes into him, and kills him. we broke this story yesterday morning. we've since learned the victim is 50 year old the husband and father of two killed while he was standing at a bus stop in northeast philly. he worked the overnight shift at a warehouse and was on his way home when he was hit. >> we have been together for 23 years. he is my heart. he is my life. he is everything to me. and i'm going to miss him dearly. >> said dealing with this tragedy is really difficult. as for the driver, police say, he got out, looked at him, and then ran away on foot. he eventually turned himself in around 8 yesterday morning, police say, speed and weather were both factors in that crash. >> in chester count a woman seriously injured after she is
4:22 am
dragged along the side after car as a man steels her purse. tredyffrin township police now trying to find this man and another one. police say one of them grabbed the victim's purse, in the gateway shopping center around 8 last thursday, they say one of the suspect later used a woman's credit cards as he tried to buy crest light strips and raisers. police think the suspect might live in lancaster county. >> don't look now but the phillies who were doing so well lost again yesterday. they lost four out of five, they're playing this after none again in detroit. much more straight ahead, sports in a minute. but first here are your winning lottery numbers.
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>> this guy is so hot, miguel, detroit us a up one-nothing, up three-nothing, with justin, on the mound, ryan howard, would you say this is casino of overmatching ryan howard? he was one for four, but he struck out again. up average 156 to 159, but the phillies lose to detroit. >> big game in the national east last night, to washington, ben revere the hitter former phil. and that is the pitcher, and ben revere actually gets
4:26 am
homerun. five homeruns for the nationals. they beat the mets 7 to 4. now or never for the pit burying penguins to tampa. watch sydney crosby. they might dislike him in philadelphia, but he weaves to the defense, he shoots, he scores, made it 3-nothing, pittsburgh wins it 5-2, there will be another game. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> we are live in germantown and from shots in a bar at closing time to lot of shots in the parking lot across the street from the bar. 3 guys, three guns, one dead.
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>> shots ring out in germantown. steve keeley has a live report coming up. and this: >> it was a big inconvenience, the shuttle wasn't running, then you had to go across the street, catch the shut many, big inconvenience. stranded after tourists had tragic accident at a septa stop. what was doing when he fell on the tracks. >> and the heat is on after the rain comes, the sunshine, sue has your forecast in just a moment. >> all right, the 25 day, the month of may, 5 25, 16, let's got right to the weather. because we've been waiting for
4:30 am
it to dry out. then, sue, we went from one extreme to the other, right? >> it is true, take that 180 swing with our temperatures, and we've been hearing complaints throughout the month of may, that it is too cool, it is not warm enough, it is not sunny enough, and we certainly have had a lot of rain, and we've had temperatures that were cooler than average. now going to the other extreme. not yet. we wanted to check visibility first, because we thought there might be some fog, all of the moisture in the air left over from yesterday. really only slightly reduced visibility out there in berks county. we have 61 degrees in philadelphia, three mile per hour wind, 72% relative humidity, that's not bad. and see what the wind coming out of the northwest, that bridges the drier air in, at least for today. 42 degrees mount pocono, 58 in trenton, 56 degrees over in lancaster, see 61 wilmington, of 2 in dover, and in atlantic city, all of the shore towns getting ready for the big weaken, starting off 59 degrees, checking radar here, show you, oh, nothing for the
4:31 am
first time this week. yes, finally, got rid of. that will now with the warm temperatures on the way, we have an air quality warning in effect, this is what happens when it get hot outside in the air, it doesn't move around a lot. if you have breathing issues might be challenge for you today. so we have the win again coming out of the northwest, mostly, once we switch to a southwesterly wind, that's when the humidity comes. and that will probably start tomorrow afternoon. so, we've got planner that has plenty of sunshine in it, and a high of 88 degrees, bob kelly, double 8's for you today. >> just want you to know i listen to your key words, so i can use for my excuse not to have to cut the grass. breathing issues. >> breathing issues. >> breathing issues today, right, lauren? yes, breathing issues, no cuts the grass today, i need to take it easy. good morning, everybody, live look at the freeway coming in toward philadelphia. no problems or delays at all. certainly taking it easy at this hour. they are picking up the cones after a night of work on the schuylkill expressway. they're moving the barrels
4:32 am
over to the side here. eastbound, right near 476, now, we mention at the top of the show, rough go yesterday afternoon for everyone using the market frankford line. more details on that in a moment. as far as this morning, they'll use shuttle buses until 5 that's normal overnight track work, then regular service will return, the trains will roll on both the market frankford and the broad street subway, beginning this morning, at 5. otherwise, the schuylkill looking good. the blue route no problems, going to slide on down and say good morning to wilmington, north on 95. construction crew, right at 495, all of these work zones are trying to wrap stuff up by tomorrow. so there will be no work at all or at least no extra work crews out there over the holiday weekend. like this project here, along 422, they're still out there near route 23, with some lane restrictions until about 5. and we are looking good at the airport. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you. to breaking news, police searching for the person who shot and killed a man in
4:33 am
germantown overnight. >> police say it happened near the intersection every wayne and west chelten avenues. steve keeley live in germantown with the latest on exactly what happened. hi, steve. >> reporter: yes, just about every fast-food chain is on this corner, so popular place. also, popular in the middle of the night, because they have tavern across the street where we've been to before for murder. apparently, this victim was in at the tavern drinking right before last call, comes out in the parking lot, gets in a altercation with a couple of guys. police believe everybody involved had gun including the victim, they haven't found the victim's gun, so somebody probably pick it up, took off with it, what they have is the victim's hat you see there among a lot of evidence markers, and this whole big parking lot in the dark, but you can't see way across the parking lot, is strewn with evidence markers, they have a car over there with a 40 caliber gun in it, and one of the accused gunmen admits that is his car, that's his gun inside, and probably say it was all self-defense, so police have to sort this out whether anybody had a license to carry a gun, and whether it was self-defense or not.
