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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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from the fox 29 studio this is it good day philadelphia. a vicious assault leaves a woman bleeding badly in a local alley. what south jersey police are learning about the victim and the attack. president-elect trump and his his team are working hard to fill positions within his administration, who he's eyeing for secretary of state. plus the advice president obama is giving to the incoming president 66 days before he takes office. . he changed the way the game is played and the way concussions are handled. now eric lindros is finally getting the recognition he deserved. 88 now officially in the hockey hall of fame: the best players
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ever to take the ice for the flyers. music to our ears. ♪ patty labelle. kenny gamble and leon huff this year's honorees. why this year is like no other in history. ♪ love train. ♪ join in. love train. >> we're all going to get off love train.
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we got to be on the love train the way things are going in this country. we're talking about the marian anderson awards. we're going to play a lot of leon huff and patty labelle music too. love train pulled in >> not pulled in yet. the problem we're having trouble on the love trains. >> septa's love trains, delays on a lot. the regional rail line this morning, a problem on the new jersey turnpike. this is a live look at route 73, the mt. laurel interchange where we had an early morning tractor-trailer fire that kind of tractor-trailer carrying all those car, like a car carrier, that was fully loaded on the southbound side of that new jersey turnpike, as you head into exit number four, which is mt. laurel, new jersey. anybody heading south right now, be ready for a jam, now, that's one accident. there's also another accident south at exit 7, which is route
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206. double bubble on the new jersey turnpike. 20 minute delays on septa's west trenton, a hit-and-run crash on the pennsylvania turnpike. eastbound near the willow grove interchange. police are on the scene, only one car left. got a tow truck there. the rain moving through and quickly becoming a game changer here. the east schuylkill, an accident near city avenue as we take our next camera, which a live look at the ben franklin bridge. getting word of an accident at the toll plaza on the new jersey side of that new jersey turnpike. so what started out as a nice quiet dry morning, a few hours ago, suby, all gone south. pretty quick right now. >> it's gotten drip pie out there. drip pie is a figurative as far as the rain is concerned. we're doing a seven because we expect the second half to be a little bit brighter than the first. showers around this morning, bus stop buddy has the umbrella.
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temperatures in the 40s and 50's. flyers they play at home. we have rain in new jersey, spreading into pennsylvania as the whole system moves to the north, we do think this will last throughout the rest of morning. there it is, kind of a gray start to the day. 50 degrees, sunrise happened at 6:46. 60 is our high. with the clouds and then the rain moving out, we'll have a low of 45 tonight. that's a look at your weather authority forecast, much more big changes over the weekend in your seven-day forecast. big change in the news. >> there's an update to an amber alert. the four-year-old girl has been found. it's been cancelled. virginia state police they have located her. and remember, she was abducted yesterday from charlotte county, virginia, anna bell had last been seen with herby logical farther 24-year-old dillon james
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richardson yesterday. we're trying to figure out where she was found. >> they thought she was with her dad in new jersey. we have to find out where they found her. did they ever get out of virginia? . a woman is rushed to the hospital after violent attack in south jersey. >> police are trying to figure out exactly what happened. that's what lauren is trying to do too. lauren. >> reporter: i can tell you this, about 15 minutes ago, we saw about half dozen police officers both in uniform and out of uniform knocking on front doors here on monroe street. probably trying to get details about what exactly happened overnight here. it's the location on monroe street where the assault took place that's in question. it was some time after midnight when police received call about a woman who was attacked and we understand he was bleeding badly, maybe from her head from medics arrived. the woman's injuries so severe, she was air lifted to a level 2 trauma center in trenton, new jersey.
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that decision could help save her life since those hospitals have 24-hour staff dedicated to patients who suffer the most severe injuries. right now, investigators aren't quite sure or at least at this hour aren't telling us if this attack happened inside a home or if the woman was discovered outside the home, one neighbor tells us if it is the woman he thinks that she's somewhere in her mid 30's. right now, she's recovering in a hospital in trenton. mikes and alex. a man is dead after a shooting in north philadelphia. a 35-year-old man was shot in the street. shot in the head. around 10:30 last flight. according to detectives, at least 22 shots were fired. no arrests yet. police also investigating the stabbing of a teenager in at the city's kingsessing neighborhood. this happened yesterday night. a 16-year-old was stabbed three times in the arm along the 1400
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block of south vodges, street. tensions here at home and across the nation have been on high alert. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney has something to say about it. trying to bring everyone together. thomas, you have more on what he said >> it's getting out of hand, mayor kenney said hate crimes and violence have no place in philadelphia, after a series of incidents since donald trump was elected president. last week, swastikas were spray painted on a store front in south philadelphia. african-americans students at the university of pennsylvania received racist threats through an anonymous messaging ap. of course, we saw that flash mob attack over the weekend injured several innocent bystander, mayor kenney denounced it. >> regardless of whether you're committing these crimes or saying these slurs in support of the president-elect or against him.
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it is not welcome here in philadelphia. to be clear, you should call out bigotry when you see it. you absolutely must. but we must also recognize you cannot combat hate with more hate. >> what's being done? well, mayor kenney says there's no specific plan to deal with these kinds of incidents, philadelphia police are still investigating what he calls possible hate crimes. other people in the city are concerned that the political rhetoric is turning into a threat of public safety. especially with the holiday shopping season approaching us, businesses are concerned they could lose business. >> yes. people staying home ordering everything online. not getting out. thomas, thank you, 7:08. hate crimes not just a problem in our city, crimes against muslims are at their highest levels since 9/11. they say 67% spike in incidents muslim since last year, civil rights increase in terror attacks in europe orlando and al
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donald trump's campaign. gwen ifill passed away after a battle with cancer, she moderated two vice presidential debates in 2004 and 2008 and she also moderate add primary debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton just in february. president obama took a moment to remember ifill yesterday during a press conference calling her a quote, extraordinary journalist. she was 61 years old. so many people so sad is to hear about this. she was such a great journalist and a leader when it comes to the journalism community. president obama has arrived in greece. there he is. >> this is the first stop of his final foreign tour as president. air force one touched down earlier in athens on his first day, president obama will meet with the president and prime minister and working to reassure foreign leaders that the u.s. won't abandon its partnerships
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and alliance obligation despite president-elect trump's tough campaign rhetoric. president obama also said he told president-elect when they had their 90 minute meeting over last week that was going to be doing this, he was about to go on this foreign tour >> last thursday. meanwhile, president-elect trump and his team are rushing to fill thousands of west wing positions in all i think there's about 4500 positions in at the trump to administration. it will take six, seven months >> they will be talking about who will be on the new administration, we keep hearing drops of names every day we'll get another name >> i'm not surprised that rudy giuliani's name has been dropped. doug? >> there's something to be said for loyalty and people that were with trump in the beginning will probably be handsomely rewarded here. you mentioned the thousands of positions yet to be filled. the top ones that are so critical. we only know of two names, so
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far for sure, some of the rest may come later this week. >> what will the white house look like next year? it's all taking shape inside trump tower in new york, where president-elect trump, vice president elect mike pence will meet today to put together the team. we know steve bannon will be chief strategist and reince priebus will be chief of staff. beyond that, secretary of state could go to john bolton. perhaps more likely former new york mayor rudy giuliani who deflected a little bit last night >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better >> maybe me >> jeff sessions could be secretary of defense, he was a trump supporter almost from the get-go or new hampshire kelly who just lost her reelection bid and who will stand behind this podium as press secretary? that could be campaign manager
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kellyanne conway. even fox news contribute tore ms. ingram. president obama wouldn't bite yesterday when asked about recent trump appointments. >> i think it will be important for him to have the room to staff up, to figure out what his priorities are to be able to distinguish between what he was campaigning on and what is practical so he can actually achieve. >> yet, they just don't have much time here. i mean, they're clear until a rush. one thing to keep in mind. these top posts, cabinet level posts require senate confirmation and it takes awhile to prepare for that. back to you. >> that's for sure. so again, secretary of -- rush limbaugh? no. >> are you making news >> he's trying to. >> i'm being silly. doug, thank you.
