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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 25, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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happening right now, a local officer begins a long road to recovery after a man shot him seven times. >> once we heard the shots i was like oh, my god, he just shot a cop. >> tonight the man accused of of firing on that officer is behind bars. folcroft police officer christopher dorman can thank his bullet proof vest for saving his life. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. officer dorman has spent much of this day in surgery but we are happy to report he's expected to recover. we have team coverage tonight. sabina kuriakose is at penn presbyterian hospital. but we begin tonight with brad sattin in folcroft where the suspected shooter actually spoke to you outside the police station tonight. brad? >> reporter: chris, did he.
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he didn't say much. you'll hear from him in a moment. we can tell you here at the scene investigators actually leaving just a short time ago after a long day here as you can see residents allowed back in. first indication of a problem was when the officer screamed into his radio that he'd been shot in the face and tonight the man accused of says it wasn't him. here's our first look at dante island who goes by abdul wahi accused of of shooting a folcroft police officer this morning and firing at a second officer. >> are you sorry for what you did? >> i didn't do anything. >> reporter: police say officer christopher dorman first on the scene pulled up to this apartment complex half a block from the police station after neighbors reported someone smoking marijuana and drug dea dealing. >> there was a scuffle then all of a sudden pow pow pow pow pow. >> there were six gunshots. all of which were about like 40 feet away us from. >> oh, my god, he just shot cop. >> reporter: dante island accused of of shooting officer dorman seven times. >> the doctor said that anyone of those rounds on his vest
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could have been fatal. he was shot both front and back of the vest with three wounds to his body, one in the face, one in his groin and one in his leg. so we just thank god he had his vest on. >> reporter: right behind him a second officer pulled up. >> the defendant at this point in time turned the gun and started to shoot at the second officer. >> reporter: that officer returned fire as officer dorman was somehow able to make his way down an alley where he was met by sergeant william bear who got him into his patrol car. >> just to get him to the hospital as quick as i could. >> reporter: the fbi swat and other agencies swarmed the block and by pinking island cell phone they were able to determine he was inside an adjacent apartment building where after several hours he was arrested without incident. he lived in the building where the shooting happened. neighbors left stunned. >> he is quiet. always on the back smoking his cigarettes. so i mean i don't think he would do something like that something like this.
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>> da painted a different picture. >> the defendant is a career criminal. >> reporter: was only recently out of the federal prison after being sentence for 15 years. now he's back in custody facing two counts of attempted murder against police officers. >> they were smoking grass. i mean, just hanging outside smoking grass 12:00 thirty six, 10:00 o'clock in the morning. somebody going to take your li life. >> reporter: island was scheduled to be processed and arraigned tonight. he is facing a variety of charges including two counts of attempted murder on those officers. chris and lucy. >> brad, thanks. officer dorman is recovering from surgery tonight at penn presbyterian. >> that's where fox 29's sabina kuriakose is right now. sabina, how is officer dorman doing this evening? >> reporter: well, lucy, happy to report we have learned that the officer is going to make a full recovery. now, this is after a bullet entered one cheek on his face and exited through the other. even his badge was blown off.
