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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  May 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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questioning in connection with this crime that happened about an hour ago. >> violent protests, chaos, consume ago donald trump rally overnight. anti-trump protesters lighting fires, throwing rocks, and smashing doors. the mayhem this morning. >> some police officers got hurt. plus, save the 6 packs. here, governor wolf's plea to the liquor control board, about expanding where beer can be sold. how about swing to go get some gasoline and pick up a 6 pack? good day, may 25, 2016. hi everybody. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> right off the top our spied is her still on this camera. >> spider research? >> little bit, yes.
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>> franklin institute there? >> i've been a recluse for few years myself. >> inspecterium. >> great. >> let's get to the number. >> i'm ready for that. >> you think you know? >> boom. >> and here's why, because the humidity, is not going to really kick in until tomorrow. so we've got nice warm day, it won't feel too sticky, bus stop buddy here to remind to you wear your sunscreen, off to nice start with all of the sunshine, and most of our temperatures in the 50's, 59 degrees, five mile per hour winds, had sunrise officially at 5 38. these days are so nice and long this time, spring, and now we have sunshine to enjoy it after most of the month. mount pocono, 39 degrees, 49 in pottstown, 54 degrees in lancaster, 56 in wilmington, and atlantic city and for a
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change, weaver no rain to show you on ultimate doppler radar. so plan on temperatures warming up pretty quickly today, 71 degrees, by 9. by noon should be at 82, should top off with 88 degrees today, sunset time 8 18. see if we can keep this going for the holiday weekend? we'll let you know. >> keep it going, sue. looking good, 6 02, good morning everybody on a wednesday, accident here, look at this fellow, down the embankment, 422, eastbound, at egypt road. it looks like veered off the roadway, clipped metal guardrail, and then down the embankment. this is all eastbound 422 right at egypt road. road that we typically start to see the jams occur right around this hour here headed eastbound in toward king of prussia. so, factor in a few extra minute ahead of you there. live look at the benny, no the bad at all. starting to seat sun pop out. definitely going to have some sun glare getting up to 88 as sue just mentioned, so pack your shades, take the
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convertible to work. no problems yet but see the sun glare at the curve starting to see delays. >> we had shoot-out apparently in germantown overnight it left a man dead. >> police say it happened near wayne and west chelten avenues. the steve keeley near the scene. >> hey, steve? >> wide open for criminal activity right in this parking lot and in the parking lot across chelten avenue here at major intersection wayne and chelten almost couple of shootouts. at least 3 gunmen. >> in the video we show you right here baseball cap sitting along evidence markers, the guy killed and pronounced dead at 2 38 a.m. was wearing that hat. and he was at local tavern across the street, came out closing time. words exchange in the this
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parking lot. gunfire happened. and the cops on patrol in this neighborhood, hear the gunfire, and get here almost inch is that stain justly. >> well, police officers in patrol in the area heard multiple gunshot around wayne and chelten. they got here within seconds. and they found the victim unconscious on the parking lot, they rushed him to the hospital. he was pronounced dead at the hospital at 2 38 a.m. gunshot wound to the chest, couple of graze wounds to the head. there were several people still on scene. they turned out to be persons of interest. >> so you're looking inside the smokey front door window of victor's tavern. we've been here before, so police covered murder out in front of this tavern, just steps outside this store couple of years ago, as i recall, and then in this tavern, they have lots of surveillance cameras, in fact, the front door even tells us, they've got surveillance cameras. police have look at the surveillance, they see the 25 year old victim in there
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wearing his baseball cap moment before he came outside the tavern, and got killed. they also see the persons of interest that they now have in custody in that bar, as well, we come back to the live picture, the one scene that is still left here you see across chelten avenue, reopened, police suv behind that black car, that black car owned by one of the persons of interest, and he admits to police he's got his 40 caliber gun inside that car, they are just waiting for a search warrant. alex, mike? >> 6 05. >> also developing this morning 21 year old man also in the hospital after police say he was shot once in the back, at philmore and tackawanna streets in frankford. around 1 30, police were called to the area health where they say he told them he was hit near that location. officials say they're looking for two men caring guns, who also shot out the back window after car, parked outside of the nearby china house restaurant. >> all right, back to this case, a pennsylvania judge ruled yesterday there is enough evidence for convene -- comedian bill cosby to face
