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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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hey, good day, everybody it is tug august 2nd, 2016. your great grand mom's birthday. >> yes, she is turning 102. >> 102. >> 102? how about that. >> yes. >> we will show pictures in a little bit because her story is amazing. >> very neat. >> there she is. >> this is in texas over the weekend. i could not be there i was so sad. people came together to wish her a happy birthday. we will show it to you. >> why couldn't you, a woman is 102 why wouldn't you have traveled back to dallas. >> you will make me feel bad, with the dnc and all that stuff. >> you were lazy and tired. >> flights were all book, tickets are expensive. >> we were all together. listen to this, could you handle this.
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seven children, 34 grandchildren, 36 great grandchildren, 16, great, great grandchildren, three, great, great, great grandchildren and best thing when you call she makes you feel like you are the only one. she knows your name. they say she brought out a doll that i gave her at six years old. i remember alex gave this to me. everybody just says, a little note and stuff. live on the cattle ranch, 65 acres in mapel texas. >> we have some of her kids will come by and star by. if you want to stay in the ranch, she will stay there. >> and she's very sweet. >> yes. >> and she was men for sweet potato pie. >> probably after. >> people have have been tweeting what is the secret. >> that is nice. >> yes. >> have i known it was your birthday this past weekend i would have gone back at least somebody on the staff should have have gone.
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>> and hang on. >> why do you have to do that. >> i feel horrible i live so far away. >> when i went home to texas, she had a big celebration and so that is like my dad, my grand pop and then migrate grand mom my dad and me all together. >> that is fantastic. >> that is fantastic. >> yes. >> you think i'll make 102. >> yeah. >> at the rate you are going. >> you might know the secret because you live, your live your life. >> now control roomies saying no. >> no. >> i believe it. >> i won't make 100 and two. i won't make two more. >> stop it. >> all right. it is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. i have said that 18 times now. >> are you okay. >> suicide squad, will smith is here. he is a big star. he is on "good day philadelphia", this morning. and a new law may change
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the way you strap your kid in for a ride in the car. proper way, the proper way to keep your kids safe in the back seat, apparently you are doing it wrong now. >> one of my favorite humans on earth is ryan lochte. >> i heard he is noting to the olympics looking like this. he is something new and improved in time for rio and we will talk bit. >> does he want to be a silver medalist. >> you need to keep going for the gold. >> he is going gold. >> we will discuss it. >> yes. >> 9:03. competitive youth sports in the united states, are rising in popularity, and costs. now, any parent in this day and age that isn't driving their face off, every day, and, take their kid to some sport. survey released yesterday, and, paying between, $10,500 a month, just to get their kids in sports, drive them around,
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gasoline, juice boxes,. >> and it is a modest amount. >> and she's paying more than $1,000 a month. some parents, even admit to working second jobs, and deleting, getting into their savings, depleting their savings just to to make sure their kids play these sports. >> wow. >> get this of the nearly 8 million students playing high school sports in the you had, only about 500,000 -- 500,000 will compete at the college level, you know, ncaa, schools. society really worth it. of course, majority of these kids will never make it to elementary school sports, much like high school sports, never play college. >> way to put it in a positive way there. >> you have to inspire the children home from school watching right now. >> well what i'm saying is, you know. >> listen to this.