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what does donald trump -- i'm on sued fed silly. that's good. double s. what do donald trump and gunman he will and huff have in common? >> do you want me to answer or do you want the people to answer? >> you >> you want me? >> it was the money, money, money. >> i don't think we have that queued up. what do you have queued up in the control room? i love music? let's crank that up. ♪ ♪ i love music, any type of music. >> it's one of my favorites too,
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o js. >> patty labelle. kenny gamble leon huff will receive the prestigious marian anderson award tonight. the awards are in honor of the mar anderson, of course, there's patty, there's leon. >> it's for artists whose work contributed to our society and improve our world. for the first time since 2008 more than one person will be honored. the awards are tonight at the beautiful kimmel center. the kimmel center is at broad and spruce -- no, spruce. >> i haven't heard a word you said. >> that's typical. >> could we play for the love of money. that was a beautiful tie-in you tried to do there. it worked. he literally played that in his intro music. >> we will play that after we do
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traffic and weather. kenny gamble took me over to the recording studio on broad street. had the orange rug. shag rug from the jackson five recorded some of their recordings over there, just a hair on the back of your neck stands up to be in that room with the instruments, and the burnt orange shag carpeting. south on the new jersey turnpike, we got the car fire, it was actually a car carrier on fire. we couldn't get close to it but steve keeley being the man he is, got this picture he was in the passenger side, there's the car carrier. he got three cars, look at the ones on the back, mike, i think this was yours here. this is that brand new car >> i just ordered that. >> we're, i hope you have your receipt. this is what we're dealing with on the new jersey turnpike. good news is one lane is getting by on the southbound side. we're stacked up but at least we
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have one lane. but south on the new jersey turnpike up at exit 7, there's a crash. you got an accident at exit 7. the car carrier fire at exit 4. just a rough day, 20 minute delays on septa's west trenton regional rail and eastbound pa turnpike hit-and-run accident near the willow grove interchange. we started to see rain move through and since that rain started to hit the roads, we've had all kinds of craziness going on. watch for delays there at willow grove. here's an accident eastbound on the schuylkill near the roosevelt boulevard. you heard from lauren the rain bouncing off of the umbrella. doesn't look like it's hit us yet here near the boulevard but it's on the way. and here's a live look at the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. there's the accident. the one car kind of smack in the middle there. it's not going to impact traffic. he's gone the other way. there is a delay on the bennie coming in towards philadelphia
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this morning. all this rain, how long is it going to last? suby, i know is standing by. she's coming up in how many seconds? 15 seconds. i'll tell you what, let's have it right now. >> bob kelly demands. low pressure is in control. and it is just offshore moving northward, so this system will be with us throughout the rest of the morning. i think that will be it. unfortunately. we could use more rain than we're going to get today. we'll take what we can get with being so close to drought conditions. the heaviest rain heading into new york city and parts of new jersey. still in burlington county it's not easing up a whole lot and we got the wrap around moisture down by baltimore. here, it's light rain but just enough to be annoying in the city. then you look north and west of us, light rain around reading, lebanon, lancaster down by milford delaware, they've been seeing light rain all morning, temperatures are milder than
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they were yesterday. 50 in philadelphia, 46, mount pocono, 48 in dover, 40 in lancaster. today, 60 degrees, may see a little peak of sunshine before that early sunset of 4:45. and two, 10s for wednesday, thursday and friday, and for saturday. sunday, whoa this is a day with a big change with rain, wind and chillier temperatures, all in time, mike and alex for the philadelphia marathon on sunday. >> yeah. >> that is good. >> i'm going to get up about 3:30 and stretch. i normally stretch a lot before i run the 26.2 miles >> you're actually going to be running? really >> i'll be there >> you didn't say you'll be running >> i will -- 26.2 miles i will travel on sunday. >> you didn't say you will physically be running. i know what you're doing. >> let's talk about the eagles, watching the eagles game, out in seattle. this will be a tough, tough, game. you got to fly to seattle.
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let's go back to the win, it was pretty impressive over the falcons. >> when it comes to road game, not so much. >> four in home, one and four away from the linc? >> sometimes seems like they're two different teams. the players don't exactly know why that is, but they are focused on finding a way to bring that energy to seattle >> i do know things are loud out there. it was hard for us to communicate on defense. i think whenever our defense is playing, our team has a really, really good chance of winning. i guess that's hats off to our fans >> i think you picked us to lose. that's what i'm saying, we needed to bring that energy that we brought in practice this week. because it was a home game and take it and carry over to, you know, to these away games. >> it's going to be tough.
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seattle. did seattle win the other night? they beat the patriots in massachusetts? >> that's right. >> i like when a team wins just before we play them. >> why? >> they're -- no, we're, now we're going to beat the eagles >> i think it comes off a by week >> it should be the opposite. you don't want a team to come off the by because you want a team to prepare and rest. so the seahawks game in seattle will be at 4:25. is that in fox? it's on cbs? i never turn on cbs, i won't watch the game, i'll have to listen to merle reese. i refuse to watch it. >> let's talk about this. you know the mannequin challenge has been the latest craze. a lot of people doing it. have you seen it? it has a major message. the video takes on regional,
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profiing racism and police brutality. it features people from philly >> the people who created this had the idea, all philly guys >> we're going to talk to them live from la in about ten minutes. >> what is the message of this thing? again, it was all philly guys who made this. even though it was shot in hollywood. self lacing shoes inspired by marty mcfly will be on sale in the public, when you can get your hands on a pair. how much money, money is it going to cost you? listen.
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it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. so intro music now, but sound like we'll just have to imagine it. this will be a really big shoe. >> there it is.
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>> let's get up to lauren. >> can you hear it? >> i can hear it >> what room am i looking at? which nike, shoe? >> you can't see your lower half. >> you got to get your hands up >> my hips are moving. all right. >> go ahead. >> let's talk about shoes. >> auctioned off, i don't think couple weeks ago, selling about 99 pairs to raise money for michael jfox foundation. did you see the new ones, the real ones going to hit store shelves, they're going to be hard to find but you can buy them december 1st.
