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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> good day, it is wednesday, november the ninth, the day after the elections. >> good morning, karen hepp. >> good morning to my mom. >> happy birthday. >> orange you glad she's here? >> we are glad. >> one of the few words that have no rhyming word in the english language. >> orange? >> stew on that for awhile. >> okay. >> you cannot rhyme the word
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orange. >> not going to happen. >> okay. okay, we were waiting on hillary clinton to give this speech after losing to the election to donald trump. but now we're hearing that she has put it off another hour until 10:30 this morning, and we still might take that live. it is to up our news director. i'm going to get in communication with him. we still might do that during the wendy william show. >> for sure. we should. >> he just walk by. >> right behind you. >> where is he going? >> inside the building. >> oh, inside the building. >> he listens to us, on his way to work, i'm sure he probably heard you. should be getting a text soon. >> still listening to music, you know, driving in, he listens to this show. >> that's his dedication, mike, that's how dedicated. >> but it bothers me. >> why does it bother you? >> because then he monitors everything i say. >> somebody needs to monitor you. >> we are going to take it live at 103 i knew he would do that. >> that makes sense, because we carried donald trump, what, right before --
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>> exactly, right before 3:00 was smoking because you want to see how we can, no matter what your politics are, how we can bring everybody together. this is the way it is, this is the reality, the world we are living, in how do we now come together? we need to hear what she has to say, it will be important for so many supporters. >> you're fracking me out. >> oh, look at that. >> what? >> people uniting already. >> i need the eagles to win on sunday, we need, you know. >> we were never divided. >> and you can tell, all right. so the stars are weighing in, the celebrity reaction, right now, to the new president. let's get into this, karen. >> well, we will be talking about that, interestingly, a loft stars are talking about going to canada. now some people saying will you follow through, will you move. but also talk about this one with prince harry. i saw this yesterday. thought it was so interesting.
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kensington palace never talks about anything, they never get involved in the relationship and the romances, so prince harry confirms, this is his new girlfriend, actually america, living in canada, star of the show. >> gorge. >> people are going after her past boyfriends, trying to shell out any person in site to get the dirt on her. so he speaks out in kensington palace speaking out saying stop it. please, she is a real person. you know, messing with our lives. so the question is how much smear would you go through in your personal life where people are asking questions about you, to marry a prince? >> oh, we've got to do this. i want to be surrounded by my female co-workers, what would their decision be? because she has had death threats, sneered, what would it be worse it to be a principal there is? >> sounds like disney movie or something. hard time, have your prince. >> or the hallmark channel does stuff like that. >> oh, yes, so hallmark
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movies? oh, ya. >> even lifetime movie maybe? >> lifetime. >> but the hallmark channel one of their big things? the young woman successful, in manhattan, she goes back to her small town, in iowa to plan the wedding of her best friends, and she falls in love with the best friend's husband to be. >> or lumberjack. >> or lumberjack. >> chopping away, and she runs out to him, he is working that axe. >> carving the alter for the wedding. and somehow they meet and fall in love. yes, then she christ, goes in her car, driving back to new york. >> she turns around. because she realized she can't live without him. she lives a wonderful life in eye owe washings and they're chopping wood together. >> that's right. but all the sudden i was to like this to the election. because she is up against people saying really mean, really nasty things. >> who are you talking about? >> markell, the actress, that wants to marry prince hear. >> i oh, okay. >> so the issue is, i think,
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and i tell my kids all the time, anything that's worth doing it is hard to do, hard to do anything that everybody wants to do, to be president. >> true. >> to be the person that's marrying like the super cute prince too by the way, harry the cute one, the fun one. >> hold on f prince harry wasn't a prince, would he be hot? >> he is the cute one. >> would find him attractive. >> the men would find him attractive. >> yes? >> military, buff, really fun, he's really sporty. >> he looks like carson wentz. >> what's wrong with that? >> nothing. >> you know, he is quarterback for the football team in the nfl. >> he does sort of look like carson wentz now that i think about it. are you staying because they both have red hair, redish hair? >> he's buffment look, he has beef cake arms. >> what else does he have to do but work out. >> he does a lot of charity work, he travels around. >> oh,. >> he served in the military.
