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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> pizza and bullets, two men tried to rob a local pizza joint, but end up getting shot one dead, the other in the hospital. >> plus, row homes go up in flames, leaving several families homeless. just a week before thanksgiving. the firefighter hurt while battling the blaze. and they were sneaking out last night. donald trump, and the family we, mike penned might have gone along, too, who knows, apparently little bit of the hunger games last night. sneaking out for steaks in manhattan. >> looking for celebrities who morning, good day is the bay to be. boyz ii men, they're all on the show today. and that's not even all of the schenn celebrities. >> i'll one up. remember ja? >> yes. >> she is here today. >> i'm so excited.
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>> as johnny gill might say, my, my, my. >> this show looks good today. >> in your red dress. >> and i have on my high heels. i'm ready for them. >> scott williams even came in for this. >> the show looks good to me. >> let's talk about this ultimate doppler situation, because we're dry and we are quiet on this hump day. scale of one to ten, what about a nine? doesn't get much butter than this on a november day. looking at temperatures right now 43 degrees. sun comes up at about 6:48. bus stop buddy has a hamburg nerve his hand. today is national fast-food day. what's your favorite fast-food? i love french fries, i also love burgers. forty-three philadelphia, 37 right now atlantic city so across the region today above average. look at that, 63, in center city, down the shore, 63, and low 60 he's even in the lehigh
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valley, bob kelly, what's your favorite? >> could go for chick-fil-a sandwitch right now, yes, breakfast, too,. >> live look at the speedometer readings in the 50's on the schuylkill, but starting see the slow downs here on 95, couple of problems in south jersey, route 541 add wood lane road. watch for crash. also an accident along route 309, toll gate, just outside of quakertown, and mt. laurel, in urge new jersey, route 73, right at crawford place an accident. here is live look at the back up there along route 73 right near the new jersey turnpike. downtown we go. live look at the vine street expressway delays crossing town, folks trying to get into 30th street stationment and live look at the blue route, folks on the brake lights here tapping heading south down toward the airport. mass transit looking good. mike and alex back to you. >> we will take it here at 6:02 on this wednesday. let's get to levittown bucks count. >> i customer opens fire on two robbery suspect at a pizza
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shop. killing one of the suspect. >> we're here at customer headquarters, after he tells police what happened, we'll see if he wants to tell us and what a story heist to tell that he survived and lived through. than will give all of those people out there who believe in the right to carry and own a gun, a high five kind after thing to do, and also, those people who are against crime which is about everybody i would say. this customer with a gun stopped the crime before it got even worse. soap, it is a porfio pizza and pasta, in the skyline plaza up here, in bucks county, closer to ten. so just before that, thighs two guys it, not wait for the one last customer, and that was their fatal mistake for one robber. that customer, with the two employees still inside, were ordered to get on the floor where the robbers began beating the custom where their
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guns, and soon after they turn their attention to the workers when the customer was cool headed enough to wait for his opening, pull out his own gun, and shoot both robbers before think could even shoot anyone else and get a shot off. he hit one bull's eye in the chess killing him, the other in the neck and shoulder, still in serious condition at last check. >> he told the employees and the customer to get on the ground, and he began pistol whipping one of the customers at which point that customer produced a handgun and shot both of the robbers. at this time one of the robbers dead pronounced dead at the scene, the other taken to st. mary medical center shot in the shoulder and the neck. and he's serious condition. and it is my understand that he may have been flown down to jefferson hospital for further treatment. >> it is tragic, you don't want to see anything like this happening, you don't want to see anyone die, but at the
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same time, it was a robbery, and it appears that the customer was defending himself. >> he's being interviewed by detective right now. i don't think he has any serious injuries. >> doesn't even want to go to the hospital police tell us. >> this dough know that the customer gun is legally registered watch they didn't know at last check whether he had a permit to carry it. but a lot of people watching this, who could be potential jurors, for any charge, would be like how dare would you charge this guy with anything, and if you do, good luck trying to get a conviction for many jury up here hearing this store. >> i steve, thank you for that. 05:00. an investigation will resume shortly into a house fire that left nine people without a place to go, and one firefighter was injured. >> started off linda lane and bernie highway in aston. so lauren joining us now, now a lot of people are without a home.
