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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. now it is time for america to bind the wounds of division, have to get together, to all republicans -- >> it is over, donald trump wins in one of the biggest political upsets in american history. the stunning call overnight, as the next president rides a wave renewing the republic control of congress. >> good day everybody, it is november the ninth, the day after the election, 2016. we'll check your weather and frack just a bit. but if you are just waking up and you went to bed last night before the election returns were finished, donald trump wins. trump wins. he'll be your 45th president. here is donald trump arriving at the trump tower, his place where he slept last night. in new york city, mid town manhattan, after winning the presidential election 2016. >> he made his speech telling crowds and the worlds that hillary clinton did call him
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to concede. >> about 2:30, 2:35 for the results to come in, and pennsylvania played major part pushing the number of electoral votes past 270 for donald trump. so donald trump won at least 27 states last night including pennsylvania, north carolina, and florida. all of those swing state. hillary clinton won at least 19 including new jersey, and delaware in our area. >> well we are live in new york where both candidates watched the results come in, joyce evans, is outside of clinton headquarters, but first we go to chris o'connell, in times square, and you were at trump election headquarters. chris? >> good morning, guys. you will have to forgive me. it was a long night. we didn't get out of the trump victory now celebration until about well close to 4:00 o'clock, see we are in times square, many of you waking up around the country now, and realizing donald trump is our new president-elect. the election, if it couldn't get any more stranger, donald
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trump and hillary clinton actually waking up across the street from one another today, here in new york sit, both of them probably thinking the same thing, what happened last night? close to 3:00 in the morning, when clinton called donald trump to concede the race, the crowd inside the mid town hilton went nuts. when trump got that 270 electoral vote to put him over the top, impromptu celebrations throughout the city. trump came out with his supporters, and his family, including governor chris christie, to address the crowd as his first address as president-elect trump. >> as i've said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard-working men and women who love their country and want a better brighter feature for
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themselves and for their family. it is a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs, who want and expect our government to serve the people and serve the people it will. >> reporter: now along with lots of cheers and lots of celebrations, i must say there were a lot of protests impromptu protests outside on the street throughout the night. i've been hearing chants of, well, you don't want to say profanity, but trump, crowds of people going through the street we're hearing, so you'll hear from more of them coming up at 6:30, but it was a long, wild night, here in new york city i, guys. >> also here in pennsylvania, thank you, chris.
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>> we have yet to hear hillary clinton's speech. she said she will speak sometime this morning. we hearing from her disappointed supporter. >> joyce evans has that, hey, joyce? >> reporter: i don't know if you guys can hear me, but chris mentioned strange, it was strange over at the jacob javitz center whole set stage in the shape of the united state, for what hillary clinton expected to be victory party there. people stood and some sat for hours and hours on end, only to wait until the middle of the night for chairman john pedestrian that's to come out saying there is nothing to see here, nothing to say here it, close to call. everybody go home. so we talk with people, you see some shots on their faces, the video we were able to take, this is the fourth chairman -- before john came out, then we talked with a couple of millennial new yorkers, who just didn't know how to put it much in words. >> you guys look really sad. you're wiping your eyes.
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>> yes, yes, i'm sad, i'm shocked. i'm hurt. >> yes? why are you hurt? >> i didn't expect that the united states would elect somebody who has been -- as devisive has donald trump has been. >> i can see tears in your eyes. >> this is a very emotional moment because it is not just the fact that trump has won, but it is a fact that progress in this country will turn back a lot, a lot of the things that we have fought for, are under threat. >> a lot of long faces outside there. but as chris mentioned, that there was a little bit of a rutkus over where he was, people were so upset and stunned as they left. hardly anybody said a word. however, as we start today leave, and as it started to sing in, people start today get angry. and we will hear from some of those. those two millennial new yorkers got angry after they were very sad.
