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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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started firing his gun. >> the decor up in the house chamber, the chair appreciate that members will differ on matters of policy -- >> wild scene on the us to floor, staging a sit in, have their demand been met? we have live update from washington, d.c. >> stepping down after being convicted of corruption, but not the way his critics would like. what has some people upset about the timing of chaka fattah's resignation. and, the future of the sixers, expected to be placed in the hands of a 19 year old, from australia. how the presumed number one overall pick, ben simmons; responding to his critics. plus are the sixers in position to land another top draft pick tonight?
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>> the pick will come about 8:00 in brooklyn. >> rounds up? all of the headlines -- >> going up there. >> he's everywhere, ben simmons. >> we have sport panel coming in. >> that big. >> some guys like the simon pick, some don't. >> and for people who don't understand it, you'll straighten it all out. >> oh, perfectly straight. >> like me. let's get to the number of the day. we have a six out of ten, yesterday was nine, we just turned it upside down because every thunderstorms on the way. buddy ready for the draft. also, happy because school is out for summer but do you have to keep an eye on the sky. in the his umbrella there, why, rain starting to spread into our area. >> will any of the storms head our way? we'll let you know coming up. meantime, at the airport right now, very hazy, cloudy, 17 degrees, and the possibility throughout the rest of the morning, maybe even this afternoon, pop up
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thunderstorms, high temperature, 80 degrees, we will talk more about the storms, coming up in just a few minute, and of course, let you know what is happening this weekend, will the good weather we're predicting for tomorrow last you there saturday and sunday? all of that ahead in the seven day, bob kelly. >> i know because we got that kenny chesney concert down at lincoln financial field, on saturday, and couple of problems right now, sue, 7:02, northbound on the freeway, coming in toward philadelphia. and an accident, right at route 55, so, right at the height of our rush hour now, we got crash, jamming it up there, another accident, northbound, on the new jersey turnpike, as we go for a right, up into the hightstown interchange, that's exit number eight. and you're going to be able to see the smoke on the turnpike from forest fire burning over there on the for the dicks grounds, mcguire fort dix air for the base, now, here is a live look, at 202, we haven't
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seen any rain moving in to our immediate chester county delaware county area, but it is on the way, as sue mentioned, live look at the benny, starting to see volume. south on 59 looking good at the moment from cottman into girard do, have delays at baltimore and washington, as far as airports go. that's domino effect here in philly. mike and alex back into you. >> sounds like me at wedding veep sean, nobody listening. wild scene on the house floor, while were you sleeping, now, listen to this, it was led by, i say, casino of led by georgia congressman john lewis, but he had a lot of support, more than 200 democrat, staging that sit in. since noon, basically, yesterday.
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>> scheduled to take recess until after the july the fourth, won't show up until july 5th. pennsylvania representative bob brady was just on the phone with us, and brendon boyle, who we talk earlier, are among the democrats taking part would spoke with bob brady 15 minuting. >> getting killed in schools, getting killed in churches, getting killed in night clubs, all we are doing is having moment of silence? we're tired of moment of silence, we want comings. what's wrong with the ex ten i have backgrounds checks? what's wrong with no automatic rifles? what's wrong with no multiple clips? what's wrong with putting people about to give him a gun on automatic, allow to buy automatic weapon? we have one of our reporters took seven minutes for her, lady recorder from the daily news, seven minutes for her to buy an automatic weapon. that's a disgrace. and an absolute disgrace, look at the terror watch list, why, why can't woe just say do he extensive background, not let us get the gun?
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we just don't want any more moment of silence, ridiculous. >> so apparently about five of these democrats still on the floor, right now, 7:05 in the morning. >> some of them plan it remain or will try to stay there until july 5th. will they stay there until july the fifth? >> on the zika virus funding problem, and then they adjourn, walk out, turnoff the lights. democrats, they did romain, about five, as i mention, are still there, so we will take you back down to dc live from report from doug luzader monitoring this, in about five minutes. >> 7:05, back to philly where 27 shots. >> security guards, bouncer you could call him, was in the hospital but now he's out. steve, some wild scene, not many bullet hit their target?
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>> we started with a mega tire slashing story, worse than having your tires slashed having your tires blown out by bullets. >> not only do you lose your tires to the bullet, but the tire slashes never blow out most of your windows, as well, like this poor guy did, on this park car here. >> cars got hit, none of the people here did at the time. probably whole lot of people at bar closing time. showing you video, the shooters car, he has brand new malibu. he's shooting from outside the car in front of the bar at one point. and he's shooting from inside the car, bullet casings in the back seat, flying around,. >> for some reason, he drives, as a get away, goes around the corner from the bar, then parks the car, nothing wrong with the car, still running,
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and he runs away. this car registered, the cops have been sitting, waiting for the guy to come back home. so far they haven't found this guy, not been to any hospital. the guy on duty working, as we come back to the live picture here, at the cooper sports bar and grill (two arm guards working? maybe they suspect trouble, but the guards would not say why they got into mega shoot-out out here on the street, that's problem with people who don't cooperate specially wearing uniform and have permit to carry weapon. they had no idea what the shooting was about out here in the street. the police are just lucky, that they don't have a couple of murders on their hands. and see that atm up there? >> i see. >> see that atm machine? that thing, that's where you want to hide, if you are a bouncer at that bar hine that, because you can see the bullets going through this car here, that thing ways like 3,000-pound. remember we did the story on people trying to blow them up, people trying to chain them, carry them away? that does not budget. that's where you want to hide when shoot in a shoot-out with somebody at the bar for the future. >> i'll take that into
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advisement, steve. if it ever happens to me. hopefully not. 7:08. >> in west philadelphia, police officer in the hospital after his cruiser was hit by a septa bus. it happened at 4:45, this morning, at the intersection of 63rd and haverford. the officer is at penn presbyterian medical center being treated for minor injuries. the driver of the septa bus was not hurt. he was the only person on the bus at the time of the accident. >> let's get back to this fire in jerry? browns mills, fire crews continue to battle a massive brush fire, it broke out yesterday afternoon, inside of military base. >> yes. they say what over 200 ache verse been burn so far. dave, what's happening right now? >> right now still smoke blowing over the road, i'll step out of the way, see the olden trans way there, what was the old gateway to the fort dix base, it had shrunk, so the base is further down that way, a lot of people going toward that base and seeing some of the smoke coming over on to the road. we can definitely smell it, two, now, as we show you some
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video, we can tell you fire crews say everything is 25% contain so far. there were between six to ten spot fires reported on one part of the juliustown road, fire crews working overnight and battling the flames from the grounds and the air dealing with dry conditions, windy conditions, previously, but the winds died down little bit. the fire started yesterday afternoon inside the joint base. but none of the 42,000 people who work there had to be evacuated. helicopters flew above the fire it watch it, guide the new jersey fire service in tracking its movement with water drops assisting the 100 fire crews on the ground. crews also using backfires and bull dose ends to help contain everything as well. we can tell you that fire crews say they got little bit of positive development when the fire reached a large swamp that held control part of it. but still working on attack for back foyers and other preachers to try to get this thing fully contain, mike analling. >> dave, interesting, similar
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to look up and look at the screen right now, oh, foggy, but that's the smoke from the brush fire? >> yes, that's the thing do you think it is foggy but the special certainly, and different with time, different different smell, alerts you to what's going on. >> 7:10. >> back to the developing situation, out of washington, d.c., house democrats they are still facing a sit in on the house of representatives t started around noon yesterday, 170 house members, but now it is about what five? >> about five left on the floor, there doug luzader has developments from dc, hi, doug. >> the. >> good morning, guys, house actually adjourned, but this does continue, there is some indications it is whining down, but no indication when it will actually ends, certainly heated moment off night. >> republicans members of congress, they left the capitol, in the we hours of the morning, and that was relatively calm compared to what happened overnight.