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>> i know he did. >> exactly. >> how about that? >> i want to know how they met though? what do you have to do? would you do all this if you could march a prince. how do you even get to meet a prince? i've not been anywhere where i can meet a prince. certainly level of circles that i don't have access to, i don't know about you all. how does that even happen? how do you even cross paths? >> i think he was like -- he does some film practice, in toronto for film festival. that's how it all happened. just a party. could you go to that. >> do you have hang out with me more. i surround myself with royalty. >> royal pains. >> mike is always out and about. how come he didn't set you one anybody? oh, lord. >> i tried that once. >> did you? >> one time? >> (laughing). >> i'm not getting it. >> oh, come on. >> people are thinking you're
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saying something else? >> no, has nothing to do with that, one time we were at an event. >> hold on, don't go telling people because i don't know what you are talking about. >> well, the decision has been made as you know. now the country and the world waits to see what happened next. now, that donald trump will be our 45th president, when he is the inauguration happens, speaking of that, could i just bring that up? so with the inauguration in, what, the late july, or january, right? they'll be in front of the big state capitol building there in washington, d.c., so em be there with melania, right? you know who else has to be there? hillary clinton. because she was a former first lady. she has to be up there. will she show up? i guess she is going to have to, right? >> she l i think in politics it makes strange bed fellows. i would think he would almost appoint her to member of cabinet. >> oh, that would be -- that would bring them together. >> wouldn't that be something? >> oh, that would be bold move.
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>> i mean, obama brought in his biggest contender hillary clinton. >> this is little different, don't you think? >> hey, chris, hillary, could you be the ambassador to japan? >> shouldn't be a problem. plus you noels who will be there? george w. bush. who didn't even vote for him. >> that's true. >> oh, that will be cool to watch, man. >> but they are also both republicans. i think with hillary -- >> republican who didn't support his candidate. >> true, true. some people, when you mention strange bed fellows, you know, show face, some people hillary clinton supporters tweet me they're upset she hasn't spoken yet. they feel like she should have done it last night as opposed to waiting so long. >> i was surprised. but let's also talk about this. and maybe get on twitter. this has to be unbelievably disappointing for hillary clinton. she has been thinking about being president, i bet, when she was in college. and you know the minute she became the first lady and then became a senator, this is -- she has been working toward
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this for over a decade. arnie swear yesterday all of the polls had her winning. and while i believe that she started the day yesterday thinking she would be the president of the united states, and i'm not sure donald trump thought that he was going to be president. >> well, he has been saying don't believe the polls all along, he's been saying that. >> you can talk, talk, talk, but do you really believe it? >> your point -- >> crushing defeat. >> when you lose, everyone who lost, talks about the depression they go for a full year, just something that it just, you know, so she obviously had fowl it, and had no sleep, in philadelphia, rallies down there in north carolina. then your your adrenyline, you have the wack down, how do you come out, now you have the job of bringing the country together. >> all i'm saying get on twitter. have you her a deep, deep, disappointment like this in your life? i think most of us have. i remember one time i was living in new york, i flew out to los angeles, did a fantastic audition with merry heart for a slow called
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entertainment tonight. >> oh, too bad that didn't work out. >> so she goes well you're it. it is the best audition we've had. you're it. >> wow. >> one of the cast members, he took me, getting into car to go back out to the airport, oh, you're a shoe-in, stupid, see in you two weeks. mary comes, see in you two weeks, mike. so i flew back to new york thinking i had the job. i land, my agent is on the phone going oh, they want somebody else. >> oh,. >> flew all the way back thinking i had this job. and it turned it was a very good job to have. >> why did she tell you oh, you're it? >> she thought t there was a producer, his last name was cook, and i don't remember, he was kind of organizing the audition. he went and told the higher ups mary heart is the one should have the big personality, what we need is a news reader. >> and you have a big personality. >> and he even said, control your personality to do this show?
