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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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evening. winds of change after a high of 64 degrees. look at the dip in the jet stream. some of that colder air in canada finally moving toward the delaware valley. so far this season the coldest temperature in philadelphia has been 38 degrees. but look at the forecast for saturday morning. 35. that's the air temperature. feels like temperatures will be in in the 20's. winds of change winds right now gusting 32 miles an hour in the poconos. gusting to 21 miles an hour in the pottstown area. so right now it's not that bad but if you're stepping outdoors for your evening plans grab the jackets, 54 right now philadelphia. 37 already in the pocono mountains but look at some of that colder air all of the blues that you see toward the western central part of the state also into new england temperatures already there in the 30s and 40s. so as we go hour by hour, by 7:00 down to 50. but look at 11:00 o'clock, falling temperatures. 40 degrees. overnight low temperatures in philadelphia, 35. 31 atlantic city. 20s in the pocono mountains.
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but here's the deal. how your body reacts. how you should dress tomorrow morning. dress for feels like temperatures around freezing in philadelphia. 20s once you move north and west and also into parts of south jersey. so coming up we'll talk about rebounding temperatures. the eagles game and our next chance for rain. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. honoring our nation's veterans. the focus across our country today. president obama visiting arlington national cemetery the president laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. that tomb honoring men and women who fought in america's wars. the president pausing with a moment of silence to remember the fallen servicemen and women in the united states and honoring all veterans on this day. here at home, we celebrated and paid tribute to our veterans as well. >> but the question must be asked, are we doing enough to honor their sacrifice during the rest of the year? our bruce gordon live in old city with a story of one veteran's tough
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road back to civilian life and the group that helped pave the way. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, chris, for those of hughes have never served in the military, it's got to be tough to imagine how hard it must be to put our lives on hold for months, even years, to serve our country, then try and come back and put all the pieces back together without missing a beat. >> 1660-year-old clarence mayo saying serving eight years in the u.s. marine corps was no picnic. >> coming home to philadelphia was no bargain either. >> what was that like for you? >> not good. to be honest with you it wasn't good. tock me a long time to find a job whoa got back. >> reporter: when he lost that job he lost his home. living out on the streets. >> even when i was younger they said everybody is a paycheck away from being homeless. when you're a kid you don't believe that. l not until you get an add dull and you lose your job then reality sets in. >> reporter: we met they'll
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holiday luncheon put ion by the veterans multi service center. it offers resources for mill tar vets. clarence and others like him that means help finding housing an job. free meals, laundry service, even a haircut when needed most of the vmc staff are themselves veterans so they know how tough it can be to transition from military to civilian life. >> they've been removed from pretty much their safety net and then when they returned, everything has changed. and they have to find their way. >> reporter: vmc helped mayo find housing. helping him find work. >> maybe i was of one of the lucky ones. i appreciate everything the center provided for me, and got me on the straight and narrow path. >> reporter: and so as the luncheon ends, mayo heads out with a donated winter coat over his arm and a free septa pass in his pocket. he's clean, sober and ready to work. but he knows there are plenty of vets in far worse shape. >> i don't care if you have alcoholism, drug addiction or mental illness help these guys when you can.
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>> reporter: the multi service center has given may your computer training even helped him get his certification to drive a forklift. we wish him well on the job hu hunt. in the meantime if you know a veteran who might need some help, go to our website we'll link you to the information you'll need. chris? >> plenty out there who need help, bruce, thank you, sir. beautiful veterans day tribute in newark, delaware to the men and women who fought to protect our nation. the university of delaware placing more than 6,000 flags along its campus today. each of those flags honors the life of a military service member who died in our military missions after september 11t 11, 2001. >> you decide president-elect donald trump focusing on his transition to the white house today. he unveiled his team which will help him transition from candidate to commander in chief. >> new jersey governor chris christie is no longer part of that team. he had been for months but today trump announced he's replacing christie with vice
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president-elect mike pence. three of trump's children will also play important roles on the team alongside former new york mayor rudy guiliani, and neurosurgeon doctor ben carson. meanwhile democrats are starting to look for a new chair of the dnc. names being tossed around so far are governors martin o'malley and howard dean as well as congressman keith ellison. and happening right now, crowds are getting ready to take part in an anti trump protest for the third day in a row. organizers are calling for peaceful demonstration night at city hall showing their support for women, lgbt and immigrants. >> fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the scene where the rally expected to kick off in just about an hour from now. dave? >> reporter: that's right. it may be getting colder but people are still pretty hot over the election results. early wednesday morning. so yet another protest night three of protest around center city and city hall. this area. let's go to video of what we saw last night.