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like a black and white sneaker. automatically laces, unlaces, guess how much this sneaker costs? >> how much >> just take a guess. >> $300 >> it's higher than that. it's got to be higher than that. >> how much higher? >> double that. 600. >> how about $720. 1.0 from nike will cost you $720. you got to charge the sneakers. >> what's the difference between the first shoes that actually from the movie, which i kind of get why they'd be more expensive and these then? >> the first one >> i can't see they look completely different. right? >> the one from the movie didn't really exist. >> it does exist. michael j, fox. >> which one would you rather wear >> those are hideous the white
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ones, the black is cool or the gray one >> i think so too. the 720 bucks, one for alex, one for me, size seven. >> it would be a great christmas gift >> check your mailbox, they're coming your way. >> we won't hold our breath, thanks, lauren. >> by, lauren. 720? no. no. >> again, people, of course, will be getting them. >> self lacing. you stick your foot in and it goes -- is that what it does? >> i don't know if it make that is noise. that would be cool if it did. >> that would be cool if it made that noise. if you're trying to sneak out of somebody's house. >> not going to work. >> can't sneak out of people's house. that's why they're called sneakers. 7:27. from philly to hollywood. a couple of philly film makers take on mannequin challenge in a
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meaningful way. the message behind this viral video. that's going to be next. you have cancer,
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>> we have another update to the amber alert we've been reporting on all morning long we learned 24 years dillon james richardson turned himself in this morning and that's why they cancelled amber alert he
7:31 am
allegedly abducted his daughters 4-year-old an abell from charlotte county, virginia. the little girl is safe. we'll continue to update you. they're not sure where he turned himself n although she was missing in virginia they were understanding he might be making his way to new jersey or might be in new jersey. >> who announced that virginia state police did that? >> yes. >> there's a good chance he never got out of virginia then. 7:31. what's happening. >> raining and bus stop buddy here with the equipment to deal with it. we have been getting a lot of rain lately. every drop is welcome. showers around for the most of the morning and temperatures milder than yesterday. in the 40s and 50s. and so it's not as chilly. we are seeing rain moving in from new jersey through pennsylvania. it's in montgomery and bucks county now and little in delaware but not much anymore. everything is slowly moving south to north. in city we have 50 degrees. it's seven mile an hour winds out of norm and not going to be sunny if at all until later in
7:32 am
the day. with 46 in mount pocono and 47 millville and 49 wild wood it's miltder morning thank we had 24 hours ago. 60 the high today and sun later on and for tonight it looks like 45 overnight. clouds clear. we're expecting a tranquil night bob kelly. >> tranquil. >> tranquility. >> 7:32. craziness. here's a picture from steve keely he was on opposite side of the roadway that car yourier causing havoc all morning the last four or five cars fully charred up. there goes your new set of wheels expected to be dmrivrdz today. good news they have one lane on south on new jersey turnpike south of exit number four which is route 73. that's better than shut down we had to deal with all morning long. we're having domino affect on route 7. 295 would be best alternate if you head south this morning. here's a live look at route 73
7:33 am
right near turnpike interchange because of weather we're looking ep wards at 30 minute delays across the board on pretty much all regional rain lines anywhere from 15 to 0 minutes depending online and hit and run accident on pa turnpike. eastbound right near willow grove interest change. watch for police on the the scene. there again as we start to see that heavy rain move in even bipers and headlights on downtown here delays on admiral wilson boulevard and backed unon bennie to downtown. mike, alex, back to you. >> 7:33 we've been talking about man quinn challenge and you've seen it. and even made a video of self in newsroom and while most are kind of fun depictions of this mannequin challenge a new video we saw created by a group of ill film makers from philadelphia has people talking. >> their version takes on rac
7:34 am
racism, police brutality. >> you told him to get i.d. sir driver's license oh, my god police don't tell me he's dead. get out of the car. >> don't touch me i'm not under arrest. >> you are under arrest. >> did you see what he was wearing. >> yeah. >> dark hoodie like gray hoodie. >> we want justice by any means necessary. we want equality by any means necessary we don't think we should sit around and wait for segregation from senators and president in washington d.c. to make up their mind that our people are due now some degree of civil rights no we want it now [ beeping ] philadelphia creators of that mannequin challenge join us from los angeles now. >> we're talking to todd
7:35 am
anthony and cavlena everett. >> welcome to your hometown. good to you have in philadelphia. >> todd why don't we start with you? what is the message here? it's powerful because you lose -- you're using real audio from real live events. >> right. well the mannequin challenge it was to bring awareness to film we're doing which is called black and blue, black, in, blue it's a film about base around police brutality but trying to use african-american officer that deals with both sides of coin you know he's an officer but also part of the same community that these things are happening to and we're trying bridge the gap back between law enforcement and community. that's what that spined off from. we wanted to try to use a funny
7:36 am
situation but bring in spin if around to serious matter. >> you did have a serious tone. i wanted to ask i, a lot of people when they saw this said okay this is black lives matter but you guys said that it's not. >> no it's absolutely not a black lives matter at all. it was literally a just inspired from film black and blue. we're not working with black lives matter. buttock the message pertains to black lives matter but not just black lives all lives. so we wanted to show that and you know a lot of people got it confused. it's definitely not a black lives matter mannequin challenge as all it's specifically for black and blue film. >> right >> it's too bad people are taking it to the wrong way. some people. we showed it to a couple police officers and one of our good friends at the show lieutenant roger rogers of the police department and he issued a statement and this is part of
7:37 am
what he said. >> i won't argue fact there are documented cases of plus brutality. this is issue best add depressed through direct dialogue. social media platform leaves too much to be miss con screwed and directed and fails to reach the actual audience of who needs to see such video. this is time of building bridges not furthering rift and at some point black lives matter and leaders of law enforcement have to find ways to acknowledge a path and acknowledge healing and have a amicicable peace. >> are you dispointed somebody walks away after it with that message? >> you know what, i'm not because it pro vokdz the conference and that's what we want to do. the film is about healing and trying to come to some sort of understanding which i think is the problem on both sides with community and law enforcement and each other. so i think that this film will address that.
7:38 am
and that's the hope. it's not to bash police officers and not to put down the community it's to up lift and see how community as cross the nation can cosignature. .> you hav >> you have mentioned it's not just trying to show one group some people when they saw it they were offended saying it showed police officers in a bad light instead of when you have people pro testing and being there why not have police officers had helping out the community or playing with kids. >> uh-huh. i think what we tried to do because there are some of them are reenactment it's seems like it shows police in a bad light. but those are just actual incidents that actually happened. >> true. >> and what we tried to do if you see in one moment in the film where the mother is holding her son who was just killed, the white male in there actually represents another officer.