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>> at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. >> i follow our executive producers, one of the executive producers is that his title now. >> i think he is executive, senior executive producer. >> senior executive producer tom loudon who has two daughters. i follow him on instagram. tom, every single kay you are going to soccer or something. >> tonight we have soccer, practice at 6:30. summer basketball just ended last week. every night of the week. it comes down to do your kid like it. chances are they will not make it beyond a certain level. if they like playing. my oldest doubt are loves playing sports. we're in that first group between one and $500 a month in competitive sports. i will be honest that is on the low even. one in five is more. what lauren is saying is right, where i live it is lucky. it is not outrageous but it is a lot of money. we have said no to a couple
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camps because we have two kids going all the time. it is a fact. >> i would have gone to texas for my grand mom's 102nd birthday. >> don't to this to me. >> tom doesn't have have any money for a razor. >> lets get to jen fred. >> we have to make sacrifices. >> your constantly on the go too, jen. >> yes, because, we are talking about ballet, and piano lessons, and the thing that gets me some of these parents are sending their kids on top of the travel, uniforms, on top of the driving to private coaches especially king of prussia, main line, there are private coaching centers, you send your kid there for an hour for 150 bucks to learn how to throw a ball. you know what he we do at fredrick household. we call high school guy, he flips the ball around with brody. i will say this is my favorite sport of all time. they are families that i know. they had kid. they had this girl in like four different softball
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leagues. they live in montgomery county. they enroll her in delaware county. they want her to be tough, softball, softball, softball, she gets to the tenth grade. all of the girlfriend are playing lacrosse, she's going to corn toll play lacrosse. it was never on their radar. >> there you go. >> she didn't even necessity how to play lacrosse. she will go there and she will go to college, ivy league, she had grade but they spent thousands of dollars on softball. >> i think it comes down to do the kids love it. similar thing with my daughter with basketball. she had her team and another team from town over after she wanted to play for them. we were going to play for two teams all summer and basically four nights a week with you she was disappointed when season was over. when you push them to do it when you have the problem. and, and, sacrificing things thaw need.
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and, it is more about that is what she loves to do so we will support that. >> doesn't that feel better, tom. your daughter is like all-star on a team. if you have all this money, great return here. >> she enjoys it, doing well but next year kid get bigger. >> it happened to me. >> i play basketball growing up and then i realize i have not grown since fourth grade. >> that shouldn't be the goal, it is the journey. >> it is enjoying it. that is where she hangs out with her friends. my youngest daughter started to get in ice skating. that is what she enjoys doing. as long as they are having fun. that is their friend. that is their friend. when parents have unrealistic expectations i will put new this stuff and you will play for villanova and jay wright you will be disappointed. >> it is just the journey. >> yes, quickly. >> tom makes a good point. this is a modern play date.
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the kids are not hanging out after school. you are putting kid in gymnastic with their friends or basketball with their buddies. everybody is going every where. my friend vince papale he said give them an individual sport each season and team sport to inspire themselves and be happy for themselves. they will get along as part of the team. >> okay. >> beautifully said. >> lets put a button on that story, thanks very much. speaking of sports, olympics, opening ceremony is this friday i believe in rio di janeiro. >> yes. >> well, going back for summer olympics is my good friend ryan loche, he has a different hair due we will show you. he looks dramatically different then he did a few years ago when to this day in the one week will go by where somebody doesn't stop me on the street and say, ryan loche interview. we interviewed him. he had a reality show about his real life.
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>> yes. >> and he just didn't seem like, well, it didn't seem like there would be a lot of material. the show wouldn't sustain itself because well... hit it. >> say that again joe that was a good line. there you go. it didn't seem like the light was on in his refrigerator. you know what i mean. here's a reminder of that. >> he is in water sports. ryan, good luck to you, we will be watching. >> oh, thank you. >> seriously, how are they go to go get enough material. what was the question, that
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stumped him. >> what a woman can say. >> i get silence. >> no, just a woman couldn't say anything. >> i neat some oatmeal on that. >> seriously, are will they put together 13 weeks of programming. >> he is cute. >> did you see the plan. >> yes. >> anyway he has a new look. >> he has gone silver. so, he is dying his hair and waiting for to it process. >> that is how it looks right now. >> i think it looks cool. >> it is not silver but light blue. >> why would it be silver if you are trying to go for gold. >> do you think he should have got gold air. >> may have been expensive. >> good point. >> gold can be blon, right.
