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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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right now a hometown singer made famous on the voice struck down by a gunman. south jersey native christina grimmie was found shot to death after giving a concert last night in orlando. good evening, everybody, i'm joyce evans. police say the young singer was singled out by the shooter but why? our shawnette wilson is live tonight in christina's hometown marlton, new jersey where the shocking news spread pretty quickly, right? >> reporter: joyce, yes, as you know this just happened last night. people mourning the loss of this young star have come out, came out here to cherokee high school, which is where we are live. you can see behind me they already started a memorial for this rising star. they've left a picture, you can see some flowers here, as they wonder why this young life was cut short.
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twenty-two year old christina grimmie finalist on the singing competition show the voice in 2014, that was season six. she finished in third place on the team led by maroon five front man adam levin. but outside of the show, she also had millions of viewers on youtube for her music. last night, though, after performing a show at a venue called the place live in orlando, florida, christina was doing a meet and greet when police say a gunman shot and killed her. right as she was standing there greeting fans. investigators say her brother, marcus, tag recalled the suspect who then shot and killed himself in the struggle. >> suspect in this case is not from orlando. the suspect traveled to orlando, apparent lip, to commit this crime and then had plans to travel back. >> and here's what we know of the suspect right now, investigators say, he is 27 years old, his name is kevin liable, from st. petersberg, and investigators also say they've determined that he did
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not know christina. so that back, the the latest we're hearing, they'll be going through the suspect's cell phone, computer, social media records to get more insight on why he committed such a tragic crime. joyce, back to you. >> thank you, shawnette. turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. here is a live look along the ben franklin parkway. it has ban hot and humid saturday, but concerns about storms have been on everybody's mind. dave war send here now to let us know still need to worry about those -- >> drop the concerns. >> yes? >> here's what happened. some explaining to do. i will explain it. not an excuse, a explanation. >> first of all nothing on ultimate doppler radar, little warm air came in aloft, that is limiting the amount of storms or any storms that could develop, it is called a cap, like all of the graduates out there, congratulations, knotts not trying to change the subject, but does keep the air from rising so the storm can't develop. >> this type of situation which can actually just
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destroy a forecast completely bus it, because you don't get anything out there, just few clouds, some blue sky. the air cannot rise. it is hot, humid, if it it, we would certainly have the storms out, there because look at the temperature up to 91 degrees, dew .67, you're feeling that right now, humidity certainly increased. it is hot and humid, but the air just stuck at the surface. little windy, west winds about 15 miles an hour. even hot down the delaware beaches there, in lewes, it is 90, but nice breeze in cape may and cape may point, down to 78 degrees. eighty-one in ocean city, 75 in atlantic sit, the place to be, because there no storms coming in tonight. ninety's pretty much everywhere. it will be a warm and muggy night tonight. dew point upper 60s, once you get this high and close to 70 like dover, very, very uncomfortable out there, a warm and muggy night tonight. just checking, just warm, humid, no more storms in the forecast, because that air is just stuck at the surface, can't go anywhere, can't rise, and fuel these thunderstorms.