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>> fire crews have wrapped up their work, after staying here hours after the fire waiting it out and watching for hot spokes. peco crews are still here, and restoration crews now boarding up the property, to preserve what's left of these homes. let's look at video sent to us by fresco user tyler berk and brian peers. you can see, flames shooting from the row of townhomes here at linda lane, most of the fire burned in the back of the home and spread quickly. early on, two of the townhomes were burning badly, two more starting to catch fire, everyone on that side of linda lane was evacuated. in the end, nine people were displaced, but they've all been assisted at this hour, a female firefighter suffered a lower leg injury. but she is okay after visit to the hospital. >> these crews had their work cut out for them. >> the volume of fire is what makes it tough. the troops came out, rallied,
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response was quick, and they were able to get themselves in a good defensive position to keep it from going further than where it was. >> peaking crews working, digging up a gas line, that gas line is now secure, the fire marshall says his team will be back on the scene this morning, to resume the investigation, to fine out exactly how all of this happened. and of course at daylight we will be able to get closer look at the damage here. >> lauren, thanks. >> 6:07. eighty year old woman killed in a if i in brewerytown, along the 100 block of north hollywood street. the fire department arrived on the scene within three minute, and fawn the 80 year old on the living room floor. the cause of the fire under investigation. >> man and woman from philadelphia are suspect in a double homicide out in california. issued for robert randolph and maria labron.
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police say the pair shot three people during a drug deal in california last month. investigators think randolph and labron may be in the philadelphia area or south jersey. >> turning protest into action, eagles player malcolm jenkins spend his day off in washington dc to talk about changing race relations, and the criminal justice system in america. >> emotional tony romo speaking out for the first time since his injury, pretty much being demoted. what he had to say about rookie prescott taking his job while he recovered from being hurt. >> i want to be your quarterback.
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malcolm jenkins is making headlines again this morning. >> not about his bo ties, this morning, it is for something he's doing off the feel for sure. yesterday the eagles safety, along with four other players, across the league, made a special trip to capitol hill. >> they were there it talk police relations and race issues with several members of congress including paul ryan, as well as members of congressional black caucus, something that he's been talking about when it comes to community relations and police relations, done that with the administration here if philadelphia talking with the mayor. so something he's been very, very passionate b and he's
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taking action, man. mr. jenkins goes to washington. >> nice job. >> also made headlines, this came after 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick decided to take a knee during the anthem. >> president-elect donald trump, sneaking out last night, apparently they got the hundred cheese. how he managed to escape the press as he tries to fill his cabinet for the white house. now, wait a minute. okay.
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>> time is 6:14, talk about above average temperatures today through the remainder of the week, yes, first flakes, we could be talking about maybe some snow flurries for some. in that seven day forecast, how about thanksgiving preview? ultimate doppler, it is dry, it is quiet on this wednesday, across the area. forty-three philadelphia. thirty-seven atlantic city. forty-one wildwood. thirty-four in allentown. we will take you hour by hour. by lunch, temperatures 57. sixty-three this afternoon. fifty-five at #. temperatures tonight bottom out, 63. the forecast showing 60s again tomorrow. what about 70 on friday?