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>> yes. >> he was already blonde. >> maybe do blonde and put real gold gel in there. >> yes. >> it will look cool in the pool. >> it will be what. >> it will look cool in the pool. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> maybe he is just shooting for silver like he doesn't train hard enough. >> maybe trying to tell us not to expect much, people. >> yeah, it is over. >> forget texting and printing cursive -- what is this. >> cursive writing. >> do you remember story in alabama. >> they are demanding that their students still learn cursive writing. >> i remember that paper. >> yes. >> the paper here. >> and you had to stay in the lines. >> just like that. >> should we do it. >> yes. >> well, i'm going to. >> let me get my sharpe back
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together. >> new alabama law requires cursive writing to be taught by even of the third grade in allstate schools. it went in effect yesterday. spread across the state. according to the plan students will begin learning cursive from second grade through a five day lesson plan that covers lower and upper case letters. they think that in the the state of alabama, kids are starting to not know how to write anymore. so we have set up, a little board here. we made this so dramatic. we need to grease this for god's sake. will that be shiny. >> now, this was very important to us when we were growing up, the nuns insisted that we had good penman-ship. >> i always remember two things are hard for me to do was a z and also when you a b
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and a r. >> write zebra. >> that is true. >> okay. >> what? >> sort of like this. >> my z is wrong. >> no, your z looks good to me. >> your z is wrong for cursive >> i don't know. >> go ahead and do it. >> put it down, where it says lauren. >> a z goes like this, alex. >> no it doesn't. >> it took me a second try, that is all. >> get out of my face. >> don't talk about my b. >> my best b.
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>> let me see your z. >> this is a z. >> what? >> i did it right. >> yes. >> look right there. >> that is a stupid looking b. >> this is my b is that the same kind of b. >> yes. >> here you go. >> can you you pull up a z, what is wrong with my z. >> no, that is lower case. >> is what an upper case z. >> i don't know. >> now put that up in the control room. >> it is same as lower but bigger. >> well, we're close. >> i have a curly q right there. >> close enough. >> what about an l. >> that is easy one just a loop. >> what happened to my sharpe. >> why don't we get it fixed so people can see this. >> do we have anymore. >> this is pathetic.
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>> where are the big thick sharpes. >> you left it at dnc which you were writing on the walls. >> this just shows that maybe you should get to school in alabama. >> that is permanent. >> that is an l. >> i'm sure we can get it off. >> lower kl. >> l's are easy. show me your z. >> i'll show you my z. >> do b connected to an r. >> br. >> lower case. >> b, r. >> that looks like somebody with a disorder. >> it looks like a k. >> okay. >> we have proven their point. but when do you use it. only time you use cursive when writing a check. >> signing the check. >> but that is just it. >> say my name. >> sue, do you write in
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cursive. >> when i write a thank you note. >> hey, here's the thing, i will run outside, sue because you there are new safety, new ways to strap your kid. >> yes. >> strap your kid in the car seat. >> for a good reason. >> lets take a look at that forecast for tonight. they are back in town. starting series with the giants tonight. here's the outlook for the first pitch tossed at 7:05. a few clouds around. lower humidity. i think by this evening we will start to feel difference. it will be around eight on 79 degrees when game begins no jacket required. right now temperature 57 in philadelphia 76 in wilmington. sixty-four this mount pocono. already up to 77 in wildwood. we have a chance of the stray shower or two, today, maybe even a pop up thunder storm. less humid. mix of sun and included on
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thursday. so tomorrow and thursday look like best weather days of the week. after today next chance of rain and thunderstorm won't be until late in the day on saturday. that is a look at your seven day forecast, lets go outside and take a look at mike and the tiny human who will demonstrate the new car seat. >> okay. >> we will take it, sue. viewers sent us the whole alphabet. >> yes. >> we have been rag this. >> but, mike is outside, is he ready? i don't -- he is ready new now, new car see law goes into effect this month. it should cut down with confusion parent may have when it comes to rear and forward facing and booster seats. >> mike, you are outside with a doctor from chop. >> let's do this? we have the minivan over there, right. we have a child about to throw a fit. we have torey. >> hi, how are you. >> producer, "good day
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philadelphia" producer torey. >> hi there. >> good to see you. >> do you want to hold that. >> fine. >> take it away. >> how old. >> forty-three months. >> adorable. >> who are you. >> i'm heard of that i will jump in front of you. hi, gina, so what are the new rules. >> new law goes into effect here in pennsylvania. >> show this. >> it is starting in in all kid up until their second birthday need to ride in the car. >> one month from his second birthday. >> he is tearing the cara part is this part of the law. >> somebody come over to help could that be a pos built. >> is it rear facing. >> hello there, how are you. >> because they are under the
9:20 am
age of two. >> yes. >> this is fan has particular. >> past the age of two what happened. >> yes. >> you can turn it forward facing. >> should he be upside down. >> we recommend that he sits in the car seat in the full hardness. >> okay. >> so is what the weight, i'm confused, when can we turn him around. >> you can turn him around after he reachinges maximum height or weight of the car seat which occurs at the age of two or beyond that. >> give me those maximum weights. >> every car seat is different. some max out at 40-pound, some go even longer. it is car seat specific. >> this is the best demonstration ever done on morning television show. >> is what going on, torey. >> i don't know i'm losing it.
