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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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ring out, number of people now injured. >> developing for you out every new jersey, forest fire still burning in burlington county, vest for those who live too close for comfort. >> after being convicted on federal charges, long time congress ma sat a fattah, what he's leaving for before he leaves the house. >> good day, june 23rd, 2016. thanks so much for waking up with us. hi, sue, i can see there to the left, anyone with allergies might not be doing the sue serio dance. ii have a little tingle, is it allergies? >> are you allergic to ragweed? ragweeds just went up in the past couple of days. do you have allergies if the fall. that's usually ragweeds. you probably have problems way beyond us. anyway -- >> oh, that's for sure. >> we have number that we choose every day, today's number is a six out of ten. because of the close proximity of thunderstorms being not here yet, but watching very
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closely, this big mess owe scale complex, if you want to be meteorological about it, that's a cluster every thunderstorms moving through western maryland, and through virginia right now, headed toward dc and baltimore, and eventually, we will get taste of this. if you are north and west of the city, you won't get too much, in mount pocono, allen tour or red willing, but here in philadelphia we will get some rain. then to the south of us, in places like atlantic city, wildwood, dover, be prepared for some rocking and rolling later on this morning. for right now, at the airport, 71 degrees, 6-mile per hour breeze out of the south-southwest, sunrise time still 5:33, so, we're getting close. 80 degrees should be our high today, mostly cloudy skies, and some pop up showers and thunderstorms, mostly this morning, into early afternoon. so another case of eye on the sky. but we have our eye on the weekend, in that forecast coming up, as well. good morning, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning,
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everybody, 5:01, on a thursday, cracking it up, getting it started, live look, the schuylkill expressway, not bad at all. we're in good shape, nice and quiet, everything dry, right now. but, as sue mentioned, as the day moves on, things could certainly change in that department. but no problems on the schuylkill. open for business here, on the vine expressway, the overnight work, up and out, so we're good to go if you are coming into center city this morning. no problems coming in from malvern, out of royersford, pottstown, northeast extension, looking good. but, as sue mentioned, the weather kind of changes through the morning here, depending upon where you begin and end your trip, if you are headed to the airport, check ahead with the airline for some possible delays. the market frankford line, the broad street subway, they had been running shuttle buses through the night, trains rolling, and we're ready for a rush hour, then later on, right after 9:00, crews are going to start working north on 95, up here, near route one, in bucks county. otherwise, looking good on the bridges, and no problems on mass transit. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much, bob. following breaking news, shots
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ring out at bar over into the in the feltonville section. shooter still on the loose, we go live to steve. good morning. >> reporter: good news the only person hurt, wasn't hurt bad, now already out of the hospital and came back to get his car, from work, than was the security guard who has a conceal carry pet permit. had he a gun. so, that tells you what dine of establishment we're talking about. there is the shooters car that he got in the shoot-out with. it is a malibu, registered, not stolen, for some reason, guy drove it here to rising sun, right around the corner from the bar that he was in the shoot-out with. and just left it here instead of driving further away, but the cars fine. just a strange occurrence, as is the whole story. so let's go to the video of where this happened, just about a block from where i am. and this is cooper sport bar and grill. why they need two armed guards on a wednesday night, who knows, because the guard just 22 wouldn't tell police what the reason was for the shoot-out outside the bar.