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we'll talk to you in a little bit. >> quite a few tears there at the javitz center, joyce street in mid town manhattan. >> how the race breaks down locally. apparently came down to us in pennsylvania. >> put him over the top. >> 51% to 49%. the first time pennsylvania has gone red since 88. >> look at that popular vote. 2,900,000, 2,800,000. then to delaware. >> hillary clinton won the first state. but that ended up not mattering, 56%, donald trump, 44%. >> and let's go over to new jersey, also, clinton winning there. there it is, 55% to 442%, when it all shook out, didn't make any difference, donald trump will be your 45th president. to the low races in pennsylvania. >> senate race, big one, all eyes really across the country focusing on this race that made historiment toomey the
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incumbent will stay in his seat. >> you know ill endorse donald trump. an hour before the polls closed. 49 percent, 47%. it was close. but all three branches of the government belong to the republicans. >> talk to toomey after he won again. >> this was a tough campaign. >> this was quite a battle. there was an all time record amount of money spent against us, a loft ads were outright false. but, you know, the voters were smart enough to figure it out as they usually. >> katie mcginty still optimist being after her lost, to senator toomey. >> regardless the result of elections, that great experiment is entrust in the our hands, we thought we would finds a way through this election to help safeguard t that didn't work.
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but we can't not finds a way. because our country and frankly all the countries of the world depend on america getting democracy right. >> her high profile race against pat toomey is now considered to have topped spending records at $155 million. >> wow. we see that again? probably so. bunch more reelection coverage here on fox including the state of delaware, where congress woman made history last night. there she is, what lisa blunt rochester accomplished what nobody else has ever done. >> we want to know what you think of the results. election, why don't you share your thoughts? lori says i hope trump will unify not separate us. no one knows his true intentions, i just hope he makes america great again. >> from sue: i'm so happy we voted, but our precinct did not have i voted stickers. >> she is outraged she didn't get a sticker. >> a lot of people were. a lot of people love you have to have those sticklers
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breaking news this morning out of wilmington, delaware, look at the size of this fire, skyfox over this four alarm blaze, this is happening at a warehouse on riddle avenue and mill road. firefighters have set up tankers in the area. no report of any injuries right now, thank goodness. we will keep you updated on this gigantic fire in wilmington.
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>> coming up on 6:11, a major fire in wilmington, delaware now to up four alarms. >> this is stretch of wilmington, adjacent to the brandywine creek, trying to get a handle on what exact have i in this building that's been burning. talking about this for the last hour, just on the map here, off of mill road, there is a big condominium complex, and again, it is just adjacent to the brandywine creek. i think you mentioned, mike, trying to get more water to the scene there. out in this area fire hydrants tough, so bringing tanker trucks in to boost the water, and maybe have to run lines into the creek to actually pull water to help put the fire out here. >> this is just off park drive, you can probably see the flames from i-95, the august teen cut off is right there. just north of the state park. and the high school is over in that area, as women, so, this is certainly going to impact traffic.
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anybody in or out of wilmington, off of 202 and i-95, again, to up four alarms, and we're trying to get a handle on whether or not we have any injuries and we can see close as to whether that -- i'm not sure if that would be a warehouse or i'm feeling, maybe that condominium complex? >> this looks like a warehouse, bob. almost looks abandoned, like riddle avenue and mill. >> yes, and then just north of there it is a warehouse, okay, good. okay, so we're getting word it is the warehouse. >> certainly have a crew on the way there. so we will continue to give you updates. >> let's stay in wilmington and other part of delaware. big wins this morning for democrats in the first state. taking both the governor's race and the state, one seat in congress, john carney, who served three terms in congress, leaves washington, did. c to become delaware's next governor. he says the death of beau biden hit him hard, ill still
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inspires him to keep pushing forward. >> well it, feels like the bar is a little bit higher in terms of what you have to put into this. given that, you know, and i'm never forget that as the backdrop for the start of this. and it just makes me realize that i got to work harder. >> yesterday was also made when delaware elected both the first female and first african-american, in sending lisa blunt rochester to washington, dc. there she is. >> this, this is what history looks like. this is what coming together and moving forward feels like. can you feel it? >> can you feel it? rochester is new to the political arena. but so is our next president. never held public office, never served in the military.
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no problem. he's the 45th president of the united states. >> he is, a lot of people looking for the change, didn't want the establishment, so america spoke. >> not bad for your first job in politics, the president of the united states come late january. >> starting at the top. >> that's right. the presidential election results have an impact, of course, around the world. >> how financial markets have changed since news of donald trump's victory.