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so that's the big change tonight. just go out and enjoy this nice warm muggy evening. what to expect tomorrow morning, sunrise at 5:32, it is warm, muggy, with some sunshine, but things drastically change tomorrow afternoon. i am sure about that. i will talk about that in the seven day forecast, coming up, joyce. >> thank you, dave. violence overnight in germantown leavings one person dead. police say a man in his 20's was shot multiple times last night, on the 100 block of east herman street. he was found inside a car, police are still searching for a suspect. >> in port richmond, early morning accident sends one person to the hospital. police say a tractor-trailer crashed into a pole at the intersection of aramingo avenue and wheat chief lane. hazmat crews were called in after fuel spilled out of the truck. one person was taken to temple university hospital. no word yet on that victim's condition tonight. >> a chester community fighting back after a five year old was hit by a bullet that came into his home. in a push to restore a sense
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of hope and security, the mayor and a group of religious leaders joined a host of residents in what they called a 100 men women and children march. and as our steve keeley reports, it was a way for the city to come together and stand up against violence. >> we came to the street of chester today for something we hardly ever come to chester for, to share what's rarely scene good side. >> want folks to know we care about you, we see you, and we are standing here with you. >> they stood for group hugs, group smiles, but think also showed a lot of group strength. from seven year old peyton grim. >> tough to like spread peace around chester. >> to nine year old tanasia hendley. >> and you are only nine, worrying about marching, is that a sad thing for a nine year old to do today? >> no, actually i am kind of happy because it is kind of
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fun and i want to help other people and i want to stop the violence. >> that's the positive thing, that we don't see a lot of, quite frankly, in prince, or on tv, the positive things our young people, to come out of their mouth the positive things they do. >> the negative side every chester seen so much on tv already had its effect on 11 year old tracey dennis. >> think this is safe enough here? >> no, because like when you hear on the news that people are shooting other people, it make you feel uncomfortable in the city. >> to give comfort to trace he and many others, they held mars today through the high crime territory. >> i think we seen you, we hear you, we care about you, starting to spread. >> to help one another, to just be one, to be a good city again. >> we're a good city. but we're ready for a stand and stop the violence. >> where so many only see the violence reported on the spree every chester, today we saw
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something different, and go to report on something better for a change on the streets of chester, pride. >> pretty bad, but, you know, with prayer, hope, and this rally, i think that the city of chester is going to become one of the best cities on the map. >> people are excited. people have come together for a renewed and better city called chester. >> in chester, steve keeley, "fox 29 news". new jersey governor chris christie is on a mission to get more visitors to come down the shore. the governor was out touring the area himself today. actually that was yesterday on friday. his first stop, ocean grove, then to asbury park, where he visited the asbury hotel. while he showed off what the jersey shore has to offer, he also wanted to show how strong residents bounced back, four years after super storm sandy. but the tour was not without its controversy, before taking questions from reporters, the governor was heckled by some
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residents on the board walk for his support of republican presidential candidate, donald trump. >> well, listen, the board walk in new jersey, so if i don't get at least one person yelling at me, then i feel like we must all be tourists here, so that's all right. >> well the travel and leisure magazine named asbury park one of the best places to visit in 2016. >> meanwhile, on the campaign trail, donald trump made a stop in pennsylvania today. the presumptive gop nominee for president walked straight from his plane to a crowd of voters this afternoon, in moon township. that's just outside of pit burying. trump criticized what he calls weak trade deals made by the obama administration, while insisting that he is the best person to fix it. >> and, you may be able to fly from philadelphia non-stop to cuba real soon. the us department of transportation has approved six airlines to begin flying from the us to cuba, and philadelphia is one of the
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airports where you can book that flight. frontier airlines is already applied to operate weekly trips from fill toy cuba. five other airlines including american, jet blue, and southwest also have applied. >> a new york city teenager lucky to be alive after jumping onto some subway tracks to get an easily replaceable item. yes, she risk her life to get that back. we'll tell you more about that. plus it was just like a scene out of the old west. find out what this guy is accused of doing that got him lassoed by a good samaritan. plus: ♪ ♪ >> your eyes are not deceiving you, the challenge was made, and it was excessive. you need to see how the silly police took on the running man challenge. sean? >> joyce, the phillies are getting worse by the day, no pitching. no hitting.