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thirteen, 14 shell case, 13, 14 shell casing on the other side of the street, so clearly shoot-out. from witnesses including our security guard, our shooter was firing shots, then got into the get-away car, the passenger side, and was leaning out of the passenger side, continuing to fire shots. now, we know that that happened because we found the get-away car, a block away, and we found at least two spent shell casings inside of the get-away car, which is an indication that the shooter was firing shot from the car. so it appears most of the shots were fired from right outside of the get-away car. >> we always say this on the air. the people who shoot guns in the city aren't real good at it. and these two didn't hit each other. and this shooter shot his own car as he was shooting at the armed security guard as a bouncer, because that's why there is bullet casings in the car, and why there is some of the bullet holes, he is
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shooting over the trunk, and hitting the trunk, why he is ducking down. so maybe that's why nobody was shot, maybe that's the good news, that these guys couldn't aim or have two dead people out here, chris, lauren? >> thank you. >> now, to developing story out of washington, d.c., about 17 hours and counting that's how long house democrats enforced a sit in on gun control vote. sit in just ending but some democrats still on the floor, refuse to go leave until they have a vote on gun control measures before a week-long break. >> we will occupy this floor. we will no longer be denied a right to vote. >> keep guns out of the hands every suspected terrorist, bob brady, brendon boyle, among the democrats taking part, we spoke with boil, about an hour ago, about the ongoing battle. >> i can tell you that having met today, more family members of the victims of gun violence
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who spontaneously came down to the capitol, including one parent who came from connecticut, who lost her child because of what happened at sandy hook, a group of them were rallying outside on the capitol steps. i went over to speak to them, after i was done speaking on the floor. it is remarkable, and it is absolutely warranted, this was not a publicity stunt, and if you think it is, please call our bluff. >> the sit-in follows four failed vote in the senate for new protective measures sponsored by both republicans and democrats, all of this in the wake of the orlando terror attack. >> 5:06. us congressman shack at if a a resigns from congress, after federal charges, but not so fashion. fattah submitted his resignation but wants to remain in the house until october 3rd, that's the day before a judge is set to sentence tens him. speaker of the house paul ryan
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has released a statement calling on fattah to resign immediately. >> crash strapped atlantic city set to king off sort of high tech garage sale to help ease massive budget crisis. bader field the old municipal airport in ac thomas the list of goodness auction set to kick offer at 2:00 this afternoon. the 100-acre waterfront site has more recently been used for outdoor concert, it will be the prime attraction in a sealed bid auction, in addition, other live same you will cause auction, the goal to raise $100 million to balance atlantic city's 2017 budget and to prevent state take over. main atlantic city casino's union taking to the air wives to explain why its members are threatening to go on strike next week. local 54 union is starting a advertising campaign today on radio stations, in southern new jersey, and philadelphia, laying out why they're threatening to go on strike against five casinos, unless a contract is reached by july 1st. the walk-out would affect
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bally, a ceasar's, hair's, tropicana and taj mahal. >> local dad shaken up after violent confrontation right outside his home. the dad spoke with fox 29, asked not to be identified it, all began when couple started fighting, off jackson street, northeast part of the town, the father says he came outside, and asked the two to move on for the safety of his kids, but the man, who was fighting, just refused to leave. he just stayed there. the concerned parent says the man then made a phonecall to a second person, who pulled up, in a cadillac, with a gun. >> he's like, hey, bring that piece. i got to take care of something. but i understood very well what he said. i thought he was going to shoot. he look like he was aim to go shoot. >> my kids are to be safe. and i didn't feel safe at all. >> can you imagine the kids seeing that? thankfully the man did not shoot. and he and the couple drove off.
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last night police arrest add person of interest. they say it may have been the man with the gun you see here, they are still searching for the cup. >> i some women who walk on south street shaken up by what police say happened there. thirty year old says man on bike road by and groped her while she was just walking. this happened before 11:00 monday night near the intersection every tenth and south street. officers say the man kept going after touching the woman, we're told he was wearing a black back pack, orange street on it. some women were concerned when they heard what happened. >> that's very frightening, very frightening to know that we have that kind of random violence in this neighborhood. >> it doesn't surprise me because stuff like this happens everywhere. >> police still investigating and searching for the man response job straight ahead, a little boy shot in his own home. now he and his family are too scared to go back. while moving out of this local neighborhood isn't that easy, though. >> surveillance video shows construction workers flight a local elementary school, but police say, they weren't thereto work. what they took, while student were just one room away.