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>> great kid does whatever you want. great cop. >> reporter: detective william bear speaking hours after he rushed to save that young cop's life. bear through his brother in blue fellow officer christopher dorman into the back of a police cruiser and rushed the bleeding patrolman to the hospital after dorman was shot seven times in his face, groin, chest and leg. all while responding to a routine call about a suspected drug dealer near these apartments in folcroft delaware county friday morning. >> he's just a good guy. nothing bothers him. great sense of humor. something like this has to happen. >> reporter: the chief says dorman is in the process of becoming a septa police officer. the rookie cop joined folcroft's department last year and serves part time. the chief says dorman has been a volunteer firefighter in folcroft since he was 16. >> i was principal secretary at academy park and got to know chris when he came through
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academy park high school. >> this woman served on the local counsel with his dad. the 25-year-old dreams of serving his community started as kid and never wavered. >> he always wanted to be a folcroft officer. >> reporter: the chief says this is the first time in the tiny department's memory that a folcroft officer has been shot and seriously wounded on duty. by many accounts officer dorman is lucky to be alive. bullet wounds across his body, his badge blown off in the barrage of gunfire. >> i cried. i cried. and i was very upset. i'm glad he's going to be okay. >> reporter: and tonight we are told officer dorman is going to be okay. he is expected to make a full recovery and the chief tells me that the officer is such a good cop they knows he's already eager to get back on the force as soon as he's able. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, sabina. our prayers for him and his family. as officer dorman continues his recovery, stay with
3:06 am for updates on his condition. you'll also find links to all of our social media pages right on our home page. at least 20 people are dead in west virginia and it's feared that number could grow. catastrophic flooding washed away roads, destroyed more than 100 homes and knock out power to tens of thousands. fox's rick, is monitoring the latest developments. >> reporter: growing death toll in west virginia. flood waters there creating a deadly dangerous emergency situation throughout much of the mountain state. >> more than 100 homes have been seriously damaged or destroyed. >> reporter: powerful storm dumping 9-inches of rain in some areas. causing creeks to swell, washing away roads even homes. >> this is the worse i've ever seen and i've seen stuff floating down the river and we had a flood in 2003 and nothing like this. >> reporter: hardest hit areas of southeastern part of the state and among those who have
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lost their lives in the flooding an eight-year-old boy and a four-year-old boy both swept away by flood waters in two different counties. this as many survivors are there without power and some remain stranded. >> they're bringing in swift water rescue. i can't get home. i live on riverside. i'm stuck pretty well can't get in. can't get out. >> reporter: west virginia governor declaring a state of emergency in 44 of the state's 55 counties. he's also national guard troops called in to assist. >> currently 200 national guard members are actively assisting in eight counties. they're assisting local responders with swift water rescues. search and extraction efforts and welfare checks. >> reporter: one surviving victim had her house flood and then blow up and despite suffering burns on more than half of her body he was able to hold on for efforts and was rescued. back here at home no such
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problems thank goodness as we take a live look at reading. muggy start to the day but now you can probably open those windows enjoy nice fresh crisp air. what's on the radar fort rest of the weekend meteorologist scott will jumps. >> beautiful weather, lucy. in fact pretty comfortable this evening if you're stepping outdoors. right now, 68 degrees in atlantic city. we have upper 60s in trenton. low 70s still philadelphia. pottstown 72. 75 right now in allentown. so beautiful in center city. no weather worries whatsoever. 72 degrees right now the high today was 82. dew points right now a little sticky in the low 60s, but the humidity will be dropping overnight and during the day tomorrow. a leftover shower far to the west moving out of york and also lancaster county, but we are dry and we are in the clear after some very heavy rainfall earlier in the day and parts of south jersey. so for tomorrow, your saturday, beautiful weather. warm conditions, 86 for the high
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temperature. and also low humidity. coming up we'll have that entire warm weekend forecast and the timing of some storms as early as next week. back to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. final farewell today to the youngest victim of the orlando nightclub massacre. friends and family of akyra murray gathered at monumental baptist church in west philadelphia. they remembered and honored the 18-year-old. murray was shot and killed after being shot in the arm during this month's pulse nightclub shooting. she was a star basketball player at west catholic lick high school and received a full scholarship to play in college. mayor jim kenney and shooting survive patience carter were among those in attendance. >> meanwhile in orlando, florida, a south jersey therapy dog has been bringing comfort to survivors of the shooting. aladdin the finalist in the american humane association national hero dog awards also met the owner of pulse nightclub an ambassador for tito's vodka for dog people and tito's just
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donated $25,000 to victims even held a couple of fundraisers. morey's peers help sponsor aladdin trip to bring comfort to survivors of the massacre. united kingdom had choice to live in the european union or get out. and they got out. the fallout from thursday's vote sent global markets plunging on a worldwide sell off. >> us stocks were hammered. suffering their worst loss in 10 months. fox's kevin cork has reaction from the white house. while the uk is relationship with you will change, one thing that will not change, is the special relationship that exists between our two nations. >> reporter: more than 5,000 miles away from epicenter president obama today acknowledged a major size mick shift in global politic as the united kingdom chose to leave the european union. >> i do think that yesterday's vote speaks to the on-going changes and challenges that are raised by globalization. >> reporter: in many case ways
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the out come was a stung rejection of the president himself who back in april added his voice to the chorus of those calling on voters to reject the so-called brexit because it could damage the uk's ability to secure major trade deals. >> our focus in negotiating with a big block of european union to get a trade agreement done, and uk is going to be in the back of the queue. >> reporter: global markets buckled on the news. bleeding red across the board. as all the major indices fell dramatically. the dow was down more than 600 points during the day. as investors worried what would follow. even as analysts warned of continued and significant market volatility ahead until a better understanding of the consequences of brexit was gained lawmakers in washington were calling for calm. >> i believe the markets will eventually stabilize. that's point number one. point number two all the more reason for american to lead. american needs to lead.
