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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 10, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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♪ >> it is like time stood still. at first first i thought i was dreaming. this is an dream, this isn't real. i was just talking to joe a few hours ago. it cannot be true. my life changed immediately from that moment on. >> after speaking with -- at her office in westfield new jersey, i'm still in shock by her strength and perseverance after describing been a widow for three years after her husband joe was murdered in a deli he
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owned in newark in 2013. >> we had the ambulance, and they said he's been pronounced. and a said what is that? >> joseph was 41 years old. like we got married, but the house, i was a housewife, the whole bit, and then he was out. he was dead. doa. >> she speaks to the heart of so many women to pray to the god to bring him the right man. she was skeptical she would ever get matter. here's a glimpse of her husband who owned a construction labor services company in newark. they took over the husband's business business it's now called flag labor. many workers are former inmates and his company gives them a second chance. >> it's hard to get them to take you serious at first, but if you can present something to them
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that is solid that they need, which is what i believe i was able to do ultimately, then they'll take you serious. >> for the first time since her husband's death she is carrying on the tradition of hosting a holiday toy drive for children and knee. i have the information on how people can help out and get back, it's on my twitter and also my facebook. >> what happened to his murder. >> they were juveniles at the time and she said there's a lot of back-and-forth of whether they would be tried as juveniles or adults. one has been prosecuted. she's in jail and the other two are still going to the system. >> be in a mother is a full-time job, i can imagine i'm certainly not ready for it. so to take on another full-time job. >> and this is done without government subsidy or government program, she's come carrying on a tradition, god bless her.
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>> guys i have an interesting update on a story that i've been following for the past week. the man that punched emily near rutgers university has been located by new brunswick police. their reaction might surprise some. they will not file charges on that man as of now. the 19-year-old emily can be seen on the left of the snapchat video from late october throwing a punch at a man. the man the man responded by punching emily in the face sending her careening to the pavement. her skull was fractured in the incident putting her in a coma. she is recovering right now. she slowly recovering as her aunt told us in the last story as she is now opened one eye and is twitching her toes. the police after talking with the suspect says they determined that emily was the aggressor in the incident. the suspect had not been hiding and have been cooperative. i spoke with emily's uncle who she lives within south amboy. he he told me a very different
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story. >> they told us this afternoon that it's an ongoing investigation. they said they have to wait till she wakes up. >> will have more on thursday's edition of chasing news. emily's family has started a gofundme page. we'll put that on facebook. this story is far from over. we want to know what you think. tweet me or tweet the show at chasing news to give us your opinion. >> i've seen a lot of hatred on both sides let's put it in perspective. >> for people are lucky to be a alive. watch the-cam video in hudson, wisconsin. an officer had a carpal and the left lane behind a stalled vehicle when the four truck driving miles per hour and his/her squad car. very lucky to be alive. wisconsin state patrol said the
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driver was charged with carelessness. >> wow. >> ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> thank you, it has been an honor, god bless. >> the silent majority is silent no more. >> , mays. i did not think it would happen. >> donald trump is the president-elect but you would not not by looking at social media. >> i posted some of my personal feelings today. mostly about how i'm going to explain to my son why he can't watch the president on tv because i'm afraid of what he will say. >> where there's a # i'm still with her, or not my president. to facebook where i personally had a lot of long rants this morning and maybe we have even lost to facebook for the selection. >> there people i probably
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should have blocked but i really just ignored them. i asked some trump supporters their reaction and here's what they said. >> that's one of the reasons i got out of social media. too much mining into much politics. >> starting about 1130 last night and just in the consternation they literally could not believe it. but the polls were completely wrong and social media is now doing people are venting. a lot of people voted for trump and then decided i'm not going to tell you on voting because i don't want to engage. >> i don't think people were try not to engage in facebook by not commenting before voting, i think they're trying to save face. what if he didn't. let me not talk about what i think i want before it happens. afterwards all supported. >> a lot of the our baby
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boomers. i know know my mom and dad are [inaudible] social media. >> when i saw my feed this morning the fact that trump had won the election and was expecting it and working together, the amount of hatred that supported hillary writing on facebook about this election, i didn't see one thing about trump winning. i only saw everything about how disappointed the hillary people were. you know what, trump won and now now we need to let it go and move forward. >> i do agree that we need to move forward and there's acceptance that need to move forward. california was up in flames. >> but also hillary has now given her speech. she called for people to come together and i think that's that's what people are waiting to happen. >> i think trump gave a great speech last night and i think he echoed a lot of the sentiment
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and i think that was the pivot in the lot a democrat friends have said he's the president, let's see if he makes good on what he talked about doing. >> like many little brothers, he loves his older brother margie, they go go for walks together, again, like brothers they have a bit of sibling rivalry. 's brother has a most 20000 instagram followers and a host that keeps it his attention focused on the margie. so why did i figure out a way for them to spend money together so if he feels less upset when he gets attention for his medical elements. >> so i picked him up from his house and took them over to see doctor rachel, and puncture therapists for animals. she is treated somebody famous that we know about, the fat jewish in his famous instagram dogs whose names are toast,
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muppet, and underpants. when i arrived at the office she gave in key a quick western checkup, and over look at what was happening and assess the overall health. >> overall looking healthy but i think today what we should do is focus on some immediate some immunization support. with the weather change and hopefully get him feeling really good. >> she sat him on couch and made them comfortable. >> got it, no jumping. so we got started. >> the first is a common point, sometimes it can be stressful to have a needle poke. it's going well and that she gets to the lower back.