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trial on criminal sexual assault charges, didn't take that long to decide. >> didn't at allment prosecutors claim he called andrea con stand to his cheltenham home early 2004, drug her, with pills and wine, and groped her, she was in and out of consciousness. they hammered, con stand did not testify but a detective red part of her interview with authorities. >> the typical defense tactic is always attack the victim. put the victim on trial, not your client. >> what they presented today was evidence of nothing. they had 12 years to bring in an accuser, they chose not to. >> andrea will testify at the trial. cosby waves his right to be formally arraigned and end area plea. case now in the hand of lawyers than arraignment is expected to happen july. >> that famous attorney, gloria, representing about 30 other women involved in other
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accusations, most of them on the west coast. >> protests outside donald trump rally in new mexico overnight, it has turned violent. >> demonstrators were seen burning t-shirts, flags, even throwing them at police officers outside the al buy concern i convention center, report of bottles and rocks being thrown, too. police responded by using pepper spray as the crowd pushed down barricades, some officers were even hurt. inside the rally trump was interrupt dollars repeatedly by shouting protestersment trump supporters responded with chants of builds that wall. >> all right, let's get back to our area. who a local woman said she was kicked out of her children's class, it is casino after toddler's class at a ymca. what she was doing that made people so uncomfortable. she says, well, she was asked to leave. >> plus, governor wolf pushing the metal on gas and beer.
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how they want to free the 6 pack.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> it is going to be a beautiful day today. >> 6 10, matter of fact, an outcrying on social media, after a local woman said she was kick out of a ymca class
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for breast feeding her baby. >> but the ymca is calling it a total miss understanding. >> kate said she was in a movement class at the spring valley ymca in limerick monday. she said she has breast fed her son in the billing before but monday she was toll to cover up and leave the room. >> i stood up with west, and they said, if you're going to nurse again, you need to do it in the hallway. there are benches in the hallway. i said why? she was like, well, there are men in this class, they're uncomfortable, they've been making complaint. >> but it is a toddlers class, right? >> the ceo at the ymca called it all a miss understanding, he said staff and the children needed to use the balance beam that kate was sitting on, and that's why she was asked to go elsewhere. he says women are welcome to breast feed anywhere in their
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facility. >> all right, we had a bunch of tornados last night. >> problems, people had to deal with yesterday and last evening, fine out where that was, that's pretty darn big tornado, bobbing. >> act opposite here today. right now, we got some sun glare, but an accident on 422. >> jammo headed into kop. speaking of sun glare, outside we go, as the sunrises over downtown philly, in the benny. sue has the forecast, we will grab cup of coffee and come right back.
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>> northeast philly, quakertown, wildwood, wilmington, come out to see us, sign up to win a brand new. sue, did i mention, you could get put on tv. >> that's right. tell you what, i'm so glad i'm not forecasting the weather last weekend, this weekend, because i would be in a whole lot of trouble. you're in trouble if you have seasonal allergies, allergic to tree pollen, grasses casino every hi, mold spores because of the rain we've had very high, ragweeds, not so much. and the forecast, for pollen for the next couple of days, takes us into the medium high levels, fry looks like the peak, before the thunderstorms hit in the afternoon, then, on saturday, it is still pretty high. we've still got some thunderstorms in the center of the country, but high pressure has taken over for us. so we're finally seeing dry weather. now, as we look throughout the region at 63 degrees in lewes, delaware, 59 across the bay in
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cape may. then we look to up atlantic city where it is 56 degrees, brigantine, 58, 52 mays landing, pottstown, chillier 49. but still pretty comfortable. 59 in the city. 52 degrees in allentown, so, as we look back, before we look ahead, we got into the 80s for the first time in the month of may. yesterday three days in april but us a of yesterday we hadn't. now pretty much through sunday, 88 today, 89 tomorrow, afternoon and evening thunderstorms possible on friday, with high of close to 909 degrees. saturday, sunday, in the 80s, but monday looks to be a cooler day chan of showers in the forecast, and 80s when we get back into the 80s on monday. that's what we got going on. so almost all 8's, hope you got your shoulder pads, bob
