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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> tragedy in point breeze, on the scene after deadly house fire, what we are learning now about the person pulled out from inside. >> the controversial tax, that sparked protests across the city of philadelphia. >> the soda tax is one step closer to becoming law, the changes, you may soon see. >> going down to number two. >> violent storms rips through local country club, where workers caught in the torrential rains, were forced to escape to. >> all right, good day everyone, it is june 9th, 2016. hey, today is casino of special day right out in front of our studio. >> and we are look for your help, stop hung is her now underway, and specially wrapped big philabundance bus will be out front, from 6:00 in the 10:00 to except donations right here at fourth and market. >> so easy, running out the
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door grab something out of pantry, a can of something, something non-perishable of course drop it off here and we'll say hello to you, sue serio, nice day to have this can drove. >> almost perfect. we call it sweat it weather for the morning, first thing that will hip you walking out the door if you haven't been outside yesterday. it is very cool out there, but expecting plenty of sunshine, a nine out of ten, i think is nine worthy. look at the beautiful sunrise this morning. as we look at the platt bridge there, and 54 degrees at the airport, right now. we have 9-mile per hour breeze out of the west, 59% relative humidity, rare in june, to see the humidity down. so enjoy the good hair day. 5:32, your official sunrise time. so, it hasn't even happened yet, already gorgeous out there. 41 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-one in readingment look at lan tastier, chilly one, 49 degrees, for june pretty chilly. fifty-two atlantic city. sixty-one in wildwood, breezes mostly out of the west, and
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they are nine, ten, 12 miles per hour depending where you are. can't even find a cloud in the sky. we've actually got the satelite and radar here, no rain either. so, that's why we are going to expect plenty of sunshine, it was sunny but then very stormy at times yesterday. high temperature was 73, with all of the sun today, we get to 75 degrees, breezes gusting to up 25-mile per hour, all-in-all pretty nice day. can we keep this going into the weaken or at least into tomorrow for jenkintown trip, we'll ands all of that coming up in just a few. >> good morning, welcome back, great to have you back after little vacation, 5:02, good morning to 202, this is live look at route 202, construction crews, still out here, with us, from pretty much boot road, all the way up through the 30 bypass, and into 401, right here, you can see, the difference in the road surface, this is the new concrete they laid down, all part of the widening project of 202. i-95, northeast philly, waking up, and headed out the front door. no problems yet ahead of you
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as you head south in toward the city. they just reopened both directions, of the vine expressway, after the overnight closure, so, we're god to go. so common into downtown, however, we got accident, on i-95, right at the delaware toll plaza. looks like box truck, crashed into one of the toll lanes. so, one of those lanes is blocked, maybe two there, police on the scene, all southbound, taking place down there in wilmington. fire overnight in south philadelphia, steve standing by to give us the latest watch for local detours around taylor and morris, in the point breeze section of south philadelphia. and then, in westtown, chester county, street road, as a result of yesterday's storm that rolled through, some low hanging power lines, street road also route 926 through the stretch here, shutdown between new and wilmington pike. and mass transit, the airport, looking good at the moment. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, breaking news this morning out of point breeze, the scene of tragic house fire. >> happened in the middle of
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the night. one person dead. going to steve keeley. steve, good morning. >> reporter: yes, three hours ago at 2:00 a.m. when the call came in. than is fatal fire number 13 for this year already. not even six months old. that's one more than last year, 12 fatalities, so another deadly year here for philadelphia sadly, and this gentleman, just four doors off moore street here on south taylor in south philadelphia, was trapped up on the second floor, and no indication that there were any working smoke detectors in there when the fire department got here, as soon as the call came in practically, there was little they could do. the whole house was consumed. they didn't know where anybody was, or how to get to them, and this man found up on the second floor and sadly they could not save him in time. so four fatalities for adam
