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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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folcroft police officer christopher dorman is in the hospital tonight after a man opens fire shooting the officer seven times. this as officer dorman respon responding to a drug call this morning. good evening everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm lucy noland. we have team coverage of this breaking news. karen hepp at penn presbyterian where officer dorman is right now in surgery. we begin with bruce gordon in folcroft for the latest on the investigation. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, it's the oldest cliche around, so and so is lucky to be alive. but listen to the story of young folcroft police officer you'll quickly figure out this story is all too real. the incident began as a seeming routine call. several men including dante brooks island also known as abdul wahi doing drugs behind an apartment building on the 1500 block of elmwood avenue. >> it appeared from the person that called in that he was actually selling illegal drugs
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behind that apartment complex at 1528 elmwood avenue. >> reporter: a witness tells fox 29 the first officer on the scene identified as 25-year-old christopher doromania folcroft firefighter, then a cop for just the past year or so confronted one of the men she saw smoking weed. >> it didn't seem like they were going to get into a fight or anything but they started -- there was a scuffle, then all of a sudden pow pow pow pow pow. my brother was literally there just looking. i'm standing like right next to him. once we heard the shots i was just like, oh, my god, he just shot a cop! >> reporter: dorman was rushed to mercy fitzgerald hospital then on to penn presbyterian with no fewer than seven serious gunshot wounds. one shot to the face, four shots to the chest, a shot to the groin and one to the leg. >> the doctor said that anyone of those rounds or on his vest could have been fatal. he was shot in both front and back of the vest. >> reporter: neighbors were stunned by the mere sounds of the violence. >> there were six gunshots.
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all of which were about like 40 feet away from us it sounded like it could have been like right next to us that's how loud it was and then my dad rushed us to get into the house. >> reporter: police have now revealed what hee fired shots at the first officer tempting to rescue dorman. the incident took place just a few feet from folcroft police headquarters drawing a massive law enforcement seasons from all over delaware county including heavily armed and armored swat team members much the accused gunman wahi never left the block. around 1:00 p.m. the swat team moved in, crashing an apartment building on the block and making their arrest. >> the defendant is a career criminal is a drug dealer. he also has been convicted of firearms violations, various firearms violations, has been serving a sentence, a long sentence of approximately 15 years in a federal penetentiary. >> reporter: according to the
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district attorney jack whelan wai was recently released from federal prison. tonight he's back behind bars facing two counts of attempted murder. several other people were swept up when whi was arrested. so far no charges against the others. lucy and chris. >> all right, thank you bruce. of course the question on everyone's mind tonight how is that officer doing? >> he was shot in the face four times in the chest, once in the groin, once in the leg. police say his bullet proof vest saved his life. let's get out to fox 29's karen hepp. she's live outside of penn presbyterian hospital where officer dorman is being treat to do night. karen? >> reporter: we believe that he's still in surgery right now, guys. he's having an operation right now on his face. they did do the other surgeries after being shot seven times and bruce was talking about how he was shot in the front and in the back four in the chest his groin and his leg. they did all those surgeries. now they're trying to work on his face right now. his family is here at the hospital. we have learned that his father is former councilman for that area as well and we've also
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learned just a whole lot more about who this officer is. by all accounts officer christopher dorman is a great guy and a hard worker who loves his family and his community. >> he's been with us a little over a year. outstanding officer. i can't say enough about him. outstanding. he's been shot numerous times at this point he's stable but critical. >> reporter: as soon as he was choppered into this level one trauma center here at penn presbyterian they raced him for several surgeries. doctors told his chief his bullet proof vest likely saved his life. >> his mother and father are here. they're obviously upset but they feel more relieved now that he's stable. >> reporter: as his family held vigil so did officers from all over delaware county. coming together to comfort and support the whole folcroft force. it was a folcroft detective who scooped up the wounded officer and raced him and his cruiser to fitzgerald mercy and amazely dorman was able to talk and give information to help catch the suspect. >> he was talking to the
