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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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mateen killed 49 people and wounded dozens more. he was posting on facebook while it was happening. what the killer said as people were dying. >> eagles top draft pick rough day. what happened at a new jersey gas station. your news is next.
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♪ >> right now the city of philadelphia lit up to honor the victims and survivors of sunday's orlando massacre. you can see from skyfox rainbow lights shining from the ben franklin bridge tonight, and in center city both the sirius center and comcast building are lit up in rainbow colors. philadelphia community coming together tonight to youngest victim who host her life when that gunman end fire. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. cun eight-year-old akyra murray had draft from there west catholic prep and was in orlando celebrating with friends. chris o'connell has been talking with those who knew akyra. he's live in west philadelphia. chris? >> reporter: that's right, lucy. the west catholic family gathered together tonight to come together to pray and real
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toll make sense of a senseless tragedy that claimed the life of a stand out student athlete. it was less than two weeks ago akyra murray was here graduating third in her class from west cathedral rick prep high school. tonight, former classmates, teachers and alumni pour into the very same building to honor her memory. as the flags fly at half staff. >> everybody wanted to be like her. >> reporter: monique barracks was murray's teammate on the lady birds basketball team. >> she would keep our hearts and heads into every game win organize losing, and she just knew the right words to say and how to build us up to as team. >> reporter: hundreds fill the auditorium in a private vigil led by school president brother richard kessler who himself struggled to find the words of comfort for the west catholic family. >> one of the characteristics of the school is that we are a family when this type of situation happens in any family, family gathers together and gets strength from one another.
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the whole opportunity for us students tour speak and be strengthened by one another is the reason for doing it. >> reporter: most everyone here not only knew akyra but she helped them like the leader she was either in the classroom or on the basketball court. >> she just did everything the right way. how she lived. everybody just saw. she stood out. >> it doesn't really seem real, 'cause you wouldn't think of this. she would go on and do -- and play basketball and be another leader somewhere else but it's like -- i don't know. it doesn't seem real to me. >> reporter: well, akyra murray's immediate family was not here tonight. they're still in orlando. as a matter of fact, at the very same time this vigil was going on, akyra's body was being released by the fbi back to the family to be brought back to philadelphia. lucy? >> chris, i'll take it, thank you. tragic. dozens still recovering in the hospital after sunday's morning massacre.
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vigils happening around the country and here at home canal dells lit in south philadelphia in honor of the 49 lives lost and dozens of others hurt. to night authorities are one step closer to charging the gunman's wife in connection to that shooting. noor salman was reportedly with omar mateen when he cased possible targets including walt disneyworld and the pulse nightclub. the feds have reportedly convened a grand jury to investigate salman. she could be charged as accessories to 49 counts of murder and 53 counts of attempted murder. fox news is now reporting gunman posted on facebook during the standoff pledging his loyal tie to isis and threatening more attacks. meanwhile authorities say mateen was likely self radicalized as the investigation continues, and more details emerge, you can find the information on our website at a medical examiner is performing an autopsy on the body of a two-year-old nebraska boy killed by an alligator a disneyworld rei sore.
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he was body was found think afternoon. orange county sheriffs office released this photo of lane graves this evening. they say he was playing in the water last night when the alligator dragged him under. his father tried to save him but he just could not. searchers used sonar equipment to scower the lagoon. they found the little boy right around 1:30 this afternoon. >> he was win the immediate area of where he was last seen. took some timing to through and make certain the waters is kind of murky but our divers were able to locate the body. >> the graves family is speaking to night through the sheriff's office. they say they very much appreciate the support they're receiving but they are asking for privacy. as they grieve their son. the sheriff says the child's body was intact. wildlife officials removed five alligators from the lagoon and euthanized each of them for
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analysis. the chairman and ceo of walt disney company released this statement short timing a... >> the question many are asking how does this happen? is anyone to blame? >> tomorrow morning on good day we're talking to an attorney. are no swimming signs enough protect. tune in starting at 7am. >> on your radar rain is on the wage here's a live look at trenton on the top right and penn's landing in the bottom box. heavy right as you leave for work. kathy, this could cause few problems. >> it certainly could, iain. right now we're seeing storms moving toward the east. patch of heavy right now in lancaster county moving east at 35 miles an hour heading towards parts of chester county and delaware county within the next couple of hours you may see moderate rain out of that. right now 71 in pottstown. 72 in philadelphia. some 60s to the south. it will be cooling down as we go
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through the morning, we'll watch the showers move through overnight and another round tomorrow morning slowing things down. of course, bob and sue will have the latest tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00 a.m. a wet commute so it could be slow commute. warming again and coming up the father's day forecast. i'll have that later in the broadcast. see you then. talk to you soon kathy. to a developing story. a deadly hit-and-run a mini van hit a 17-year-old girl last night in the kressonville section of northeast philadelphia. she was in a crosswalk just trying to cross the street. the driver never stopped. search is on for the person who took this young woman's life just as she was about to begin a new chapter. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson live from the scene. shawnette. >> police desperately want this solved they hope someone knows something about the mini van or the driver that took this teen's life. it happened a day before she was set to graduate. roxanne day saw this video on the news early tuesday morning, it nearly made her heart stop.