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in a statement jacob lew says... perhaps of little emotional consolation to those who saw their 401ks take a real hit today. but experts say don't panic. >> i want to walk people away from the 11 this is not something that they should be concerned about in fact i think in the long run it will be healthy for markets and healthy for economies because it's going to mean that we'll move away from the kind of socialist model europe that now even the british voters say is a failure. >> reporter: white house says the president stands by his back of the queue comment. we're also told that he did reach out to british minister david cameron this afternoon and told him that he was looking forward to seeing him in a couple of weeks at the nato summit in poland. perhaps the next and best chance to find out exactly what brexit will mean for all of us. at the white house, kevin cork, fox news. if you get a call from
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someone claiming to be pennsylvania governor tom wolf, you better not hang up. why the governor, yes, the governor can't seem to get a call through. and heroic act by a septa bus driver when a man tried to snatch a woman' purse. what that driver did to make sure that did not happen. a quick way to get from one floor to another or to get great view of the city. where thrill seekers lining up to slide 70 stories high.
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♪ a stuffed animal memorial growing outside a north philadelphia home. prosecutors have charged a mom with third degree murder in the shooting death of her four-year-old girl in that home. >> fox 29's joanne pileggi spoke to those who knew the family. she has the very latest from north philadelphia. >> reporter: there had been a lot of talk and speculation that the child was playing with a gun. that's not true. police now say the child was hit by gunfire. police also now saying the child's mother has been charged in connection with this fatal shooting. >> she was just happy four-year-old, you know, a princess, everyone loved her, you know every time you seen her she had smile on her face. >> reporter: her name was sania. she was just four. she's gone. massive memorial stuffed animals flowers and candles sit outside
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of the home she shared with her mother and three-year-old sist sister. a vigil held for the family this evening. >> it's a time when we need to come together and to bring unity and love and support and comfort and counseling to our community. >> reporter: police now say there was a domestic incident between sani's mother and her boyfriend. there was a gun in a row home. it was fired. and the four-year-old was shot in the face yesterday. she died at the hospital. her mother 25-year-old is a care rah holmes charged in connection with the shooting. >> sani was such like a pretty, happy, joyful little girl. this is so sad what happened. like any time you sigh her she had smile on her face. >> reporter: police are still investigating but the child's mother was taken in for questioning and was formally charged tonight. police are looking for her boyfriend who apparently took
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off after sani was fatally shot. >> it is our job as a pastor and as a chaplain of this community to wrap our arms around, upping, this community and give them the support they need and so there's no other bloodshed. >> what a pretty princess. beautiful smile an beautiful heart. >> reporter: police of course continuing this investigation sources telling us cops have been called here on previous occasions for domestic violence disputes. in north philly i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. the tributes they continue to pour in for the man who led the charge against animal cruelty in pennsylvania. >> today george bengal's family laid him to rest with full military honors. (gunfire).
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>> the vietnam veteran served more than two decades in philadelphia' police force then launched yet another career in humane law enforcement becoming the director of the pennsylvania spca's hle division. today his officers carried his flag draped casket out of the church and into the hearse then accompanied it along with his brothers and sisters in blue to sunset memorial park in northeast philadelphia. bengal passe passed away saturd. he was very clear to the very end he had one last and greatest wish. >> we always knew how strong he was and courageous he was on the job, but even in facing his own death, um, courage -- courageous and generous. he wanted to make sure that his work continued and we've been dedicated to doing that ever since the news of his illness broke. >> we're losing an icon in philadelphia but we're not losing his vision. we're not losing his message that message is to get harrisburg to fund the
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enforcement that's been going on for so long without state support. >> do you think it's actually going finally happen? >> george is the only other thing besides heroin and opiate that brought the house and senate and democrat that is and the governor together. list request literally only other thing we agree on in harrisburg and i think it will get done. >> that's big. governor wolf tells fox 29's george bengal's live and wish has moved him and he's looking forward to work wig lawmakers to break open state fund fog beng bengal's humane law enforcement division. >> don't hang up on the govern governor. that's the message that's been sent in an e-mail to government agencies in pennsylvania. here's the deal. it seems like governor tom wolf likes to dial his own phone calls. but he's finding a lot of receptionist don't believe its itit's him so they hang up. e-mail asked switchboard operators not to hang up clai claiming to be tom wolf.
