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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> as the process begins the not my president movement rages on with rush hour protests against the election getting underway right now. >> it's another sad day for law enforcement. two pennsylvania police officers are ambushed one killed and another one fighting for his life. owe we want to begin with that historic meeting in washington. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. president-elect donald trump got a look inside his future home during anoint minute visit with president obama today. the two leaders met to discuss a peaceful transition of power both men said it was success and are looking forward to continuing the transition. >> skyfox is over a second day now of anti trump protests here in philadelphia. dozens of women are taking to the streets now at city hall for a vigil. they are women of color survivors of sexual assault and other who's want their voices heard. let's get right out to fox 29's dave kinchen live at those protests. dave? >> reporter: iain and lucy the protests just getting underway
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here at the right across from philadelphia city hall. we'll show you the group right here made up of as you said women across the area. women of color and survivors of sexual assault. allies calling on the country they say to mourn the election of donald trump. now, we should say this called is our 100 philly women in formation. a group of women. they have various signs up right there. protestinprotesting misogyny ane issues as well. it's been pretty quiet, pretty civil so far getting underway. our second day of protests here since the election and looks like this group will be growing a little bit as well. there's people protesting allegations of racism, protes protesting again statements of misogyny donald trump made in the campaign in the past. it's not clear if they'll march they may like the group last night some flags waving right there and again just signs and their messages they're not
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saying it in person in a bull horn they're actually using their signs to get their voices out there as well. but they also say they believe in unity. they believe in working together. so it's going to be interest to go see how this unfolds to night. night two of protests here at the msb building. let's go right back to you. iain? >> all right. dave, thank you. spray painting messages across south philadelphia police know who is behind it. some of those markings mentioned president-elect donald trump. we first showed you this video last night. now police are confirming they believe the man shown here is hyped the crimes. investigators say he used spray paint to leave racist markings on buildings and cars. meanwhile we're getting a look inside more vandalism at philadelphia city hall. a fresco user shared this photo with us someone defaced the historic building writing non my president on it. and now to a developing story a tragic story out of western pennsylvania. >> where police say a man shot
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two police officers and killed one of them. it happened just after 3:00 this morning in the town of cannons burg. the department says two officers were ambushed when they responded to a domestic dispute and they called the suspected gunman is now dead. >> sabina kuriakose has building following this story all day. sabina just heart-breaking day in that pittsburgh suburb. >> reporter: dawn, the shooting marks at least the third time pennsylvania police officers have been targeted by gunman and ambushed just this past year. you'll remember officers in philadelphia have been seriously wounded in similar attacks. the latest just two months ago. sadly, today's shooting was the first to turn fatal. flowers flags and teddy bears mark growing memorial for officer scott bash ham killed ambush style attack just outside pittsburgh early thursday morning. >> even though we may not have known his particular officer, we wanted to make sure that we showed the family, the town,
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ally respect we can give. >> reporter: authorities say what started as routine call for a domestic dispute in the small borough of canonsburg turned dead particularly either officer bash ham or his partner had time to react. fire upon swells they stepped out of their patrol car at 4:00 this morning. >> upon their rival the two officers were ambush shot with unknown type firearm. >> his partner was seriously wounded season in stable condition. officer bash ham's photo posted to the twitter page of the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. hours after the shooting the suspected shooter and a pregnant woman were found dead in the home police assuring the public any threat had ended. neighbors who witnessed the chaotic scene struggling to run through the seconds after they realized something was terribly wrong. >> i heard somebody saying something about my partner is down or been shot or something along those lines. >> reporter: it's the latest ambush of police officers at least the third in pennsylvania
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just this year and among half dozen across the nation. forcing community members and leaders to call for an end to what they see as a so-called open season on police officers. law enforcement struggling under the heightened threat of attack while responding to even routine calls. at a post election press conference republican senator pat toomey condemning the deadly assault and the mentality that goes with it. >> this under scores just how dangerous police work has become and how appalling this mentality is that it's somehow okay to target for assassination the people who are keeping us safe. >> reporter: and authorities have not yet identified the shooting suspect or the pregnant woman who was killed again officer bash ham' partner is in stable condition right now. coming up at 6:00 we'll have more on what police say led to all of this. iain and dawn, back to you. >> sabina, thank you. let's turn to your fox 29 weather authority now. break out those heavy coats.