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>> we're keeping an eye on ultimate doppler, in our area right now, not seeing any precipitation, quite a bit of cloud cover. you don't have to go too far, though, to see giant cluster every thunderstorms affecting southwestern pennsylvania, western maryland, west virginia, and virginia, and then there is another area to the south. but this is the one we're concerned becomes as it continues to move from west to
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east, few of the thunderstorms, that we're seeing in this cluster, will have some high winds, associated with it, and we are under a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms, then slightly higher risk central new castle county southward, that includes cumberland county, and cape may county, the place that is got a lot of damage from the thunderstorms on tuesday. so, we look at the future cast, and i would say between say 6:00 and 7:00 is when we will start to see some of the rain roll in. by 9:00 there is some areas with a few heavy downpours, and maybe some high winds. and there you see, a lot of strong thunderstorm moving through the baltimore-washington area, headed toward dover, and eventually, the jersey shore, again, cape may county, again, has to keep an eye out. these will move pretty quickly, the stronger storms, will be gone by noon, few more could pop up, probably, just few showers throughout the early afternoon, and then we are seeing things, most likely, clearing out for friday. so, with most of the action in
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the morning, it will not stop kathy orr from going down the shore. 79 degrees, in sea isle city, when cathy is therefore the 5:00 and 6:00. news. you can meet her in person if you are already down there, slight chance of shower or storm, but she will be there to tell you waist going on. 71 degrees in philadelphia, right now. sixty-nine in dover, 53 mount pocono, 66 degrees in wildwood. it is a nice tranquil morning so far. but we will keep an eye on those thunderstorms, 58 degrees, is our average hi, been slightly above average the past two days, actually yesterday was lovely, with the low humidity, today, it is a little unsettled. looking like a fine friday, with a high of 84, and then, saturday, sunday, we continue that nice weather, even into monday, then another cold front comes through tuesday with a possibility of some pop up thunderstorms, now that summer here that's the weather pattern it, heats up, this end we get storms, and then it cools off little bit, and then we do it all over again. temperatures at the shore, looks like, we'll stay in the
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70s today, tomorrow, on the beach, into the 80s over the weekend, bob kelly? >> looks good, 5:15 exactly on a thursday morning, waking up, can be g off the covers, and here is a live look at the admiral wilson boulevard, where for the next cup em every days we got to put up with construction down to one lane headed into new jersey as you approach the airport sickle. northbound lanes of 130 detoured off onto cuthbert boulevard. so, hopefully by the weekends, pse&g will have this gas project complete over there between cherry hill and pen sidewalk glenn live look at i59, no problems yet coming out of northeast, headed into downtown philly on 95 and the schuylkill expressway. also, off to good start this morning, no problems or delays here, as we look live out near king of prussia. looking good, on the turnpike, they got a work crew out between valley forge and downingtown. we will zoom on in, to a spot we'll head out later on today thursday, you know what i like to do, pick different neighborhood, different spot. this is new one, called farm
5:16 am
to you kitchen down along naman's creek road, garnet valley out there from 9:00 to 10:00. we'll jump in the news van, come on by, great breakfast, have some coffee, bring the kids, they're out of school. we'll put them on tv. >> dent here -- stent here popped up, 63rd and haverford, otherwise, mass transit, looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank up. let's turn to this, 5:16. five year old from chester, who was hit by the straight bullet in the drive-by shooting earlier this month, we told you about, now says, he's just too scared to go back inside his home. can you blame the kid? night of june 6. gunman sprayed shots into a group of men, standing around the family's chester housing authority apartment. this is on the # hundred block every whittington. single shot hit the kitchen window and hit five year old mark as his parent tried to protect him. latasia, his mother, says the cha has requested or rejected her row yes, sir to move her family to safer public housing. >> i don't want to get shot
5:17 am
again. >> that's their complex. the guys that be around, there they don't even live there. so you all not even doing anything to make it safe for us to even go back to our home. you know what i mean? >> mark, his three siblings, and his mother, now live at their grandmother's house, in a statement the housing authority said the family has been put on waiting list to move into a new apartment, but nothing is available right now. >> the trio from lehigh county accused of having cash of weapons in their truck when they dried to drive through the holland tunnel, made appearance in a new jersey court, they say they were traveling to new york to try to help rescue 16 year old with a drug problem, the drama unfolded tuesday morning, when port authority police pulled over the 50 year old and two friends, near the holland tunnel in jersey city. police stopped the truck, covered in anti-drug dealer, and pro-gun logos, for crack win shield. inside was a cash of weapons, tactical gear, some marijuana. >> and when the driver got out, he noticed the 45 caliber handgun on the driver seat, that the driver was sitting on, and at which time the