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>> he called me. first time ever a governor called me and left a message on my phone. >> you didn't hang up. >> i didn't answer. >> the business police say drug dealers were using to sell truck loads of heroin and cocaine. >> swimmers along one coastline are being warned to stay out of the water. the danger lurking there you can't even see. >> sean? chris, do it all ben simmons introduces himself to philadelphia. he talks about his ability to play all five positions plus the flyers add young tal leapt to
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ enter the water at your own risk. that is the warning going up on nearly a dozen gulf coast beaches. the concern tonight is flesh eating bacteria. health officials found high levels of it in the water at 10 beaches in galveston. a 50-year-old man went swimming at one of them on father's day. he had a little cut on his leg much that's all. days later he ended up in the hospital and doctors had to amputate part of it. doctors say the bacteria most likely entered the cut on his calf and then spread. he's also diabetic. >> the bacteria commonly referred to as flesh eating
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bacteria common in salt and brackish water it's more likely to occur if somebody with pre-existing health condition. >> another man became infected on the texas gulf coast this week. doctors believe they will be able to save his leg. tonight in you decide, shifting tides in the democratic race for president. vermont senator bernie sanders said today he will vote for hillary clinton. sanders says he'll be talking to the clinton campaign about serious proposals he wants to know if the presumptive democratic nominee will advocate for tuition free college, a $15 minimum wage and universal health care. meanwhile, donald trump prayed the breck sit vote during a speech in scotland and back home his former campaign manager says the businessman narrowed his vice-presidential picks down to four people. a bad situation has gone from bad to worse. why many had to scramble just to escape the flames today. scott? >> chris, it was a beautiful day most of us stayed dry. the high in philadelphia
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82 degrees. 87 was the high temperature in allentown. when to expect temperatures near 90 degrees and i'll have your cooler forecast down the shore this weekend next. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. tgif. lots going on this weekend. tomorrow main street blocked in manayunk from 11 to 7:00. kenny chesney coming back to philadelphia taking over the linc knowledge shoes, no shirt, no problems. concert starts at 5:00. we'll see a lot of extra volume getting down there early. you know we got to tailgate thirty nine the weekend dart kicks a new timetable on sunday make sure you have a new schedule so you're ready to go. have a great night. i'll see you bright and early on
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♪ >> right now at 10:30 police arrested the man they say shot a delaware county cop. prosecutors charging him two counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault and related offenses. they say he shot folcroft police officer christopher dorman seven times then fired at a second officer. the bullets went through dorma dorman's cheeks struck his chest and back four times, his groin once and his leg once as well. he's in critical but stable condition tonight. it all began when officer dorman arrived at an amount complex after neighbors reported someone using or dealing drugs. neighbors cannot believe what they saw and heard. >> it didn't seem like they was going to get into a fight or anything but they started -- there was a scuffle then all of a sudden pow pow pow pow pow. my brother was literally there just looking. i'm standing like right next to him. once we heard the shots i was just like oh, my god, he just shot a cop. >> 25-year-old dorman joined
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folcroft's department last year and served part time. police credit his bullet proof vest with saving his life. now on to developing story from out west. a deadly fast-moving wildfire in central california exploded in size today. this wind whipped fire now burning across nearly 30 square miles near bakersfield. >> fox's will car is there monitoring the latest on the fire fight. >> reporter: desperate scenes like this home burning to the ground playing out in number of mountain communities in california's southern sierra nevada. this is monster wind fueled fire is now burning across more than 29 square miles there shifting winds prompting some frantic last minute evacuations residents forced to grab clothes, pets and flee through the thick smoke. >> like driving into the apocalypse. driving into hell. it was awful. >> reporter: hardest hit the popular lake isabella recreation area three hours north of los angeles at this point the fire already destroyed at least 100
3:31 am
homes. >> my grandma's house. we moved up here in the '70's and she passed iowa in 2008. i grew up in that house. it's not even the things inside of it. some things you can't replace. >> the fire which has been burning since thursday threatening an additional 1500 homes. an army of 600 firefighters currently battling the wildfire with more on their way. meantime new mexico wildfire destroyed two dozen homes is now more than 80% contained south of albuquerque. back here the fire knock out several cell phone towers made it hard for firefighters to communicate and also been a struggle for residents to find out if their homes are still standing. in quran county, california, will carr fox news. >> so far the fire claim the lives of two people. three firefighters have been taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. back here at home very nice night as we take live look at philadelphia international
