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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening, i'm iain page. i'm lucy noland. a lot of unanswered questions for police to solve tonight. jennifer joyce is live at the scene following the investigation. just so heartbreaking jennifer. >> reporter: good evening and homicide detectives are currently conducting interviews specifically with the parents of the little girl to find out why a four-year-old lost her life today. philadelphia police executed a search warrant at 1854 north 20 and street after a four-year-old girl at the home took a bullet to the eye and later died at the hospital. >> there was nobody out here but me and i ran to her. she was screaming her lungs out and knocking on doors and nobody would come out. >> reporter: margie ran over to help the mother pacing and panicked as her little girl was struggling to stay alive. >> i told her what happened? she goes she got. the kids were playing upstairs. and next thing she says she found her baby laying on the floor like that and ran outside. >> reporter: she sprint to do health clinic next door.
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she tells us a nurse rushed out and rendered emergency cade but police say the young life could not be saved. >> we have a four-year-old that's dead, um, and that's, again, that's something that tugs at your heart when do you this business here that's our number one priority is finding out how this happened. >> reporter: police are working to answer the questions how and who. who was home at the time? who pulled the trigger and who does the gun belong to? >> too early in this stage to point any fingers and say anybody is being charged are under arrest. >> reporter: through a three-year-old child at the home when the shooting happened. marjorie sets says thinking about the scene gave her chills. that little girl saw too much. >> to see her little sister bend overseeing her like that, it's a shame. it's a little angel. >> reporter: and police tell us they recovered a gun from the scene a crucial piece of evidence as this case moves forward. iain? >> all right, jennifer, thank you. to developing and disturbing story out of south philadelphia where police say a homeless man just looking for a place to stay
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dry from the rain became the victim of an assault and it was all caught on surveillance vid video. investigators say two young men through rocks at the man. fox 29's karen hepp shows us how police are trying to track them down. >> reporter: this homeless man at the bottom of the screen was just trying to get out of the rain by standing in south philadelphia bank vestibule police say when he was ruthlessly attacked by two boils hulling rocks. >> disturbing incident. obviously what's taking place. the fact they're even attacking hip from the very beginning is disgrace in itself but to continuously go back in after assaulting this mail with rocks the first time. >> reporter: yup. they came back with the homeless man's cart. see that small sack inside. that's all the victim's belongings police say. you can see them should have that cart at the victim and taunt him but they still aren't done. police say while the victim cowers in the corner bleeding and wounded, the suspects come back another time to continue their torment. >> it's sad that, you know, such young people have such disregard
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for another human being. >> terrible. people are cruel and incentive today. >> police released this video today but the attack happened memorial day weekend at the this td bank at fifth and oregon. take a good look at their faces. police want to get these troubled kids off the streets. >> if the parents are seeing this, they can clearly identify their kids. the hope is that the parents will turn them in, and get them the necessarily help they need to prevent them from going down this road in the future. >> reporter: if you have any information about who these suspects may be, please call the philadelphia police. if you want to take another look just come to our website fox from south philadelphia, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. philadelphia police are also looking for the man that robbed -- who rob the south philadelphia dunkin' donuts. he struck sunday night around 11:30 on the 2600 block of south 18th street. the robber posed as a customer and when the cashier opened the register he pulled a gun and
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demanded money. if you know anything about this, give police a call. >> us rep chaka fattah has changed his mind is now resigned from congress effective immediately. the move comes just two days after a jury convicted him on all 22 counts in a racketeering case. fattah had initially said he would leave office once a judge sentenced him in october but today he wrote this letter to speaker of the house paul ryan reading in part "upon reflection i here by make official my resignation from the u.s. house of rep tiffs effective immedia immediately" he made his decision out of respect to the house and says he did not want to distract from its work. some big decisions by the supreme court are grabbing national headlines tonight. u.s. supreme court is rejected a key part of president obama's immigration plan. >> that part was seeking to shield millions living in the us illegally from deportation. the supreme court announcing a deadlocked vote four-four on president obama's immigration reform. today, the president repeated that there needs to be a
