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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 17, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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what aduck lips.what is it? quack quack. plastic surgery duck! uh huh! you are a backwards duck. instead of quack, he says- no, kcauq. kcauq. kcauqqq. kcauuuu. ♪ pringles! >> so this is the truck. >> the infamous, well renowned well renowned. >> the famous truck is driving through west philly. he has a confederate flag on his truck. >> for all of my daughters pitchers were on the third floor.
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>> you are in new york city chase in a story, tragic story of a young man in connecticut. i graduate of hofstra university. he went went missing on the upper east side earlier today. his body was found. >> i am on manhattan eastside at the side of an ongoing investigation. in the early stages it appears to have all the trappings of a terrifying murder movie. the man's body has just been found in new jersey. he was found found deceased in a shallow grave, down the street from the ocean for police station. >> they said there is an ongoing investigation per that is all we heard. it wasn't a lot to get back to access our garages. we deliver out of the back. as the day progressed we started hearing things. unfortunately the outcome. >> the daily news reports the suspected killer directed cops to the gravesite, nearly 60 miles south south of new york city.
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>> who we call this place the firehouse woods. so here's the question. would you consider this a good place to dump a body? >> no. the first thing i thought was who would dump a body here? >> he he had been missing since sunday. everybody seemed shocked. that's the feeling in this upper east side neighborhood. >> this is something that doesn't happen in this neighborhood nor should it happen in any neighborhood. it's it's a tragedy. i hope they find the perpetrator of such a terrible crime. >> a 26 or old guy like this it's frightening. >> he notified his friends this past saturday, according to reports he attended a party with others and then returned here to this building, the grandson and tower on 59th street and first avenue with three women into
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men. they adjourned it to one of the men family apartment on the fourth floor. that is when he was last seen on surveillance camera. later that evening the ladies left the building, according to the new york daily news around 6:30 p.m. on sunday, hours after the women had left the host of the party called for the front desk for luggage cart. a a short time later surveillance video shows the party host still not identified asking a building employee how long surveillance videos kept, things have been found along with it blood he sheets in a garbage receptacle not far from the building. i spoke to them in new york and would not confirm the reports. they told me search warrants have been obtained within the 17 precinct and can connection with the investigation. potential evidence has been uncovered on the scene. joseph's father reported him missing on tuesday when he uncharacteristically did not return home or return any
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phone calls. we do know about the victim at this time. he is a hofstra university graduate, he he worked at a security company, i have personal friends on facebook in common with him. today today please are joined by investigators marking off the scene and marking off of fourth floor window. we know a young man is dead, it started here in new york city and ended up on the jersey shore. we'll bring you the latest details here.
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>> earlier this week we told you about 21-year-old kaitlyn george, university maryland student from toms river. her family and loved ones can breathe a side of relief. she has been found after seven days. she was last seen on november 10 leaving her dorm room. she was found at a room. she was found at a fast food restaurant alone in texas. there is no word on why she traveled. >> there's a saying that a dog is a man's best friend. the police officer got a three leg and pop to be his best friend. he was thrown out of a moving car on halloween night. animal control said they would not save him. the officer stepped in, adopted him and took him to a 24 hour animal hospital. unfortunate the they said in order for him to live a healthy life they had to amputate the leg. it was an expensive surgery we started a gofundme page and it has surpassed its go by $2000. way to go. >> the election is over but as the scene across the country's some people having a hard time with results.
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>> case in point, this man's truck so this is the truck. >> this is the truck. the infamous, well renowned in the bloomfield area. >> larry's trump truck has come under attack 13 times. >> this is where they threw it at my wife and there's a dent in the steel. here's another one. this is where they keyed it. based in bloomfield, new jersey they had people throw rocks at him as he dried. at red lights people get out of their car and try to rip off the flag. >> when i step foot in the truck and read verse i don't take it lightly. and then the most recent attack on november 12 when he was having it trumpet victory dinner at the diner. >> three young kids went by
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yelling full garrity's and said nasty stuff to my wife while we are sitting truck, we went into the restaurant and when we came out is when we realize the tires were slashed. >> there is no word on who is behind the attack, meeting him with two/tires but that it's interesting the response he's getting. one person at a south carolina sent him a check to cover the damage. >> he said that he would pay for the tires, i got the check in the mail yesterday. >> i have to say, he got mostly positive response when i was there, only one person past expressing anger. but as he said it is free speech. >> thank you for your first amendment rights. >> what kind of guy is that? he is from the south originally and wears a cowboy hat in the middle of new jersey.
