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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 16, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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>> sergio and i had a great time at round-the-clock nursery in harlem. >> i love the children's want they need an opportunity to do something. >> what ms. davis is doing for the community is awesome. >> yesterday reported on 21-year-old kaitlyn george, a missing university of maryland student from townes river new jersey. according to blease, caitlin was supposed to meet up with her boyfriend for a hiking trip and never shut up. as it is the boyfriend realized she was not coming he contacted police. according to the police
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she got into a white cab that took her to a marina in baltimore city. from there we there we know that she entered into another waiting vehicle. this time an suv. she was last seen on a charm city bus in downtown baltimore. from there, we are not sure where she has been. it has been four days since last time she is seen. i reach i reached out to the family to see if they had further information per they are not wanting to speak with media right now. journalists have been swarming the house. they are in maryland and they are not okay with speaking to the media. i wanted to know if this is something that usually happens in these cases. i have joe here who will speak to what these cases are like and if this is something that is expected. >> joe, your retired detective sergeant with the nypd and worked missing persons cases. what are cops are cops doing right now to try to find her? >> they're looking for three things. video surveillance, phone records and internet records. these are three things they'll focus on that focus on and see if they can ping the phone or maybe she's making a post on facebook. they happen quite often. not
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speaking to the media is not unusual. people don't want to get involved with media because their lives are private and they don't want that intrusion. >> do you get a sense of why the family doesn't want to reach out to the media? this could be an asset to get her pitcher out. >> that's what i thought. according to family friend there something more to the story. the parents are not giving it away, neither's that family friend. there something more here. >> something more here. >> it's been said they don't expect ball play. that is another element. usually one any help you can get from the public. some people like a privacy. >> this seemed out of character for her to disappear not answer her phone. they don't don't suspect they'll play but it is out of character for her to leave into thin air. what other options are out there. >> she is the oldest of four girls. her father passed away a few years ago in a freak airplane accident. she she was the rock of her family. it is very out of the norm for her to do this. >> it is not against the law to
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suddenly pack off and go missing. am i crazy to read this as a backpack on her back, 40s in baltimore, maybe a trip to clear her head? >> technically she is not missing per se, there are parts of this case that would cut cause the investigator sponsor looking. sometimes you have to remember investigators don't always release things. they might be telling the family don't talk because if there's something going on she doesn't want to tip anybody off. >> i want to know the role her boyfriend place. he was the last person he spent a significant amount of time with her. what does he know, where she, and can he help question. >> that is playing with fire if you start throwing boyfriends and that. he is the one who reported it. don't think he has an interest in finding her. what happens next? >> they will look through the records to find out what she was up to pryor. see if there's clues but maybe a a text message or an instant message. the police will look for this and see what they can uncover. there's more to the story than we know and the investigators
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will keep a close. >> we hope she is found safe and maybe we will talk to. >> are you done? >> alex, hundreds of thousands met their graves together on long island on monday. it proved to be quite the photo op. social media media posting pictures and videos. state officials believe that predators chase the school of fish and they died from lack of oxygen. but an unnamed conspiracy theory thinks there's more to be play perhaps an aquatic cult. >> eight patricia, the paralyzed pig. she lives in a sanctuary, after
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she was rescued from a pig farm last year. her mother was trapped in a creek while giving birth. unfortunately her spinal cord was crushed. she was going to be killed because they couldn't fit her up for sale. they for sale. they gave her to the sanctuary. after your she outgrew the baby wheelchair so thanks to the spohn angels on wheels they made her a wheelchair. if you want to donate -- >> when i look up in my manhattan apartment i wednesday, november neither thought to myself well, donald trump is the president-elect of the united states. can you believe it? >> ladies in july, the next, the next president of the united states. donald trump. >> then i thought this guy also wakes up in manhattan because this is where he lives, smack dab in the middle of it. it turns out were conducting an impromptu experiment today. what is the fastest way to get into the trump tower area? on foot. >> how will the president-elect living on fifth avenue affect
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transit? >> here we are. check out these roadblocks. >> there are concrete barriers all around and nypd 24 hours, the mobile command centers and traffic stops to the north and up above a no-fly zone. the president-elect prepares to tackle gridlock in washington, new yorkers are forced to face gridlock here because for many it's a tough area they can steer clear of. what does this mean for you and me? as of now sections of fifth avenue and madison avenue as well as 56 street are completely shut down. the nypd released a statement saying the nypd is in regular discussion with the united states secret service regarding the ongoing security issues in nyc for president-elect, trump. >> i'm so your where when he becomes president he will have another home. the white house in washington, d.c. why not live there full-time.