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a very civil, peaceful protest last night. a group posted on facebook they called themselves no justice no piece they'll have peaceful protest tonight protest wagon they call donald trump's race zest and sexist viewpoints based on comments he's made in the past. this will be taking place at market and broad over at one penn square that's really where everything has been meeting up before so we're going to see how this one goes tonight. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. the university of pennsylvania trying to figure out who exactly is behind messages of hate that were sent to some african-american freshmen students. according to a university statement black students were added to a group text message that sent racist and violent images. students posted online that some of those images included references to lynching. the university says it believes this group message originated from somewhere in oklahoma. it released a statement it reads in part, effective students have been encouraged to contact view
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vice provost for university live. the university is taking every step possible to address both the source of the racist material and the impact it has had on black students on campus ". the university is holding a meeting for students tonight. shocking dash cam video tonight out of camden county. a traffic stop takes a terrifying turn. this incident happened just last month. but police just released that video today. >> it shows a haddon township officer getting dragged by a pickup truck. let get straight out to fox 29's joanne pileggi live in haddon township. joanne. >> reporter: dawn, chris, the dash cam video showing some dramatic moments during this police involved shooting, and providing investigators with a lot more information about this case. >> the dash cam video from haddon township police cruiser giving a closer and more detailed view of what happened when a police officer stopped a driver on october 29th in the
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fairview section of camden. >> i wake up, you know, whole crime scene going on. >> the dramatic scene unfolding as the police officer attempted to get information from the driver and is then dragged off by the pickup truck which crashes into a parked car. >> he definitely is wrong. he shouldn't have took off. you know, so i don't know what was going on, in his mind to sit there and try to take off and police. why he's hanging out the car. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: suspect identified as 38-year-old edmund brown scuffled with the officer and then appears to surveillance vendor and then he tries to run away. at some point brown was shot in the leg and eventually subdued. lugo saw the aftermath from her front porch she recorded it on her cell phone and today she viewed the dash cam video and can't understand why brown tried to get away. >> you wouldn't listen to the cop, he wouldn't have fired or any of this would have happened. but got out of the car, did what
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you were supposed. i mean there was going to be consequences but not as much as there is now probable. he should have listen to the cop. he's a higher authority. he say stop, stop the car take your keys out whatever. listen to him. if he would have listened this could have been prevented. >> reporter: brown was initiately charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, but this week police say they announced that they found a loaded magnum with additional ammo in the truck that he had been driving much he's being held on $100,000 bail. the officer is still on administrative leave while the prosecutor's office continues its investigation. dawn, chris? >> joanne, thanks. in olney, a violent encounter caught on camera. police say this driver was backing up on mascher street and godfrey avenue yesterday when a gunman tried to open the door the driver tried to escape by gunning it and then knocked the gunman to the ground. you can see he got right back up and fired at the car.
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fortunately no one was hurt. police are still looking for that gunman. police also trying to track down the burglar who snuck into a checkers restaurant in hunting park the map was captured on surveillance video crawling through the pick up window early monday morning. police say he stole cash from a safe and then ran away. this happened at the store on the 3700 block of north broad street. if you have any information autorail, give police a call. you may feel a chill in the area tonight. but you know this is just a taste of what's to come. we got the scoop on just how bad this winter is going to be next. >> sean? yeah, chris, chill in the air but how about hot action. the phillies made a trade this afternoon and it involves a popular player with the fans. fine out all about the deal coming up in sports.