5:18 am
officer placed all three occupant under arrest. >> family, friends, tell fox 29 kramsey is distraught over losing his own daughter to drug overdose four months ago, he posted on facebook about a half hour before his arrest he along with dean smith and kimberly, were 11 miles outside of brooklyn, new york, kimberly's mother tells inside edition no one was going to get hurt. >> there was no terroristic threat, there was nothing, all they were trying to do was go get the girl and bring her to safety. >> all throw were arraigned on variety of weapons charges, they're being held on $75,000 bail each. >> 5:18 is the time. local elementary school just lost some valuable teaching tools. police say two guys made off with ten computers. surveillance cameras caught the men, one who was dressed as construction worker, as they walk into the south philadelphia tuesday. principal tells fox 29, during busy eighth grade commencement, the men got into
5:19 am
a classroom, and then got away with ten mack books, values all the more than $1,000 each. >> they were being used by a first and second grade student. and to me, that's just heart breaking. they used them to access reading and math intervention, to look up things on the computer, and now, when we return in september, we're not going to have them. >> so, they're going have to have a fundraiser now get new computers if the stolen ones aren't returned. if you recognize these guys, call police. >> lehigh county man faces state and federal charges over attempted sexual assault of young teen four years ago. it all started with a routine traffic stop. pennsylvania state police pulled over george shants in 2012, 13 year old boy was in the passenger seat, and troopers say it did not seem right. investigators say, shants, now 42 years old, lured the boy on line, and then kidnapped him. lehigh county prosecutors say the boy's family did not cooperate back then. so they didn't file any charges. but now, federal investigators have charged him with luring
5:20 am
the boy see at internet. shants also faces four state charges, the u.s. attorney's office tells fox 29 it cannot yet comment on why it took four years to bring charges. >> real quickly, the cover of the philadelphia daily news air-conditioning, there you go, there is ben sill ons from lsu. >> so it will go down in become lynn, flight. >> this is huge, right? the 76ers have the number one pick, boy, as did the phillies this summer, flight pro-basketball teams from all around the country are coming together for the nba draft. word is the 76ers would love to come a which with ben simmons and chris dunn, the six letters have three, first round picks in the draft, which start at 8:00 at the barkley center. so expected to take ben sill ops, a point forward out of louisianna state, lsu, with the first pick. howard talked with ben, hear what he has to say a little bit later in sports. you know, ben reluctant to come here work out with the
5:21 am
sixers, but he did just this week, the week of the draft. >> good for him. still ahead: showdown on the house floor in d.c. watch democratic law makers have been doing for hours, as they try to demand a vote on gun control legislation. >> before you head to the beach, to beat the heat, there is growing danger in the waters off the new jersey coast. what you should watch out for the next time you go into the water. alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going?
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>> we now know the storm that hit south jersey was not a tornado. >> resident across cape may county spent the day on clean up duty after strong winds knocked down trees and ripped roofs right off on tuesday night. winds hit in advance of 80 miles an hour. green creek, investigating the aftermath of the storm, officials think there was sort of micro burst which is like an air bomb that took out trees with 100-mile per hour winds now. >> i saw it -- i thought the
5:25 am
earthquake was going to swallow us all up. that's how bad it was, it sounds like 100-mile an hour winds, and the lightning and the thunder was like somebody was shooting a cannon ball or something, that's how bad it was. >> at the height of the storm, some 39,000 people were without power. right now about 500 people are still in the dark. crews hope to get power restored everyone by this afternoon. >> okay, how about some news out of new jersey that really stings? >> yes, jellyfish. usually found in the pacific ocean, now invading the waters off of the garden state in the atlantic ocean. >> i do not want to go directly in the water for the rest of the summer. >> clinging jellyfish, multiplying off the coast, including monmouth beach, their stings are very painful consideration lead to kidney cancer -- kidney failure. how fast they're spreading. >> yesterday we were talking, asia, brooke and i went to the beach yesterday.
