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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 17, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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two teenagers vowed in the early morning hit and run and what they were doing when they were hit plus their conditions right now. and... >> ♪ >> she captured the nation's attention with her voice and today the nation will pay tribute to her. making history after months of heated debate, philadelphia becomes the first major city to tax sugary drinks but not everyone is happy about it. good day, everybody it is friday june 17th, 2016. end of the workweek. sue, it was a tough week for all of us but we're excited because every friday through july between the second we are taking over a local town and today northeast philadelphia we are coming to you we will be live from 7:00 to 10:00 at
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cottman and frankford avenues in mayfair with free samples from local favorites plus live entertainment, magician, face painting, tattoos and we will be shredding papers from your junk drawer. >> yes. >> best part for all of you is you can win a car, a brand new mazda cx9, go to our web site fox, click on the contest page on our home page. we will pick a finalist once a week and in our final show we have the big give away. that show is july between the second at dell music center in east fairmount park but you can see lots of other chances to go out and meet got day team. sue, are you out or in today. >> i'm in with you, baby. i can't get my tattoo. >> i think they are temporary tattoos that we're giving out for today for the kids, you know, it will be a great time. pressure is on me to make sure it doesn't rain in northeast philadelphia a, this morning. so far, so good, it does look like it may stay that way with
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you we have rain nearby. it will be a close call, you see it raining down to the jersey shore unfortunately at least to start the day. we have rain down in dover, delaware where folks are camped out for fire fly music festival. out in lancaster we have rain but nothing at the moment in philadelphia. we will zoom in, to the millville area just cloudy there, and things around philadelphia, metro area are fine. at the airport we're fine. we're dry. temperature 65. we have a little breeze but it is out of the east so that will keep us cloudy to start the day. 07 percent relative humidity. sunrise time 5:32, last friday of spring, summer starts monday but still sticky out there. sixty-five in trenton. fifty-seven in mount pocono. mid 60's in reading and lancaster. 61 degrees at atlantic city. sixty-four in dover. we have wind coming from the east and northeast keeping us cloud which that on cher flow but things will be changing and we will get, eventually
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lower humidity in here, 80 degrees should be our high, cloudy start with some showers in some spots. late sunshine, easterly wind five to 10 miles an hour. that takes care of your friday. wait until you see what a weekend we have for you coming up. but first been kelly will be joining us from north philadelphia for good day drives you later on so we will talk about what is happening right here. we have a look, where is this here, is this the route 63 accident? i'm sorry, route 63 westbound at million brooke road where we have an overturn vehicle blocking both lanes there. so this is in northeast philadelphia around the i-95 area not too far from there. i-95 in delaware we will look at that next. this is all my bad, bad start this morning. fire fly music festival toys day, talked about how muddy it is with all that rain through sunday but around the dover speed way is where you'll see
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a lot of detour this is morning. lauren? >> sue, thanks very much. we will start with breaking news near spring garden, two teenagers have been hospitalized after a hit and run. lets get out to steve keeley live on the scene with more details, hi there, steve. >> reporter: we are standing in the middle of north broad street, thinks around where all of the new restaurants have opened and you can see those new expensive much criticized light poles all through this area mike give them a look, pan around to all of them and show you these are not light the street too well and this proves it this happened at 1:53, these lights in the providing enough light for either teenagers on bicycles or driver of the car to see each other and look out for each other. we don't know who was at fault here but among all of the evidence markers as police have to shut down is a smashed bicycle and maybe witnesses because you there were other bikes laying on the ground closer to us that aren't smashed, so maybe this was a group of kid, and only two of
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the kid on one, fortunately not anymore were hit by this car, now lets go to video and we will see the car with the hit and run but they didn't run too far before they abandoned and ditched the car just two blocks away. we are not too far from the main intersection of broad and ridge and they found the car, right around the corner essentially right off broad street and have at least within person that they are talking to right now. we don't know if that person was in the car. there may have been more than just the driver in the car as well according to the initial preliminary police reports out here. coming back live here's something you don't see much, lauren. philadelphia police accident investigation command unit out here so they have big truck out here and then you see suv and broad street shut down for a couple blocks right off spring garden street. they will keep this scene for a while here. as for condition of the victims, one looked pretty grave according to a police officer i talk to, another
