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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> breaking in delaware county, firefighter injured and nine people homeless. who is stepping up right now, offering help, to those in need. >> plus, also, an armed robbery, goes terribly wrong, at least for the suspects. hoping to holdup a local pizza shop. how one gunman ended up dead, and the other in serious condition. who was there, who acted? >> and also, this video is going to have your heart in your throat. dirt bikes riding on city street, it is against the lawn, we all know. that will but what the people that are taking this video say the police were doing, and reaction to that, so we'll break it all down in just a moment. >> also, could it be a bumpy road to the white house? the trouble facing president-elect donald trump's team, one week after the election, a lot to get to. >> good day everybody, thank you so much for joining us,
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halfway through this week. >> good way to look at it. >> it is wednesday, good morning, bob. >> good morning, everybody. >> great to have you with us. >> i came in dan that this morning, smacks on the counter, oh, smacks, don't have the smacks. >> so, they weren't good. >> weren't good? >> old smacks. >> ya. overnight. >> well, speaking of smacks, guess what today is? today is national fast-food day. >> good for you. >> good for you. >> national fast day, tell us your favorite fast-food, mine is like burgers, fries, really any fast-food. >> what's your favorite? what's your go to? >> i would say french fries. you know where they're from, right? yes. >> golden arches? >> exactly. so think of your favorite fast-food, as we progress throughout the day. this morning, we will talk about it, but let's talk about this weather. because it is actually going to be pretty nice. looking at clear skies out there right now. temperatures are kind of above average in some locations, 42 philadelphia, we have 38 atlantic city, 33 right now, chilly pottstown. by this afternoon,
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temperatures above average in the low 60s, so, we are going to give today a nine. in fact, hour by hour, as you're planning your day, temperatures right around 57 at noon, 63 for the high, but look at the sunset, 4:44 bob kelly by 7:00 looking at temperatures dipping into the mid 50's. so, warming up for the remainder of the week. but we've got to talk about a cool down with the seven day forecast coming up. and also, who could see some of those first snowflakes of the season? in the seven day. >> bite your tongue, good morning shall everybody, tick-tock 5:00. 5:02, all open as promised here, on the vine street expressway. no problems at all here, where they just pulled over the gates. so good to go for the beginning of a morning rush hour, looking good on the benny, coming in from south jersey, kind of quiet this morning, coming in toward downtown. vehicle fire there is on the pennsylvania turnpike, it is eastbound, right near the willow grove interchange, watch for police, fire crews on the scene, the route 611 exit ramp. otherwise looking good on the schuylkill, into the 50's
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here. no problems up and down 476, saint david's, if you are headed down to the airport, off to good start there. we had delays yesterday, i think we'll be okay today. they are moving some barriers around on us here, working on the ramps, 95, at princeton, cottman avenue, all this week. so, just be ready for a new pattern change, as you work your way onto 95 and into downtown. both the market frankford and the broad street subway, trains are rolling and mass transit on time with no delays. thomas, karen, back over to you. >> thank you so much there, bob. it is 5:03, exactly, breaking this morning would he know firefighter has been injured, nine people homeless after that massive fire happened in delaware count. >> i yes, fire officials say this all took place around last night, late last night, linda lane, and bernie highway in aston. let's get right out to lauren johnson on the scene, good morning, lauren? good morning to you, thomas. so fire marshall thomas morgan the fire pretty much out here. you can see, firefighters still on the truck, trying to put out some hot spots there
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on the top floor of this townhome. the investigation will continue later this morning, right now, they don't know where it started but they do know the volume of fire made it really tough to battle. check out this video. shot by one of our own fox 29 producers. flames were shooting out of the back of the row of townhomes. fire crews worked hard to attack the blaze from all angles, most of that damage happening to two of the homes. but the entire row was evacuated for safety reasons. the 11:20 p.m. call came in from two people who were inside the three-story townhouse when that fire started. they were able to get out safely but not without extensive damage to their property. in the end, nine people were displaced, red cross has stepped in to help those families, one female firefighter suffered minor injuries. she was taken to the hospital. but is expected to be okay. back out here live, in the front yard, peco crews were on scene digging up a gas line there. the fire marshall couldn't tell us if this is at all related to the fire.
