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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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next a philadelphia police officer hurt in a crash along were the with others. what witnesses say her cruiser did not do before impact. 12 girls discovered in the bucks county man's home, the question? neighbors wants answered your news is next. look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners.
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and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! . philadelphia police officer is rushed to the hospital after a crash. on a surveillance video. you can see the squad car with lights on going through the intersection when it collides with an suv. good evening, i'm lucy nolan. iain is off tonight. brad sattin is live with the crash scene in olney. brad? >> reporter: lucy, police left the scene about 15 minutes ago but we still have a dangerous situation. here's why. take a look at the light here as a result of this accident, we have greens on both sides, so we're monitoring this and hoping obviously somebody can get here
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quick to correct this, we're at the corner of -- surveillance video capturing the crash after 7:00. police say the female officer just left the scene of a shooting and was headed about ten blocks away responding to another officer's unrelated urgent radio call. >> an officer broadcasted over police radio emphatically he needed assistance during an investigation he was conducting. >> reporter: police believe the officer did follow protocol and the suv just didn't stop. >> he pulled up to the intersection, cleared it, made sure nobody is coming through. she did do that. came up to the intersection, went through. tried to clear it. a car wouldn't stop for her. and came in contact with her. >> reporter: that suv knocking over a traffic lights. it's not clear who had the green light upon impact. >> did she have lights and siren on. >> she did. >> but usually when other officers have their sirens on when they approach, they slow
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down, this is a big intersection. this time, she didn't. she just went really fast. >> reporter: he ran over to help. >> the officer seem shooken up. seemed like she was dizzy. we asked if she was ok. she said she was. but she couldn't -- she just -- the other two passengers in the other car, they both both looked very choke en up. >> reporter: the word we're getting is that the officer and two occupants of the black suv are all in the hospital in einstein tonight with nonlife-threatening injuries. lucy? >> thank you, very much, brad. overnight bomb scare forced the evacuation of 35th police department building. here's how police say it played out. investigators with the attorney general gun violence task force were interviewing a suspect. they say that man led them to an ak 47 buried in northeast philadelphia.
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they say the gun was wrapped in a plastic bag. they brought it back to the pleadings. when they unwrapped it. that's when they noticed a small device inside the bag had the potential of exploding, so they cleared the building about 30 minutes until the bomb squad could arrive and remove the device. no one is hurt. we will soon know what the orlando shooter said to 911 during his deadly rampage. florida's attorney general said the authorities will release the transcripts of those calls tomorrow. 49 people died. more than 50 were hurt when a gunman walked into an orlando night club and opened fire. the fbi is still investigating how much, if any help, the shooter had in planning and carrying out the attack. meanwhile tonight in orlando, 50,000 people march from an orlando church this theater for a vigil. after light to go candles local
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leaders came on stage to read the names of each victims and here in philadelphia, many gathered at the cathedral basilica for a mass for the victims including west catholic prep graduate. murray. joanne pileggi was at the mass, joins us from the newsroom. >> reporter: it has been a difficult week for so many after that mass shooting in orlando. tonight here in philly, catholic gathered at the basilica for prayer and a remembrance. >> i hope that the people, those poor families who lost their children and siblings and parents, i just hope they know that everybody is praying for them. ♪ ♪. >> reporter: at the cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul, a special mass. a commemorative mass.
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catholics from the city beyond coming together, searching for peace and offering a prayer. >> personal thing i think for, you know, you offer up communional spirit to give everyone strength to deal with life's mysteries. >> reporter: it's been a week and with the collective grief ripping the country, many felt compelled to come to the cathedral. >> because of our belief that god could hear us when we pray, that we can lay these sorrows and these worries and trials and tribulations before him, and feel as if he can take care of them. >> reporter: many say they feel removed from the violence in florida, they hope prayers will bring comfort for all of the suffering. >> any time people come together and unite for the same purpose, here we were praying for the
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families of the victims, the victims themselves, i think it's healing. >> reporter: candles were lit for each of the shooting victims and some parishionerers brought flowers. >> any breaking details on the investigation or on the survivors just go to our home page. . in feasterville neighbors want to know why it took so long to discover lee kaplan was holding 12 girls in his home. authorities made the shocking discovery thursday after a tip from a concerned neighbor. but it wasn't the first time police he visited the home. oldest girl's parent gave her as a form of payment to kaplan in turn for helping them financially. she was 14 at the time. police say he sexual assaulted her and fathered two children. authorities are holding her parents and kaplan each on $1 million bail. on your radar, what could be