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detective who brought him down here, the detective -- to the first hospital and he was able to speak. he was conscious. he was able to give a description of the actor so he did very well under those circumstances. >> reporter: even after having been shot in the face, he's given his entire life to serving his community. his dream job was to be a folcroft police officer. he was only part time with the department and he had been with the fire department forever sense he was 16 years old. they've been there nine, 10 years helping out the community as a volunteer certainly and he was just applying for a job and going through the process to be a full-time officer with septa because his position with the folcroft department wasn't full time but we are learning so much more about this remarkable officer right now who's fighting for his life. that's the latest out here from the hospital. chris, back to you. >> our prayers out to him certainly, karen. thanks. getting updates on the story all day on our coverage continues throughout night. you'll also find links to all of our social media pages right on
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our home page. to your weather authority now. live look at our radar while shore communities deal with flooding and you can see what's just off the coast there. meteorologist scott williams with a look what's on tap for our weekend scott. >> much improved weather lucy headed our way for the upcoming weekend but i tell was as we take a look at cumberland county and cape may county we saw flood advisories and flash flooding earlier this afternoon. over 3-inches in parts of southern cumberland county around the fortescue area. always flood advisory until 6:30 still for cape may county where they saw very heavy rain and ponding on the roadways but the last of that is moving out. once again most of us quite however still a couple of thunderstorms right now in sections of berks county but that boundary is well to our south. and high pressure will move in for the upcoming weekend giving us nice weather. so maybe one or two isolated thunderstorms left over but most of us dry, warm and still pretty comfortable if you're stepping outdoors for your friday
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evening. coming up we'll talk about that weekend forecast and also when temperatures could hit 90 degrees. back to you. all right, scott. glad we're not getting any of this. the death toll from flooding in west virginia now stands at 20 according to fox news. a deluge of 9-inches of rain in parts of the state has destroyed or damaged more than 100 homes and knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses there. the governor says search and rescue missions are now still a top priority. back here at home skyfox over an empty lot in tee owing good firefighters made a tragic fine this morning. they quickly put out a small fire just before 11:00. then discovered charred human remains. that lot is on the 1700 block of west allegheny police say investigators have yet to identify who the remains belong to. no suspects as of yet. philadelphia police have just announced a third arrest connected to the death of a woman found stabbed and shot in a park last week. prosecutors have charged bullock with couldn't superior so to
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commit murder, kidnapping and unlawful restrain his arrest comes on the heels of charges against two women in the dem of 26-year-old toy bryant. a couple walking in the park found bryant's body in a wooded area behind the man music center. she was handcuffed with stab wounds and a gunshot to her head. police say an 800-dollar debt is behind her murder. hundreds gathered today to remember the youngest victim of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. philadelphia native akyra murray was one of the 49 people killed in the pulse nightclub shooting. friends and family of the 18-year-old gathered at monumental baptist church in west philadelphia. they remembered and honored akyra. she died on june 12th after she was shot in the arm at the orlando nightclub. the teen was a basketball star at west catholic prep high school. some received a full scholarship to play in college. another major international story has only just gun. still developing brexit impact on the world. u.s. stocks they plunged big time in response to the news.