4:34 am
but the guy that got shot here got shot so many times. he didn't have a chance. he was pronounced dead. >> this all just happened at 2 30 at closing time here at victor's tavern. chris, lauren? >> another sad scene at that, steve, thank you. >> also breaking this morning, 21 year old is in the hospital after police say he was shot once in the back at philmore and tackawanna streets in frankford around 1 30, police were called, to area health, where he told them he was hit near that location, looking for two men caring guns who also shot out the back window after car parked right outside after china house restaurant. >> 4 34, two men walked into an alley but only came -- one came out alive. camden police looking for this man, in a red shirt, if you can make this out. little hard to see. but there he is running away from the camera. they say he ran from the scene of a murder on the 28 hundred block of north constitution road last friday. 24 year old james rhodes died from a gunshot wound. if you know anything about that man, in the red shirt, you see there, call police. >> pennsylvania teenager
4:35 am
accused of trying to assist the islamic state group has pleaded not guilty. he is accused of tweeting out the names and addresses of military personnel with threat of violence. 19 year old jahlil aziz maintains his innocence. prosecutors charging him with solicitation to commit a crime of violence and transmit ago communication containing a threat to injury. >> well, things are back to normal this morning after tourist sitting philadelphia slips and falls into oncoming septa train. >> can you imagine seeing this? police say yesterday right during the five p.m. rush hour a man fell on to the tracks, this is at 13 station, was hit and killed by an oncoming train. the victim was with his wife who officials say witnessed the accident right there from the platform. the couple was from out of town and had just been sightseeing. the accident left septa's busiest line shutdown for about an hour and a half. >> it was a big inconvenience, the shuttles wasn't running, you had to go across the street and catch the shuttle. big inconvenience. >> police have not identified
4:36 am
the victim. septa police do not suspect foul play or suicide and just say this happened to be a tragic accident. >> can you imagine that poor lady seeing her husband just fall on the tracks and die in front of her eyes? >> so sad. developing this morning, protests outside donald trump rally in new mexico turn violent last night. >> take a look for yourself, demonstrate cents ers seen burning flags, throwing them at police outside the albuquerque convention center, also report of bottles being thrown, police responded using pepper spray as they push down barricades inside the rally, trump was interrupted repeatedly by shouting protesters. trump supporters responded with chant of: build that wall. >> all right, 4 36 this morning, let's get out to dave kinchen grade agnew grading system. >> yes, report cards are looking really confusing to a lot of parent here in central bucks. after the break, we'll go by the new letters. see you then.
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4:39 am
>> let's go to dave kinchen. >> reporter: the grading system used to be about as simple as central bucks sign here at the administration building, pretty straightforward, there, right? well, now the grading system
4:40 am
that this district is using is a lot like the grading system popping up in other district across the philadelphia region, parent tell us that they new where their children stood with the traditional abc letter grades. but they're gone now, in their place, what's called standards-based system, for example, parent tell us that their kids getting a m for meeting standards versus the old way, doesn't tell them anything about the progress of their children, and their confusion doesn't end there. >> i have 2 very separate, very different learners, and very different performers in school. their record cards look identical. they get m's in everything. i have a child who will come home with a one hundred on a math test, and it is a m. i have a child who will come home with five wrong on a math test, it is a m. everything is a m.