7:39 am
so we actually wanted to show that. i don't know if people really caught that. but we wanted to show that not all officers are bad or -- exactly. >> kevalena colin kaepernick why put him in there? >> because he's just someone who is very vocal about issues in our society. and we wanted to show that. he doesn't always have anything negative to say it's just him always showing support and standing up for justice. we wanted to show that. we feel like this film is that and this is not a film about bashing police officers and community it's about trying to break the gap and bring them both together and colin kaepernick is the one person that talks about that and he's viing to with voice and platform, he talks about ceelting change and showing justice toss light.
7:40 am
we wanted to put him in the mannequin challenge to represent that. >> okay. real quickly here. besides the two of you being via electronictive and from philadelphia i want to know about both of you. where did you guys go -- are you both philly born and raise raised, high school here, kivr give me details, todd. >> yeah, well, myself, i'm born and raised west philadelphia. not far from the fox station. i went to overbrook. i graduated from bovr overbroo overbrook. >> yeah. >> oh, yeah, so i pretty much majority of my life within the last with the exception of last three years have been spent in philadelphia. >> we actually met a few time times, mike. >> i meet a lot of people. >> i know you met a lot of people but, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i remember you two let me tell you. >> how about you where did you go to sglool bartram i graduated from bartram high school and then i went to penn state university. but i lived in philadelphia all my life. and i came out to la -- i've been in la five and a half
7:41 am
years now. but i'm born and raised in philadelphia southwest area as well. >> yeah, yeah. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> you still represent. >> you still eagles fans and stuff like that? it's tough in los angeles. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> we don't get any love out here. it's okay. >> i lived there ten years not easy. beautiful but not easy. >> no, it's not. >> thank you so much for sharing your reasoning for this video because a lot of people have seen it. it's gone everywhere. >> it's all over the world. >> yeah, yeah. >> and we have to really quickly say also that the writer and director fred thomas jr. is actually from philadelphia as well and we wanted to thank also simone sheppard who helped us get this video out there. she was another friend of ours who is very big on social media we wanted to say thank you. >> next time you're back home in philly come back in and see us. >> soon. >> we'll be shooting -- >> in march. >> we'll be there. so yes. >> shooting a film here.
7:42 am
all right. >> thank you todd and kevalena. >> so it's black and blue is the film they will create in philadelphia. take a quick break and we'll philadelphia. take a quick break and we'll come right z test text1
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>> how about a nice shade of charcoal for your new car. but i know you wanted white but -- >> it's good it's a hot one. hot wheels right here. this is what's left of the carson wentzier that was engul engulfed in flames thanks to steve keelly doing a fantastic job get together scene and taking pictures of what's left. this is on the new jersey turnpike just south. what the problem is the fire blew out the tires on the carson wentzier. owe they had to get a caip in to physically take off each one of the burned out cars because they cannot move the trailer because the tires are all burned out. bottom line, southbound lanes of new jersey turnpike you want to avoid this morning just south of exit number 3. there's a jam. everybody trying to get on at mount laurel trying to use 295. pack a snack if you head to
7:46 am
airport. weather delays philly, new york and charlotte all because of rain coming our way. that probably will set the don't tone for rest of refresh hour and upwards of 30 minutes delays across the board on lot of septa regional rail lines. how long will the rain hang around. sue has the answer in 15 around. sue has the answer in 15 seconds. >> 7:46 this is culprit and welcomed rain we need it but this rain ill will be with us through the morning and the system is sarting to move south and north and he recently out of here and we probably will see sunshine before the day is through. and depending on how quickly this is gone. it's not gone yet. not even close. we have wrap around moisture as far as south as baltimore this morning and here in
7:47 am
philadelphia light rain. just enough to be annoying. we have little more out here around can lancaster and we have a little more around the jersey shore. 50 in philadelphia. milder morning than yesterday at this time. 46 mount pocono. upper 0s wild wood and trenton 40. that's chilly spot in lancaster this morning. 60 today. then what an improvement, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, whole lot of sunshine. we like the sun even though we need the rain. this is big change. sunday with rain in the forecast. and with temperatures in the 40s. we'll have more on that as the week goes by. "good day philadelphia" will be back after this.
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♪ if you don't know me by now♪ all the things♪ harold, melvin and blue nose. teddy was with them for a whil while. >> yeah. ♪ >> is that him singing now. >> yes. >> who is this guy who is singing. >> the voice. >> his own career. >> anyway we're plague them because kenny and leon will get the award tonight. >> and patti labelle. >> yes. >> flyers legend his place in hockey history last night. captain lindros was inducted
7:51 am
into hockey hall of flame. he led flyers to stanley it up in 1997 and won the heart trophy mvp award that was in 9 94, 95 surprise and he was six time all star and time in philadelphia and nhl career cut short by injury. he's still one of dominant players to wear orange and black. j you call this show last night on tv basically the oscars and academy awards of hockey. >> you they don't walk the red carpet very often hockey players and they're not pretty. hockey hall of fame they roll out the red carpet it was quite at fair last night i thought he came off extremely well. >> how special do you think the moment was. he was passed over six times. >> and part of the thing with him is that people vote anonymous group isn'tly held it
7:52 am
against him because his parents involvement in career he's a guy is that the not poll arizeing figure. he determined where he wanted to play and he determined in junior and nhl. >> who wanted him first. >> question back drafted him. he didn't want to play this he sat out a year and traded him to two teams it rangers and flyers. >> back and form. >> as arbitrator they decided flyers had initial deal and they went to flyers for quite the package. >> well, then what is his legacy? >> well he was a guy that was best player in the world for about four years. but it was cut short because of the way he played the game he was guy that you know he didn't make things easy on himself he was physical and physicality of his game ultimately cost it. >> he would initiated the contact. >> he could not play now. >> no. >> because he would be suspended he did not hit guys
7:53 am
but exploded them. in these days the way the league protects players he could not play in the game today. >> he's also known for what he did when comes to conclusions and diagnosing and recognizes him. >> him and his brother he brought up on the stage, brett lindros who ended his career in nhl from non hit concussion. he was guy that played for islanders and all the concussions he had and scott stevens hit was detrimental to his career he's become advocate for it but not joined lawsuit which is interesting. >> didn't join the lawsuit. >> yes. >> we got him to get a stanley cup. >> and build the building in south philly. >> he built that building. deposit quite make it. >> they got therefore 97. up fortunately swept in the series. detroit won two cups in a row. it was unfulfilled. >> peter floresburg. >> he was part of the deal
7:54 am
ring right. >> part of the deal. and okay would you make that deal again? >> he won a couple cups in colorado was trade todd quebec and moved to call kol. i would make the deal. what lindros brought was unbelievable. he was exciting player to watc watch. you could not take your eyes off him ever. when he went on the ice it was special. >> i think about his parents. any time they bring up eric lindros name his parents get involved. >> bobby and clark. >> you know what we have to d do. >> yes. >> throw jen. >> she's getting us ready for thanksgiving. >> this say big day. hi guys you want to do something spectacular on the table. keep it simple. we'll talk about what she is keep it simple. we'll talk about what she is doing here after the break.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> welcome back, everybody, okay, we're here we're ready for thanksgiving and here with the founder of the suburban soap box kelly. >> good morning. >> people will come in for thanksgiving and food is center stage. you want it to look pretty. >> exactly. >> what have you done here let's talk first of all about table settings doesn't have to be perfect. >> doesn't have to be perfect in fact if you have a large group of people coming and don't have enough plates it's fine to mix them up. i just have here like a fine china dinner plate and then just a simple white plate because you may not have enoug enough. if you mix them up it looks like you did intentionally and doesn't look like you ran out and layer your place settings. this is actually a scanned ca canle escaping tre from michaels for 99 cents i use it as charger and it gives it nice depth. >> when i came in i wanted to
7:59 am
leave this here. this is a soup terrain and i never use it it's just here all fall along and it looks a little more elegant without tryinging to try too hard. it's perched on top of drink dispepser holder i'm trying to get everything i can out of the drink dispenser holder to justify the expense. >> this is repurposeing pumpkin. >> i'm notorious for buying way too many pumpkins at halloween you never carve all i had some lay around you make a vase, carve out top scoop everything out and wegman's grocery store flowers and twigs you can spray paint and make it look festive you. >> kept it simple because once you start bringing food in the whole thing gets crowdd exactly you don't want too much
8:00 am
clutter on table because you have to take it all off because turkey becomes center piece. >> i love it can we stick around for one more segment. >> absolutely. >> easy appetizer around 8:45 guys great ideas don't you think. >> i like it that pumpkin is beautiful. >> it looks nice. >> spice up the table a little bit besides just food. >> i like it a lot. >> "good day" to you it's tuesday, november 15. 2016. >> no more spanking fewer moms are punishing children and how parents are choosing to discipline their kids instead. >> and inspiring racing duo local dad goes from competitive eating to competitive running. but he's not alone. how he's taking son with a rare neurological disorder along for the ride. a shopping shock.