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united states kingdom voted to leave the european union. >> it is the worse mark day since august 2015 and the eighth largest point loss ever. the dow closed down 611 points at 17,399. nasdaq down 202 points. tough day on wall street is also historic one for citizens of the uk. a majority of british voters chose to get out of the european union. the first major country to ever leave the block. president obama is against brexit but says the us respects the out come of the vote. >> uk's relationshi relation yoe one thing that will not change is the spec special relationship that exists between our two nations. >> british prime minister david cameron announcend his regular nation after the vote but he'll remain in the post for the next few months. a historic act by a septa bus driver. i'm sorry heroic act when a man tried to snatch a woman's purse,
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that driver did all he could to make sure that didn't happen. you were right with historic much it's historic for her. special ceremony in north philadelphia. something stolen and now something back in its place. what's so very important to these firefighters. sean. >> lucy, you know it's all about ben simmons. he's in town and ready to work. he said all the right things in his press conference today. listen to what he had to say about dealing with all that pressure that comes with being the number one overall pick later in sports. xt1 underline
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♪ a celebration for a good samaritan selfless act that stopped a robbery. that good guy a charles artber artberry. sorry charles a28 year veteran septa bus driver. >> he is a good guy. he jumped into action when he saw a woman at a bus stop being attacked. early monday morning first run of the day mr. artberry saw woman being wrestle to the ground and her purse snatched away from her. well, surveillance video caught
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the bus driver jumping off the bus and chasing that suspect. today he was celebrated by sep septa. mr. artberry said he would do what he hoped others would do. >> if my wife was in that situation i would hope somebody would try to help her. whether they succeed or not is not the point. it's whether they tried to help her and that's all i tried to do. i couldn't look myself in the mirror if i sat there and didn't do anything. >> mr. artberry was able to catch the vick-year-old suspect and hold him until police arrived. well, 12 days aft the worst mass shooting in this nation's history growing anxiety about two big events happening this weekend. ever since a gunman killed 49 people at the pulse nightclub in orlando, the lgbt community has been ramping up security at pride celebrations across the country including two of the biggest pride events in new york and san francisco. now they include unprecedented levels of security. >> all of it to make sure people are free to party without hate and terror.
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fox's rick leventhal has the story. >> reporter: across the country organizers are gearing up for what could be the biggest pride weekend ever. following the attack on gay nightclub in orlando, police and other security officials aren't taking any chances. ramping up security to unprecedented levels in san francisco with organizing selling attendees to expect long lines at security checkpoints. >> you're going to have to go through metal wands or through metal detectors so don't bring any bags. no weapons, no sharp knives. give yourself a little more time. >> reporter: that message repeated in cities across the country. in minneapolis crews spent most of the week preparing for the weekend celebrations. and police ready for anything. out in force a full day before the festivities even begin. >> the uniformed presence will be visible and people will be aware of that, but security is more than just the uniformed officer on the ground. >> report roar here in new york, organizers are expecting a record number of people to hit the city for pride events. kicking off the weekend, president obama designating the
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stone wall inn a national monument the first honoring the fight for lgbt rights. the nypd now visible increase in security. but also promising to respect the rights of those coming to celebrate their diversity. >> whether it's new yorkers or folks coming from anywhere in the world to be part of this powerful moment you will be safe. you will be protected. >> the worse thing we can do as a community to hide. many of us started in causes and the laugh thing any of us should do go back into them. >> man money could see up to million visitors for the weekend main event the pride parade on sunday. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. in north philadelphia, firefighters replaced something very special to them a rededication ceremony was held to row place a memorial plaque that hahn hose man james mcgee who died in the line of duty way back in 1898. the plaque wept missing earlier this year. it's unclear what actually happened to it, but today a new plaque put in its place at engine 45 on west york street.
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family members of the firefighter were in attendance for today's ceremony. back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. a lot to talk about i think, chris. >> i'll tell you we had lot of storms down in comer land coun county. they got soaked down there, scott. >> they really did, chris and lucy we're talking in just a short amount of time several inches of rain we had a flash flood warning for cumberland county. flood advisory until 6:30 for sea isle city. you can see a lot of heavy rainfall this afternoon most of that now out to sea and we are logging at drying conditions for most of the area. we'll take a tour as we move toward berks county right now just north of reading, watching a couple of downpours that should continue to kind of sag its way to the south and then eventually rain itself out. nothing severe and once again most of us as i expand the view will stay dry south jersey, drying out along with delaware. i-95 right now looking pretty good. temperature wise, we are rain cooled wildwood 70, 70 in millville. 78 philadelphia. 79 right now in pottstown and cooler down the shore.