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>> radical islam. >> at one point it look like some on the house floor might come to blows. they staged sit in trying it block all work in the house to force votes on new gun control laws. >> we are calling on the leadership of the house to bring calm, gun control legislation, to the house floor. give us a vote. let us vote. we came here to do our job. we came here to work. >> republicans who controlled the house eventually turned off the cameras that feed c span, something democrats did to republicans when they tried something similar over energy issues back in 2008. but this time, democrats row lied on mobile phones, and social media streaming to keep going. republicans would not budget, arguing democratic proposals to deny gun sales to those in the federal no fly list would violate the constitution. >> we are not going to take away a citizens due process right. we're not going to take away a
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citizens constitutional right without due process. that was already defeated in the senate. this is not a way to try and bring up legislation. >> we mentioned this has happened before in the house, never this this age of social media. so you can watch this playing out on social media. so, there is this incentive then for democrats to keep going here, even though the house has adjourned for the fourth of july. >> yes. >> mike anal next. >> well, will anybody stay all the way to july 5th? we shall see. doug, see you tomorrow. >> 7:12. >> us congressman chaka fattah resigned from congress, one day after a jury convicted him on federal charges, but there is a catch. >> oh, big catch. >> submitted his letter of resignation but wants to remain in the house until october 3rd. that's day before a judge is set to sentence him for racketeering fraud and pond iolandeer. >> speaker of the house paul ryan who you saw there released a statement calling on fattah to resign, i mean,
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right now. we'll see what happens. >> 7:13 this thursday. >> let's get ready for rain. >> before we look at the radar, i want to show you vision recall satellite picture. because we have some cloud cover, hard to distinguish, some of the smoke from the fires, where dave is in browns mill, in burlington county this morning. some of the smoke from the forest fires showing up on radar, but it is complicated by the fact we have clouds from this approaching storm system, tan looks like the rain starting to get little heavier in the western part of new castle county, delaware, we zoom into lancaster county, see rain spread interesting up into the lehigh valley through reading, light light rain there. as we look at middletown, delaware, we see some rain there. woolwich township new jersey starting to get little rain as well. here in philadelphia we know there is some rain as well. very light rain. thunderstorm, high wind, headed into saulsbury, maryland, and one in harrisburg, new jersey, so moderate to slight risk of severe weather, most likely this morning, throughout the rest of the morning.
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we will be watching radar closely along with you. seven day forecast though does improve, just in time for the weekend, 84 degrees, today, tomorrow, after we get rid of the thunderstorms today, then we are talking about mid to upper 80s both saturday, sunday. first weaken official weekend of summer and it will be appropriately warm, bob kelly, all the way through. >> not only do we have saturday night, we have the kenny chesney concert at the lincoln fail ands field, then sunday it is the irish festival, down at penn's landing, remember, they had to re questioned fuel a month ago. reschedule for this coming sunday. so a loft outdoor events. problems right now for the gang in downingtown, overturned tractor-trailer on the pennsylvania turnpike at the off ramp to downing town, as soon as you come through the toll plaza, that sharp curve, to go south on 100, is blocked. so, folks will have to go north on 100, and flip the u-turn laverne, to get back
7:15 am
into chester county northbound at the height town interchange that sex it eight headed northbound and southbound gaper delay there as well 42, normal rush hour, plus accident at route 55, tying us up as you roll in and out of wing machine ton, we zoom on n look at the dark skies here. this is route 13 down in wilmington, south of wilmington, i should say, near dover. right on the fine line of the thunder boomers headed our way, already delays at both washington and baltimore airport, will have impact at philadelphia throughout the morning. mike, back over to you. >> thank you very much. 7:15, tonight could change the future of the sixers. not too much pressure. with the first overall pick in the nba draft, they are expected to take ben simmons from lsu. he just collapsed. but there could be more to talk about than just ben simmons. we were talking about, what's
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his name, chris dunn, what about big old brandon ingram out of duke we have tony, michael, mark, to way in on this, good to see you guys. >> morning. >> let's start with you, ben simmons, thumbs-up, thumbs down? >> what do iy? sixers already toll him they are taking him. >> the right pick? >> of course, the only pick, does that meanest the right guy? we hope so. develop a lot of pressure number one pick so it guy has to be the star or else we have to tarring again. >> he is 19 years old. >> absolutely, that's the reality. play one year in college, you come out. it is the right pick because he has great skill set the question is does he want to work hard, waist going to happen when he gets monday any his pocket, and knucklehead tendencies at lsu. >> by the way how much is he going to make? >> i think 6 million tonight. >> tonight? >> he has to start playing. >> 20 million already for the shoe deal. >> somebody tweeted that,
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third year he will be going to milwaukee, i think they pick up the option if he doesn't work out. >> ben simmons is that correct the pick. >> picks that comes with a lot of buy beware, for me no. i like him, but i don't like him for the time being. right now just went through three years of the worse basketball imaginable. >> true. >> people are talking about rolling the dice on a guy that really gave up on his team, looks like he gave up on his team in the second half of the season at lsu. for me don't roll on the diets for a guy. the right pick for the sixers tonight would have been brandon ingram, obviously won't happen. he is a score he, guy can shoot from the outside. >> but needs someone to give him the ball. can he not get hits own shot. >> did you say hell? >> what the hell. >> did you say that in the morning. >> michael, who is ben? is he a guard? is he a forward? >> he's everything. he's somebody who can take the ball off the the backboards, set up team make off the braining had himself. he will run the team.
7:18 am
do you have put the ball in his hands o oh, six kearse trade for chris dunn? , no he needs the hands in his ball, too. >> chris down is not the way to go. when they do take ben simmons number one it does happen tonight i much rather get back in the top six, top eight, try get a guy like buddy. no the going have shooter number one pick -- >> buddy oklahoma. >> have utley. >> or jamal had your who can shoot and play point gaff if your move sim, off the wards. >> when you talk about ben and his attitude, you don't know him. you don't know knowing. >> i have heard plenty of interviews, yes, to be fair, if i with a going to hang out with the guy yes good judgement of character. when you hear the guy talk and answer questions oh, ya, you need to learn how to shoot. manny average 20-point a game. well yes, but playing back, taking guy down low, a lot smaller than you and poise -- >> why are you yelling at me. >> i don't know. >> he really doesn't. >> do you want to hear from ben? >> love to hear from ben.
7:19 am
>> you know, people that put that out, there they don't know me. you know, no reason to really put that out, it is media, but people finds anything to say. >> as to will always happen when you are one of the best guys, try to bring you down. you know, honestly, rough season, we had guys hurt, out, but just wasn't, you know, the perfect season that we wanted. >> the problem is his coach is one of the worse in college basketball, i don't know how heist job, can't do anything, he does, however, have documentary film follow him around, he didn't go to a clause, he had his own pt guy working him out all the time. so he has that primadonna feel to him, and that's a big red flag. >> all of these guys who know they're going to be top one or two pick have that going on. ingram didn't have that at duke. would never allow it. >> the meet hit down at lsu, yes, woe. >> who is the meet head? >> johnny jones. he is horrible.
