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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> what she says motivated her to get back out there, despite not feeling like leaving her home. >> plus, a big meeting for donald trump today. the world leader visiting him in new york. >> and how about b dawk? eagles legend brian dawkins is one step closer to canton. the prestegious list he's now on, as he hopes to get into the hall of fame in his first year of eligibility. the big time list he's now on, as he hopes to get into the hall of fame on his first shot. >> to is also on that list, terrell owens. also, get your bread readied, it is national homemade bread day. >> oh, yes. hold on. >> did you make some already? >> i d tid in my easy bake off glenn oh, that's the yeast could you have done. >> oh. >> that's why they call it a roll. >> all right. well, we better make some
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dough here and get to the forecast. >> you're so crusty. >> anything else you want to say? >> no, just looking. >> we're done. nine out of ten in your weather number today. look even bus stop buddy has a loaf of homemade bread. he's not loafing around today, no, temperatures in the 40's, a's, no more rain, showers yesterday, wasn't big deal. they're gone. 47 degrees right now, 7-mile per hour winds out of the west. other temperatures, 42 mount pocono, little chilly just before sunrise in reading, with 37 degrees. forty-one in lancaster, 43 wilmington, delaware, millville, 45 to start your day. plenty of sunshine, as you can see, it is starting to happen right now. with 62 degrees, our high temperature, then tonight, another chilly one, down to 39 degrees. and nice recovery tomorrow. but this pattern is going to change big time over the weekend. we will talk about that bob kelly coming up. >> good snuggle wetter. >> oh, come on, good morning,
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everybody, kick offer those covers. starting to see some slow downs on the schuylkill eastbound doming in toward cons, the beginning of the morning rush hour. we had earlier accident westbound near belmont avenue. and we are going to plop on down to now an accident tractor-trailer spilled its load of cargo, on the westbound schuylkill expressway. you remember the other day in my traffic forecast, i did predict an overturned tractor-trailer losing its load of cargo, right now westbound at willow grove the debris all over the roadway on the pa turnpike, delays on both sides of the talcony palmyra bridge from earlier opening. traffic just now. >> mass transit looking good, mike and alex being back over to you. >> guy in west philly says he was coming out of the check he is over thereon market street, and he got hit by stray bullet. that's what he says. i don't know that the cops
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think that's true. >> weep can see some other things, and one of the things, clear across the street, in a block away, one of the bullets >> you can imagine what it does to a human boyde, she it does it a front door. clubbing outline here where we are, 13 other bullets fired, clear across wide market street here under the "l" train mid block between 53rd and 52nd. the checkers you cannot even see from here. >> a block from there when somebody started shooting. he says not him, he wasn't involved. but police are wondering who. so 14 shots. we spin to the left. >> this guy ran down market street. one block, two blocks, see, peach, next block is his street, ruby, he made a right,
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ran into his house n front of his house they have a trail of blood. cops found him that way n our video. >> 2:30, you see the checkers, and checkers if you don't know has bulletproof glass essentially, a lot of them only the drive-thru open at night. >> they know check areas safe spot. here is inspect store scott small. >> he is telling us he was struck by stray gunfire, he said he was not involved in any fights or altercations or any disturbances, so it is unclear to him why he was shot. >> police did find 13 spent shell casings on the sidewalk in the 5200 block of market street. so, we know at least 13 shots were fired, from a sim automatic weapon.
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>> he pointed out a 14 bullet casings we got picture of and i tweeted so somebody fired at somebody for some reason from two different spots across market street. all we can say is good thing you see the little kids under the real time crime camera wacking down to school around 2:30 in the morning, and noted for saying when nothing good happens after 2:00, and boy we see that every day when we do this show, don't me? >> oh, absolutely, every single day you're right, steve. clock 05. police arrest one protester err during anti-trump rally in center city last night, also really screaming at the police officer's, arrested drexel university student accused of flying a drone near a police helicopter, philadelphia police say they noticed the drone when they were monitoring the demonstration, officers say, they pick up this device, near 29th and
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chestnut. but the video you're looking at now from skyfox is the intersection of 18th and walnut, yes, right there, at rittenhouse square. by the way the student at direction sell facing several charges, including wreckless endangerment, so, these protesters have been going on, well, the protest haves been going on since the election last tuesday night. so, that's the aerial footage from skyfox. i happened to be walking by there last nightment than is my kind of lame footage i shot on my cell phone. again, you recognize the intersection here, listen to the people protest. >> anti-police chants. >> what are they chanting? >> i think that, they don't want the pipeline. >> okay. >> which is something we don't need. but somebody started dropping
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f bombs right in the cops faces, f the police. >> yes, 18th and walnut shutdown, created mess last night about 6:00, 6:30, wentz on for about an hour and a half. how about this storey? former chester county teachers aid is under arrest this morning, apparently, substitute teacher flight. >> what's interesting about this, thomas drayton, a lot of these incidents, they happened off campus. wonder where they were? >> that's the question. very inapropriate, mike, prosecutors accused the aid of having sexual contact with two teens who were student. forty-two year old sherrie working as a substitute teachers aid at unionville high school. in one incident, she kissed and perform a sex act on a boy and told him to call her when he turned 18. in the other incident she allegedly fondled and kissed a student who had already turned 18. the d.a. says both incident happened off campus. now the unionville chaddsford superintendent says the incidents were immediately reported to law enforcement, once they were aware of it.
