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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 24, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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heart breaking, north philadelphia, a a four year-old dies after being shot in the the eye. now officials want to to know how this all happened. saying good bye family and friend, will bid a fond farewell to a local high school student killed in it or land owe nightclub shooting. and then this... >> the philadelphia 76ers select ben simmons from auburn, australia and louisiana state university. >> a new beginning for the sixers, yep, fox 29, we were there, yes, mike and alex were up there i believe as ben simmons was picked. all right. local fans finally have something to cheer for lauren dawn johnson. >> sean bell sat down with him. >> how exciting. >> yes. >> good day it is friday, june .
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today is the day we invade quakertown. >> invade. >> wow, that is strong. >> that is part of the good day drive through series, best part of all of the week's show. to sign up for a new mazda cx9. >> that is pretty cool. >> just go to fox click on the contest page and home page and pick a final list won a week and on the final show we will have a big give away. >> here's where we are headed. big finally friday july between the second at to sign up to win that. >> sue serio will be in quakertown because dave warren is standing in front of the monitor and god bless you and god bless america, lauren dawn johnson. >> they have two hours to prepare for the invasion. >> the invasion of quakertown. >> we are looking at a seven today. little higher then yesterday. still muggy out there this morning. is there a few showers around. not the best start to the day but not all that bad.
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it is muggy out there it its also take your dog to work day so bus stop buddy is prepared, they is. and we have a live picture of market street 72 degrees. calm wind. look at that humidity up to 91 . we have a few patchy areas of fog and a few showers. not a lot of rain but there is this one area across delaware and south jersey, around dover, little heavier there right through, kent county, and it continues to move through across delaware bay. a few light showers moving through south jersey at this hour. up to 84 degrees, we will have more clouds, and higher humidity to the south. a little bit of unshine could lead to i a few showers around, this afternoon with that light wind at five to 10 miles an hour. big change for the weekend, that forecast is coming your way in a bit. bob kelly coming your way right now with the check of the road. good morning, bob. >> good morning, right back at you 4:02. tgif. crews are out here i-95 northbound side working at off
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ramp here for cottman avenue blocked until about 5:00 o'clock or so. go up to the next one academy and work your way back. they had not worked last night, along vine street expressway. we're opened for business this morning no problems at all coming into or out of downtown philadelphia. admiral wilson boulevard though still under this construction here down to one lane, as you work your way up and over that airport circle. it will be a the hot mess later on as folks head east toward the shore points, keep in mind route 70. thirty-eight, 130 all impacted by that within lane traffic pattern. we had an early morning accident that just opened up 95 back to normal at 295 as we see it closed most of the early hours tonight. dave matthews over at the camden waterfront. that will leave extra volume for all of us going over the benny not only heading to the shore but also trying to get into the camden waterfront, also allow extra volume on the walt whitman
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bridge. show not until 8:00. they like to get down there early and have soda in the parking lot before the concert. airport looking good. we had huge delays yesterday, we will hit reset button and hopefully off to a good start this morning. the mass transit looking good with no reported delays. >> look at that hundreds of the fans cheers as sixers a announce their first round draft pick, fans wanted the topic to help turnaround that team. >> they will be sporting a innings isers jersey. dave kinchen live in south philadelphia to break it all down. hi there, dave? >> reporter: well in, two words: the answer. two more word, of course, ben simmons, not exactly a surprise after word leaked out from the sixers organization that they personally told simmons he was their guy but there is a excitement in the air, and he will be introduced to the media at 3:00 o'clock
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at a press conference today. the lets take to you that announcement last night. we just saw it and heard it there, sixers first round pick, simmons of lsu where he averaged 19 points, 12 rebound, and five assists. the australian had a immediate connection to innings isers coach brett brown having coached his dad years before. now, here's our new forward last night. >> he was amazing, honestly, my legs were shaking when i was on stage. anything you want to do, you can do, honestly. i have been want to go do that since i was five, six, seven, and now it finally comes to that. >> all right, again a 3:00 o'clock press conference we will hear more from the answer, and at least that is what the fans are calling him. simmons is the third and only the third player in sixers franchise history to be chosen during a first pick overall,
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and joining allen iverson in 1996 and, of course, doug column minutes 1973. a lot of history with this pick as well. chris and lauren. >> iverson became a hall of famer. collins was good too. the lets hope ben simmons can follow suit. >> yes. >> how about that. dave just spoke of speaking out about ben simmons. >> here's allen iverson. listen to this. >> he is a tall talent that we need. sprinkle some older guys in there, guys like myself, and then we would be all right. >> definitely. >> suit him up. >> he can still drain it. >> that would be awesome. >> he said put me back in good do you think brett brownies listening. the draft continues on line, just head to fox coming up later in the show, you'll hear from that guy ben simmons and he is
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talking with our sean bell, one on one, hear all about that. the. we have a tragic story about a child and a gun, four year-old dies after being shot inside a north philadelphia home this morning detectives are trying to figure out how this could have happen. steve keeley live at police headquarters, steve. >> reporter: well, this mother's girl was here until dark after being brought here soon after the noon hour shooting yesterday, a family member covered her head and face from photographers outside here and walk through a waiting car and she may be back for more questions. nothing tougher for homicide detectives then to try to somehow can the hard questions to a super distraught, in shock, young mother, just told that her little girl didn't make it at the hospital and a family member here, says that everybody is just in shock. the key questions obviously whose gun was it, where was it kept and was it possible for this little girl to get to it somehow and maybe shoot herself in the face.