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field, new fire commissioner, he's dealt with now since may 16, the day he started not even month, and dealing with four fast al tis on the job. tough start for him as well here. chris, lauren? >> absolutely, steve keeley thank you so much. and 50:00, a they continue to follow more breaking news, out of south philadelphia where traffic stop took violent turn. police tell fox 29 stopped a car south 21st and carpenter streets around 1:00 this morning when the officers got out of their vehicle they say the driver put the narrow verse and back right into it. the officers luckily were not injured. the driver that far al team a was able to speed away. police have the license plate of the car and know exactly who they are looking for. >> an imagine or step forward for the controversial soda tax >> dave, your honor at a with a w. >> from the midwest we call it
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soda pop. a lot of people are popping off. i think steve keel i would casino of like that, little reference there. listen, the city council gave a preliminary approval, for a soda tax increase, but, with changes to the initial proposal by mayor kenney, anti-soda tax demonstration, took place, outside of city hall, and it is likely that those folks were extra opposed to what happened inside at the meeting yesterday, instead of three sent per ounce, the plan that passed through committee last night would tax 1.5 sent per ounce on sugary drinks and now diet drinks, too. but the big bombshell was the revelation that of the raised tax revenues, that some of it will go to help pad up city's general funds in addition pre k education, schools, reaccents, and it adds insult to injury. >> this is abate and switch, actually being used to plug a budget hole, and we don't think that was mentioned at any point during this debate.
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>> when the price of soda goes up, sales go down. and when sales go down, we lose jobs. we lose positions out of this. >> this will still raise taxes, on, you know, thousands of items, that, you know, a family shops for every week. so, no, i mean, tax at any level is regressive, hurt philadelphia families and small businesses. >> well, meanwhile, those who support the tax rallied inside city hall. they say it simply gives them the critical funding that the city needs for major services out there. now, the final decision could be made next week, it is expected to be made next week, fan so, philadelphia will be the first city major city in the country to have attacks on soda. keep in mind, new york tried it, it failed, and also, san francisco tried it and if failed there, too. back to you. >> dave kinchen, thank you. >> you now have more options when it comes to buying a bottle of wine in pennsylvania. governor tom wolf signed legislation yesterday in
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harrisburg that allows licensed grocery stores and restaurant to sell wine. that will bill also gives state stores more flexibility on what hours they can operate. the union, how much, that represent state stores, is opposed to the bill saying it will cost jobs. wine bottles could hit grocery stores as soon as this fall. >> another hurdle, for the second time, the or nance to allow anyone 21 and older was not tack b council was set to vote last night, but officials pulled it from the agenda, proposal would allow booze bought from licensed businesses on the board walk, and the cup would be required to have the logo of that business on it. >> all right, 5:08. five year old chester boy who is now recovering at home after being wounded in a drive-by shooting, you want to hear something really touching, listen to what he told our bruce gordon exclusively last night. >> what did it feel like when
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you got shot in the what did it feel like? >> it feel like a shock. >> a shock, like an electrical shock? >> yes. >> whether you saw the look on your mommy's face i bet she was really scared. >> she was crying, and all the rest of my family. >> how about you? were you crying at all? >> yes, i was in pain. >> oh, little five year old. what a sweetheart. that's mark mark andrew, jr., his mother was fixing dinner their kitchen when gunman outside opened fire on their apartment. one of the bullets shattered a window and then hit the young man, mark. the youngster sat down with our bruce gordon and described what happened. >> all right. soap, we just heard from him of course, we thought we might hear more. don't i want to hear more from that little kid? a precious sole l undergo one more surgery to remove the bullet, the bullet still lodged there in his body. he says he want to be a police offs her he grows up. authorities have not made any arrests in that shooting. let's hope they do. >> another day of clean up after another rounds of strong