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there was a drop in the temperature out there today. we woke up this morning to temperatures were in the 30s. in some spots. >> i'm not ready for it. >> neither am i. >> i'm never ready for it. >> kathy? >> i'm told cold just thinking about it. this afternoon it ended up being beautiful. wasn't it? temperatures rising right through the 50s. almost 60 degrees in many spots you can see old city philadelphia really looking pretty this evening. temperature is 55. the high made it to 58. winds out of the west southwest and once again this is a milder whipped for us tomorrow we will do the same. it's the weekend that's going to get little cold around here. in the poconos it's 47. 54 in wilmington and dover. 54 in reading. 55 degrees in lancaster. so we will watch as skies stay clear across the delaware valley and temperatures do fall from the 50s into the 40s by the 11:00 o'clock hour. clear and turning colder late tonight much guess what? the sun makes come back and actually turns warmer for a short spell in the seven day. gusty winds move in and the coldest air of the season is
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going to be upon us for the weekend. scott will be in to talk about how cold it's going to get and that is not a joke coming up later in the broadcast. we'll see you then. >> kathy, thank you. police are on the hunt for whoever shot a man on the streets of frankford it happened around two this morning along the 1200 block of bridge street. police say officers arrived on the scene to find a 19-year-old just lying on the street. someone had shot him several times. the victim is at temple university hospital tonight in critical condition. imagine waking up to armed masked men threatening to rob your home. well that was the scary reality for two temple students this morning and now police are trying to catch the robbers before they hit again. fox 29's jenn for joyce spoke to the victims about this frightening encounter. >> guy was screaming at me saying he would shoot me in the bleep head multiple times. >> reporter: terrifying threats made towards temple students awoke ken by two masked robbers armed with a gun according to philadelphia police. early morning home invasion on the 1400 block of willington
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street happened self blocks from the university's campus. >> it was really weird. i was just laying in bed watching tv and then like i thought it was one of my roommates because the door opened very slowly. we didn't hear him come in or anything until i saw a dude with gun coming at me, um, putting in my face shut the bleep up. where is this money. >> this student says the two robbers passed the gun back and forth to one another and voiced violent threats. >> literally put the gown my head and said he was going to blow my brakes out. >> the brazen robbers roamed their home for roughly 10 minutes. they scowered each of the four bedrooms and swiped multiple electronics in their pam. >> one guy seemed like pretty calm about it like he knew what he was doing and the other guy was more answer see and he was the -- antsy making the threats. >> philly police and university police responded to the scene. detective combed the apartment for evidence and are now actively searching for the man
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who terrorized these upper class students. >> thankfully no one was physically injured. but the students are clearly shaken. they say they've lived in this neighborhood for a few years. they've never been victimized like this before. reporting in north philadelphia, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. today was a historic day in washington, d.c. >> president obama welcomed president-elect donald trump to discuss the transition of power. fox 29's brad sattin is here with more on mr. trauma pops visit to washington, brad. >> nothing like like it it started with one of his first decisions not to keep long standing tradition of allowing reporters to travel with him to his first meeting at the white house. instead he flew from new york to d.c. in his private jet. >> from bitter rivals and harsh rhetoric to this, a historic meeting at the white house a time honored tradition as the 44th president welcomed the soon to be 45th. president obama promising a smooth transition for president-elect trump whom until days ago he called unfit for
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office. >> i've had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. it was wide ranging. we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a white house. we talked about foreign policy. we talked about domestic policy. >> reporter: mr. trump long a thorn in mr. obama's side with years of questioning his birthplace and religion calling his policies a disaster today offering praise. >> thank you very much, president obama. this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and we were just going to get to know each other. we had never met each other. i have great respect meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. >> from the white house the president-elect, his wife by his side toured capitol hill meeting with republican congressional leaders speaker paul ryan and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell to begin laying the ground work for a gop agenda. >> let me just say how excited