7:20 am
real quickly here, we have three picks in the first rounds. number one, and then into the 20's. waist going to happen, do we get rid of the two, 20 picks, and move up into the top ten, toney? >> don't they have like seven, second rounders. >> no get smith back, right? >> i don't know, they have to move up. >> they'll move up? >> well, bryn co-hang low, they drafts ben simmons, take the 24th and 26th, brings darr yo over, and he has embiid, ' has everything, so he has to make a splash. >> so new orleans and jahlil both will be gone. >> look, problem to getty rid of jolie, two more years at the ricky, trade with him, first thing you can get from his agent we want extension, necessary his fourth year. >> we will move up? >> definitely move up in the draft, take 24, 26, load him on somebody else, package big man, i think most lick liz i am jahlil okafor, and be able to get a shoot egg like buddy
7:21 am
hill hopefully earl. >> i anyway we can get numb burrell win us a? >> no. >> by the way -- >> i don't want -- >> when the process over. >> i don't want ben simmons. i don't want -- >> wrong words. >> dead. >> it is dead. >> i have no idea what you guys are talking about. >> mike, you never trusted -- >> the process, just -- >> that's what i did. that's why i lost all my hair. >> you two did the process, michael and i -- >> i'm still working on it. >> hold on strong. 72:00; the man of the hour, quincy harris, hi, quincy. hey, guys, sixers draft party. we have the number one pick at eakin's oval. christian, are you ready? >> you see what i am doing right now. sigh this? do you see this? >> are you ready? >> we're already for the sixers tonight. come on back, preview the
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>> that is, looks like amoeba. >> looks like cat err pill err. >> that is a cheat owe. now, put something inside. >> oh, it does look like a caterpillar. now, i've drawn -- oh, she is pretending. >> as long as she's on my side, she's fine. >> now, what i've stuffed inside of my chito is mac and cheese; this actually a product that's coming to burger king is? >> well, you forgot to do one thing, you forgot to deep fry your caterpillar mac and cheese chito. that's what burger king is selling next week for 2.50. so, think deep fried mac and cheese covered in chitos flavor. >> wow. >> i can't wait. i can't wait. so, mac and cheese, that you can eat, like chips. >> ya? >> couple of things. >> brilliant.
7:26 am
>> sound amazing, only selling it for # weeks. pepsi owns frito lay with owns the chitos, i am thinking taco bell, totally invigorated, their sales that launched few years ago there is could be similar. see if it is a hot seller but gating nice reception. >> only eight weeks? >> or, until supplies run out so could be less than eight weeks. >> all right, there is alex's version of the mac and cheese. >> i'm on the bottom. >> that looks better. >> thank you. >> mine was haiti. >> is that mustard. >> i was coordinated to my story this morning. >> will you be trying it, lauren? >> i can't wait to try it. i hope it is available. i'm not sure if all burgers king or some burying erring kings are selling it.
7:27 am
>> burger king underground in the building. >> at 48th and sixth,. >> easy. >> seems like a lot, but i'll try it. anything fried. >> darn right. >> lauren? >> we love you. >> oh, thank you. >> i love too. >> after mike now. >> love you. >> i love you. okay, this is a weird story, out of new york and philadelphia. >> three people from the keystone steak, look at the truck, stopped on their way to new york, near the hole and tunnel. >> they had a cash of weapons, that tactical gear, drugs on them, so what's the latest on this? they said they were going to up brooklyn to rescue a girl on heroin. is that what is really going on? >> and the days of gas being cheap nerve new jersey could be numbered. what lawmakers considering
7:28 am
today that would increase the price at the pump in the garden state. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> with the umbrella reminds you you will need it before the morning is through, keep an eye on the sky, temperatures right now are in the 60s, 70s, we have some rain in the area.
7:31 am
>> thunderstorms around richmond, and the east, now appearing it may escape us at least this morning, but there are some heavier downpours moving into dover, delaware, at the moment, so will look little more in depth at radar in a moment. philadelphia international airport, hazy, cloudy, 71 degrees kind of humid out there too, and showers, thunderstorm could pop up at any time today. specially through early afternoon, high temperature near 08 degrees, your weekend forecast coming in just a few moments. sank set times, couple days into the season, nice long days. >> all off from school, all staying out late, 73:00; getting up early, accident on the route 30 bypass, this is eastbound the ramp to northbound 100 here, see everybody kind of squeezing around into the one lane, pennsylvania turnpike, off ramp to downingtown, the ramps to 100 south are blocked, don't go -- go north on 100, flip the u-turn at the next
7:32 am
interchange, accident downtown philly the vine expressway eastbound, right at broad street, causing delays that rollback on to the suing expressway. travel times, as you roll through delaware, right on that edge of that rain that is kind of moving across delaware. watch for delays at philadelphia international airport, all a result of thunderstorms through washington and baltimore. mike anal he can back over to you. >> pennsylvania resident, jon klemm is he, dean smith, kimberly arnt remain in hudson county jail up in north jersey this morning. >> after pleading not guilty to weapons charges stemming from their arrest at the holland tunnel on tuesday. >> police pull over ooh year old john kramsey and two of his friends. holland tunnel, where new jersey plans with new york
7:33 am
city. >> this is tuesday, police stop the truck covered in anti-drug dealer, and pro gun logos, for a cracked windshield. notice loaded magazine from gun on the floor of the vehicle. >> in the dollars the driver seat, the driver was sitting job police then check for weapons, and found five pistols, ar15, rival, 123 gauge shotgun, tactical gear, some marijuana. investigators say, most of the weapons were loaded. , kramsey, owns the indoor shooting range hire ground in emmaus, pennsylvania posted on facebook that he, along with smith, and arnt were 11 miles outside of brooklyn, new york,
7:34 am
head today a motel to rescue a teenage fresh wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. >> apparently addicted to heroin, the mother of the teenage girl, wanted her rescued by these three. >> that's their story and they're sticking to it, ken rotweiler. two things that this case bridges up, one, were any laws broken? the second, what was the legality of the search? with regard to any laws broken, in new jersey, can you not have a loaded gun in your automobile. >> they did. >> and this was a loaded gun, so there is a problem. but here is the question. lawyers now saying this was illegal search. you should have never searched the vehicle. you need probable cause to serb. any vehicle, anybody's house, which amendment to the constitution is that? >> protect against illegal search and seizure, with the fourth amendment what you need is probable cause, here's what the police say, they say he
7:35 am
had a cribbled windshield, you remember cases where police have said in the past you have broken tail light? the police need a reason to stop you. having been saying for decades pulled over because driving through white neighborhood. so to get around that, violation with regard to your car, there was broken tail light n this particular case, suspect, saying there was cracked windshield. that's enough for the mr. is to stop them therefore search the vehicle therefore everything found in the vehicle is legal. the attorneys also say, the fact they had a lot of second amendment things on their truck, and loud -- >> you cannot -- that is not probable cause. i can put anything i want on my car, police can't stop me because i am asserting my second amendment or first amendment right, freedom of speech. that's not a way that they can stop this vehicle legally. >> in they found they didn't have probable cause then it all can be flushed out then, everything they found. >> that's the keynote of this
7:36 am
story, is the search legal. right. if they finds that the search was not legal then all of those guns, all of that ar15 and vests and everything else will be thrown out and have to, you know -- >> you know why they were alarmed by what they found in this day of terrorism, driving into lower manhattan. >> no doubt about it, but un our laws, you're loud, allowed to have guns, you're allowed unnumbered new jersey guns to have car, just can't have them loaded so if this is guns weren't loaded even though they had all of these guns so what? this is reason why there is big debate about gun laws and so for the. our people are allowed to travel around with basically an arsenal. that's what they had. that was arsenal. >> my god ya. >> it was legal if they weren't loaded. >> now, their story is they loaded up togs and rescue this 16 year old girl hook on heroin, trapped in a brooklyn home. >> yes. let's -- that's not legal either. >> but john kramsey, the fell know this car, his 20 year old
7:37 am
daughter died after drug overdose. >> only months snag. >> right. what was trying to do was save other par present going through that same type of grief. so i think his motives were good. he was going to rescue this girl to try it save her. motives were kinds of pure probably the way he went around it. this story is becoming national story a lot of guns interesting through holland tunnel. when i first heard it, i freaked out. i heard someone going through hole and tunnel, with guns, my wife and i reached story. then i read through, little more through the store. >> i if they made it through the tunnel they end up in lower manhattan, all sort of different laws. >> and i'm in the really sure in new york whether you're loud to carry guns in your car, too, probably the laws probably similar, in that, laws against caring loaded guns in your car, makes sense new jersey says it, would make sense in new jersey, as well. >> police said they haven't found any terror links? >> i don't think anything like that. >> welshing specially when you
7:38 am
see that vehicle first of all that vehicle was big stop sign, when they saw the vehicle let's check those guys out. >> hey, here we are. >> over here. in this suv. unless the dumb esther orest on the planet. >> but going to rescue this poor child, in new york, call police. >> other way to do it than loading your car up with guns and going to new york. >> kevin hart back in the news. >> not letting recent break-in in his home bring him down. see what he posted on instagram for some laughs even after losing half million dollars. hello!