8:01 am
a woman sues szara after she smells something gross what she found sewn into her new desk that will make you sworn. >> "people" magazine at it again newest sexiest mana live about to ab announced in a minute here on "good day philadelphia". >> congratulations mike jared. philadelphia". >> congratulations mike jared. >> thank you i got it >> i openederd 2016 who is sexiest mana live. >> any guesses? >> no. >> who is hot guy now ryan reynolds. >> he's already been. >> trump? >> who was it last year, who was sexiest man last year. >> wasn't it bradley cooper. >> in the last five years. >> you can be it again right. >> why not. >> i think brad pitt had it a couple times. >> maybe a brad pitt.
8:02 am
he's newly single. >> i tell you who it is somebody that has a movie coming out. all it is is pr. >> it's pr. >> and pub signatures lobby for it. >> behind the scene picks and never before seen photos. >> every time. >> who else would it be? >> could it be that harry guy. >> prince. >> oh, >> yeah. now that he's taken. >> get your guesses going on twitter. >> make it a list. >> we'll go to weather right now with number of the day which is not a ten like yesterday but a 7. we think second half of day will be nicer than right now. boy it's kind of gloomy and dreary and showery. 40s and 50s temperatures out there we have rain. you can see it's starting to move a little further north ward as we look at their low pressure system that's bringing heavier rain to new york now. we're getting drips and it is 5
8:03 am
degrees in philadelphia right now. we're headed to a high of around 60. so not gaining too much in temperatures. and some sun hopefully later on in the day tonight tranquil night. you like that bob kelly right? >> serenity now. >> serenity. >> cocktail and good to go. >> 8:03 here we go. another accident southbound 5 new jersey route 0 now 25 seeing a lot of extra volume this morning because of accident on the new jersey turnpike. we had accident southbound near exit 4 which is route 73. it was carson wentzier. here's pictures cents out by our very own steve keely that made it to scene. your new car maybe instead of that red or blue you go for charcoal color there's five or six cars totally ruined and because of fire knocked tires out of the truck. they needed a crane to come in to actually take each one of the vehicles off. so a hot mess on the new jersey
8:04 am
turnpike in more ways than one with only one lane getting on by. weather delays philly, new york, khar charlotte because of weather. be ready for that if you head to the airport upwards of 0 minute delays on a lot of septa regional rail lines. you know the drill with the weather. here's a live look at schuylkill in and out of city slower than normal and just light drizzle but more rain on the way as sue mentioned and live look at the ben franklin bridge slow going in the down side into center city at 8 and vine. mike and alex back over to you. >> well sexiest mana live i'm an idiot i did not catch that it was announced earlier i looked away. >> it is the rock, dwayne "the rock" johnson. >> i can smell something. >> and that eyebrow. >> do you find him sexy. >> nice looking and very built. oh, my gosh see those arms. hello. >> you were right, usually someone with a movie coming out he has a movie coming out. >> it's all pr crap. >> movie malana.
8:05 am
>> who. >> your mama. >> momma. >> it's animated movie. >> he's one of the like highest earning actors out there. >> yeah. >> 64.5 million this year, woo. >> does that make minimum him more sexy what does your dad say. >> my dad says -- how do we get girl seriously my dad goes there's no such thing as ugly rich man. >> no such thing as ugly rich man. >> a horrible mess tooth give his daughter. >> hold on he -- it's not because i'm trying to get one i said -- you know what i'm talking about sometimes you see a guy a girl. >> alex if you marry someone for money -- can i -- no if you marry someone for money you will work for every penny you get. >> you'll earn it every day. >> no. >> not every day you work for
8:06 am
every penny you get. >> yeah. >> because there's a difference if you marry for sgln okay. >> you're not going to be happy if you marry somebody for money. >> it's about love. >> it really is. >> yeah. >> okay. so i'm guessing i'll do this. >> 8:06 well we have another update to the m better alert we've been roring on all morning long we're learning 4-year-old dillon james richardson turned himself into new jersey authority this morning and his hometown is listed as william town, new jersey and he turned himself monroe township and allegedly abducted his daughter 4-year-old ana bell have charlotte county virginia as we were reporting the little girl is safe and this is newest update he turned himself monroe township. now we know where they were found. >> good. let's get to south jersey. woman airlifted to the hospital after being violently attacked in mount holly. she was found bleeding heavily on west monroe street. this is around 12:15 this
8:07 am
morning police are trying to figure out what happened to her morning police are trying to figure out what happened to her and who attacked her
8:08 am
>> fewer parents are spavring children as a oos of discipline. kindergarten age kids over a period of time from 1988 through 2011. and there's been a cultural shift across the board in this country there's less physical disciplinement we're not hauling off and smacking our kids. there's clearly some parents that believe hitting is best way to sent a mess allege and control unwanted behavior. more and more people doing it less and there's income gap on this one it's big. more families of low income parents do think that you know corporal punishment as discipline is one of the best solutions. both types of parents are using timeouts. we've gotten message when you lose control and sometimes we all want to er with the kids if you can take the pause for a moment and talk it out more parents are doing that and that's what he expert are recommending and that's
8:09 am
encouraging that people are taking the second. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. >> hm. >> it does seasoned a message. sometimes we all lose it. it's admitted. we try not to. >> well, people say if the kids steps into the street smack him on the butt they'll never do that again that kind of stuff. >> i don't think that works grab them and tell them and explain it you don't want them wibding up like dead squirrels. hitting them is not good enoug enough. you have to show them the dead squirrel and say that's what happens. >> parenting tips with karen hepp. >> you know, some think it works. >> that has to end up on youtube. >> what's worse, getting a smack on butt or ending up a dead squirrel in middle of the road. i don't know what's scarier. >> if i was not so hyped up on sued fed i could think about
8:10 am
that. >> i have two children and i didn't spank them. >> i was spankd by parents? anyway, it is 8:10 i can't wait for tonight. i have to, though, because it's only 8:10 in the morning. >> you have no choice. >> i want immediate gratification. patti labelle will be there and leon huff will be there and this is when they announce these are nominations. >> awards are in the honor of opera singer maryanne sander on for artists work that contributed to society and improve world. with exception of bill cosby in 2010 there's been no other philadelphian on the list and no local musical talent whatsoever. awards are like you said tonight mike you don't have to wait until tonight. >> what are we didn't doing. >> with you been plague songs. >> i bet as we go to break there will be another gamble >> i bet as we go to break there will be another gamble and huff song
8:11 am
♪ you know some say it's wrong♪ >> we both know it's wrong♪ >> we both know it's wrong♪ but it just. >> too strong to let it go♪ to let it go♪ >> mr. jones if he found out would not be happy♪ >> but. >> what time do we meet at the same cafe♪ >> don't be late. i'll be late because i don't know what time♪ >> holding hands♪ did we make all kind of plans♪ >> i believe it's billy cole♪
8:12 am