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we are about these opportunities for the country. >> reporter: it was a day of respectful dialogue a far cry from just days ago. >> mr. president it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you. >> reporter: well it was trial al day of meeting counsel parts. vice-president joe biden meeting with vp elect mike pence while michelle obama spent some time with melania trump. from all sides, very presidential like conversations today. dawn? >> all right, thank you brad. tomorrow is a day to honor our nation's brave men and women who sacrificed so much for our country. see how one local world war ii veteran had a dream come true just in time for veterans day. now that donald trump has been elected to the white house what's next for new jersey governor chris christie? >> after trump was elected the most searched term on google get this how to move to canada. one airline is trying to make that move a little easier on you. >> and coming up at six, police are looking for a woman who robbed a family dollar at gun
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♪ there's a serial robber on the loose and police are trying to get him off the streets of philadelphia. investigators looking for this armed man they say he robbed two homes in university city at the end of last month. they both happened within minutes of each other on the 3400 and 3600 blocks of sansom street. as we told you at the top of the newscast, today president obama welcomed president-elect trump to the white house to talk about the transition of power. it was a meeting that many
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people probably never saw coming. >> no. donald trump spent the past year of his campaign blasting president obama's years in the white house. fox's ronica cleary was at the white house for today's meeting and joins us live now from washington. >> ronica, what was the mood like today there? >> reporter: hi dawn and iain. it's amazing to see the difference in the mood here in washington, d.c. just a few days after election day. i'll tell you we have spoken to so many people in washington leading up to this election compared to the conversations that i had today we're talking about incredible tensions and fear and now really a feeling of relief, even do think that is in direct response to the remarks that president-elect trump and president obama made really showing respectfulness and an interest in a smooth and peaceful transition of power. you can absolutely feel that sigh of relief from the people here in washington. >> ronica, were there any tense moments? everything looked all nice see nice were there any
5:16 pm
tense moments during the visit today? >> reporter: i'd like to give you an answer to question but the reason i can't, no one was allowed inside that 90 minute meeting. we heard from the president-elect. he said that he expected it to be just 10 to 15 minutes long but then nearly 90 minutes later, is when the press was finally able to hear the remarks from the two of them. so in that meeting, no one else were you but the two of them. i imagine there were tense moments the two obviously don't agree on policy, but they do seem to be committed to this peaceful transition of power and really working together very consistent remarks coming from both sides. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. loved ones, firefighters and community members are saying goodbye to today to former philadelphia fire commissioner harold hairston. mourners paid their final respects to him during a funeral service this morning at the new covenant church in west mt. ai airy. mayor jim kenney was among the city officials attendance. hairston was philadelphia's
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first african-american to serve as fire commissioner. he held that position for 12 years until he retired in 2004e died last week at his west mt. airy home. he was 76 years old atlantic city financial assets and decisions are now on the hands of governor christie's administration. they took over yesterday. >> on tuesday night though atlantic city notched a victory when voters shot down plans for two new casinos in north jersey. but what does all this mean for this struggling casino town? fox 29's hank flynn hit the gambling mecca to find out. ♪ i didn't want a replica what's happening in ac to happen in another part of the state. >> reporter: atlantic city joined donald trump as a ballot box winner yesterday as a large majority of voters slam the door on the possibility of casino gambling in north jersey leaving atlantic city with the statewide monopoly. on the boardwalk however residents weren't exactly
5:18 pm
celebrating. >> i believe it might help but it will be inevitable. we are broke as hell and there's corruption in the streets. >> reporter: whoa. all right. levi fox knows his history he runs jersey shore tours and we talked about the river referendum as he showed me around the outside of the now defunct trump plaza. >> you can peer through the window the now closed. vo restaurant which managed to stay open for months after the plaza closed, but on the nights that it finally shut down, you could see the tables were set. >> reporter: trump plaza closed in 2014 and donald soon to have his name removed but remnants of the glory days 1990 still linger in the windows like chandeliers. like buffet advertisement or a forgotten lobby sign that stelle bears the trump name. don't go too close to the lobby. >> we're on public space, i believe. >> this is arrive property. >> i didn't see the sign. sorry about that, ma'am. >> we'll head off. not a problem.