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but, of course, as we said, the investigation will continue this morning, and that's when they hope to find out more exactly about what happened here and how this all got started. thomas, karen? >> details still coming in, lauren, thank you. time now 5:06. covering a developing story out of levittown in bucks county. there was a customer who opened fire o2 robbery suspect, happened at a pizza shop. out to steve keeley with the latest on this one, steve? >> well, we always hear police tell everybody, let us handle crime, just do what the people tell to you do. but that didn't happen in this case. and so, we're here at the middletown township police department, because this is where a customer beaten by two armed holdup guys with guns before he pulled his own gun in self-defense and fired is talking to detectives. now, there was a third pizza shop worker inside as you look at our video. this is a strip mall, with porfilio police-involved shooting and a pasta shop in the middle t closes at 10:00. happened just before closing
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time. two armed robbers come in. third worker ran out the back to nearby bar to call police. but before officers could get there, someone already took care of these robbers, and it was this customer. women, see if he want to talk to us and tell us what happened after he talks to detective. but this guy was ready for whatever happened. because he wasn't just armed with a gun himself, but cool headed and trained enough into when and how to pull it out and fire and not miss. >> he told the employees and the customer to get on the ground, and he began pistol whipping one of the customers, at which point that customer produced a handgun, and shot both of the robbers. at this time one of the robbers is dead, pronounced dead at the scene. the other was taken to st. mary medical center, and he was shot in the shoulder and the neck. he's in serious condition. and it is my understanding that he may have been flown down to jefferson hospital for further treatment. >> we're very thankful that
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there were no other injuries. but like i said, it is tragic. i mean, you doesn't with a to see anything like this happening. you don't want to see anyone die. but at the same time, you know, it was a robbery. and it appears that the customer was defending himself. he's being interviewed by detective right now. but i don't think he has any serious injuries. >> all right, women, he's being interviewed by detective, and the question they had, and they didn't have an answer when we talked to the chief, was whether or not this customer who shot in self-defense was legally permit today car a concealed weapon. but, karen, thomas, even if he didn't, some district attorney charges him, many are going to say lot of luck, finding a jury up near bucks county to convict. >> lots. steve, thank you so much. we do have sad story from overnight, 5:07. we know 80 year old woman was killed in a deadly fire. it happened in brewerytown. she was trapped in the home. this was on the 1400 block of north hollywood street. the fire department got there within just three minutes, and when they got inside that's when they found that woman on
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the living room floor. neighbor tells us she tried to rescue this woman when she saw the house was on fire. >> i saw her trying to knock heroin dough out, see if she was this there, young boys down the street came and bus the window open, it was too much smoke to get in. >> like the mother of the neighborhood. she is a good lady. >> the cause of the fire right now is still all under investigation. happening today, president obama will be in germany, it is the next stop of his final foreign trip. much of the president's trip aims to reassure world leaders the man, president obama, said, was not fit, karen? >> to be a suck or trying to maintain our relationship, already established around the world. while at news conference with the prime minister every greece our president ac knowledge dollars he was pretty surprised by donald trump's victory but continued to say he would dot best he can to ensure that the transition is smooth, while the president was welcomed by the top officials in greece, a lot of protesters out there on the streets.
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>> what's becoming a pretty familiar scene in modern greece the street of athens were filled with all of the people out there, marching against our president's visit, the first american president to go to greece in 17 years. many people are concerned about the us role in europe under a trump presidency. and, speaking of all of that, the president-elect donald trump has just about 60 days to get his administration in place for inauguration day, and it appears there may be some problems with some of his selections on his cabinet. former mayor of new new york sit rudy giuliani said he would consider the send do you have of state. ryan paul said he wouldn't vote for him, nor would john bolton. another running in the position, one supporter of trump, this is interesting, ben carson says he does not want a role in the cab knelt. but guess who does? talk show host laura ingram would seriously consider the job of press secretary. >> he values loyalty, right, a lot of those names we just look at, people who are with
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him if not from the very beginning, pretty early on in the process. and those people are being rewarded. >> now, trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, also deeply involved with the whole transition, close individuals or in the campaign, now there are some reports trump would like to have him have top level security clearance on another note, among the visitors to the trump tower yesterday, texas senator, ted cruz, isn't that interesting, maybe people talking it could be a pick for the supreme court. >> talk about another person that was involved with this whole transition, chris christie says he'll continue to stay the governor of new jersey but he would consider something in the trump white house. >> this as christie continues to deal with more backlash from the bridgegate scandal. judge has set court date for the governor's appeal of the citizens complaint in a claims christie failed to stop a major traffic jam at the george washington bridge, in 2013. fire fight nerve tee neck alleges that the new jersey governor failed to order subordinant to reopen lanes. prosecutors say the lane closures was a political
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pay-back scheme. christie denies any wrong-doing. has not been charged in the case. he's due in court on january 11. two former aides to governor chris christie were recently convicted. >> coming up. many we'll show you video, people out there and dirt bike riders in and out of cars. we know it is illegal, but interestingly, the people taking this video say it is the police that are causing the havoc. >> more on, that plus neighbors are on edge in the city's fairmount section and for good reason after string of violent robberies.