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teenager with a broken leg and one officer, one of the first responding told me he thought it was a boy and a girl both 16 years old, again all that is preliminary. second time this week where we're leading our show with the hit and run. this time at least unlike that maybe i minivan from the boulevard and adams avenue fatal accident which also involved a teenage girl just 17, they have not found that vehicle yet. at least they have the vehicle here so they are making headway in the investigation and we are close to a couple hospitals here. victim taken to hand map which is probably almost walkable from here but this accident so severe that even being that close to the hospital getting quick response, sometimes isn't good enough. lauren we will update you as we get new information from both police and the hospital. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. happening today, last good byes to a beloved singing sensation in south jersey cristina grimmie captured national spotlight as popular contestant on the voice. today the 22-year old will be
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laid to rest. private funeral services for grimmie will be held in medford. her mentor adam le vine paying expenses. grimmie's family says she loved animals, video games and she was close friends with selena gomez. one week ago an obsessed fan gun her down in orlando as she signed autographs with the cans earth. funeral services will be held at fellowship lines chapel beginning at 3:00 this afternoon. grimmie's memorial service combination at 8:00 o'clock. philadelphia becomes the first major city in the the country to pass a tax on sewed, juice, energy drinks and even diet sewed a final approval coming after months of heated debate, mayor jim kenney will sign legislation on monday. city council passed a one and a half sent ounce tax by a vote of 13-four. that means average can of soda will cost 18 sent more, 2-liter bottle an extra dollar. millions raised will go toward prek initiative, rec centers and general fun. the marries pleased but not
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everyone is happy. >> certainly a long road to get here but this is beginning of the process of changing the narrative of poverty in our city. >> we're all disappointed because it is just taxes on all of the poor people in philadelphia. >> reporter: tax kicks in january 1st of 2017. new details about what else the shooter at an orlando nightclub was doing as he carried out massacre. up investigators now say omar mateen was texting his wife during the rampage asking if she has seen the news. she reportedly texted she loved him and tried to call him during that tack. president barack obama and vice-president joe biden visited with the family of the victims and survivors. two of those survivors fox 29 intern patients carter and her best friend tiara parker from philadelphia patients says meeting the president is unforgettable. >> it was so comforting, it didn't seem rehearsed or staged but it seemed like he
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truly cared about us and our pain. most amazing experience i have ever felt in my life. >> we will have more of president obama's visit later in the show. we have had an outpouring of requests to help patients. we have a link under seen on tv on our web site at fox in new jersey governor christie, chris christie ordered flags at state buildings lettered to half staff in honor of the shooting victims in orlando. in a statement governor call it a deliberate, callus assault on the freedoms we cherish as americans. 4:09. morrisville police say a man opens fire on a guy he says tried to steel his car at an apartment complex on wood land avenue yesterday morning. investigators say bucks county man noticed someone trying to break into his car. that guy hopped in the stolen car and then sped off. man living at the apartment complex hopped in his own car and then followed the suspect then crashed at the intersection of the pennsylvania and bridge streets. coming to a stop right in
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front of the salon. >> actually i received a phone call at 7:00 this morning saying that it was an accident in front of the salon. so i immediately got up, got dressed and ran here and the car was directly in front of my steps. >> after the crash police say man opened fire on the suspect hitting him once in the arm and he is now in the hospital being treated for his injuries. suspect will face charges, the shooter will also likely face charges as well. there are new guidelines aimed at protecting transgender students in philadelphia public schools. transgender students will be allowed to use what the rooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity. school reform council approved the new policy yesterday. it will also allow students to dress as their identity without fear of discrimination. a warrant served on a frankford home where officials had to make a crucial recovery, what they have found inside. it the looks like this guy is just walking his dog down a
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local street but a couple says he left a disgusting surprise at their front door. why they think they were targeted.
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we are looking at the ultimate doppler radar in a moment but we want to give you the forecast for the northeast for good day drives you corner of frankford and cottman is where the party is later on. it looks like we will keep it cloudy for morning with temperatures in the 60's, and we will put this in, stray shower just so it won't happen but the possibility is still
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there. but it is a system that is centered to our south here and you can see thunderstorms have just moved off outer banks and still raining there and we're seeing circulation around this low pressure system reach as far north as lancaster county. you can see a few showers around lancaster to the south on peach bottom there and then looking down to the new jersey shore it is raining steadily around most of our spots there cape may, wildwood, middletown ship, dover, delaware. as we mentioned earlier fire fly music festival is underway and folks are getting wet camped not nearby looking at the delaware beaches around bethenny it looks lake there is shower activity there. changing season, it happens on monday. count down to summer is only three more days and it will be the longest day of the year but we have been enjoying really long days for past couple weeks. been delightful. that is when that happens. average high temperature is 83 .