5:19 pm
>> all right um i'm sorry. thank you. that's when it dawned on both of us exactl exactly why new jerses shot down question one. >> that's i think why they're trying to pre serve what's left. not so much competition it's market share. >> it's going to at least secure the position of ac as a gambling city and not bring the business elsewhere. >> reporter: it might work at least the casinos that remain. gambling mecca has been staggered over the years by competition. connecticut casinos attract new york city gamblers, philly gamers can gamble right in town or just north. what would would you bring to you ac any more it's still an amazing place even with the few dents and scratches. let's talk on twitter i'll tell where you to go eat at hang at fox 29 or at fox 29 philly. ♪ >> celebrations today in old city philadelphia for the 241st birthday of marines. >> (bell tolls).
5:20 pm
>> a large gathering of marines on hand as they raised an american flag in front of independence hall. the united states marine corps was founded not too far from that spot at the tavern. marines who served our country over the past several decades came out for the birthday celebration. >> we've got marines from iwo jima. world war ii to, you know, korea to vietnam and up to present day so absolutely great to get together with our brothers and celebrate. so no matter where marines are today, they are celebrating marine corps birthday. >> they had great date for it as well. after the flag raising at independence mall they marched to washington square to lay a reath at the too much of unknown soldiers. >> there's changes coming to the way philadelphia handles officer involved shootings. >> you might have seen them on your commute home. kids on bikes popping wheel lease weaving in and out of traffic and police say they're putting you in danger.
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>> it's a major break through for burn victims what one hospital is doing to help kids and veterans who have been victims of horrific burns. ♪
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in west philadelphia, police are looking for an armed man who tried to rob a dunkin' donuts. he was caught on this surveillance camera entering the store on the 4300 block of market street last month. police say he threatened an employee for cash but when the employee ran to the back of the store, the guy may have gotten scared so he ran out without taking anything but if you recognize him, please call police. philadelphia's district attorney has new procedure in place now for police involved shooting investigations. >> that's right. da's office will make investigations more transparent. seth williams speaking today in center city about the changes in the event of a police involved shooting in philadelphia. he says someone from the district attorney' office will be present at the scene and monitor the police department's investigation. he says he'll also be an independent review of of the case. williams says that the information will be made public win 60 days of the investigation being complete.
5:25 pm
>> these new procedures strike an important balance between protecting our community, protecting police and protecting the public. >> da seth williams adds that this new process can assure philadelphians that the da' office will be accountable to the people who it serves. the man accused of setting off bombs in new york city and new jersey made his first appearance in federal court today. ahmad khan rahami appeared before a judge in manhattan to face federal judges related to the bombings. he's accused of detonating a pressure cooker bomb in manhattan on september 17th. injuring 31 people. investigators say he also set off explosives in new jersey. rahami was arraigned last month in new jersey on charge chargesa attempted murder of a law enforcement officer who had track him down after a manhunt. police in seattle are searching for a gunman who opened fire outside a convenience store wounding five people. four men an woman were hurt after an argument of some kind
5:26 pm
last night in busy intersection. according to police, a man involved in that dispute start ad walking away but turn around and opened fire. victims are all recovering in the hospital tonight and are said to improving. the shooter has not yet been caught. on wall street the dow surging more than 200 points and blasted to new record highs uncertainty related to president-elect donald trump's stunning election win. apparently gave way to hope his policy could boost the economy at the closing bell the dow was up 218 points to end at 18,807 a record. recreational marijuana is now legal in california. the changes that will have to be made before adult which is start legally smoking we'd. after march roll dee fetting democrat katie mcginty senator pat toomey lays out his post election plan. what he's pledging to focus on this term. kathy. >> we're talking about clear skies and one more mild day before colder air moves in and changes everything in our forecast.