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>> 5:14, waking up, ultimate doppler, the rain from out of here is south of here. looking at beautiful weather by the afternoon. as we expand the view, see the storm system kind of pulling away toward section of new england with the left over clouds, also showers, live look outside of the studios, several folks kind of out and about, 42 degrees, right now, winds out of the southwest, at six. that will warm us up, into the low 60s, by this afternoon. bus stop buddy, ready for temperatures this morning, in the 30's and 40's, but once again, beautiful afternoon ahead. we have 42 philly. upper 30's, in atlantic city, we have 38 lancaster, 36 now in allentown, so, as we move toward the afternoon, look at the low 60s on the map. sixty-one the high in reading. 63 degrees in philadelphia, 63 in atlantic city. temperatures tomorrow bottom out low to mid 40's, 46 in
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greece in philadelphia, 43 in at c. >> so temperatures over the next several days well above average. looking at 63 today. sixty-four tomorrow. seventy on friday. 60s again on saturday, but look what happens, saturday, 64, 40's on sunday, and yes, we could see some snowflakes in part of the lehigh valley maybe even the poconos on sunday. back over to you, bob? >> ouch. i'm looking at the sunday, we have the philly marathon here in town. going to have to wear my umbrella hat when i'm running the philly marathon. live look here, no need to run. good to go on the blue route, roads are dry this morning, looking good as you work your way down toward delco. hell tow bellmawr, new jersey, live look here at the 42 freeway, coming in toward the city, no problems or delays at all working your way up toward the walt whitman bridge. now, we had the early morning vehicle fire on the turnpike, eastbound, right near the willow grove interchange, and then, you have the construction zone, between philly and delaware valley. the paoli thorndale line, always the culprit for the
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slippery rales. right now no official delays out of the gaeton any of septa trains, buses, trolleys. south philly, yo, broad and pattison, work again today, keep that in mind if you're headed down to the navy yard, the business sent their, maybe one lane blocked at times, throughout the day. they're working this stretch, 95, washington, up through center city, and then of course, that construction zone, between girard all the way up through cottman avenue. just watch for a work crew out there, during the midday. otherwise, good shape coming in from south jersey and all of the bridges looking good, so off to good start on this wednesday morning, karen, thomas, back to you. >> thank you, bob. it is 5:16. this is really sad update on the story we were telling but yesterday morning, family members are saying that women from mt. holly, there is a picture of her right there, she has died after her ex-boyfriends stabbed her repeatedly monday night. that's what they are saying. relatives say the killer broke into the home of 37 year old shanae marshall and attack her. meanwhile, police say they know who they are looking for but haven't named a suspect at this time. the motive is not clear.
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but they've had domestic problems in the past. neighbors say the ex-boyfriends was kicked out of the home, but kept coming back. several times over the last two month. and police, they told police, he also showed up many time. >> 5:17. camera captures wild chase, this video posted on youtube, is raising concerns about an accident involving a philadelphia police vehicle in a teen on dirt bike. dirt bike riders are breaking traffic laws while flying along torresdale avenue in wissinoming. so, police suv pursues the bikers. just before 1:00, one of them you see collided with a cop car. the 18 year old teen was critically hurt. philadelphia police have a policy that prohibit police pursuits for traffic violations, it is also illegal to ride dirt bikes and atv's on city street. but the video coming under a lot of question, whether or not the philadelphia police should have been chasing the dirt bike. >> it is 5:17. we've had whole string of robberies that have been happening in this fairmount section of the city.