♪ too strong, too stronget♪ >> it's a great song♪ >> is it a great song. it's promoting adultery. >> when you put it that way musically i like it a lot. >> there's passion in it. >> i'm not listening to the words♪ >> you should because it's wrong. >> the music out there nowadays the kind of stuff they say i mean really. >> i like --♪ >> okay. >> that's your problem. >> yes, it can all be so simple♪ >> a free man why one of the subjects of hit series making a murder my god so many people watched this show, he will get out of jail. >> and early sign of alzheimer's has nothing to do with memory, though, there's a new smell test that may help
8:13 am
identify if you're at risk years before you get any signs. >> this is unreel. i'm glad dr. mike came in to talk about this. if you lose your sense of smell is that a warping sign? if you lose your sense of smell is that a warping sign? we'll talk about it
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ (laughs..) here it is. ♪ ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down
8:16 am
and a complimentary first month's payment. >> getting crazy 95 northbound disabled in the construction zone. right near girard avenue. they got a free push off to one of the off ramps. that's causing backup leaving center city. not only that northbound but southbound normal construction jam and for the morning rush hour. and it's tack owny pal myra bridge opening sets:20. betsy ross the way to go. here's what's left of the dela delay. actually still with us south on new jersey turnpike into exit four all from early morning carson wentzier and fully engulfed and two miles headed
8:17 am
south into route 73. steve keelly came one opposite side here and took picture of what was left. and nice shade of charcoal and hand off load all cars and weather delays at philly international and weather delays on all regional rail lines. >>:17 rain continues to pour into the area. you see bulk heavier rain is mow moving north. we got wrap around moisture in lancaster county set to move into chester and delco is getting a little bit of rain. we have light rain in philadelphia. it will take probably rest of morning for all this to get out
8:18 am
of here. there's one pockets of very heavy rain. right here about to enter into southern chester county it's in southern lancaster county now. we have that going on now precipitation-wise. 51 in philadelphia at the moment and 4 lancaster and 46 mount pocono and 48 wild wood. up to 60s today. plenty of sunshine through the week and dry weather the rest of the week. looks like rain. we get some. unfortunately for the philadelphia marathon folks it looks like it will happen on sunday. we will see what we can do about that mike and alex between now and then. >> thank you. >> okay. it is:18 can i say how much i love dr. mike who is working with us over ten years on "good day philadelphia" and are you trying to order something. >> it's time for really checkup with dr. mike and he asked me for stool sample flood sample and urine sample and i
8:19 am
don't have to go to the office he'll do it here so i got it. >> there it is. >> thank you. >> sure. >> not many people can make me speechless. >> really? >> you're one of them. >> here's the thing, i kind of get weird when i go into doctor's office and they ask for urine sample. >> why is your sample bubblin bubbling. >> i have a bubbly personalit personality. >> okay. >> and so. >> guys. >> ever get -- you feel like you have to pea but when you have to give a urine sample you cannot pea. so like a couple drops comes out and you take it out i'll need more than that mike. >> this a name for that stage fright i'm serious it's a medical condition. >> i wrote a paper on the other stage fright social phobia because i used to play weddings as trumpet player and you take a little inderell and you're just fine.
8:20 am
>> of course that's not my urine it's a beer because listen to this guys and gals drinking a beer a day is good for you. >> well, we've always known for about 10,000 years that there are good things and bad things about alcohol. and this new study showed that if you have one glass or if you're a guy you can have two beers, twelve ounces, >> beers. >> it's good for you, good for cholesterol reduces risk of stroke and heart attack. the problem lies in the dose. if you drink too much alcohol it then causes problems. it can cause problems with liver. we all know that. >> come on dr. mike. >> it's both a tonic and poison at the same time. >> now i'm confused they told us drvrping a nass of wine a day. >> all alcohol has positive benefits it has ants eye inflammatorys and it's not just
8:21 am
wine i'm believer social aspects of alcohol prolong your life. problem is when you drink too much. >> all right. >> oh, my gosh that is not bee beer. >> stop it. >> no. >> some bosses do that though. >> drink their own urine. >> please. >> let's be professional here. >> can we bring it up. >> they do they don't want to miss newt recent. >> drink their own urine. >> i've seen it on hbo special. >> weird. >> here's more important topic of day i cannot believe this. let me seefy got it right when it comes to alzheimer's research. if you lose ol factory sense, sense of smell, like that might be a precursor to getting alzheimer's disease. >> you bet it's not new news but what this new study found is simple test where you come into the office and i test your sense of smell and your ability to differentiate different kinds of smells take a look at that it has to do with ol
8:22 am
factory system because alzheimer's early on i'm faulking ten years before you start to notice memory loss you have some changes in your ability to smell. and what's remarkable about this data is that if i can dot that test in the office, step years before you start to have memory loss, i can put you on medication early and it will prevent you from the ravages of alzheimer's and by the way my mother suffer from this i know this disease very well and i hate it. >> what is the smell test. >> lilac and things like that and make you say what is it and then they ask if you can differentiate it from another smell. and then they ask you to recall what you smelled. >> should we be taking hair out of our nose. isn't hair in nose there for a reason. >> the hair in the nose is important because it action as way to prevents particulate matter from going up. >> it's a guilt filter. >> it's a filter and it's
8:23 am
unsightly remind me of crow ma magnon plan is here. >> there's a bugger in there, oh, >> you need to clean that. >> i have a cold. >> come see me. >> you know one time my brother had a nose hair it came out so far i want totd say something. >> just one hair. >> no bunches you ever run into a guy and he has nose hairs do we say something or not. >> do you find it sexy. >> it's disgusting. >> do you find nasal hair se sexy. >> some women like facial hai hair. >> there's a difference between facial and nasal hair. >> ear hair. >> you're into that represent you. >> you have trimmer and things you have get that i taken care of. >> free man. why one of the subjects of that netflix -- you watched this series right "making a murder" he is getting out of jail. >> plus, jen is getting us
8:24 am
ready for thanksgiving. >> ask your mama. >> we'll save you time and you'll impress -- people will >> we'll save you time and you'll impress -- people will say you did crazy stuff.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> a judge in wisdom martin ordered release of brendan dassy from making a murder series and he was 16 when confessed todd helping upingle rain and murder are a woman in 2005 a judge in wisdom martin ordered him to be set free pend ago peel. this summer a federal judge ruled dassy was tricked into confessing and wisdom martin attorney general says he will file emergency motions to keep dassy behind bars. >> so many people watched that docu siri on netflix yeah making a murder. and inspiring racing duo this is sorry of the day on "good day". a local dad goes from competitive heating he was at wing bowl i remember him at wiping bowl now he's into competitive running look how
8:28 am
he's changed. he's not alone. how he's taking his son with rare neurological dpis order along for the ride again, again rare neurological dpis order along for the ride again, again the story of the day. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo.