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> philly native, on instagram, kevin hart, fooled me with this one, so he posted
7:42 am
this stock image of supposed burglar, and asked his 37 million followers, hey, guys, come together, let's use power of social media and identify this guy. so people have been guessing everyone from donald trump, to steph curry, even miley cyrus, this is where i got fooled, when i saw this, i followed on instagram, oh, wow, that's true, social media do probably find the guy, 38 million followers, but it was fake, wasn't actual image, security camera, said that when he wrote it in the caption. so police are still reviewing the footage. >> looks like woman to me. >> either way i thought it was actual. now that i look at it now, i don't know why i thought that, i guess i was scrolling quickly through my instagram. >> oh, you bought it. >> oh, wow, that's smart. i was thinking, because we found incident in philly where people have been identified through social media. so i didn't think it was a bad idea. >> that would be the best looking surveillance fed owe i've ever seen. >> this is why. >> eye make up, you know? >> at least making light of a trouble situation. >> don't you think later today
7:43 am
he'll reveal who is under that massing? >> i don't know it is stock. >> probably ac for? >> don't you think he took that himself? >> no. >> and he'll revealment looks like woman to me? >> it does? looks like a man to me. hasn't had sleep in a while. here is the thing, why he can make light of this, because he has a lot more money. i would have been crying still. >> lost half million dollars? i don't even have a half million dollars to lose. all right, quincy, what up? >> oh, my goodness. >> everything is free in here, we have 20 local philly restaurant, unlimited vendors, food, drinks. >> coming up next, what's going to happen? we can't wait, eric, are you ready? >> very excited, ready. >> coming up.
7:44 am
7:45 am
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>> 7:46, good morning, weather delays at philadelphia international airport. all because of delays, down to washington, and baltimore, from some thunder boomers rolling through, just south of us there. so, if you are going to be traveling, check in with the airline, overturned tractor-trailer, on the pennsylvania turnpike, the downingtown interchange, to southbound 100. that ramp, it is sharp curve there, that is blocked, and you'll have to go north on
7:47 am
100, flip the u-turn, to get yourself back into, say, exton, or down there in toward malvern. here is a live look at the 30 bypass, got accident/disable here in what's blocking would be the right lane, on the eastbound bypass, on the ramps to route 202. accident downtown, on the vine expressway, as we go for a ride here, eastbound, right at the broad street interchange. otherwise, speedometer readings, not that bad. but here is a example of the skies turning dark here, in delaware, standing by to tell us more when those dark clouds are going to roll outweigh. >> because that far accident, at broad street, causing delays, common, what are you doing tomorrow morning? we invite to you join us, we are taking over quakertown, good day drives you every friday, we are going to different town, hanging out, with each and everyone every you liver on good day tomorrow. going to quakertown, we will be set up along broad street, between second and fourth street, and the best part, you will have a chance
7:48 am
to win this brand new car. it is a brand new mazda, cx9, we debuted it last friday, when we were out there in northeast philadelphia. all do you have do, join us tomorrow, or if you can't be with us tomorrow, go to our website click on the end tow win tab there. and you can enter once a day, every day, and then we will pick a finalist, once a week, and then on our final show, the big give away, someone is going to drive away with a brand new mazda. so we're in quakertown tomorrow. going to hit wildwood on the first, that's fourth of july weekend, that should be huge. wilmington, haddonfield, and then the big one, grand finale there, in fairmount park, on july 22nd. but all eyes are on the skies. some thunder boomers coming our way. when are they going to get here, knew she'll have the answer in 152nd.
7:49 am
>> all right, watching radar, and ya, there is some rain moving into the area, the good news it, seems like most of the thunderstorms, are staying to the south, and going from richmond, virginia all the way out to sea, to north carolina, and now, we have some areas every rain, a lot of it in delaware, some up in the lehigh valley, and, few of these storms due have some high winds associated with them, brief but they're, there around allentown, getting little pocket every rain there, most of new castle county delaware raining, salem county new jersey, and cumberland county very light rain, nothing yet in philadelphia. we have seen little drizzle already this morning, moderate to slight risk of severe weather today, and as we look at the future cast, we see some of the heavy rain, maryland, through southern delaware, southern new jersey, many in the same places got hit with strong thunderstorms
7:50 am
on tuesday, maybe not the micro burst, or the high winds that we had, but still, more rain, at least through the early afternoon. and it doesn't look like much is going to happen after that, as we continue the future cast through thursday night. so, seven day forecast, says 80 degrees today, still holding onto fine friday, high of 84, 86 on saturday, 87 on sunday, really the first weekend of summer looks just about perfect. but for our purposes, mike and alex, fine for friday quakertown park. >> let's listen to alex sing. >> really? >> ♪ they're playing that skit ball ♪ we love that basketball ♪ >> it doesn't go that deep. >> they won't be playing basketball, pick new draft. >> and eventually will play basketball. >> hopefully so and do it very well. let's get out to the art museum, and oh,. >> oh, okay. >> my back up dancers. >> ♪ >> you were sing, alex, you
7:51 am
were sing basketball ♪ >> okay, so, guys, weaver liquiddelphia we have sterling, we have mack. these guys are the sixers flight squad. you guys ready for tonight. >> oh, ya. >> let's see what you guys have. everyone is excited. we cannot wait. we also have sixers eric snow. we remember the great day, we haven't had great days in philadelphia basketball, professional basketball for sixers since you played here. >> trying to get back there. >> yes. >> that's where, you know, number one pick, that's where all of the excitement is from. we want that, we want that feeling again. >> take us back to 1995. were you drafted out of michigan state. what are these players going through right now? >> most of these guys, what you dream about. you know, you put in all of this hard work, now you get the opportunity to play in the nba, play best talented, and players in this league.