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kelly. >> never good whether you start the day off in hand cuffs, but i think what we have here. a dui, here on 422. result in the this accident here. one vehicle crash, looks like the guy left the roadway, tore down this metal barrier, the guardrail, luckily no one hurt seriously could have been worse at 6 a.m. this morning, but eastbound lanes of 422 only one lane open, right lane, toward egypt road. will set the tone for the beginning of the morning rush hour, headed in toward king of prussia. here comes the sun. get ready. sue is throwing a ten up on the big board, the sun popping out earliment grab your shades, northbound 95, we will see sun glare actually in all of the normal spot. the schuylkill, coming around the curve, we got delays south on 95, into the betsy ross
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bridge. go par troop, plop, along belmont avenue between monument road and conshohocken road. an accident, now, that's the little short cut, belmont avenue, you got the water reservoir right, there so just stick with city line, take that down to the schuylkill expressway, and you'll be good to go, and just watch for some work crews out today, through flourtown, along route 309, at paper mill road. mike and alex back over to you. >> 6 19. >> things are back to normal along septa subway this morning, after a deadly accident shutdown service in the really heart of the evening rush. >> police say a man fell on to the tracks at the 13 street station, was hit and killed by oncoming trains. the victim was with his wife who officials say witnessed the accident from the platform, the couple from out of town, just been sightseeing. the accident left septa's busiest line shutdown for an hour and a half. and they believe it was just an accident. >> let's get to the midwest here. >> several states dealing with the severe wet they are morning. >> yes, multiple large, and i
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mean big time tornados, look at this one, touched down in my home state of kansas. talked to my sister last night, several people being hurt, the extent of the injuries, not quite known at this hour. also, report of homes and buildings being destroyed by these giant tornados. >> other states including oklahoma, colorado, texas and arkansas, saw damage from severe weather yesterday including lightning strikes, and flashflooding. so far no one has died from these storms, but the threat for more severe weather continues to the rest of this week. >> specially this afternoon. >> and, federal authorities are seeking the death penalty against accused charleston shooter, dillan rough. now faces death, there he is, in both federal and state court cases and the state court he is set to be tried in january. but his federal trial has not been scheduled yet. roof is facing multiple murder charges, for killing nine
6:21 am
worshippers last june inside after charleston church, back in june of last year. the shooting sparked a national conversation, that ultimately led to the removal of several confederate symbols in that state. septa, how it will get easier to and from rail station. >> and they're white house bound. this will be fun. find out when the national champion wildcats of villanova gets to meet the president of the united states.
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>> still scores a run, detroit's up one-nothing, up three-nothing with justin, on the mound, ryan howard, would you say this is casino of overmatching ryan howard? he was one for four, but he struck out, again, he played up his average 156 to 159, phillies lose to detroit. big league game last night, ben eve ear the hitter, and that is the pitcher, and ben revere actually gets homerun, five homeruns, for the nationals, they beat the mets 7-4, now or never for the
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pit burying penguins to tampa. watch sydney crosby. hey, they might dislike him in philadelphia. but he weaves to the defense, he shoots, he scores, made it 3-nothing, pittsburgh wins it 5-2, there will be a game 7. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> hold on. i love sport in a minute. but i'm going to do another minute. >> okay? >> so this would be sports in 2 minutes. >> sounds good to me. >> villanova wildcats, the men's basketball teen, is headed to the white house to celebrate their national championship, the team tweeted out yesterday that they will meet with the president of the united states, at the white house, next tuesday. >> the team of course remember beats north carolina tar heels in a buzzer beater, right, and they won it all, now the win result in celebrations all around the villanova campus, this parade amazing, in center sit. >> i remember all of this, alec, tell me something new. >> how about this? josh heart, he is coming back for his senior season. >> okay. >> he sent out this tweet late last night announcing he pulled his name from the nba draft. he averaged over 15 points a
6:26 am
game last year. >> he is back on campus. >> look, 2 thousand re tweets. people are excited he's coming back. >> let's get no this. an a is no longer an a, dave kinchen. what is a a? used to be abc on the report cards here in the central bucks district, what parents are used to, we have new letters, for new standards, but it is lead to go confusion. we'll tell you what the district is trying to do about it after the break. spent more than 30 years in the public schools.