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sixty-four is the day, front moves through, knocking temperatures just flip them around from 64 to 46 degrees. stays cold monday as women, take a look at the european modem, various computer models, picking up some snow flurries in the poconos, as early as sunday morning. something that will have to watch. then and then looks like thanksgiving will be chilly across the area, cold air kind of reinforcing shot moves in, temperatures likely to stay in the low 50's, for highs in philadelphia, there might even be couple of showers around, we will continue to watch for that. bob kelly? >> yes, we've got the rain sunday. isn't it the philly marathon sunday? we signed mike up for. that will he will's going to have to wear -- >> he's been training. >> yes? >> slow going here on 95. down to what 17 miles an hour. bamm. let's go outside. time to make the donut. southbound heavy academy through the the cottman avenue construction zone typical roll
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from northeast philly down in toward center city, coming in from new jersey, the headlights again making their way in toward the walt whitman bridge. accident 541, and wood lane road, heart of mt. holly, also mt. laurel route 73 northbound before craw farred place before the ramps for the new jersey turnpike. no problems on the new jersey turnpike or 295 at the moment. for the gang up in q town, 309 and teal gate road watch from crash. live look at route 73, where we had the big mess yesterday, everything good to go. and in problems on mass transit. mike and alex back to you. >> president-elect dumped, see this, inside the restaurant, very famous restaurant. >> looks, standing ovation and cheers. >> ex that's actually what happened. >> the new president. >> that is at the 21 club club in new york, i took my daughter jessica there for her
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21st birthday. >> is that another name for the keen steak house? >> well, keen steak house, no. so avenue feeling that's keen steak house. >> maybe it is 21 club, i don't know. >> i know somebody that would know. >> doug luzader would know. do you know where he won't have his snake. >> was it keen that's. >> yep, i think it was 21. but there was some confusion, the weird thing is i woke up with, because i get all of the pool emails, just all of the discussion that went back and forth amongst all of the pool reporters he last night, and the mayhem that ensued because trump didn't tell them he was going out to dish. there was some speculation that i had gone to the steak house, then in fact it ended up being 21. that's why you see those two things. >> talking about this before the show, why does it matter whether the press knows where he is going? let the man get a male in piece. >> yes. >> you know, has to get in the
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pool every time. every president shapes at this, circumstance, i don't know if you remember this, back in 2010, president obama woke up one saturday or sunday morning, and decided to go to his daughter's soccer game. didn't tell anyone. secret service new, but didn't tell the press, and the press was furious because they weren't there while weigh it is soccer game. so this is something that is part of the growing pains. but there is that press protective pool that follows folks. >> why do they call it protective pool? they'll really go out and protect them, take bullet or something? >> well, to kind of protect coverage in case something happens to the president. not to be overly morbid about it, but if something happens to the president, the president is always there kind of not literally beside him, but in the vicinity. >> a lot of talk about the transition, that background, the trump transition. some people are saying there are some in fighting going on, trying to hire all of these
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people. >> look, there is a lot of tension here. it is an unusual process, because we don't know ultimately who is making all of these decisions, if it is trump, if it is people around him, his son in crawled wield ago lot of influence, but we've seen big names shall kind of purge. that's the word use add lot this morning. chris christie was removed from the head of the transition team. he has lessen role. looks like he's not really playing much after role at all at this point. meantime mike rogers, big on intelligence matters, was removed from the team yesterday. ben carson, neurosurgeon, doesn't want active formal road in the administration, we thought for sure he would get secretary of educating or health and human services, something something like, that not part of the administration. >> weirds. -- he say i don't have enough experience for public office? >> right. he later kind of pushed back on that saying wasn't a question of ability to govern,
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but running the didn't, think about hit and human services, it was tough for president obama implementing obamacare. now talking about role back obamacare. so it is still going to be a very tough seller. >> where is kathleen sawbill just today? >> do you think it was surprising about what doctor ben carson, a lot of people thought the reason he was campaigning so far for donald trump is because he want add position? >> reporter: right. i mean, we thought for sure that he would have, i mean, health and human services seemed like natural place for him to go given his backgrounds, but very up front talking about his vacation matters, but ultimately he decided and through people for a loop, decided not to be a part of the administration, not entirely clear why. look a lot of headaches came with the cabinet posts. >> yes. do you need experience? donald trump ' the president of the united state now. no experience. >> yep, if he can do it.