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solution to make it easier for people to become citizens of america. he says this also highlights why it's important to have a full bench on the supreme court and is urging congress to a prove his nominee merrick garland. >> if you keep on blocking judges, from getting on the bench, then courts can't issue decisions. and what means then you're going to have the status quo frozen and we're not going to be able to make progress on some very important issues. >> this is a win for the constitution, it's a win for congress and it's a win in our fight to restore the separation of powers. presidents don't wright laws. congress writes laws. >> on 100,000 immigrants have been given residency as part of the new program before the court injunction with today's ruling those people will now be identified and there residency permits revoked. meanwhile, the justices handed down major victory for advocates of affirmative act up holding the use of race admissions at the university of
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texas and so the university can continue to base its admissions on race among other things. today's ruling ended a case brought in 2013 when a white woman sued the university claiming the school' as firm tiff efforts amounted to and couldn't stewing al racial discrimination. third baltimore police officer tried in connection to the death of freddie gray has been acquitted. a judge found officer caesar goodson, jr., not guilty of second degree murder and all other charges against him. goodson was facing the most serious charges of the six officers in the case. in april, 2015, gray had spinal cord injuries while he was in police custody and that died a week later. prosecutors argued that goodson gave gray a rough ride in the police van and didn't put a seat belt on him. but the judge said prosecutors failed to prove that the officer new gray was in need of medical attention or drove recklessly. before goodson was tried another officer's trial ended in a hung jury and a second officer was
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acquitted in september. the city of baltimore settle add $6.4 million settlement with gray's family. a montgomery county home inspector faces quite a list of charges tonight. prosecutors say he ripped off more than 100 people by taking they're money for home safety tests he never performed. prosecutors say joseph, business cher rock holmes inspection services defrauded at least 138 home buyers throughout the philadelphia area. they say the homeowners made him for water, radon and termite tests that he either never performed or wasn't certified to conduct. fire crews are getting a handle now on wildfires in browns mills, inform. the fire off juliustown road is 80% contained. officials say the crews are working hard to protect the homes in that area. there's no evacuation order but residents are still being told to shelter in place and anyone with respiratory problems should keep their house closed. all right. kathy orr got that plane fired up she's going back down the shore.
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>> cease in sea isle city surround beside friends as usual. kathy? >> reporter: yes, we have lots of friends down the shore. guess what they're going to eat tell them what you're going to eat. >> ice cream. >> where is the ice cream from. >> goldy's dips ahoy. we're going to show you some of the best ice cream down the shore. but first we'll talk about the weather because if you're planning oncoming down you need to know this forecast. you can see on ultimate doppler we do have a few storms out there. but they are mainly to the west so i don't think we have to worry about it this evening. right now we do have one in land cost county. could get into chester county. so please be aware of that in western chester county. near honey brook and it's heading toward the east. it is a patch of heavy rain. elsewhere we just have warm temperatures. 84 in philadelphia. 82 in trenton. and down the shore, it's beautiful. 82 degrees in ocean city. avalon 79. wildwood 79. it is the same here in sea isle city. if you're coming down the shore this weekend, it doesn't get much better than this. how about 75 degrees for tomorrow.
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78 degrees for saturday. and by sunday, near 80 with ocean water temperatures in the 60s. unbelievable. you know what you're going to need? you're going to need some -- >> ice cream! >> that's right. and we ginny and mike here from goldy's and guess what? ginny is mike's mom. >> yup. >> ginny what's the special today. >> it is mike's 30th birthday. >> mike is goldy. >> i'm goldy. >> happy birthday goldy. >> thank you we have another birthday. >> this is lauren down here. >> hi. >> happy birthday lauren. >> thank you. dig into that delicious ice cream. >> have some ice cream. come on guys. dig in. >> everybody grab some here. >> how is it on your birthday. >> it's delicious. >> does it taste better because it's your birthday. >> yes. >> have a good one. how is it guys? >> delicious. >> good. >> all right. >> you guys want some ice cream. >> isn't this great you got to love sea isle we'll be back with your forecast from the city to the shore in just a few minutes. we'll see you then. >> she took that first bite she goes ah. >> all right. kathy, see in you a lit.