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>> i saw her coming out with the baby crying saying please, help me, help me, save my daughter. i ran to her and she said what is wrong she got shot. my baby, please. i got the chills. then she just went inside and i grabbed the little girl and she said she got shot, she got shot. next thing you know i'm trying to call police on my phone and dialed 911 and i ran and got the security guard and nurses came out and they were gasping for her air and blood was coming out of her nose and then some cops came. >> reporter: sadly we have seen this kind of a story before and in this town not too long ago just a few months ago with a little child being shot by a gun, left in the house. initially the stories that police were told turned out not to be true. so this gun a 40 caliber semiautomatic shows you just how dangerous it is if a
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little child was able to pull it, shows what you we tell everybody on the air every day. you can fire a gun 13... >> no audio. >> all right, problem with steve's audio there we will have return to him live, but in the less a very sad story. >> lets get to breaking news in northwest philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in the 6300 block of magnolia street. it happened just before 1:00 a.m. a man was sitting in his car when another man approached him and started shooting. he was hit four times, taken to einstein where he is currently in stable condition. historic day in great britain uk will be leaving the european union. the leave campaign edged out remaining supporters at the polls. stocks hit overseas following this move british pound suffered one of the biggest one day drops in history, plumetting more than 10 percent in six hours. u.s. futures also took a big hit, david cameron spoke and he is now out saying he will leave office come october. >> today family and friend
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will say a final good bye to the youngest victim in it or land owe nightclub shooting, viewing for akyra murray begins at 8:00 a.m. followed by funeral at the 10:00 a.m. eighteen year-old was on vacation with her family two weeks ago after graduating from west catholic prep, akyra was shot inside pulse nightclub with her cousin tiara parker and patients carter. both patients and tiara survived. he was a fierce warrior in the night have animal cruelty. today friend and family will say good bye to george bengal, pennsylvania spca long time direct on of humane law enforcement died after a battle with a rare form of mesothelioma a at 69. george's determination to save suffering animals has been chronicled on animal planet and national the geographic. he leaves behind his wife, carroll of 35 years, george will be laid to rest with full military honors at 11:00 this morning. united states representative chaka fattah has resigned from congress effective immediately.
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move comes two days after a jury convicted him of all 22 counts in the racketeering case. fattah had previously said he would leave office once the judge sentenced him in october but yesterday he wrote a letter to speaker of the house paul ryan telling the speaker he is resigning immediately f take said he made a move out of the respect of the house. it is like it doesn't even exist. >> oh, yeah take a look is what sticking out of the pothole and local city crews paved right over it. you don't to have get out of the truck and move it just go over it. what happened when neighbors asked the crew what they were doing. have you ever seen anything like this happen before? >> no, good morning, everybody. 4:11. folks will be going in two different directions, going down the shore on the atlantic city expressway, another gang heading north up toward quakertown but maybe staying downtown today, i have live
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look at ben franklin page way, pgif, dave has that weekend forecast and more when we come right back.