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we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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>> 6 28. gunned down in a parking lot watch police fawn at the scene after deadly shooting in germantown overnight. >> plus, things really got out of hand at a donald trump rally in new mexico last night. what protesters were throwing at police injuring the police, that led them to using pepper spray on the crowd. throwing the 6 pack, loosen up the laws little bit, prohibit be where beer can be sold. >> it is may the 25, 2016. we found some footage of actually a friend of mine sent this to me from dodge city, kansas, just outside of dodge city. look at the size of this tornado. >> wow. >> that thing, i would imagine, is probably a half a mile wide. >> that's unreal. >> thank god it was in pasture
6:30 am
land out there. that's why it was turning all brown, kicking up all of the dirt, sue, huge, and there were a lot of them, over colorado, arkansas, and texas. >> yes still is frontal system kind of marching across the country. we will see about whether it gets here in time for the weekends, there is some differing opinions on that. i so unreal. look like hollywood special effect, but it was real. incredible. so, here's bus stop buddy. we've replace dollars the umbrella look, he doesn't have the umbrella today with the sunscreen. because you have to remember to apply and reply. you'll be so excited about the weather stay outside all day long, 59 degrees if you have the option, southwesterly at five miles an hour, 75% relative humidity, so, we have a chilly 39 degrees in mount pocono, so clear overnight, got pretty cool, 52 in reading, 54 in lancaster, 60 already in dover, and 56 degrees in atlantic city. nothing to show in you our neighborhood on radar, so it is just sunny, sunny, sunny,
6:31 am
all day long, we get up to high probably of about 88 degrees with sunset time not until 8 18. it will be the warmest day of the month so far. but the warmth will continue. we'll tell you for how long coming up in the 7 day forecast just ahead. 6 31, sun glare, delays on 95. southbound stacked up, here on a wednesday, as you work your way from northeast philly academy in through cottman avenue. just volume here, at this ., but look at this jammo, east on 422 looks like a crash, possible dui, they took the guy away, right now, anyone leaving royersford being collegeville, you got the ride ahead of you here, eastbound
6:32 am
lanes jammed, in toward egypt road where only the right lane is open, one of the two typical two lanes open this morning, there is your speedometer reading for that crash, sun glare coming around the sun and your conshy curve this morning, one accident in fairmount park, along belmont avenue. so stick with city avenue for right now work your way up to the schuylkill expressway. for the gang coming up from wilmington, delaware, northbound lanes of 95, an accident approaching 273. that one involves an overturned box truck, but mass transit, looking good. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank, 6 32 now. >> violent night in germantown leaves one man dead. >> yes, police hoping that nearby cameras will help them finds this killer, steve's on the story, in germantown, steve? >> mike, daily view remembers so sick and tired of seeing us do stories like this. you say somebody's dead, more surveillance cameras, sadly, that is the news in this day
6:33 am
and age, a lot of places, including philadelphia. so, 25 year old man killed here in this parking lot of this now closed pathmark, and exchange of words once the bar across the street closed, before an exchange of gunfire. look at our video, among 3 guys with three guns, the man pronounced dead at einstein at 2 389 a.m. had a gun police say, but someone toll it from his body where they didn't steel his baseball cap which was left behind here, and the evidence of bullet casings, both here and across chelten avenue, in another parking lot between a burger king and kentucky fried chicken. >> police officers in patrol in the area heard multiple gunshots around wayne and chelten. they got here within seconds. and they found the victim unconscious on the parking lot, they rushed him to the hospital. he was pronounced dead at the hospital at 2 38 a.m. gunshot wound to the chest, couple of graze wound to the head. there were several people still on scene. they turned out to be persons of interest.