7:52 am
and it is hard, a blessing, so you get that entheusiasm, like your family is excited then the real work starts. >> so were you second rounds pick back in 1995. you know, another seconds round pick. we already know the ben simmons of the world. what do the players have to do in the second rounds to be no have a long career like you did? >> most of the time you are drafted but you still have to prove yourself. you don't have the guaranteed contract that the other guys have, so that hunger and drive is till there. you still have to prove that you play, you can play, you still have to roof that you can belong. and most cases, it is harder to stay here, than it is to get here. so you got have that mentality, soak in all of the information that you can, and just keep improving. >> in 2001, legendary year here until, if you guys made it to the final. what was the energy like, just as a player, playing here in philadelphia? >> amazing, i tell to my children, the entheusiasm, the fire that we had, not just
7:53 am
inside the building but outside everywhere we went. >> i want the city to experience, i want it to happen, keep happening, bring the championship to fill. >> i so tonight you'll be here for the draft party. ready to party? >> i'm red. >> i eric snow, it will be raining snow, tonight, with eric snow, guys, and franklin will be here, as well many a he tree try a dunk next hour, but i'm feeling something special, going to happen tonight. something special, right? >> for sure. >> he said it. >> that was my patti labelle. >> oh, that's good. >> you know what i am ' kneeling. >> what are you kneeling. >> that breakfast purr beat owe i ate about 6:30. >> shah what i was smelling? >> ya. >> he a.m. hemsworth, would he be considered a hung, liam help worth? >> i think a lot of laid boys consider him a hung.
7:54 am
>> well, he's on good day philadelphia this morning, with jenn fred. and jen seems to think that he has a crush on her. she's dilutional. >> mike? >> they'll both be here later.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> it is 7:57. we keep talking about the great contests running right now, because could you win a brand new car. so here it is, the brand new mazda cx9. isn't it beautiful? it is so shiny. >> you know what they say, do you like what you me? >> if you like what you see head to click on the contest right on hour home page, see the end tow win here? click on that too. put in your information, you can do this once every 24 hours, then see what happens, mike? >> well, listen to. >> this i mean, if you had started at the beginning when we did this,. >> would you have 63 chance, for nine weeks, would you have
7:58 am
63 chances to win that car, pretty good odds. >> really good odds. >> so then on july 22, we'll have eight finalists standing there in the park lot of the del music venue, right? >> only one of the keys will work. >> only one. >> so here we go. we choose finalist every friday. announce one tomorrow in quakertown, first finalist, there she is, nancy field from marlton, new jersey, she has a shot at this. one time chance of winning the beautiful car. nancy born in upper darby, raise in the south jersey. she is one every ten children. she is now married and has one daughter. she works at evergreen packing, in mt. laurel, and is looking forward to retirement next year. how about that? another finalist is janet butler. >> from mt. laurel, new jersey, married and has one daughter and two grandchildren. she lovers photography, baking, and cooking. >> okay, week three, our third timely, tiffany, met her last week, from souderton,
7:59 am
bartender at at the harleysville hotel enjoys hiking, walks on the beach. >> long walks on the boetsch? >> long long walks on the beach. >> sunset? >> walks from ventnor to cape may every day. okay that's a lie. her 30th birthday is the day after tomorrow. saturday. >> our fourth finalist david magee from philadelphia. he is an army veteran, and been married to his wife for 44 years. he retired from the postal service few years ago, and now, works as a police crossing guard for philadelphia public schools. >> good luck to all of you. so we'll have four more finalists, right? so who will win? >> we have this silhouette here. children, i don't want to mislead anybody, you have to be, you know, over 18, i think? >> okay, but whole families will take advantage if they get mazda xx9. >> best way to go to our website if you happen to come out quakertown, broad street, around third street and broad,
8:00 am
you can sign up in person, matter of fact, because we will do live broadcast tomorrow 7:00 to 10:00. quakertown. >> finalists every week from all of the different places we are going to will be announced, july 22 we announce the winner of the brand new car. >> don't be silly go to to the website, click on the maslow go. >> do it now, see those happy winners, finalists? >> good day, it is thursday, june the 23rd, 2016. here we go. >> 29 studio this is "good day philadelphia". >> sitdown and shut up. >> we will occupy this floor. we will no longer be denied a right to vote. >> democrats take over the house for gun control. >> you can help us win this, america. >> where the protest stands right now. >> fighting zika right in our own backyard, how health
8:01 am
officials in woman den country checking mosquitos to keep you safe. >> leading the charge in camden. >> sixers hopes and dreams on the shoulder after teenager, what the number one pick in the draft, is ben simmons a lock? is he the right choice? liam hemsworth on good day, talking to him about independence day resurgence, which hemsworth brother is the good one? >> give it to me. >> give it to you. well, i like philadelphia. >> that's what you meant by give it to you, right? >> all right, 8:01. >> what? >> is he the one with miley sigh us? >> and is again. >> oh, they're back together? >> yes. >> get your weather back together. >> our weather number today is the upside down number of yesterday. we had nine yesterday, today a six. and do you have keep your eye
8:02 am
on the sky like bus stop budd how is ready for the sixers draft. in the backyard hanging out today. >> looking at showers and thunderstorms on radar, most of the thunder and lightning south, seeing the rain spread into the area, so hope you do have that rain gear with you. there you see just how cloudy and hazy it is in philadelphia. 71 degrees at the airport with 84% relative humidity. >> weaver chance every pop up showers, thunderstorm, that's your forecast for thursday, weekends is almost here. >> lots of stuff going on, kenny chesney at the linc, irish festival down there at penn's landing on sunday. >> teeing up through construction zone, storms
8:03 am
moving, south of us, through baltimore, and washington causing weather delays, domino effect here in philadelphia, pennsylvania turnpike, overturned tractor-trailer, at the downingtown interchange, as soon as you come through the toll plaza on the ramp to go south to routed 100, ramp closed so forced off to go north on 100, you flip around, than will get you back into chester county even then on the 30 bypass, only the left lane open here approach route 202, mike and alex back over to you. >> what's going on? >> well, a sit in on the floor of congress, democratic house members, they're pre testing, we shall overcome,. >> demanding votes on gun
8:04 am
control legislation, so our show little earlier, philadelphia congressman, bob brady hopped on the phone, still on the floor he stayed there all night, he got on the phone with us and this is what he said. >> how many people got to get killed? getting killed in schools, getting killed in churches, getting killed in night clubs. all we're doing is having a moment of silence? we're tired of moment of silence, we wantings, what's wrong with extensive background checks? what's wrong with no automatic rifles, what's wrong with no multiple clinics, what's wrong with putting people, about to give them a gun, allow automatic weapons? we got one of our reporters took seven minutes for her, the lady reporter from the daily news, seven minutes for her to buy automatic weapon. that's a disgrace. >> why? we just don't want any more moment of silence, it is rad i
8:05 am
can us. >> this went on and on all night long. how speaker paul ryan republican tried to restore orders, you know, casino in charge, in fact, necessary charge, but democrats chanted and refused to listen to paul ryan. >> will seek to express those differences. >> but the chair would hope that the business of the house can be done duct dollars if a fashion that respects positively on the decor up of this institution, to to which all belong. >> i guess towed stay with the script there, right? >> i guess so. >> it is correct, it comes in the wake of the orlando night club massacre, left 49 people dead, dozen more injured. but john just reference orlando shooting, rev reference dollars newtown, charleston, south carolina, what we've seen over the past
8:06 am
couple of years. so no vote. republicans turned out the lights, went home. and about five democrats are left on the floor of the house right now, some say we'll stay here until congress reconvenes on july 5th. do you think that will happen? >> we'll have to see. us congressman chaka fattah resigns from congress, one day after a jury convicted him on those 23 charges. there is a catch to this. juan to remain in the house until october 3rd. that the not much of a resignation is it? that's the day before a judge is set to sentence him from racketeering, fraud, money laundering, speak of the house paul ryan released statement calling on chaka fattah to resign today. we'll see. 8:06. >> police investigating overnight shooting outside of cooper sport bar and grill, west wyoming in felt vern
8:07 am
schil, around 2:00 a.m., 27 shots were fired, and a bouncer hit in the leg. he is okay, and is even out of the hospital. but police are still looking for the shooter. >> take a look at this, scene yesterday afternoon of massive fire in browns mills, new jersey. >> flames, ripped through about 200 acres every lands with fire still burning, as of right now. dave kinchen's fairly close to the scene, dave? >> pretty close, not far from the base at for the dick, actually passing the olden trans way here, because the base had shrunk little bit. so you can see where it used to be, where would you enter, now the entrance further down. see the smoke coming up across the road here across trenton road. fire crews tell us they have 25% of it contained so far. they had about six to ten spot fires that popped up along julius town road, that had to be dealt w fire crews, from the mcguire-dicks-lakehurst
8:08 am
joint mel tear base worked through the night to battle the flames from the grounds and the air dealing with dry conditions, and windy conditions, although the win has died down for most of the morning, since we've been here. helicopters fly above the fire to observe it. and get help to the new jersey fire service, also dropping water from the skies, with 100 firefighter helping out on the ground, now, fire officials tell us, that most of the fire is actually gone up to large swam, helped them to control it, condense it, told crews also have used backfires and bulldoze tears help contain the flames, and there was a mobile home parkey vac ate dollars, and still evacuated because of the winds blowing the smoke their way. that's the big xfactor, the win, depending which way it goes, fire officials say there could be more evacuations but right now 25% of it contained, and crews work all night and
8:09 am
they continue to work today at this hour and get this taken care of. back to you. >> certainly thinking of them, we can see the smoke hine you, david. 8:09n orlando, pulse night club owners make symbolic move. turned on the marquis sign once again, nearly two weeks after the shooting massacre there tonight owners and staff will host a latin night, street party. they say it is important to show that they are strong, 49 people killed, more than 50 other injured in the tragedy, and it won't be at the same location, it will be little distance away, but they still want to make sure they have this event to show everyone is still coming together. florida wildlife officials believe they caught the al gate over that dragged two year old boy into a lagoon, basing on analysis with staff in experience. the gator pulled lane graves into the water on june 14th, and drowned him. his body was found, the next day. >> coming up 8:10.