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the investigation still ongoing. >> alex, mike? >> i was reading a article about this. did you see this, thomas, maybe her husband, yes, she married. >> oh? >> drove one of these teenagers home after the hum hum. >> i mean -- you. >> always hear about these bizarre details in cases like there is but you have to wonder what mental state you're in when you are a substitute or even regular teacher and doing. >> surely he didn't know when he was driving the kid home? i don't know. wow. >> i wasn't in the back seat. >> people are strange. all right, 7:08. we'll stay on that case, now to surprise landing. at a kensington rec center, baseball field. >> it is a bird. it is a plane. no it is a hot air balloon. >> whoosh. >> the neighborhood in awe what landed on baseball field right near their homes, and children were playing outside. that's some excitement. >> well, jenny joyce at the field right now in kensington, hi, jenny. >> good morning, taking a look at this video, you can stand why people in the neighborhood
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were concerned, seeing the burst of flames, surge not used to seeing anything like that apparently the pilot visiting the area from florida, he and his passengers took off from farm in pottstown, doing fuel consumption test when is they landed here, people returned to the field to watch the balloon lands, surprising, and concerning to people in the neighborhood. we also have pictures that were posted on philadelphia police lieutenant david bunks' twitter page, as the balloon was descending many people in the area grabbed their phones, they recorded their own videos, in amazement of what was happening, again, some saw these flames, they got nervous. they called 911. but the four people who emerged from the basket were okay. police on the other hands had their own concerns, while the faa apparently approved this landing investigators didn't like the fact that a hot air balloon descended on a busy playgrounds, with roughly 100 children running around the
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area. >> anybody just start running over there. >> seem like there was a problem? >> i already new. i already new, once coming toward the tree, then they hit the gas, i'm like oh, i'm thinking it blew up. >> watched for any number of private properties, or public properties. and then we just -- we slowed along the treetops, we find a good place to land. you know, so this is exactly the definition from the textbook of a good place to land. >> or not report so he calls it a textbook landing. police still have their concerns. now east detective along with the faa are investigating this case. mike and alex. >> okay, thank you, for that. i've done couple quick -- i'm make this quick, down in mexico. i went on hot air balloon ride. the guy says watch this. he dipped the basket into a ponds, a lake, whoosh, then took off. just kills dollars the lake. >> seems like that could be dangerous? >> oh, i was freaking out.
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water was coming up in the basket. >> really? >> then he had wine and cheese at the end of the thing, champagne. >> that sound fun. >> ryan, do you have it? oh, it is a video, i one time in northern california for some stupid reason strapped a bunji cord around my ankle, jumped out after hot air balloon. >> just like dangling? >> boink, boink, then landed the balloon. >> wow. >> and i guess you're here to tell the story so you survived. did you hurt anything? >> ya, i survived. but that's why my head is flat. all right, 11 -- we will ' get that footage for you. hang around for that. president-elect donald trump, going to meet the japanese prime minister and his wife today. >> this is as the team pushes back hard against reports the presidential transition process isn't going too well. >> another story from last night, hillary clinton had to do a fundraiser in washington, d.c., doug, i don't know if you were at this thing.
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i want to be kind here. she was very frank, but didn't look particularly good. >> ya. >> well. >> i don't know where to go with that. >> tired? >> yes, she didn't look like she did on the campaign trail, that's true. you know, she sounded very unguarded though. >> right. >> we always talk about this after someone loses an election, geez, if you had projected that image during the campaign it, might have helped you, i remember thinking the same thing about mitt romney for instance. but ya. it was kind of interesting to see. and we'll get to that sound in just a moment. meantime, as far as trump is concerned, this transition effort is moving forward, they say, but it is going somewhat slowly here. and the trump team is going through this process every interviewing people, watching these people kind of come and go through the lobby of trump
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tower. >> the coming and going at trump tower in new york about all we have to go on asomugha at any payings bullets, who will get the prime slots in the trump administration? beyond a dinner outing this week, trump hasn't really been seen. but those around him say reports that they are running behind are untrue. and more now a month, are coming. >> it will be soon. a lot to digest, and putting together a federal government. report the trump team seemed to get back thank as mike pence met with vice president joe bid never washington. >> no administration is ready on day one. we weren't ready on day one. avenue never met one that was ready -- i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hand, and it will be handled. >> pence now leading the transition effort and shunk any washington lobbiests, and the most recent speculation about trump's cabinet picks includes arkansas senator tom cotton. thought to be in the running for defense secretary. hillary clinton, meantime, made her first public remarks last night in washington,
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speaking at a children's defense fund event. >> there have been few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book, or our dogs and nervelet the house again. >> meantime, as far as the transition process is concerned, there are a lot of familiar names. we've been talking about. trump also ranas outsider. he has talk about draining the swamp here in washington which means we may see some real surprises, once we start hearing some of these names being announced. >> back to you guys. >> wow. so ted cruz, they're considering supreme court justice? that's being float in the. >> reporter: all speculation, but the very fact we saw ted cruz arrive at trump towers. absolutely, got to still be some bad blood there. supreme court is a possibility, you know, given his legal background, so on, as well as attorney general.