9:21 am
>> he is out of it. >> he is going to drive. >> would you recommend that, gina. >> we would recommend he does not drive the vehicle,. >> and, 23 months. >> and we should drive rear facing. >> okay. >> let me get this door for you. >> this is the beg zest meant ever. >> come on back in here. are you ready to go. can you take me over to wawa. >> yes. >> i'm right here. >> say bye. >> should you ever drive standing. >> we would always recommend sitting and seat belts on. >> okay. >> where can we get rules is it printed out on some web site. >> it is currently on the state's web site again just reiterate we want kids to ride rear facing as long as possible. new law is up until their
9:22 am
second birthday unless they reach maximum height or weight for their car seat. >> torey, thanks. >> we will try to find a different kid for next segment. >> bye, noah. >> bye. >> bye-bye. >> all right. by the way, kids it is nationalize cream, nationalize cream sandwich day. so we will get to that in a minute. all right, lauren, alex. >> we don't need a different baby we have to keep noah. that was hilarious. >> we cannot stop laughing and crying. >> forget rear facing, noah got in the driver's seat. >> i'm trying to drive. >> i'm driving this thing. >> another reminder. >> yes. hilarious. you have to laugh at it though. >> 9:22. did you know lauren that not all salads are created equal. there are all kind of things, more more year. but leafy green meals they cost us more calories then a
9:23 am
burger you might think you are safe and you good with the salad there are some things that could be wrong. certain ingredients you should do. >> she's the on the run again. >> oh, no. >> he is ready to drive. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
9:24 am
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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did you see this woman on social media, people going crazy, good, bad, pregnant, she's pole dancing or whatever it is. do you want to roll roll it? this is it.
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>> my goodness. >> holy molly, wait for it, that is strength to be able to do that. >> what is wrong with that. >> you are heavier when you have a baby. >> yes. >> her water didn't break. >> baby was on its way. >> she knows what she's doing. >> her name is kate bailey, that was impressive. >> now do either one of you have a pole like that in your bedroom. >> i have taken the class and it is hard work. >> stripper pole class. >> do you have one in yours. >> well, who doesn't. >> how did you think she got pregnant. >> not all salads are created equal. >> you ever order a salad at a fast food joint instead of the hamburger. look at that one, 530 calories. what causes the high calorie content. look at that mom amount almost 800 calories for a salad? what is the problem? what does this got?
9:28 am
i'm bloated going to the fast food place. >> a lot more than you bargain for. it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood.