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no competition for the nationals. and labron james not too happy with the officials. his head comes comes to his defense later in sport.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> a solar powered plane landed at jfk international airport complete ago john that i started a year ago in the united arab emirates. you can't see it but solar panels and cells cover the wings. the energy collected from the sun powers the motors and the
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propellers. the plane actually came from the lehigh valley airport, before landing in the big apple. >> a show-down is brewing in the u.s. senate over a multi-billion dollar defense bill. senators are expected to pass it next week, but some are deeply divided over possible amendments. and as fox's garrett ten i reports, the white house already threat toned veto it. >> the senate is expected to pass its version of the annual defense bill on monday to funds our nation's military, but few every it provisions dividing republicans in congress. one of those provisions in the national ought riz act would change the selective service act to require women to register for the draft. that prompted the senators reject, what it would authorize for our military no 2017. heritage pout out statement reading quote regardless of whatever merit the bill may have, it deserves to be defeated because lawmakers
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should not force young women into military is her have i cents through the selective service. of course, that provision wasn't part of the defense little republicans pushed through the house last month, so congressional leaders may leave it out of the final version they send to the president's desk. the white house has already promised to veto the bill, though, over provision that would prevent it from closing guantanamo bay, a threat the gop responded to, in its weekly address. detainees aren't for parking ticket, they are there because they want to kill americans and hate everything that we stand for. >> the white house, how much, has not ruled out unilateral action. closing guantanamo bay would jeopardize our secure. >> i last month the white house expressed their continued frustration with republicans in congress to get the defense bill passed if the first place. >> we need congress to get out of the way. they have time and time again precluded, to prevent the ad mission station what is necessary. >> expected to vote and pass
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the bill late monday. between now and then lawmakers could still add on other amendment, as well. in washington, i'm garrett ten i, fox news. >> thousands of lgbt south koreans out today for soul's gay pride parade. the event was briefly interrupted, though, by protesters, police kept the two groups apart, and managed to prevent any major confrontations, the organizers of this year's parade predict 50,000 in attendance, the largest number of participants the parade has ever had. >> and, back here in philadelphia, disable community members holding their own pride parade. >> the philadelphia celebration has been taking place for five years now. it started today, with a march, from the constitution center, to city hall.
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many council members and organizations and disable philadelphians taking part in the fun, which included music as you can hear and a health fair. >> in point breeze, a community leader is being honored today. the 2700 block of wharton street, renamed for kevin hanna way. councilman johnson unveiled the new street sign. it is all in memory of hanna, who dedicated his life to improving the south philadelphia neighborhood as a civic and community leader. >> at city hall, now, leaders are coming together to celebrate a man who has dedicated his life to people and animals in philadelphia. our lucy noland looks at the honor bestowed upon george bang he will, pennsylvania spca long time hue ann law enforcement director. now in the fight of his life. >> ♪
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>> the man in the spotlight, the fierce warrier against animal cruelty. >> the man whose these words are all about couldn't make it to city hall. >> oh, my god. >> george bang he will is fighting terminal mesothelioma, his body weak, but his spirit is anything but. as mayor jim kenney wrote in the city citation, a man of tremendous fate and spiritual strength, george bang he will has been an inspiration to his friends, family, and colleagues. >> the city of philadelphia officially recognized this citation, george bengal. >> i texted a picture of the proclamation to george and his wife carol. they're overwelmed with george writing back this is beautiful. his life story inspired the executive director of the city's open intake shelter act philly to have the city honor him. >> to let him know, as he leaves us, how much he has meant to all of us.
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and i think with him it is far more than well earned. >> so on this day philadelphia took pride to honor the man who has busted up million dollars dog fighting rings, has saved everything from duct tape kit toys more than 606 dogs in a single home, george and carol are humbled, telling me, george is grateful for not only the city's proclamation, but for being a voice for the voice less. >> george, thank you so much. >> lucy noland, "fox 29 news". nice piece, lucy. children's hospital of philadelphia celebrating it new south philadelphia center with a family block party. the community has officially welcomed chop south philadelphia health and literacy communities center, at broad and morris streets. now today's event had rides and games and face painting and news i can out there, as women. chop in the city of philadelphia and the free library all coming together for this new community space.