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but he might face a tough senate confirmation process. >> i would think. >> remember rnc? >> oh, man. in clevelandment okay, we found t yes, for some stupid reason, and i worried about this for a month, you can tell because i'm much heavier, much more bloated, i went newspaper a hot air balloon and decided i think i will a jump out of this on a bungee cord. ready? look at my hair, too, major mullet. >> and i agree. >> head first. >> i'm very scared. >> oh, my gosh. >> so then he count me down, counting. >> oh. >> ya. >> wow. >> ya. >> wait. i want to hear your scream. >> wow. >> i did not have any children
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after that. >> and i talk like this. >> unfiltered mike jerrick. >> oh, i was an idiot. never did it again, i'm tell that you. >> that was fascinating. maybe less so. the weather changes that are coming this weaken, with high pressure in control today, tomorrow, and saturday, saturday, cold front coming through after that, and then everything will change completely. this is a look at right now, though, as we check into the future, this is a possibility for sunday, now, you have heard about the cold air coming in, with this cold front, there is also some moisture, which, here we are, saturday evening, starting off with rain, because there is mild air in place. and now, especially north and west of the city, we could have some wintery precipitation on saturday morning. that's how cold it is going to be. 47 degrees in philadelphia, right now, 49 in wildwood. forty-two in mount pocono. that is how your day is
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starting. by the end of the day, 62 degrees, plenty of sunshine, 67 for tomorrow. and 68 for saturday. oh, if only it were going to last, but it has got to get cold sometime. therefore, sunday will be the day. blustery, colder, high of 48. but it will feel lick it is in the 30's, bob kelly, all day on sunday, thanks to the wind. i bet you you'll have your feetypj's? >> i have my footypj's, fox thermal underwear ready to go. firewood all stocked. stacked and pack here on 95, i95 northbound, an accident, on the girard point double decker. here is a live look at our camera. which is, again, northbound 95, the lower deck, so if you are leaving the airport, heading up to the navy yard, or toward the stadium complex, looks like everybody pushed over to the right. so there is only that one lane getting through. so, right now, from the airport area, on up to south philadelphia, expect delays, if you are getting ready to heave the house maybe an
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option, jump off the platt bridge, take that in toward southwest philly. an accident at easton road 611, right at willow. and that tractor trail their lost it load, had debris all over the roadway, not as bad as we initially thought, pick up, good to go. little brake tap. talcony palmyra back to normal after earlier opening, mass transit so far so good. mike and alex back to you. >> thank you, i'll mention it later, eagles legends one step closer to canton, ohio. >> brian dawkins son the list of 26 semifinalists for the 2017 pro-football hall of fame. >> he is one of four players on the list of semifinal lists in their first year of eligible for the the hall of fame. one of the most beloved flares ever to play for the eagles, number 20 you know will retire. the 26 semifinalists trim down to 15 finalists in january. and former eagles wide receiver terrell owens also among the 26 finalists. semifinal list. >> when are they going to vote? >> the day before the superbowl in february. >> oh, okay.
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>> hopefully one of the eagles will get in there then. >> by the way, bob, the metro? there is an article in the metro, one of the sport writers has not given up or getting into the playoffs for the eagles. >> oh,. >> how about that. >> so you are telling me there is a chance? >> a chance. and i heard the guy say the other day, if they could just get into the playoffs. decent team. >> so still hope? >> still would be hope. real quickly. >> who is this who said it. >> i don't know. i'll look it up. >> we go to commercial soon so you can handle this. >> iconic dress worn by marilyn monroe hit the auction block. what's so special about this dress that's a get through million dollars? >> wait. i recognize this dress. i know what she was doing when she was wearing it. >> and tom brady mocks deflate gate. see hill him arias new commercial, where he mocks the scandal that got him
7:20 am
suspended. he got jokes. >> i don't want to see that. that will be dumb.
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>> ♪ happy birthday mr. president ♪ >> ten days before jfk, 45 years old, marilyn monroe get up this event and since that to john fitzgerald kennedy. >> and the way she sang it. >> welshing you know the rumors. oh, ya. >> that dress still exists cents, alex whom i, going on the auction block, would like great on one lauren simonetti. have you tried it on? >> in fact, i'm thinking every placing a bid. no, this dress could go for
7:24 am
$3 million. >> what? >> 3 million. it is a rhinestone golden crusted dress. i say it is still in style. i would absolutely wear it. if only it would look that good on me. and, the auction actually today in l.a. julian's auctions. >> where has it been all this time? someone's closet? >> yes, i think someone had bought it for about a million a couple of years ago, now it is going up for auction. when i think of marilyn monroe, i think that far song, but i don't think of this dress. i think of the white dress when standing over the great? you know, now a halloween costume. that's the most expensive dress ever to sell at auction. that sold about five years ago for a record $4.6 million. >> oh, my gosh. >> so the happy birthday dress for jfk's 45th birthday expected to go for less than that 4.6. >> now, to this day, i don't know when that pick pure was taken, over the subway great, but to this day when ever i am with a woman and her dress does that, everybody always
7:25 am
mentions marilyn monroe. >> iconic it was the seven year itch, wasn't that the movie? what year was that? >> seven year itch would have been, see, she died probably in the late 60s, was it 69? >> should still look it up, lauren. >> i got it, waiting for mike to say it. >> seven year snitch. >> june 3rd, 1955. fifty-five. >> can you can we look that the dress though where she sang happy birthday mr. president? because when you look at it -- >> on the manaquine there it almost looks see through. >> maybe really nude and very kind of -- >> well, alex, would you wear this dress today, right? >> oh, today. >> in a second. >> fabulous. >> awesome. >> it is one of those designs just timeless, those classic looks you wear at any time. >> oh, entire glamour. >> old glamour, looks like an oscar. >> very well said. >> but looks blue to me. let's not get started.
7:26 am
>> stop. no it doesn't. snow it doesn't. >> thank you, lauren. >> let me know when you buy it what you're going to do with it. >> sue, sue, can you find out where that took place, the happy birthday song on his 45th birthday. >> i think it was new york. >> was it new york? >> madison garden, i want to say. >> we'll figure that out. i still can't figure this out. wendy -- when do you de frost the turkey? is it days in advance? now? a week in advance? >> so doing this fox 29 turkey talk, hashtag for today. trying to figure out what you can do with your turk when it comes to thawing it the right way, jen? >> jen kind of knows, but she has help. >> here is the situation. no joke. chef didn't have a working oven at home. true, false? >> wear to god. >> okay. >> power surge. >> guess what? emile yo, de bruno to the rescue, best turkey day ever. we're thawing, carving, cooking. >> not done yet. >> get that thing in the oven.