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>> seeing shoes. that look like mikayla shoes. no, because she wouldn't be on adams avenue. >> turns out it was her 17-year-old granddaughter march kayla jackson who had just started working at marshall's nearby and was leaving work a driver hit her around 11:30 monday night. when police say she was in the crosswalk at adams and the boulevard. the driver kept going. >> very heartbreaking for me. for the family, for all of us. i just want the person who did it to come forward, you know. please come forward. >> reporter: today police released surveillance video that shows a silver early 2000 model chevy venture mini van traveling northbound on the boulevard. it eventually made a turn on to adams avenue where police say the driver hit jackson throwing her body 200 feet. >> very shocked. it's surreal. it's something that you really don't expect from someone who is that young to pass away or be killed. >> life was just beginning for
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march kayla supposed to graduate from george washington carver high school the day after she was killed. she wanted to go to college to study fashion design. the family also wants something done about safety on the boulevard. >> there's been many lives lost unnecessarily because it's not safe to cross the street on roosevelt boulevard. >> reporter: and back here live, police say the mini van should have heavy front end damage and shattered windshield. in the meantime the family is in the process of planning a vigil for march kayla later this week. iain. >> shawnette thank you noisy afternoon for some residents in the grays ferry neighborhood of the city after an explosion at the viola energy facility along grays ferry avenue. officials say a pressurized piece of machinery gave way that started the blast. neighbors say the ground shook and windows on some homes even shattered. any way this is the first time actual damage was done but our house is shaken on, i don't know, maybe every month or so,
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and, you know, loud rumbles that come out of the power plant, and any way, so this is the first time there was actually physical damage. >> authorities say one worker was injured but that worker was treated on the scene and is ok okay. right now in wilmington police are working to figure out who shot and injured three boys an girl. oldest victim is only 16. the youngest 12 years old. now you saw it here breaking last night on fox 29 news at 10:00. neighbors say they heard several shots last night just past 9:00 on south van bury street. police are asking anyone who knows anything about this to please come forward. fox 29 has been talking with grandmother of the 12-year-old victim and neighbors who say they are sick and tired of all the violence in their neighborhood. >> he was in shock. he had, um, gunshot in this leg and he had a gunshot in his thigh. >> always a reason to really watch what you're doing every second to really look behind your shoulder look over your shoulders, yes.
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>> reporter: no way to live. >> it's not. the not. i'm ready to move out of here so quick. >> a 15-year-old victim in last night's shooting remains in critical condition tonight two victims including the 12-year-old are stable. doctors treated and released a 13-year-old girl. funeral range. being finalized for local singer gunned down after a concert. viewing and memorial service is now set for friday in medford new jersey for christina grimmie her burial will be private. grimmie was marlton native who rose to face on the sickth season of the voice. she was shot last weekend as she was signing autographs in orlando. police say she was shot at point blank range but does it appear the shooting suspect new grimmie personally. >> video captures the moment that good samaritan wrestled the gun away from a guy opening fire inside a school. doesn't end there. what that hero does next police say saved countless lives and -- we were real close. i'm going to say it like that. we were real close.
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>> she was staning in the way. what that guy decided to do that landed him in jail. howard? >> the tweet from eagles quarterback carson wentz that just keeps on giving. seems he had a little problem at a gas station in new jersey. we're all over it and that the phillies coming up in sports. >> what a city trash truck smashed into her car the woman was at least to find a note that is until she tried to get her money. >> i sent multiple e-mails, calls, i left voicemails. and then finally i got on the phone with someone who told me that the city wasn't responsib responsible. >> until fox 29 investigates stepped in. what happened when we started asking questions.