8:29 am
fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg.
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8:31 am
>> 8:1 bus stop buddy still has the best advice but you won't need your umbrella too much longer maybe a couple hours depending where you live. temperatures 40s and 50s. you can see from radar southern areas the rain is leaving and it's still a little wrap around moisture there in lancaster acountry which will get in chester and eventually delco and everything moves north. second half of the day should look a whole lot different than first. 51 degrees in philadelphia right now. normally breeze 8 miles an hour 46 mount pocono and here in atlantic city 48 degrees in wild wood. high of 60 today with rain combined to the morning. so it looks like bob kelly
8:32 am
would look better for the ride home than now. >> it's about a rough one this morning. 8:31 another accident on new jersey turnpike. one of those domino delays a tractor-trailer accident within delay from earlier tractor-trailer fire this is live look at new jersey turnpike southbound right at exit number four which is route 73 we're backed up for a couple miles now from exit five on down from that early morning carson wentzier fire and 295 extra heavy from extra volume and accident nidle route 38 here's a crash south on 59 between walt whitman bridge and stadium area the sharp curve before you goat stadium comple complex. left lane taken out there and then north 95 disabled and slow going on tack owny pal myra as ear on middle of bridge opening now. >> philadelphia marathon is this weekend and among those
8:33 am
participating a father/son team up spireing others to get out there and try even if it seems ill possible. >> meet goldstein family. josh goldstein was born with a rare neurological disorder 21 years ago and called joe bare syndrome. when he was 8 months old they told the family to make funeral plans. he was stronger than anyone realized. his brother ryan as born four years late were milder form of disorder. father, dave is postal worker and competitive heater who won a car at wing bowl. hating numbers on scale he decided to make a change and took up rawping so ryan started running 5 ks too. mom, sue and jessica cheered them on from sidelines with josh clapping and then it occurred to them why couldn't josh be pushed along the route. smile on face was bigger than
8:34 am
even they expected. >> 5:0 me and josh ready to roll. >> they've been participating races for more than a year. >> great job guys. >> and this weekend they'll be racing both days and the full and half mar thonz. >> they're going to do both. he's doing rocky challenge, alex. >> they're going to do both, mike. listen, dave is ready to go no now. he has running gear on and everything are you ready. >> i'm ready i have been training hard and ready to go. >> you know who is also ready josh, josh is here. hello josh. so glad you can be here with us too. josh is in his chariot. tell us about the chariot. >> this chair especially made up in massachusetts from hoyt running chairs it's light and air owe dynamic and allows me to make 6 miles with josh without having to struggle hard with weight issues and he -- it
8:35 am
fits him comfortably and he enjoys it he's eye star out there on the course. >> is it started with other son and wanted to include him and he was doing it and what makes you decide you know what i want josh to become a part of this too. >> my other son had same disability to josh and he can run we did a couple 5 ks and he was so proud and great and with running i felt bad i have never been able to do anything with josh anden include him in activities and sports so we with experimental chair somebody lent me i did a 10 k he was smiles and loved today the running community is out there high fiveing him and cheering him on. he has a sign is team josh. everybody knows who he is. and we just thought we will get customized chair made and go out there and attack all the courses and promote inclusion so others know they can be included as well. >> now you started juror own chapter of an goode elee's
8:36 am
angels it's a non provrt about including young adults and kids with special needs. i saw it and josh and i running is a great thing we need to expand and include other kids in south jersey and philadelphia community and have them feel the same joy and excitement too. i raise money for other chairs. like this one and through special needs community and find kids and adult and we have runners all awesome and they volunteer to sign up for race and do pushing they get a good feeling shem aevlz. >> how special is it for you. how loung as josh had this syndrome. >> he was born with the syndrome. >> did you ever think you would be able to do races or mar thonz. >> i never thought i could let alone with him this is tenth one. >> my tenth his fourth. >> i know you said people giving hi high fivz he seems like spirited guy by himself but when doing the race what's
8:37 am
is it like. >> feels great there's times in mar thonz i'm exhausted and hurting at the end and i talk to josh and he gives me a smile and i say you know i'm doing this for him not me and it gives me a boost of energy and it moves me forward to the end be a feel great. we cross that finish line it's owe emotional finish every single time. >> you've done ten he's done four how many are you trying to get to. >> we did a lot of half and other races too. we're talking about incorporating triathlons next year. >> oh, my gosh. >> sky is the limit. as long as i'm physically able to do it and he enjoys it we'll keep doing it. >> i love this we'll watch for you team josh. >> team josh. >> wearing these shirt right. >> absolutely. >> he looks excited. >> ready to rupp, josh. >> you ready. >> yeah. >> you want to run. >> yeah. >> he's ready he's so ready send us pictures so we can see how everything goes this weekend and if people want to get involved and help out. >> an goode lie's change elz
8:38 am
and click jersey or south jersey to get in touch. we have always looking for special needs kids or adults. we have down syndrome. autism, whatever it is. if they want to be a part of a race and do something they've not been included in and runners as well if you want to do something special for other children sign up for us us and contact me through the web sit site. >> alwall team josh. >> mike says he may not be running but may be going to race. >> we will be doing that. mike. >> what a story. fantastic. thank you, alex. well i have a shock for you. shopping shock. a woman sues kloming store called zara i've about in there a few times after she smelled something inside her klonls
8:39 am
what she found sewn inside this new dress she bought. what do you think it was. new dress she bought. what do you think it was. why don't you guess on twitter
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> ready for this? okay. so ever shop at zara. >> yeah. >> i've been in there a few times. >> nice stuff in there. >> one on walnut right. >> there is. >> a woman goes in there and got a new dress at zara she noticed something was not quite right with the dress. >> first she smelled odor. >> yes. >> and she was like what is that. >> quite pun gent she said. >> then felt something strange rubbing against her leg. >> excuse me. >> ready for this. >> it was a dead mouse. >> look you can seat little foot. >> the foot is stking out of the hem. >> so mouse looks like it was sewn into the lining and woman
8:43 am
says she jumped out of her chair? shock and/or the dress she bought the dress off rack at sara store in connecticut and now suing for unspecified damages and he positional distress. st. arausa says it is investigating the matter. >> well, is that sue worthy? >> to sue? >> to have a dead mouse in your clothe sfwlz is it really doing that much damage. >> i mean emotional damage. >> may freak you out a little bit. >> i would be checking all my stuff now. >> will you really. >> yes. >> what is going on there? >> oh, my gosh. >> i just got this out of my pants. >> okay. >> really, is that -- >> is that sueable i don't know. emotional distress. it's a little foot. >> so you wouldn't have a problem with a dead mouse in your clothing. >> i would not like that.