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>> i stuff my turk which local on and/or ankles, keeps the meat so juicy, no stuffing in my turkey. that's the thing, how do you keep that turkey so moist? that's the key. so thank you, for that one it, sounds interesting. >> lemons and/or ankles? thanks. ♪ (laughs..) here it is. ♪ ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment.
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>> you know we talk about this before, so sad, children go hungry here, more than any other big city in america. well, one grandmom, grandmother, i should say, won't stand for it any longer. she will feed any child who comes her way. but she is getting shutdown. in our studio this morning to tell us about the red tape she is facing keeping food out of our kids' mouths. i have a feeling karen hepp wrote that. >> oh, why do you say that? >> the word kiddo was used. >> oh, she does like to say the word kiddo. affectionate term for kids. >> i can't wait to meet this woman too. shy is a person making a difference. >> love to see. that will specially with children. it is important, it is important, sue. >> it sure is. of course favorite child in the morning show is bus stop but i. temperatures in the 40's, 50's, homemade bread day, got loaf of bread. maybe made it him s i doubt t but clouds around this
7:31 am
morning, seeing sunshine, the rain we had yesterday is gone. >> 47 degrees, west wind at 7 miles an hour, other temperatures, 42 in mount pocono, chilly 41 in pottstown, and in lancaster, millville, 45, wildwood, 49 to start your day. >> sunshine for the time that's here, sunset 4:43. and. >> 73:00; good morning, everyone, speedometer readings jammo on the schuylkill. got some sun glare coming in on the curve. but we have eight go big problem on i95. live look, philly firefighters got the hook and ladder across the two left lanes, only one lane open. this is 95, northbound, right mid-span at the girard point double decker bridge. now, if you come north to girard point double decker, cents the lower deck approach the navy yard, so much so
7:32 am
we're bumper to bumper now from the airport, all the way up through the girard point double decker. if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, bamm. there is a way to go. the platt bridge, jump off, follow the signs, for 291. that will get new philly. also get you over to the schuylkill expressway. much quicker than sitting in that traffic jam. another jam right here. this is the vine expressway westbound. stack up trying to get into 30th street station. some sun glare over here for the folks in mt. laurel, and maple shade, along route 73, and then both 55 and 42, stack up headed in toward the sit. >> i what's the case that sparked outrage and protest around the country, prosecute verse now announced charges against minnesota police officer, yanez in the death of castile. >> castile was shot and killed back in july, during a traffic stop, that became famous in saint anthony. so, this officer, asked castile, in a passenger seat after car, to provide his
7:33 am
drivers license, and insurance information, and at that time castile inform him he had a gun on him. and was permit today carry the gun. when castile went to reach for his wallet officer shot him seven times. standing outside of the car, remember, this is why you'll remember this case. his girlfriend, man who was shot, was also in the car, the drivers seat, with her child in the back seat. she streamed the entire aftermath of the shooting on facebook live. >> just shot his arm off. >> i toll him to get his hand off -- >> you toll him to get his id, sir, his drivers license. >> oh, my god. >> tough video, so many people watched, everywhere. prosecutors and attorneys for the castile family spoke after the charges were announced. >> the use of deadly force by
7:34 am
officer yanez was not justified. in that sufficient fact exist to prove this to be true. >> he was doing everything that he could, as you heard, he immediately complied, pull over. he immediately complied with when he was asked for his license and his insurance. what more? what more could this young man have done that did he that day. >> that's familiar face, the family there, after yanez attorney said he pulled castile over because he thought he look like possible suspect in a armed robbery, and he was reacting to the presence after gun. so we have our fox 29 legal analyst ken rotweiler joining us. >> did they get it right? >> i think they got it right. look what happened to him. he had a license to carry, and
7:35 am
he told the police officer i have a gun. he made no threatening moves. he was totally cooperative. and he was shot seven times. and the standard for police officer to discharge his gun is if the police officer has a reasonable belief that he was, he or she, was in danger of serious bodily harm. >> did the officer ever see a gun? >> no, i don't believe he did. because after he was shot, the gun was found in his pocket. it never even made it out of his pocket. so, no, i don't believe the police offers her any reason to believe he was in serious bodily harm at all. >> because stated it, stated it was there. >> what's interesting here, though, that shooting occurred in july. >> true. >> the charges occurred yesterday. >> what took so long? >> that's my question. what took so long? basically when you showed thereon tv basically what happened. >> right. >> he was stopped for routine traffic stop, by the way,
7:36 am
guess how many times he was stopped in the past? forty-six times. forty-six times he was stopped. >> ever charged with anything? >> did he have some things, one time, suspended license, there was some minor traffic violations, but still, 46 times, outrageous. >> what could this mean? >> after 40 years in jail. >> why second agree? >> because it wasn't premeditated. second degree murder is intentional killing, but there wasn't premed takes. no way that he thought he was going, to you know, premeditated do this, big charge of second degree murder, i think will have big problem in a courtroom. because he is going to have to justify. the question to him will be officer, why did you discharge gun? serious threat of my own bodily harm. and then the cross examiner will be, never took the gun out of his pocket.
7:37 am
he told you you had a license to conceal it, what were you so lent the by? i don't think he has good answer for it. >> what is a citizen supposed to do when they have a gun? did he follow protocol? >> totally. what he told the police officer avenue license to carry, i am caring a gun what do you want? it is my in my glove compartment. >> his argument he resembled somebody -- >> you don't have to shoot somebody because they resemble somebody else. that's just not what happened here. i think this police officer, i think one of those cases where the police officer, yes, he panic. >> you hear the emotion in his voice. >> i knew something wrong. >> i any not trained properly, i think they do panic, when they panic have a gun in their hand, panic, of the gun going on. >> for them you don't now what they deal where day, you don't know what they are walking up
7:38 am
on. >> though to put them through where they are panic and do react appropriately. and i think we are taking long look now at police officers training in situations like traffic stops. >> i can't thank you enough for answering all of these questions on twitter. many police officers watch this show. >> i love police officer. but i think even police officers would criticize this conduct. >> everybody can't be perfect. >> another interesting story from our state of delaware. have you ever heard after three year old getting expelled from like preschool? delaware, the state of delaware, has one of the highest pre-school expulsion rates in the country. what is that about? why it may be changing because of three women you're about to meet.