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>> 6:17. trump wins the presidency, he will be the next president of the united states so this is the national results we're showing you here. >> look how close. my goodness. did you go to bed early last night? not even early, say you went to bed at 1:00 in the morning, maybe thought there was still a chance for hillary clinton? no, donald trump is the president-elect. >> the time where a lot of people are going to bed, oh, too close to call, then what, around 3:00 a.m.? things changed. >> and then electoral college ended up being right now it is at 274 for donald trump, now we've gone up to 276. >> and 218 for hillary clinton. >> and of course the threshold there was 270. so, 276 right now. that's constantly updating here. okay. let's get to doug luzader.
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near trump tower. new york sit. are there people still out there, doug? >> reporter: yes, there are. a lot of media around us, obviously, here. the celebration was actually kind of down the street here. but trump tower is where they really engineered this stunning come from behind win. you have got to imagine the celebrations probably continuing inside this morning, but trump did proclaim victory last night, right around 3:00 in the morning. >> sorry to keep up waited. complicated business. complicated. >> complicated business is right. trump and the rest of america had to wait until some of the final result began to trickle in. showing what his support hers predicted all along, an upset, and the often fiery candidate tried to strike a gracious note as president-elect. >> for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few
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people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> trump said he had just received concession call from hillary clinton, but there had been some question about whether the clinton campaign would except the results. >> list attorney me. everybody should head home. you should get some sleep. we'll have more to say tomorrow. >> the clinton campaign chairman had tried to send supporters home and what was supposed to have been a celebration in new york. complete with glass sealing and at one point planned fireworks. in washington, outside the white house, a raucous scene as trump supporters mixed with disappointed clinton backers. >> disappointment honestly, as to how i feel. >> but the gop victory goes beyond the white house, in down ballot races republicans enough, to keep control of the senate and the house. the feeling soon to be
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president trump a remarkable hand. >> now we did not hear from hillary clinton last night. sources within her campaign say we should expect to hear from her speaking publicly, later this morning, the next big step for trump is to meet one-on-one with president obama, that should happen relatively soon, and mike and alex, we can talk all we want about this traditional swing states like ohio and florida but ultimately pennsylvania, i mean, what a slobbing, that was, i mean, that's kind of what put trump over the edge, ultimately, michigan the other state we talked becomes kind of in conjunction with pennsylvania, that state not been called. >> i take for granted he didn't bring up the fact that this was rigged? >> reporter: i think he considered this election to be on the up and up. >> okay. well, thank up, doug. >> up know, donald trump likes to put his name on casinos, airplanes, stuff, maybe the white house, trump across it. >> oh, trump house, instead of trump tower? >> never know.
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>> and they say president obama though reports it might be as early as thursday they have their meeting. >> that is a political tradition of course. 6:21 now. >> we head over to sue with a look at the weather. yesterday was a beautiful day. sunny, and now the rain comes. >> yes. finds that umbrella we haven't heeded it in a while. five out every ten, bus stop buddy showing you what you need. the rain gear today. temperatures are in the 40's, 50's, so it is a lot milder as you walk out the door. but this is what is happening. cold front bearing down on our area. high pressure was in control yesterday. that's what gave us the mild temperatures, and the beautiful sunshine that we had all day, and now here you see the rain, some of it with the darker green, little heavier now, but where we are seeing the rain mostly north and west of eggs, up in the mountains, lehigh valley now chester county starting to fill in with more green, even part of delaware county starting to get a little bit of the rain. we will will have it here in philadelphia any minute now
6:22 am
basically. then on and off throughout the day look at the rest of the future cast, even so, won't add up to very much. yes, rain with it, kind of dear when it is not raining, but when all is said and done, there you see the rain still with us, 5:00, 6:00. so it will affect both commute. we expect it here any moment in philadelphia. when all is said and done, .2 of an inch, .3 of an inch, that's about it, so temperatures miler than what they were yesterday because of the cloud cover we had over night. 52 degrees in philadelphia. don't expect to get much warmer with high of 57. fifty-eight tomorrow. nice day on veterans day. on friday. but then much chillier on saturday, with a high only around 50 degrees recover to about 56 with decent football weather sunday. >> 6:22, updating breaking news we look live, from skyfox, but here is a location of that four alarm err. it is in wilmington, right at riddle and mill is the inch second section where the alarms ers called for.