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we didn't even come close with those cloud and showers on and off. we got to 7o but everything confined to early part in the day. we think we may be low to mid 80's if we get enough sunshine. we expect sun to come out later on in the day. tomorrow, fathers day on sunday looks fantastic. the it will heat up on sunday with a high of 87 and then in the upper 80's for the first day of summer. by tuesday we're talking about a few then are storms possible and maybe a little bit of rain on thursday but things will be heating up just in time for the change of season. the that is a look at your seven day forecast, more details coming up. we will get back with traffic ape this accident route 63 at millbrooke road. you can see flashing lights and emergency vehicles on the scene. you can see everybody is diverted off of route 63 writ there at millbrooke road ape
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all getting on to bristol pike and that is where you'll have to go in that area avoid fit you can. the lets look at the vine street expressway, this morning hardly a car on the road. there is one car on the vine right now and new septa regional rail schedule is happening on sunday, so before monday make sure you get that new schedule and check it out. lauren? >> all right, sue, thanks very much. search is on for person responsible for shooting a man in the cities olney section this was just after 3:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon in the 5100 block of arbor street. police found a man inside the car and shot in the face. man died on the scene, investigators still trying to figure out who shot him. lehigh district tern says police were justified in shooting an allentown man who shot at officers as they tried to survey warrant. in february, allentown police say walter bratbold was shot after answering his front door with the rifle and shooting one officer in the arm. both men survived, officers were at ratbold's apartment to survey search warrant in connection with the killing of his girlfriend. he is set to go to trial in
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both his girlfriend's murder and officer shooting. from atlantic city, casino workers could strike during the cities busiest time of the year. union members voted to authorize a strike against bally's, caesars, harrah's and tropical can a if a new contract is not reached workers striking will walk off the job july 1st. workers made painful sacrifice that he is need to be reversed because they say casinos are regaining their financial footing. trump taj mahal workers have already voted to strike. a judge has granted former penn state assistant coach and convicted child maine lester jerry sandusky a hearing to let him gather more information as he tries to have his conviction overturned. judge john cleland says proceedings will focus on whether prosecutors leak information about the investigation and whether defense lawyers should have called sandusky to testify. three days of hearings will happen sometime in august, sandusky's currently serving a 30 to 60 year sentence. philadelphia frankford section the pennsylvania spca
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says it has faced dozens of cats from two different apartments. pspca says 33 cats were irving lynn i had sigh building on the 4400 block of griscom street. humane law enforcement officers say first floor apartment was in filthy conditions, they found two cats, found dead inside that building. the pspca says charges are pending and its team is now caring for all of the cats. guy in the surveillance video appears to be out for a late night walk with his dog in philadelphia a. he is cleans up after the puppy, sort of. you see, one couple says that the guy left a surprise at their front door, that nobody wants, not only that they think they were specifically targeted. bruce gordon trying to get to the bottom of what happened. >> reporter: this is all about quality of life. when people and pets live side by side in a crowded urban environment sometimes nature calls, the result, well, let's call it poddy problems. every where you look you see
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it, people and their pooches enjoying life on four legs or four wheels. truly man's best friend. now meet arlene and jerry malcontento. >> when i was growing up yes. >> i had dogs growing up and when our kids were growing up. >> reporter: you like dogs. >> i love dogs. >> reporter: what arlene doesn't love is dog own hours fail to clean up after fido and she's not shy about letting them know pet poop is her pet peeve. you confronted folks over this issue. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: wasn't long after one confrontation the morning after mothers day when arlene stepped out her front door and, well... >> i looked down and this was dog mess on the top step. >> reporter: your reaction. >> i closed the door saying i can't believe it. no dog got on that step to do his business somebody put that there. >> reporter: she raced to her security camera and found this scene from around 9:30 the night before. man and his dog up the street,
4:20 am
dog does his business, and, welshing we will let arlene do the play by poop -- play. >> you can see him pick it up, looks at houses here ape looks at my step and puts it at top step. that was really nasty. >> reporter: second camera catches man looking back to see when has been spotted and end of the block he discard his waste bag in the trash can. >> you watched that video and what goes through your mind. >> i was going to shoot him. >> reporter: they reported the incident to philadelphia police but since you cannot see the waste leaving the bag is there not much cops can do report report is there a bigger picture about respect for peoples property. >> there is none, none. >> reporter: sad. >> it is sad, it is stinky. >> reporter: arlene said she didn't recognize man or dog in her security camera video. guy got lucky f police had been a able to id him and better make out the doo drop
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he could have faced criminal charges. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. many people giving up on the phillies this season after another blow out loss to the toronto team. plus losing his cool in game six warriors verse cavilers what happens to steph curry that forced an out of character moment. >> but first your winning lottery numbers.