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>> fantastic award, the free women, medal of free dom,
7:42 am
president obama will give this out. bruce springsteen, we mentioned last hour. >> this time more names. robert deniro, bill and melinda gates, lauren michaels. >> saturday night live. >> yes, robert redford. >> my favorite robert redford movie goes all the way back the way we were. >> ♪ >> is that scene, he and barbara streisand, they're hugging, hubble, hubble was his name. >> oh, my gosh. never see each other again, you know it is oversaw him coming out of the hotel. >> yes, with somebody else. got married. >> yes. >> anyway, diana also be there there, too. >> and zest lee tyson. >> yes. >> ben skull. >> i the voice of los angeles dodgers for 182 years frank geary, i met him out in los angeles, you want to see his work?
7:43 am
>> yes please. >> that's in downtown los angeles, isn't that wild? >> amazing. >> has buildings like this all over the wormed. >> reminds me of australia. >> little bit. that feel to t i think bill, boa spain, doesn't very a music venue, there as well? >> let me see. i'll try and figure it out. >> it looks like a house in animated film. >> it does. >> crazy. >> lags vegas? >> vaguest, blue, for brain health? oh, my gosh. >> looks like somebody lost their mind. >> that's crazy. >> okay, so, new england pea tree at brady making fun of the deflate gate scandal that got him into trouble. got suspended for four games, i think it was, yes. he is using that deflate gate incident in a new commercial
7:44 am
for foot locker, the shoot people. >> unfortunate mind sake, just because it doesn't mean anything is going on. why can't some things just be great? >> just a question. >> start with questions, then questions start into assumptions, assumptions turn into vacations. so why would you punish the weak of great nets for something that never even happened? >> shoe is he monitoring the situation. >> with chef fran dunphy. >> i am. and we have tom, couple of tom's here, and in the first segment of turkey talk, we will de frost that bird. >> going to de frost the bird. really three different ways to do it. >> after the break. >> oh, doesn't do it now.
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo...
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fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg. good morning, looking live from skyfox, over seventh and olney. actually seventh and take err in the olney section of the city there is vehicle here, up on to the sidewalk, on to the guy's front lawn, and into the house here. no reports of any major injuries, but, we have the rescue squad on the scene, a lot of police activity, and thank goodness, that there weren't any kids walk to go
7:48 am
school here, obviously, no park, no truck parking, along that block there, residential street, again, the 700 block of seventh street there in our, actually, seventh and tail bore, speedometer readings tell the tale, schuylkill 95 your normal jams, going to south philly where force bound lanes firefighters blocking all, mid-span girard double decker bridge, accident, condition many of vehicles involved, one of them overturned, and this is a speed trap, really, and anyone who comes up over that girard point double decker, if there is no game going on at the stadium complex, you can get speeds here pretty quickly, but northbound now, jammed from the airport, all the way up through that girard point double decker bridge, bumper to bumper, trying to get into center city. i would use the platt bridge. that will put new southwest philly. then also you can follow the signs for the schuylkill expressway. trays pop, you know the slippery rales until the early
7:49 am
morning hours. we have a lot of sun glare, how long will it hang around for? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. >> if you're doing the half march monday here saturday, goal end, sunshine, high temperature later on of 68 degrees, probably 50's in the morning, philadelphia marathon, the big one, on sunday, and this is when it is going to turn coal, and windy, and the possibility is there, in the morning. high of 48, won't feel like 48 it, will feel lick it is in the three's, nothing happening right now on radar. so, let's get to the seven day forecast. three more mild days, today, tomorrow, saturday, starts turning chilly sunday, very wintery on monday little
7:50 am
recovery into the middle of next week, for a loft people, mike, alex, that's get away day on wednesday. >> of course, yes, one of the worse, oh, they used to travel. the official countdown is on. one week from today. >> you will be cooking and eating turkey, i'm so excited, so ready, the problem is you have to get your bird red. >> i get being the bird ready, having a blast, also our pal from de bruno brother, what up. this is such a big day, you need back up. >> yes. >> talk first about the turkey, frozen, less expensive. >> less expensive, also buy a little out, let it sit in the fridge, all of that good stuff. one of the main reasons, less expensive. >> then what happens. >> do you need a week to de frost the turkey? you. >> need 24 hours for every
7:51 am
4-pound of turkey. >> so if i have a two-point turkey? >> that's five days? >> put it in the fridge. after fully thawed, you have four days to cook it. >> all right. so do you want people thinking about defrosting? >> frozen turkey, do what's called slacking it out, put it on sheet tray, put it in the fridge. you let it sit from frozen state and slowly de frost in the refrigerator. >> so what happens if you get to sunday, watching the eagles game like oh, bryn told mow to do. that will i screwed up. like then do you have do it in the water situation? the way they suggest putting in the sing, fill it with weighter, putting frozen turkey inside of it letting it sit. every 30 minute you're supposed to turn it. nobody is doing. that will so what dow is i use utility sing in the basement. put my turkey, right inside of the utility sing. i took it out for these purposes, because we're going to chat. put it in a bucket with water let it steady stream of water go through, and then it will
7:52 am
slowly, do it a lot faster. these turkeys i had it in, thousand dollars it out in a hour and half last night. >> in the laundry sing? >> well, i put bucket. >> you are saying utility. >> i put in a laundry sing. >> i don't have utility since zero out at my fans, mr. fancy pant. >> put it in running water. >> tell the kids do not touch and do not put the sneakers in the laundry sing. >> let's talk bye told you like three years ago, i bought the most expensive turkey on record it, didn't taste any better. tasted good. >> yes. >> but it wasn't like tada. >> what do you want me do? >> i try all that the youth, i think it has better flavor. guess what, if you're going to bryan your turkey it, will a nice juicy turkey. doesn't matter, you can buys a