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here's live look at wilmington. a november chill in the air but quite a clear -- it's clear out there after sunset on this thursday evening. of course the sun sets before 5:00 now. those clocks went back. make sure the sweaters are ready for this weekend. kathy orr and scott williams has your full forecast just ahead. >> with donald trump as president-elect, what role will new jersey governor chris christie have in the trump administration? christie appeared on morning television earlier today telling the today show that he's not committed to any role right now and that he's not talked to donald trump about it yet. he also said he does not believe the bridge gate scandal will affect his political future. christie is leading trump's transition team. >> pat toomey sharing more thoughts about donald trump's win. >> fresh off his win in tight race he's ready to work with trump but is committed to stand fog what's right even if that means taking a stand against h him. >> i will look to work with president trump when he becomes president. i think there are many things
5:31 pm
which we can accomplish but i also know there will be differences there will be times i will disagree with trump as i have in recent months, and when i disagree i will say so. i will not be a rubber stamp for anyone including president tru trump. i will be an independent voice for pennsylvania because that's what i got elected to do. >> senator toomey also said that he's happy with what president obama, secretary hillary clinton and president-elect trump have all said about a peaceful transition of power. and back to your fox 29 weather authority now. and boy, was it a nice fall day. a little nip in the air but very nice. >> by the afternoon it was pretty nice. meteorologist kathy orr and scott williams have your full forecast coming up in 15 seconds.
5:32 pm
>> sunny afternoon we are expecting a clear night and another beautiful day tomorrow. it's after that that things begin to change for a little while. ultimate doppler a few clouds rolling on through. otherwise, just very pleasant afternoon with highs in the 50's right now 55 in philadelphia. 47 in the poconos. 53 degrees in trenton the colder air really in new york and new england for the rest of us enjoying the 50's and we have a southwesterly wind that will continue through the late night hours so it's not going to get all that cold around here. so we're watching high pressure out to the west. drift toward the north and the east and as it does, we'll see that warmth building ahead of this cold front but once that front moves through, some winds moving in out of the northwest and it will turn blustery for saturday. we're talking about the coldest air of the season compound that with wind and we're talking about wind chills that we haven't seen so far this season. take look at the future winds not an issue at all tonight or early tomorrow but then you see these westerly winds becoming northwesterly and that's by late
5:33 pm
tomorrow afternoon. so warming up for the first part of the day on friday and then cooling down the second part with winds out of the north northwest at about 25 miles an hour in pottstown and in philadelphia 23 and look at south jersey and delaware gusts out of the north and west to about 36 miles an hour. that's almost tropical storm strength and we're talking about a colder wind. so how cold is it going to get? well scott has been looking at all those numbers. should we look, scott? >> if you like the cold you should look, kathy. but i know iain should not look because he doesn't definitely like the cold. let's talk a little bit about what's going to be happening for the start of the upcoming weekend. that dip in the jet stream and those temperatures will be dropping friday evening into saturday morning. let's talk a little bit about those numbers. so far the coldest low in philadelphia has been 38 degrees back on october 26th but we're looking at low temperatures bottoming out right in philadelphia right around 34 degrees. look at the forecast by saturday
5:34 pm
morning. so bundle up on saturday morning. we have the walk to end alzheimer's but look at the actual feels like temperatures. how your body reacts it's going feel like the 20s at 7:00 a.m. feeling like 25 degrees in philadelphia. feeling like freezing in atlantic city. as we go hour by hour, by 10:00 a.m. feeling like the low to mid 30s and then some recovery bite afternoon feeling like the low 40s with high temperatures look at this on saturday, only topping out around 49 degrees. another cold start on sunday temperatures around 35 degrees in the city and then we rebound high temperatures right around 59 degrees. so what about tailgating weather? it will be a cold start but we're looking at temperatures right around tailgate time in the afternoon in the low 50s. first kick 1:00 o'clock we're looking at temperatures around 57 then fourth quarter 59 degrees so a cold start to the weekend but certainly those temperatures recover if you don't like that cold. kathy? >> it's amazing scott because saturday is going to feel like winter and by the time the game
5:35 pm
rolls around on sunday it will feel like fall. i think lots of folks will be wearing the jerseys to the game and maybe even bermuda shorts. who knows. platt bridge looking good tonight. overnight tonight temperatures falling back in the 40s but seasonably cool. 43 in the city. 39 in the suburbs. a chill overnight but nothing we haven't seen before. during the day tomorrow for veterans day it looks fantastic. 50s and 60s for the most part. 61 in philadelphia. 62 in millville. 63 in atlantic city. we appreciate your service. take look at the seven day forecast. looking good. saturday cold. we know that. we'll stay in that day for the most part after the walk to end alzheimer's. sunday looks great a great day to be outdoors and cheer on the birds. monday 58. tuesday 60a chance of rain wednesday went do need it by thursday partly sunny 58 and then is seasonal for this time of year. i don't know, guys, we just can't seem to keep those temperatures down. tonight fox 29 news at 10:00 scott and i will have your winter outlook. is there any cold coming? yeah.