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camden county unveils mosquito lab in their fight against zika. what official say is the good news about the reported cases of the virus. the democrats mascot is getting ready to gallop throughout the city. how these painted donkeys are helping local artists. howard? >> get doggies in sea isle. sixers make the first pick in the nba draft. it's no secret. but what else are the sixers working on? sean bell is in new york and the phillies did something that they have been making impossible for themselves. all that's coming up in sports.
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>> democratic national convention weeks away from storming philadelphia and tonight local artists are hard at work painting these fiberglass donkeys. they will be displayed
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throughout center city during the convention. there are 57 in all to represent allstates d.c. and us territories. they display images symbolic to the places they represent. the pennsylvania donkey features the liberty bell and state bird, flag, flower and code of arms. delegations will be able to take their donkeys home or or allow them to be auctioned off with proceeds going to the artists. >> anti poverty active visits are suing the city of philadelphia. they want to demonstrate during rush hour at the dnc. people economic human rights campaign hopes to march from city hall to a park near the convention center. in a lawsuit filed today the group claims the city has unwritten ban on demonstrations during the morning and evening rush hours. but it says the city has granted exceptions for parades and other public gatherings during rush hour the city has has no comment until its law department reviews the suit. hell officials in camden county monitoring mosquitoes for zika virus. camden county mosquito commission unveiled their
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mosquito identification lab this morning. officials say there have been no locally transmitted cases of zika but they want people to be proactive and informed about the virus. out of nearly 700 cases of zika in the u.s. only three have been report the in camden county and officials say the cases are all travel related. which is a good thing it means zika is not really present here right now, um, but we do want to make sure public is aware when they do travel, they do know to make sure that they know what's out there because it's not just seek casm there's lot of other diseases that can come back and potentially spread win our community. >> camden county officials say they're now focused on sam bling mosquitoes to track these viruses and to keep the mosquito population under control. the children's scholarship fund of philadelphia just hit a huge milestone as of today, it is awarded its 10,000th scholarship. wow! huge crowd filled the kimmel center in philadelphia
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today. privately funded program awarded to k through eight scholarships to low income familiars from across the city. a whole lot of scholarships. organization has reached its goal of 10,000 scholarships in the past five years. the initiative has raised more than $50 million. good stuff. >> yes it is. so is this. kathy orr is back down the sho shore. >> sea isle city. which just looks fantastic and filled with great treats and great people, too. hey, kathy. >> reporter: it has ban great day you guys we have a few clouds rolling in from the west. but it has been a fantastic day. the kids are out of school, right? >> yes! >> big kid back there, too. and now what are we going to eat this time? >> fudge. >> we just can't get enough. we have james fudge here and this is kayla. kayla are you going to serve them. >> oh yeah. >> we'll let you start serving them up and we'll do a little weather and come back okay. >> okay. >> you guys can dig in but listen to kayla. >> all right. let's talk about the weather
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we're live in sea isle city where the temperature is 78 degrees. it is beautiful and we're going take a look at ultimate doppler where we have a few spotty storms out there. he is special physical you're in chester county. keep careful eye you could hear a rumble of thunder. we have a cell moving in from the harrisburg area. elsewhere we're just talking about great temperatures. it's in the 80s across the board. 83 in philadelphia. we have some 70s to the north and lehigh valley in pottstown but all in all really nice day. high pressure building off the coast and that's going to give us beautiful weekend. everyone is getting excited for it. with temperatures that will be rising right through the 80s from the city to the shore. and as we look ahead overnight tonight, 65 in the city. 61 in the suburbs. it will be mild and muggy and during the day tomorrow, it's a keeper mix of sun and clouds if you're heading down the shore the temperature will make it to about 84 degrees a really nice day ahead and on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast, and shore cast, look at these numbers. saturday 86. 89 sunday at home.
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88 monday. maybe a storm in the afternoon with heat on tuesday. and 80s through next wednesday and thursday. shore temperatures ranging from 75 tomorrow into the 80s by the weekend. how is the fudge, guys? >> good! >> very good. delicious. this is tia. tells what we have here. >> we have caramel popcorn. we have, um, this is caramel popcorn with nuts. we have salt water taffy. a different arrangement of fudge and we have macaroons. and some gourmet products and gourmet products. all right. some of our big girls might like that. what do you think about those gore nay products. >> they look amazing they do look amazing these girls are my friends from the beach earlier. and you know what i know you've had fun all afternoon so you just dig in. you dig in. you just take that justine. hold on it to girl. >> all right. we'll give it to you. hey, how was it? how was your fudge? >> good. >> what do you think? >> good. >> all right. if you're lucky enough to be down the shore -- do you know what -- >> you're lucky enough.