4:41 am
>> means out standing ... we'll have the letter a on the same document with two completely different meanings. >> well, parent want the system overhauled, some think proposed compromise for next year will create problems, too, that's a hybrid of letter grades and standard indicators, parent don't think that will work, either, overall told the entire system will have to be changed but his can't happen by september due to timing, the school board voted five to four to adler grades to current report cards for fifth and 6 graders only, parents are saying right now they feel left out of the whole thing and that's the last place a parent want to be is left out of the education process, knowing how their kids are doing. >> absolutely, then because if you don't know, then you don't know how to go to the educator and say i need help for my kids. >> right. exactly. >> new report from pennsylvania state officials reveal some disturbing news about 42 thousand calls to
4:42 am
that child abuse hotline went unanswered last year alone. >> 42 thousand. pennsylvania secretary for human services has said that thousands of kids were put in potential danger and work to go fix this. calls to the hotline grew after a law went into effect in 2015 that made more adult get clearances, in criminal backgrounds checks, before working with kids. officials say they are work to go get down to 4% of unanswered calls. >> all right, let's head down the shore. first stop, atlantic city, what the mayor there want everyone to know about the struggling shore towns for the holiday weekend. on this cushion for generations.
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>> this friday we're coming to ocean sit. >> i sign up so you can win this brand new mazda cx. click on the contest page, on our home page, we will pick finalist, once a week, and on our final show, one person will have the key that opens up that car. >> it will be fun. so here is where we are headed the next several weeks, few more spots that we will announce, so come on out, see us, sign to up win that car you just saw the new mazda cx9. >> sue serio, i just have to ask you because i'm struggling, what is up with the allergies? >> it is all of this stuff blowing around, you know, with the rain that we've had, ever since the weekend, according
4:46 am
to the asthma center blog, now mold spores are up. so if that's what you are allergic to, they're in the very high levels. grasses have moved up a lot. now that everybody's cutting their grass, because it has been growing so much, and tree pollen is still very very highment not seeing so much with the ragweeds at the moment. the forecast is for that to continue through the weekends with high pressure now in control, it moves off shore, and allows the very warm air to move in. so, expect to get into the upper 80s today, but the humidity will probably give us a break for a day, and then it starts to really feel sticky starting tomorrow. specially in the afternoon. now, we will watch this nearby frontal system, because it is supposed to sort of meander through the area, throughout the weekend, could touch off an occasional storm here and there, but, generally, the forecast pretty summary. the unofficial start of summer. no rain to show you on radar, for a change, and there is the holiday weaken pattern with a off shore high pressure system, and temperatures increasing, from warm to hot
4:47 am
as we get into friday, and saturday, especially. we're looking at temperatures right now, 61 in philadelphia, 54 medford lakes, 58 trenton, 54 in wrightstown, at the shore we have brigantine with 59 degrees. it is a little milder inland. in some places, depends on where the skies really cleared up, and we had the radiational cooling, 51 valley forge, 54 degrees in reading at the moment. so now, average high up to 77 degrees, as things keep warming up in those days get longer. so the longer the sun is up, the more after chance we have to warm up. and we already made it into the 80s yesterday. so, we are well above average. and that trend continues. in this 7 day forecast, 88 degrees today, 89 tomorrow, upper 80s, on friday, some places will probably make it to 90 on friday, but do have pretty good chance of pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon, on friday. not in the morning for our trip to ocean city, for good day drives you. but, as we head into the
4:48 am
weekend it, looks like monday will be quite different from saturday, and sunday, with temperatures topping off in the 7 70s, and a chance of some rain, but we have a chance to work on that, as well. bob kelly, it is wednesday. >> so, if we don't cut the grass, that will help with the grass pollen? >> well, yes. just don't go outside. >> there you go. there goes my shore list today. i'm done. can i not cut the grass today. good morning, everybody, just trying get out that far little sticky tab list, that's on the refrigerator there. live look at i95, no problems yet, as you head out the front door headed into downtown philly. they're wrapping up this overnight project, the paving of route 23, right near the 422 out there in valley forge. otherwise, we're good to go at the moment on the schuylkill expressway. no problems into or out of the airport there on i-95. but we will pull that parachute cord and drop on down into fairmount park where there is an accident along belmont avenue. right at monument road, between monument and conshohocken road.