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storms causes damage all across our area. >> the bad weather in the middle of the day sending people ducking for cover. >> some workers at had a close call when they got caught in the torren sean downpour at the riverton country club in cinnaminson. they ran for the maintenance shed to escape the storm. winds up to 70 miles an hour, whipping through yesterday afternoon, bringing down large trees and into buildings and cars, luckily, though, no one was hurt. >> unbelievable amount of winds. and we just all took cover. it was unbelievable. i've been here for 11 years. i've never seen anything this bad. >> in one injured whether powerful gust ripped apart the top after apartment billing. the tenant now looking for few place to call home. some people who live in cherry hill are also out of their homes when trees came crashing through their roofs. >> cinnaminson, isn't the only place dealing with the aftermath of this storm. delaware county, strong winds caused power lines to snap and fall and an s.u.v. that was driving in lansdowne firefighters had to wait for peco it turnoff the power to
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fight the firement the driver was able to escape that car. and was not hurt. >> strong wind also toppled trees in north philadelphia there is huge one came crashing down, around noon yesterday. along the 100 block of levick street. luckily, no one was hurt, and no homes or cars were hit when that tree fell. >> a similar scene in new castle county, delaware there is on silver side road wilmington. you can see part of a huge tree just snapped in half. several leaves and branches left all over the police. -- place. >> still ahead, bill cosby lawyers challenging evidence used at the comedian's preliminary hearing. why they say the charges against their client should be dropped. >> so, what do donald trump and bernie sanders have in common? well, donald has an idea, the one thing he says they both share.
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>> friday, jenkintown, so it is tomorrow, live from 7:00 to 10:00 right there town square, right in the heart every jenkintown, you know? >> that's right, the best part of all, chris, you can win a car. not only should you go, but before go, go on our website click on the contest page. end tow win manas did a cx9. >> here's where we are headed over the next several weeks, big finale friday july 22, at the del, fairmount park. come on out and join us and win that brand new mazda xx9.
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>> i wonder are they going to let you out of the build to go meet the people one dismay. >> no. i don't wasn't to scare the children. >> the world isn't red. >> i no. >> they are not ready, sue serio. >> i'm sequestered. i'm like john travolta the boy in the bubble, you can see me but you can't touch me. >> we're getting hazards us duty pay. not too many people know. that will just kidding. all right, yes, welsh, jenkintown named for the welcome to jenkintown sign there. it will be cool when we get started tomorrow, low 50's, the sun will be out, plenty of sun all morning, with 64 degrees by 10:00. so, just wear a sweater and come on out, see us. cold front came through yesterday, that's why temperatures have cooled off, in the morning, high pressure taking over, but boy, what a lot of damage the thunderstorms resulting from that cold front did yesterday. looking at all of our -- these are local storm reports,
5:16 am
mostly for thunderstorm damage, winds, high winds, we had 53-mile per hour winds gust, in ocean city yesterday. 59-mile an hour wind gust in dewey beach, delaware, and one example, tree fell on top after car, in new castle, delaware, there. so a lot of stuff happened yesterday. but things have really calm down today. the only action i think we will have besides the sunshine is breeze taz will gust maybe 25 miles an hour at time. it is 54 degrees in philadelphia right now, 50 in pittsburgh, 50 in detroit, 54 in chicago, if you're going somewhere today. the difference between down the shore in center city and the pocono mountains about 10 degrees or more, high's only in the 60s in the poconos, sunny everywhere, very breezy, down the shore. sea breezy down there. 75 degrees today. seventy-eight tomorrow. and then 84 degrees on saturday, so it, warms up over the weekend. but we do have another cold front coming through, which
5:17 am