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♪ new tonight fbi and philadelphia police are looking for four guys accused of robbing a bank in wind field. they say two of them even took to dressing like women to try to hide their department at the. >> police considered them armed and dangerous. let's get out to dave schratwieser who is live outside of fbi headquarters in center city. dave? >> reporter: iain, this daring bank robbery took place in broad daylight just before noon in a busy parking lot right next to a popular restaurant and a hotel. the telle tell complied with thr demands after she was handed a threatening note. the bank robbers were dressed in black from head to toe when they enter thed td bank late wednesday morning and slipped the teller a threatening note. >> surprising and kind of scary. >> reporter: hours later the bank was back home for business and bank customers were
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surprised. robbers picked this busy shopping area next to the tgi fridays to pull a hold up. >> kind of shocked, you know. this area is pretty nice usually. but, you know, i guess it doesn't matter where -- when it happens. >> the thing that gets me in this environment you suspect nothing like that at all. >> reporter: philadelphia police and fbi released four pictures of the ban dates they made their way into the bank around 11:25. one sat down near the front door. the other wept directly to the counter and produced a handwritten demand note that said, give me the money or i'll kill you. >> oh wow. >> hands over the money. >> that's a shame. >> they did this in broad daylight. >> reporter: 11:30 this morning. >> oh, god. >> reporter: investigators say the teller hand over $800 in cash and a dye pack. two suspects turned and headed for the front door. they escaped into the parking lot where they met two more suspects waiting in a black chevy impala. most of the robbery was caught on video cameras.
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>> look at the camera oh, yeah, hello and keep on going. so i mean -- as much as i hate to say this, there's no deterrent. >> reporter: one of the bandits also wore some covering over his hands. possibly to hide some tattoos on his hands. fbi says this pair is armed and dangerous. even though they did not show a weapon inside the bank that note was threatening enough. lucy? >> all right, thank you, dave. the school board of one new castle county, delaware, school district voted to end using the red skins as its mascot. that vote came tonight for conrad high school and red clay school district. it's a controversy that began will over a year ago. mascot came under fire after the administration and board said the redskin mascot is a incentive to american history. alumni showed up in force fighting to protect the long standing mascot. no word on what the school's new mascot will be. philadelphia city council
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expected to vote tomorrow on that controversial drink tax. last week city council members gave a preliminary thumbs up to the tax on regular and diet sodas and sugary drinks. mayor kenney had pitch the tax as a money maker for expanding pre k programs. we learn last week that over the next five years, millions of dollars of that revenue will go towards insuring up the city's general fund balance. if passed every ounce of the affected drinks would be taxed one and a half cents. olney a crash involving a police cruiser sent two weeks on to the front lawn of a church. skyfox over the scene this afternoon at the philadelphia police suv and a car collided. medics had to rush four people including two officers to the hospital. our karen hepp talked to witnesses who saw the whole thing happen. >> reporter: a police suv and a black maxima collided so hard today they bounced off each other and wound up on op sid sides of the first presbyterian church of olney. >> the accident very bad. >> reporter: everyone was
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injured. skyfox was overheard as officers were loaded on to stretches to be taken to einstein hospital. >> one of the officers wasn't moving either. they said one is pinned in the car and she said her face looked like it's swollen. i said that might be from the impact, because you her the impact. >> just sounded like the doors were shaking real hard. >> when the pastor reverend randy got outside to inspect the damage he couldn't believe it. the church was spared. but the cars and the people were pretty banked up. >> i did see police officer that seemed to be injured and that person in the other car seemed to be injured as well. >> reporter: all the victims were rushed to einstein. investigators tried to sort through exactly what happened. police say the officers from the 35 district were on their way to an assist with an arrest when the crash happened right here at third and west taber. >> you know, boom, you know, but we -- before the crash hit, we heard -- we saw the cars flying down the street. >> reporter: with both cars winding up on the steps of a popular church people stared
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from their cars. jaws dropping. >> my daughter called me. she said there's an accident in front of your church. first presbyterian church of olney. oh, my god, i said, my car is parked across the street. >> reporter: this is that woman's car. turns out it's just fine. the last time we check on the victims in this case all them were in stable condition and the accident investigation division aid we call it is taking a look at this whole case to figure out exactly what happened. that's the latest from olney, karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> several still in the hospital tonight recovering from this weekend's mass shooting. one of those survivors is patience carter a fox 29 intern. yesterday carter spoke from the hospital where she still being treated for a gunshot to her leg and we have been in constant contact with patience of course a member of our fox 29 familiarly. >> she spoke to our mike jerrick, alex holly and karen hepp on good day this morning. you are so brave. seeing you yesterday and i want you to know all of philly -- you've got overwhelming respon response. have you realized how many people are behind you?