8:10 am
>> i saw this footage, i really wanted to know about this woman. come to find out, she lives here. she is a local. pregnant and powerful, she due july 11. >> wow. >> is this a good thing to do? >> she on our show live this morning, we go over to her gym and wait for her doctor to come in and analyze this footage, i mean, three weeks from her due date. >> amazing. >> let's get to chris murphy, because weather warmed up, getting hot. talking about zik a and what's being done here, to address the zika concerns, chris? >> are those skeeters. >> at the cam down county mosquito commission. this is larvae take friend local body of water. they're testing for zika virus. these are the experts, we'll meet them, what they do here every day to keep you safe. straight ahead, guys. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside
8:11 am
and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ >> that was a micro burst. >> concerns what happened in cape may county may have about been a tornado but it was a
8:14 am
micro burst. resident spent the day yesterday cleaning up after that strong storm knocked down trees, and ripped off roofs, like the one in the public works building, what we are looking at right now. >> tore the too far off the sucker. thankfully nobody got hurt. a micro burst, as i understand it, sue, tornado that spins in the opposite direction? >> really what it sounds like, a burst every straight line winds as opposed to the circumstance lark winds of tornado, they estimate these were 70 to 80-mile per hour winds, with these storms that came through on tuesday. 200 yards wide, travel about half mile. similar to a tornado but not the circular damage, straight line wind, very powerful, very destructive. we don't have any coming through, see little lightning down here around ocean sit, marylander, but nothing as strong and severe as what we had coming through then. but there are some areas where we're seeing steady rain, heavy downpours most of
8:15 am
delaware covered in rain, north of us in the lehigh valley around allentown, see smyrna delaware with steady rain. here in philadelphia, we have some rain about to enter, but pretty light but moderate to slight risk continuing of severe weather. >> this continues throughout the rest of the morning according to the future cast, just have few pop ups, here, there, should still have a nice day tomorrow. still calling it, fine friday. high of 84 degrees. fantastic first weekends of summer. next chance every rain after the weekend would probably be on tuesday, cold front. and checking our shore temperatures, right at the beach, 70s today, and tomorrow, but it does lock like tomorrow is your better beach day. bob kelly? >> sounds good, sue. 8:15, everybody, getting ready to head out the front door, already some problems, north on 295. jammed up through the freeway. all because after accident, on the northbound side at 561.
8:16 am
weather delays, at all of the area airports, flights into and out of baltimore, washington, new york and philadelphia, all delayed this morning, so, pack your patience, check with the airline, this is going to be with us probably for the rest of the day, these storms are moving through just south of us, pennsylvania turnpike, the ramp to southbound 100, out every downingtown, block because after overturned tractor-trailer. early morning disable here, this is the ramp from the bypass, to go north on route 100, you hungry? >> down at garnet valley, jump in the news van, be down there from 9:00 to 10:00. new spot. it is mayor. mary ann vaughn's favorite spot in garn i valley. down there today. want to come down there? >> yes, i actually do. we'll drive the chaz. >> let's do it. >> here is the thing, new mazda is sitting in our new garage, who would know if we took it out? >> well, we just talk about it
8:17 am
on tv. >> i shouldn't put that many miles on it, because you want it to be fairly new. >> fairly new? >> few years ago, when they came out with the flu nasal mist, parent thrilled, then you don't have to have the kids crying in the doctors office, right? now government study says it doesn't work very well. >> the flu miss didn't protect the children from the flu this past season, department work the last two years either. and not clear why it is not working. the vaccines maker now working on recommendation frost a federal advisory committee to try and fix this. astro zeneca cannot be happy because they were making tons off that mist. health off initials camden county are monitoring mosquitos trying to come one some vaccine, man, at the forefront of this. >> chris murphy in the lab right now, of mosquito, the mosquito commission, in camden county. >> exactly right, guys. >> this just in.
8:18 am
mosquito bites are bad. specially, if you get one from this mosquito. so this is the mosquito, that carries seek a virus, and there are 63 different species of mosquitos in new jersey, this is the bad guy, but abdul, how are you,y? >> i'm fine. >> you're from ghana, you work in the lab. you've seen mosquitos in your home country, now worried about them here with seek a vie us? >> oh, yes. >> okay, so your lab technician, show us what you have gathered here. bun of water from samples taken right here. you'll open this up. what are you going to look for? >> we look for for the mosquitos from the sample watch we do, when the samples get to the lab. ... i open this up. >> while you're talking i'll tack that carman rodriguez, she'll explain what abdul is doing. >> basically what we've done what we do three times a week, go out different areas throughout the country to collect samples.