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sue's on her way to quake are town, dave warren here with your forecast here. fairly mild, 60's and 70es, in philadelphia, 72. dove 73. just a touch cooler and less humid up north. dew points in the 40's and 50's. but they jump in the 60's and 07's. when it is below 50 it is comfortable. when 65 to 70 it is uncomfortable. that is what we are feeling, to the city and south. quakertown we will see a break at 60's and near 70 degrees. come out and join us. nice weather, just a few clouds around. there are showers to the south moving through delaware right now, just light showers, but if you are south and east of i-95 you will see a passing shower, maybe heavier around dover right now and light showers moving through, and parts of the south jersey, they will be clearing out, high pressure tries to build in today but there may be a few showers this afternoon at the 5:00 o'clock. with you look at what happens saturday and sunday, drying
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air comes in, it works south, so we are clear for the rest of the weekend here with sunshine, low humidity and a light breeze coming from the north east. that will get temperatures cooler at the the shore this weekend only in the 70's with some sunshine, that water temperatures is in the upper 60's. getting a a little warmer. we are in the 80's today. nice day here tomorrow, but then, sunday it is nice weather there with sunshine, and on monday and tuesday the clouds will return, could have a few showers as we see things heat up close 90 degrees with sunshine and a few storms on wednesday. not a bad looking weekend, bob kelly. >> sound good, dave. 4:16 on this friday morning. looking will good on the schuylkill expressway. live look here at the schuylkill right here near montgomery, in problems in or out of the city. everything is damp or wet from that rain that we received last night. look out for slippery spots maybe a puddle along the way, friday means we will head to the shore.
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up and over that walt whitman bridge i will say by 2:00 to be on your way. kid are out of school, this is that first big weekend, of will folks heading down beginning those week long vacations. if you are going to be heading down to the shore keep in mind the atlantic it the i expressway ramps to the garden state washing way i don't know why they didn't try to push this along any further but there is only one lane opened from the expressway, to the parkway and that is causing big delays for folks heading to the shore on the past couple of weekend. congratulations to the grads, the police academy graduation today on the campus of temple university. that will bring a lot of extra volume along broad street right there on the campus. that gets underway at 11:30. this project still with us, admiral wilson boulevard the ramp to the airport circle down to one lane. that is with us through the weekend. vine street expressway looking good coming into downtown, crew did his in the work last night so we are opened and
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ready for business this morning, and just watch for extra delays as i mentioned rolling over into south jersey. dave matthews concert later on tonight on the camden waterfront. chris and lauren, back to you. thanks, very much bob. three young men behind bars charged with the murder of the delaware high school teenager. delaware attorney's office, three men were indicted on murder conspiracy and weapons charges in the death of brandon wingo last month. it includes gang participation. the men were members of the shoot to kill gang and shooting was another violent act by that gang. wingo was a student at the same school howard high school of technology, where another teen, amy joyner francis, died after a fight in the bathroom back in april. state police office shore shot and killed a retired pennsylvania state trooper has been now cleared of any wrongdoing. you may remember officials say clarence briggs shot and killed two men at a turnpike toll plaza back in may. briggs tried to rob fort middleton toll plaza and ended
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up shooting and killing daniel krause and ronald heights. now bringings patrol the turnpike before retiring in 2012. officials say state police office shore shot briggs should be commended for his acts of extraordinary bravery. montgomery county home inspector faces a list of charges this morning. prosecutors say he ripped off more than a hundred people by taking their money for home safety checks that he never performed. michael michaelsky's business, cher lock holmes inspection service defrauded 138 home buyers throughout the philadelphia area they say homeowners paid him for water, raid on, ter might tests that he never performed or wasn't certified filed to inspect. those pesky potholes. >> my goodness. >> they rattle me. >> when crews patched up one south philadelphia pothole they created an even bigger problem. let's roll the video. look at this you might not believe your own eyed. during a process, an orange caution cone got paved over.
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it is now stuck there in the middle of the street and in the middle of that pothole. this is at fifth and jared just near reid street. there is also now a bigger hole in the pavement creating traffic trouble for drivers. neighbors tell fox 29, they can't believe this, and they have called the cities 311 line but they have not had any luck. >> they came out with three men, and a driver and threw it in with the pontoon still in the hole. >> this doesn't make sense. >> i came out and asked if they would redo the job properly and they just laughed and drove away. >> man. >> some patchwork in quotation marks has become a joke with users taking all sorts of the pot shots. fox 29 reached out to the streets department and council along with the pictures and officials say they would pass it along to whoever is in charge and we will let you know what happens. wow. talk about just not caring.