6:23 am
probably what we recall the old bancroft mills. abandoned building but going live to skyfox over the scene, on other side of this abandoned buildings are brand packing new condos that come up from one end and the opposite ends. but right up against this building that was abandoned, even touch to get to if you look at the maps, trying to filing out how firefighters could get into this location, obvious lay lack of fire hydrants, causing a shortage every water, bringing taj ers energy filled with water. now the brandywine creek is located right behind the old building here, and maybe one of the plans would be to throw one of their water lines into the creek to get water. but we can come back to my maps again this isn't going to be a big impact on traffic in this area. but more after concern about the folks that own the homes adjacent to this four alarm fire in wilmington at idle and
6:24 am
mill. stay over it and come back right after this.
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>> well donald trump's family gathered around him tightly there. as the election results rolled in. this is from donald trump's twitter. evening full of nail biting moment. gop candidate tweeted out this photo and watched the first
6:27 am
returns of the night come in at trump tower. like many voters they watched election coverage on television. >> so, important questions on the ballot for voters in our area yesterday. more on what you decided about casinos in new jersey, outside of atlantic city. and other ballot vote like the gasoline tax, where is that going? >> sweat remembers this season's must have fashion.
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>> now it is time for america tibien the wounds of division, have to get together, to all republicans, democrats, independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together, as one united people. (cheers). >> time. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all america, and this is so important to me. >> well, you're hearing him. the president-elect. donald trump wins in one of the most biggest political upsets in the history of the united states. hillary clinton's concession call, as republican party celebrates sweeping victories this morning. >> it was a shocker. hey, good day everybody, none of the pollsters had it right. i'm never looking at another pole. it is november the ninth, the day after the election 2016. >> let's get to this breaking news out of wilmington, delaware, skyfox has been live
6:31 am
over four alarm blaze, look at this, it is a warehouse out there. on riddle avenue in mill road. fire fighers have tankers up in the area. and there are no report of injuries right now. but we did have some people who have been tweeting they say that this is is right next to a $9, actually new condos built right next to this warehouse. karen just tweeted she said it is bancroft mills, his tore he can textile factory in wilmington. >> hey, if you know, was it an act active warehouse? was it abandoned? >> tracey treated very old unoccupied mill. said she lives in the neighborhood right next to this fire. but just tweeted her to see if she knows anything, anyone in the area has been hurt by it because this is big one. >> philly certainly has a history of these type of warehouse fires that are abandoned, and they go up big time. >> this 11 alarm, two, three, now up to four alarms there. be careful everybody. bob that is monday of that when we get into traffic.
6:32 am
the big news around the world, up do will be the 45th president of the united states. celebrating with his family, so, it took until about 2:30 this morning for the result to come in and be finalized. it all came down to us here in the great commonwealth of pennsylvania. in fact let's look at the map here now. okay, 276 electoral college vote. you needed 270 to become the next from president. donald trump did it last night, well there is morning. hillary clinton ended up in electoral college vote at 218. that is as of right now. >> when it comes to the popular vote, pretty close. >> my goodness yes. basically 50, 50, 41 to 49%. so, steve keeley, lauren johnson, getting local ring. >> a lot of people are waking to up this news, gave his speech at 3:00 a.m. >> about 3:00 this morning, first to new york city where chris evans, chris o'connell standing by, joyce evans there
6:33 am
at the clinton campaign headquarters this having their watch party. and then chris o'connell, was at where trump pastily was. >> but they both moved to mid town manhattan, chris in times square, joyce over there 848th. let's start with chris. >> good morning, guys. guys just came to up me in times square this morning and said please tell me it was all a dream last night. i wasn't sure if he was a trump supporter or not, but those thoughts being echoed by many around the country, after this historic win by donald trump. and i do mean historic. described by many as the biggest political upset in history, a man who has never served public offers, man who has never served in the military, he beat out 16 other senators and governors for the republican nome make, now the white house. donald trump addressed it crowd close to 3:00 this morning after receiving the phonecall from hillary
6:34 am