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>> okay. >> thank you, doug. >> doug, thank you for your experience. and your expertise. >> tony romo, emotional, what he's had to say dealing with the injuries and watching another guy basically take his place as quarterback.
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>> good morning, i'm sean, so far this season both goalies flyers, have struggled, but there will be no nor splitting time, due to injuring his knee during last saturday win over the minnesota wild. now the steve mason show, and it started last night. flyers hosting the ottawa senators, first of three straight home games this week, third period flyers up one, kyle, with the wrap around. mason not much movement there at all. game tied at two. this one went to ot. no dice in over time. so, shoot-out it is, after carl on fires it past mason for the score. senators win three to two in the shoot-out. flyers have now lost four of their last five games. >> to college football. penn state did improve two spots from last week's standings, now sit at number
6:25 am
eight with two games to go. and the top four went to little bit of a shuffle. you got alabama one, ohio state at two, michigan at three and clemson at four. that's sports in a minute. i'm shane brace. >> did you see this yesterday? everybody has been wondering since tony romo got hurt, throwing it down on the field. what is going to happen when tony romo get better and gets healthy, will they put him in? they decided to keep dabbing. you agree this means? tony romo not going to dress all of the people and the fans, and a lot people are wondering how are you going to do that if got to be hard, flight when i tell you the speech he made, written statement he red out lied, probably six minute long, it was amazing, and could you feel the emotion and you can tell he is really struggling with it. here is a little bit whether he says, and he puts it out there, yes, dak has earned his spot as a starter. >> done. he's earned the right to be our quarterback.
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he's earned that right. he's guided our team to eight and one record. and that's hard to do. >> you almost feel like an outsider. coaches are sympathetic but they still have to coach and you're not there. it is a dark place. probably the darkest it's ever been, you're sad and down and out and you ask yourself why did this happen to happen? it is in this moment that you find out who you really are and what you are really about. >> wow. >> i mean -- >> that was honest. >> it was like three, four pages, going through, and just sitting there like oh, my gosh. normally when football players come out, it is fine, but he open up. he was saying i've been work willing all my life for. >> this if you think i don't want tonight out there field, you're wrong, i wanted to be the town bring it to you guys. but dak has to be it. and he's talk about how he is getting old area lot of people are questioning whether he should be out there.
6:27 am
so he got real. >> so that's dark place. >> yes. >> he should call drew bledsoe. >> should he? >> that's an odd reference, but people would get it who get it. why he. >> i think we should call doctor phil. make sure he's okay. >> did you see doctor phil yesterday? >> did i with megyn kelly. >> an hour with megan kelly. >> it was good. pizza and bullets, late night trip to the pizza shop. turns deadly in levittown.