7:53 am
basic turn i. >> you're pro brine, so when we come back in a little bit. we will talk about brine, roasting, and one of my favorites, injecting. >> injecting. >> we will be back right after the break. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
7:54 am
7:55 am
(laughs..) here it is. ♪ ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down
7:56 am
and a complimentary first month's payment. >> ♪ ♪ >> beautiful city. we love living in philadelphia. but we have a problem here, folks. >> that's because recent report shows close to half million philadelphia resident now live in poverty. that's the highest number among the nation's ten largest cities. >> how about this? there is a woman, wonderful woman, refuse to go settle for any of that. >> her name is monica wright. she ran summer meals program out of the same rowhouse where she raised her own children years ago, 3100 block every reed street. now she is having trouble. not getting the funding she wants to run a fall or school year version of her summer meals program, which is really
7:57 am
popular. see the kids, they have a fun time there. the people in her neighborhood, they need it. the problem? zoning laws. licenses and inspections officers say using row home to host the program is not allowed, even though she got the fun g for the summer program without l & i clearance. but now there seems to be a problem in you that the school year has started. >> monica, great to have you here on great day philadelphia. you are doing great things. great to meet you. so what's the difference of a year in the time of year? >> from my understanding, the pennsylvania department of education, which administers the usda funds, pays for contract, the health department to come out and inspect all of the site in the summer. >> okay. >> but, during the school year, there is a different office of the usda that needs you to already have clearances in place. so, i had to go through zoning, pay 100. and then to get a zoning variance, you pay 250. and then the health department wanted 245. >> where are you getting this money from us, friends,
7:58 am
family? >> just to try to raise it. >> viewers? >> yes. >> talk about the populous program. how many kids come to your house in your spot is a place to be after the school and during the summer. >> well, this is our second year, second summer was just last summer. and we served about 2,000 free meals each of those summers, so up to about 4,200 something meets were served. >> so monica, if you weren't doing what you are doing what would be happening mere? a lot of had angry kids? >> well, you know, gout to think. if you are a hungry child, what can you do? you can't get a job. >> no. >> do you have row lion somebody to feed you. >> why are you doing this? what touched you? >> i raised my family in kensington. and one thing i love about kensington is everybody works together. and i couldn't do this lunch program without volunteers who came every day while i was at work. they came every day and said ten to 20 kids every day, and
7:59 am
it was just -- it was like having a little children restaurant. >> where do you find the volunteers? >> right in the neighborhood. everybody works together. >> so you're now trying to go to a re vow board though to try to figure this all out? >> that's right. have to pay 250 force for a zoning variance. >> okay. >> then go up and explain the situation then, hopefully they'll figure this out or try and get so you can have this permit? when is that going to happen snap. >> not sure yet. they have to assign a date. so we went through the first step which was the hundred dollars to ask for the hearing. >> because in the meantime, what are these kids doing? still coming over your house? don't have a place to go to eat? >> what i try do is do something that at least once a week or every couple of weeks like about a week ago we did little lip balm class, the kids melted oils, we made lip balm. >> different activities, and the problem is they need food and money to do that? >> yes, it is good when a kid can come, eat, then pay attention to something educating al. and then the comradery of all
8:00 am
of the kids coming, i mean, we had not one discipline problem in two years. >> why philadelphia is the worse could to come to this, hungry kids? this may not and prepare re at, but i'll pay the hundred dollar fee today, i'll give that you, and how can everybody else who is watching good day philadelphia help out? give me a website. give me an email address. give me something. >> we did have go fund me set up. it is www.go fund me. com/philly 247 childcare. >> philly. >> 247 childcare. >> yes. >> we got that in the lower third. if we can get that after this quick break here. >> oh, there it is. >> we want to see this number go up from 5,000, just double that today on the show. >> we will try and make that happen. >> thanks, i appreciate it. >> well thank you, for what you do for the kids. that's wonderful. they need a place to go.
8:01 am
>> you're cool. >> i have two grand kids, how many do you have? >> i have what four and one on the way. >> one on the way. >> next couple of days. >> oh, wow. congratulations. >> great to me you. >> thank you. >> just before thanksgiving, another mouth to feed. good day it is thursday, november the 17th, 2016. here we go. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is good day philadelphia. >> it is spelling, three year old, delaware, has one of the highest preschool expulsion rate in the country. that's about to change. the program designed to keep your kids in the class. >> hey, are you trying to conceive a baby? or do you want to keep your baby safe? the six wearable devices you didn't know you needed as a parent. >> turkey talk, thank giving, one week away from today. so, we have a chef here to help you. we do this every year. from the cooking to the carving to answering your questions. use the hashtag fox 29 turkey
8:02 am
talk, for help, from our expert chef. >> and look out. a mom turns her back for a second. and her child starts to tumble. but lucky for this baby, someone else was watching. >> i felt like something came and just push me forward. >> why this mom still can't believe it. >> couple of things real quickly here, wonderful woman we met there, monica, does have that go fun me page, there it is, sometimes it is easier remember and write down if it is actual already ofly on the screen, so go fun me. com/philly 247 childcare. >> are you looking to get pregnant, ladies, are you look to go get pregnant, maybe having hard time conceiving? look what i have. i have make the -- maybe the solution. >> look at youment you stick this in your ear. >> what is it? >> i'll tell you. >> stick it in his ear. >> purple, did you pick the color? >> my favorite color. >> a woman should bewaring it or you should be? >> i should not bewaring it.