clinton, conceding the race. he walked on to the stage with family and his supporters, he said he is reaching out to everyone you just heard him say, many watching through the night, myself included. it was emotional roller coaster. >> 3:30 in the morning, after being in the military for 24 years, and watching our country go into horrible direction, tonight it was saved. tonight we are going to be the united states of america again. >> we are making history right now. it is happening. worlds is changing for the better. >> trump is the president, which this is too big for him. he doesn't deserve to be. it is far away from being someone like president, okay? >> a lot of cleaning going on in times square, for give all of the noise, but i can tell
6:35 am
you being at the mid town hilton last night, walking in there yesterday, it was very subdued. i talked to several very high donors of donald trump, and they were not at all optimistic. they were hopeful bye not optimistic. but my every hour, every state that came in, guys, so momentum, you just spelled it changing by the night. through the end of the night that room was basically exploding. >> i can under stands why. nice job, had about a half hour of sleep, doing great job there. >> yet to hear from hillary clinton. a lot of time the losing candidate will come out to the podium say that i've called the candidate who won, but she did not make appearance last night. >> but she did make the phonecall to donald trump. we are expect to go hear from her sometime this morning. but we are certainly hearing from her supporters. >> joyce evans, mid town manhattan, joyce? >> reporter: hey, actually on 47th street, just a half block from chris there at times square. and we had the exact opposite
6:36 am
experience from chris, we got to the jabitz, picked symbolically, with the glass sealing, so hoping for different kind of history, hoping to witness the first president of the united states be a woman last night. but that didn't happen. it started off very, very jubilant, everybody got in, it was packed. supporters, everybody. nobody had a doubt. they had this until the bag. but as the night went on, the nail biting started, and around midnight or so, it looked very, very worried. by the time we left, they were scared and then they were angry. listen to couple of mill indians from new york we spoke would. >> it is not just the fact that trump has won, but the fact that progress in this country will turn back a lot of the things that we've fought for, our under threat a lot of people who have worked really hard to be here will
6:37 am
now pay possible deportation. >> sorry the advantage vast majority of people in the country feel like he is worthy of the presidency. >> looks like he is going to be with it. >> yes, looks like that, yes. and this is america. we do democracy. and the people have spoken. >> a lot of people hung around, just waited because they figure they would still hear from hillary clinton. waiting for hillary. that's what we heard all night long. never got hillary, as you no, ma'am, chairman came out and said too close it call. won't be hearing from the candidates tonight. we will be talking in the morning. the morning is here. still no word. we're hearing maybe this morning, maybe this afternoon, and one says says maybe not until tomorrow waiting for hillary near times square. >> okay. >> i'm joyce answer, reporting live, back to you. >> as soon as we know of course we'll make sure to car that i live. >> we'll punch it up for up
6:38 am
for sure. sounds like joyce may be up in new york another night. >> has been all throughout the election night. probably not much sleep either. >> we start with steve in bridesburg, steve? >> reporter: know one will ever believe a pole ever again. i think it is safe to say. that will alex you said people waking up to the news, we found people waking to up the into us but people staying up with the news all night. and here is the newspaper that finally got delivered, just couple every minutes ago, and it is only the inquirer that has the story, the same delivery woman that brought this paper here, to the bridesburg 7-eleven, and by the way, the papers going fast. the daily news had that dated front page still expect second edition there, called it nail biter. i can't look with their headlines, so they didn't have the final on the daily newspaper. same with the county times, still not able on them. another decision still needs to be delivered. here is the combine i err,
6:39 am
i've been a quid here, and i delivered the inquirer in the 70s, i remember the flyers headline, phillies headline. i don't think i've ever seen a bigger banner headline, maybe because it need many letters, trump wins, maybe war is over, got the size of this he is letters, as the pain hears shrunk over time from its normal size there is headline says it all with it shy here. by the way speak egg of the people who stayed up with the news all night, see the words trump there, you will see it again in even bigger letters, our friend howards from bridesburg who watches us saw me over here live at 4:00 got into his buick grands marquis to drive over here to show me and everybody the vanity plate he got in 2003 when he wanted donald trump to run for president the first time. here is how regard who didn't want his face shown. he gets a lot of thumbs-up, and sometimes i gets the middle finger samuel.