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now, some of these people are targeting men who were just walking along. police say it started monday evening, 19th street near fairmount, 27 year old man was simply walking to the corner store when all the sudden four teenagers came up behind him, punched him in the face. those teens grabbed the guy's phone, demanded he give them the password as they followed him to the store. so he told somebody there. please, call 911, get help. then there was another incident, just a ten minutes later, couple of blocks away, more teens approached another man, and they acted like they had a weapon. they stole that guy's phone, then 25 minute later, a third man was approached by teens on 22nd street. and they say they would shoot him if he didn't give him his phone and wallet. >> just makes you more cautious about, you know, protecting yourself, especially because it gets darker earlier now. so you got to be extra careful. >> here's what's remarkable about this one. there is with a overs who just happened to see all of this, in action, on 22nd street. chase down those teenagers, and got two of them, right now, charged with robbery and
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assault and off the street. >> time 5:19. taking a look at the other top store thinks morning. >> police say there was moon shot and killed a southwest airlines employee at an airport out there in oklahoma city. than he took his own life. but this pair of people is actually from california. this was a murder that happened out there. and they are suspect from our area. >> that's what happened. so the manhunt right now for them. so police have identified, yes, that situation right there. they are looking for those two people. >> taking to you oklahoma city where police are investigating a shooting at airport, as a murder suicide. police found suspect dead from self inflicted gunshot world, the suspect shot and killed 52 year old michael winchester in the parking lot of the airport. they've not released his identity, but police believe the shooting was not random. >> we were able to determine very, very quickly that it was not an active shooter situation. we do believe that this was a
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premeditated act against the victim. police are still investigating a possible motive. no one else was injured in that shooting. a 16 year old high school student is in custody this morning after police say he stabbed five classmates in utah. it happened yesterday morning, inside boys lockerroom at mountain view high school. that's in central north part of the state. police say the victims were stabbed in the neck, head, and back, two are now list in the stable condition. the rest are expected to survive. the suspect was also injured from a self-inflicted stab wounds to the neck. >> there is new information this morning, for the university of pennsylvania, about a racist message, that targeted black freshmen. penn officials say one of the university's of oklahoma student accused in the incident was also accepted to penn, but chose not to attends. >> so that student was part of the incoming freshman facebook group. and that's how they had access to all of those other names of the student, and added to that
5:21 am
offensive group mean message thread. police and the fbi are investigating three university of oklahoma students, and also, another student from tulsa community college. those posts on that group me thread, were threatening, you saw some of them on the screen, absolutely horrible, just had racial slurs. they were terrible. >> time 5:21, this one has a lot of people talking. cosby show making its return to tv. >> i want to see what you any this one. bill cosby image america's dad shoot heard all of the women came forward, filing their sexual assault lawsuits against him. but, those scandels of course resulted in them pulling the cosby show reruns off television. now it has been a while. do you think too soon? what do you think? a year and a half. now they say they'll put it back on television. will begin airing again on december 19th. they say they've brought it back after much demand for the show and some careful research on it. the network said they found most people can separate bill cosby the man from mr. huxtables. >> former eagle players, josh huff, may face more trouble,
5:22 am
according to huff did not show up for his court appearance yesterday. his lawyer said his recent move to florida was the reason for the no show. you may remember huff was charged with speeding, possession of small amount of marijuana and unlawful possession of a weapon after he was pulled over on november 1st on the new jersey side of the walt whitman bridge. he was later let go by the eagles. 5:22 is the time right now. how about this? you can call a pot doctor. we've got one right now in philadelphia, excepting patients, when he can start writing prescriptions. >> the pot doctor. time now 5:22. let's take a look at the mega millions numbers. good luck. what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game?
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how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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>> there is a new kind of doctor that's come to town, pot doctor, yep. pennsylvania's first medical marijuana practitioner has set up shop in philadelphia's old city neighborhood. marijuanas was legalized for medical use here in pennsylvania i think it was april. >> chris o'connell tells us why it is not assisi as walking into the clinic, and walking out with marijuana. >> old silt is he a neighborhood filled with first. the nation's first capitol. the first post office. and now, the state's first medical marijuana clinic. >> so really? >> yes, that's me, common in, let me show you around. >> doctor matthew roman, originally from chestnut hill, is now known as pennsylvania's first pot doc.