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>> oh, yeah. >> i'm not getting out to move it, pave right over it frank. >> that is sad. >> guess what 76ers got the man they wanted the entire time. >> ben simmons is coming to philadelphia, no shock with the pick but now, how does fans feel about the sixers now that he is their new star. sean bell has a one on one interview with our new player. but first your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. finally sixers got the first pick in the nba draft and they got the player they wanted from day one there was in doubt in their mind ben simmons knew he would be sixers pick at number one but there is always that anticipation. brett brown said wow play power forward position and he sees it now as the way simmons because he coached his dad in as you veil use and talk to many people in australia and ben simmons. >> it feels amazing honestly. my legs were shaking when i was on stage anything you want to do, you can do. i have been wanting to do that since i was five, six, seven and now it comes to that. >> phillies finally won a game. they broke a nine game losing
4:25 am
streak. freddie galvis, five rbi, three run home run in the eighth when it was close. phillies beat minnesota seven-three. today ben simmons will be in town. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> did he say phillies won. that is awesome. go phils. >> yes. >> i know, right, exciting time. >> yeah right. >> let's hope tanking was worth it, will it be okafor, embiid and simmons will all those losses. there is about two people in the stadium by the time it was done. from his message to philadelphia fans, to feeling being drafted at number one, sean bell sat down with ben simmons. >> first and foremost, how do you feel? what is the emotion right now. >> amazing to hear my name called, number one, it was amazing. hard to describe the feeling that went into it.
4:26 am
>> you know right now the guys are looking at last number one pick we had, allen iverson. how does it feel to have a whole proud city that had charles barkley, julius irving saying you could be a save your tour franchise. >> it means a lot. i'm ready to get to work. they will expect us to work hard as soon as i get there so being on the team like philly you have fans that are very passionate. i want to bring basketball back to them. >> passionate or crazy. sometimes they say crazy. are you ready to deal with a franchise that fans are known for throwing things at people and dealing with all that, craziness sometimes. >> maybe a little bit more but i'm looking forward to getting there it would be a great experience. >> what message do you have for the fans. >> they want to know one thing burr self and what you will do for this team, what message would that be. >> we can do something special. i'm looking forward to getting there looking forward to seeing fans in the stands.
4:27 am
i think we can build something special. >> he said it twice, something special. looking out for something special for ben simmons. >> okay. all right. he was trying to find shelter from the rain. instead a local homeless man found a brutal assault from two young people. camera caught the whole thing. what police are doing to find them attackers. right now we are looking at the great wolf lodge. pocono mountains. on this cushion for generations.
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heart break, a four year-old dies after being shot in the eye. now officials want to necessity how this happened. congressman chaka fattah turning in his resining letter earlier then expect, when he will leave office right now. the philadelphia 76ers select ben simmons, from australia and louisiana state university. the fans, are happy there, for sixers, we talk to ben simmons could frustrated local fans finally have something to cheer for. >> let's hope so. good day, it is friday, june 24th, 2016, you know what friday means. >> what? >> we will do this thing that we call good day drives you you. we will take over a local town. this time, quake are town. >> so best part of our visit
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there is you can win a car, sign up to win a brand new mazda cx9. i heard jeff, our executive producer saying sue you are with the car all morning long. so look for sue. >> just go to our web site fox, click on the contest page on our home page, we will pick a finalist once a week and we will have have a final show before we have that big give away, right here. >> you told us about the big give away. what are we doing in advance of the big give away in we have to get to july between the second. >> we are stopping is at the all these place breast july between the second. we are at dell music center in fairmount park. come see us there enter to win the car. >> dave warren, how are you, sir. >> doing well. >> the perfect morning there, to head to quakertown. you want to go north. that is where dryer air is, lower humidity. if you go south you will still run into a few showers. we have a seven for today. better than yesterday but certainly not perfect but not bad. take your dog to work day. it is muggy out there. now he is excited to go to
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work. sixty's and 70's, now showers to the south not really around philadelphia right now temperature is at 72. humidity is high at 91 percent. feel that stepping outside especially south, further north we will get some relief from that humidity. lightening strike picked up around dover, and this is moving right, just off the coast over delaware bay, so you could hear rumble of thunder across the bay. we have heavier shower there. this will stay to the south and move over south jersey where there is on is rain right now, around millville, so that is area we are watching. it will stay to the south and later today we could see a few showers developing here this afternoon. keyword is more cloud, south, bit more humid there, temperature of 84 degrees. that wind variable at five to 10 miles an hour but improving weather this week, that forecast is coming your way in a little bit. right now we have bob kelly with traffic. good morning, bob. >> good morning, everybody. 43:00 to on a friday.