8:19 am
>> we go to pond where we know we have mosquitos breeding, than is one sample that we have right here. and we bring them back to the lab in order to identify the species. >> look at the little buggers, that's larvae from mosquitos. >> yes, it is, you will have different stages of the larvae. they're going to be swim interesting, as you can see, different areas have different concentrations of them. but right now what we're most concerned with is making sure that we identify the disease causing mosquitos. because, we are concerned about zika. >> are we as concerned, not as concerned as say rory, who dropped out of the olympics and other high profile athlete concerned about what's going on in south america and also central america, we just saw that mosquito caring, don't ask mow to say it, caring that bad guy, we don't have that type of mosquito here though, or do we? >> it is not native to this area. it can come into our area. it usually comes in being carried in through suitcases
8:20 am
or cars, because it is found in the southern part of the united state. so yes, we do get it. we have actually found samples where we have found one or two of them. >> so then the viewer at home, it is spread through human contact bye point here mostly not through the actual mosquitos, the bad source of it. >> we don't have enough. we don't have enough mosquitos. we don't have enough people right now who are infected for it to spread. >> so, that, that is what we're thankful about. however, do you have to be careful because it can be spread, as you said, through sexual contact, we also found out that even in saliva it can also be transmitted. >> so just kissing someone can get infect in the. >> it seems, yes. learning a lot about zika. >> unfortunately, right? >> abdul, what did you finds? >> in this sample, weaver two -- this -- >> not the zika caring one,
8:21 am
there you -- there you go, guys, good news in the first sam job would you ask that laid if i she has ever heard of mosquito heating fish? >> have you ever heard of mosquito eating fish, in fact, there is something going on today with the fish we understand. >> yes. definitely. one of the things that we do to control mosquito populations, is we use fish, so, if we know that there is stagnant water or just watt their doesn't move very much, it is always present, what we do is we introduce a particular species of fish into the area that will go in and eat the larva. that helps to control the mosquito population in a very natural and safe way. >> we just had a crew leave about ten minutes, mike, they were going to do that very thing. taking the fish to put the fish in the waterways. >> i like this. it is a natural solution. >> maybe you can go watch that, chris, that would be fun. >> i wonder what kind of fish? >> mosquito eating fish. >> but the name of it? >> do you know what casino every fish they are? >> they don't remember the name. this is a biologist doesn't remember the name. you expect me to know the name? nor get about it. >> just wondering.
8:22 am
>> i wanted to put them in a bowl and see it. >> have you ever seen a mosquito eating fish? >> i have not. >> bob kelly? >> i don't believe i have. >> i would like to go around with that, maybe on lake trip, bring it with you, have a pet fish? >> for some reason they said they were out of fish. apparently they've got fish now. >> all right, fish face, listen to this: there is a new app out in, you know whale ' call it? i'll call it uber for babysitters. you simply call up and get a babysitter to your house in like ten minutes. but she or he will come with recommendations, like uber. >> i like that. >> why is your middle finger up? >> it is not up. what are you talking about? >> all right, i thought were you subtly flipping me off. >> what? no. >> all right. your favorite cookie flavors, alex? what's your favorite cookie? >> can you leave me alone?
8:23 am
my gosh. >> all right, what's hitting the supermarket shelves that may drive the girl scout business out of business. >> you're being so mean to me today. xt1 underline
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> do you miss girl scout cookies during the time of the year when they're not on sale? >> you're in luck, pillsbury, is so many mixes, available in grocery stores, run 3.29, actually cheaper than the pre made box. might and deal. >> well, hold onment wouldn't the girl scouts be upset about this? >> but even if you make them at home, not the same, you know? and they're not working together on this. >> oh, they are working together? >> not the cookies, like cupcakes, stuff, not technically the same thing, just gives awe little taste. >> oh, and we hear a lot of the proceeds will go to the girl scouts. >> so it all comes together. >> kumbaya. >> will we come together tonight, celebrating number one draft pick.
8:27 am
>> guys, sixers draft party will be amazing, i have another sixers great, right -- me and franklin, he's hiding behind me and franklin right now who is it? just come back to find out. >> ♪
8:28 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings.
8:29 am
pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
8:30 am
>> pregnant, powerful, local woman stuns many with her work out routine, and she's nine months pregnant. should you be doing the same thing? >> plus, loungerie, at a wedding, no, no, not talking about wedding night, at the actual wedding. from your dress to the invitation, how you can incorporate this new trends into your big day. >> sue, were you wearing lingerie for your wedding? >> no, but i wore pants. >> that's different. >> one day i'll post it, the picture, yes, here is bus stop buddy ready for the sixers draft. ready for rain, as well have the rain gear with you, in
8:31 am
some cases you already need it this morning, but need to keep eye on the sky. not seeing a loft thunder and lightning in our area, a lot of that is skirted by to the south from richmond, virginia headed out toward virginia beach. and even into ocean city maryland there have been thunderstorms this morning, see the rain spreading through the tiny state of delaware headed toward the jersey shore, and seeing few showers up toward allentown, as well. here if philadelphia dry at the moment. 71 degrees. but at the airport, bob kelly tells me, there are a loft delays because of the rain in other cities. we could see a thunderstorm today. still not out of the question. high temperature of 80 degrees. bob kelly? >> hey, sue, 8:31, good thursday morning, everybody, couple of things going on, first of all northbound 42 stack up into 295, accident in the construction zone. and then there is an accident, further north, on 295, just above bellmawr, in the work zone at 561. so some rough go coming in from new jersey, sue just mentioned, even though we
8:32 am
don't have any rain right here in philadelphia, all of the surrounding airports have had rain. baltimore, washington, all of the airports in new york, all running with delays upward of about an hour so that will have domino, is having domino on arrivals and departures here, in philadelphia, and overturned tractor-trailer on the ramps at the turnpike exit at downingtown. alex being back over to you. >> bob kill, are you ready for the draft tonight? >> i'm red. >> i are you ready for in the pom where one pick, quincey? i see him walking around with finger in the air like this, number one, number one. >> hasn't happened since 1996. the party is going on tonight. >> from a to 9:00, yes, sir. >> as they say going to be licked, which means it will be fun, crazy, energetic. life squad behind us, 20 local city river taunts in the house, beverage, ai, we have a guest here. >> i don't want to blow it.
8:33 am
>> nba draft, give it up for clarence. >> okay, so, what have you been doing, you know, since retired from the nba? >> been doing some music stuff, some producing, and some doing, you know, working on just music in general. >> got you. so, take us back. it was 1992. it was a warm, june day. were you about to get pick. what was going through your mind? what's, were you nervous, a lot of family smashed. >> we had family, stuff, and we went out there, so you are getting ready, you know, you don't know. >> yes. >> so they buzz everybody to the green room.
8:34 am
sitting there with your family already and stuff, get the tap on your shoulder, you just been pick by the philadelphia 76ers. smiles come. anxious, build up, excited but nervous at the same time. so excited-nervous. but once you hear your name, and you get that tap on the shoulder, and put the hat on and walk out there with the commissioner, there is no better feeling. >> i know we don't know who the six letters pick, but we have to wait and see. >> we've been hearing rumors. >> with a was your time here if philadelphia like? >> you know, really enjoyed the city, you know, but, you know, we didn't win like, you know, that i would want it to win. but, hey, we started the transformation like we say in 96, last time we had number one pick, started
8:35 am
transformation being a pro, you know, i got a chance to learn and grow. >> gave me the opportunity to grow, and become a pro. >> got you. we thank you, clarence weatherspoon. like i said, once a sixer, always a sixer, guys my neck is hurting because i was looking up at him so long. but we can't wait for tonight. clarence, be here, as well. who will we peak pick -- we don't know. >> i want to come to this party. can people come? >> can they come if people want to go? do you have to buy tickets? how does this work? >> oh, yes. can people buy tickets? we talked about this. >> people cannot buy tickets? oh,. >> okay? no one can buy tickets at this point. we are unfortunately sold out.
8:36 am
however, there is plenty of space. if you have been to the art museum, listen, look, look at this space here. >> the area around this location, listen, if you want to still come out, you can. >> may see clarence whitherspoon. >> you can be outside, there are big screens, there is a lot of people. >> fun actually. >> i want to be a part of history. quincy, has a big announcement coming up. there is will be big. >> what? >> what well, it can be personal and professional. >> it can be a big deal, could be life changer for quincy harris. >> and all of us here in philly, too? >> i'm not kidding. >> you might want to stick around for this. >> why don't we do that right up 9:00 straight up. >> i don't want to wait much longer. >> that's 25 minute from now. >> nice math there. >> twenty-four minute. well, if i cope stalling, it will be 23 minute. >> okay. >> you know what?