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i'm sean bell. fletcher cox just got paid but he better be all world next season if he wants to live up to that fat contract. yesterday he talk about his expectations coming into this season. >> it is really just dealing with that much money, it is really mind blowing. i'm really excited about it. me myself i had expectations, high expectations for myself but all i can be is fletcher cox and be really humble about it, come to practice every day, show up every day and let me teammates know i'm there for them. >> all that dough you bet are be jj watts. phillies and blue jays. phillies are just awful. in the top of the fourth already down five to nothing, incarnation, with the line drive, bases loaded that brought home two runs. aaron necessity lah was trash yesterday. he was three innings, eight
4:25 am
hits, six earned runs, phillies get embarrassed 13-two. they have lost seven out of eight. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> so many sports fans knew what comes after this we're talking about game seven cavilers dominated warriors in game six. the last night, 115-101 was final score forcing a time game on sunday night. lebron james dominated again for calves scoring 41 points, pretty frustrating night for steph curry and warriors. fouls out and thene correct after cursing at a referee and throwing his mouth guard that hit a fan. he later apologized to that fan. game seven is happening sunday night in oakland. >> we're following breaking news a 16 year-old injured in the hit and run accident where this happens and whom police are looking for, a live report after the break. also philadelphia makes history yesterday after months of back and forth and a lot of bickering we're the first major city to tax sugary
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drinks, when you can expect to pay more for your next soda.
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what these teens were doing moments before the accident happened. and... >> most positive man and
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people in the world coming an and shaking hand and giving hugs, it is like wow. >> patients carter another survivor of the deadly orlando nightclub shooting meets the president. more on the meet age what it means to her in the wake of the tram difficult. days after that deadly shooting philadelphia school reform commission making new guidelines for transgender student. what this means for your kids, when they helped back to school this fall. good day, it is friday june 17th, 2016, thanks so much for being with us. also we will every friday through july between the second we are taking over a local town so get ready for northeast philadelphia, we are coming to you today live from 7:00 to 0:00 at cottman and frankford avenue in mayfair. we will have a lot going on, entertainment, magicians, face painting, temporary tattoos and shredding papers from your junk drawer. best part you can win a car or maybe sign up, go to our web site at fox, click on the contest page on our home page and we will pick finalist
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once a week and on the final show we have a big give away but you have to build up to the final show. here's where we are going over next several weeks. big finally is planned for friday july between the second at dell music center in fairmount park. come out and see us. sue, if everyone is coming, what can they plan to see outside, in the weather department. >> hopefully no rain dropped, it is looking good, so far, as we look at rain, on radar there is plenty here but none in the philadelphia area. we have rain out to the west and we have rain down to our south and east but as we zoom in we will see rain at new jersey shore and then we will look at philadelphia a and the great north east and then so far so good. just a lot of cloud cover this morning with the easterly win. at the airport we have 65 degrees with the 3 miles an hour breeze out of the east 70 y 567:89:32 is your sunrise time. we have 57 degrees in the poconos mountains. sixty-four in allentown.
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mid 60's just about every where else. we will go down to atlantic city we will see 61 there. sixty-three in wilmington. winds are coming out of the east/north east and that gives us cloud cover but we will start to see things change to more northerly wind and that will take away some of that humidity. we will go with 80, maybe more than that depending on how much sun we will get the earlier the sun comes out we have nice long days, sun doesn't set until 8:30. we will see maybe a higher temperature then that but there will be showers south and east of philadelphia, this morning. that is a look at your weather authority forecast, of course, bob kelly coming on later live from the northeast. we will take care of what is going on with traffic in the meantime. here's what is happening at that situation with broad street, between spring garden and fairmount avenue. we have road closed there, we think bets idea would be to use the numbered streets in the area as your alternate
4:32 am
like 13th street, 15th street right around area of this accident that we will talk about. this hit and run more in a few moments. roosevelt boulevard a check of that road in the city. so farrow good and we are already seeing early volume. the speeds as we run around town you're able to go every where normal but we will see slowing on the schuylkill expressway there. so far so good on this friday morning, lauren. >> sue, thanks much breaking news, sue just mentioned it hit and run send two teenagers to the hospital. lets get out to steve keeley on the scene with more information, there steve. >> reporter: you're looking at a couple witnesses here. we showed so bikes that weren't hit. those kids have gotten done temporarily talking to police but these kids were with the two teenagers on the one smashed bike in the middle left lane going northbound when they were hit by this red lexus. let's show you the car.