4:33 am
we had a quick opening at that coney palmyra bridge. traffic is stopped and now moving again no delay. it is early. light volume. 309 right here near pennsylvania turnpike good morning to fort washington but it is a friday. a lot of folks going to the shore later today. expect a big crowd heading to the beach, this is first full weekend where kids are out of school and we are ready to go. give yourself extra time, up and over that walt whitman bridge and on your way no later than 2:00 o'clock, otherwise just happening out, grab dinner and head down later after the evening rush hour. in matter what time you are going the atlantic city expressway down to one lane on the ramp to the parkway, that is causing a hot mess last couple of weekend, downed tree in west goshen chester county route 322 shut down at route 100. the best bet you have to work your way along paoli make there through west chester, to get over to 202. congrats to the graduation, police academy having a
4:34 am
graduation on the campus of temple university. that will bring extra volume on broad street around 11:30. the mass transit looking good with no delays, chris and lauren, back to you. developing in north philadelphia, so many questions after a four year-old dies in the shooting. >> that four year-old a little girl playing inside of her home when she was shot in the head, steve keeley has the very latest on this, steve. >> reporter: just time to be compassion but also a time to be tough and last year, 60 times, kids under three, got a hold of an unsecured gun left somewhere where it shouldn't be by an adult. whether it is legal or illegal gun and the shot themselves or another child. that is underage three. this girl has a three-year old sister but was aged four. federal authorities here across the street from philadelphia police headquarters helping trace this 40 cool ber semiautomatic glock that was left inside this north philadelphia home where 49 year-old was shot
4:35 am
point blank in the face with it. key questions are obvious questions and the questions that have been asked before: where apparently not everyone learns from the awful deadly mistakes in these answers because we have seen children killed inside their own homes in philadelphia, too many times, before and in the the too recently. north 20th street yesterday afternoon, right in the middle of the day, lunch hour 2:30 young mother hears and loud shot and find her four year-old bleeding badly in the bedroom, runs her outside and waiting for an ambulance screaming for help. >> after seeing her coming out with the baby crying saying please help me, save my daughter. i ran to her and said what is wrong? she got shot. she said save my baby please. i got the chills. then she went inside, i grab the little girl. she said she got shot, she got shot. next thing i'm trying to call police, dial my phone, 911 and i ran in the clinic to get security guard and all of the
4:36 am
nurses came out running over here. the girl was gasping for her. blood was coming out of her nose and everything. the ambulance and cops came. >> reporter: shot in one of her eyes, this four year-old was pronounced dead almost instantly at 1:01 p.m. moments after being rush there. her three-year old sister was not the hurt. their 25 year old mother here was here at police headquarters for several hours, family members pick her up, covered up her head and face and walk her past the media. imagine having to do your job as a homicide detective while being a compassionate parent yourself having to ask a distraught emotional young mother those tough questions where were you when this happened? whose gun was it? where was its kept? how did your four year-old find it and fire it. we will likely hear some of those answers from police on the record, later today, this gun is being traced and obviously if the mother told the police that it was not hers then detective would be wanting to talk to the owner
4:37 am
and tell them who he or she got it from, where was it kept, why did you have it and police will update us on the record later today and we will learn if that gun was legally owned and by whom once they find out for sure, chris and lauren. >> steve keeley, such a sad story. thanks very much. huge story developing overseas, breaking news, david cameron says he will resign by october. he said next prime minister would decide when to invoke article 50 which triggers a departure from the european union. britain voted to leave european union of a divisive referendum campaign toppling the british government setting the global market in free fall. it launches a process to renegotiate trade, business and political links between the united kingdom and what will be a 27 nation block, unprecedented, it could take decades to complete. david cameron has only been in office for 14 months. huge referendum on him.
