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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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. right now on your radar, we could have rain to start your work week. looking alive at trenton a beautiful weekend coming to an end. a lot of us came close to 90, still warm enough to take a stroll outside way t-shirt and shorts. a lot of people taking advantage of a kind of a warm night in center city. moving live to south philadelphia now, we're seeing rain tomorrow. others may be a day later. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. who gets hit first. >> the poconos mountains and lehigh valley as early as tomorrow afternoon. dry and quiet right now. high pressure is still in control. look off to the west. it's been showers and thunderstorms around the ohio
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river valley. that will be inch to go toward our area tomorrow. parts of the area, we simply need the rain. zoom in a little closer. the latest drought monitor. the poconos mountains, lehigh valley normally to dry, northern sections of new jersey, look at that. a moderate drought right now. as we go hour by hour. we're dry coworker quiet for tonight, by tomorrow morning, looking at some areas of patchy fog. dry for most of the area. but you can see by 4:00, 5:00, we're watching scattered showers and thunderstorms moving to the poconos mountains and also the lehigh valley. temperature-wise, right now, still comfortable. 73 degrees. we made it up to 87 in philadelphia. so tomorrow morning, a little bit of patchy fog. upper 60's by 7:00. by 9:00, mid 70, low 80's by 11:00 and once again, most of the area will be dry for tomorrow. coming up, we'll talk much more about that fog and also the early week thunderstorms and our best chance for rain and amounts
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in the philadelphia area with the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thanks. moving to wilmington, make sure you stay ahead of all the weather out there with our fox 29 weather ap. you can get alerts to your phone. a trenton woman is alive tonight after a rescue that had atlantic's finest and bravest joining forces to save her h she got caught up in a rip current and nearly drowned. that current swept three people in the ocean. by the time at the firefighter arrived, two people were safe on a jet ty. the waves ended up smashing that firefighter into the jet ty. that's when the police officer jumped in to save the woman. despite the drama, everyone is ok. west philadelphia, office of licenses and inspection investigating a building collapse that happened around 5:30 on the 5500 block of market street. the building was vacant and thankfully no one was injured. no word on what caused the collapse. no cause yet for a building fire in germantown where firefighters discovered a man's
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body. it started last night on the 200 block of east price street. more than 50 firefighters battled those flames about an hour. they found a man's body in the basement. investigators have not yet identified him. authorities say medics took another person to the hospital with unknown injuries. it's a sad morning for the family of 76ers top draft pick ben simmons, his cousin was killed in a hit-and-run accident. late last night, ben simmons posted this on twitter showing him with his cousins at the draft on thursday. the tweet saying, rip, zachary. i can glad i can share this moment in my life with you. a car hit the 21-year-old as crossing the street in hoboken early saturday morning, police are still looking nor the vehicle. a protest in california turned violent and had sent at least seven people to the hospital with stab wounds. the started as a neo nazi rally outside the state capitol in sacramento. things got heated when the three dozen at the rally came
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face-to-face with hundreds of protesters. >> reporter: demonstrations between a white nationalist. several people stabbed, others scrapes and bruises during a planned rally at the state capitol. the victims were spread out over the capitol grounds covering multiple blocks. video showing people running and being pursued with re by other, some hid their faces with scarf and masks. >> they are not here to speaking and talk, they're here to attack us. >> reporter: they were protesting against globalation. one of them was stabbed in an artery. >> they were armed with weapon, these were not people, these
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radical left wingers, they were yelling they were going to kill our members. they tried to do just that, stabbed one of other member, hit one of his arteries. >> reporter: highway patrol officers managed to break up the large fight. >> as the morning went on a number of scuffles broke out, and culminated way number of assaults that took place on the capitol grounds. >> reporter: it's unclear exactly what sparked the violence. officials say a gun was found in the area and turned over to police. in new york, lauren, fox news. a community doing everything they can to support a local cop to defied the odds, shot seven times on the job. in the event face. officer christopher dorman may walk out of the hospital in just a matter of days. tonight, a country music super star apologizing. >> kenny chesney personally called dorman in his hospital room. fox 29 sabina kariakose is live in police headquarters. so it sounds like the two of them had some football and beer