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airport where things are feeling mighty comfortable. temperatures are in the upper 60s humidity i know fox weather authority i'm thinking non existent right now. meteorologist scott williams here to tell us how long we can leave the air-conditioners off. >> lucy, it will be really comfortable as you mentione mene humidity continues to drop through the overnight, and for the upcoming weekend it's going to be warm but more of a dry heat so a really comfortable weekend on tap. ultimate doppler right now pretty dry and quiet. we had some showers out to the west around lancaster, harrisburg and york but that activity continues to dissipate and earlier in the afternoon, we had very heavy rain in sections of kent county also cumberland county down the shore toward cape may but once again we are dry, pretty quiet and comfortable. we have 69 right now in millville. 70 degrees still in wilmington we're looking at mid 70s in allentown the pocono mountains right now 63 degrees. down the shore, temperatures right now along the boardwalk,
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67. 68 ocean city. upper 60s right now cape ma may point along with wildwood. so all of the clouds and showers moving well to our south. a big area of high pressure will move in during the day tomorrow along with four your sunday so that will keep us sunny and also warm. temperatures for tonight, mild, we're looking at 65 in the city. 61 in the burbs. the humidity drops overnight. and then tomorrow we're looking at a mixture of sun and clouds. a warm saturday winds out of the northeast five to 10 miles per hour. a high of 86 degrees. down the shore, a little cooler with on shore wind. we're lockin locking atwater temperatures mid to upper 60s. the rip current risk that is going to be moderate so just keep that in mine. swim where the lifeguards are. we're looking at 76 on saturday. 77 degrees on sunday. beautiful in the pocono mountain as well. upper 70s tomorrow. low 80s by sunday. once again, low humidity.
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the weather authority seven day forecast showing you 86 in the city for tomorrow looking good for that kenny chesney concert. heating up though on sunday 89. it's a dry heat then that humidity lucy it creeps back in the forecast monday into tuesd tuesday. thunderstorms arriving by tuesday into wednesday at as well but then we're looking pretty comfortable the humidity drops and temperatures drop back into the low 80s by the latter part of next week. >> pretty much in that summer pattern. >> yeah. but not that bad. >> i like it. >> i'll take it. >> more and more men are choosing to have unprotected sex. the one thing researchers say will likely prevent a man from using a condom. it's been so hot in the midwest even the animals are looking for way to stay cool. how this llama is beating the
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♪ what's going on here? sometimes it's all about the simple things in life. this llama at the houston zoo absolutely loves the breeze from a leaf blower every morning she
3:38 am
shoots the breeze with her keepers at the zoo. they use leaf blower to clear her stall and fee teas apparently really loves the daily routine. because zookeepers say she runs right up to them as soon as she sees the blower. tonight in your money, chrysler fiat is under fire. jeep grand cherokee owners filed a class action lawsuit against the company thursday. they are accusing fiat of concealing a shifter design defect. fiat issued a recall for 1.1 million cars worldwide because the vehicles could roll away after the drivers exit th them. an tan yelchin's death thrust the defect back into the spotlight. plaintiffs are seeking restitution for the diminish value of their grand cherokee' stemming from the defect. >> ikea recalling a baby gates after it received reports the gates have seriously injured several children. the company is recalling its p patrol safety gate because the
3:39 am
locking meg niche is unreliable. if you have one stop using it and return it to the store for a forlore fun. company officials received reports of children falling downstairs because the gates have opened unexpectedly. here's a new study. men may be more likely to for go condoms if they are sleeping with an exceptionally attractive woman. yeah, i had this story. the finding appear in the most recent british medicine journal. researchers showed 51% of hetero we can sexual men photographs of 20 women and asked them about their desire to have unprotected sex with them. the men were less likely willing to wear a condom if they believed their hypothetical partner had a pretty face. here's the take away. the team says it adds growing evidence both men and women will relax safe sex standards for good looking partners. >> that's not very safe now, is it. no. >> all right. it's a quick way to get from one floor to another or just get a
3:40 am
great view the city. this looks so cool. i just wish it was longer. three seekers will be lining up to glide down that slide. >> i'd do it. >> i would too. >> heroic act by a septa bus driver when a man tried to snatch a woman's purse. what that driver did to make sure that is not happen again.