8:37 am
defending her dad. paris jackson, haven't seen her in a while, comes to her father's defense among a porn scandal. michael jackson porn? how she is firing back at who is suggesting this actually happened. hello!
8:38 am
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8:40 am
>> paris jackson, is defending her father, michael jackson. >> found pictures, video, graphic material that included poor owing if i, paris and the jackson family says it is all live, tweeted the most pure people are always torn down, it will continue to be proven that my beloved dad has always
8:41 am
been and forever will be innocent. >> oh,. >> "tmz", i wonder if "tmz" life is talking about this? >> if anybody it, would be "tmz", about i went to their twitter feed, i didn't see anything. >> we'll look in it, jen, you're dating liam hemsworth? >> you are? last summer. >> hey, which hemsworth brother is the naughty one, is it liam it, chris, and what does jeff goldman have to say about the new movie independence day resurgence, 20 years later, you are going to want it hear what he has to say.
8:42 am
there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state.
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>> 8:44, cloudy skies over lake, very tranquil, this morning. we haven't seen a lot of action, in our area, we saw a cluster of thunder starts starting pittsburgh this morning, but most of the up this he and lightning moved through the south, we didn't get that much. now, there are pockets of heavy rhawn down to the some of us, but to the north not
8:45 am
too bad, rain moved into gloucester and camden counties, as well as salem couldn't any new jersey all through county affected now few showers greenwich, and other places around the lehigh valley, so, that's what's going on with that, as we check the seven day forecast, though, things will be improving, starting tomorrow. it gets little shaky throughout the afternoon, call it un settle, but, 80 degrees our high, first weekend every summer looks fantastic, even extends it into monday, next chance, tuesday with late thunderstorms, a look at your seven day forecast. have you entered yet? every friday taking over local town, you know tomorrow we are going to quakertown, i've already promised good weather so we hope to see you, liver on broad street between second and fourth, and it is always a party with we go to quakertown, the best part whether you go or not you can win this car, you've had
8:46 am
several weeks already to be signing up every single day, and if you haven't done so,. >> click on the contest on the home page, once a week we get finalis on our final show of the contest. >> so quakertown tomorrow, wilmington after that, haddonfield, east fairmount park. so, if you enter every single day, between now and july 22nd, imagine your chances of winning that. >> every 24 hours. >> that's the way to do it. >> these are the keys. >> those are the keys? can i touch them? wow. >> is it one of those cars you push the button it, starts to go up? >> yes. >> nice. >> and i didn't start driving the mazda to be cool. >> all right, matthew mcconaughey. >> i didn't do it because, you know they can gave me money.
8:47 am
>> why did you do it? i drive my mazda, because i like it. >> i didn't do it to be cool. >> you know, 20 years later. >> really, you can say it word for word as matthew mcconaughey is saying it, quite impressive. >> i didn't drive my mazda to be cool. >> i do it because i like it. >> happen we also like this. >> you know, jen, 20 years ago, was that stinking movie independence day, is that 20 years old? >> yes, 20 years old, will open 20 isolater in 1996, liam hemsworth, was six years old ya, so this time around he's playing the firefighter, the fighter pilot, if you will, that will save the world. just like top gun, liam. >> give it to me. >> give it, give it to you.
8:48 am
>> that's what you meant by give it to you, right? >> he can actually. >> talking about your town. >> yes. >> of course. professional journalist. >> yes. >> what else would i be talking about? >> i think just mike and i on the same page. >> do you like the food in philadelphia? >> yes, yes, a lot of good restaurants in philadelphia actually. i went to most every them, i think. >> ya? >> good four months. >> literally on the set of the movie, he's in front every blue screen, i told you the director doesn't like blue screen, it hurt his head, so that was basically a movie part of the movie was being filmed as i spoke to him. >> this one, will be scary, for the little guys, but he has some advice. >> maybe my advice. >> you say you watched it? >> i did watch it at 6:00. i was a wreckless child, defer ill child, possessed by the
8:49 am
devil. my uncle used to call me triple six. >> really? >> triple six, the devil's number. >> that means you're more naughty than your brother. >> yes. >> he is the good one, you are the bad one. >> i wouldn't say he was good, but i was possessed, ya. my uncles tried to do a few, what do you call it, exorcisms on me. didn't work. >> really? >> story line, they were all blown away by it. >> right now, i find, myself saying okay, so what's that look like, that's coming after me? what's it look like? >> now they have shooting, they can kind of show you a little bit about what you have to imagine.
8:50 am
>> almost -- >> but a lot of the ensemble, character, soul full, funny touch thing, watching of the characters is kind of neatly done, i thought. not just actors or anything like that, put it all in later. now we can take off on what we know about it? >> telling, at the cast party, because ya, i was thereto shoot a scene in the movie. >> so even interviewing him, yes, he is quite the charmer. >> what color do you call that? >> just little, little, nearby, isn't it? >> i love it. >> choral pink, color al pink. >> i almost wore the same thing today.
8:51 am
>> from mt. airy lovers coming here, loves the coffee places so independence day resurgence, opens tomorrow. >> talking but screen, liam sitting in front of the blue screen, that director liked to use blue screen as opposed to green screen. now the blue screen where we do weather of course, then that becomes whatever backgrounds you want, the screen. i'm so old, that this green screen used to be blue screen. >> really? >> the original technology was blue. >> fun facts to know and tell. >> why, mike? >> why? >> because too many people have blue eyes, their eyes would disappear, few people have green, my eyes are hazel but you can't see anything? >> no, interesting. fun fact, mike.
8:52 am
>> don't miss a kilo kneel, secretly records a star, but he haven't having that. shack's response, awe caught on tape. we'll show it to you. lottery numbers.
8:53 am
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>> what would happen if you disobeyed shack? one man found out by secret lid recording him, even after he was told not to, and you got to see shack's reaction. >> oh, no. >> only nine seconds. >> so this dude, his name dominick? >> thought he was being sneaky, ya, distracting taking
8:56 am
a photo but really recording him, then shack, he knew, so he made that face. >> bussed. >> and cell phone records action -- >> oh, so he caught him. >> ya. >> could have been much worse than that. >> true. but the funny thing he didn't even realize shack new until he went back and looked and oh, he look down. >> he got t i'm calling it uber for babysitting. here is the thing. you're not putting babysitters, i mean, babysitters aren't becoming uber drivers, the way it works. >> you know, order uber and say five, ten minutes? >> yes. >> don't have a babysitter, need a babysitter her or him there in five, ten minutes? same thing. same concept. >> oh? >> it is an app, for babysitters. >> but it is making some parent uneasy, so we discuss, plus, lingerie at a wedding? from your dress, to the invitations, how you can incorporate this trend into your big day.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
>> look way down the parkway. see that giant tent, let's take you inside that tent right now, that's where they have the big draft party tonight. there is franklin and franklin. >> love it, love franklin. he's so much fun. he can dance. i think he knows we're watching. >> yes. he's playing sherades. >> hi, hey. >> common in. >> oh, hello. >> that will be a fun party, as we pick, we have the number one pick if the draft tonight, nba draft hi, karen. >> good morning consideration anyone going to the party? >> it is sold out. but you can look? >> oh,. >> your err i have re would be so good, like a concert. >> and you can hear the


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