4:33 am
it has temporary new jersey plates, a 34 year-old male driver is in custody. he had a female passenger with him and police say they quote wreaked of alcohol. that car found two blocks from the scene. these kid who witnessed the accident said that the car sped off, after hitting their friend leaving them lying in the street. the kids were taken to hahnemann hospital and here's scott small talking about the condition of the two kids hit by that within bike on the lexus. >> two pedestrians on the bike were hit by a car that left the scene. upon police arrival they found two, 16 years old boys laying on broad street in the 600 block, one suffering from the broken leg, other was bleeding heavily from the head, medics took them bet to hahnemann hospital which is only a quarter mile away and then the 16 year-old male with the head trauma is presently in critical condition unknown
4:34 am
whether he will survive his injuries. >> as we come back live you can see lots of evident markers, on north broad street this is in the new restaurant row area and also in the the area where you see these new much criticized, seven figure lights that don't really light the street up too well and that may be a factor in all this, however if you hear police saying someone wreaks of alcohol maybe they wouldn't even see in the middle of the day, lauren but these lights certainly not lighting the scene too well as you can see while dark out. this happened at 1:53 in the morning two victims age 16. we have an evident marker here on one of the light stand, i don't know if you have to move around there to he zoo it number 17, i don't know what that is but you saw other kids with backpacks on. they may be students, who knows but maybe violent impact here sent stuff flying all over north broad street as we often see in these hit and runs. difference this time compared
4:35 am
to earlier this week they have the vehicle, they have the driver and they have lots of witnesses. >> all good news, steve keeley, thanks very much. happening today, final farewell to a beloved singing sensation from south jersey, cristina grimmie captured national spotlight as a popular contestant on the voice. today the 22-year old will be laid to rest. the private funeral services for grimmie will be held in medford. viewing services will be held at fellowship alliance chapel at 3:00 this afternoon. her memorial service begins at 8:00. her men ton adam le vine a judge on the show also paying for the expenses. her family loved animal, video games and she was close friend with selena gomez. one week ago an obsessed fan gunned her down in orlando as she signed autographs after a concerts. philadelphia becomes the first major city in the country to pass a tax object soda, juice, energy drinks and diet drinks. final approval comes after months of heated debate.
4:36 am
mayor jim kenney will sign legislation on monday. city council passed one and a half cents tax by a vote of 13-four yesterday this means average can of soda will cost 18 cents more, 2-liter bottle an extra dollar. millions raised will go toward prek initiative, recollect centers and into the general fund. the marries happy, not everyone else is though. >> certainly a licensing road to get here but this is the beginning of the process of changing the narrative of poverty in our city. >> we're all disappointed because it is such a progressive tax against all of the poor people in philadelphia. >> tax kicks in on january 1st of next year. donald trump has another enemy the city of philadelphia a what just happened that may mean that no more visits to the city of brotherly love. fox 29 intern patients carter still in an or land owe hospital recovering from being injured in the deadly shooting, this morning she's
4:37 am
talking about meeting the president
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4:39 am
listen closely, wawa fans after 50 years at the same location the very first, wow, the very first wawa stories reopening, the original store closed in 2014. it was on macdade boulevard. today officials will cut ribbon at brand new wawa at intersection of macdade boulevard and route 420 in delaware county.
