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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 17, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. first at 11 a story you'll see on on fox. look very closely at this video. three men are browsing through a macy's looks normal before they yank everything they can get their hands on and run off. good evening, i'm lucy noland. could that video help investigators crack a string of other headline grabbing cases wide open? fox 29's davave schratwieser at philadelphia police headquarters with the story no one else has. dave? >> reporter: lucy, $20,000 cash is the bail tonight for three suspects being held here at police headquarters in connection with a stolen high end suv and a big heist at the moorestown mall in south jersey sunday night. now the big question is, can authorities link them to a series of smash and grab robberies including one at
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boyd's and macy's. >> this was the scene inside macy's at the moorestown mall just before closing time sunday night. watch as three suspects help themselves to over $5,000 in high-end raffle lauren polo jackets and then quickly exit the store. making a clean get away. fast forward to tuesday night on the 2900 block of turner street in north philadelphia. that's where fbi agents and police stake out a stolen infinity suv park on the block. when four men walk up and got in, the violent crimes task force moved in and arrested them. investigators tell fox 29 news that the stolen suv found on turner street in north philadelphia is believed to be the get away car used here at the moorestown mall in sunday night's big rip off at macy's. the suspects were taken right to fbi headquarters by investigat investigators probing a recent string of smash and grab robe brees including this $50,000 rip off the boyd's clothing store on
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chestnut street and another smash and grab at macy's in the roosevelt mall on the boulevard a few days later. the suspects stole $16,000 in watches there. >> you have individuals striking like this in multiple incidents. >> reporter: sources say the four men taken into custody are persons of interest in the boyd's and macy's robberies along with several others. they refused to cooperate with fbi agents and were held at police headquarters on charges related to the stolen suv. moorestown police charged three of them in the moorestown mall coat theft wednesday evening. >> dangerous situation because typically when you have a robbery situation, they can explode at any point if time and that's our concern. >> reporter: now, the suspects got away with 31 polo jackets worth $5,555. none of that has been recovered at this point. the suspects have not been charged at this point with the macy's and boyd's robberies here in philadelphia. lucy. >> all right, thanks much, dave.
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breaking news tonight out of frank lipville. sky fox over the 3600 block of north march 15 street within the past hour. this is where police sources tell us someone shot a man while he was in a car. police rushed him to temple university but doctors -- hospital but doctors could not save him. we do not know yet if police have anyone in custody as we get updates of course we will bring them to you. president-elect trump still very much tweeting saying now, the presidential transition is going quote so smoothly. trump says his team is making strides in its preparation to take over the white house and that tweet last night came on the heels of claims about in fighting inside the trump camp. he spent this day in trump tower in new york city downstairs in the lobby constant stream of possible picks for his administration came and went and went and came and lieutenant general michael flynn among the names getting tossed around for national security adviser as for secretary of defense arkansas senator tom cotton is possible
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pick. spokesperson for trump says the president-elect wants new government officials to leave their roles as lab wrists before joining his team. he also wants them to agree to five year lobbying ban once they leave his administration. >> my silence is violence. >> dual dueling protests in montgomery county tonight. protesters from mainline colleges hit the streets to protest against president-elect trump and police profiling outside the lower merion police department. at the same time about an he ya'll number of pro police demonstrators held their own protests. >> become the mainline you don't have to deal with -- police brutality, racial pro filling and they need to know it's not okay. >> i give them credit for having their own views not when you come out and accuse our police department of racism and kkk and things like that. it doesn't stand good with me or this community either. >> police were able to keep traffic moving. they say both demonstrations
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were peaceful. so no arrests. on your radar tonight, i've always liked coasters. so i love your forecast. >> you love those roller coasters? >> we're talking about the ups and the downs of this forecast. the front loaded part of it that's the ups. the downs well bite end of the weekend. take a look at market street looking good a little quiet on a wednesday night. temperatures on the cool side. 55 in the city. not so bad. 45 in the poconos. 49 in millville and 47 degrees in lancaster so this is what's going to happen. this area of low pressure in front will be on the move moving out of the region. high pressure builds in. the whole even half of the nation enjoying sunshine fort next two, three days. it gets warmer and warmer as the week progress he is. by friday the temperatures will spike. so going above the average which is in the mid 50's for thursday friday we make it to 70. still warm on saturday but look what happens on sunday. a dramatic drop. about a 20 to 30-degree shift in temperature. just like that. it will be pretty fast.