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>> yeah, i really have, and it's really the support is so great to have, and in the midst of like some people who think that this tragedy was a hoax or think that's correct upping, some people are lying about this tragic event like philadelphia and you guys supporting me up lifts my spirits right now. so thank you very much for continuing to support me. >> patience says she might be able to leave the hospital as soon as tomorrow. of course, we'll follow her recovery and we all look forward to her return right here at fox 29. check out this jaw-dropping video. shows a car slamming into a bicyclist sending him cart wheeling through the air. he's okay tonight incredibly why police say his girlfriend ran him down. >> a guy marches into the pizza hospital and demanded cash he reached into the register then took off. what he used forget away that's a little strange. >> mug shot made him famous. he's officially a hod mod debt tonight.
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see his first professional picture that already has the internet talking. now, with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for some new traffic patterns on the passyunk avenue bridge into and out of southwest philly also midday work coming tomorrow route 322 at 452 in aston delaware county thursday means a new breakfast spot. tomorrow morning we're going to go to the living room cafe. fifth street in south philadelphia. bring your appetite. i'll bring the tv cameras. we'll see you right and early from the living room cafe at 9:00 and right here on fox 29 starting at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ daring move by a man during a shooting seattle pacific university. newly released surveillance video comes from back in 2014. it shows how student john mice used pepper spray to subdue the gunman and get the gun away. the student held the guy down for police. one person did die and two others were hurt in the shooting. the suspect's trial begins in september. egyptian officials say they now know the leck of the egypt airplane that crashed into the mediterranean sea last month all 66 people on board died. a ship contracted by the egyptian government to join the search efforts spotted the
10:25 pm
wreckage today. the plane disappeared from radar while traveling from paris to cairo. no group has claimed responsibility for bringing it down. in at land tax his weapon was fake and wheels were just a bike. robber got away anyhow. >> a man walks into a pizza shop and orders the guy behind the cash. he reaches into the drawer and takes handful of bills. he ran out of the store hopped on bike and to go off. >> it was like toy gun, plastic gun had been painted silver. no one knew that at the time. it was until they recover it they were able to discover it was a toy begun. it was plastic. >> at the time of course it seemed very real and was just for this guy to take the money and ride off. trash truck smashed into a car. the employee left a note but when it came time to pay up the see blamed somebody else. what gives. >> fox 29 investigates is ahead. >> kathy first round of rain moving into our suburbs.
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you can see it right here on ultimate doppler. that the just the beginning. timing it for your morning rush coming up when we come back.
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right now at 10:30, a lawsuit stemming from the death avenue gloucester county girl who was strangled for her bike is dismissed. family of 12-year-old autumn pasqualely sued several loom p law enforcement agencies claiming they mishandle the search. the prosecutor's office says the suit was dismissed after an agreement with all parties. but no details on what's in that agreement. 15-year-old boy killed autumn for her bicycle and left her body in a recycling bin in 2012. he was sentenced to 17 years. in chester county police are trying to figure out how this happened. >> fire ball caught on camera. emergency crews rushed to the scene of this fire april side an apartment building in coatesville. broke out right around 12:30 this afternoon along business
10:30 pm
route 30. no word yet how it started. luckily no one is hurt. still developing to night a terrifying attack at the happiest place on earth. authorities are still searching for the alligator who dragged a two-year-old boy from the beach of the walt disneyworld resort. crews found the toddler's body late today. the attack shocking people around the world. >> many are wondering how this could happen at a resort at disneyworld. fox 29's dawn timmeney sat down with local animal experts who are trying to answer that question. >> it is tragic. it is heartbreaking. it's just simply heartbreak much there's no other way to say it. >> reporter: orange county sheriffs department officials addressing the media after two-year-old little boy is matched by an alligator while wading in ankle deep water at a lagoon in disneyworld. the child's family is from nebraska. they were staying at the grand floridian resort and spa when at tack took place in the seven seas lagoon right before their eyes just after 9:00 last night. >> father did his best. tried to rescue child.