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>> doctor rachel said it was totally normal that he experienced a bit of sensation in that area. and that he was doing really well for his first time and puncture. so i checked them checked them out afterward and he was pretty relaxed. doctor rachel said after acupuncture you get a little sleepy and you might take a nap. i'm not sure that in key will join his big brother imo j for their next appointment but now they have something to. >> this is completely absurd. what is the next step? furry facials? people are being ridiculous. >> have you ever gotten acupuncture? >> it works for a lot of people and apparently worse for dogs. >> i did it for a back injury and i can't really say that i felt the difference.
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>> did she do this in pets and people are just dogs? >> just dogs. she started with horses and then went to home animal. >> courses i understand. >> california woman was recently in cleveland when she discovered her uber driver wasn't just any uber driver. >> you just told me something very special that he's the voice behind. >> welcome, you've got mail. >> that man is no other than elwood edwards. he was the voice behind the air wells you've got mail. after he told about his famous name she did a video put on twitter facebook. >> and iconic voice. he's driving a cab question? >> these hamsters are making me thirsty. >> knowing gets it?
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>> the filmmakers behind the national watercooler as you know sometimes like to put hamsters in different scenes, look at that, hamster kramer. i don't think it's cute. >> someone wanted to hurt his wife, that's what that's about. [inaudible] >> domestic abuse is a hot topic
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>> domestic abuse is a hot topic nationwide in light of cases related to professional athletes. to learn more about how it's handled at a local level i headed headed to the mount arlington police department in eight confidential talk. most of us know it's as domestic abuse cases arise step one is to call please. >> you never know what you're walking into. you walking into someone else's home. it's not like you're walking into a business establishment. >> after the police arrived arrest are made and they go to the police station they turn to someone else. that's a crisis response team volunteer. this case there from the jersey battered women services of one county.
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>> take a few minutes for the crt to respond and they can have as much time as they want. >> the issue they had over 2000 domestic abuse cases filed. volunteers are in rotation and can be called at any time of the night. >> the number one skill is to be a great listener until it really be kind and empathetic and a good listener. what they're doing is allowing the police to do their job. they're taking that in the emotional part away from the police. once the situation is assess the victims are given a plan of action by the volunteer. that plan can vary. if the victim is staying with the abuser there given suggestions of how to live in a home with them. if they have a different situation and actually need to go to a safe house they can be set up with things like a cell phone. to learn more about people who actually stay with their abusers i spoke with one who wanted to remain anonymous. >> everybody thinks he such a gentleman and a perfect person
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type and i just thought it must be me. >> the victim said she couldn't leave because he had threatened to kill her sister, mother, anyone who is anyone in her life. the cyber type of threats are not uncommon. we recently covered the story of the father who jumped from the bridge with his two children. the father died and they got his children survived. >> this is not a crazy person who there is babies over the bridge, this this is someone who wanted to hurt his wife, that's what it was about. >> so the jersey women battered services is seeking volunteers. for 80 hours of training is required and then it's just maintenance. if you can't going to call they just simply call the next person. you do not have to stay with that particular victim through a whole plan, it's just for that moment at the police station when they are called. >> the manager gear talk to saying something like this is not always mental illness i think it's important for people to understand. there is such a thing as evil
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and bad behavior, and as controlling yourself. you don't have 2000 cases being reported every year. >> that's just more county. >> we are too soft on a lot of these criminals. i keep going back to ray rice, the guy punches out his fiancée, gets pretrial intervention. >> the woman drop the charges the charges. >> so what you do? >> in this case he was actually allowed to get away with the pretrial intervention. that wasn't on her. that was on the prosecutor. at some level you have to say look people need to start doing time for the crime. >> when i spoke to women at the safe house i said is this a place for them to come before they go to jail and she chuckled and said most of the abusers don't see jail time. >> never. >> they need volunteers though that's the issue how can we help. >> we can visit their website, you might only have to do this once a month or once every two months. the little bit that goes a long