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>> that's what people are talking about. people are quite reasonably miffed about it. from what i've been hearing and it can't be confirmed, trump is deciding between possibly coming back to his manhattan palace on weekend. >> he has another house in addition to the white house, a resort in florida called moral local. can he do new yorkers a favor and go there. floridians voted for him. stay there. >> i reported last week that atlantic city has been taken over by the state of new jersey. i had tough questions for the man was going to run the state takeover. >> your takeover plan is it ready now?
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[inaudible] >> we'll be prepared. >> they had to submit a plan but you didn't. >> it turns out i was shouting at the wrong person. the director of local government services timothy cunningham has designated someone to take over for him in atlantic city. that's former u.s. senator who was governor christie's -- and help manage the takeover. he will have wide power as the takeover heading to atlantic city. he. he can break up municipal contracts, fire workers. representatives from the city have said this is an infringement on their civil rights but they don't have a choice. they have to work with the state and with him to get atlantic city out of the massive multi-million-dollar budget hole. he could be could be in charge for up to five years. what he think? is a good move? >> how much power is he going to have under a potential murphy administration. murphy has said that he will take the state out of atlantic city if you are governor. what he just on do that all the work that they're putting in?
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>> that's a good question. in theory the state ordered the takeover in the state can reverse the takeover. it's fun to be a good year if murphy gets in there before he does. that would be counterproductive if possible. >> guesses back to harlem? >> sergio and i had a great time at round-the-clock nursery in harlem. >> the kindergartners we had storytime with they are already on the path to success. not only will they graduate from kindergarten and doing well academically at their next school, this nursery is truly a bright and shining light for the community. these children have -- data so
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at the end the teacher recommends a several children she will follow threat their academic career after they leave the nursery. these these children are awarded a $10000 scholarship toward college. she raises the money through fundraisers and who gets the scholarships is based off of both what they see in the children in terms of leadership skills and also their parents be an active and engaged. >> more than the money, allowing them to know that somebody cares. the money is a good thing, thing, you can give and have it like that but somebody who really cares, in the same community, and i'm not someone who's coming to harlem to give, i live here. >> ms. davis has been giving back for more than ten years and has granted scholarships to more than 70 children. in harlem, statistic show 10% of the population never finish high school. 20% complete some form of college and 5% have their bachelors degree. these numbers are an improvement from previous years but are
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still low. >> a lot of children want and need an opportunity to do something. many times parents are just barely trying to make ends meet, not having as much time to spend with the children to motivate them and encourage them. so someone on the outside making -- kind of helps. >> what touched my heart is a we met a scholarship recipient, an 11-year-old who is in six gray. he says he wants to be a dr. so he can do the same thing that ms. davis is doing for all these children. >> i would like for others to get a scholarship and for them to have be able to succeed in their dreams. so for example if they get sick i can help them with medicine. >> when do they get the 10,000? >> after they graduate from high school and go to college.
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>> i love meeting kids, what she is doing for the community is awesome. you can't ask her for a better role model. >> i just don't think 10,000 is enough enough. >> it's better than nothing. >> introducing mickey, and tom, the dream team at nyc. >> of the day we wake up and try to figure out different ways to reinvent ourselves in this
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>> there is a new candidate in the race to defeat governor chris christie next year. jon -- one of the faces a bridgegate who led the committee announced on tuesday that he's thrown his hat in the ring. he will face film murphy and will whittle down the democratic feel to just him. they'll be facing often the primary. >> the bravest men and women gathered in moorestown on monday night. our very own bill spady was a speaker for the 200 club at the meeting.