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however to no a veil. >> reporter: team of fief too people searching the waters from the air and by boat since last night. >> this is a rare rare attack. you don't hear about these ever. super surprised. >> reporter: anne-marie, from the adventure aquarium in camden has worked with alligators over the last 30 years. including this 3.5-year-old gator. she says the reptiles are generally for afraid of people and tend to shy away from them. she says the gator likely was attracted to the movement in the water. >> alligator could have mistaken it for the splashing of say a raccoon. it was at night. so that's even worse. that's when their most active. when they're searching for preys. >> she says it's not uncommon for alligators to be in shall hoe waters and says they're biggest instinct is to survive. >> alligators are quick, they're smart, they know their tower tower. obviously this is that alligators territory. so are oh some nose where to go to get away from people. >> reporter: the florida fish and wildlife commission says it is still trying to fine the
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alligator involved. five alligators were removed from the lagoon. euthanized and examined. officials say them they will look at forensics and continue their search in the waters by disney. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. she says a friend tried -- let's get a look what's on your radar today tonight. >> kathy is our friend. >> i'll tell you what's on the radar tonight. >> green on the radar screen and some yellow, you have to be a little wary when you see orange and yellow and red. that's heavier rain moving east at about 35 miles an hour and at that speed it will be moving into our northern and western suburbs within the next hour or so. you can see in aberdeen maryland by 10:49 but in newark by about 11:26. some showers in wilmington by 11:00 frick. in chester by about midnight. ridley by 12:13. i think by the time it makes it into ridding it will be a cluster of light showers. outside on market street in old city philadelphia very pleasant. we have partly cloudy sky.
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the temperature still 72. the dew point low at 55. so still low humidity. the high today made it to the forecast high of 80 degrees. right now 66 in the poconos. 70 in wilmington and 68 in millville. down the shore ocean water temperatures in the mid 60s. they're slowly rising and you can see the land temperatures pretty good as well on the boardwalk 67. avalon 67. the same in beach haven the southern part of the lbi. we'll watch this area of low pressure and snaking warm front lifts through the region. as it does, we'll see some showers, some heavy he is gerbilly during the morning and becoming a little bit more widespread but lighter during the afternoon. the high temperature around 73 degrees. and then we slowly dry it out as we head towards the weekend on the fox future cast we go hour by hour with a patch of heavier rain moving to the south during the morning still some showers around for the morning rush. not all that heavy but could slow you down. during the afternoon another round of rain moving through but not everywhere. and about 5:00 o'clock we have spotty showers but we have the us open going on near pittsburgh
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in the suburbs. allegheny county it's oakmont pa and we're going to watch it right here on fox 29 over the next couple of days. you can see they have some rain near pittsburgh at that time. we'll keep a careful eye on those storms because of course we want to watch the play. during the overnight, 64 in the city. 59 in the suburbs. the rain moves on in. so occasional showers. the heaviest rain mainly in the morning. the temperature only 73. as we look ahead, it's looking pretty good. here's your official seven day forecast from your weather authority. chance of a morning shower friday. not too concerned. i think that moves out quickly. the high 80. saturday 82. father's day 84. monday 88 when summer begins look at tuesday, we're going for 90. going for the gold there. wednesday 85 if you're going down the shore take a look at the shore temperatures. in the 70s. looking really good if you decide to take a long weekend perhaps. >> beautiful. >> if he's ip you're ko, that was a knock out of a forecast.
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>> thank you. >> first day of summer on monday, too. let's get it. >> she says a friend tried to start up a relationship but something was standing in the way. what the guy decided to do that landed him in jail. and his mug shot made him famous. dubbed the hot villain. he's official al model tonight. see his first professional picture that has the internet talking. >> forget the crow nut. new breakfast creation taking diners by storm. >> oh, my gosh. >> the dough rito.