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ya. i lied to him. of course i can't. of course i can't. so it was no. so of course i couldn't. so when the auditions started did i my thing. she loved it. but the other people, the higher ups said no, she is the one with the personality. >> look how it turned out. you're right here in philadelphia with us. so much better off. >> exactly. exactly right. who needs those millions of dollars. >> this is priceless. >> i know. mary and i are still friends. >> oh, good. >> okay. >> so 25 years ago. >> we don't always get what we want. >> let me tell you another store. >> i can we? >> pat sajak got late night talk show from doing, what's it called, the wheel-of-fortune. so i went out, i auditioned to take his place. >> yes? >> got the job. and that was paying millions
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of dollars. well, pat sajak's late night talk show was canceled after 13 weeks, and he went back, to do wheel-of-fortune, and they booted me. >> do you do you he believe when someone tells us you have something, do you ever believe them? >> no. >> because they tell you and it never turns out. we all have those stories, maybe not millions of dollars. all right. >> okay, steve keeley. i know what you will talk about right here. and i was homing would you forget it. but what do you want to say? >> reporter: first of all, mike, sometimes losing, you end up winning. because you are the only person on this earth to ever be beaten out by a job by the dynamic personality of john tesh. >> ya. >> just you. nobody else. he's never beaten anybody else for a john. so do you have look at the positive's. all right, secondly, the other positive, hillary clinton may not be speaking and appearing for the first time since losing until 10:30, but viewers you don't have to wait
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until 10:30 see the lovely mid westerner in a pant suit. that's what mike is talking about. he lost the bet. by the way when i make a bet with you, mike, do you ever notice there is no way i can lose? you lost either way. yes, it was a blue pant suit if hillary won, red pant suit if trump won. all right, what was that again, megan? we have this shot if i want to toss it it, so i'm toss to go t i want to walk to the truck right now and look at the shot myself on a 82nd delay. is that the suit? always trying to get the viewers to watch this is the next day. and i just thought let me shoot this to you. and you can debate this. here, i have the viewers on my side. if trump wins tonight, you come in and dot show tomorrow in a red woman's pant suit, all right, for the red state. and then if hillary wins tonight, you do the show tomorrow at least a hour of it in a blue woman's pant suit. >> now, why? >> if viewers win, see, in a paint suit either way.
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and non-pant suit, a non-pant suit story, is bob kelly still lurking around the billing? i know he did a weather hit. but i got -- mike, you know how good my sources are all over this city. >> right? >> all right, bob kelly is from bridesburg. and here's how i link bob kelly with donald trump. some think bob kelly is famous in bridesburg by saying sounds like it came out of the mouth of donald trump when he would talk about women in a not so nice way. but bob kelly was the wedding dj in this part of the city. and his famous phrase to get women dancing was all right, ladies, work the skirt. >> what? >> that's his phrase. work the skirt. >> bob kelly? >> yes. and that's good source stuff. and then the other thing, before he was a famous wedding day dj in bridesburg, when he was younger and little tike, he called bingo at the allstate church couple of blocks from here, he yelled out the bingo numbers to the older women.