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>> soy this new fast ill it is he real exciting for not only my family but i think the community at large, it is bringing both health and literacy to the area within one facility. >> the new $42 million facility, which opened just about a month ago, provides health and literacy services to both children and adults. >> wilmington's police athletic league giving back today, they held a community day that was filled with fun, they had food out there, music and a moon bounce, wilmington's pal support young people in the community giving them a safe haven with positive after-school activity. >> well, the running man challenge, you have seen it everywhere. and the philadelphia police department finally stepping up to the plate. and there is some familiar faces in it.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it is so much fun. you got to see the whole thing, you will laugh. they have pretty talented, too, check him out. it is all in good fun, philly pd was actually called out by detroit's police department to show us what you got. and they d making us proud. it has at least just a few minutes ago, it had more than 365,000 views. all right, a new york teenager's lucky to be alive after jumping onto some subway tracks. the ordinary items that she risk her life to get back.
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plus trash piles up on the street of paris. a conflict that led to this nasty mess.
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♪ ♪ >> queen elizabeth marking her official 90th birthday
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celebration, with a parade, and the colorful military ceremony. the event is known as the trooping of the color parade. it is more than 1600 soldiers, and 300 horses, taking part in that celebration, the royal family made their way through the london streets in that vintage carriage there. and later, the queen shared the stage with the newest royal princess, this is princess charlotte, making her debut on the buckingham palace balcony during a royal air force fly over, duke and duchess of cambridge's 13 month old toddler girl, has now fulfilled that special right of passage to become known as her royal highness. she is now known as princess charlotte of cambridge, and she is the fourth in line to succeed queen elizabeth to the thrown. >> a wisconsin mother is heading to trial after she is accused of using facebook messenger moments before fatal crash that killed three
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children. kerry joe millberg facing three counts every neglect homicide after 2013 accident. prosecutors allege that millberg was using her phone to facebook message when she lost control on a wisconsin state highway. her own 11 year old daughter was killed, as well as her two young neices. millberg suffered a traumatic brain injury in that accident. it may be that the facebook messages are accurate, but we don't know when those work in relation to the accident. >> her attorney said that the road was icy that day, and there is no proof that millberg was sending those messages, the prosecutions timing just doesn't add up. despite her suffering amnesia, the judge ruled that her case will go to trial, it begins in about two weeks. >> a 17 year old from new york is lucky to be alive after jumping onto some railroad tracks. all to go get her cell phone.
6:26 pm
sheinelle drolled her -- dropped her phone while standing at subway mail form, train came barreling towards her, luckily the teen dove under the train and she escaped with nothing more than can a couple every bruises, but afterward, you see her right, there holding tightly onto that phone while she is carried away bye an ambulance. >> a texas teacher leaves his job with a 06 year perfect attendant record. howard powers is a junior high school art teacher in a small town of mahas, west texas, powers has taught a thousand student, ranking from second to eighth grade, in his teaching career, but after being diagnosed with leukemia, he's retiring now. but instead of feeling sorry for himself, he's focused on being grateful. >> why get upset over it? >> right. >> and so i just go on, i think, hey, life's too short to worry about little things.
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>> and as a parting gift to the school, and faculty, powers presented the staff with a painting to show his gratitude. powers says that the most rewarding part of teaching was simply seeing his students enjoying themselves. >> well, across the nation, a special tribute is being ruled out for muhammad ali. how hometown hero will smith will play a role in that. plus: we're continuing to following the development out of orlando on a slain local singer. what police are now saying about that shooter. dave? >> yes, heating up out there, kept above 90 degrees, today looking live, we've got the sunshine, little haze, light breeze, but plenty of 90s, see if this continues in the seven day. i'll have that coming up.