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in their future. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, well, chesney was calling to apologize to officer dorman for telling a sold-out crowd at the linc, that officer dorman had died. he fell so bad that he called officer dorman. offered to meet him over an eagles game and/or a drink. and opportunity, we're told that officer dorman his spirits have gone through the roof after chesney called him. >> he thinks he's going to get out dressed and get in his patrol car she grew up with the officer. dissipate being eager and putting his uniform back on the wounded will need rest and rehab for some time. she's taking up the mantel to help him with costs while he's off the job. >> i #dorman strong. >> the shape of delaware county. it's a statement of love and support for this home town hero. darlene has sold thousands. a gofundme has raised tens of thousands of dollars for officer
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dorman's medical bills. the rookie cop was shot seven times friday. police say by an alleged drug dealer who's now in custody. as for that now infamous shout-out. chesney mistakenly said officer dorman had died. >> he passed away. before he passed away he did a video because he wanted to come tonight. ly. >> darlene says dorman laughed it off and when kenny called to i apologize this morning, it was excited. >> we're trying to keep his spirits up. seems to be working. >> reporter: tonight, we are hearing that officer dorman may be released from the hospital as soon as tomorrow, which is really incredible. guys, considering he was shot seven times just on friday. remarkable recovery here. lucy and iain. >> good news sabina. thank you. in philadelphia's heart land section, about 3:00 this morning, there was an accident
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when police say driver lost control of his car crash inadequate a pole at north 11th street in west susquehanna avenue. doctors expect the man to recover meanwhile police were at the crash scene a man ran up screaming i'm shot. it happened a few blocks away at 10th and diamond, someone fired five shots at the victim's car, one of them pierced through the back driver's side door and hit the driver in the lower back. he was able to drive him to the crash scene and get help and was taken to the hospital in stable condition. so far, no arrests. quiet and inspirational sight in new hope. 600 people turned out to support a little boy who's in the fight of his life. it was just a stunning diagnosis. an 8-year-old boy with brain cancer. that seemed to come out of nowhere all his family is asking for is your prayers. but tonight, they got a whole lot more. fox 29 brad sattin is in the newsroom now. brad this family has been through more than enough challenges. >> reporter: for sure. this diagnosis is just one
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challenge they're facing but there's still smiling and inspiring a lot of people. >> this is a photo of dominic starting second grade last fall. athletic, out going and according to his mom. >> this kid never needed more than a band-aid in his life. >> reporter: no one could have imagined how dominic would finish second grade. here's the 8-year-old now a transformation that literally happened in a day. >> i noticed his arm, he wasn't using his left hand to put on his socks and shoes. i noticed his arm was drooping. by the time he came home from school that day, he had a limp and his smile was a little crooked. >> reporter: the diagnosis dominic had brain tumor. he had to cut short a party and funds raiser. of have having been through chemo and radiation with a year ahead but the prognosis isn't good. >> few children haven't survived this. >> reporter: the party went on in new hope. 600 people turning out for the
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fund raiser to help his parents who both work here. also the director of a christian preschool. >> i still don't believe this is happening. you know, but it is what it is. we have to just fight with him. >> reporter: it's not just supporting dominic's challenges. they have another son 5-year-old born with spine bill of information today. you won't find a cure the little boy describing his brother. . >> torturing me. he's like bam. >> reporter: they met the philly fanatic. in may, dominic was paid a visit by darn dalton and green who also fault a brain tumor. >> the family never asked for anything, just prayers. we're family. when somebody in family is hurting or needing, it doesn't matter. everything else doesn't matter. you just come forward and do everything you can to help. >> reporter: lots of people today doing everything they could to help.
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if you'd like to help or make a donation, go to the website for more information, it is pray for they also have a facebook page, of course, we certainly wish the whole family the best. >> absolutely, brad. thank you. fun day at the amusement park turns terrifying when at roller coaster flies off the track crashes down on the pavement below. several people hurt including kids. what investigators say what happened right as cart derailed. >> one town's mayor was suddenly scared for his life. >> next thing i'm on the ground and have a couple of guns pointed at my head. >> the simple questions one of the guys asked him just before they ambushed him on the street. take a good look at these kids. everyone an inspiration. they all beat the odds. the one thing they have in common which made quite a special reunion today.