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bingo. yes. so that's how he got to be such a success. by the way if we can, megan, i blow up the sound, if i wanted to show what alex was talking about for our viewers watching there is the best hour of the show as we always say, the guy with the trump license plate who we talked to out here at 4:30, howard from bridesburg, i had a tag on the end of the sounds bite, so if you want to run it from stevie from bridesburg, we will see howard's license plate at the end of that, megan. >> okay. >> is that just a meeting? >> how surprising. >> i didn't think that he had that much support. and really when i woke up this morning, i went to bet early. i woke up, i saw he won. i was really very much surprised. >> has it sunk in yet? >> no. it sunk in because i saw who the winner was. and i accepted it. and now, you know, i'm just trying to fix a blame to
9:16 am
something. you know? and surprising again. going to be a fun four years. >> there it is. >> by the way, mike, howard gave me some advice. he said this proves that anybody from any background with no political experience can be president. you just got to do something to make it lucky, like he did, getting the trump plate. so, i'm going straight to the new jersey division of motor vehicles. and applying for jerrick 20. >> there go. >> okay? all right? >> ya. >> mike, red pant suit coming up soon. i'm telling you, you will be on all of the websites again, you can't beat that kind of stuff. >> red pant suit. >> steve, how do you know what size to get? >> i have it here. we have the pant suit. >> all right, did you and karen suggest what size he should get since he's going to women's clothing? >> medium. >> medium. >> smedium. >> that might and tight fit
9:17 am
mike. >> all right? good thing donald trump is going to see in you that tight pant suit. >> why does steve get such a kick out of this? he's reveling in it. >> he really is. >> all right. here is one of the sleeves here. i have to make sure it is ironed and ready for you. >> i see the price tag. how much is this pant suit? >> you really want me to say? >> 29.99. >> oh, this is quality. >> ya. it might be for the top. i have to look how much the pants might have been. okay, the pant, also, 29.9 the nine. >> from last "black friday" there is tops last last christmas. >> if hillary clinton won, blue pant suit? >> although i am not sure the pant actually match the top. but that's irrelevant, right? it is a different shade of red. but i don't think you'll notice, though. >> all right, steve, thank you for that. >> thanks, steve. >> sold separately. >> never listening to that guy again. okay, somebody might be happy.
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well, a lot of people are happy about donald trump winning. alex baldwin, he'll probably have a good solid job on saturday night live for the next four years. he's now famous for his donald trump impersination. alec said in a interview yesterday that he doesn't hate donald trump, they've known each other for years, but say that he is someone he doesn't admire. he said when it came to the sketches on saturday night live recently he relied on the show's write tears craft his trump impersination, he also said they use trump's public appearances to use on the show, of course, and take a look at just one of the sketches from a month ago. >> ameen this man is schlerely unfit to be commander in chief. he is a bully. >> shut up. >> the movement. >> did you. >> he said climate change is a hoax invented by china. >> it's pronounced jina.
9:19 am
>> he hasn't really done tax returns which means he is not that rich. >> wrong wrong. >> never that charitable. >> wrong. >> or never paid taxes in his life. >> let's move on. >> four nor years, hey, taken from the first presidential debate matter of fact, donald trump has slammed alec baldwin's impersinations of him. said they're -- weren't any good. >> hit job. >> oh, did you realize that we have some new folks in town, and specialty is making smoothies. >> oh? what kind of smooth snows. >> regardless of the support in the campaign, bananas has a 45% orange, i have no idea. >> talking about orange earlier. the name of this movie is orange you glad it is over. so they're give us all a smoothie. >> and it is only 45 cents for the 45th president? >> oh, i get it now. >> thank you. >> orange you glad it's over? >> thank you.
9:20 am
>> high. >> what's the name of your joint? >> bananas. >> the name of your store is bananas? >> what is it? >> green leaves -- oh, give me the thing. >> what's in it? just orange? i see some other stuff. >> oranges and carrot. >> thank you. >> this is our first day. >> sorry, what's all in it. >> orange, carrots, frozen yogurt. >> oh, it is good. >> so the name of her store is green leafs, like the leaves, green leafs, beyond grape salads, the feel good taste good be good choice. >> but i think that's the catering side, then a store called bananas. so people can go into. and this will be for how long will this be orange and glad smoothie be happening? >> the whole season. >> oh, okay, the whole season. >> you have no idea, do you? >> it is a new smooth.
9:21 am
>> i we just found out. >> so instead of sipping on tea, people will be sipping on orange you glad it's over? >> i think people will be drinking wine, beer, new trends with wine. >> what are you saying. >> what i'm saying you don't even have to drink your wine any more, because you can eat it, wait until you see what people are doing it, sounds fabulous, delicious, and i have goat to try. >> this so if you are making it, after the break, please bring it in, because we would definitely like to try it. >> okay.