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he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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>> fast-food restaurant, get ago hamburger, whatever. but now they have salads. >> yes, oh, eat healthy, you order the salad, you think you're good. >> high calorie content in some of the ceiling adds, we brought joes any . >> people will know, will be surprise today know some of the salads are more calories than a big mac. >> hi, joes. >> i hello. >> start with this one. dieses scribe what's in it? >> go and get a salad, sometimes a topping of chicken, which everyone thinks
9:32 am
is great, when it is fried, probably not your best option. combined with a lot of the different dressings, such as a ranch, that will give you a total of 490 calories. >> let's call it 500. >> okay, 500. and 28 grams of fat. >> wow. >> which is a lot of fat. >> because it is breaded and all of that? >> you have the breaded, and then the dressing, as well. >> all right. describe the salad. >> so this salad looks really healthy, you have got some apples on it, your chicken not fried. blew it also has is a lot of walnuts, or pecans, your dried food actually will build up your calories really fast. so, this salad will actually total you around 507 calories, and 34 grams of fat. >> wow. >> and that also includes the dressing, too, so we can cut down on some of the fat, but not all of it. >> you keep bringing up the dressing. someone told me a wheel ago, whiter, creamy, always not
9:33 am
good for you, if you are trying to be healthy stick with the vinegarette. >> exactly right. so go for something little clearer, something like a vinegarette over the -- as opposed to the goo that has a ton of calories. >> other well known fast-food restaurants. what is this one? >> this one the same idea with the nuts in it, but also has a lot more dried fruits, a lot of people like to put x-rays inches, or dry cranberry us. >> love that. >> it builds up fast, so if you control it, make your own salad, you can keep the calories low. but, these places want to to taste good, so they load it up with a lot more dried fruits than necessary. >> let's see. >> all right. you got 580 calories, 26 grams of fat. >> this is not so bad. croutons, soak it in butter and then bake them. so, they're little butterballs
9:34 am
of bread. >> little -- >> five times -- >> butterballs every bread. butterballs of bread. butterballs of bread. butterballs every bread. >> okay, you can say it. what about this one? i love avacado, avacado's in this one, bacon there is one will be probably kind of me? >> your classic cobb salad. one of the things with could be salad, you do have a lot of protein, probably more protein than you really needed you have the egg, plus the bacon, plus the bacon, just really doing it up. >> are you ready? >> reveal. >> let's see it. >> boom. >> ya, 530 calories, and 31 grams of fat. >> oh, all right. >> this one is grand finale. >> okay? >> kind of like a chicken sees smash. >> so anyone, probably not the best for you, a lot of parmesian on it. delicious. contains a lot of calories, plus, the fried chicken, plus of course we have to have the creamy dressing. so that means we get a total of ... drum roll ...
9:35 am
>> this is actually about hundred calories more than a big back. >> 200 calories more than a big mac? >> more than a big mac. >> josey, how many calories should we be consuming? most people a day, most people can range anywhere between 1300 to somebody that's very active, closer to 2,000. >> even this one what almost 800. and that's one meal. >> one meal. >> try to keep your meals generally for just a moderately active person, around 500 or less maybe 300 -- >> what the heck do you know eating 1300 calories a day? >> oh, the patients that i have put on 1300-calorie diet. >> the people i work with, ya. >> the ones that listen to me. >> we below that before 10:00 this morning. >> you definitely will if you keep going after that salad. >> it is national ice cream sandwich day. >> we'll probably have one.
9:36 am
>> then not the salad, too. one or the other. >> josie, thank you. most of these fast-food restaurants have the calories. >> they do. >> so, it doesn't have to be a secret. you can look up all your calories on line. if it is a fast-food place, or a chain restaurant, they have to post their nutritional information. >> chicken is good, though. >> eat those calories up. >> yes. >> we won't count them. >> very close to that 790. >> good to see you. >> thank you, so i'll just work this off at camp. >> camp kelly, not just any camp. >> it is not just any camp. you're right. this is camp kelly. here with the university of delaware students doing some science experiments, at the them ores dupont hospital for children. check this out. look at that. wow, it worked. yahoo. stay here, coming right back. >> oh, we got the volcano to work! i approve this message.