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beach haven only checking in at 69. 68 at the boardwalk. 70 right now in cape may point. so for the upcoming weekend, that storm system pushes out to sea. high pressure will move in. both days we're looking at sunshine and also temperatures warming into the mid perhaps upper 80s near 90 by sunday. temperatures for tonight low 60s in the burbs. 65 degrees in the city. once again an isolated storm early. 86 degrees for the high temperature for your saturday. winds out of the northeast five to 10 miles per hour. down the shore it will be cooler with winds coming in off of the ocean water temperatures right now in the mid to upper 60s. the uv index will be high. don't forget that sunscreen and also we have a moderate risk for some rip currents just keep that in mind and swim where those lifeguards are. 76 the high on saturday. 77 on sunday. beautiful weather if you're headed to the pocono mountains for this first weekend of summer. 78 for tomorrow.
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low 80s on your sunday. that weather authority seven day forecast showing another nice weekend. warm, low humidity this weekend. turning more humid, though, as we move toward early next week. upper 80s as we move toward monday. thunderstorms possible by tuesday into wednesday and then the latter part of next week looking pretty comfortable with dropping temperatures and, yes, that humidity will lower again. if you like last weekend for father's day weekend you'll love this weekend as well. kind of similar, warm, but not too humid. >> you had a good father' days. >> i sure did. >> weather or not of the it didn't matter. as long as i was with my girls. >> that's right. >> sean bell you would have thought the sixers won the inform ba championship last night. >> i think they did. >> they might. >> that was the reaction. all sunshine all beautiful things here in philadelphia. ben simmons is here. that's right. they're dubbing him as the savor. i wouldn't go that far. he was introduced today to the philadelphia media. he talks about dealing with the
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pressure of being the number one overall pick plus bryan coangelo talks about what trade opportunities might have happened last night that didn't. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ hope is back in philadelph philadelphia. pro sports honestly here has looked really really sad. finally something to look
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forward to. ben simmons the number one overall pick. mr. all real. he's come to philly with his cape on. high expectations. i know that's saying lot. little too much but, hey, he's willing to accept that challenge. today simmons was introduced to the media and once again this kid is cool, calm and just confident. he knows what he is and knows what's expected of him. he's ready to just take on all those expectations and do even more. he's being look at as savor of this franchise and quite frankly he just ready to work. >> the blessing to have, you know, my name called just being there was amazing, but, um, you know, i got lot of pressure but i'm kind of used it to. i'll looking forward to just letting to work as long as i work hard that's all i can ask of myself. they're got to be some patience to this whole process and i think that any young player coming into the game is going to feel that, but, you know, we're going to try to spread that as
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much as we can across the and tire team so it's not just on ben's shoulders to bear that weight. >> now there was supposed to be a bunch of trades involving the sixers last night. rumors were they were trying to trade nerlins noel and jahlil okafor for another top five draft pick. that never happened today bryan coangelo told talk about why those things just did not go down. >> we had multiple is he nair where we could have moved up at some point ultimately we decided the price was too high. if the right piece is available via trade or free agency, that we feel will put us where we need to go and in the right direction to add to the young mix of players, we're going to go ahead don that. >> obviously there's log jam with all the big men so something is going to have to happen, but first, embiid has to be healthy for any of that go down and a quick hockey note.
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nhl draft tonight. the flyers have the 18th pick they made the playoffs last year and the first year with dave hex stole so they have to add little bit more young talent to add to that great core that they have right now. but of course everything in the city ben simmons. ben simmons and some more ben simmons. that's all we car about. >> all that really looks great. other sports you don't want to talk about the phillies. eagles i don't really want to talk about them either. it's all hoops. >> all right. >> you got to be more positive, sean. come on. >> we'll see. >> join us back here tonight for fox 29 news. delaware county police officer still in surgery at this hour after being shot seven times in the line of duty. the latest on his condition and what led to that shooting tonight at 10:00 o'clock. >> and that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition straight ahead.
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world in crisis. >> a stunning decision. >> unexpected, shogging. >> financial, economic uncertainty worldwide. >> many are wondering what the vote in britain will mean for us. then, self-help superstar tony rob bifnlts panic at -- tony robins. panic. and "top gun" actress kelly mcgillis. her desperate call to 911. >> help me. there's somebody in my house. help me! plus, the beautiful college student's mysterious disappearance. >> where are you, my sweet girl? >> there's one interview away from cracking this case.


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