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way. >> everyone is working with the city and they have compassion and concern, we we are just tried to fix it make it better. we don't think we need to be an award of the state. >> after month long battle against the state takeover atlantic city has fallen. >> a a whole state takeover was authorized wednesday morning by the state. >> rodriguez. >> yes. >> for a time it seemed the guardian had one inmate that legislative past the rescue package for the next city to bailout the town who is struggling with finances for decades. part of the the plan included a provision that atlantic city had to sum it a five-year plan% financial stood melody. the plan was submitted in late october and rejected almost immediately. >> to think the plan to be
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rejected -- >> is basically game over for atlantic city. now meet the man who is atlantic city's new mayor. >> are you pleased to have this power now? >> i would not say pleased, i have a responsibility and what i have lost sleep over. >> that is timothy cunningham, the director of local government services. appointed by governor by governor christie to his post. cunningham is going to be running the city in addition to other jobs. they worked on a plan of their own, wait a minute the city had to have a plan done by the end of october. his estate plan done? >> i tried to get an answer. >> i said we were not legislative clearly the matter first impression i'll call the commissioner nancy with the state plan they may want to
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consider but that is about all. >> so your takeover plan yesterday was it ready now? >> will be prepare for the mission. >> so you not going to answer that question. >> they had to submit a plan but you didn't. >> sure. [laughter] >> this takeover comes just one day after voters had rejected expanding casino gaming to north jersey. a move that would put atlantic city in better shape financially. what's really going on? is playing this string? the mayor said they want atlantic city to be taken over and provided a cryptic can't lie. [inaudible] i'm gonna look into it more and find out. who took atlantic ca lam$to
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. >> tonight you can look for rainy weather with a low 43 degrees. >> i got a chance to be on the radio. it's not an easy feat to use just your voice to tell the story. especially to another country. i was asked to be on today fm. which is the biggest radio station by friend of mine who thought i could provide
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perspective. >> i knew you would come across as an informed person and a passionate person which is very important. as a result of your performance the produces of the show contact me to thank me. >> the crew of the show, the last word with matt cooper traveled to new york to broadcast live from the city at the center of a tall. they they put together a panel of people to talk about the election from all sides and walks of life. guess included a cast, commentators, the chatty cabbies and of course, me. midday headed to midtown and sat down with host matt cooper. the showed aired live during the rush hour drive and all the people who are listening, to them i announced i was voting for donald trump. they wanted to know why. >> first and foremost, i'm an american.
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i met in a nationalist i would say. i believe that donald trump leaves in american ideals. i believe he'll keep our jobs here as he says he will. i believe in tax reform that he talked about as well as health care plan. >> they weren't letting me off that easy. he drilled man basically -- he drilled me, on a couple of things including my vote. >> many of us would see him as a nasty and appalling attitude towards women and how he judges them and rapes them and how he treats them. how in good conscious can woman vote for man like that? >> that's a good good question and i'm glad you asked. it doesn't doesn't bother me as a woman? it's not right, it's never right. the people make mistakes. i would like to see it move forward and make amends. as a woman, i care i care about the
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safety of my future children which i plan to have. i care about the jobs of the people that live in this country, women as well. >> thank you to matt cooper and today fm. i've been trying to explain what it's like to be part of a cool and progressive show but that something everyone in this room knows. >> matt cooper is basically the irish bill spady a. >> i tried to make light of a dark situation. >> another day chasing news, thanks for watching. the election is over and america is moving forward. there is a new president, there will be a lot more to come for sure. see you for sure. see you tomorrow night. >> did you see this? and then he was dead. >> she took over her husband's business after joe was murdered. >> it's a story of triumph over
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