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>> i guess we're standing in pennsylvania's first medical marijuana practice. >> this is it, chris. >> doctor rohm & haas been prescribing medical marijuana in delaware for the past year. since then, he's become a believer in its qualities. >> every patient of mine in delaware that's been on narcotics except one patient has gone down on their opiat use. >> although a year before doctors will be able to write prescriptions in pennsylvania, rohm & haas already started seeing patients inside his small old city office to build a baseline medical history. his fee? 250 bucks for an initial visit. >> i'm seeing people for family care and i'm consulting them about the use of marijuana. >> who can qualify for medical marijuana card? patients who have list of qualifying ailments, including cancer, aids, glaucoma, a epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and psts -- ptsd. >> only edible pot products,
5:27 am
vaporized concentrates, in the case you're wondering, insurance does not cover medical cannibis. roman's mission is not only to help patients, but also, teach other doctors, treatment, dosage, and how to prescribe safely. >> i would like to teach physicians about it because they don't know where to begin, tan makes very awkward for them when they want to discuss it with a patient. >> once again, our chris o'connell. time 5:27. coming up at 5:30, breaking into delaware county, firefighter injured and nine people homeless. who is stepping up right now to help those in need.
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>> a firefighter is injured, there was something that helped to get everybody out of this one alive. >> also, armed robbery goes wrong for two suspect holding up local pizza shop. one gunman ends up dead, the other in serious condition. and, are you ready? holiday travel just around the corner the reason experts say you'll be struck in traffic this year. say it ain't so, bob. >> can't do it. >> don't shoot the messenger, though.
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>> traffic -- >> calm down, i mean, talking maybe little bit of flurries in the forecast. >> flurries. >> yes, not necessarily for philly, we will talk about it coming up. let's talk about this nice wet they are morning, little chilly out, there but dry, quiet, look at ultimate doppler, not looking at the rainfall we saw yesterday morning, that storm system, well to the north and east of us. so, today, we have mixture of sun, clouds, and in fact, mostly clear for bus stop buddy. and take a look at his hand. he has some pizza. it is national fast-food day. what's your favorite fast-food? we will talk about it throughout the broadcast, but right now, temperatures upper 30's, atlantic city, 36 allentown, 38 now even in the poconos. so weather by the numbers, scale of one to ten, we give today a nine. looking at above average temperatures. >> pizza, pizza, is that fast-food? >> yes, yes, there are so many fast-food pizza take-outs. >> an hour for me to get my pizza. sorry, scott. >> what's going on your pizza? >> i live in the boone docks. >> so planning your day, looking at those temperatures by lunch.
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fifty-seven, 63 for the afternoon high. we'll talk about the colder air with the seven day coming up. bob? >> pizza has it own day. i don't think pizza is fast-food. but if you're buying, we will will go for t good morning shall everybody, on a wednesday, 5:32, hello it the shaders, live look at route 73, right near maple shade. they got the big christmas parade coming up in a couple of weeks thereon main street. no problems here on the schuylkill expressway. got the skyline all lit up. art museum, all of the lights are on, and boathouse row lit up. looking good. no problems or delays starting to see some volume poppas the beginning after rush hour, roads are dry this morning like here on the benny, looking good coming into downtown. early morning vehicle fire on the pennsylvania turnpike, it is eastbound, at willow grove. little bit after brake tap. all of the lanes are open. just look out as go on by, the paoli thorndale line, no officials delays, but be ready for some slippery rales, as we like to say, specially along the main line, paoli line here, during the morning rush hour. the market frankford, broad street subway, running the trains, as normal, with though
5:33 am
delays. and throughout the day, just watch for delays here on 95 in the construction zones, they'll shall working on the ramps to and from princeton avenue and cottman avenue. thomas, karen, back to you. >> thank you, time 5:33, following breaking news, house fire in aston, leaving several people without a home in the firefighter hurt. >> all right, let's get right out to lauren johnson, we heard her news conference little earlier talking with some of the firefighters there. the there were smoke detectors, that's why everybody did get out safely, but you can see it swept through the entire row of townhomes right there. and we know that those, at least, nine people are now homeless. we had the red cross on the scene right there. massive fire, but good news, we just have all of the people getting out safely. >> nine people as you mentioned, nine families without a home this morning. you can see just how intense these flames were. this happening late last night, into the early morning hours, we mentioned one firefighter taken to the hospital with minor injuries. nine people displaced. but this is still an active investigation. we heard from firefighters,