9:37 am
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it is time for camp kel i bob has all the fun. >> always. >> so this particular camp is really close to his heart. >> so his wife, kerry, works at the camp inside the dupont hospital. bob, tell us all about it. >> oh, you know what? just because you're a kid, and you're sick or maybe you're in the hospital, doesn't mean you can't have fun at summer camp. right? we're inside a 30-foot inflatable earth. check this out. it is like a gigantic big balloon, and the folks from the delaware children's museum use this as teaching tool, and with their pointers they can teach them geography, gives
9:41 am
them a chance to get distract from the their daily routine here, being in the hospital, and what's so cool is that as quick as we can come in, step aside, gang, watch this, are you ready? we'll unzip it, come on, tommy, going back outside, we're set up camp here in the atrium, at them ores a. i. dupont hospital for children, director of child life camp, keeping the kids busy what it is all about, right? >> yes, keeping the kids busy, camp we belong is this week, starting our program, bob is sporting our shirt this morning. >> we got the science experiments. >> we do, we have university of delaware stem program this morning, they're doing cool science, cool science stuff with the kids. >> dry ice. >> oh, no. >> the things that explode and make smoke are always fun. >> messier the better. >> absolutely. >> that's why we'll come over here, tommy. we have oh, look at this. >> next, arts and crafts. >> how old are you, little guy? >> i think i'm a little too old. >> obviously one of the dads here, but we have the finger
9:42 am
painting, we have the arts and crafts, so it is all about keeping them busy, distracting. >> absolutely yes, and providing little fun away from home, even when you're in the hospital. lots of kids go to summer camp. and so we are really all about trying to bring camp to the kids here. >> and like we belong. >> everybody belongs here, no matter what your ability level, children up in their rooms that can't come down, we have the activities at the bedside. we don't leave anybody out. >> over here, my favorite part. are you ready? come on over here. excuse me. this is, you call this, dirt, right? >> okay, now, watch, check it out, gang, are you ready? so this is pudding, chocolate pudding. we're going to throw in, go ahead, throw in some dirt, which is actually what, mixed up oreos? >> put it in there. >> and then? >> and then you get to pick a worm. >> what do we have in the backyard? worms? >> there you go, and your special -- >> cup of dirt. you guys know i like to bring
9:43 am
smacks back afterward, bringing you all back a cup of dirt from a. i. dupont hospital. back to you guys in the studio. >> oh, okay, i'll take it, plus, mike already has a dirty mouth. >> what? >> he's like what's going on? >> for the work they do, that's great. 9:43, out this weekend, wait is over, we're talking to will smith. he'll give us a preview, then we'll talk to him about some philly stuff of course, like wawa? >> like wawa.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> will split is in this move. >> i okay, so see how this works, a pretty cool move. >> i yes. >> will smith is a pretty cool guy from philadelphia, so it is like what am i going to bryn him, the tastycakes, am i going to bring him, you know, a soft pretzel? you know, one woman who was there, she said, you know, bring him a hoagie. but, you know, that is stink i, i won't bring that. so, i did what i thought was the best, i know you probably don't agree with this. what i did is i said, you'll see, okay? >> who needs -- >> oh, very funny. wawa. >> do you know what this is? >> that's hilarious. >> okay. >> like a local supermarket kind of thing in fill.
9:47 am
>> i do your kids know what wawa is? >> no clue. >> so, i'm going to give this. >> oh, so sweet. >> there is probably like 13 cents on there. >> oh, you've used it, perfect, it expired? >> it is not expired. enjoy. >> enjoy, okay. >> good stuff. this is good stuff. >> nice, jen. does that mean you re-gift that? >> basically re-gift dollars. i figure he can use it, probably has two, $3 on it, when i said your boy was outside, i was talking about jaden, i talked to quince bye this upstairs. i don't know how you guys would have felt about this, do i have to get my picture? he had on like this cool la look. and so i felt like i shouldn't. now, quincy said back in the 80s, he saw jay-z and will smith together, and he has nightmares about not getting the picture. >> really? >> so i know would you have asked for the picture. it was weird, right, when is
9:48 am
my badge going to be done, right? so another thing, i know you love this girl, margo rob. >> i yes. >> i saw her on stain gram. first of all look at this picture, okay? it is a picture of her surfing, she basically calls out the paparazzi, you know, dude, you probably had a thousand pictures of me, why did you pick this one? >> thanks for always catching me at my best angle. >> i know that -- a thousand photos, and they pick out -- sometimes i look in the mirror before i go out, i really didn't look that bad that day. maybe? >> good sport about it, though. >> now, you guys know that her harley quinn will be the halloween costume for this year? >> oh, already, already, every day life, people are wearing it. >> and called me on the way, holly green every direction, from like, you know, four year old girl to, yes, all men
9:49 am
would be. and, ya. >> it is cool to see the different versions that people, you know, not just the suicide squad. the comic books, yeah. >> litter this week i'll show you what i am talking about. blonde hair, i don't know -- >> beyonce, our movie critic guy, he wears this all the time. >> and she showed up at the screening for the move. >> i look at that, harley quinn. >> with a bat. looking like that. >> sorry, my names. >> that's what they're saying. i think this will be the halloween costume. >> short shorts. >> on you? >> i'm working on it. >> you look really good in that. >> thank you. >> she was working it, sitting back in the chair. >> will smith, i got a question for you. >> ya. >> do you watch the batch lorette. >> yes. >> did you see last night, the finale was last night. so who did she choose? if you didn't see it we'll play that for you. i hate that show. >> i love you.