5:36 pm
you know the answer to that. >> we'll see you later. >> our winter outlook? all right. kathy, thank you. look forward to that. and trump's election the most searched phrase on google was how to move to canada. how one airline is trying to make that move little easier. >> tomorrow is the day to honor our nation's brave men and wom women. see how one local world war ii veteran? had dream come true just into time for veterans day. >> is philadelphia running out of phone numbers. what's going to happen when all the 215s and 267s are gone? since 1961, pearle vision has been providing... expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. visit your neighborhood pearle vision for this offer. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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the election of donald trump. in california, recreational marijuana is now legal. >> but there are still certain steps people need to take if they want to light up. prop 64 did pass residents there still cannot legally buy marijuana without a medical marijuana card and the place that is sell that kind of weed won't automatically be a loud to sell it. cities and counties also have to decide how many recreational dispensaries they want and where. one man who has been advocating for marijuana since the '60s says officials still have work to do. >> also, they can regulate them in the way -- for example they'll want people to show what kind of security they have, who participating, who the owners are going to be. >> one of the major provisions of the new law allows people with prior marijuana convictions to petition the courts to revisit old pot cases. all right. two christmas see, not christmas see enough. today star buck officially unveil its 2016 holiday cups. after last year's controversy
5:41 pm
starbucks asked its customers to post their designs on intra gram to help company decide what the holiday cups should look like. the 2015 cup you may remember was a more subdued cup and people criticized the chain that it was part of a so-called war on christmas. well this season starbucks offers 13 different cups loaded with snowflakes, reindeer, tree lights and other holiday designs. get this hairdresser from broomall is behind one of those designs. samantha created what's referred toss woodland deer. >> you might have seen them on your commute home. kids on bikes popping wheel lease weaving in and out of traffic. police say though they are putting in you danger. >> and it's a major break through for burn victims. what one hospital is doing to help children and veterans who have been victims of horrific burns. >> sean? >> dawn last night brett bound did something no other 76ers head coach has ever done before. month of notify has been terrible for the sixers. find out why later in sports.
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♪ we are on top of breaking news for you this afternoon here at fox 29. as we check in on some of those protests. we told you about this at the top of newscast. anti trump protesters are on the move in center city. we'll stay on top of this. dave kinchen is down there in the middle of all of this and we'll is a live report and hear from dave at 6:00 o'clock here on fox 29 news. you may have seen them on your commute home from work or your drive through philadelphia. teens popping wheel lease and performing some acrobatic moves down the center streets broad and market in the height of rush hour. their thrill seeking maneuvers caused near misses with drivers. >> tonight police say those teenagers are putting themselves and drivers in big danger. fox 29's dave schratwieser has their story.