5:34 am
the aston fire department, earlier this morning, in a live press conference, it said they don't know the cause of this fire. but obviously it is still an ongoing investigation. so, our lauren johnson is on the scene, she is gathering information, she was talking to several witnesses, several people in the area about exactly what took place, so we will get the latest from her coming up in just a moment. >> but we do want to tell you about another developing story this morning. >> yes, we have got steve keeley on this one, what a turn of events that happened up at a pizza shop late last night when there was custom their at the store who has his own gun, steve keeley, i'll let you explain what happened with this one. good morning to you. >> reporter: it is simpling, i can explain in one send ten, you have two fast-food holdup guys who met a faster jaw customer armed, and little did they know. too impatient for the place to shut down at 10:00 o'clock and wait for the last customer to leave. these two robbers used their gun us a a weapon to beat the only custom their still had two workers inside, too, a third worker ran out the back
5:35 am
door and called police where we are this morning at headquarters. porfiro's shutdown at 10:00. these two armed robbers go in at closing time. because the customer was still in there, they didn't know he was caring his legally registered gun. he's obviously trained on how to fire it and cool headed enough to know when to fire it. ordered to get down on the floor with the two workers, that hit with the gun, he just took it and waited. then when he saw his moment, got up, got his gun out, and blew away one of the armed robbers with a bull's eye deadly shot to the chest. then seriously wounded the second with shots to the neck and shoulder, they never got a shot off. >> two employees appear like they don't have any serious injuries. so we're very thankful that there were no other injuries. but, like i said, it is tragic. i mean, you doesn't want to see anything like had happening. you don't want to see anyone die. in this situation, you know, it looks like co-have had three victims, right, the two
5:36 am
store employees and the customer, the customer was able to fight back, was going to be definite robbery. then who knows what could have happened from there. >> what are you guys investigating as far as the owner of the gun? the customer here? >> well, we will see if the gun is registered to him, or who it is registered to, also if he had a valid permit to carry, and we're still working to determine that, as of right now. >> well, even though he was beat with a gun, the customer doesn't even want to go to the hospital to be check. he is still here at headquarters talking to detectives where at last check police were still waiting to learn whether he has a permit to carry his legally registered gun. and you can bet, even any potential juror up here in bucks county seeing this story, thomas, karen, will say who cares? >> well, a lot of people certainly will be saying that, steve, thank you so much. it is 5:36 right now. >> eighty year old woman was killed in a deadly fire in brewerytown. it happened last night, along the 1400 block of north hollywood street. the fire department arrived on the scene within three
5:37 am
minutes, and fawn the 80 year old on the living room floor. the cause of this fire still under investigation. happening today. president obama will lands in germany, the next stop of his final foreign trip. much of this trip aims to ray assure andrea chancellor and other european leaders of the transition in the white house. while in germany, president obama plans to talk about the future of european union and the crisis. >> seems to be some problem with trump's transition team, kind of bureaucratic snafu. new team count talk to the old team because they change who had was leading the transition team, but mike pence signed key document last night so the formal transition pros that had been stalled when they replaced new jersey governor chris christie with pence as the transition chair. how about this one? checkmate. one of donald trump's ex-wives wants to add new job tight toll her resume, ambassador to the czech republic, of course she speaks check, ivanna trump
5:38 am
suggested in a interview her former husband should appoint her as. s ambassador, already given position toss his family members naming daughter ivan a, song's, and son-in-law, jared kushner to the executive committee of his transition team saturday. all right, pretty big event. really amazing, happened here in our city one of the moments where you get to feel proud. stars honored for the big award. >> you know who is there? our very own mike jerrick, always in the know, there to see it all, take a look at pictures from the marion anderson awards last night, patti labelle, kenny gamble, leon huff handcuff all honored. see mike taking the photos with all of the legends. >> this was the first time the honor went to more than one person. all three recipients are from philadelphia. previous recipients include motown founder barry gordy, oprah winfrey, bon jovi. >> and how about this one? from the football field to capitol hill. mr. jenkins goes to washington. why he and some of the other nfl players wanted to meet with members of congress.