4:40 am
today's ceremony comes complete with the parade and a hoagie building competition. that would be fun. in a few years you might not even recognize 30th street station amtrak, septa, drexel university all taking part in yesterday's big announcement, plan to develop the rail yard around the area and that neighborhood, the initiative will add 40 acres of open space, roughly 18 million square feet of new development. officials hope it will generate billions in taxes as well as thousands of new jobs. philadelphia zoo launches a new app so visitors can explore, track animals anywhere they may be hiding. zoo 360 trail system is a campus wide network of mesh trails, guests will be able to pinpoint animals location using a heat map. they might be in the tree tops, big cat crossing or in the mere cat area. philadelphia city council is not backing donald trump for president. members passed a resolution
4:41 am
renouncing the republican nominee. overall it says trump does not reflect philadelphia's values. give those dollars ready for first time since november 2014, the meg millions jackpot has soared past 300 million-dollar. right now, the jackpot has reached 310 million-dollar, that is 211 million-dollar, if you choose the one time cash payment. this is the 11th largest jackpot in the game's history. the drawing is happening tonight, so good luck to all of you. 4:41. the rest room battle comes to philadelphia, what the school district just did for transgender students in the city of philadelphia a. >> it didn't seem rehearsed or stage but it seemed like he truly cared for us. it was the most amazing experience i have ever felt in my life. >> fox 29 intern patients carter talks about her meeting with the president.
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♪ we are vice to continuing the northeast today for good day drives you. it looks like a cloudy morning. we cannot rule out a stray shower. we always say that. but it is very unlikely. here's where we will be at mayfair and thinks a radar picture but you don't see any green on it. we're already, for now. there is plenty of green on the radar but just not here in philadelphia it is due to the
4:45 am
storm centered around north caroline and moisture from that is spreading up as far as lancaster county we were looking at rain there earlier. now we are looking at northeastern part of the maryland, central delaware, jersey shore we are getting rain around wildwood, new jersey right now. we have some heavy rains, just south of dover, delaware, big time in dover, firefly music festival all weekend licensing but yesterday, we will call yesterday the worst day and this morning rain continues but it should be brighter by end of the day. lewis, delaware get something rain this morning. looking at the future cast we will see clouds for the rest of the morning. the warmer and it will get today. by 11 or 12:00 o'clock all of the rain will be out of the area and it looks like it stays way for rest of the day. this is is looking good for the weekend because all we see are a few clouds on saturday and sunday and lots of sunshine. average high is 83 degrees.
4:46 am
we were well below average. we have been there all week long after 90's both days of last weekend. it will not be quite that warm this weekend. it looks fantastic for fathers day weekend. eighty-four today. eighty-two tomorrow. 86 degrees on sunday. for the first day of summer officially on monday we have 87 degrees. really hot on tuesday before thunderstorms rolled in and then we are back in the mid to lower 80's. look at the bottom of the graphic our summertime seven day forecast because we include the shore temperatures. it looks like mid 70's around the ocean city, new jersey area for today and staying in the 07's both days of the weekend. so far, so good for that seven day forecast. now not so good as far as our sit ways with the accident at route 63 a at millbrooke road. everybody is still being detoured off millbrooke right where you get on to i-95, so it is pretty busy but everybody has to get off at
4:47 am
bristol pike. i-95 at cottman avenue looking good heading in the city this morning. volume starting to pick up a little bit. speaking of the fire fly music festival in dover delaware it is until sunday, expect delays and detours, all around the dover speed way, lauren, all weekend long. >> all right, days after being injured in that deadly orlando nightclub shooting fox 29 intern patients carter got to meet one of the world's mess powerful men, we're talking about president obama. she talk to our sister station about the meeting of a lifetime. >> reporter: patients carter has spent last several days in it or land owe hospital, grading her pain. the she's using similar scale one to ten, ten being the best to describe her emotions meeting president owe bam. most powerful man, most powerful people in the world coming around shaking individual hand, it was just like, and giving hugs. >> reporter: carter a fox 29 philadelphia intern said the
4:48 am
president's visit with the surviving families met a chance to escape pain and begin real process. in these photos you can see carter shaking hands and hugging the president. >> it was so comforting. it seemed like he cared about our pain. >> reporter: carter came here on vacation with her best friend tiara park tore celebrate great ways of the parkers's cousin akyra murray. when shooting start the akyra and patients made it out they went back inside to made and find parker when they got trapped in the bathroom with the shooter. they credited akyra for saving him them. >> unaudible. >> reporter: all three were shot, murray was kill. tuesday carter read a powe bem how it made her feel. >> the guilt of feeling grateful to be alive is heavy. >> reporter: thruster obama's vice ate lud her to put her guilt aside and smile again.