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♪ congress remains deadlocked two week after the shorting in orlando. the senate blocked five gun control measures this week. democrats gave up after 26 hour sit-in on the noor and so now some states are voting on measures of their own. fox's adam housely reports from los angeles.
3:44 am
>> reporter: pushed by democratic lieutenant governor gavin knew some the gun control initiative called safe fee for all includes sick provisions if passed would be among the toughest in the nation and include background checks for all ammunition purchases, a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and licensing of ammunition vendors. >> the gun in and of itself never killed anyone. what about the ammunition. >> initiative would mandate the reporting of loft or stolen gu guns. and force convicted felons and those with violent misdemeanors to relinquish guns after a convict. >> the only guns we're takin tag guns out of the hands of convicted felons. >> new some is using the gundy bait to help his 2118 gubernatorial bill and new regulations would overcome law enforcement and courts. >> ask a judge how over burdened our courts are. how we have unfunded liabilities that are already lost things
3:45 am
that are supposed to be done and the courts can't get them done. >> reporter: california isn't the only state trying to tighten its gun laws. hawaii this week became the first state to add gun owners to an fbi database which will automatically notify police if they are arrested elsewhere in the country. >> if one of our hawaii gun owners is arrested we want to know what that crime is, and then if it's necessary. >> since gun ownership a constitutional right uncle sam shouldn't be keeping a database on those who follow the law. >> rat pack issue violates the 1986 regulation, feather al regulation of no database on firearms owners so we're very disappointed and the likelihood is quite high that it will require legal act. >> reporter: statewide gun initiative here in the golden state qualified for the november ballot after supporters collected 600,000 signatures. it just needs a simple majority
3:46 am
vote in order to pass. in los angeles, adam housely, fox news. in brooklyn police say a candy shop is all a front for a huge drug operation. investigators say dealers were hiding truck loads of heroin and cocaine inside the candy shop. the state finance department was initially investigating the shop for untacked cigarettes but became suspicious of something more. so they called police who came in with warn. neighbors near the store say they had no idea what was going and. >> i just started seeing the police emptying out the store, a truckload a box then another truck and halfway, quarter way with bags sealed in evidence. >> police estimate the entire hall is worth more than $100,000. they arrested two men. a big honor for a septa bus driver. >> yeah, he went above and beyond the call of duty and stopped a would be thief. fox 29's bill anderson spoke to
3:47 am
the impromptu crime stopper. i couldn't look myself in the mirror to see somebody that needs help and you're able to help them, and you know, not do it. i wasn't raised that way. >> reporter: charles artberry has been a bus driver for septa for 28 years. in that time he's experienced a lot of things, but nothing prepared him for what happened monday along his bus route. >> young lady waiting on the bus, seen gentleman come up behind her and snatch her pocketbook and not thinking, just went after the guy. >> reporter: not only did mr. artberry run after the suspect, norman jennings, he caught him, took him down and held him until police arrived. today at septa headquarters they hanged him for his efforts to protect the public. >> a big risk. it definitely y was courageous. mrartberry 60ed the definition f going above and beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: in a time where many are are a frayed to assist in these types of situations mr. artberry was moved to act although he says he reactioned
3:48 am
without thinking, he also pointed out a possible reason that he couldn't just look the other way. >> my wife is in situation i would hope somebody would try to help her. whether they succeed or not it's not the point. whether they tried to help her, and that's all i tried to do. i couldn't look myself in the mirror if i sat and there not do anything. >> reporter: he toll us today he appreciates being acknowledged but honestly, his confirmation that his actions were justified came later that day long before today's recognition. >> on the way home, i seen her again. the first thing went that was my mind if i didn't do nothing and she got back on my bus, i wouldn't be able to look at her in her face. i just wouldn't be able to do it. i was happy the fact that i was able to face her and ask her was she all right. >> reporter: septa police made it clear that they generally don't recommend that people involve themselves in arrests. they prefer that you just witness and call police. but in this case, they said mr. artbury is a good example of what can happen when we care about each other and look out