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so temperatures on their way up for the next couple of days with this huge ridge then this trough the jet stream dipping way down into philadelphia. this is cold air. so wind chills in the 20s sunday morning. it will be a wintry blast that's going to last a little while. we look at our long range computer models for snow. we do have to talk about that typically we have some by this time in the season. our european model is showing some flurries especially through the upper lehigh valley and the poconos by early sunday morning with that wintry blast. our american model we depend on long range as well is not showing anything. so the jury is still out but that's our best chance of seeing any type of wintry precipitati precipitation. overnight 46 in the city. 40 in the suburbs. we will be seeing skies begin to clear there were a few spotty showers lingering out there. 63 the high temperature for tomorrow and mostly sunny. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority check it out friday a perfect 10. sunny and warm. saturday still nice but then that front moves through and
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everything changes in a snap for sunday. blustery with morning low temperatures in the 30s much wind chills in the 20s not a huge recovery in the afternoon. monday cold and windy. tuesday warming up, wednesday 58 degrees. that's very big travel day and check this out, lucy. the holiday forecast thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow. >> isn't that amazing. >> unbelieve al. >> i know. >> 52 degrees, mostly cloudy with rain a good bet in some places could be little bit of a wintery mix as we get closer we'll look at those possibilities. but for now, looks like it's liquid and of course we're looking forward to the holiday. >> i haven't open got my stuff together yet. >> me either. >> including the stuffing. thanks very much. in delaware county, police just pulled a whole lot of drugs off the street. darby township police say last week someone called officers about an armed robbery in an industrial area off. investigators say when they got that the robbers were long gone but left behind a box. in it drugs and a lot of it.
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>> we recovered over a million dollars worth of drugs that stem from this on hiv going investigation. we have 2 kilos of cocaine. 125 pounds of high grade marijuana. >> cops also found 150 pounds -- she just told you marijuana. the fbi and de. are assisting in what they're calling an on-going investigation. >> happening right now, something that would have you doing not just a double take but a triple take in north philly. hot air balloon made a surprise landing in ken sipping ton. look at that. looks like a big bon fire. nope. at a lot of folks saw a lot of flames thought it was an emergency going on fortunately everybody is okay though it's not just folk in the neighborhood going what happened here? so are police, so is the faa. fox 29's shawnette wilson is in east detectives with a wild
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story, shawnette. >> extremely wild for night like this and in this neighborhood. so lucy, police aren't sold on why this landing even happened and they definitely say that it wasn't a safe place. meanwhile this pilot tells me he's visiting from florida and that he launched from a company in pottstown. kensington enabled intrigue by what they saw 4:45 this evening. >> i thought it was about to crash in the street. >> wick couldn't believe his eyes what he saw caused a neighborhood of people to rush the baseball field of a city rec center at c street and west more land. >> they landed everybody whoever was in it fell out. report roar this hot air balloon passing passing over the city ghandi sending panicked neighbors saw flames and called 911 as four people emerged from the basket of the balloon. but the pilot says, it was a planned landing. >> we float along the tree tops and we find a good place to la land. >> as far as the fire goes it's easy to understand why someone might think there was fire because when you are coming in for a landing we have very big flames that we use to keep the
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envelope full of hot air. >> reporter: but police have some concerns about them landing in a neighborhood and with children out playing. the pilot also told them something different about the reason for the landing. >> they were doing some sort of fuel consumption test. they were the heights of about 17,000 feet. they end countered some heavy winds, and they decided to land at this location. >> reporter: and police do say that philadelphia international airport and the faa were aware of the landing as it happened. but they say the faa is conducting a follow-up investigation as well as east detectives. lucy, back to you. >> can i ask a quick question. did you say they were making a planned landing in kensington? that's like on the travel brochure or whatever? >> reporter: well, conflicting story basically because what they told the media they had planned to land when being interviewed by police hey we encountered some weather conditions that forced to us land here.
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so that is why police are suspicious. >> all right. >> and still investigating. >> thank you very much, shawnette live in hunting park. if you've ever been to old city, chances are you've walked by ben franklin's grave. may have evens to add penny on it so many do. the founding father's resting place needed big time help and it just got from it a name you'll recognize. >> the neck time you head to an atm you'll pick up more than just cash. what scientists just discovered
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♪ 20-year-old man accused of flying a drone near a police chopper tonight ended up getting up close and personal with police. they arrested him. philadelphia police noticed the drone. their chopper was flying near 18th walnut. police took the man's drone much he's facing reckless endangerment and other charges. crack down on lead paint on the way in philadelphia. new laws will soon force landlords and schools and operators of small in home day cares to report and remediate lead paint. the crack down comes too late to save thousand of young children in the city who are now suffering from developmental damage after eating chips of the lead paint in older buildings. children like nine-year-old jaelin. he cannot read or spell or follow basic commands after eating paint chips as toddler. >> it's a permanent dissable so.