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♪ okay. remember the hot villain. >> yes. >> he's on house arrest and posting his first professional modeling head shot. this recently appeared on his
10:39 pm
instagram account. jeremy meeks mug shot was all over the internet back in 2014 after he was arrested on weapons charges. now he's out of jail and got an agent who says he's entertaining modeling and acting offers. >> in your money tonight, food and drug administration sending a warning to wholefoods. officials say the grocery chain has until the end of the month to make big changes in food safety. the feds have ordered wholefoods to correct problems at a massachusetts plant that supplies ready to eat products at the stores across the northeast. fda noted serious violations saying wholefoods mailed to manufacture, package and store food in ways that reduce the potential for contamination. wholefoods says it has fixed the issues outlined in the warning which came out earlier this year. the fda is now asking for proof. crow nuts, bruffin when we thought we'd seen it all new contender emerges in the battle of hybrid pastries the past
10:40 pm
three years chefs married croissants to doughnuts and muffins. beat the dough-rito a burrito with ally traditional fixing fix wrapped in tortilla and stuffed with a donut. a food beast discovered the creation out in california. food critics expect the dough-rito to be a hit. >> does it come with a complimentary cardiology appointment perhaps. just wondering. (laughter). >> i'll have to ask dear abby what that is. >> the wawa welcome america festival a few weeks away. >> i'll look later. >> organizers are promising it will be better than ever. today they unveiled the details, the fun, gets started on jun june 27th. admission is is free. >> seven free public movie nights. in addition to free fireworks display and live music on the parkway. welcome america giving away free books to 10,000 children organizers say it's a great
10:41 pm
festival and a great city. >> the excitement around philadelphia you have to geoff credit to the city of philadelphia itself a world heritage city now. everything going so well in philadelphia to the pope's visit to the dnc welcome america is one more festival for opportunity to come not just in philadelphia from far and wide to enjoy all the great things in philadelphia. >> leon bridges is the headliner for this year's july 4th concert. >> jaw-dropping video shows car slam into this bicyclist zenning him cart wheeling through the air. he's okay tonight somehow. why police say his girlfriend ran him down. >> a trash truck smashed into a car. when it came time to pay up, the city blamed somebody else. what gives? fox 29 investigates is next.
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ five month old baby is safe tonight after getting snatched from her mom' arms. the frantic mother called 911 last night saying man had just tried to kidnap her daughter. she told detroit police she knew exactly who took the baby girl. fox's charlie langdon spoke to that mom. >> reporter: tense scene for nine hours here on detroit's east side 7-mile whoever where a five month old baby was snatched
10:45 pm
from his mother's arms but a good ending. >> i'm very happy she's home. >> reporter: the baby five month old tanya smith the mom 27-year-old what neat in a smith the suspect 21-year-old michael hunter. mom and hunter had a relationship. >> we were real close. i'm going to say it like that. we were real close. >> reporter: hunter is not the baby's father but want add relationship with the mother. >> is that what the argument was about? >> yeah. he sent me text messages and called my phone constantly. i sent him messages saying leave me alone i don't want to be bothered with you. >> reporter: he took your bab baby? >> he took my baby. >> reporter: hunter went to mom's house around 11:00 o'clock tuesday night. an argument hunter takes the baby. mom chases him down whoever but gives up and calls 911. nine hours later baby safe, hunter in custody. >> we did have enough officers
10:46 pm
in the area both marked and unmarked identify the suspect and take him into custody without incident and recover the baby. obviously we have a lot of questions for him that need to be answered. >> the mom will meet with authorities on thursday to discuss possible criminal charges. likely they will include kidnapping. amber alert was issued which caught the attention of mr. hunter, and due to good police work by the michigan state police, the fbi and detroit police, baby tanya is home and safe. >> tanya is sleeping right now. (laughter). >> tanya is asleep right now. >> reporter: in detroit charily langdon, fox news. >> thank goodness a woman in phoenix faces charges after she ran over her boyfriend with her car. court documents say she had just found out he was hiv positive. a warning the video is graphic but the man did survive. authorities say in april the couple got into app an argument when the man tried to ride off his bike she sped towards him in
10:47 pm
her mustang and did that. the impact you saws toetossed ty straight into the air and landed on the road. he was incredibly able to stand up and stumble away. his girlfriend is in jail tonight. you park your car and when you get back it is smashed up. >> but it's even worse empty responsible party leaves a note and refuses to pay up at least until fox 29 investigates gets involved. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: walking out to her car ready for work one fall morning amber lutz made one of those dreaded day alters discoveries and a crowded one way south philly street. >> i walk back around to night car and i saw this whole side was all dented in. the my door and back panel over here i needed to get the entire door and that panel replaced. >> reporter: fortunately, something was on her windshield. >> what did the form have it. >> it had the actual vehicle number for the city truck or car