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>> ♪ >> reaction coming in from all of you that woman the show this morning, steve goes trump a holic celebrate. >> we needed a change, is this? i hope so. red and blue need to work together for real change for we the people. that's from rick. >> we the purple. >> derrick x. >> you got it. >> so two things that karen hepp likes, one is brownies, chocolate brownies, and red wine. and now she's combined them. what's it called?
9:25 am
>> wine brownie. yes, it is fabulous. so a lot of people are looking at this on pinterest, call it amateur bakers whipping up these busy chocolate batches of delicious necessary, and parent relief, what every woman wants. then posting them on social media. all do you is is you follow the recipe whatever your favorite brownie mix; oh, i like the ones with the nuts, except instead of adding the water you add the wine. so you can also add in other things, too, you know, make it more dig night, if you're serving it to your friends, throw in figures, or cranberries or nuts. >> , no i would keep all of that out and just go red wine and the chocolate. that's good enough for me. >> what about a sweet dessert, double sweet, like moss katow, or reese link? >> that sounds delicious. >> who is that woman that comes in delicious treats, we should have her come in with those and try those. >> oh, sweet t's, owe my favorite bakery, in haddonfield? >> if you're making them, bring them in. would like to try them. >> i wonder different you know
9:26 am
when you make beer bread? that's little different. i mean, kind of sweet, but doesn't really comose as much you guys made that before? it is good. >> well, the alcohol content would get burned off. >> like banana foster, same thing. >> watching the returns last night. for the presidential race, you notice that when donald trump started to win, the stock market basically almost crashed. now, why is that? and would it affect, by the way, it has bounced back a lot this morning. but it, might affect your 401k. so we brought our financial guy n we'll take you liver to the opening bell in new york to see exactly where the markets are because it affect your pocketbook and your 401k.
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okay, three, two, one, opening bell at 9:30 in lower manhattan at new york stock exchange. i don't know whose name it is, but they seem to love it. so, dan ricota do you know who dana is. >> dana corporation, it is a company, tradition to have executives from a company both open up the stock exchange and close the exchange. today dana corporation opening up the stock change. >> what do they manufacture. >> i believe auto parts. >> megan, go back here, normally they put up opening thumbs, do we have that shot? we wanted to see what the opening numbers are. >> that is what this box is in front of the dan ricoto. >> yes, right there. >> okay, all right. >> it will take a while to go down a couple hundred points, the latest on the futures market, so my guess is we will wind up, probably within the next 20 or 30 minutes town couple hundred points and then fun begins and where we go
9:31 am
from there, mike. >> two things but let's take dan's shot again, they tore down the sign, alex and i, the bus depot sign here, what do they call that thing, the bus stop. >> they are working on it the now good they ripped it out. our picture is in the the there anymore. that is an outrage. i want answers. what are they doing? they took my face down. >> you have something over there. >> yes. >> what, okay. >> that is you and me, over there. >> yes. >> trust me. >> what? >> trust me. >> i though where my picture is, that is worst picture of me ever taken in the history of social photography. that is a hideous picture. my own, co-workers, blown it up to a huge, you know. >> one of your co-workers took the picture. >> who took it. >> who took it. >> was it bob? >> hi there. >> why do we, why do we bring dan in because last night when we were watching the presidential returns, it was
9:32 am
around 11:00 or clock or midnight when donald trump would be our next president, president-elect. >> market was down 800 points. >> and it started to crashing. >> stock market. >> what don't they like about donald trump and then it got frozen there. >> it has come backup. >> here's the thing, market have an incredible ability to regenerate but one thing they hate more than anything else: uncertainty. right. so, the reality is, that hillary was the favorite of wall street. >> right there there is in doubt about that. she lost. the markets first and initial reaction as you saw last night was panic. market was down 800 points and come back this morning. so, one thing that we have noticed, you know, one of the things i tell my clients is do you remember november 5th, 2008. >> true. >> day after barack obama became president of the you had the first time, the market was down 5.3 percent that one day. guess what it has more than double now here we are all that time later. so grab a few painkillers, pop
9:33 am
a few, we will get through this day and next couple weeks. >> but, as they start to talk, and there is brexit but they still have have not recover are that brexit was right before our eyes, uk decided to pull out and world looked like it was coming to an even. first two days of brexit back in june, market was down 5.3 percent but within two weeks it came back. >> so, should we look at our 401k today. >> first thing, i always council people if you are trading your 401k you are guarantied to be eating cat food for retirement. if you are looking at it every day, don't to it. look at it once a year on your birthday, how is that. then you cannery balance it accordingly to what is appropriate for your own risk level. younger investors market bounce today or next few weeks, buy something, why not. >> but we're hugh hans.