4:49 am
so, both lanes are blocked there. so belmont avenue, that little short cut for folks from city avenue into downtown, you just want to take city avenue down in toward the schuylkill expressway. that's probably going to be your best bet at least if you are leaving the house right now. both septa, shuttle buses are running, on the market frankford, and the broad street, so wait until 5. that's the normal overnight. last night's accident that caused shuttle bussing for the evening rush hour, that whole scenario has been cleared and we will expect full service on the trains this morning. for the gang down in wilmington, north on 9 the a, construction right at 495. and northeast philly, just watch for that construction squeeze, north on 95, at bridge street. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. more legal trouble for johnson & johnson. washington state and california both suing the company. misrepresenting saggital i can plant, say johnson & johnson sole nearly five thousand of
4:50 am
the devices and thousands of women had complication complications, earlier this year the fda relabeled as high risk, instead of just moderate. >> a pennsylvania man pleads guilty to hacking into the e-mail and on line account of several female celebrities. >> ryan column heinz lives in lancaster pleaded guilty yesterday to gaining access to unauthorized accounts between november of 2012 and september of 2014. jennifer laurence, kate upton, kierston dunst, had photos leak around that time. no celebrities were identified in the plea agreement, because there was no evidence collins posted or shared any information he obtained. sentencing date yet to be set. >> at c open for business and pleasure, the message city off the i shall want everyone to know as the holiday weekends approaches. >> this as ac struggles with severe financial problems, what officials say the city's 180 restaurant and now russ night clubs and shopping out litz are all un affected by the money problems. atlantic city 8 casinos opened, ready for guests, mayor don guardian says atlantic city still the place
4:51 am
to party. i was just there over the weaken. and you can't even tell anything is wrong. >> it will be warm, memorial day, should g nice. >> some of the smartest students could you ever hope to meet. how these local wiz kids beat out hundreds toss compete on the national stage. >> can you spell all of their names right? >> not the first or the last. >> ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> good morning, 4 54. >> i warn you, take your allergy meds. the national spelling bee set to take place, four local student come poling this year. >> don't ask me to spell their names either. let's start from left to right. here, in a is adidi, 8 grader from garnet valley middle school garnet mills, acash, malvern, pa, sighese7 grader from pen alexander school in philly and the one on the right there now, that is
4:55 am
serika patty, from cherry hill, new jersey, total of 285 contestants punch their ticket into this competition. >> congratulations to you four. >> absolutely. >> that's super exceeding. >> they study so hard for that too. the location for the next franklin three has been determine. >> may 28 event set to take place outside reading terrible nam market on filbert between 11 and 12. free market which goes through different locations throughout the year usually features between 40 and 60 vendors, some things you may find this coming saturday include antiques, franklin will begin 11 a.m., reading terminal open from 8 until 6 saturday. >> those are fun. let's talk sports, shall we? >> lets december it. >> start on the hard wood? >> sure. the nba defending champs now facing elimination after getting blown out by the thunder last night. >> so seth curry and the warp years have no answer for the
4:56 am
high powered offense led by russell westbrook. oklahoma sit wins that one by 23 after setting the single season record for wins. golden state now just one lost away, from being knocked out of the playoff. >> seth curry with the injuries, and russell was brooke might be the most underrated player in the nba. he is amazing. 4 6 a. septa gearing up for unlikely partnership. why the transportation authority is getting into business with the ride sharing service uber. >> plus in health news, why new study find divorce could spell disaster for a man's diet.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> bragging right now, one man rushed to the hospital, police arrive so quickly they may have the killer in custody. steve keeley has a live report coming up. >> details revealed in court that are sending bill cosby to trial. >> what's in a grade? many in the central bucks school district say they couldn't tell you why parent say new standards-based report card system is confusing them, and hurting their kids. >> and tom wolf pushing the pedal on letting stores sell gas and beer. why the pennsylvania governor wants to, quote, free the 6 pack. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, may 25, 2016. it will be a warm one, lauren don johnson. >> it is, allergies out of control. so just waking up make sure to take that medicine before you
5:00 am
head out the door, sue serio. >> or. net i pot. a loft just started doing that kind, you know, little gross but gets the job done. what number do you think we'll get today? how about we just do double digits? >> really? >> really? >> no rain in the forecast, humidity isn't going to kick in until tomorrow. and it will be nice and warm and feeling like summertime. why not? already starting to see the combination of sunrise, because, it is official at 5 38. 59 degrees, calm winds out there, a tranquil, beautiful start to the day. 40 degrees in mount pocono, that's our chilly spot this morning. we have 52 allentown and reading. we're close to 60, as we said, in philadelphia, and 62 degrees in dover. so this is what a little bit of the radiational cooling, because these temperatures are lower than last hour. but, sunrise coming soon. so they're only going to go up from here. finally got rid that far pesky low pressure system, that caused that rain ever since


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