5:26 am
>> right? >> we kept looking down in the merky waters like are there jellyfish down there? scary, flight. >> not worth it, just go to a pool. >> because like the name is suggesting once it clinics on you, hard to get off. >> and the sting. >> after being convicted on federal charges, long time congressman chaka fattah resigns his position, what he is asking for before leaving the howls, plus: >> steve keeley good morning. >> twenty-seven shot, not one person in the hospital, not one person under arrest.
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>> developing this morning, in new jersey, a forest fire still burning in burlington county. the advice for those who live too close for comfort. >> a showdown on a house floor in washington, d.c., what democratic law makers have been doing for hours, as at the demand a vote on gun control legislation. good day everybody, it is thursday, june 23rd, 2016. >> that sit-in started yesterday about noon, just ended right before woe went on the air at 4:00 this morning. >> long time, but trying to send a strong message. >> sue serio, let's get to the weather as we inch closer to the weekend? look at the sky!
5:30 am
isn't it gorgeous, this morning, outside our window here in old city. you know what they say, red sky at morning, sailors warning. and we are warning you about some thunderstorms that will be around today, we have thunderstorms headed to baltimore and washington, right now, this big cluster, moving our way, it is pretty ominous looking, so before the morning is through, we will be getting some rain, make sure you are prepared for that, 71 degrees, in philadelphia, 66 in wildwood, 80 degrees is our high temperature today with mostly cloudy skies, bus stop buddy ready for the sixers draft, with the umbrella, and reminding you to keep our eye on the sky today, 60s, 70s, showing to you get started but before the morning is through, most of us will be seeing some raindrops and maybe hearing thunder, little lightning out there, could be another round every weather drama. >> little thunder boomers, right now good shape.
5:31 am
we have the camera zoomed on into allegheny and tulip. some police activity, not sure if it is an accident, but you see, one of the vokes here, casino of behind the tree, kind of sideways across one of the lanes. so, in the neighborhood, allegheny and tulip, watch for police activity, otherwise to the majors we go, coming in from south jersey no problems or delays at all, working your way in toward philadelphia on the 42 freeway, we're in good shape. everything dry right now. specially here, 95, delco, but sue mentioned, things will change as we move on through the morning rush hour. an accident in the neighborhood, 63rd and haverford. gas work still tying us up, up and over the airport circumstances, otherwise mass transit looking good. chris, lauren being back to you. >> christ err hit by septa bus, happened 4:45, at the intersection of 63rd and haverford.
5:32 am
>> officer at penn presbyterian medical center being treated for minor injuries, the driver of the septa bus was not hurt, he was the only person on the bus at the time. >> bounce fresh local bar okay after shoot-out breaks out overnight near the place he was protecting. >> police still searching for that sheeter, steve keeley live in north philadelphia with details on exactly what happened. >> lot of shots, little damage, this is one of the cars, the shooters car in mal boo, that he drove around the corner, from the bar, where this happened outside the bar. see the video 1:50, arm security bounce their with a gun, with a permit for the gun. won't tell police were he got into the shoot-out, maybe came back with a gun, started shooting at each other in the street. neither hit each other seriously, only the bouncer got nick in the leg, he's already out of the hospital. chris, lauren?