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>> 6:32, two men try to rob a local biz a joint but end up getting shot. one is dead, the other is in the hospital. we'll take you there. >> several row homes calf fire overnight. one firefighter sent to the hospital. now, known people are without a home. >> you got your johnny gill, vivica a fox, couple of members of boyz ii men, somebody who we haven't seen in a long time, jack a, remember jack a? >> it willing soy -- it will be so good to see them all. >> jacky crazy, i love her. good day, november the 16th, 2016. so it is 11/16/16. >> that's right. something special on that? >> no, guy the nothing on that
6:31 am
one. >> well, let's talk about philadelphia school district, a lot of people have been talking about the possibility of new start time and new ends time. in fact it, will start early, they're considering starting school year a week before labor day. talked about this little bit yesterday. bee want it hear from you, do you like this plan? do you think it is a good identify me? why don't you way n started doing these things where people can vote with via hashtag on social media. >> kind of social media battle. >> true. >> back and forth. >> hashtag battle. >> i like, that don't you? so if you are four then doing the early start and you look it, whether on facebook, instagram, wirth. make a comments, use the hashtag fox 29 early start. okay. and if you don't like it, then view fox 29 late start. make sure hashtag fox 29 late start. come on to tweet out something, use the hashtags, then we will tally it up to see what you guys think. >> is this a good idea. >> little majority. early start? see the idea, scott, is that
6:32 am
the kids would be in school, the last week every august. and then go until like june 4th. >> okay. >> people don't like change. >> change is the way of life. >> but, it is looking pretty good. actually, 11-16-16 mike is national fast philadelphia day. take a look, bus stop buddy has the burying nerve his hand, so burger for breakfast, nip bay, it has your protein it, has your vegtables it, has your clues and got your carbs. thirty's and 40's out there at the bus stop, dry, quiet, rain from yesterday well to the north of us as we take a look at the temperatures right now, 37 wilmington and atlantic city, who wrightstown, 42 in trenton, down the shore right now low 40's along the board walk, we have 34 chilly degrees in voorhees. so mild conditions for your
6:33 am
wednesday, thursday, friday, move towards saturday night, sunday, colder air coming in for the weekends. sixty-one allentown, look at the weekend changes, saturday, 64 degrees, then look at sunday, it will be blustery, colder, temperatures only in the 40's, that philadelphia marathon, it could be a chilly and cold run. flurries are possibility even in the poconos on sundayment bob kelly? >> oh, i know the runners kind of like the chilly weather. not sure if they're thrilled about the rain to go along with that. good morning, 6:33, starting to see delays on the schuylkill expressway, i95. the boulevard, even coming in from the suburbs, live look at 422 here, working your way in from trooper road in toward king of prussia. so wednesday hump daytime to make the donuts. to problems yet coming up and over the benny. nice shot there in toward downtown. even in south jersey, route 30, white horse pike and 295
6:34 am
starting to see volume pop. wood lane road in the heart of mt. holly watch for accident. crash mt. laurel, route 73, northbound side right before you get to the new jersey turnpike, and then for the gang up in quakertown, 309, at toll gate road. warm for crews working today, north on 95, from washington, columbus boulevard, all the way up through center city then also construction crews will be out there at girard avenue. but mass transit, looking good. mike and alex back to you. >> 6:34. >> developing right now out of levittown, in bucks county. >> a pizza shop customer fights back during a robbery shooting and killing one of the robbery suspect, steve is on the story, hey, steve? >> reporter: well, i guess this story is a fable to say if ever you were the last customer before closing time be on the look youth. you never know who will come in and try to rob the place, maybe they think the cash register is at it fullest point. here at middletown police department this is where the last cup tomorrow err beaten
6:35 am
by two holdup guys before he pulled his own gun in self-defense, still talking to detective. we'll wait to see if he want to talk to us once in a lifetime dramatic experience, one he was ready for. the pizza and pasta shop in the middle of a strip mall. wasn't the only thing still open at 10:00. doors two doors away chinese restaurant where you see detective going in and out of the door in the video third person in the pizza shop ran out the back door saw the guys with the guns run in, goes to happy hour after attorney call police, before police get there they find out one custom here was told to get on the ground, then was beaten, waited for chance and handed the situation himself. >> we're very thankful no other injuries, but it is tragic, you don't want it see anything like this happen, you don't opportunity see anyone die in this situation, you