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>> he talked about the courage to stand up for law-enforcement what we do here at chasing news to honor members of the law-enforcement which is # blue friday. >> let every officer firefighter know know that when they go out there they at least know they have all of you behind them. >> the 200 club is a great organization. it comes from $200 of remembered donates and annual dues. if there's ever a need, the 200 club steps and i200 club steps and i will give the check to the widow of a falling police officer, serviceman, a firefighter who died in the line of duty. >> it's important to let people in public safety know that we understand they put their life on the line for us every day. >> in new jersey there is currently 18, 200 clubs. you can always a google online. the more members they have the stronger they are. >> there's a lot of vips in an
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yc from the recently appointed nyc ambassador t swift to the president-elect, t trump. celebrities of all calipers, big apple home. apple home. where the brokers behind these big deals for those with big-box? introducing mickey, lynn and tom. the dream team of realty at nyc. the nyc. the responsible responsible for $1.5 billion in sales. many of those belong to a list of celeb. >> a joan is a big client, we make her happy, we work with david sanborn, michael feinstein is a client and friend, barry manilow, it's really wonderful to meet interesting people. >> i headed to one of their newest nest on the west. fifty-eighth and central park south this is the rental you can't buy because you've heard about it through word-of-mouth. the exclusive listing features
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all sorts of things that are commonplace but may seeing forward to meeting you. one word, peekaboo., peekaboo. >> we don't refer to it as anything more sexy than the peekaboo window. if you forget to turn it off your neighbors might have a glimpse into the inner workings. it's it's a bedroom wall that turns into a window. they are near impossible to come by. that's thanks to ceilings that are 18 feet high. if you think that's impressing impressive you haven't seen anything yet. check out this this pad on their sale list. it recently made page six, it was this home this past halloween to heidi clinton. >> life in manhattan is stressful. when you walk through the door you need something that is more than home. it must be an
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oasis. this is just this is just that. it transports you to another time and place. and if their properties with their bells and whistles weren't enough, these two well conquering real estate in new york city also found love. the dynamic tool married back in march and are now a family unit while showing their spectacular unit. they are the kings of the city because finding the perfect apartment was tough especially for the elites. finding the perfect partner is an even harder feet. >> these truck drivers face constant traffic, tolls, and sometimes annoying requests from people like me. >> so when you're driving to people a lot of times like this to you? >> worst of all, they are among the hardest it when it comes to new jersey z's gas tax.
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>> why only jersey has higher taxes for everything i now we have taxes on fuel also. >> yes. has anybody been worried they're going to be pushed out? >> actually, i haven't talked to my friends about it but it is something to talk about now. >> new jersey hike the gas tax by 23 cents per gallon, 39 cents 39 cents per gallon for diesel on november 1. to pay for roads and bridges in the state. it's part of the trust fund deal which many people were saying this is going to be bad news for new jersey. now we're beginning to see truth to that. s&p global downgraded new jersey for the tenth time and a record under chris christie. they cited pension liabilities and also mentioned the transportation trust fund deal. to learn more spoke with an expert from new jersey.
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>> it was certainly guessable that if the legislature and governor agreed to blow yet another whole in new jersey's revenues that the credit agencies would see that would happen and what issue their warnings and in the case of standard and poor another kickdown great. >> the administration says the governor herded a lot of pension liabilities when he went into office. they mentioned the reforms he put put in place that help the state. new jersey now has a second most credit rating in the nation aside from illinois which ranks first. >> 's a little unfair to blame the gas tax. it's only been been in effect for a few weeks. >> i personally don't think it's unfair because that's something christie did do in his time as governor. he inherited a lot of problems and he has had a hard time put in place reform. on top of that, how how are you going to get a handle on the
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pension when you're not taking in as much revenue. >> thank you diana. >> this is definitely the year voting between -- >> as he registered to vote? >> that was racial, on. >> bill is like if archie bunker z test text1ow and they give
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>> go ahead. >> it doesn't feel good.
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>> i just did a quick thing about new york city. it's not about the building. thank you. you look great. >> the dog lived in england and over the last 18 years enjoyed his walk to the beach. and his old age his owner posted on facebook and invite to join lola on the last walk to the beach. the post went viral. hundreds of people were there waiting for him. he was carried on the beach
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for about an hour until he returned home. >> usually i'm catching up with our friend, this nation via skype and for the first time i met him in person along with his colleague portia williams at fox 29 they were promoting dish nation on good day in the queue show. bill, you shook things up last time when you asked the question if -- was registered to vote. >> is he registered to vote? >> that was racial.
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>> what was going through your mind when you are watching the segment. it was almost as if archie bunker had a microphone. he's a little bit more -- but every now and then he slips out goes to a dark place. >> no pun intended. >> i also, in all seriousness have to ask, with all the racial tension we have seen in the country and with political commentator dan jones using the word that the country has seen white lash because of the obama presidency, what comes to mind and one of the thoughts. >> white lashes a thing personally. when you hear trump in his speeches there like some people are ultra-racist that women living where parts of the country. they really feel like we finally have a guy that believes in her
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sensibility. but with are going to find out after trump becomes president is that he's not really that guy. >> what's funny is that i'm guessing most millennial's have no idea what he is referring to. how many. how many of you know who archie bunker is? >> , millennial. >> i understood the sentiment. >> just another day chasing news. that's the news for today. bill is back tomorrow. i'm out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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