5:33 am
>> almost 18 hours and counting, that is how long house democrats enforced sit in on gun control, sit in recently ends being an hour and a half ago, but some democrats are still on the floor right now, refuse to go leave until they have a vote on gun control measures, before a week long break. led by georgia congressman john lewis, more than 200 democrats are demanding some sort of a vote to he can tend backgrounds checks and keep guns out of the hands every suspected terrorists, bob brady, brandon boil, among the democrats taking part in this. >> this was not planned, spontaneously came down to the capitol including one parent who came from connecticut who lost her child because of what happened at sandy hook group rawling, speaking on the
5:34 am
floor, remarkable, absolutely warranted not publicity stun. if you think it is call our vote. >> four failed votes in the senate for true protective measures, all this in the wake of course in the orlando terror attack. >> us congressman chaka fattah retires from congress one day, but there is a catch, submitted his letter of resignation wants to remain in the house until october 3rd, that's the day before a judge is set to sentence him for racketeering, fraud, and money laundering. speaker of the house paul ryan released statement calling on fattah to resign immediately. >> it browns mills new jersey fire crews continue to battle massive brush fire that broke out yesterday afternoon inside military base. >> officials tell us the blaze has already burned at least 215 acres. dave kinchen near the base sass crews try to fight the fire.
5:35 am
hi, dave. >> we'll show you how smokey it is, down trenton road here in the browns mills area. authorities tell us that this fire is about 25% contained. >> have worked throughout the night to get ahold of the flames, and battling it all from the ground and the air dealing with dry conditions, windy conditions, although the win has died down since we've been out here, started yesterday afternoon, inside the base. none of the 42,000 people who work there had to be evacuated, some people in neighbors trailer home mobile home did have to flee. but at this point, it looks like where we are smokey conditions here christ will continue to battle the element, actually helped by reaching large swamp air which controlled it and coin contained some of it so the effort continues at this hour, back to you. >> thanks for the update.
5:36 am
>> 5:00 parks up next, no suspense as to, you know, who the sixers will pick, it will be this guy, ben simmons from lsu with number one pick. will this change the franchise and change the fortunes of the philadelphia 76ers? but does he want to play here, lauren? we'll take a look that the. >> first, bob kelly. >> bamm. just got the kids one of those basketball net. have to put it together. maybe by wednesday i'll have it. possible delays later on today, at philadelphia international airport. if you are going to be scooting out of town, sue has got the weekend forecast, big concert in south philly, and good morning to reading, pennsylvania, cool sunrise, we will grab cup of coffee and come right back.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. nba draft is doesn't. sixers after three years of twos to lose, finally get the number one pick if the draft. there is no question. when the nba announces the pick, who it will be. yes, ben sim fronts lsu will be the pick by the 76ers, not a surprise, sixers still have chance of making a trade with picks 24 and 26, and i know they like providence card, chris dunn, who will go at number three. but the thing we can be assured of, ben simmons will be the first pick. simmons isn't worried about the criticsm he's heard about what he's doing during his season's at lsu. >> people that put that out there, don't know me, it is
5:40 am
media, people find anything to say. >> that will always happen when you are one of the best guys, they try and bring you down. but, you know, honestly, you know, rough season. we had guys that were hurt, were out. but it just wasn't the season we wanted. >> that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> more or less the same story with the phillies. >> booth o fifth, phils up five to two, born he is misses ball over his shoulder, twins would score two runs on this play. the bats would keep them moving for the twins, they score another run in the fifth. tying the game at five. eighth inning. twins up six-five, looks like tyler goodel's ball is gone, but makes a cash, crashing into the wall, final score, six to five, the phillies wrap up the series against the twins today, with an afternoon game first pitch at 1:10,
5:41 am
they've lost nine straight. >> big ticket items plans to hit in ac today. the millions of dollars they're hoping to raise.
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>> quakertown, tomorrow is sure day, best part, you can win a car, sign to up win a brand new cx9 go to our facebook, click on the click here on our facebook page. we will have a big give away. >> over the next several weeks, friday, july 22, del music center fairmount park, come out to see us, sign up to win a brand new cx9. >> okay, sue serio, all eyes on you now for the weather forecast. >> pretty decent for quakertown tomorrow. this morning, another story, real quick, we will show you the fact that we did not get a tornado in cape may county on tuesday, it was micro burst, with this straight line winds, but causing just as much damage, as a tornado can, with 70 to 80-mile per hour winds, estimated 200 yards wide, this is half mile long, the difference the shape, basically, wasn't circular damage, it was just straight line wind.