4:49 am
>> it was one of the most a macing experiences i have ever felt in my life. i never thought i would be even in the same room with the president of the united states, let alone by shaking his hands, giving him a hug that was big for me. >> reporter: 4:49, injury haze not decided fate of the congressman chaka fattah, court adjourned around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, 59 year-old fattah is charged with racketeering, bribery, money laundering. u.s. prosecutors say he took an illegal campaign loan of a million-dollar but his lawyers claim he had no knowledge and scheme was by two political consultants. four of his former associate are also charged. fattah served in congress for 21 years. new guidelines, aim at protecting transgender students in philadelphia's public schools. transgender students will be allowed to use bathroom and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity. school reform council approved the policy yesterday and allows students to dress as their identity, without fear
4:50 am
of discrimination. count down is on to the return of the hit show empire. we have the details, on when your favorite show is set to come back, to tv.
4:51 am
4:52 am
we are taking a live look
4:53 am
at ben franklin parkway this morning. museum of the american revolution in philadelphia has announced it will open april 19th next year, ab versery of the opening battle in 1775 between british troops and american columnist, one of the george washington headquarters tent during valley forge winter. that museum is filled with a large collection of guns and other artifacts. get ready empire fans your favorite fox family the lions are coming back to tv. >> ♪ >> well, cookie, luscious, jamal, akeem, rest of the lion family returns on september 23rd, brooklyn 99, new girl and scream queens returning in the fall. you can expect your favorite movies now becoming tv shows. we're talking about the exorcist, and lethal weapon. little will love of the garden state but what makes new jersey, new jersey. couple hip-hop comedians broke
4:54 am
it down in a rap song titled garden state of mind. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> what did you think. that is mika and kyle wolf from aberdeen. their rid yes has scored thousands of views since it was posted just this week. one of the other things they make fun office how drivers in new jersey never have to actually get out of the car and pump their own gas. i. >> i like that. >> get those dollars ready if
4:55 am
you are feeling lucky for first time since november 204 mega millions jackpot has soared past 300 million-dollar, right now the jackpot has reached 310 million-dollar, that is 211 million roughly if you choose that cash payment. this is the 11th largest jackpot in the games history, drawing is happening tonight so good luck to all of you. many sports fans said it would come down to, cavilers dominated warriors in game six force ago this final game on sunday night. lebron james he had 41 points again. steph curry was more frustrating night for him, he fouled out in the fourth quarter and then he got kick out after he cursed at after reand threw his mouth guard that hit the a fan. 's pol guys that had fan and game seven will be happening on sunday in oakland. so golden state back at home we will see what happens
4:56 am
there. >> healing process starts for victims in it or land owe shooting what one of our own interns injured in the a tack says it was like meeting the president. we will continue to follow breaking news out of spring garden two teens injured in the hit and run, questions police have for the driver as they took him into custody. sue? we are looking at ultimate doppler radar, lauren with lots of green on it but is any of iting to go rain on good day drives new northeast philadelphia? we have got rain south and east of us, we have got rain even to the west of us around lancaster, we will find out if it will make it to philadelphia. coming up.
4:57 am
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♪ so when the carpet is looking a bit grubby i use resolve carpet foam. spray the area. work the foam into the carpet. let it dry, and now you just vacuum! so much better than vacuuming alone and it does the trick! ♪ this is my miracle worker. resolve carpet spray, and it's really easy. just spray it. cover the stain. and all i'm going to do is dab it. and that's it! look! it really comes out that easily. ♪
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two teenagers injured on the busy road in early morning hit and run, driver of the red lexus is now in custody, what police noticed about the driver ape passenger. coming around shaking individual hands and giving hugs is like wow. >> plus spirits lifted in the wake of that orlando massacre, our intern patients carter describes the comfort in meeting the president. and final farewell to a young singer whose life was
5:00 am
taken too soon when and where friend and family will honor talented cristina grimmie today. >> good day it is friday june 172,016th. look who we woke up early to come in. >> i'm not chris murphy, he is off today. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> you and i will hang out here because crew is hitting the red because every friday we do this through july between the second. this morning in northeast philadelphia, they will be live from 7c to 10:00 at cottman and frankford avenue in mayfair, sample some local restaurants, there is a magician, there is lots going on. the best part you can win a car. sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9, go to fox and click on the contest page on the home page and pick a final list once a week and final show. >> so many of you have said you will head there, so much fun. here's where we will be going over next several weeks, big finally will be right new friday july between the second at dell music center in fairmount park. come o


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