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we'll be back.
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>> good morning, so far this season, both flyers goalies michael and steve mason have struggled. but narberth injuring his knee during last saturday win against the minnesota while, now it is the steve mason show and it started last night. game two, to over time, no dice in ot, shot out it is, carl on fires it past mason phoroscope. senators win three-two, flyers
5:42 am
now have lost four of their last five games. college football, penn state did improve two shots from last week's standing now sit at number eight with two games to go in the top four went through a little shuffle. alabama won, ohio state two, ohio state. >> world cup qualifier, looking for a bounce back win after last week's tough lost to mexico. team usa, never won costa rica world class call. continues costa reaks a wins. that's sports in a minute. i'm
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5:45 am
>> looking live. working over towards the schuylkill expressway, this guy going to try it squeeze in, off of the parkway, just a sign of the first crowd trying to head in toward 30th street station. regional rail lines, amtrak, all in good shape. good morning ft. washington, live look at route 309 for the gang coming out of ft. washington headed into the turnpike, just had the earlier vehicle fire near willow grove. pennsauken, new jersey, looking good. right by the public here, working your way in toward the admiral wilson boulevard. off to nice scary start. in the schuylkill, in the 50's, looking good on the blue route as well. work coming our way to media, delaware county right along
5:46 am
252 at rose tree park, throughout the day. and as i mentioned that vehicle fire, left over crews here, off to the shoulder. eastbound on the pa turnpike, right near willow grove. what are we in store weather wise for this wednesday hump day? scotty's got the to r cast in 15 seconds. >> pretty nice wednesday across at err, dry, quiet, look at ultimate doppler, no weather worthies, mostly clear for bus stop buddy. temperatures chilly though at the butts stop in the 30's, four's, now has hamburger, thomas drayton, in his hand, for national fast-food day. so what's your favorite fast-food on this wednesday? thirty-eight in wilmington, 36 degrees in allentown, so weather by the numbers on scam
5:47 am
of one to ten, today, looking pretty good. >> sixty-three down the shore, low 60s, in the poconos, well above the average for this time of year, which is in the mid to upper 50's. temperatures for tonight: forty-six in philadelphia, low four's in atlantic city, 43 wilmington, so really not that bad. the seven day forecast showing beautiful weather for your thursday. sixty-four. then look at 70 degrees on friday. how about that? late rain, turns blustery, cold i, looking at highs sunday only in the four's. forty still monday. so looking kind of damp, dreary sunday, and look at the european model painting the picture of some snow flurries, for part of the area, on sunday. back over to you. >> is there another model you can look at if thanks, scott. >> how about this one? mr. jenkins goes to washington. malcolm jenkins makes headlines again this time
5:48 am
something off the field. >> that's right, off the feel inch died. yesterday the eagles safety along with four other members across the league made a special trip to capitol hill. >> they were this to talk to the legislatures there about police relations, and race issues. they also spoke with members of the congressional black caucus, as well, and malcolm, you may remember, did he make headlines earlier this year when he raised his fist during the national anthem. >> ♪ ♪ >> bruno mars is coming to town, the grammy award pop star announcing brand new tour, coming to the wells pharaoh center. the 24 karat magic world tore officially starts in march, it start in march, goes across the country, it will be here in october. get ready, tickets, go on sale
5:49 am
monday, new albumn drops this friday. >> so put out his tweet, so here's what it reads, just you wait and see what me and the bound belted out these songs live. hashtag magic, almost show time. >> he has jam pack show today. stars. >> boyz ii men, are you excited? >> excited, always fun. >> morning, mike. >> putting my mike on, out late last night. >> oh, the marion anderson awards. >> yes, i don't have any proof that i was at the marion anderson awards. >> ya, you do. >> photos, with you standing -- >> you photo shopped them? >> where was the camera crew from our station? >> i'm putting this on blast. >> camera crew showed up? they were there. >> it was great event. so philadelphia. the marion anderson awards,
5:50 am
kenny gamble, leon huff, patti labelle. >> amazing, such a night to remember. >> so nice, patty said she watches the show every morning. >> we love her. she lives in the suburbs. >> so we have a star studded good day philadelphia. we have vivica a fox who will be here. johnny gill, bye bye bye. i saw some red dresses last night. jack a, remember ja from back in the day. >> 227. >> jack a is here. there would be a sister sister reunion. >> cool, pepperdine one of the sisters. >> you went to pepperdine university? is. >> tough life. >> in malibu? the best looking college campus, if you could google that, who is that? who is in the control room? candice? >> she is great. >> yes. >> love candice. >> pepperdine university is the best college campus in the country. >> beautiful. >> oh, gorgeous, dorm room overlooking the ocean. >> that's where you went?