8:03 am
>> don't bring it over here. >> looks good. but won't help me. >> don't look at me. >> so what, when this goes off, ding, ding, ding, you call your guy friend immediately. >> oh, okay. >> all right? >> we'll explain how that works. >> call me on your cell phone. >> when you need my love. >> grilled cheese time. >> come on down. >> we shouldn't be joking around about it, people are having hard time conceiving sometimes. soy this is going to help you out. >> terrific. >> take a look at the number today. already getting squint i out there. with a lot of sunshine. bus stop buddy has his sunglasses on, he's also celebrating homemade bread day with a big old love of well homemade bread. temperatures in the four's, eat's, to start, we have on radar, no more precipitation. so that's a good thing, all of the showers from yesterday are gone. and there is the bright sunshine we are talking about, sun cap recalled street here in old city philadelphia. the corner of third and market up there. 49 degrees with calm winds.
8:04 am
visibility, 10 miles. so things are good in that aspect. and we have 44 degrees in mount pocono, 41 in lancaster, 49 in millville. we reach 50 degrees in wildwood. here is our high temperature for today, bob kelly. 62 degrees. >> bamm, loving it, good morning everybody, we get ready to head out the front door. crazy morning. a lot going on here, there is your speedometer reading 6 miles per hour on the schuylkill with sun glare, but the big problem right here. looking liver, girard point double decker bridge, northbound, mid-span, you see, philly firefighters there, the hook and ladder across all of the lanes. except for that far right bumper to bumper to bumper from pretty much south of the airport, all the way up through the girard point double decker. all because after accident involving an overturned vehicle. folks are jumping off where they can, using the platt bridge to get into philadelphia. south on 295, right at route 44, that's exit number 21, watch for a crash. and then here is a live look at the 42 freeway, little bit
8:05 am
of sun glare out there this morning, so shaping up to be good look, you know what? look. mike, they took the orange sign down on the 42 freeway that had that black tarp over it. >> i think i shame them into taking it down. >> it is gone. look the power that you have. >> yes. >> i wonder if they just totally shut down the whole thing? >> i will tell you what, we have been looking at that for over a year, jang i orange sign. looks like they've come up with a permanent green sign. >> and that black tarp is gone. >> thank you, new jersey. >> the power of good day philadelphia. announcing in the neighborhood at seventh and tail bore, accident minor delays on the regional rails. mike back to you. >> 8:05, man in the hospital after being shot outside fast-food restaurant in west philadelphia. the 30 year old victim tells police he was hit by stray bullet, while walking out of of the checkers at 52nd and market street. happened just before 2:30 this morning. he was shot in the arm and is in stable condition.
8:06 am
and, a former chester county teachers aid is under arrest. after she was accused of having sexual contact with two boys who were student. forty-two year old sherrie mulford, in one incident, she kissed and performed oral sex on a boy and told him to call her when he turned 18. and then the other incident allegedly fondled and kiss add student who already turned 18. the d.a. says that both incident happened off of campus. okay, get this, alex. there was a yale study, 2,005 yale study, found delaware, state of delaware, had the fourth highest preschool expulsion rate in the country, and an estimated 15 children per everyone thousand were kicked out of preschool, pre k. delaware is taking action to prevent disruptive preschoolers from becoming expelled from the classroom. and it appears to be working. expulsion at an early age, can
8:07 am
put kids behind their peers academically, socially, not to mention it puts a label on them, often does not go away. so, joining us to talk about this what's happening in delaware, try to turn things around, mary moore, early health administrator for the delaware children's department. jessica, consultant for the department of education mental health program, and melissa, the director of brilliant little minds day care, who is seeing the result first-hand. after those introductions, we don't have time. soy, questions, then you jump in who ever has the berks expert tease on it, okay? my first one, going back to the yale study. why, why delaware, first of all, and what do you have to do to get kicked out after pre k? these are kids two to five years of age? >> correct. and they were being expelled from preschool because of challenging behavior. temper tantrums, aggressive behaviors, throwing things, fight biting, kick being, to the extreme teachers in
8:08 am
preschool settings are not able to manage their behavior. >> how do you determine if something, a child, can have mental health issues, if it is mental health i can your or just cranking and acting out? >> that's an interesting question, and i don't think that we make that authority in what we do, whether a child has a diagnosis, or whether they are just exhibiting challenging behavior. we still down and help the teacher manage the behavior. >> but first, some kids can be very disruptive. where do you draw the line? because i've heard parent say well we're all being affected by this. none of russ learning now, all 25 kids in the room because there is one kid acting up. what do you do? >> that's where like with jessica coming in and helping us and giving us the tools we need to sit and work with the kids. depending on whether it is, you know, setting up a chart for them. >> remember, she has a day care. >> i work for a day care. >> i got you. >> so, with the tools, provided for us, we have seen,
8:09 am
some. kids that she has done for us, been working with us, whether it is, you know, we've had times where kids had to come out of the classroom, we take them out of the classroom, give them the time they need, bring them back in the classroom and work with them, also with developing an action plan with jessica and the parent as well including them as whole us coming together working together everything has -- >> let me guess. the study said you can't do much with the kids because they're two. you got to go to the parent and coach them about their children's behavior, is my guess. >> we're not coaching. like we're not coaching. so, like, with the two year old, safe to say, comes into us, for the first time, us learning their behaviors, learning how they work, learning how they learn. >> okay. >> you know, we're just sometimes the kids are with us, for hours a day, the majority of the time. >> how to rectify the situation. can you tell me this thing about putting up picture schedule for child main on a wall. what's that do? >> yes, we actually have example. here it is.