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the start of the first heat wave of the summer. live look at reading right now. most of us my goodness, we were in the 90's late this afternoon and dave warren we have a few more days of this type of heat. >> two more to make it a heat wave. had one day. we did have the humidity, so everybody saw temperatures into the 90's in philadelphia atlantic city airport, allentown up to the 2 -- you mt. holly at 91. due point is 57. when it's below 60, not bad, just hot, not humid yet. that will change stormy. still above 80 right now. very little wind bright sunshine, so poor air quality, a the air quality alert has been extended and expanded to include delaware now. watch your outdoor activities right in the middle of the afternoon, that's when the air pollutants are highest, that extend through tomorrow. 70's and 80's now. we'll drop to upper 60's lower 70's tomorrow morning. ultimate doppler will stay that
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way. tomorrow is the first day of summer. 5:33 a.m. sunny and warm skies at north and western suburbs at 68. 70 along 95 with a quick warmup. 67 south and east. thunderstorms will move in that will give us relief from the heat but lit happen in a day or two? we'll look at that in the seven-day forecast coming up. talk to you then, dave. west oak lane, gunshots rang out leaving one man fighting for his life tonight. police say they found the 31-year-old man on forrest avenue in middleton street shot in the legs and face. it happened around 11:30 this morning. he is in critical condition tonight at einstein. so far, police have no suspects. developing tonight, a mystery on the delaware. a marine unit pulled this minivan from the river early this morning. searchers still have no sign of who might have been inside. fox 29 jennifer joyce spoke to a man who actually heard the minivan hit the water and called
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911 for help. >> reporter: around 5:00 a.m. windows were blown outdoors dented the front of the vehicle wrecked beyond recognition. no one was found inside. >> the marine will now continue to search for any occupants in the vehicle. >> reporter: police took a call from witnesses before 3:00 a.m. he says he made the 911 call. >> we ran up to where it was. we seen the debris, the fender hanging off. >> reporter: he says he was stopped at the intersection of oregon and columbus boulevard when a silver suv passed him at an estimated speed of 100 miles an hour according to police. >> flying by. they're not paying attention. i heard a crash. i think it crashed into another car. i looked over and seen the gate missing. i heard a splash. i told my friend in the car, like, yo, somebody went into the
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water. >> reporter: investigators say the car plowed through a fence and flew up around into the air and landed in delaware. >> unbelievable. you don't see something like this every day. crazy. >> reporter: dive teams entered the water before 4:30 and located the car within four minutes frpt marine unit remained on the river several hours but a search and recovery effort for possible occupants came up empty. police say they have talked to the registered owner of the car. they believe they know who was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. but they don't know the circumstances as to why this happened. it's unclear if or when a search for the driver could resume. it's not believed there were additional passengers inside. in south philadelphia i'm jennifer joyce fox 29 news. a fire tattoo-story row home in strawberry mansion has sent a person to the hospital for smart phone inhalation. broke out about 4:30 on north napa street. firefighters got it under control in less than an hour.
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jim kenney says he will sign philadelphia's controversial drink tax into law tomorrow. city council approved the new tax on thursday. to mayor kenney says the estimated $90 million in new revenue will fund pre k, community schools. pennsylvania already taxes sugary drinks. surveillance video show this guy dropping from the ceiling as he busts into a convenience store. he was after lottery tickets. of he got away. why he went back to talk to the clerk and. delivery driver begging for his life as a group of armed men attacked him. how police say a woman lured the driver. terrifying moments on a new jersey roller coaster, how long riders were trapped way up there.
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ing ing
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ing. one week after the rampage. grief turned to outrage in at least one community. hundreds protested outside this california church today. the pastor supported the oral shooter. he told his congregation, true tragedy was quote, that more of them did not die. several police officers kept the peace today but they made no arrests. meanwhile, u.s. senators will vote tomorrow on gun control proposals. comes on the heels of a near 15 hour fill buster from a democrat
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senator. >> reporter: the senate will vote on four proposals, two from republicans and two from democrats, and it is highly unlikely that any of the proposals will receive enough votes to pass. attorney general loretta lynch appeared on all five sunday shows to argue the administration's case for stricter gun control legislation. specifically the amendment from california democrat senator diane feinstein that would give the attorney general more latitude to deny the sale of guns to suspected terrorists on watch list. >> we have a strong law enforcement interest in protecting the investigations that put people on the watch list or that may be around those individuals. it's very important to us that we have the ability to conduct this in a way that lets us protect that information. >> reporter: president obama also called for a ban on sexual assault weapons in his weekly address but the nra is pushing back, arguing that while no terrorists were suspected should be allowed to purchase gun, the administration is unnecessarily chipping away at citizens's
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second amendment rights without providing due process. >> truth of the matter asserted those guns were banned in paris and it did stop that, they were banned in brussels, in california and it didn't stop san bernardino. the point is, criminals and terrorists are not congress to be deterred by one more gun control law when they're willing to walk into a gun-free club and commit murder with a if i remember. >> while none of the four proposals up for a vote are expect iod pass. plan senator susan collins is working on an alternative compromise that may be able to gain bipartisan support later this week. one week after the death of christina grimmie another voice contestant has died. shot and killed, this time in chicago, he was a contestant on mexico's version of the voice. getting ready to celebrate his 45th birthday when man attacked him thursday, he was getting into his car near his music school on the south side of the