4:38 am
we will see whether happens with his conservative party. they are coming together, here in philadelphia, and fans are celebrating, right dave kinchen. >> that is right, the sixers, they have their guy, ben simmons, is he the answer they have been looking for? a lot of the fans sure think so. we will hear from the new forward for the sixers, coming up but first bob. >> good morning, dave. good morning everybody. tgif as we get ready for a week even, where we will head north up to quakertown, we will head south, i should say down toward the jersey shore. we have a tractor trailer accident in center city. here's a live look at the blue route, hello there, take care we will be right back.
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today the viewing for akyra murray begins at 8:00 a.m. followed by the funeral at ten. eight year-old was on vacation, two weeks ago, in orlando after graduating from west catholic prep. akyra was shot inside the pulse nightclub with her cousin tiara parker and their friend patients carter. both of the other two girls survived. he was known as a warrior against the fight of animal cruelty. today family and friend and people in the animal rights community will say final good byes to george bengal the pennsylvania spca long time director died after a battle with mesothelioma at the age of 69. george's determination to save
4:42 am
suffering animals has been chronicle on animal planet and national geographic. leaves behind his wife carroll after 35 years. george will be laid to rest this morning at 11:00 o'clock. just trying to get shelter from the rain this local man lines up victim of the brutal attack, beaten, and who police are now looking for. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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4:44 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
4:45 am
all the way to quakertown this morning is sue serio and crew so i will take you through wet they are morning. temperatures in the 07's right now. warmer to the south there in dover, wildwood, atlantic city a above 70. drops to the 60's and 50's, farther north and west. humidity down too. dew points are in the 40's and 50's. nice and comfortable. climbing in the 60's and 07's. sticky, out there above 07, forget bit. dover was 72 degrees. they just had a shower. even a thunderstorm moved through. by this morning these rain showers will be pushing south. in quakertown not a bad morning in the 60's and 70's with sunshine and a few clouds and lower humidity. lightening strikes there as this storm moves off the coast of delaware over the delaware bay. look out for cape may county where it is heading next. we will keep a close eye, heavier rain there moving across delaware bay, and it
4:46 am
will be moving through cape may county, the showers there in atlantic county right along south of the ac expressway, they are all pushing east, that is only area with rain this morning, by this afternoon we could see a few showers developing in the western suburbs. now high pressure is trying to build in, it will do so, over the weekend here by saturday, things are clearing out, and by sunday nice and clear by new england all the way down to the carolinas, that is nice weather for with us a light breeze out of the north east keeping temperatures comfortable. 84 degrees today. eighty-six tomorrow. 89 degrees on sunday. it does heat up a little bit, bit more humid on monday and we will say hot and humid on tuesday with thunderstorms returning for the start of next week and then by wednesday, still a storm in the forecast but it clears out, by thursday, not bad. get rid of the question mark, bob because i know exactly what is happening here.
4:47 am
>> 4:46. good morning. friday, tgif, in problems at all here on 422. nice and quiet working from royersford in towards kop. we had an earlier accident 95 in delaware where all lanes are opened heading northbound through wilmington up toward philadelphia international. we have this picture up on facebook here from one of our viewers. check this out an accident at broad and walnut. one of those situations where probably the tractor trailer goes to the left in order to make that white ride turn and this fellow slams right underneath him here. so this is going on at broad and walnut. in reports of the status of the injuries, anybody in the vehicle there. busy weekend for outdoor events, dave matthews across the street on the camden waterfront here, tonight at 8:00 o'clock, that will put volume with our shore crowds, heading over the bridge into camden, we also have kenney chessany tomorrow night at 5:00 o'clock at lincoln financial field. i saw kenney tweeted out
4:48 am
saying that he was sick last year when he was in town. felt bad for all of the fans he will give it extra tomorrow night down there the 59:00 at the link. mass transit looking good with no delays. a huge party, hundreds cheering and sixers announce their first round draft pick. >> fans hoping it could turn around the sixers. >> disappointing season who will be sporting the sixers jersey now dave kinchen. >> ben simmons, he is the guy. we are at wawa in south philadelphia trying to talk to fans. it is early. we haven't got anyone to town to just yet but they were talking all over the place because they believe that ben simmons is the answer or at least many say that is the question but there is a 3:00 o'clock press conference when we will meet new forward for sixers. lets go to that press conference last night or the
4:49 am