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>> developing tonight, young singer's live cut short, now police are trying to figure out why she was a target. >> ♪
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>> christina grimmie known for her appearance on the nbc show the voice was gunned down after giving a concert in florida. grimmie a native of marlton, new jersey, now police are trying to piece together what led to up her murder. casey steegel reports now. >> reporter: suspect in this case is not from orlando, the suspect traveled to orlando, apparently, to commit this crime and then had plans to travel back to where he came from. >> christina, former voice contestant, just performed at the plaza live theater, and was signing autographs after the show, with about 120 fans still milling around her. >> we know after the show they were signing autographs, and they were selling merchandise, and we know that suspect walk up to her and shot her. >> the singer's brother, who police are calling a hero, tackled the shooter. that is when the 21 year old suspect shot and killed himself. >> ♪
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>> twenty-two year old christina grimmiami e roast to fame on the voice coming in third place in 2014, christina was just 19 at the time, on the show, mega-star adam levin of the bands maroon five was the singer's mentor. when news of the shooting broke, levin took to social media, the caption reading in part, quote, i'm sad, shocked, and confused. we love you so much, grimmie, this just isn't fair. orlando police not releasing the suspect's name or a motive at this point. they're also looking into how the suspect managed to get multiple weapons past that venue ' security guards, that's the latest from dallas. >> and police have now identified the suspect as 27 year old kevin of st. petersberg, florida, police say did he not appear to know christina personally. >> in north philadelphia, 37 year old has died after he was
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shot multiple times, this happened around 3:30 this afternoon on 20th street near susquehanna avenue. that will victim was taken by police to temple university hospital. he was pronounced dead just before 4:00 p.m. so far, no suspect are in custody. now, to your fox 29 weather authority. we were gearing all up for something really terrible out there, right about now? >> right about now. >> i see sunshine out there. it is nice. >> yes, thank you for point that out. >> that's what i am ' here for. >> air can't go anywhere, it is capped t happens. >> it is humid. >> it is hot and humid there is will not and heatwave because cooler air trying to work it way back in tomorrow. hot and humid air, let's check out the temperatures, stepping outside, 90's. not heatwave, though. just pretty much the peak of these temperatures, see it climb to 90 today. but then drop slowly tomorrow. yes, a lot of humidity out there. warm, muggy night tonight. but number of places into the upper 80s and lower 90s, even
6:34 pm
at the airport, atlantic city, but right along the coast little cooler. here is the change we're talking about tomorrow. little swirl there, with some rain, this is a front that will come through tomorrow. normally, when these cold fronts come through, into the hot and humid air, they give us thunderstorms there is will move through fairly dry tomorrow but dot change our weather considerably, notice big change tomorrow. overnight tonight, muggy, out there, still fairly warm never cloud, colder air trying to work it way in, moves through by 6:00 to 8:00 tomorrow morning. right through philadelphia. then pushes south, change not much in the way of temperature but the humidity will drop considerably and the wind picks up quite a bit. talking about wind gusts 20 to 30 miles an hour, maybe even a little higher throughout the day tomorrow. the temperatures even though it is a cold front, they climb into the 80s, not quite as warm thomas we were today
6:35 pm
still fairly warm to the south, look at the big temperature difference between north and south, dew point, though, they are up into the 60s, but look at them drop between 12:00 and 2:00 down to the 40's, what's that mean on our scale? uncomfortable today. but down back to pleasant and even off the scale. so nice change tomorrow. you will certainly notice the cooler air coming in. going to get the west wind, wind gusts 20 to 30 miles an hour, if you are down the shore, you don't like the west wind, that's a land breeze, that drops the temperatures, keeps it pretty warm, and then bridges in all of the flies from the mainland. so you might want to leave little early tomorrow, sunday 84 degrees, tomorrow 78. still pretty breezy monday. certainly a nice day there today. with cooler temperatures. muggy start, and then into the 80s tomorrow, with gusty winds, wind gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour, less humid, and still breezy tomorrow night. cooler day on monday. and not nearly as breezy on tuesday, so little cooler in the morning. tuesday, sunshine, 55, up to
6:36 pm
78 degrees, 80 on wednesday, and thursday, here is some rain coming in, chance of shower on thursday midst 70s by the ends every next week and next weekends, so could be little more comfortable there down the shore. >> all right. we'll take that. >> not bad. >> and we forgive you. >> i was worried? hey, mother nature. thanks so much n honor every muhammad ali, the bio about his life is coming back to theatres this weekend, ali, starring will smith, was originally released in 2001 and it earned $87 million at the box office. and an oscar nomination for will smith. the movie will be in select theatres nationwide, at least three theatres are in our area, among them, regal theater in the oaks anwar inning ton. >> yesterday, a three-hour memorial was attended by
6:37 pm
thousands, including will smith, president clinton, and mike tyson. ali was burried in his hometown of louisville, kentucky, he died last week, after a long battle with parkinson's disease. ali was 74 years old. >> trash piling up on the street of par ills. the conflict that led to up this mess. >> plus, a scene out of the old west. find out what this guy is accused of doing that got him lassoed by a good samaritan.