could bring some showers and thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon. nothing like what happened last sunday, in fact, this weekend, sunday is the better weather day of the weekend. with plenty sunshine, warming up into the mid 80s. and then it stays pretty nice after that. that's your seven day forecast, bob kim i, folks doing okay this morning? >> yes, not bad. goo dollars to have you back sue this thursday morning. 5:17. here is a live look at i95, right near the delaware state line. as we start to see some sun glare pop up this morning. looks everything is dried out from all of the crazy storms that rolled through yesterday. may find a tree branch or trash can lid or cardboard box still left over from all every those high winds yesterday. as the fed ex double tractor-trailer goes on by, no problems yet coming in toward the city on the freeway. guess whose birthday it is? donald duck, happy birthday, 82, years ago, made his first debut, doesn't very his own coffee line, little donald
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duck coffee? yes. wonder if they have any k cups for our keurig back there? speaking of coffee, breakfast, with myself later on today, you know what we lick to do, every thursday pick different spot. different neighborhood. today we will touchdown at the runway cafe. cool spot over in lumper ton. where you can take the kids and you're right there up against the runway, where you can see the small private planes come in for a landing and take off. we'll see you there, starting at 9:00ment some volume around a lot of the churches and schools today. some of the catholic high schools having their backlash yacht masses, little flower, archbishop bonner, and newman gore etta celebrating graduation week, big golf tournament at the cricket club today a lot of pga seniors coming into town, murphy, you should check it outright here along just off route 309, between flourtown and ft. washington, chris, lauren being back to you. >> pick a good day for that tournament. >> bill cosby evidence
5:19 am
challenging hearsay evidence used at the comedian's preliminary hearing. they want the charges against their clint dropped. >> bill cosby now 78 years old, the attorneys say his accuser andrea constand should have been called to testify at that hearing lauren mentionedment instead, prosecutors red her police statement in front after judge. that judge later sent the case to trial. defense lawyers for cosby want the charges dropped or another preliminary hearing scheduled. >> different case, closing argument set to begin monday in the corruption trial of pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah. rested its case yesterday after having former ed rendell testify, on trial with fattah. co-defendant, herbert vettor man accused of bribing fattah in exchange for helping seek an ambassador ship. former governor rendell says he thinks the prosecutor twills dollars the friendship between the two men. >> resident living along one kensington street are hoping police can find who ever smashed their car windows there is happened tuesday night, along the 22 had unblock of memphis street. neighbor shared this
5:20 am
surveillance video fox 29. you can see a car drive by, and then once it does, the window of the park car, shattered. people say it is not clear what exactly was used to break the glass, but despite the mess, one man we spoke with says he's not getting himself too work up. >> yes, it is annoying, but, i mean, it is almost impossible to get too angry. because there is nothing that could really be done about it. i mean, aside from having an officer on every single corner 24 hours a day which is unfeasible. >> authorities have not shared any information yet who they could be looking for. >> 5:40 the time, hillary clinton opens her general election campaign against donald trump, clinton says trump's words and actions are untrustworthy, and makes him unqualified to run the countriment trump fired back of course by bringing clinton's rival bernie sanders into the mix. >> she doesn't have the temperament, doesn't have a lot of things to be president
5:21 am
including frankly good judgement. her judgement is horrible. and bernie sanders said that. bernie sanders said that her judgement is terrible, she doesn't have the judgement, the good judgement, to be president. so, you got something right. >> so trump now looking ahead to next week's washington dc prime area. as for presidential can date bernie sanders, he is taking pressure to drop out of course the race for the white house, headed back to his home state of vermont last night after several primary defeats to rival hillary clinton. today sanders is meeting with president obama, and senate minority leader harry reidment fox news is reporting sanders may demand that dnc chair, debbie wasserman shut, be fired in exchange for his support for hillary clinton. so a lot of back room deals potentially going on. >> still ahead, traffic stop takes violent turn overnight. how the driver after vehicle tried to intentionally harm them. >> getting paid to ride the bench. where philly slugger ryan
5:22 am
howard lands on the list of highest paid athlete. >> you might rival his income if you hit this.