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♪ welcome back. we take a live look at trenton right now. there's definitely a chill in the air. but it's going to get lot colder. we'll have your complete weekend forecast coming up.
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turning to your fox 29 weather authority now. the holiday season is on the way if you can believe it. and that means winter weather. isn't we're talking cold temperatures, snow, so what exactly is in store for the winter ahead the fox 29 weather authority of course is on it. meteorologist scott williams here now with your winter weather outlook. scott? >> hi there, dawn and chris. yes a lot goes no making the winter weather forecast. we'll talk about just how cold it will get and how much snow to expect. we'll begin with sue serio. >> ♪ >> when it comes to winter, our memories can play tricks on us. you remember when our first measurable snow was last winter? >> november. >> november. >> early november. >> probably november i think. >> i think it wasn't until january. >> actually our first measurable snowfall wasn't until january 17th of this year and even then all we got was a half an inch. >> merry christmas. >> remember christmas. it was warm not white. highs in the 60s.
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jack frost was nipping on someone else's knows. surely you'll remember the blizzard of 2016. january 22nd and 23rd. that one storm gave us 81% of the season's totals. this season may be similar. at least to start. >> that's right sue making the winter weather forecast we analyzed the sip in that ticks the weather patterns and all of the data top his predict how much snowfall our area might receive. now last year we saw el nino pattern but it looks like this year we're watching a building week la nina pattern a cooling of the equatorial pacific water that is will alter the jet stream and with that jet stream pattern that will impact the flow of moisture the temperatures and also the amount of snow. la nina pattern means the jet stream will be active over the great lakes as well as the northeast with more clipper like systems. now skiers will like the love the forecast with more snow expected in the mountains, but
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less in the big cities of philadelphia, baltimore and washington, d.c. let's break it down month by month. first by temperature. in december, temperatures will be right around normal. january will be colder and february as well. up to 1 degree below average each month. and then more warmth moves in the month of march. expect temperatures to be up to 1 degree above the monthly average temperature. as far as snow, well, don't expect much if any in the month of december. we will ease into the winter season with mainly rain. that means only a slight chance of a white christmas again. january will bring more clipper systems and that limit moisture to start. but the month will end with greater than average snowfall. the normal is 6.5-inches this is due to pattern change in late january through mid february when there will be a better chance of coastal storms with at least two storms bringing six to 12-inches of snow or greater.
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>> still a chance of snow in march with some nuisance storms. one to 3-inches of snow are expected. fox 29 weather authority is forecasting 22 to 30-inches of snow. that is above the annual average around 23. and certainly no snow this evening but those temperatures are dropping. some of the coldest air of the season moving in to the delaware valley. the high temperature believe it or not made the up to 64 degrees. already down 10 degrees with winds out of the north at 16 miles an hour. the camera kind of shaking the there. so winds of change and those gusts have really been pretty hefty during the day especially north and west. still gusting 32 miles an hour in the poconos. millville, atlantic city looking at winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. so stepping outdoors grab the jacket, sweaters for your friday evening out. 50 in trenton. 54 right now atlantic city. look at the upper 40s.
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pottstown allentown 37 degrees already in the poconos. so overnight low temperatures yeah it will be cold. 35 in philadelphia. 30 pottstown, allentown, 20 force low temperatures in the poconos and we're looking at right around 31 in atlantic ci city. so once again by tomorrow morning it will feel even colder. wall to wall sunshine a big area of high pressure will dominate the pattern for tomorrow. giving us the colder air but that high will shift off to the east for your sunday. so temperatures rebound with that return flow. but saturday night in sunday morning, we have some freeze watches all of delaware and look at that cape may county so watching for temperatures to dip at or below freezing for several hours by sunday morning. take a look at the temperatures for tomorrow. only topping out around 51 in philadelphia. many locations will stay stuck in the 40s. a cold start again on sunday but look at that high temperature of 60. so rebounding in time for the
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eagles game. tailgating light jackets temperatures in the low 50s. 57 by kick off and then as we move toward the fourth quarter, great football weather. 59 degrees. no weather worries and winds should be around 10 miles an hour. we'll talk about that seven day forecast seasonal trend with the seven day forecast upper 50s to right around 60 for much of next week. we will however start to watch the coast. we could see some showers tuesday into wednesday. hey, sunday night we got a big super moon. one of the biggest that we've seen in almost 70 years. it's called perigee that means it's proximity is close to the earth. it will appear brighter and also larger and if you miss this one the next time it will appear that big or close will be november 25th, 2034. back over to you guys g all right. we better watch this year. >> cold tomorrow morning. >> i know. >> waking up. typically mid november friday night we'd be talking goals football. >> yup. >> not tonight. >> not tonight.