9:50 am
so much. i want to spends the rest of my life with you. joeelle, will you marry me? >> yes. >> oh, my god, i love it. >> give me that hand. give me that hand. i'm shaking. >> the bachelorette, right, she chose him. she chose him, then he asked her to marry him? >> yes, she chose him. >> so this dude is jordan rogers, that's aaron rogers, the quarterback's brother? >> yes. >> they don't speak any more, do they? what happened? do we know? >> well, i will say this, jordan the snaz yes, sir instagram post ever, i love you, love you, love up. because they -- >> what when are these two getting married? >> they pick 2017. already looking at dates. >> they are? >> they said he's moving to dallas with her. >> oh,. >> look at that.
9:51 am
>> look at that ring. bling bling. >> what a dopey show that is. >> i'm not a fan with you either. i've never seen an episode. >> never. >> the batch lore? >> ya. >> like one woman will make out with 25 guys. >> ya? >> and trying to find love. like -- >> three weeks. >> correct. >> it gets me. like are you the one? on m tv? or vh1? i like that one. trying to find the perfect match, yes. >> it is national ice cream sandwich day. and what better way to celebrate? we'll go outside. >> to a truck. >> in. >> little bicycle. >> look at that sandwich, wow. >> that's a big one. let's go outside and eat ice cream. >> ♪ ice cream ♪
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
9:55 am
>> ♪ >> we're back! >> see, everyone so excited about ice cream, that's why it is national ice cream sandwich day. >> whoo. >> you guys, when i think of an ice cream sandwich, it looks a little different. like seriously, looks so good. >> they're thick. >> well they smash it. >> what's the name of the place? >> little baby's ice cream. >> where did you get that name? >> oh, have to reach in there, grab it. >> let's bring a little baby in? >> you guys provide pizza ice cream and everything else? >> pizza ice cream, yes, everything bake he will ice cream. >> bagel ice cream? it sounds good. now, look, ice cream? yes? ice cream? >> okay, so we'll make an ice cream sandwich. lauren lovers ice cream.
9:56 am
>> i do. >> so do you put it between cookies or what kind of bread do you have inbetween? >> different types of cookies. we have chocolate cherry, few different types of cookies, chocolate cherry. >> okay. >> minute chocolate -- >> snicker doodle. >> what casino of flavors do you have there? >> look at the list. >> let me see. >> smoke cinnamin. >> oh, that does sounds good. >> okay? >> let's put it together then. >> so do you guys worry about like having the right portions? you don't want too much ice cream. >> seriously? >> oh, we got 4-ounce super premium hands crafted ice cream, and we put that on our hand made cookies. we peak the cookies a perfect portion. >> you don't want to -- >> you know sometimes you bite into the ice cream sandwich it, oozes to the side, you don't want to lose the ice
9:57 am
cream, that's how you know it is good. >> yes. >> where are you from? >> los angeles. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you. >> do you want some free ice cream sandwiches. >> oh, i can't imagine. >> kids, come on up here. grab whatever you want. >> look at that smile. >> where do we find this bicycle? well, this bicycle little harder to find, but easier to find. we kind of use this for catering. >> oh,. >> would you have to call, if you want to swing by our store. >> look, that's happiness right there. oh, look! look at that. happiness. okay, go over there with your brother. >> go over there with your mom. >> all smiling, ya! >> oh, cinnamin on the side? >> noah what do you want? >> you all have a great day, thanks for being with us here on "good day" philadelphia. >> how is it, lauren? >> oh, good.
9:58 am
>> i'm next. i want to make mine, too. >> come on, noah! (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste
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from real ingredients. welcome to crock country.
10:00 am
"the wendy williams show." how had. >> the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i've come to tell you. with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i give it straight. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching our show. welcome.


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