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fight against altzheimers, comes from research done at rowan university, their school of osteopathic medicine. >> blood test used to determine early stage of alzheimer's disease, in the study the test detected early stages with 100% accuracy, discovery crucial because researchers say treatment is more effective, when the illness is discovered earl. >> i so nature made supplement being recalled over salmonella and staff concerns. dietary supplement company, farmabite pulling nature made gummy multi-vitamins and semple minutes containing vitamin c b vitamins and folic acid, sends any recalled products back for full refunds, of course, for full list of products affected go to our website that's >> forks is out with their top paid athletes. >> look, you want to get something if you're paying so much money like wins, so this list could make you little
5:26 am
upset. here they are. we start there, up he left corner, guy with the sunglasses remember him? that is a pitcher, deliver lee, ranked 38th on the list making $29.3 million per season, despite spending all of last year on the dl, the disable list, then retiring before the start of this season, because of sore arm. he still brought in all of that money. the 2009 national league mvp award winner ryan howard. he is still cashing in on that, making $25.6 million a year, and hitting about a buck 50. and then the eagles starting quarterback sam bradford, he sent eagles to record of seven and nine last year. all right? didn't make the playoffs. he made $24.3 million in this new deal. >> un believable. >> wow missing nice overall highest athlete on the list,
5:27 am
crease tianah took in $88 million. >> did you find out if he's married or not? >> not yet. 5:27. still muhammad ali family discussed and amazed, you won't believe the lengths some people are going to in order to profit off the legend funeral, plus we continue to follow local news, person dead of a row home goes up in flames in point breeze, the latest from the scene next. ...clear for take off.
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breaking news, tragedy in point breeze, fire officials on the scene every deadly house fire, what we're learning about the person pulled from inside. >> and it is the controversial tax that sparked protest across the city. now the soda tax one step closer to becoming law in philadelphia. the change you may soon see. >> firefighter after being seriously injured in the line every duty. how local community is coming together to support him. >> good day everybody it is thursday, june 9, 2016. we are looking for your help today. >> here's what we're doing, eighth annual stop hincker at your station drive now underway and the specially wrapped philabundance septa bus will put right up to old city here at fourth and market outside of the studio and it will be here coming up in a half hour from 6:00 until 10:00 in the morning, to except donations. >> come on down to fourth and market drop off your canned
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non-perishable item. before anyone leaves home today, grab a sweater, because casino of chilly, flight. >> put bus stop budd nay long sleeve shirt, temperatures in the 50's, and in some cases the lower 50's, pleasant, the cool side, i think the first thing you will notice walking out the door this morning, eventually he'll bewaring some shades though. and it will be a beautiful sunny, sunny, sunny day, that's three sunny's. 41 degrees mount pocono, 52 in trenton 40's lancaster this morning, that's what i'm talking about with the cool temperatures. fifty-one in wilmington, 61 down in wildwood. >> looking at the platt bridge, sunrise happening moments from now, 5:32, about a minute from now. >> 9-mile per hour breezes, low humidity, 59%. not cloud in the sky. not a drop of rain. we had enough, drama yesterday, with the thunderstorms that came
5:32 am
through, and because things cooled down quitely, we got to only to high of 73 degrees, i think we will both that little bit today high of about 76, sunny skies, winds gusting to up 25 miles an hour, tonight, down into the mid 50's, still breezy, with winds out of the northwest, so, it is still spring, technically, and it is definitely going to feel lick it today. but, what about the weekend? we'll let you know coming up in our weather authority forecast, here's bob kelly. good morning. >> hey, sue, good morning, welcome back. good to have you back in the studio. 53:00 it, live look at the 42 freeway, not bad at all. kind of quiet coming in toward the city. sue mentioned it, it definitely you will notice a difference, chill in the air, when you open up the font door to head out tore put the kids out there on the bus stop this morning. maybe some sweatshirt weather. platt bridge, work today, platt bridge, usually short cut for a loft folks. stick with the i-95 double decker bridge today working on
5:33 am