6:34 am
>> well, sadly, the 25 year old with the other guys hanging out inside this bar. you are looking through the front window on the door now closed. victor's tavern is the name of the place, they have surveillance cameras in there. police saw everybody involved on surveillance, as well, and we have been here for a murder before. just a couple of years ago. and, as we come back to live picture, beyond that septa bus, now stopped picking up people on chelten avenue is the only thing really left here at the scene, evidence from a crime last night, and when that bus moves you'll see a philadelphia police suv park behind a black sedan, and that black sedan owned by one of the persons of interest happen he admits he was involved in this thing, probably going to tell them he used his gun in selfie fence, but 4 caliber gun still inside the black car, now see but moving, police judge just waiting for search warrant to take the car away and take that gun out of
6:35 am
the car. alex, mike? >> i got you, steve, all right. 6 34,. >> developing this morning, 21 year old man also in the hospital after police say he was shot once in the back at philmore and tackawanna streets in frankford. around 1 30 police were called to the area health where they say he told them he was hit near that location. officials say they are looking for two men caring guns, who also shot out the back window after car park outside of the nearby china house restaurant. >> judge ruled there is enough evidence for bill cost boy face child on criminal sexual assault charges. >> we thought it might go on 3 days, over quickly. prosecutors claim, he called anadrenia con stand to his cheltenham mansion in early 2004, drug her with pills, gave her some wine, and then groped her as she drifted in and out of the consciousness. that's what is alleged. cosby's defense, though, hammered at andrea's
6:36 am
credibility, while maintaining the relations were concentual. con stand did not testify, but, is expected to go be at the trial when it does finally happen. >> 6 36. >> confusion over grades in central bucks school district as parent confused over their child's progress, not the typical parent say system currently place deserves a big fat f. >> with red marker. >> that's right. >> circles. >> here is dave. >> yes. abc1, 2, 3, as the old song goes, i guess you can make many puns on this, serious issue, and parents say they're confused about the education reporting that their children are getting, a system that's been popping up at school district around the philadelphia region, right, including right here in central bucks, parent tell us that they used to know where their children stood with the traditional abc letter grades, but gone now, in place, what's called standards based system
6:37 am
for example getting a m for meeting standards, doesn't mean anything about the progress of their children and their confusion does not end there. >> the a that she earns, means outstanding. we're going to have the letter a on the same document with two completely different meanings. >> i have two very separate, very different learn, and very different perform nerves school. the record cards look identical. >> they get m's in everything. avenue child who will come home with a hundred or a math test, and it is a m why parent gave earful to the administrators, over this
6:38 am
issue, but there was proposed compromise, hybrid of letters and standard indicators, but many parent say it won't work either, overall, told the entire system will have to be changed but that can't happen until september, so last night at that meeting they decided by five-four to add letters to some of the grades, for existing report cards, but parent say they just have to clear this whole thing up, many maybe go back to the old system which work just fine, they say. >> well, yes. >> dave, thank you for. that will i know in the garnet valley school district, they've been doing this different type of grading system for over ten years hate philadelphia at first but have gotten use to it, just change. >> big change. >> montgomery county school will be back in session this morning after fire cut classes short yesterday. >> look at all of the kids. >> flames, inside north penn high school sent kids home just afternoon. we are hearing the fire started in a maintenance room.
6:39 am
thankfully no one was hurt, the cause of the fire still under investigation. school officials say classes will give back to normal this morning. >> oh, they'll be back there. protest outside a donald trump rally in new mexico last night. it got violent. >> so demonstrators zink burning t-shirts, flags, even throwing them at police officer outside of the albuquerque convention center. also reports of battles and -- bottles and rocks being thrown. police responded by using pepper spray with the crowds, pushed down barricades, some officers hurt in the scuffle there. inside the rally, trump was interrupted repeatedly by shouting protesters. trump supporters responded with chants of builds that wall. >> man waiting for his bus, car crashes into him and kills him. we broke the story. we learned 50 year old alajo mal even a killed while at a bus stop. he work the overnight shift at warehouse and was on his way
6:40 am
home when he was hit. >> we have been together for 23 years. he's my heart. he is my life. he is everything to me, and i'll miss him dearly. >> his wife said dealing with the tragedy pretty difficult. as for the driver, he got out, looked at mol lena, ran on foot, turned himself in around 8 yesterday morning, speed and weather both factors in that crash. >> new report reveals about 42 thousand calls to the hotline in pennsylvania went unanswered last year, auditor found that 22% of those calls to the state's child line hotline went unanswered, the secretary for human services says the agency is work to go fix the high rate of unanswered calls adding that the number has been reduced to 12% already this year. and they expect it to sling for about 4% in the coming weeks. calls to the hotline grew after a new law went into effect last year. >> measures to restrict smoking at public beaches and ban it entirely at parks are scheduled for vote in the new jersey legislature.