8:44 am
>> uh-huh. >> but would i sue a clothing company because there's a little foot sticking out of my hem. >> does not nip feel me on this. i mean i don't know if i believe people sue for everything nowadays but i feel there's something you can say when it comes top that. a mouse in your clothing. >> let's punch you up milky way would you sue for that. >> i would sue for that. >> you should sue for what you're wearing today. >> i'm just kidding. >> she want that shirt back. >> maybe she's going -- yeah. she says it's cold in here. i don't blame her. >> really mike. >> well, next time something like that happens to you i'm going to make sure you don't sue since you have an issue with it. we'll put stuff in his clothes. >> we'll go to a break and when we come back i believe it is best thanksgiving segment we
8:45 am
ever created on a show. the show has been on the air 20 years this is best thanksgiving prep segment we've ever done. >> okay i'm ready. >> next. >> next. >> okay
8:46 am
what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
8:47 am
>> all right.
8:48 am
we're still looking at radar and the low pressure system that is skirting the coast looks like it is moving a little further indland north of us. there are thunderstorms up towards new york city and norp nrm new jersey and most of the rain is on its way out of here. i want to draw your attention to one little pocket of heavy rain in little britain. keep it in mind there's a need for umbrella still the next couple hours then maybe sunshine before the day is through lots of sunshine, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday sunday this would be a mess for the philadelphia marathon. we can droy things out for the morning. >> when it comes to thanksgiving everyone is ready for the meal. i'm so ready. so ready. what do you field everyone while they're waiting because you know jen you have to be
8:49 am
careful with this you don't want to do too much they're not hungry for real deal but don't want them stevshing eitherer. >> i work thanksgiving more morning i grow and they had breakfast stuff and they're there and sitting this and you want them to wait for thanksgiving you want to feed them but not too much. kelly is here he from suburban soap box. >> welcome to my home. >> you want to give light snacks but not totally crazy. >> exactly i don't want them to be hover around the kitchen like my husband wonder when turkey will be done. feed them light bites it hold them offer a little and they won't get tanked if drinking cocktails. >> thank you the other thing is your husband walked in this morning we have to say he was like did you come with up with this. this is version of stuff people may have seen on pintrist. >> it's a cheese ball use any favorite cheese ball recipes and decorate it to look like turkey and i used some almonds
8:50 am
and then for fathers i used peppers bell peppers and pretzel and then have these little candy eyes and candy corn just for face and his head and neck is actually a pretzel rod. >> it's a great idea. i have to say you made the cheese ball that's underneath. >> i did and it's three ingredients just goat cheese cream cheese and cranberry relish you can use cranberry sauce and beat with hand mitc mitcher and form into ball. has to be refrigerated tail is getting droopy since it's cheese it's meeting a little bit. >> okay. >> speaking of cheese you have my favorite cheese most fat e eping cheese, bree. >> use toaster often because your often will be occupied with side and turkey. and then you can buy the premade crustini at the grocery store and topped with bree and baked it and take whatever kind of relish or i'm using pumpkin
8:51 am
butter here. >> that's a great idea. >> it's festive and easy and then you top it with a little candied pecan. >> i love it. >> i have to say that i don't like pumpkin spice lattee but when you pulled pumpkin putter what else do you use. >> toast, i have a recipe on my web site you put it in slow cooker with pork and make a pulled pork. >> oh, yes. >> you're going savery with pumpkin butter. >> last thing we deposit plan but i have to show it. so all around the house she has these cute little i have to say you see the little bu okays at the grocery store you said it's perfect time to get something like this in house. >> you're grocery shopping and want color throughout the house and make it festive and grocery store is great place to get flowers and they're inexpensive and arranged and even came in
8:52 am
that little mason jar. >> i love it. >> happy thanks giving. >> han pi thanksgiving. >> we're now going to deal with the kids. we're going to another house it college willville. it will be a kid party it will get crazy. i don't know if it will be fancy. >> is there a kids table involved there's always a kids table at thanksgiving. >> thanks, jen. >> 8:52 disney dropped first trailer for live action trailer of beauty and beast. how it stacks up to original. of beauty and beast. how it stacks up to original. we'll tell you coming up.
8:53 am
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>> do you do ride shay services. >> i use uber every day. i never used lift. >> i use lift from time to time because of pink mustaches apparently replaced pink mustaches. >> with. >> you use that to identify the drivers. instead you see a psychedelic dash display with your name on it. see where it says lift i'm guessing it's going to switch to your name right there, so you can see it. designed to prevent awkward car mix-up. if you look up and see name they can say i'm alex and hop in. >> that's the down side. >> a lift using waiting for a ride will be told to look for a certain color display on the dashboard. >> so i would have to deal with color. >> look a secret password. >> they'll say are you mike. >> tour koyz. >> i love this because i have gotten in the wrong uber befor before. >> have you. >> yes. >> did you admit it. >> i'm like you going here he
8:57 am
aren't you going here i'm like no i'm not going there. >>ment represent you bob. >> i'm like no. i felt horrible it was crazy. at least -- do you ever have trouble finding is this my car no that's not my car. >> they pull up side by side and somebody -- >> or you assume any car pulling up near you is your u uber. >> you can tell you'reen is it aing on core corner and doing this people doing this now standing around, that's uber people. >> i had a friend. >> it's you beener stand. >> he could not stand people that watch and wait for uber if we were out waiting and i would stare it's coming around the corner why do that why it will vibrate when ready live life and enjoy and keep talking and when it vibrates people spend so much time watching uber. >> who is this. >> male friend. >> i said he, yeah. >> i didn't hear the he. >> you cannot spell she without
8:58 am
he. >> it's random. >> pretty much. >> that's the end of that. >> listen we have to get to commercial break because if we don't the pope will call me. >> no. >> if we don't stay right on time the pope calls me. >> or we just get in trouble. >> yeah. >> well let's take a break >> yeah. >> well let's take a break then. ♪ my hero zero. ♪
8:59 am
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