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>> say by. to everybody back home. >> bye! >> we're in sea isle city. shop hope to see you down the shore this weekend. >> i love it. kathy is having so much fun. popcorn, crab balls. >> macaroons. outfits. >> ice cream. clothes. >> the segment i was left out. >> i'll bring this home for you. >> thank you kathy. >> we're hungry. thanks, kathy. all right. howard is here now with a look what's coming up in sports. >> she's going to bring it home. we got fudge last time. >> you had fudge. >> no, i didn't. >> you didn't have any? >> no. i'm sorry. >> once it gets upstairs it's gone. >> exactly. >> the phillies did something that has been very difficult for them. how did the phillies stop the disaster and the nba draft is less than two hours away. we know who is the first pick for the sixers but will they make any trades to get others we'll hear from sean bell in new york coming up in sports.
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♪ tonight is the tight into the 76ers fans have been waiting for this night for over three years. we know who the first pick in the draft will be. all right. so sean bell is at the draft in new york and there could be other things the sixers are trying to do. sean? >> reporter: that's right howard. other things as in get back in the top five and a take a guard they so desperate the need but all the attention right now no matter what happens is on ben simmons much he's our guy. he's been born and bread to be the number one overall pick
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since he was probably like five years old. that's how long he thought he'd be an nba player and that's how long he thought he'd be a number one overall pick. no doubt he wants to be that whether it was with the sixers, lakers or any other team he wanted to be the number one guy. with being the number one guy, comes a whole lot of pressure. allen iverson that's the last guy number one hall of famer. we know what did he. so ben simmons has a lot to live up to and right now he knows all the things that comes with that pressure but he seems cool, calm and collected. >> i've put in a lot of hours, a lot of years just to get here. i know i'm ready. this is what i've been waiting for honestly. i'm willing to work hard and put in the time. so hopefully i can do big thing. >> reporter: of course, like we said we know it's ben simmons what else do they dodge there's trades all over the place. jamal murray, chris dunn2 guards
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the top rated in this draft. will the sixers trade away the 24th and 26th. will okafor be gone. noel be gone a whole lot of things that can happen tonight, and the draft is just half hour away. so it's not too long until we know what the sixers future will be like. what do you think, howard? chris dunn? jamal murray? will they get it done i hope so. >> they need a point guard. they took three years to bury this team. it's not going to be easy to get it back. it's a start. you just got to hope ben simmons is the right guy. thanks sean. talk to you later. time to celebrate. the phillies nine game losing streak, it's over. to minnesota. how about that? ryan howard who has not seen many hits this ye year. three-two pitch he had to it pitch right down the middle in the second upping. minute money was up one to nothing. now it's one-one. freddie galvis had good day. five rbi's. he had sacrifice actually more than a having chris face he its it knocked in run. the phillies actually won a game
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against a team with the worst record. they won one out of three they are really killing it right now. they now they go to san francisco. reality sets in. they won it seven-three. ryan howard raised his average from .140 to .151. >> worry about the food that's coming with kathy. >> make sure i get some. >> cab balls and camera mel corn is coming our way. join us tonight for fox 29 news at 10:00. surveillance cameras caught this woman on rampage inside a gas station. she knocked over every display making as big of a mess as she can what the clerk behind the counter told her that started all of that right there tonight at 10:00. angry. >> really? >> does it for us here at 6:00. >> see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] the hiker who trashed our national parks. look what she did. >> now she's forbidden from 1/5 of the entire united states. then, potty mouth ben affleck. his furious tv tirade. >> we haven't done anything to address this crisis. >> run for cover. the epic thunderstorm that swept through a stadium. then, full court prez? >> does president obama want to buy a basketball team after he leaves the white house? >> and he's back. the return of pedals, the bear that walks like a human. and surprising news. is she


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