the passyunk avenue bridge, back lauriette masses, little flower, bonn or, new march garrett a, unusual traffic patterns around those event and of course the parent and the proud prout grounds parent. big golf tournament kicks off at the contradict club outside of between fourth washington and flourtown here. extra volume exiting turnpike at ft. washington. and an accident on the toll plaza, in delaware, it is southbound lanes, 95, bamm, box truck, crashed into one of the lanes of the toll plaza, so watch for some delays there this morning. and a left over from yesterday, some low hanging wires, in westtown chester county along street road. which is route 926 between new street and wilmington pike. otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks, bok. breaking news out every point breeze, scene of tragic house fire. >> it happened in the middle of the night and one person is dead. steve keeley's along the scene
5:34 am
there, at south taylor street, steve? >> reporter: well, you can see, even after the fires long been out, firefighters still bussing their butts working here at this scene. the investigation going on as they wrap up the hoses here, see the house, burn out shell, five doors in. from moore street here on south taylor here in south philadelphia. now see the windows missing where they found that man trapped by the time they got here. no warning, no working smoke detectors in the house sadly, little $8 or even sometimes free, 10,000 free smoke detectors out a year here in philadelphia, and will be giving them out on the street. just get them for free folks. you can see the difference between having one, and having your life. sadly, 13th fatal fire in philadelphia already in 2016. if that number doesn't sound like a lot of people, we're not even halfway through the year, and we've already
5:35 am
surpassed now last year's complete total for 12 month, of just 12, four fatal fires, for adam field the new fire commissioner just started here may 16th. so deadly spring here for fires. was it maybe because what sue is talking about, this very cold night, somebody maybe put on space heater for the first time. we don't know just yet. >> south philadelphia, traffic stop turn a deadly turn. officer stopped a car on south 21 he and car carpenter streets, when the officers got out of their vehicle, they say the driver put the car in reverse, backed right into them, the officers were not injured. the driver of the ultima was able to speed away. police do have the license plate, and they know who they are looking out for. >> proposed tax on sugary drinks moves closer to becoming reality in philadelphia. but with a few changes. preliminary approval but at rate at 1.5 sent per ounce, up
5:36 am
from the nare's initial plan of three sent per ounce. diet francs are also now included on the list of taxable beverages. and another big change, some of the tax revenue would go toward the city's general fund, not just education, parks and rec. >> this will still raise taxes on, you know, thousands every items, that, you know, a family sops for every week. regressive, hurts philadelphia families and small business. >> when the price every society a goes up, sales go down, when sales go down, we lose jobs. we lose positions out of this. >> recent pole shows 58% oppose the beverage tax, scheduled for final vote next thursday, and next in sports, eagles mandatory mini camps are underway. there is a loft wok to be done. with top draft pick carson wentz, may need to get better with, straight ahead.
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5:39 am
j we ended june, the phillies can't hit. and being forced to play ryan howard because he is still on the team and hitting 150-6789 yesterday the phillies may have lost starting pitcher. going to citizens bank park, vince, two pitches in the first inning, and gone. right by september strain, in the sixth, that's chris brian, against bailey, two run homer, the cubs go onto win it eight to one over the phillies. all right, the quarterback
5:40 am
spoke yesterday. and head coach doug pederson was asked about carson went throwing the deep balls, in practice, maybe too many times. talk to wentz about making better decisions as far as sam bradford, he likes the fact he can make more of the play call. >> i think that's what every quarterback wants, who you want the ability to get in and out every plays you want the ability to make things right. obviously it put more pressure on to you study know what the opponent will do to be ready for certain looks, and to take advantage every those looks when -- >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> talking basketball, another blow out, this time with labron james and his calf ears who dominated when they were at home. >> here is the individual joe, steph curry two-point, and labron james shined. thirty-two-point. he makes irving added 30 as the cavaliers win in a 30-point blow out 120 to 90 the final score. lead that series two games to one. game four friday night in
5:41 am
cleveland. >> five time maria gets suspended for two years by the international tennis federation tested positive for performance enhancing substance called meldomeuim, back in january, she claims she takes the medicine for heart issue, but unless she wins an appeal you will not see her on the court until january of 2018. >> and don't take it. bottom line. >> all right, well, you know, was she one of the ones, most highest paid athletes? >> for years. and all kind of endorsement, everything else. that's what they lose, every time sort of this asterisk or black mark next to your name, you lose the endorsement, you've seen that with tiger woods and others. >> muhammad ali's family both discussed and amazed. the lent some are going to to profit off his funeral service. >> profiting offer his death?