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headlines are stolen by the phillies. that's right. phillies open up the hot stove season by making a trade this afternoon and it involves a popular player with the fans. i know who will be patrolling the outfield next season and it may look easy for the 33-year-old darrin sproles on sundays but trust me it's hard. find out his secrets to success coming up next in sports.
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♪ when it come to the eagles number one running back mr. darrin sproles the saying age ain't nothing but a number hits home. that's easy for us to say we're
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outsitting on the couch on sundays for the 12 year veteran who comes off as the age less wonder, the secret to sproles success listen up ai is all about practice. >> if you don't practice fast, you can learn bad habits, and for him it's always about practice and fast, and so he doesn't have bad habits that way. and it all stems in practice. that's from a seasoned veteran who made lot of if the ball in the nfl. >> practice makes perfect. that's for shoe eagles welcome a solid atlanta falcons team to town on sunday. falcons are five-zero on the road with impressive vick over the broncos, saints and raiders. eagles played really well at home this season. one reason doug pederson believes why that is all about you, the fan. >> we have played better at home and i know something that we've been able to fed off of as far as, you know, the fans and it's just -- atmosphere is the linc is second to none. >> we love playing here. we love being at home. obviously the goal is to win
6:25 pm
every game at home. i think that's huge for our confidence for the city for the fans and everything, but, um, you know, we love playing at home and, you know, we'll go get it done. >> of course that was carson wentz and jordan methos. sunday lean up stay with also all day on sunday for best eagles coverage. we kick thing off at 10am "game day live". 1:00 p.m. falcons angeles. four toll kind of cowboys and steelers. phillies hot stove action i love saying that. phillies made trade today sending darrin ruf minor leaguer darnell sweeney to the dodgers in exchange for outfielder how way kendrick. 33-year-old kendrick as a decent bat can't play a number of position early reports have kendrick playing left field next season. i like the move, guys. i just felt like darrin ruf didn't have spot in this roster any more. so i'm okay with the making the move right now. i believe this might be the first of many moves this off season fort phils. >> i hope so. >> we shall see. >> thanks, sean.
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>> a cold start to the day tomorrow. >> it looks like the coldest air of the season so far by tomorrow morning. temperatures in philadelphia around 35 degrees. even colder in the suburbs. high temperatures in the city only 51. many locations will stay in the upper 40s for highs tomorrow. another cold night sunday morning and then temperatures rebound look at that 60 degrees the afternoon high temperatures so great weather for tailgating and also football as we move toward your sunday. >> look like perfect sunday for eagle football. >> absolutely. we need w though. >> yeah, we do. >> join us tonight at 10:00 o'clock. we've already told you about a string of recent crashes in involving philadelphia police. since then there have been even more crashes costing you even more money. the surprising revelations we just uncovered. that does it for us here at 6:00 o'clock. good we'll see you back here at 10:00 and 11:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching.
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a house divided. chaos on the streets. and fortress trump. >> the gigantic headache for the president-elect's neighbors. >> and megyn kelly's shocking new book. was her coffee spiked with poison the night she asked this question? >> you have called women you don't like fat pigs. and the story behind the first photo of hillary clinton after her historic defeat. >> the chance encounter happened in these woods, and bill clinton took the photo. then, no more trump for me? >> those crazy cuckoos. >> have we seen the last of alec baldwin's trump imitation? shielding her little boy as he is attacked by two dogs. and lamb scam.


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