5:46 pm
♪ >> reporter: they're young, their talented, and they like to showcase their skills on some of the well-traveled roadways in philadelphia. sometimes at rush hour. >> all over the street. >> they're doing something that can be extremely dangerous not only to themselves but to other people f you're doing that on a city street. >> reporter: these teenaged wheelie popping bike riders can be scene most days in center city. sometimes they gather near city hall and take to market or broad streets looking for fun and some thrills. >> in the middle of the street everywhere. they got to stop them. >> reporter: drivers and the police aren't so thrilled with their skills, their center lane escapades, or their risky behavior in traffic. >> it's dangerous. i understand they're kids and kids do things that don't make sense to adults. i mean we've all been there. >> reporter: we showed video he have the teenaged riders to police. they watched as a handful of teenaged acrobats crewed mark street recently. popping we'll lease and showing
5:47 pm
off they ran red lights with car horns blaring just missing some cars crossing market street. none of the teens were wearing a helmet. >> this is one of those things they could be killed themselves. >> reporter: few blocks closer to city hall they came screeching to halt when they tried to cruise through one red light into on-coming traffic. >> they're not expecting someone in bike to come darting in front of you. if the operator of that vehicle is quick enough to respond to that and maybe they avoid hitting that person, but it may not avoid the person behind them rear ending them. >> reporter: undeterred they pedaled on cruising through the crowded crosswalk just missing pedestrians crossing market street. >> pedestrian versus bike it's going to be the bike that usually wins that and so again you have that probability that somebody can be seriously injured. >> reporter: police and other drivers are concerned that these daring and dangerous maneuvers could end up in an accident that could harm not only the kids on bikes but drivers. >> these kids are old enough to clearly know right from wrong and clearly know this is not
5:48 pm
something they should be doing in that video you see a couple of them laughing and so some of this is probably a game to some of them. >> reporter: the latest statistics show there are more than 250,000 children injured in bike accidents every year nationwide. about 60% of those occur in urban areas and according to the latest statistics, 60% of the children injured in bike accidents weren't wearing helmets. police also worry that these teens on bike cos be the next generation of bikers illegally racing through traffic on local highways and city streets. >> they make their way to, um, dirt bikes or atv's and then they begin doing those things. like i said you can't take away their skill level or their level of enthusiasm or excitement in doing that, you know, taking those stunts or doing things like that again it's just not smart. >> reporter: lieutenant stanford also pointed out that the city has constructed parks for skateboarders and bikers. police believe these young
5:49 pm
people would be safer trying their tricks there. >> there are venues for you to do those things, and so again we would encourage them and their parents to seek out some of those venues and get their kids involved in that positive environment. it's a dangerous situation where somebody can be seriously, seriously hurt. hope the parents will address this with their kids. >> reporter: dave schratwieser fox 29 news. happening now in orlando take a look at this live feed from florida. it shows two bald eagles stuck in a storm drain right now officials are trying to figure out thou get them out and to safety. we're not quiet shower how they wound up there. it look like they're wedged in there however of course we'll keep you posted as they try to free those two birds. >> military send off today in hatboro, pennsylvaniaings and fox 29 was there as 108-year-old veteran bill moore left for washington, d.c. he'll be attending a veterans day breakfast hosted by president obama tomorrow. bill's neighbors, family and other vets were on hand as he left this morning. bill raised four kids. his wife josie passed a way last
5:50 pm
year. they were married for 72 years. >> he looks good. >> incredible. congratulations to him. meanwhile tonight there could soon be new help for burns victims. >> the defense department is funding studies to help people web wounds. >> the national institutes of health has been working with doctors to treat patients with burn wounds. some patients so rebuilding of skin tissues recovering of pigment and also saved from amputation. doctors are now focusing this stem cell treatment on injured military members and young civilians who recently suffered burn injuries. >> we look forward towards advancing this trial towards our veterans who are severely impa impacted by injuries they received during combat and we created a trial that would address that need that trial was supported by the department of
5:51 pm
defense from the start. >> reporter: doctors say stem cells from bone marrow which is not embryotic donated by young healthy donors can be applied to burns topically or through injection. >> the approach has multiple levels. one, it will stop that inflammatory process and stop the progression of the burn injury and the other we've seen from the previous trials we've look at that there actually is rebuilding of tissue. >> reporter: leroy james suffered severe burn injury on his arm just seven months ago. he received stem cell treatments and is now fully heeled and he suffers no side effects. >> usually when you get burnt you have a scar. have i no scars. just stem cells. i have burn on this arm i got from, um, from a radiator. i got a scar. >> researchers conducting the experimental trials at the university of miami say they are very excited about the results so far and next hope to narrow down exact dosages for specific injuries. >> one of the interesting things
5:52 pm
about these trials is and there have been over 400 trials on going or completed with these types of stem cells. is that there have been no real significant adverse events reported directly related to the delivery of these kind of kinds of cells. what has been in question is what is the most efficient way to use these cells to achieve an operate mal effect and that's real wrl a lot of our research is focused. focused on finding the correct dose. >> reporter: doctors say there are no health risks donating bone marrow and they encourage healthy people to help treat dozens of patients. to find out more on stem cells for burn injuries go to clinical in new york, david lee miller, fox news. while some americans celebrate tonight many others are feeling discouraged and scared about the future. so how do we start to heal after such a damaging presidential election? how one local organization is answering the question.