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. several people died and flooding rampaged how to the state. it destroyed homes businesses. president obama signed a federal disaster election la representation for three of the hardest hit counties. he's hoping to add another six to eight counties to that disaster declaration. this year's pride parade had orlando on their mind of the parade down 5th avenue in manhattan began when had the moment of silence for victims inside the lgbt night club. maybe held put banners and signs with messages like we are orlando. authorities have ramped up
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security with new york city police deploying roving counter terrorism units and bomb sniffing dogs. close to 2 million people attended. you decide 2016 a new poll has hillary clinton supporters excited. the new numbers has the presumptive democrat nominee beating trump. >> that's got the presumptive nominee on the defensive. >> two new polls showing her with a lead over donald trump. a wall street has her up bay five points, a b c news showing a wider margin 59 to 39. donald trump taking to twitter to criticize the number saying the poll sample is very discomfort. why would they do that? other polls good, his campaign machine also lashed out. >> our campaign is we're going to have a good convention. we're confident we're not behind
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the campaign. >> clinton was back on the campaign trail sunday pledging unity between the two parties. >> we will disagree. i disagree with some of my democrat friends but i think there's much more we can agree on i know we can't get big things done unless we work together. >> reporter: this come as george will verbally opposed to donald trump announced leaving the republican party. >> any left it for the same reason i joined it in 1964 when i vote food re barry goldwater. i leave for the same reason, i'm a conservative. >> donald trump was quick with the response son saying george will one of the most overrated political pundants who lost his way long ago has left the republican party he's made money bad calls but george had his own response to that tweet. >> he has an advantage on me because he can say anything he knows about any subject and i can't. >> exchanges like these might be the tip of the iceberg as both campaign set their sights on the convention and the general
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election. in annapolis, mike man well, fox news. a reunion for children who have defied the odds. today more than 300 families from across the united states attended the annual fetal surgery reunion at children's hospital of philadelphia t doctors diagnosed nearly all of the children prenatally way birth defect. they performed surgery in utero or immediately after they were born. >> we get to reunite with all of the doctors and staff who absolutely changed our daughter's life. without them, she whoa not be the person that she is today. she had fetal surgery when i was still pregnant. i was 21 weeks pregnant and they operated on her inside of me we both had surgery together. and because of that, she can walk and run and play. >> isn't that amazing? today was the 20th year for the annual reunion. >> great morning to wake up and go for a swim in the schuylkill river.
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how about following up way 25 mile bike ride then add a sick mile run. that's what thousands did in west philly this morning. jennifer joyce has that story. >> reporter: encouragement on the sidelines. kept athletes going. trotting along to complete the johnson and johnson try rock triathlon in philly. >> it really is just adult play time with organized out on the park on a weekend. whole families are here. >> reporter: started at 6:30 with a swim in the schuylkill then nearly 25 mile bike ride climbing hills cruising through fairmount park end, with a 6.2 mile run that passed rocky and ended here. she was the first female to finish at two hours, 12 minutes and 21 seconds. >> it was pretty hilly. the parts of fairmount, the little, sedgley drive and 11
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monday hill. it was challenging. >> reporter: the olympic race concludes a weekend festival of races involving 3,000 athletes from five countries, 42 states and 550 cities. >> this is the olympic division, this is what we'll be running in rio when they go to the him position. >> reporter: intense yes, but david silver puts it into perspective. he helped his employer johnson and johnson raise $450,000 for chop's cancer center. >> i always think about, you think you're suffering? you're not suffering. little kids you have four-year-olds who have no hair, who are barely fighting to stay alive. i'm just out there trying to finish a triathlon. it's not a big deal. wawa they're going through is a huge deal. >> reporter: jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. south philadelphia with the battle of the burgers. >> 40 restaurants grilled up the best patty.
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how to to say turned out at xfinity live. mike jerrick was you one of the official judges, proceeds was to help philadelphia public schools and to help 360 to support the education and did we not of urban youth. a trip to grandmother's turns into a situation of life or death for a toddler. >> i didn't know if we had minutes, hours. >> what happened in the front yard inches from his mom that put the little boy's life on the line. a fun day turns terrifying when a roller coaster flew off the track. one of the cars did. crashing on to the pavement below. several people are hurt clicking including children. what investigators say happened right at car derailed.
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. nearly a tends people are hurt dozen people hurt when a roller coaster derailed. witnesses say it was chaos as they rushed in to help those hurt. nine are kids. investigators say the car came off the tracks somehow as it was a rounding a curb. still no word on how the injuries are. the amusement park says closed until further notice. >> police are trying to figure out why a mom shot and killed her two daughters in a home. investigators know it started with an argument she shot and killed 42-year-old christie sheets outside her home moments after she pulled out a gun and opened fire. one of her daughters died at their house. the other at the hospital. neighbors, they're in shock. >> always up cheerful, never depressed, always seemed like