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he is ahead of of the local redneck society. he is a character. >> let's say the truck is driving through west philly, what if something happens? >> let's say north philly. i can identify with that. first while he has a confederate flag on his truck. the reality is that okay it's an expression, get it and you can do what you want to do in america but the reality is that with everything going on in the world you are a target. so. >> what is it that's provoking people. sounds like everything i've read it's more about the trump sigh, sign. >> that's when it started. when he started to put donald trump on their. >> the disappointing part of the truck is the new jersey plates. there's nothing to make fun of new jersey for. >> i love it.
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it's kind of a philly thing. i remember buddy ryan when he coached the eagles in chicago he would drive around the stadium taunting the others. >> this is really a story about faith, having faith in ourselves and faith and our brothers is a message that chris gave at a speech on monday night in garfield, new jersey. chris was a former army ranger working as a security contractor in benghazi, libya. his story was published in a book called 13 hours and a movie that was also entitled 13 hours. he gave me firsthand account of how he and others are lucky to be alive after then benghazi paris attack that took place september 11, 2012. >> where are you, were under fire, and he said use where you're going to come help us. do you stay here and watch your friends or let your friends die or do you like the right decision and it was orders in
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which he did any go over and help. >> he talked about desensitization toward today or. >> you see it on the news and you get desensitized about these things that happened overseas. there's guys doing what i have done and are doing it every day. >> he wasn't it extreme believer in god but he has a little more faith in god since the incident. >> it's a perfect event tonight which is talking less about benghazi and talking about god in combat. i tell people you may not believe in god but you have to believe in something. i'm not too sure that he voted for hillary. >> politics with the election over i think we can stop concentrating on the political concentrations and concentrate on the story it's hot itself which is inspirational. >> what was he like personally? he saved countless dozens of people. for his faith to have increased after some people lose their
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faith after that. >> very personable,. >> a a lot of guys may come back for more and fighting dealing within seen things that happened over there, a lot of guys develop ptsd. >> it sounds like he's an example of a guy coming back with a completely different perspective. it didn't change his world in a negative way. he overcame it with adversity. >> this past veterans day two men lost their lives overseas. it has to be a constant reminder people are over there dying for us every day. i wish it was the front page headline constantly. i'm happy happy he is telling his story. >> i agree. >> you go go get your starbucks in the morning and had to work and you don't think about the people overseas fighting for you. he said to himself as light as i'm doing the right thing god will take care of me.
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>> it has been a long-standing tradition for people to throw pennies at the gravesite of founding father benjamin franklin. there is now damage because of that. >> there's more things that need to be done. and the money will be used towardz test text1
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>> this is the man behind the official complaint. >> three, two,. >> michael, you remember the last more. >> i do.
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>> is a third grader, 9-year-old from south new jersey. he place funky bass. guess what? he is back this sunday by popular demand. doors open at 2:00 p.m. he gets onstage up or p.m. shows over at 6:00 p.m. check them out. a fantastic. >> his teacher this morning let him out of class so he could tell us about it. >> meet the hipster, the nypd is looking for their help to catch
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the suspects of a man putting on the skimming device on an atm on a deli. the three men and one woman look like they just left a coffee shop can be seen walking down the street wearing hip duds like a floppy hat, big headphones and sneakers that say i'm not trying to -- but really i am. police a one-man a one woman distracted an employee at the deli while the other two installed the skimming device. if you have information contact crimestoppers. >> this is ben franklin's great but it is important to remember it is not just ben franklin's great. his wife deborah, his daughter sarah, who actually since were doing this fundraiser, she is sarah franklin and the leading and racer during the war. >> as you approach the gravesite of tension and franklin in philadelphia, you will notice their bunch of pennies. a long-standing long-standing tradition for people to throw pennies at his grave, but i also want to point out there is no damage because of that. there is a long crack and the
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christchurch which owns the state has started a gofundme site, hash takes a ben franklin. their goal is goal is $10000. already they have surpassed that goal. wednesday around lunch time moves on 12,000 dollars. >> the original mabrouk market that he wanted in his last will in 1790. through the years in the 18 hundreds in the church has always wanted to maintain it and maintain the original stone. >> the founding fathers. next to his wife deborah and two children. visitors have been able to see his grave since 1858. >> it's amazing to me. franklin is the assessable founding father people get that. they come by every day and some just want to touch his marker and see it. he has this amazing gift of just bringing people together through his brilliance and legacy. >> i love seeing all of the historical site.