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trash piles up on the spree of paris as french sanitation workers continue to strike over labor conditions. weeks of strikes and demonstrations have led to panic at the fuel pumps and violent protests in the street. french leaders hope to put the matter behind them ahead of the euro 2016 soccer tournament, but unions say they plan to continue their strike through tuesday. the strike echos of nationwide discontent over the government's efforts to change laws on working hours, and layoffs. >> and, it is like a plot out of the old western movies. a rancher on his horse uses a lasso to stop a man from stealing a bike in oregon.
6:41 pm
the rancher was loading his truck in wal-mart parking lot, he heard a woman scream being somebody trying to steel her bike. so robert pulled his horse out of his trailer and road on over. he then used his lasso to catch the alleged thief as he tried to run from the scene. the man held there until police a retired lived. >> tonight in your money, philly beer week is coming to an end. fishtown, wrapping up the unofficial holiday week, with a celebration on the streets of frankford avenue. >> lots of bucey, all for good cause, too, all proceeds will go to the philadelphia fire department and the hero thrill show, which helps the children of fallen officers and firefighters funds their education. >> it looks like a toy, but this cat pillar you are going to see here is actually getting kids ready for a job. it is called the codeapillar,
6:42 pm
by fisher price, allows kids to control the device by connecting eight parts, and that actually teaches children how to code by exposing kids to the skill early in life, the company says, it could help them later in life. the codeapillar for kids three to eight years old, set to hit the shelves next month. coming up next an uplifting story that reminds us about humanity and perseverance, where the loss after child sets in motion a remarkable, remarkable american tail.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street.
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pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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here we have an up lifting story that reminds us about humanity and perseverance. where the loss after child sets in motion a remarkable american tail. charlie ladid you have with a story that reminds us, when you think you can't, remember,
6:46 pm
you can. and never give up your dreams. >> you dream after island, you may never get there. but without a dream you'll never build a boat to take you someplace new. here avalon street in michigan, where the boat of harris washed ashore. >> ♪ >> sadly her dream came to her in a nightmare nine years ago
6:47 pm
after her youngest child jacoby was killed. and they cross the the street, and the car just came whipping across the street i mean around the corner and smashed, smashed him out of my front hand, he was ten years old at the time. then he died up under a street light. >> highland park long on its heals, since street lights repossessed because the city could not pay the power company or fight crime or tear down blight or keep libraries open. there was no place here miss harris realized to be a child. >> wow, the parks and stuff here overgrown, i want to build a park for my son, so when we moved, six months after he died, and stuff, saw
6:48 pm
this place. >> she made that park, then owe racket add solar street lamp on a block that had no light. she didn't ask. she just did. she mode and cleared the lots. she got abandoned houses torn down, soon the children came to avalon street to camp overnight, and resistance came to play, and her dream began to grow. >> you bought this? >> i bought this. this, actually, a dollar a square foot, so it was like 2300 square feet. and, ya, we bought there is so it is already gutted and everything, and we got the youth working on it. >> ♪ >> come september, this place, thanks to $100,000 grant, from
6:49 pm
the big sun foundation, will be a clean safe house for the school children of highland park, the city was officials once cedar ways tired eye had seen the light. >> and the houses, it is fabulous, it is magnificant. it is something that our children can take care of on their own, they can be proud of, they can be a part of. >> it is like a model, so to me, a lot of life, got a bunch -- with the property, here, a woman with this vision, she said i'm going to do the whole block. >> putting the energy and everything into it, putting the vibes into it. >> putting the work into it. >> her moon ministries has
6:50 pm
fundraising campaign, hoping to raise money to furnish the homework house, and build out the rest of the neighborhood, a place where the liquor store often doubles as a supermarket. a vegetarian restaurant here, marketplace here, the wellness center, avalon village. >> this lot right here, this is going to be a tenant and volley -- a tennis and volleyball court. >> seem like an awfully big dream. >> yes. >> who the hell plays tennis around here? >> nobody, but guess what, we will teach them how, because we're going to turn out some awesome, awesome sports stars out of here. so this is tennis. this is volleyball. at this big one right here is the basketball, with bleacher. >> big dreams, even if they don't all come true, at least she can say she did something constructive with the pain, making the lives of little ones just a little bit better.