9:34 am
we're wired. we want to take action. here's my action tip for you this morning. focus on what you can control. you can control your spending. you can control how much you save. you cannot control market. if you want to do good, increase your 401k contributions a few pennies. that will make you feel better. >> how willie do that i'm already hacked out. >> geese, that must be nice, than the is it. >> yes, open up enrollment for so many companies. >> it is. >> so there is a time we can do that that your add just. >> for guys that have maxed out, like mike instead of buying a latte, brew your own, and you will feel better, you have an extra three bucks in your pocket. >> never going to happen. >> yes. >> but, good job. >> we should all be doing that. >> i love you, dan. >> i love you, karen and alex. >> thanks for clearing that up. >> we will get through this. so wall street is mad that trump won. >> wall street is trump this morning but we too should recover good that was a
9:35 am
complaint that the trump supporters had hillary clinton was in with wall street. >> and this is proof. >> okay. i was going to throw to jen but i think that is out. >> let's take a break then. >> i want to tease something. >> what do you want to tease. >> no, this is what i'm teasing, i wanted to get into a red pant suit so i will go do it. >> now is the time. >> let's do it. >> come on. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community. i'm very proud of him. male vo: welcome to new beginnings. comcast.
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♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ we're looking for reaction all morning, it says, this is from tiffany, and she says g.o.p. has a silent vote because it is hard to use your voice when you are afraid of being called racist if you vote trump.
9:39 am
>> here's another one from ronald who says trump won because we as a nation took democracy for granted. we really appreciate all of your different opinions on this day after the election. >> well, celebrities are also reacting to the news that donald trump will be our next president. >> so, jen fredrick will share those. so jen what are they saying. >> they are all crazy. my favorite one which i'm hoping to get to in a few minutes comes from kelly ann conway from south jersey, the philadelphia area. hold on to that. first we will begin with your first one, you see it right here, he says, this is an embarrassing night for america. this was last night. we have let a hate monker lead our great nation. we let a bully set our course. i'm devastated. scott baio long time supporter of mr. donald trump says great faith in god's works. mr. don trump i'm proud to call you president of the united states and first lady melania trump.
9:40 am
he is conn great out willing them. any cohen from the bravo shows, he says did we just elect a snake oil salesman and his wicked court of terror or is this my ambien kicking in or both. a lot of people talking about this overnight. picture of lady gaga crying after she hears the news. she was there at javits center last night. she said she's crying afterward. we are so, so, sorry election night, election 016. so here is what i was talking about. this is kelly ann conway thinks donald trump's spokesperson and she says a couple different things. she did say, our state pa comes home. blue wall busted. the south jersey philly girl, latest. the here's where it gets interesting. must have been the wawa and pat's steaks, visit. so kelly ann says if you want to get elect to the united states of america you have to stop the at the pennsylvania path's steaks and wawa. >> she might have a point
9:41 am
there, when you think about it, pennsylvania was a state that pushed donald trump over and got him this election. >> it is so interesting with the lady gaga thing i know a lot of people broke into tears. people start truth telling. there is people that cried and were surprised. they thought things would go one way. >> people were passionate on both side. >> thanks very much, jen. >> letting us know what celebrities are doing. >> 9:41. we will change topic a little bit because a lot of people are talking about prince harry and how he admitted yes, he is in a relationship. he stood up for his new girl friend after she has been getting harassed. what would you do? would you put up with your name being drag through the mud fit meant you had a chance of marrying a prince? weigh in and let us know, twitter, facebook, instagram.