5:45 am
but it was pretty destructive. now we have another line every thunderstorms that we're watching, towelly, more like a cluster of thunderstorms, that is moving in from western maryland, virginia, southwestern pennsylvania, headed into washington, d.c., where it is starting to rain right now, baltimore area, about to get that rain. and you can see, with the yellow that's where heavier rain; it is even heavier rain, so at moderate to slight risk of severe thunderstorms, today specially this morning, all probably see little something before the end of the morning, unless you're up in the lehigh valley and the poconos, may escape all of this, but look at this mess down to the south of us, moving through dover, delaware, by about 10:00 and then headed into yep cape may county, one against before the morning is through. so let's put this altogether in the seven day forecast,
5:46 am
little unsettled today. chance of some thunderstorms, 80 degrees. tomorrow, it does look like we will calm down for fine friday, and we will he can tends that nice weather into the weekends, even into monday before another system bringing pop up thunderstorms, headed to the shore looks like beach temperatures, got to keep eye on the sky, tomorrow looks good, high of 77, 80s over the weekend, bob kelly? >> the with the kids out of school when all of the week long vacations start, down the shore, there. good morning, everybody, hello to fishtown, live look at i95, no problems or delays, major delays, starting to see the increased volume as we begin the rush hour. headed southbound, in toward the city, cottman avenue, again, construction zone here painting new lines, here is a live look at the 42 freeway,
5:47 am
starting to see volume again coming in toward the city beginning of rush hour. later tonight, the night market, that comes to 12th and callowhill, big food truck festival from 6:00 to 10:00. watch for local detours, tress going to cause havoc for our evening rush hour. as folks leave center city, accident involving a two vehicles here, 63rd and half forwards, talked about this few moments ago, in the last half hour, then the gas crews still out along the the the adml wilson boulevard, one lane, and northbound side of route 130 closed hopefully this big ten day project will be wrapped up by the weekend, no problems coming in from the suburbs, looking good on the extension, and mass transit running with though delays, chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so muchment friend of the shooter stalking christina grimmie. police report made public
5:48 am
yesterday said friend of kevin told orlando deck he spent a lot of time watching her videos on youtube, followed her social media accounts, the friends also claims he lost weight and even had eye surgery, to improve himself for grimmie. police say he shot and kill her after her orlando concert on june 11 then killed himself n orlando the pulse night club owners make symbol i have move. turn on the marquis sign again nearly two weeks after the shooting massacre there, owner and office her to suit up in hazmat suits to do that. mourn verse continued to lay wreaths outside the club, in honor every those victims, 49 people were killed, more than 50 other injured, in that tragedy. >> turning now, you decide 2016, right here in philadelphia, in about a month, convention committee start today move into the wells fargo center today, the convention, from july 25th, through july 28th, in philadelphia, committee says they hope to engage more people in the convention
5:49 am
through various cents city-wide leading to up and through the entire event. >> cash strapped atlantic city set to kick off sort of high-tech garage sale, to help ease the massive budget crisis. so, baderfield, old municipal airport in ac, thomas the list of good east, auctions, set to kick off at 2:00 this afternoon, the 100-acre waterfront site has more recently been used for big outdoor concerts, it will be the prime attraction in a sealed bid auction in addition, 120 other city owned properties will be part of a live simulcast auction at the ac convention sent, goal to raise $100 million to balance ac, 2017 budget, and prevent state take-over. the ac union taking to the air wives, doctor its members are threatening to go on strike next week. local 54 union starting advertising campaign today on radio stations in southern new jersey and philadelphia,
5:50 am