6:40 am
>> since 2008, that's how long you've will in this car in place. >> yes, i bought it in 207803, i applied for the vanity trump tag, because donald trump he actually does a lot of god, guys you good idea how to make money and stay alive. >> so i ask your reaction, now you are from the bridesburg area, i bonds what kinds of reaction do you get running around specially lately when he is running for president? now probably getting a lot of reaction? >> i get a lot of thumbs-up, couple, maybe single fingers. mostly thumbs-up. >> thumbs-up to layer inch out in the suburbs, she has few more angrier volt ertz i noticed than i've gotten here a lot of pro trump peak here, not so where you are in langhorne. been here few hours, started off with the people shock and disappointed then trump supporters showed up. the last we people would spoke with had this attitude.
6:41 am
but peep for the worse, hope for the best. >> let's just pray for the best. it is will and bumpy ride watch can we do. >> what's your fear for our country over the next four years? >> i fear for my job, because aim union member, and he is like against unions. that's my mine thing. >> is there anything you think he may get right? >> oh, bound to get something right. everybody gets lucky once or twice. but, you know, we just have to prepare for the worse because i think that's what we have. and just try to hold on for four years. >> trump reassured the country saying outs is not a campaign but a movement made up of millions of hard-working men and women, jokes, seem to be a major point of worry for the doubters here, many people worried about the trump they saw on campaign trail, if he is even fit to serve so call has done the wounds, becoming
6:42 am
45%. now he has to keep right on that prom trist every making american great again, mike and alex. >> lauren, thank you for. that will don't know it is true or not, but i saw people tweeting out last night, turns out that those who made threats, i'm going to move to canada if donald trump was elected president. well, this is apparently what happened to canada's immigration website. as it look like trump would win. it crashed. people looking up, ways to leave the country. that's weird. all right, lottery numbers from last night.
6:43 am
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>> weaver breaking news now at least 50 people are hurt after train derail until the london. also hear about several people that are trapped, this happened just after 6:00 a.m., local time. we will continue to keep you updated as we get more information. but at least 50 people have been hurt. now we head over to bob kelly with some traffic. >> good morning, everybody, 6:45. looking live from skyfox. in just a moment here, this fire in wilmington, it is a four alarm err. at what used to be called bancroft mills, just adjacent to the brandywine creek. let's go for live look, skyfox over the scene of this massive fire. that is still burning here, again, out of control, four alarm ers and the problem that the firefighters are having is
6:46 am
getting water to this massive structure, you can see, one host here, shooting off, not even hitting the flames here, into this building. anybody familiar with this area, used to be called bancroft mills, right adjacent to the brandywine creek. when it was abandoned, kind of left for dead here, but they built condos all the way up, coming in from both sides. so there is condos, brand new ones, right up to the side of this abandoned warehouse. so, the problem is firefighters having trouble getting in there, you don't have the fire hydrants, and mike said it earlier, philadelphia has seen this happen so many times in some of our like the kensington neighborhood where the abandoned warehouse also just left for dead. and then of course we build new houses, all around them. we have some white smoke, but also the black smoke. so this thing is fully cooking, no report of any injuries. so that's the good news.
6:47 am
but let's go back to the maps. again, it is the four alarm err right off riddle and mill. see and smell the smoke from both i-95 and route 141. rain in the forecast, could probably help the firefighters. sue has the details coming up in 15 seconds. >> 6:47. bring the rain gear, even if it is not raining where you are now, there are clouds, and rain is on the way. in fact, we already had our off recall sunrise time, you won't see a lot of sunshine thanks to the cold front bearing down on us, and it will take away the warm of yesterday. we almost got to 70 degrees yesterday. the official high was 69 degrees, in philadelphia. and here is a look at the rain starting to spread further eastward. now seeing it in woolwich
6:48 am
township in new jersey, and other part of salem county, new castle county, delaware, few drips around philadelphia, not really yet. north and west is where we've been seeing the rain for couple of hours now. as we look at the future cast, it continues, through the rest of the morning, in fact, this rain even though it won't and lot of it, will hit both rush hours, the morning and the afternoon. there is noon. see little bit of rain around, and it is on and off, but whether it is off, it is still going to look like it is going to rain, just kind of be dreary all day. so expect the rain, just today, because for the rest of the seven day forecast it is dry, in fact, ten on friday for veterans day, on saturday, it will be chilly start for our walk to ends altzheimer's at citizens bank park, but plenty of sunshine. and it will warm up little bit as we head into next week. mike anal next. >> trump campaign getting back to its twitter account. >> did his first tweet just now, about ten minutes ago, since the election results. he says, such a beautiful and important evening. the forgotten man and woman