5:53 pm
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celebrations, relief, shock and mourning all the emotions felt in the aftermath of that hard fought presidential election. >> the big question now is how do we heal as a nation? one local organization is giving that very notion a thought. here's fox 29's bill anderson. >> reporter: after what seem likes years honestly the presidential election is over and some are celebrating their victory. others are having a tough time looking at opposing schroders hi to eye or even shaking their hands but at least one bucks county organization had the
5:57 pm
foresight to recognize that after all of this was done we were going need to heal. >> the piece sent addresses bullying and interventions and basically serves the community. but in this case they recognize they needed to do something to bring people together who have so much anger following an election. >> elections have normally split people by virtue of disagreeme disagreements on policy. this has been disagreements on values. >> both barbara simmons and kate whitman dedicate themselves to helping people through their most difficult moments and elections don't normally qualify, but they say their commitment piece just moved them to act in this election. >> i know that if we don't move towards that healing, we're just going to remain did he vied and that is -- you can't survive long like that. >> try and make a difference barbara will participate in national day of healing and reconciliation an event will
5:58 pm
stream online featuring everyone from dr. oz, dr. ben carson, reverend al sharpton and others and then local groups like the peace center will host their own discussions. it will be a diverse group of national and local speakers designed to try and understand not judge each other. >> it's hard to try to understand that somebody doesn't necessarily have negative intentions. they're doing what they believe is best. >> there are people -- i'll like to hurt them today. that's not out we're wired as humans. >> reporter: uniting with people you feel personall persop oppose is you not an easy task. the nature of this campaign had people criticizing me online for suggesting we have discussions to sign to heal. they believe there's a bigger goal. >> we can't come together as community then none of us will feel like we belong. then none of us will feel happy and feel hopeful even if our
5:59 pm
candidate won. >> the national day of reconciliation takes place this weekend and you can get more information on our fox 29 facebook page. >> in most circumstances politics is a zero game, somebody wins, somebody loses and there may not be conversation after that you go about your own way. barbara and kate and the peace center want more than that. they don't want to focus on who won. they want to focus on how we unite, grow and come together for goodness sake. ♪ right now at 6:00 it was a day many people never thought would happen. president obama welcomed president-elect donald trump to the white house as they prepare to transition power. what the meeting was like between the two former arrivals. ♪ and police officers continue to come under fire. one pittsburgh area officer is dead while another fights for his life. how investigators say they walked right into the deadly situation and didn't even see it coming.
6:00 pm
♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. today. president-elect donald trump made history with his first visit to the white house since his stunning upset over hillary clinton. the meeting was said to be successful. >> good evening, i'm iain page. i'm dawn timmeney. that meeting lasted for about 90 minutes this afternoon fox 29's brad sattin joins us in the studio. president obama and donald trump sitting together in the oval office a picture many thought they would never see. >> reporter: to be a fly on the wall during that 90 minute meeting. there is no doubt it had to be a little awkward arc little uncomfortable but both men keeping that conversation presidential and for the first time now we're hearing from the president-elect and what his early priorities may and may not be. breaking a long standing tradition the president-elect opted not to invite reporters to travel with him as he arrived at the nation's capitol for his first meeting ever with president oba


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