6:41 am
officials expected to get final approval tomorrow to a bill that was vetoed by governor chris christie in 2014. that bill would unable municipalities to set aside 15% of the beach, as a designated smoking area. but that would not apply at parks. supporters say, this bill is a way to sort of keep secondhand smoke away from people who don't smoke and children of course, mike, al next. >> and children of course. septa, ride sharing service uber. >> let me give you detail. details will be really released today. we know some of them on a summer pilot program that will aim during to increase access to and from regional rail stations in the suburbs. program part of research, they're conducting on how ride sharing services impact public transportation. recent studies show more than 20% of the riders also use ride sharing to connect to
6:42 am
septa services, all taken uber or a lift to the treanor the trolley or the bus. >> it will be interesting. >> beer where i get my gasoline. free the 6 pack is what it is called. that's the message from governor tom wolf, to the liquor control board, find out where he want to be, well, have a beer, sold, i just told you, gas stations, everybody knows, i just want to know what you think of that. >> no place like home. never been more true. find out why more and more millennials are living with their parents.
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one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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(laughing) and now in delicious chocolate.
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this friday in ocean doing live broadcast, so please, come out, we will be at the music pier in ocean city. you know where that is. >> but the best part, mike, you can win a car. so, all do you have do is show up, and sign upright there with us sigh the image, click
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on the banner, you can end tow win a cx9 once every 24 hours, then at the end of each week we will pick a finalist and then on our final show ooh list of placed we'll go in the next few weeks, and we will give you exact locations, because you've been year me about that. what's the he can act location in west filly? , where we will be in west philadelphia. >> as i was saying, consider these save the dates, okay? you know we're coming to your town, mark it off, go ahead, take off work, tell your boss you're not coming in because you'll hang out with us. , accident on 95 now, this is
6:47 am
95 northbound, give little wave to the tractor-trailer guy there, 59 northbound on the ramps, to 476. anyone leaving say delaware county, you start to hit the brakes here from the commodore barry, the accident is right on the ramp from 95 north crash eastbound lanes of 422 approaching egypt road the car up from the embankment, result of dui accident early this morning, about 5 45 or so we have the accident in fairmount park along belmont avenue, belmont avenue between monument road, so stick with sit line avenue crash involving overturned truck, skyfox on the way to the scene will take you there when you arrive. leaving the house in delaware right now, and headed north, there is an accident, right at route 273, looks like 2 of the three lanes are block, not sure whether it is an
6:48 am
overturned truck or this involves a tractor-trailer but sounds like it will be a mess for the rest of the morning for anyone traveling north, on i-95. sun glare, everywhere, how long will it hang around? , sue up next in 15 second. >> the last gay we will talk about an ill can i may, because with the forecast, for the rest of the month, it looks like temperatures will be well above average, but, we have been about 4, 5 degrees cooler than we should be, most of this month, with all of the cloudy days, and all of the rainy days, in fact, we've had more than 2 inches of rain than average so far this month. but, everything is about to change, new werth pattern, high pressure will prevent
6:49 am
this frontal system from getting here foray wheel, so we have a completely dry day, in store for today. how unusual, at least for this month. we're up to 64 degrees already in lewes, delaware, and 61 in cape may. we have 56 in atlantic city, 54 in medford lakes, the chilly spot is pottstown, with 49 degrees, west chester, at 55, so, as of today, our average high is 77 degrees went well above average, hit the 80s, will stay there through sunday, so pretty warm and starting tomorrow afternoon pretty humid, through friday, through saturday, through sunday, monday, is casino of a wild-card day with how much rain we will get, looks like temperatures could stay in the 70s, for memorial day itself. but the timing couldn't be more perfect, mike and alex, so getting hot just in time for memorial day weekend. >> you got it. >> i love it. >> hot, hot, hot. it is coming up on of 6 50 this wednesday, governor tom
6:50 am
wolf is asking the pennsylvania liquor control board will consider 9 beer license applications, that sell gasoline. >> and state law prohibit businesses from selling both beer and gasoline, is being fought over in court right now. >> saying allowing malt or brewed beverage to be sold at gasoline stations un appropriate circumstances is a important step toward our shared goal of freeing the 6 pack, and increasing convenience, improving customer satisfaction for all pennsylvanians, my goodness, the state may hurried it will self right into the 19 century. >> look at you.