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9:44 am
and, this involves, you know, we will weigh in. so, kensington palace, they made a move, we told but yesterday, confirming prince harry is dating an american actress, megan markel. why did they do that. they say she's being harassed and they want it to stop so they wanted to address this head on. >> and it is a actress called suit. she used to go to northwestern university but now lives in toronto. public has not been welcoming. they are saying things that are really mean. some are sexist, some are racist. she was divorced, she has been into high profile relationships.
9:45 am
she's biracial. her daddies white, her mother is african-american. they are trying to dig up dirt on past people she has dated. >> can we just say she looks like stacy dash to me. do you see that a little bit. no. >> no. >> okay. >> so, prince harry, she's gorgeous. they are both gorgeous. >> of course, he lost his mom to the paparazzi, which is very fresh to him. here's one question we want to put out there to all of you. >> to add on to that, they have been going to her mother's house, stopped her mother, pulling out driveway
9:46 am
in her car. it has been very intrusive. >> it could be dangerous. they get in there. we could have something where we have a situation where he did lose his mom. here's the question, is all that worth it? is all that harassment worth to it marry someone you love, a prince in this case. we have a lot of different opinions. we brought in our lady panel on this one. >> so first we will start, with, oh, here's who we have we have jen fred, we have tori, megan and then we have sue and karen here. >> yes. >> we will start with you, sue. >> the question is would i do it? would i think it was worth it? it is tough because i think that if you can stand it, and you're knowing what you will get into for rest of your life because it started with diane at minute they dated prince charles. they went the two preschool where she was teaching and bombarded her. every where she went until the day she passed away she had people following her. he is her son. he will always be a royal. he will never not be a royal.
9:47 am
if your relationship can survive that and you think you can stand it. now we have added attraction of social media. i don't know. i don't know if it would be worth it. >> let's check with jen fred then, jen. >> 1,000 percent yes. if i have one inie tiny chance have of dating, marrying, to be a royal, i mean, look we're already bombarded by crazy people, social media, already, and i think they have learned a lot of lessons from the tragedy of princess diana. i will say it again. i have my own prince in my life i would do anything to be closer with, a lot of people don't see us together often enough, but, i just want to say even though people stand this line to see your show and there is a lot of social media, would do anything to be your princess. >> yes. >> jen, steve keeley will be mad now. >> i will die for that guy, yes. >> all right. lets go to the control room
9:48 am
ladies, life in a fish bowl would you go all in for that one. >> yes. >> see you at the 12:00 noon. >> it is definitely worth it. i think that you have to, and couple you guys have have to decide what it is but when she got involve with the prince you have to take, all of the crap that comes with that but just in general, with relationships if you are in love, you do have to, you just got to be opened to whatever may come your way if that is your guy, then you have to stand by your man. >> tori just wave, so people can see you. >> speaking in that microphone with you now we can see your face. >> i do have a prince at home hi philip, i love you. >> and new megan you are sitting right next to tori, what do you think. >> i think, there is a limittation probably to how much you can take as a human being. i mean for me it might be a little bit much. i don't know if i can personally deal with that because of she's being bashed constantly. that is a lot. people have have done craze
9:49 am
year things and a lot of harder things for love. >> he is hot, megan. >> and he is hot. >> can i just say one thing. >> no one knew her name before this. >> i did. she's fantastic. >> you have watch the show suits. >> it is not like it is kerry washington. >> yes. >> so people are talking about her. again, i think all of the lessens learned because of the kate middle will ton situation, because of princess diana. i mean he came out and say stay away from my girl. so the fact that is the policy, it is totally hot. >> well, since he is a royal he knows what comes with dating should he have already had somebody with her, maybe, watching her. >> you cannot control what people say on social media. >> people showing up at her house, could he have done something. >> he should have brought her to the palace the second he saw her, yes. >> well, thanks so much, ladies for weighing in. the let us know what you
9:50 am
think. >> we wish him luck. >> karen? >> he has had high profile relationships in the past. she dated a celebrity chef and rory mcilroy the golfer. she has dated famous people. >> she's 35 years old. so she is older then he is. >> yes, by a couple years. >> it is in the like she's young, diana was 19 when all that started going on. so she's savvy and hopefully has very tough skin. >> i wonder what their name would be, when people are dating they combine the names, it is benifur. >> we have to think about that one. >> we will work on that one. >> 9:50. well, twitter has strong feelings about kanye west, why his name is now being brought backup in the presidential race. what people are saying. and i'm looking at mike jerrick right now, he is wearing a pant suit, stay tuned because we have a reveal coming up.