6:36 am
know, could have been the customer able to fight back, it was going to be definite robbery, then who knows what zero could have happened from there. >> what are you guys investigating as far as the owner of the gun? customer here? >> well, we will see if the gun is registered to him, or who it is registered to, and also if he had a valid permit to carry. we're still work to go determine that as of right now. >> since learn that the gun is legally registered to the customer, they were still wait fog learn whether he had a concealed permit to carry it. but, after he waited, and got up and fired a bull's eye fatal shot to the chess of one robber and pretty good shots to the neck and shoulder of the other robber before any of them got any shot off themselves, and saved those three lives, no way anybody expect any charges in the case. even if some da wanted to charge him, mike, alex, who in the world would silt on the
6:37 am
jury and vote to convict this guy? >> thanks, 6:36. can't comment on that. >> investigate will resume shortly into a house fire that left nine people without a place to go, one firefighter injured. look at the flames. >> yes. this started late last night off linda lane and bernie highway in aspen, lawyer send there right now with the latest. what's the latest? >> stopping ten of burning wood and daylight gives us better idea of the damage left behind what the fire marshall is calling high volume fire. what is left of the charred homes here on linda lane, take a look at video from last night around 11:00 p.m. when the fire started shot by one every our owe own producers, flames rims through the back of the two homes here spreading, everyone quickly evaculated, firefighters had tough battle on had a their hands because how big this fire grew. firefighters still don't know how the fire started but the fire marshall believes smoke
6:38 am
detector could have been helpful in all of this. we all know smoke detectors save lives, two folks, actually, the house damaged most had two residents in there they called 911. they were upstairs, smelled smoke, i guess heard the smoke detectors, came down, went out, called 911. the house next to them had fire flew the roof at one point. >> both of those homes are total losses two other have significant fire smoke and water damage, everyone on this row of townhomes has been evaculated for precautionary measurings, red cross has stepped in to help those familiesment one female firefighter did suffer a lower leg injury. she was taken to the hospital. but we hear that she is doing okay this morning, mike and alex. >> police is say they know who they are looking for in deadly attack every mt. holly woman
6:39 am
early yesterday morning. this was our lead story yesterday. but have not identify i had the suspect, apparently family members say it was shanae marshall's exboyfriend who stabbed her repeatedly. they say the killer broke into her the apartment early tuesday morning, yesterday morning, and attack her, but relatives say the former couple has had problems before and police were called to this location until the past. they were not surprised, some of the neighbors told us. >> courted to go, huff did not show up for court appearance yesterday. >> oops. >> his lawyer said his recent move to florida was the reason for the no show. this was couldn't get a plane ticket or something. you may remember though huff was charged with speeding, possession mall amount of marijuana and unlawful possession after weapon. after he was pulled over on november 1st on the new jersey side of the walt whitman bridge. >> yes, he was supposed to show up in camden, yesterday.
6:40 am
>> did not show. but we do know that he knows how to get to camden. >> this is true. >> football season, hasn't he been pick up now? maybe he practice dollars where he couldn't come snout. >> on the practice squad, right? who is he playing with? >> tampa pay buccaneers. >> no, he needs to get off. >> could you telly was up late? little bit? >> oh, no, not at all. >> little bit? >> so the mayor i ann anderson awards last knit at the kimmel center i bet it was worth staying up for. >> you know how much i love kenny gamble and leon huff handcuff, their music. >> amazing, lover them too. >> and patti labelle. i don't foe if she is up yet. she said she watches this show every day. >> she said that really? >> she said she enjoyed our honesty. >> oh.
6:41 am
>> some of the biggest stars in our area were out in philadelphia last night. yes, i got to go there. >> noise these are with my cell phone. >> what great lighting you have. >> horrible lighting. it was green. it is up on the stage after the awards. so leon huff, and there is patty. >> she looks so good. >> she was in a good mood too. >> such a big honor. >> therefore the concert i hear like cocktail hour, then nice dinner, and then there is performances. >> it is a gala. the big dinner out in the lonnie first. then go in for the performances. >> do you know who performed? >> i laviolette it see. i love her song like this. >> oh, yes. >> and bright pink. saw pictures of them. wish i was there.