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city when man shot him three times in the head. it comes a week after the shooting death of south jersey of's christina grimmie. on friday, her family and closest friends said their good-byes at fellowship alliance chapel in medford. authorities say a deranged fan shot and killed her as she signed i was the a graphs in orlando. she had a love for her family her friends and god. firefighters out west are finally gaining ground battling a half dozen major wide receivers burning across several states. they've torn through dozens of square miles. fox of lauren is in los angeles. >> reporter: six fires are burning in four states but extreme heat could worsen conditions and cut into progress. in southern california. the fire is threatening hundreds of homes as the flames are only a few miles from coastal
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communities. of firefighters were given a break last night when expected winds died down but the fires still have residents worried as red flag conditions are expected this week. >> the fire was so close and there were a lot of burning embers coming down, i came out and said there's one woman in here and five dogs, wake me up if i need to go. >> reporter: the cedar fire in arizona has already engulfed thousands of acres. temperatures also in the triple digits with low humidity. and fire official to say don't expect any break. in new mexico company, the governor directed the national guard to help secure communities impacted by a massive fire in the central part of the state. it's already over 17,000 acres and expected to grow as winds strengthens, so far this year, nearly 2 million acres have been burned. we haven't even hit the peak of wild fire season, in los angeles lauren fox news. from the governor to every day pennsylvaniaians, tributes
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are pouring in tonight for a fight against animal cruelty. as we told you last night, george bengal has succumb to mesothelioma. the director of humane law enforcement and his family a became my friend in the short time i've known them. george told me he had a dying wished. i promised him i would do my best to make it come true. i brought his message to harrisburg. >> literally pleading for help. the spca totally operates a law enforcement department on donations from the public. we get they don't assistance from any local state or federal people. >> the representatives we met in harrisburg last week promised they will advocate to get funding into this year's budge for humane law enforcement and governor wolf has told me he looks forward to working with them. in fact, the governor today said
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francis and i send our deepest condo lenses. he had a service and dedication unmatched. georgia's family is asking donations to the newly established george bengal fund and animal cruelty instead of flowers on in the coming days we will take you to harrisburg with us as we work to make george's wish come true. across the nation, a whole lot of people are celebrating june teeth. this date marks the ab low limitation of slavery in texas. in june of 1865, in elkins park visitors got a chance to learn about the under ground railroad and the role it played in american history. >> two and a half year, the slave owners had the luxury of keeping their slaves slaves maintaining slavery. the africa community is important information that contemporary african-americans
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citizens need to know. >> we all do. je jean, in you south philadelphia talented boys and girls gave it their best swing. major league baseball held its junior home run derby. they gather does at the philadelphia phillies urban cranley academy today for competition. regional championships are heading to the national finals in san diego. how exciting. the it's all part of the play ball program. which encourages children to play baseball and softball. couple of guys cut into this trailer and made off with 10s of thousands of dollars in equipment. they covered their faces but forgot about one thing. the a major clue. a scary trip to target for one little girl, what she told her dad that has a lot of shopper nervous.
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. spider man for this crime, welcome to green acres florida where this man comes in through at the store's ceiling sent steels all kinds of lottery tickets. he's not done yet. he returned right there. trying to cash them in and he
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did, the sheriff is very much hoping anybody who recognizes him will give him a call. first look at the clinton's growing family. the former president and the presumptive dramatic nominee both tweeted out pictures of aid en born yesterday to chelsea and her husband, aid en is the couple of second child. little aiden and charlotte's is former philly area congress woman marjorie mar goallies. donald trump's daughter evanka had a baby boy about three months ago. the private space company blue origin just launched another successful mission. >> cleared the tower. >> what you just saw is the fourth successful launch and landing of the remotely operated new shepherd's day am son ceo
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heads up blue origin. it is a rocket with a -- the new shepherd contains a capsule designed to take people into space with some orbital flights which are trips that technically reach space but don't head into orbit. an actor best known for his role in the star trek killed in a freak accident. his carolled down his driveway and pinned him. police have yet to say why he was behind the car when it started to roll. yell kin was 27. police say a woman lured the guy to the spot. possibly another heat wave because we're set to hit 91 today. we'll be close tomorrow and again on tuesday, that's about it though. of our cool weather comes in on wednesday. we'll look at those numbers in the seven-day forecast coming
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up. >> do you like coasters? check out this? several stories high on a new jersey coaster how long riders were stuck today.