laying out what they are threatening to go on strike over against five casinos unless contract is reached by july 1st, the walk-out would affect ballist, ceasar's, harrah's tropicana and the trump taj mahal. >> final vote expected today on bill that would expand gambling on the the internet and inside airports in pennsylvania, yesterday in a preliminary vote pennsylvania's house of reps held a preliminary vote allowing the expansion of gambling, besides gambling inside airport, and on the internet, the bill would also regular lays daily fantasy sports betting, expansion does not include inside bars, three other states allow on line gambling. >> where do you have the most luck, mike jerrick? which casino? >> best place to gamble in america is the airport in last vegas? the airport? it is true. >> the slots are all loose, because when go in there, oh, i'm going have a great time, get your money ready to go, then you lose in the city of las vegas, then leaving, all depressed, the slots are loose
5:51 am
again at the airport, go oh, maybe my luck has changed, and it gives you incentive to go back. >> like hitting one good golf shot. it keeps you coming back. >> over 18 holes, that one shot. oh, on 16, 137 bad strokes, one good one. >> yes. before i have a stroke, let me tell you what's going on here. do you know that they're doing the zika virus telling zero test being right nerve arriere. >> camden. >> and mosquito lab, so we will go to the mosquito lab watch do you think it takes to work when that area? you're going over there? >> i always draw the short straw. >> they must have very powerful microscopes, okay. also new wedding trends, this being the month of june, are we still in june? >> yes. >> it is june 23rd. >> lauren johnson has announce that she's getting married. >> oh, lauren! congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i simply said that to get your attention, not troopment but here is the new trend.
5:52 am
lingerie, women are wearing just lingerie to the wedding is her moan. >> i what? as they walk done the aisle? >> yes. >> instead after dress? >> yes. >> seriously, avenue daughter, as do you, would you imagine walking your daughter down the aisle? >> i would never allow it. >> alex holley and i are going to brooklyn tonight to the nba draft. i've never been to one, so we'll go to the barkley center in brooklyn and watch this happen. will we choose ben simmons, yes, we will, is that the right choice, we have three guys in, sports experts, to debate that. >> does he want to be here? that's the big question, right? >> i guess. >> so doug collins 1973, then allen iverson what in the 90s, now we've got the number one overall pick again. >> that's right. >> ben sill ons. >> is he going to be in louisianna? where will he be? >> i think he'll be at the barkley sent, no, i know necessary new york right now, he was on jimmy fallon not last night but the night before. >> what will you wear? that's the most important
5:53 am
thing? >> i because going to wear like sixers uniform. >> oh,. >> ya. and flip flops. >> wow. >> good luck to that. >> i'll talk to ben simmons. you know his last name is dover? >> still to come, ben and jerry's getting into the beer business. the flavor inspiration behind their new al that sound more like dis earth.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> phillies own hall and oats, 5:56. 71 degrees already. how about nice cold glass of chocolate chip cookie dough. you heard me right, chocolate chip cookie dough beer, newbie jump breweries, ben and jersies for the new flavored all. expected to hit store shelves this fall, part of the proceeds from sales will go to
5:57 am
protect our winter's, the organization advocate for climate change action, next on good day, developing news, dozen of shots fired in feltonville. what happened outside an area bar, that led to the chaotic scene, and in new jersey, this morning, a forest fire still burning, this is in burlington county, the advice for those who live too close for comfort.
5:58 am
5:59 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
6:00 am
twenty-seven shots fired, 27, in feltonville, a bound err in the hospital, what witnesses saw the gunman do after the bullets started flying. >> and on fire, a new jersey forest fire, still raging here, the advice for those who live nearby. >> we got a sit in showdown it, continues, republicans aren't giving in, democrats aren't going home. the latest on the push for gun legislation, playing out in d.c. right now. >> and, get ready everybody. it is the nba draft. see that dude right there from lsu? word has it the sixers are committed to ben simmons out of lsu. is that the right choice? in brooklyn? at the draft? we'll debate with our sports panel, good day everybody, it is thursday, june the 23rd, 2016. let's get right to, hi, everybody, let's get right to


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