3:49 am
for each other much in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. thrill seekers will have new attraction to visit beginning this weekend in los angeles. lucy, loves this. >> i do. 45-foot glass slide mounted on the side of the u.s. bank tower. that's the tallest tower in los angeles. >> yup. >> the sky slide will offer rider as chance to slide from the 70 many floor to the 69th floor. the slide gives riders panoramic view of the city and the industry below when riders finished shell slide on to an open air 360-degree observation deck. that looks cool. >> i think it should go like a couple floors though. >> a little scary. well it could change the meaning of tonight we'll eat o out. >> yogurt coletteing some contest winners eat their living space. listen to this one. cho ban knee turned a three story manhattan townhome into the world's first edible home. includes massive indoor gardens
3:50 am
a private pool and chandeliers aid from herbs, vegetables and greens part of the company's launch for new dip. >> in this home there's up to 30 defendant varieties of vegetables. we want to have some fun with. we work with local chefs and landscapers to bring something really cool together. everything you're seeing was put together in three days. >> contest winners in let a trip to new york city for the fourth of july weekend as part of the promotion. wow! >> all right. sean bell here with sports all bout sixers and the big man. >> can we go to that glass and sliding down. >> no, that is just dumb. >> would that not break? >> let's get to ben simmons, okay. please don't do anything dumb like that you don't get yourself hurt or killed. all right? simmons he's everything that we expected. well, hopefully he is. he's saying all the right things and today he talk about his ability to do everything plus the flyers get a new young player the nhl draft is tonight
3:51 am
and they made a few moves and got t
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3:53 am
♪ >> ben simmons is being look as the savor for the sixers franchise. a little too much to put on 19-year-old, okay? let's relax. he does have great potential but let's calm down. it will be few years plus he likes the pressure though.
3:54 am
being the main guy you have to like the pressure and i like what i'm seeing in this kid. he seems calm and confident and ready to take over the city. he was up tow due to the philly media and he's excited. embiid was excited. he was there at press conferen conference. simmons ability to do it all why people are getting so much love to this kid. he can play point guard on one end and then guard the center on the other. today he talk about his ability to be versatile. >> i'm the type of player who can be put anywhere on the court and contribute. so for me as point forward you can put me in the one through five defensively and offensiv offensively. i'm not sure how good i'll be but as long as i'm putting in the work, i believe i can be very good player. but, you know, i think it will take lost evident. being around lebron and seeing how those guys work, it definitely motivates me a lot. >> now, of course, with simmons
3:55 am
here, now there's too many, no noel, okafor simmon. there were rumors that noel and okafor would be traded that did not happen. bryan coangelo talked about why didn't make any deals during the draft. >> we had multiple scenarios where we could have moved up at some point ultimately we decided the price was too high. if the right piece is available via trade or free agency, that we feel will put us where we need to go and in the right direction to add to the young mix of players we're going to go ahead and do that. >> and today the flyers were able to add a piece in the nhl draft. they did have the one itth pick but they traded back with the jets for the 22nd and the 36th and with that 22nd pick they drafted player out of russia. 17 years old but he's turning 18 on monday.
3:56 am
young kid about to get paid. >> all right. >> there you go. >> big change fort flyers and the sixers. >> that does it for us tonight. we're back here at 7am for "good >> that does it for us tonight. we're back here at 7am for "good z test text1 pia" weekend.
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>> judge judy: mr. kendrick readily acknowledges that he has not been a great father. >> announcer: dad's shortcomings added up. >> judge judy: mr. kendrick was not paying his regular child support. >> he owes me $48,000. >> announcer: is it too little too late... >> he promises he's turned his life around. >> announcer: ...or too much to handle? >> judge judy: what is irritating you is mr. kendrick is living with someone and there are two small children in the house. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution hannah allen-weidel is suing her child's father, andrew kendrick, for the cost of christmas gifts for their son and for punitive damages due to emotional distress. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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