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. live look at wilmington. dave warren tracking the heat. possible storms on the way. that is ahead. in detroit a surveillance camera caught a couple of thieves hitting up the carpentry business right here. they used bolt cutters to bust over a trailer then unload about $40,000 worth of equipment. covered their faces with bandanas but one of the guys probably shorn worn a hat. do you see that, it is a massive shamrock tattoo. police are hoping that a little luck of the irish will lead them to the thieves. near atlanta police want to find a violent group of robbers target deliver drivers. with each hit they're getting nor aggressive and dangerous.
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jaclyn schultz explains. >> reporter: the pizza delivery guy begs for his life. and gets pistol whipped anyway. >> they're extremely dangerous given the circumstances. >> reporter: the cab police want this violent crew of robbers off the safe. they've lured two papa john's pizza delivery drivers in the area off of lehigh boulevard in flakes mill road. see this woman walking around? police say she's the look-out. person who shot this cell phone video tells fox 5 off camera they happened to be in the neighborhood. saw her peaking around this house and started recording. >> we're seeing an escalating pattern. >> the woman deliver driver down the street and say the same lady robber were you also there. she allegedly told the victim my brother ordered pizzas. the woman told police she saw three guys run out of the bushes. one had gun, another a baseball bat. they told her to drop everything and get face down on the ground. >> they pushed her down, kicked
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her. >> reporter: police want you to he want had identify these violent robbers before they strike again. >> they're hoping a $2,000 award for any arrest will encourage people to come forward with any information. a trip to target turned terrify forgot a little girl. now police in virginia are trying to find the man who groped the 11-year-old. police say she was in fairfax target with her daddy when a man touched her back side. the little girl did not tell her dad until they got home. he called police immediately. store surveillance video backed up her story. by then, the person who touched her described as a man in his tints was long gone. the man they were looking for left in a burgundy mustang day to remember for all the wrong reasons at a six flags great venture. take a look at this picture sent to us by a viewer. the roller coaster is called the joker and it got stuck. the riders did. way up there. about an hour. the woman who took the pictures says a loot of people were
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panicking. goodness knows i would have. a representative said the ride stopped at the top but the coaster safety system insured everyone got off safely. i don't know that i could have handled that. >> then bat man showed up. >> there you go in his bat mobile's and saved them. >> temperatures are stuck about there right now. 91 degrees today. we'll be up there again tomorrow. we're 81 now. still pretty warm. due points to focus on tomorrow. because that will start to climb. when it climbs above 65 or so, starts to feel a bit up comfortable. so we're up to there maybe tomorrow night's tuesday but as the moisture returns it brings in storms. nothing like that right now. ultimate doppler all clear, high pressure controls the weather but as it moves out, some of that moisture works its way back in. that's what we have to talk about these showers and storms. here's the timing. really not going to affect much
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of tomorrow. we're starting clear. it's getting a little muggy here intermediate morning but a few showers and storms will work their way through the area. maybe by the type you're waking you will tuesday morning, you could see showers and storms, maybe wet roadways, there could be stronger storms tuesday afternoon but they look to be a little farther south of philadelphia. a fronts moving through but the timing puts the bulk of the strong storms monday afternoon north and west of the area and by too, that area of severe weather could be just to our south maybe affecting parts of delaware. and the southern portion there of new jersey. look at the heat index, into the really talk about excessive heat. you'll notice it will climb into the upper 80's and mid to low 90's by monday and tuesday. good place to be will be at the shore at least for monday. by tuesday, that less than breeze develops and that will keep things a little warmer there. definitely watch for the showers and storms. a little farther south along new jersey beach' and the delaware
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beaches. headed down the shore you might have to deal with a showers and storms there on tuesday. of now, look at the sunshine sunset tomorrow, the first day of summer. 5:33 in the morning rises, 8:33 it sets. 6:34 is the official start of summer. it will feel like it tomorrow. a lot of sunshine there. look for clouds to increase late in the day. monday, it's hot and humid. tuesday, those storms are to our south. maybe close to 90. i'll say 89 degrees right now. so maybe not quite a heat wave. feels that hot with the heat and humidity. nice day wednesday. rain comes in. periods of steady rain on thursday, jut one day, it will clear out friday. saturday and sunday. looking at nice weather here for the end officer week and next weekend temperatures down the shore. warm up that one day there on wednesday. with that sunshine and that land breeze developing. not the best type of wind that you had like to see down the shore this time of year.
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>> thank you so much. happy father's day, that will do it for us for fox 29 news at 10:00 keep it right here for sports sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪ . tonight on sports sunday another really tough day for phillies. a crazy day at the u.s. open golf championship. and the studio a former player who never played for phillies but was on the field at the vet stadium a lot. on father's day the son of phillies great bob boone joins us in the studio. coming up on sports sunday.


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