5:42 am
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing.
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our home page. we'll pick a finalist once a week, on our final show, there is going to be a big give away. >> so our final show is july 22. but we have a lot more to bill to up that one, so here is the schedule. where you can go meet the good day team. but on friday july 22, come to the del music center in fairmount park. come see us, see if maybe, just maybe, that car will crank up and you can drive it off. >> ya, sue serio, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> and headed to jenkintown tomorrow. should and good day. >> a lot of bright sunshine, will be on the cool side just like this morning. high pressure builds in after the very loud and very windy thunderstorms came through yesterday with the cold front, secondary disturbance came after that. now barely see cloud in the sky. it will be about 75 degrees. >> there is live radar, 41 in
5:46 am
mount pocono, 61 degrees in wildwood. then you factor in some breezes, as women, feels just tiny bit cooler than that, here is your jenkintown forecast for tomorrow. probably be in the ooh-ish range plenty of sun size, breezy out the morning, sunshine will take us mid 60s by 10:00. and today, kathy orr headed down the shore, today's cape may. visiting cape may in honor of the restaurant week, and in the 5:00 and 6:00 news, so already down the shore or if you want to plan little day trip, check her out, again, the 5:00 and 6:00 partly sunny, winnie, won't be tough to find kathy? cape may. just look for the big fox 29 truck. >> countdown to summer, the official start of summer, is not until 11 days from now. monday, june the 20th, at 6:34. the summer solsus, and today it will really feel like the
5:47 am
season that it is, it is still spring. so yesterday we had that high of 73 degrees, after many days, in a row in the 80s, today, 75, and tomorrow, 78. really nice today and tomorrow, now, saturday, few pop up thunderstorms, but should clear out nicely for sunday, so sunday the better weekend day. so that's a look at your forecast, speaking of sunshine, wow, look at the sun glare, bob kelly. >> bamm, in the how dirty your car windshield is. a look at i9 at example every sunday glare, coming southbound, out of northeast philly the sun's at your back, but the morning rush hour, sun glare hit us northbound from delaware county all the way up into northeast philadelphia, looking live near cottman avenue. sun hitting us on from the side of the ben franklin, but
5:48 am
no problems or delays at all, coming up and over the benny. thanks to all of the folks that came out, grabbed some free donuts, i was over at the camden transportation center, yesterday morning, was a lot of fun jumping around town, giving out some jelly donuts, as you mention, kathy going to cape may. you know in your cape may, take the parkway to the deaden, bamm, the liquor store, and go left or right. welcome to cape may south jersey. nor bound 202 right at 252. watch for disable, that's right as you come out of the construction zone. and then there is also a disable, north on 95, up near street road. right where they were doing the paving from last night. new jersey turnpike, now, this is southbound exit 7a. the outer lanes, we had earlier accident, now dealing with the mop up of the fuel spill, the diesel fuel, that was on the roadway, exit 7a. of course where the kids main going to great adventure for class trip.