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>> reporter: he'll have problems for the rest of his life. >> for the rest of his life he'll have problem. he was robbed of his potential. >> city officials admit lead paint laws are already on the books. not always enforced. they're promising to ramp enforcement to gift new laws some teeth. it is a mandatory stop in any tour of philadelphia's old city district you may have evens toed a penny on to it but after so many years, ben franklin's grave required more than pennies for a badded needed makeover. the founding father can rest easy. big names just made some big-time donations. fox 29's bill roar has the sto story. >> i think this is important to americans. >> reporter: ben franklin's final resting place is one of philadelphia's top tourist destinations. thousands come each year to pay their respects to a national i couldn't at cite church burial ground. touching an mazing to see how
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he's touched their life and how people just want to either touch his marker or just even see it it's so inspiring. people don't even speak english that know who he is. >> ben franklin needed a public's help christ church set up a gofundme account in hopes of raising $10,000 to repair this crack. from say it's a thousands of coins dropped on to it each ye year. but moisture seeping in does most of the damage. >> someone who played such an important part history i think we owe it to him to preserve the grave. >> reporter: hours after the site published hundreds went online and donated. many like the philadelphia eagles, university of pennsylvania and john bon jovi. >> ben franklin is so important to not only christ church the city of philadelphia but our nation, and he is the thing that brings kind of always brings people together. seeing the regular citizen that
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just gave five, 10 buck it's amazing to me. really a mazing. >> reporter: in philadelphia, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. all right. hundreds of students across philadelphia have some new help to learn about robotic. amazon awarded $2,000 grants to five schools. the school widow will lon middle school in northeast philadelphia is one of schools getting the money. the grant let's the schools either launch or improve their robotics programs. amazon gave the district money to host competitions. i bet they're hoping somebody will build a good drone so they can deliver amazon products. >> our fresco use you sers are helping us show what's going on in your neighbor. >> a dozen people out of their homes tonight after raging fire. brian spears pierce was on the scene as firefighters balance the this fire burning through several townhomes along linda lane in aston. the red cross is helping 11 people who were displaced from their homes. firefighter had some minor injuries fighting the fire but she's expected to be okay. in center city people coming
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out to the kimmel center for the tempt 16 arts education fair tonight. a chance for more than 50 art organizations in the city to show off their arts education programs. leaders from community centers older adult program and teachers were all able to ask questions and get to learn a little bit more about these valuable program. the philly phanatic did good for the user today. emma takes us to the navy yard where the phanatic delivered more than 150 degrees. each tree will be planned this weekend. they're al all tagged with names of phillies players who hit homeruns this season. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone, shoot it and use the fresco app and send it to our newsroom and get paid. lucy. >> love that. thanks much, iain. your health now, and speakin spf cold hard cash the neck too many you go to the atm and withdraw cash you might want to wash your hands. investigators took swabs from the keyboards of more than 60atm's in new york city and shockingly they're dirty.
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they found human skin microbe the same kind you find on household surfaces. they also found bacteria from fish and chicken suggesting bacteria from a meal can stay on your hands and wind up on the keyboard. so in case you don't already probably best to wash your hands after you stash your cash. wash your hands all the time anyhow. have a portable sink with you. meanwhile children who drink whole milk are leaner and higher vitamin d than those who drink low fat or skim milk. they studied 2700 between two and six-year-old. researchers don't know exactly why but they guess that whole milk lay leave children feel fuller longer and less likely to overeat. sean bell, you are upset right now. >> i am. the sixers and their plans for joel embiid is starting to get way out of control. sitting him today and letting him play tomorrow is ridiculous and fans should be 100 purse
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sean bell is fired up taking on the pampering of joel embiid. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ the sixers plans for joel embiid are out of control. brett brown said embiid was playing tonight because the medical staff said he shouldn't, but yet he will play in tomorrow's nationally televised game on tnt. i wonder why? today's game was at home against divisional opponent yet you want to play him tomorrow on the road against a team that doesn't play in the same division. there's only one reason they chose to play him against the timberwolves and not the wizards and it's because they want to
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showcase him to the rest of the it's not fair to the fans. i know someone who bought eight tickets tonight's game to watch embiid play but they got robbed of that opportunity. i get it. you don't want to get him hurt. but if he's healthy let him play you already have him on minute restrictions and why make him miss another game like this. let him miss the away game the fans have suffered way too much to be robbed of an opportunity to see this guy. lucy? >> all right. thanks much sean bell. two music legends could face off in court but only one of them still living. jay-z facing a federal copyright infringement late from prince's estate. lawyers filed documents in minnesota court laying tidal has been streaming prince's song without per mig no comment yet from jay-z's camp. disney is breaking records with beauty and the beast trailer that trailer has only been out for two days but in the first 24 hours alone, it has
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racked um more views than any other movie trailer in history. 127 million hits. enough to break the record. movie comes out in march. i'm a disney freak. i mean admitted disney freak. >> it will be unbelievable. >> i can't wait. you probably not so much sean bell. >> i actually really want to see this. >> they have done this for a couple of those cartoons. couple of those things and brought them to life and they've all been great. >> right. >> i'm in. >> i'm in too. >> he's getting ready for daddy university. >> okay, stop. all right. don't jinx me. can you not jinx me? >> jinx. >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for your fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". but a little tiny sean bell would be awfully cute. >> the world doesn't need that. i don't need that. >> very tall. >> sue serio and bob kelly will have your weather and traffic covered all morning. >> i can in it.
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>> breaking right now, bullets fly striking a man leaving a fast-food restaurant. details on the unfolding vehicles. also only on fox, it happened again. another smash and grab from a high end store. why this may be just the break police were hoping for. >> don't see this every day, a hot air balloon sits in the middle of kensington, why cops are calling the surprise landing a problem. coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. >> there she is, hillary clinton is back, what is in her future. >> good to have you with us, we are inning closer to weekends, thomas drayton with karen hepp, bob kelly a check on traffic in a moment. first, morning, glue morning, the showers we had yesterday.


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