6:51 pm
>> it hence me think about the sad part him not being here any more, hems work off grief. sometimes you can sit, and you can think about something, boy, and it can just get you so tore up, so that was a way for me, just oh, i just stayed busy, and i was intensely busy, you know, you got to do something with the energy. so i just can't of transformed it. i transformed it into joy every time i think about that, matter every fact, people, so little, little. >> wow. i'm proud of her and i'm so sad for her at the same time.
6:52 pm
transform ago neighborhood. john bell, what you got in. >> the eagles they wrapped up a tumultuous mini camp because of old nelson agholor thing, talk about their mini camp. and after that we talk about the phils, they are falling off quick, been embarrassing against the nationals, we'll have all of that coming up next in sports.
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everything seems to be bad with the phillies right now, they lost three out of their last four, they're three and six in the month of june. they're not hitting. they can't pitch. and their future ace is on the 15 day dl. not looking bright for the phils, aaron nola is now the only ace they have, and he couldn't get it going today either. bottom second, runners on the corner, and that pitcher puts down a bunt, and it is a suicide squeeze, tommy joseph goes home. but it is not in time.
6:55 pm
the nats take two-zero lead. few batters later bryce harper right up the middle. that will brought home the run, aaron, just didn't have it today. he only lasted three and two thirds. he even got four runs on seven hits, and right now, the nats are just patting their stats. ben revere finds the gap, that's another run coming home, phillies lose eight to zip. the phils third straight lost. >> all right, still no word on whether charges will be brought on nelson agholor, who is being accused of sexual assault. mini camp ended thursday, players don't have to report until training camp in late july. it was a very successful one, until that, very unfortunate situation. man who has seen it all with the eagles, brent celek, longest tenured eagle, been there nine years, he has seen every type of circus, you can possibly have. so, seen how much the city has been through, how much they suffered, and he is still
6:56 pm
waiting for them to get that ultimate prize. >> i want to win a superbowl for this sit. for me that would be the ultimate goal. i mean, i've been lucky enough to be here for a long time. but we node to win, that's all the city cares about. >> every game has been a blow out until last night. finally got a competitive one, which wasn't competitive after the end of the fourth quarter, because, steve courier and the warriors just blew them out at the end. confrontation between labron james and jay, look at this right here, fourth quarter, they get twisted throws him on the ground, tries to walk over him, it appears he may have given him a shot at unfortunate place right there, but still i walk over the guy, what did you think was going to happen? not happy with the way labron has been called by the officials, and he went to his defense.
6:57 pm
>> he never gets calls, i mean, he attacks, one of the most outside every westbrook one of the guys who attacks the play every single play, he doesn't get a fair whistle all the time because every his strength, because of his power, and guys bounce off of him. but, you know for example are still, you know, weren't table get him, but got to play to officiate. >> quick note at the linc today, usa taking on par way at 7:00 p.m. in the copa american, both teams, need a win to advance to the quarterfinals past their group match. but again, we're going to see labron go down again for fifth time. stop crying. play better. >> stop it. >> stop it. >> we got to go now. that's our news for this saturday evening. your live lottery drawing is next, see you right here tonight after the yankees and and tying baseball game. see you.
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