5:49 am
>> buses, trains, trolleys, all running with though delays. back to you. >> $550 this morning. and we will talk about bensalem firefighter improving after falling off his ladder three weeks ago responding to house fire. >> the community has really rallied behind this local hero. nick we have is her recovering at home after being released from the hospital. he slipped and fell 35 feet to the ground. suffering multiple fractures in his back. weaver receiving hundreds of cars from local school kids, and letters, from as far as away as hawaii, wishing hill well. telling fox 29 the messages are lifting his spirit. >> brought people together, amazing, smile on his face, unbelievable. and his fiancee, there are tears of joy. just helps him get better quicker i think. >> his friends set up go fun me page to help him until his
5:50 am
workman's comp start. he'll be back on the job in just few months. >> dramatic video, two gunmen opened fire last night killing at least four people, customers sitting around tables, bolted when the shots rang out, two palestinian men captured, investigators say, they're related, no group has claimed responsibility for that attack. and the motive is unclear. five other people were hurt. it appears some people look to go profit on upcoming muhammad ali service. city of louisville, kentucky hosting final good-byes, honoring the boxing legend this week. he helped pre plan his own funeral and insisted ticket to his memorial services be free to the public. now, some people who lined up to get those free particular rhett trying to sell them for profit his family said they're discussed and amaze that anyone would profit from the death after loved one. >> has anyone seen mike jerek is. >> i'm here. >> hey, mike. >> what are you guys talking about this survey, actual
5:51 am
political pole that was taken? >> okay. >> who is more presidential? >> oh, no. >> a mascot or donald trump? did you see this? the philly phanatic actually, oh, thank you, joran is one of our interns. >> jordan has the best last name. come to the camera. >> what's the last name? >> mc cool. >> isn't that cool? >> there she is. >> hi, jordan. >> good morning. >> trying to consume as much sugary drinks i can before the soda tax goes into effect. >> that's in the recommend recommended. you. >> need all of the caffeine you can get, brother. >> jordan, i used to think were you cool, that's bad idea to give mike all of this caffeine and sugar. back to this political pole. actually legitimate, says the philly fan at sick more qualified to be president than donald trump. >> wow. >> well, he has maybe better hair than donald trump, too. >> , certainly different, it is thick. >> anyway, have you guys been talking about the soda tax?
5:52 am
>> yes. >> non-stop. >> it is amazing. >> it will go through, flight. >> wawa. >> looks lick it will happen. this is a day of celebrating liquids, in pennsylvania. you got your sugary drinks. >> yes. >> then you got your wine and beer. >> oh, yes. >> at the grocery stores. we're dedicating the entire day today on good day philadelphia to liquid. >> liquid diet. >> still can't buy kettle one at the grocery store. >> i like that. >> can only buy one. >> when does this tax go into effect. >> another vote next week. >> so it is not the 3% that the mayor -- >> one and a half? >> one and a half. so amended version. >> you know how it is in negotiations, you ask for the moon, then you hope up get a star. >> what's weird, we will have sit council member common good day philadelphia, lost my head. what's weird is that it is not all going to pre k. >> oh, ya, so people are upset he should have said that if the beginning, instead of trying to act like it was all
5:53 am
benefitting the kids. >> behind closed doors, negotiation. >> that's true. all right. >> see you guys in a few minute. >> careful with that. >> you always have heir hands full. >> still ahead, hard stopping video, toddler waving her arms for help in a pool. two young people police say saved her life.
5:54 am
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>> check out, live picture every fourth and market outside our studios, starting four minutes from now until 10:00 bring your cans non-perishable items on down. to florida where teenager springs into action after toddler is pulled from a pool unconscious, the little girl was underwater for two full minutes. the scary incident was caught on surveillance video at orlando apartment complex, the three year old got into the pool, along with some other unsupervized kids, she was underwater for those two minute before her seven year old cousin pull her out. then, a 18 year old stranger noticed the commotion, then perform chest compressions. by the time an ambulance arrived, the toddler was breathing again. >> she looked like dead, really, like no nothing, her whole body was limp, her face was losing color, she just
5:57 am
looked awful. the first thing i thought to do was mouth to mouth. just give her breath so she can breathe. >> that teen said she new what to do because she took a cpr course about two years ago. good day, small win, in a big fight to fund pre k programs. and amended version of the mayor's soda tax proposal moves ahead. how this will impact your next purchase. and developing news out of point breeze. fire rips through a home, killing a man inside, why he likely wasn't able to make it out. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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>> oh, no, it has happened again, this time in point breeze. >> tax on sugary drinks ... >> contested primary: >> prime obama weighing in on the democratic primary. publicly for the very first time since hillary clinton declared victory on tuesday. oh, my gosh. oh, my. >> wild. >> vicious storm tears up


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