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it amazing that you can see it right here. >> the site is still accepting donations. if you would like to help out i have have the link for my twitter at chasing ashley j and my facebook. >> it's not a once and done, it has to go beyond her years. there's more things that need to be done to the gravesite and through the years all of this money will be used for his gravesite. >> a sure it's the pennies cummings hundred 50 years old. >> it's been going on for a long time. >> i want to know how much money they have been able to make off of the pennies. the rake at the diblasio raked up almost $12000. i'm thinking the pennies they have collected has to go somewhere. >> there annually getting about $5000. >> which is exactly why they want to keep this penny thing going. >> did you throw penny? >> i didn't. i'm sorry. i believe in in
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history, i'm not trying to damage the grave a benjamin franklin who was the founder of the university of pennsylvania where i went to school. >> you are chasing the president-elect who decided to go out to dinner. >> i'm standing outside trump tower on fifth avenue, new york city mayor bilbo diblasio came out after meeting with president-elect donald trump inside. mayor diblasio had been meeting and i talked about fears and concerns of new yorkers in terms of what president-elect donald trump has set on the campaign trail. while i had him there i asked him, what you think about president-elect donald trump ditching the media on tuesday night? >> donald trump was able to ditch the media yesterday and go out to dinner, do you think that's a security issue or his right to have dinner with his family? >> for long time we have seen presidents in office go to restaurants, planned planter on
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spur of the moment. >> i was able to ask, donald trump campaign manager if donald trump intentionally trick the media. >> did he intentionally mislead the press when he went to dinner? >> he wanted time with his family. >> diblasio had the same reaction. the president-elect can go out to dinner. when it comes to the media he has plenty of allies. >> can you call kelly and over, she's right behind you. tell around the air and we want to talk to her. >> i am on chasing news right now. >> hello kelly and. how are you. congratulations. >> bill says congratulations she says jersey forever. when is she coming on the show? >> what are you going to join us on? >> anytime.
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>> great. come back now, put her in the car. >> a school teacher in memphis is lit using a popular song to get her kids up and moving first thing in the morning. ♪ local mocha. >> for anyone who does it know that song rumor has it it's a new whippet and nine a.
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>> it's so weird with a cowboy hat and is the head of the local redneck society. >> i love guys who are that provocative. i love that he shows up at
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>> bill, michael. >> a schoolteacher in memphis is using a popular song to get a kids up and moving. the second grade teacher dances and sings with her students to a version or remakes of juju on the beach. >> for anyone who doesn't know it like me, rumor has it it is
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the new with it and nae nae. >> they shared a video on facebook and it is about teaching and so forth. ♪ ♪ local ♪ >> with phrase jersey justice about the justice system in jersey. they're bringing it back with a
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vengeance. >> that is bill, the firefighter who is behind the official misconduct complaint against governor chris christie. >> what is his name? >> he is standing behind his -- of governor christie is guilty of a crime is exposed during the bridgegate trial. >> right now chris christie is beyond the reach of law-enforcement. >> to explain what he is going through will go back to the bridgegate trial where david wildenstein said at the stance that he told the governor about the lane reliance on september 11, 2013 at ground zero during a memorial service. he he testified to this at trial and say christie did not tell him to stop what they were doing according to brennan not acting to help the people of a portly's official misconduct and that is why he filed the complaint. the judge indicates on monday decided that governor christie doesn't have to appear in court on november 23 as previously
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reported. that has been postponed indefinitely after january 17 motion. governor christie is not out of the woods. november. november 30 the judge will rule on whether to appoint a special prosecutor to look into this case. i asked spreading, where you doing this? are you in a for the publicity speemac, citizen. >> , citizen of the united states. i have the right to do man that my government be honest and act with integrity and that's what i'm doing. >> the governor's lawyer has said this complaint is without merit. the attorney general and prosecutor are working to try to not get the special prosecutor. >> what you think the endgame will be? >> chris christie will have to report to a state correctional facility and spent five years in jail. >> he was charged with disrupting the public meeting, he was was convicted of trespassing in 2001. he's the guy that goes to the
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meeting and else to get his point her. >> they have eyes accused him and his methods, but they have never said that he is wrong. in the complaint in the complaint that he's brought against the officials. their defenses that we don't like the way you brought it up. >> i think it gets thrown out. >> did he at least pay for coffee? >> i paid for it. that's what i do. by the way he wants to talk to you. you are too busy sucking up to bill -- the last time he called in. >> he such a charmer. >> that wasn't him, that was me. >> it's like you interviewed you today. >> another day chasing news. i hope you enjoyed the show, thanks for watching it was great to catch up with my old friend bae-6. more to to come on the transition of the new president and how it affects our area. stay tuned. >> people started to rip off the flakes. >> he has a confederate flag on his truck. >> he has a confederate flag on his truck. >> i love guys that are that
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