announcement last night when sixers announced their first round pick which was not a surprise at all, after word leaked out earlier in the week that the sixers organization formally told simmons he was their guy. simmons of lsu where he average 19-point, 12 rebound and five assists and two steals in his lone season with the tigers down there in louisiana. he had a immediate connection of coach brett brown who coached his dad and here is the new forward last night. >> i'm happy to be part of the family now. it is a weight off my chest. i have been looking forward to this day for a while. i'm glad. i made history not only for myself and my familiarly. >> simmons also making history becoming the third player in franchise history to be a first round pick, of course, allen iverson you know of in 1996, i can't believe it was 20 years ago and doug collins
4:50 am
back in 1973. big shoes for the third first round near philadelphia chris and lauren. >> absolutely. >> when our sean bell talk with him one on one, he aid what the fans can expect? something special. he said it twice. >> did he. >> our coverage continues, on line, just go to our web site at fox getting to the shore just got a little bit easier how you won't to have deal with traffic this weekend. way to go, bob kelly. >> lets look at ben franklin parkway to see if there is any traffic thanks to the camera atop the united way building.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
and here is a live look at the our camera atop the camera in reading, pennsylvania. very good for cash strapped atlantic city, city 1.7 million-dollar worth of property as it faces deadline to get it finances in order by end of the year or face a state take over. biggest sale yesterday was $660,000 for properties, in the south inland neighborhood which several of which are on the boardwalk, being rebuilt,
4:54 am
second biggest item featured a city block that sold for 300 you this dollars. one of my favorite comade yans of all time dave chapel at the height of his career he said you know what, i don't need all this i will chill. well, he is back. this is such a great community, coming to philadelphia we are talking about dave chapel coming to philadelphia he will perform at the punch line philly on july the fifth and sixth. >> that is when the fishtown comedy club set to open. if you don't know where the club will be it will be a cross from the fillmore. tickets for the show, go on sale, 10:00 o'clock this morning. event is an adult crowd. >> do you think? >> yes. >> under 21, you will have to have a chap roane. i have some friends say do you wanting to. they are pulling their money together. ticket are $75. they all want to get together. >> i hope this relaunches his career. his tv show was hilarious.
4:55 am
>> i never watched him. >> that is why i said you guys have fun. i never thought he was that funny. i'm sure twitter will blow up on me. >> i'm fine. >> did you hit your head on the way to work, he is hilarious. >> no, no. >> it is all a matter of taste. >> are you heading down the shore this weekend but worried about getting stuck in traffic? call bob. >> new jersey transit is rolling out its summer trains and bus services. that means express trains and buses will drop off beach fans right there along the shore starting tomorrow. bus route number 316 will go from philadelphia to camden to wildwood to cape may. if you want to get in some shopping, route makes a stop, outlets of blackwood, buses are offering from north jersey to seaside. it also features hourly train services between bayhead and long branch on weekend. service runs through september, the ninth. >> that is super helpful.
4:56 am
>> yeah. all right. big developments overseas, breaking news, british prime minister david cameron says he will resign by october. he made this announcement last two hours. he said next prime minister will decide when to invoke article 50. that triggers a departure from the european union. they voted to leave, after a referendum campaign sending global markets plunging, and so the overnight look at this, and how markets will play out, it is not good. down to like 600 points. we will see if that actually pans out on wall street. decision launches year long process to renegotiate trade, business links between united kingdom and that will be a 27 nation block unprecedented divorce that would take decades to complete. david cameron the conservative who was in office for just 14 months. huge referendum on him as well. next up at 5:00 heart break in north philadelphia, a
4:57 am
four year-old loses her life after being shot in the eye. officials want to know exactly how this happened. there is a new sixer in town, will ben simmons be the one to turn this franchise around.
4:58 am
4:59 am
such a tragedy in north philadelphia a four year old loses her life after being shot inside her own home, the questions officials are
5:00 am
asking. this morning. and another life taken too soon, the plans in place now, as friend and family say their final good bye to akyra murray who was killed in it or land owe massacre. welcome to philadelphia ben simmons, hundreds of people celebrating announced our first draft pick. >> that is the reaction, inside of the wells fargo center when he starts draining three's, right. >> wow. >> it is june 24th, 2016. this happens to be a friday. that means one thing, we're hitting the road. >> we will invade quakertown this morning. we are coming to you. best part of all of you this can win a car. you can win a brand new mazda cx9, go to our web site fox, on the contest page, on our home page, we will pick a finalist once a week and our final show will have give


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