6:42 am
>> i wish a number of people had been there from fox, including a photographer. >> i didn't have a ticket. >> some big names in music taking the stage in the new year, when you can catch bruno mars in philadelphia. >> oh. so excited. >> new kids on the block are touring. paula abdul, boyz ii men will be in philly, in fact, boyz ii men on good day philadelphia, live, this morning. >> we want to show you this video in a little bit. show you crazy video after chase. we'll show that in a little bit. >> ♪
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>> this is a wild chase through the street of philly. it was posted on youtube. it is raising concerns about an accident involving a philadelphia police vehicle and a teen on a dirt bike. >> so, more on this video, thomas? >> going through alleyways, the reason why it is raising questions because philadelphia police have a policy that prohibit police pursuits for traffic violations so take a look at it once again. >> this all began by the speed these bikers going, and of course, the manouvers you see there. they were making along torresdale avenue and wissinoming. in the video, you can see, police chasing the bikers, just before one of them collides with a cop car.
6:46 am
making a turn there, 18 year old critically hurt. video captured from biker's helmet cam is raising concerns this morning about whether police should have been pursuing those bikers. >> laws are for a reason, you break them, you get hit, that's not their fault. i mean, but then again, comes shouldn't be chasing them in a car. call a bike unit. i mean, there is a problem either way on both, on both halves. on the people's half and on the law enforcement half. there is ten, sometimes 15 of them. they are doing wheel east. they're going in and around the cars. you know, i just can't see the police stopping them. >> beyond the speed and all of the manouvers, it is illegal to ride dirt bikes and atv's on city street. once again they have a policy that prohibit police pursuits. the accident involving the 18 year old is still being investigated. but this video being watched, isn't it wild? >> yes, my gosh. >> we both did a gosh there.
6:47 am
>> the reaction you will when you see it. >> we're tough, gritty city people. we say gosh. >> gosh. >> what would you rathery? well, don't go there. we can't say is that on tv. >> gee willakers. >> 6:47. delays on the schuylkill, already, as you head westbound. from the boulevard out to belmont. starting to see delays, also, on the blue route. not just on the blue route itself, but the off ramp 476 to the baltimore pike. the traffic light are malfunctioning. so that's going to tie us up as you try get into media delaware count limit how is your cur of this morning? looking good. one way. eastbound, though, starting to see back up as you work your way into downtown, so again, starting to see delays roads are dry at least for this morning. opened up in event err city vine express kay. way keep in mind this week midnight to 10:00 a.m., the following morning, from midnight to 5:00 a.m. the following morning. they closed the vine street
6:48 am
expressway to construction, oval for business this morning. >> looking down toward the al joe curve and the 42 freeway, paoli thorndale line, slippery rales, that time of the year, come scattered pop up delays, north on 95 today, work interesting washington avenue, up through center city, and then look out in that construction zone, they'll be active there as well between girard all the way to up cottman avenue. what's the forecast looking for you and the workers today? scotty has got it in 15 seconds. >> 6:48 this wednesday, dry, quiet, it will be really into days, chilly start out there. thirty's, 40's, but looking at above average temperatures by the afternoon with highs in the low 60s, 43 degrees right
6:49 am
now, philadelphia, 37 atlantic sit, we zoom in, to your neighborhood, we have 46 cape may. woodbine, 33, chilly, 44 beach haven as we move north and west. doylestown, 33. thirty-one pottstown, 36 this morning, in perkasie. so, by 8:00 a.m., philadelphia, mid four's, ooh 57 at noon, 3:63, the average for this time of year is 56. so, temperatures area wide looking at sun and clouds, wilmington, 62 trenton, 61 in allentown, low temperatures for tonight. >> what about the drastic temperature changes on the weekend? 60s saturday, #'s, sunday, cold, blustery, maybe some rain, maybe even wet snow far north and west, something we have to watch. temperatures continue above average. sixty-four tomorrow. seventy on friday. sixty-four saturday.