6:51 am
>> state trooper saves the day. where this trooper took some kids, after helping them at the scene of a crash. >> oh, and the spied is her still hanging around, what's its name again? >> charlotte. >> she's shy. than playing all about the bens with top prizes of a hundred grand? winning, ...on the spot. play all about the bens from the pennsylvania lottery,
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and you could win.... ...on the spot. keep on scratchin'
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>> i want to tell you about a new jersey trooper who stormed in, to save the day, helping 2 local teens get somewhere very important. >> we will show you trooper chris jones outside of the high school prom. the boy you see here, shaking
6:54 am
hands with the trooper, and his friend, just been in a car crash on the way to prom. so the boys go to the vocational school, the crash shook them up but they're fine, but the trooper insisted taking them to the prom after helping them with the crash. >> weird perspective on the photograph here. look like the troop is her like 2 feet tall. >> well, i think someone was on -- >> and the prom goers are giants. but that's not the way it really is. >> here is the thing though, oh, he didn't put -- hope he didn't put them in the back? >> well, woe have to, wouldn't you? he didn't put them in cuffs or anything, but he deliver they had them in the back seat. >> what a way to ride. put on siren, too? >> corn fusion and lack every understanding came together that's just from the parent (many are upset over new grading policy at a local school district. no more abcdef. >> that's gone. look out for m's.
6:55 am
>> ya? did your kid get a m? ♪ hey!
6:56 am
♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪
6:57 am
♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
6:58 am
this is good day philadelphia. deadly gunfire, in a parking lot. a man shot dead overnight, in germantown, what police found at the scene. >> have i lent protests, chaos consume ago donald trump rally overnight. anti-trump protesters lighting fires, throwing rocks, and smashing doors, the mayhem this morning. >> a local woman, kicked out of her kids class at the ymca. what she was doing that made people so uncomfortable, she says, she was asked to leave. pro ticking against zika which mosquito repellent really works? what you should be buying as summer approaches. >> penal saying can you put up that tornado footage against. southeastern part of the state of kansas, colorado had tornados, so did kansas, crank up the sound again.
6:59 am
>> this is not unusual, i grew up in kansas, the sun is out, you know, in some part of this video here. but lock at the size that far thing, at least a half mile wide. and it turns brown, because it is sucking up dirt out of that pasture land, thank god it is out in the middle of no where. >> shooting it in the car? i would be making a u-turn laverne and getting on out of there. >> you have time to get away from it specially if you move in the opposite direction, like if he would take off to the left here, whatever, plus you turn around and drove away. >> oh, wow. >> he can out run it. >> if you stayed on that road do you not feel the wind? >> oh, you can't stay on that road. do you ever see the movie twister? this is the exact scene out of twister where they drive the truck, big red truck down
7:00 am
there, a than they take all of the things out of the back, all of the things suck up into the tornado. >> helen hunt. >> helen hunt in that. bill paxson. >> i remember seeing that cow. >> yes, philip see more hoffman, the late philip see more hoffman. >> i just saw that movie not too long ago. they all look so real. >> from the big sit. >> i can we talk about weather today? >> let's talk about it today,. >> so excited. >> tornados in the forecast, we've got a ten out of ten, folks. yes, because, humidity will wait until tomorrow, to really common in, and probably not until tomorrow afternoon, so, it will be hot, but not too humid. so this is going to make you want to go outside like bus stop buddy. un forunfortunately he still has cool but outdoor recess for sure, most of the temperatures are in the 50's nice start, cones forget the sunscreen at


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