9:51 am
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well, donald trump is. >> hi there. >> he is not only one who won big. >> look at the two of you. >> do you want to come over right now. >> no, okay. >> well, thank you for letting us know. >> he is exited to show off his pant suit. >> totally fabulous. >> here we go should we reveal. >> yes. >> we can chat with you. >> all right. >> remember, steve keeley made this moment happen, people. >> yes. >> so, set it up again, alex, what happened yesterday. >> i'm not the sure how this came about. steve started saying i should wear a pant suit if hillary clinton wins, then you will wear a blue pant suit. >> right. >> and if donald trump wins you should wear a red pant suit. we don't understand why he
9:55 am
wanted to wear a pant suit but he wanted to see, you in a pant suit. >> i think steve keeley has a thing. >> yes. >> but it is red for donald trump and he is republican. >> so, stop stalling, step in. >> jump in your shot right now. >> awesome. >> i like the three quarter length sleeve very becoming. >> we need to see the pants. >> what were you doing. >> well, what was i doing. >> is the pillow blocking the whole pant suit. >> i was taiting a presidential pole. >> can we see the back have of it, yes. look at that. >> the pants don't fit, owe kay. i had that disease no asitall, so, you know, pant don't fit so i need this pillow. >> so once again we have to
9:56 am
thank steve keeley for making this moment happen and voters, america, you voted. >> you voted, you got it. >> wonderful. >> come over and join us. >> sure. >> are you really holding this pillow. >> yes. >> talking about pant suits. >> the pants are really tight. >> it is a family show. >> wait a minute the women wear zipper in the back. maybe i have these on backwards. >> do you need help. >> yeah, hold on. >> how tight are they. >> melania trump wear a pant suit last night maybe she will take over. >> jump suit. >> little different because it is all one piece. >> i got you. >> but look at this. >> nice. >> it is a stunning all white silk crib jump suit made by ralph lauren. according to designer department store, the outfit retails for $4,000.
9:57 am
>> mine cost $29, i have the tags. >> 29.99. >> yes. >> okay. >> well, let's talk about kanye west. >> i should have a necklace honor something. >> or a broach. >> maybe, your neck revealed like that. >> chicken neck. >> i got to get that surgery where they tighten that all up. >> no, you don't need all that. >> would i wear a white blouse like this. sometimes you see bows. >> just let that skin show. >> yes. >> let your skin show. >> you don't have to have something like that. >> you have sparkling earrings to really distract, and fill in nicely. >> yes. >> i look too plane. i need some spark he will. >> yes. >> all right. we survived this. i can't tell you how many times i have been in my green room change nothing to women's clothes in the years i have done this show. this is it. this is it.
9:58 am
>> don't forget hillary clinton giving her speech at 10:30. >> we will take it live.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: live, from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." how you doin'. hello, it's the "hot topics" show. we don't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you! wow! what a body!


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