10:48 pm
that hit my car. >> reporter: that's right. the city employee who hit her parked car in a compacting trash truck similar to this left an official looking note. lutz contacted the city, police and her insurer. got a $4,500 damage estimate and paid her $1,000 deductible. she went out her ford for two weeks of repairs. >> i actually had to wait 45 days until my case was even put into the system. so i called back in february, and no one got back to me for another month. i sent multiple e-mails, calls, i talked -- i left voice males, and then finally i got on the phone with someone who told me that the city wasn't responsib responsible. >> reporter: april letter from the city's claims adjuster suggested she contact a city contractor for information regarding this case. lutz reached out but the contractor which we're not identifying sewed it had no
10:49 pm
projects in the vicinity admitted that being puzzled and asked the city for some kind of proof the the city says not us and the contract says not us. >> you were left high and dry. >> i was left hi and dry. my car had been fixed. i put the thousand dollars up. i'll shake this up for loss. no. i deserve my money back. ooh didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: she asked the city to take another look. but the adjuster said based on his investigation, the city of philadelphia is not responsible for your damages. after what she called rude and terrible treatment from the claims union, lutz turned to fox 29 investigates. >> i'm getting married in november. and that thousand bucks will come in handy for a bunch of different things that my fiance' and are planning for our weddi wedding. >> reporter: what did we learn about that note on her car? it's a streets department form. the employee number refers to the local district and a list we found online when the city
10:50 pm
sought to the vehicle shows the year, make and model. >> i'm calling you about a claim made by amber lutz. we called and left voice message for a just gregory head. less than 24 hours later city spokesman mike du inform n told us they will in fact pay lutz's claim. little explanation was offered other than the initial response was, inn error. >> if it wasn't for your team reaching out to the city, they would have never reimbursed me my money. i know for sure because they were trying to give me the rupp around and almost bullying hee into not following up with them. >> amber lutz received and sent back a legal release. she expects to receive that $1,000 check from the city real soon and she says she'll put that to what her wed --, toward her wedding. jeff cole fox 29 news. jeff cole getting results. i'm happy for her. >> i am, too. >> you're invited to the wed.
10:51 pm
>> thank you. >> carson wentz seems to have a little trouble at a new jersey gas station and he let the world know about it in social media. all right. and the phillies are not in a good spot these days and it wasn't fun for the guys tonight against toronto. all that's coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
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♪ those phillies, they're all a sudden a team in free fall after starting the season and going seven games over 500, from that point on, the phillies are now 13 games under 500. since may 18th. the phillies are not getting either good pitching or any juice on the offense. maybe that's the problem they don't have any juice. let's go to citizens bank park. the bright night for the fan in the stands nice catch, little afraid it but get baseball. not a good night forger me. he had war inn cars cione. homerun. one to nothing toronto. bottom of the second company dee asche a good night. three extra base hits and one of them this homerun. he had two rbi's.
10:55 pm
cody a she's ties it up one-one. seventh innin inning the phillin two, four-two. ryan up as a pinch hitter he did not start. what do you think he's going to do? take a guess. yup. batting average down in free fall down to .148. eighth inning toronto broke the off. hector is not pitching well. he's pitching poorly. josh donaldson the start avenue three run eighth inning with a homerun and phillies lose it seven-two. great game cubs and nationals to washington. washington tied it in the ninth. they came back to tie it in the ninth. tied it in the 12th and jayson werth for the second time in a week wins the game knock in the winning run from first base and washington beats the cubs five-four. u.s. open begins tomorrow it will begin at 10:00 a.m. on fox sports one, and at 5:00 p.m. here on fox 29. today the final practice round. let's go to oakmont country club outside of pittsburgh. golfers already know the win
10:56 pm
lower be in over par that the the way it is. usga oversees this tour event and they are just brutal when they make these courses hard. they have made the rough so deep in many cases you cannot even see the golf ball. the greens are already tougher and they will be made lightning fast. >> it's one of the most difficult golf courses we'll ever play. with the wind yesterday it would have been, um, i would have signed probably for somewhere around 75, 76 and shaking everyone's hasn't and i'll go back and have a beer after that. >> he's going to have few of those this round. carson wentz had a little problem when he stopped at a new jersey gas station and carson wentz let us all know about it when he wept into the world of idiots on social media twitter. got locked in a bathroom at a new jersey gas station. >> oh no. >> praise the lord for the attendants with the garden shears and the other guy with the leg kick. when are these going to learn? he's got nothing to do.
10:57 pm
get back to camp. (laughter). >> probably went viral. >> really? >> by the way, a sbruffin is a brioche an muffin n big night tonight. >> yes it is. powerball is up next.
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