6:50 am
then, blustery colder for your sunday, and then, take a look at this european model painting the picture for little bit of snow. flurries, north and west, poconos, maybe into the lehigh valley. planning ahead, thanksgiving, eight days away. looks like it will be chilly. temperatures top out in the low 40 ooh of 50's, clouds, maybe even couple of raindrops possible on turkey day. >> i have a question for you. do you like when we do stories of stupid people? kind of fun. >> no. >> you known. >> no. >> should we not do this then? >> go ahead. >> could you say yes please? >> yes. >> all right. here is a story about stupid people. there is the mayor after small town in west virginia, is now out of her job. >> that after making derogatory statement about the first lady michelle obama on social media. karen hepp what did she philadelphia international airport. >> so offense tiff makes me very un comfort tonight even bring this to you. we discuss in the story yesterday, at one point let's not even do it and put it out
6:51 am
there. but more fall out that's why we are doing. the original comment put out by the director of a non-profit, called clay. the town in west virginia. well, that is the response from the mayor. so the original post had something mean to say about michelle obama. those are pictures of our first lady. talks about her in a very derogatory offensive way. this is what she said. that small town director. pamela ramsey taylor, it will be so refreshing to have a classy beautiful dig night first lady in the white house. and that other comment right there. so, then the mayor of that small town who is also a woman, put out this comment, which where she says: just made my day. like she is like that, great comment, whatever. well the fall out was fast and furious on this one. that director was hedley put on leave of the non-profit. and the mayor, her name beverly whaling, she resigned yesterday. they wanted to get rid of her. so they both took down their
6:52 am
facebook pages, made them private. did apologize on facebook. sometimes even when people put out apologize, i a pom jews to people who i offended, not enough of an after policy. >> that's enough from that situation. mike and alex. >> couple of dopes out after job and this is should be. 6:52. >> the philadelphia school district is considering starting the school year a week before labor day. >> oh? >> so asking you, what do you think about this plan? do you like it? starting early, or do you want it to start late? >> right now early start is winning. >> oh, i can't believe it. well, i should not sway the voting. >> 56% say they like the early start. if you want to vote, if you disagree, why don't up let us know, way in on social media. as long as you comment, saying saying -- say significant, fox 29 early start if you like this, fox tonight late start in you don't like this place.
6:53 am
>> will also have counsel man and talk to her about this and see. >> sell it, alex, sell it. >> sell what? >> i want people to make sure they get their voices heard. >> 56%, might be like three people. >> that's why i am asking for more people to vote. >> listen to this. >> ♪ >> huge sacrifice one local grandmother has made and her fight to be sure no child goes hungry. ♪ (laughs..) here it is. ♪ ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on.
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get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment.
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6:56 am
>> ♪ >> we've been waiting how long for this, mike? >> two years. >> bruno mars comes to philly. well, he's coming, but here, we have to wait for awhile. he announced his world tour for 2017. and he's going to hit the road in march for what he's calling 24 karat magic world tour. of course, because his upcoming albumn, yes, wait practically a year to see him, not coming until october 10th. >> i think we've moved on. new kids on the block, teaming up with boyz ii men, total package tour, all you need, they'll play if philly on
6:57 am
june 24. >> and did you know, the two members of boyz ii men, they'll be on the show with us in a little bit. >> talking about good day philadelphia. >> oh, ya, on this show. no, not good day, on this program. >> this program. we like to call good day philadelphia. >> yes. >> speaking of the total package, no, no, i shouldn't get into that. all right, it is just coming up on three minutes before 7:00. flames light up the sky. and i mean big time in delaware county overnight. several row homes catch fire. # people were affected by this, some people taken to the hospital. tell you exactly where it went down.
6:58 am
♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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7:00 am
>> a trip to the pizza shop ends up deadly. one suspect dead, another in a hospital. how police say this robbery took a deadly turn. >> plus: flames light up the night sky in delaware county. as deferral row homes catch fire overnight. one firefighter sent to the hospital. and nine people are now without a home, who is stepping up to help those displaced by the fire. >> people changes could be coming to your kids summer vacation. >> summer about having fun and good activities not spending time in school. >> philadelphia school district proposal would have student start the week before labor day and end in


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