5:51 am
>> they offered surfing classes. >> that's where you accident. >> yes. >> wow. >> and then the rest of my rough life. >> now look where you are. >> right. to make up for new rough life. >> boyes end men. >> yes. >> how do you top all of this? >> is there something else i was supposed to promote? >> oh, will you please be a part of make up segment. we'll do today. new trends, it is, what? that. that. >> are you asking me or karen? >> you want to see how the best lips, thomas, i'm dragging you into this segment. >> dragging literally? >> so, it looks so cool. everyone, all of the girls in the news room were volunteering to do this thing, but i think we'll put you on the spot. >> called hollow graphic lips. >> rainbow lips. >> rainbow lips. shiny. that's all i got. >> thank you. pretty darn good. >> would you look at that? thank you, candice, there we go. >> that's where thomas drayton went to school. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> still paying it off.
5:52 am
>> you know what their mascot is? >> what? >> the wave. >> how do you know all this? >> i used to go their basketball games. i used to live out that way. >> no football team. >> pretty good basketball team. >> name a school. >> i don't know. well, ohio, i know that one, no, university of ohio, bobcats. >> yep. >> give me another one. >> university of miami. >> miami hurricane. hurricanes. could be hurricane. >> connecticut? >> the huskies. >> wow. >> by the way the number one team in college basketball lost last night, duke. >> where is oh, basketball, thinking about football at penn state. >> penn state number eight in the country. football. >> thank you, mike. >> thank you. >> that's why he has a large head. he retains all of that information. >> what do you mean my large head? what are you talking about? >> how do you keep that thing up? >> all right. 5:52 is the time.
5:53 am
>> love you, mike. >> you may be getting ready. i've been doing all of the holiday shopping, the super market jam packed. holiday travel, it is just around the corner. so when we come right back, we will give you the reason experts say more than other years you were more likely to be stuck in traffic. >> i'll go look at the footage for the marion anderson awards from last night.
5:54 am
♪ (laughs..) here it is. ♪
5:55 am
♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment.
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>> 5:55, amazon suing merchants for selling counterfeit items on its website. amazon marketplace has come under fire for selling counterfeit items from third party sellers. most recently for its apple chargers, usb cords, also for exercise equipment. also, starting to sue companies that pay for fake reviews on the amazon site. >> if you're stuck in traffic this thanksgiving, blame the economy. the improving economy. triple a says 49 million americans are expected to travel this year. 43 million of those will be hitting the roads. this would be the busiest thanksgiving since 2007. mostly due to boosting con summer confidence, and the second cheapest gas prices in nine years. travel experts say if you're one of them, don't make the mistake of leaving too late. >> and if you're flying this thanksgiving, get ready to pay little bit more. holiday airfares are up 21% this year. the average cost of round trip flight for top 40 dom he is he can route is about $205. triple a says the most popular
5:57 am
destinations include las vegas, san francisco, and new york. coming up next on good day, row homes go up in flames. leaving several families homeless. just a week before thanksgiving. the firefighter injured, while battling this blaze. plus: armed robbery goes wrong for two suspect. hoping to holdup a local pizza shop, one gunman dead this morning, the other in serious condition. stay with us.
5:58 am
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>> pizza and bullets, two men tried to rob a local pizza joint, but end up getting shot one dead, the other in the hospital. >> plus, row homes go up in flames, leaving several families homeless. just a week before thanksgiving. the firefighter hurt while battling the blaze. and they were sneaking out last night. donald trump, and the family we, mike penned might have gone along, too, who knows, apparently little bit of the hunger games last night. sneaking out for steaks in manhattan. >> looking for celebrities who morning, good day is the bay to be. boyz ii men, they're all on the show today. and that's not even all of the schenn celebrities. >> i'll one up. remember ja? >> yes. >> she is here today. >> i'm so excited.


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