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they had the perfect life. to see this happening is just mind blowing. >> the girl's father was asking for help from neighbors. . lives lost and homes incinerated. >> because a smav california wildfire not easing up. they're dealing with hot dry weather, and tricky terrain, more than 200 homes destroyed. the 58 mile fire claimed the lives of an elderly couple. officials are warning it's death toll could rise. dogs are being brought in. the fire is not contained. >> right now, we're declaring it 0 percent contained. there's no you drinking water. there's issues with that. there's hazardous materials in some of the areas from some of the oh fires and some of the structures that were destroyed. >> at least 2500 homes are threatened. more than 1700 firefighters are
10:26 pm
on the line. mayor just dropped a friend at home when he was suddenly scared for his life. >> next thing i know, i'm on the ground and have a couple of guns pointed at my head. >> simple question. what are the guys after before they ambushed him on the street. >> a trip to grandmother's house turned into a situation of life or death. scott? . it was a warm and dry sunday across the area. the high temperature in philadelphia 87. 87 in trenton, 89 in allentown. coming up, time and cooler temperatures and rainfall.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. . right now at 10:30, tracking
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what could be a wet start to the week, here's a live look from the ben franklin parkway. the live radar shows a system that could change all of that. scott williams is tracking who's going to see rain and what time it will hit. florida mayor trying to drop off a friend when three guys ambushed him at gunpoint and robbed him. he's saying it was the longest minute saying he thought he was going to die. >> he said the entire deal start with one simple question. >> i said can i get a light from you from the roadway and we all get in the comfort zone and didn't even think twice about it. i said i don't have one and the next thing i know i'm ground and have a couple of guns pointed at my head. the mayor of sanford near orlando florida. the three men came out of nowhere. one put a gun in his mouth, another a gun at his ear and reportedly repeatedly screamed
10:31 pm
at him. stole his wallet and car and took off. police got there in just a few minutes and caught two of the three. 17 and 18, that mayor says he still shaken up. >> it's a random act. it was perfect timing. they just happened to be there whatever they were doing. it happens. just goes to show you you have to be aware and life is very sudden. very quick. >> both suspects are charged with carjacking with a firearm. and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. that third is still on the loose tonight. to virginia where a little boy is recovering after a snake bit him. a copperhead bit 16 month on auden. his mom says he was in that hospital for days, partly because when doctors gave him the antivenom his throat began to swell and he had trouble breathing. >> they drew blood so many times
10:32 pm
they ran out of veins. it got really, really intense. >> wow. the important thing, auden seems to be recovering well but the antivenom that cured him cost 3,000 a vial. he needed 16. so a relative has set up a gofundme page to help the family. on to your weather authority. great day to get outside. ♪ ♪ great day for music as well at penns landing, it was celebration of ireland. hundreds came out to see traditional irish dancing. it was all picture of a peco multi-cultural series. and a special day for a member of our fox 29 family at the irish festival. marian von was one of our
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honorees. >> for part of the area tomorrow, iain, mainly the poconos mountains and lehigh valley. but beautiful on this sunday. pretty nice, look at this current temperatures in philadelphia. 73. we made it up to 87 this afternoon. a couple of degrees above average. it's been cooler at the shore, 67 atlantic city. 65 in wildwood. 78 in allentown. in or around voorhees right now 69. 63 the cool spot there in hammonton, 65 in wildwood along with avalon. dry and quiet as we take a look at what's happening on ultimate doppler. look at this line of showers and thunderstorms, that the a cold front that were inches away toward our area during the day tomorrow. most of us are dry but once again, some of that activity will move into the poconos mountains and the lehigh valley. the high pressure that gave a us a nice weekend out to sea. here's the front as we go hour by hour. by tomorrow evening, watching
10:34 pm
some of that rainfall move into the fall. western counties, carbon, monroe, lehigh valley but by tuesday morning, that system is going to be right on top of it. tuesday will be the best chance for rain area-wide. not a whole lot of rainfall tomorrow. maybe a tench in an inch. but by tuesday, at 5:00, we're looking at a quarter of an inch to half. it's pretty quiet as far as that visibility tonight but by tomorrow morning, there could be patchy fog out there. temperatures for tonight, upper 50's. pretty nice to open the windows that the out lying suburbs tonight each other patchy fog tomorrow. upper 60's to start. temperatures by lunchtime. still in the low 80's. the expected high temperature for tomorrow right around 84 degrees. partly sunny. that 30% storm chance mainly the far western counties. temperatures over the next
10:35 pm
couple days, just a a few degrees below that average for this time of year climbing up to 86. that's the average. the best chance tuesday, scattered showers and storms, 83 degrees will be the high temperature. of then at the middle and latter part of the week, seasonal, dry, quiet for the upcoming weekend, part of the weekend could be a little unsettled, scattered showers and storms likely on saturday. a sneak peak head to the upcoming fourth of july. looks hot and also looks dry. . remember may when it was kind of wet? >> exactly. >> now we have almost a drought condition. >> exactly. >> especially far north and west, about two, three inches. >> also in my garden, i would appreciate some rain. >> that will do it for us on the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> keep it right here, there's all kinds of excitement waiting in wings.
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it's howard in the house for sports sunday. ♪ ♪ . yes, elvis has left the building but i have come into the building. welcome to sports sunday. sixers have a new beginning with the number one pick ben simmons, why can't many fans give up a brutal part of their past. bob cooney will tell us why he still loves him and where the sixers go from here and the phillies find different ways to lose games. now it's the pitching. giants doing it on purpose. woke the phils up, coming up in sports.


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