6:49 am
will never be forgotten again. we will all come together as never before. >> as you can imagine social media being flooded all about the presidential election from last night and early this morning. >> so here to help us sort it all out our own jenn fred. >> hey, jen? >> a loft people are talking about what happened, they can't believe it. so we want to take you right to the people in new jersey, delaware, and pennsylvania. up ready? johnny wake err he has little bit of levity. check it out. he says as you can see, when does steve harvey come out and say i must apologize, the real win is her clinton. >> i think a lot of people are feeling that way. course a lot of people little more dis a pointed you see here steve rosenthal says what he is saying to people the sun will rise in the east and sets in the west. weep are great country no one person can change that. however, there is a little bit more going on with some of the other tweets as you're about to see. i'm so excited. she lost because she made it
6:50 am
about half of americans and the successful man being hateful instead of about issues. that will story, we hear from her quite a bit on twitter. then we have natasha, not only do we have to worry about trump, his supporters will be a big problem. and see what she did there this she did fox 29 elections. that's really how you guys can have a voice in this. because when you put the hashtag on there, then we can sigh t we've heard from people in australia believe it or not that are tweeting two us directly, the united kingdom said throughout the morning we'll tell you what the world has to say about. >> this of course we will tell but your celebrities, but we want everyone to have a voice. guys we want to hear from people in new jersey, delaware, pennsylvania, this is local show. we want to hear from our local audience. >> good idea, thanks, jen. turns out those threats people make to move to cans did a if donald trump was elected may shall true. what happens to immigration website as it looks more and
6:51 am
more like donald trump would win. so see you around mitt night.
6:52 am
have you done anything out of the ordinary recently?
6:53 am
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>> many people on social media said they would move to canada if he becomes the president. >> woman well, many people about to realize he would be president-elect, something interesting happening. canadian website it crashed. people got this error when they tried to log on. i can turn al error, message that the page could not be found, that's all you could see for awhile there. for those serious about headed north of the border even dating site dedicated to hooking up americans with their northern neighbors, and it is called maple maps. >> and then also last night at one point, still little earl when some of the result are starting to come in, canada, their tourism twitter account, started tweeting, oh, we welcome immigrants to canada. some people saying, hum, are they kind of throwing shade on the other states, they started
6:55 am
tweeting we welcome everyone, come one, come come all kind of things. >> we'll put up headlines in newspapers around the worlds to the fact donald trump is now our president-elect. we will put those up for you in just a sent very interesting. >> we will get to lauren doing local reaction out in bucks county. >> langhorne. >> hello guys. people wacking up to the news or staying up really late finding out the news, we're getting their reactions both good and bad, here as they come and go at the wawa, coming up after the break. >> and this is another big news in our area. big news story. how many warehouse fire we understand is abandoned but still causing problems in the areas because brand new condos right next-door.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
>> as donald trump might say, what the beep ladies and jep your next president, the 45th president of the united states, president-elect donald trump. >> i've just received a call from secretary clinton.
6:59 am
(cheers). >> she congratulated us, it is about time. on our victory. and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. >> now it is time for america to bind the wounds of division. have to get together. >> donald trump announces his victory, and marks one of the biggest political upsets in american history as the world will react to the republican sweep and the future of the united states. >> i think he's -- >> we're in a world of trouble. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, november the ninth, the day after the election, donald trump, president-elect, he'll be your 40th president here in the united state of america. forty-fifth president of the president of the united
7:00 am
states, first job you get, the top job, the leader of the free world. i guess it would be like i come out of college, i go right to 60 minutes. >> i guess that's the way to do it. >> so we want your reaction to the election result, why don't you tweet us, instagram, but have to use the hashtags fox 29 reactions to get it on tv. >> also out of our area, breaking news out of wilmington, delaware. >> skyfox over a four alarm blaze here. you can see, the firefighters there, really working hard on this one. this is happening at warehouse on riddle avenue in mill road. >> this is a bancroft mills, anyone who lives in the area would remember bancroft mills, abandoned warehouse, but it is adjacent to the brandywine creek. and the other problem we're having is that they cannot get water into this location, you see, there are condos,ra


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