8:10 am
>> right in front of you. >> we have couple of picture schedules there is shows the schedule throughout the day, than is really helpful, because kids have difficulty with transition, especially kids with challenging behavior. so these are the expectations of the day f children can follow this flow. >> we'll do this, this, this, this, and this today. >> absolutely. and it doesn't change. >> how is that helpful? >> it helps them because it eases the difficult which transition. kids have difficulty transitioning from one. >> hard to keep their attention. i know you guys suggested using timers, like an egg timer? >> yes, we do suggest timers, for transition time, if you set a time, set expectation there is child, you have two minutes to change from this activity to the next. >> i have another one. i always wondered about this. i'll put in you time out. go sit in a quiet corner do. quiet corners work? i don't know if you can answer that or not? >> i want jessica to answer that because that is one of the strategist that they use
8:11 am
with the consultation. >> quiet corners work? >> they do. actually we use two different strategist in terms of a quiet corner. a quiet corn kerr work to help a child self regulate. we would prompt a child to go to quiet area where they can calm down if they feel angry if they feel trust traded and quiet corn kearse help help calm down. >> do you use them over there what is it brilliant? >> brilliant little minds. >> absolutely. tan does work. just so like you know with the kids who need to go have couple of minute to get their angry out, go and jess a pillow, or sit, relax. >> what? squeeze a pillow. >> what's that do? >> absolutely. >> gets their frustration out. >> do you think this could work on me. >> actually i believe it would work on a lot of people. >> i could use a quiet corner and squeeze a pill snow. >> and just relax, take couple of minute. >> we're turning this thing around? we don't want to be number four in the country any more? >> absolutely not. they have replicate that study. so it is difficult to say
8:12 am
where we stand right now. but we know with the work of the early childhood mental health consultation service we are able to prevent between 98 to 99% of possible expulsions, so the success rate is very hard. >> thank for your nice work. nice job. kate upton, kind of super mod. >> i yes. >> she has a fiancee as a baseball player. kate upton, she is lashing out on twitter last night, i couldn't get enough of this. she is upset her fiancee justin did not win the cy young award. how she is standing up for herman, would you dot same thing? >> ♪ >> but first, are you trying to conceive, or do you already have a child? do you want to keep your baby safe? well, there are six wearable devices you didn't know you needed. you sure have heard of fit bit to help you, he size, with a about something to help with you your baby? >> ♪ ♪ my hero zero. ♪
8:13 am
such a funny little hero but till you came along ♪ we counted on our fingers and toes ♪ now you're here to stay ♪ ♪ and nobody really knows... ♪ zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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8:15 am
>> good morning, everybody, we got jammo's on i95. look at the speedometer readings, 18, down to 12, 95,
8:16 am
northbound, bumper to bumper to bumper. from the blue route, all the way up, to that girard point double decker bridge, the culprit, an accident, involving an over turn vehicle. couple of cars involved, philly firefighter has got the hook and ladder here, just getting ready to pull away, but, down to only one lane and traffic just parking lot from here, at philly international all the way back to the blue route. bumper to bumper to bumper per. close to an hour to make the trip from 476 up 95, into south philadelphia. so, grab an extra jelly donut. pick an alternate route. folks are using the platt bridge, folks are using route through, and you know what thursday means, i jump in the news van, pick different spot. today going to on point bristro at point breeze avenue. we will try the clubbinge -- the clucker down in point breeze, sunshine today, how long will it last? sue has the answer coming up in 15 seconds.
8:17 am
>> couple of nice day ahead, we have to watch for very cold air, behind this cold front, we will start feeling sunday morning, maybe even late saturday night. >> could even get little wintery precipitation with t more on that tomorrow. nothing right now except whole lot of sunshine and the temperatures recovering little bit. 44 degrees mount pocono. still chilly 41 in lancaster, 47 in wilmington, and we have reached ooh degrees in wildwood, plenty of sunshine, might see some breezes around today, really nice, 62 degrees, upper 60s, on friday, and saturday sunday the day the bottom drops out of the temperature, blustery
8:18 am
cold i sunday and monday, mike and alex, as well. >> coming up 8:18. okay, so, little while ago, i put this little thing in my ear. i said women put that in your ear if you are having hard time conceiving a child. >> the purple thing. >> and kind of goes off. >> then you call your guy immediately. >> what the segment is about, there are items, designed, to make your job as a parent a little easier. >> so it doesn't matter if your trying to conceive, or if you already have children, there cents a wearable device that can help with you that. >> there is a device for. that will and there is anna, good to see you. >> good to see too. >> can we get go right to the ear thing? >> yes, your crib sheet for smart parenting. so the first one, inner ear wearable that women can use overnight to track their basil body temperature. your base al body temperature is directly correlate dollars to your ovulation cycle. put this ear budd in at night, every night, in the morning
8:19 am
put it back in the docking station, no data transmission overnight. you dock it. then it tells you when your -- when you are low basil body temperature happens which can then predict ovulation so you know it is time to get down. >> so wait. when you put it back -- when does it tell you? >> well, you dock it back in the morning. >> okay. >> there is an app that has your ovulation calendar. so then it tells you the days that you are most likely to conceive. >> okay. >> so get like a test, check the calendar? >> check the calendar. >> then you start texting? >> oh, hey now. >> what's that? >> all right, so the next three are baby -- basically fit bits for your baby that's correct are wearable baby monitors. now there is one is from mimo comes with three little bunny is', tiny turtle that is magnet i goes right on to the onesy. it tells if you your baby has turned over from the back to the front. so you want to go back and
8:20 am
turn them back around. it also happens a respiration monitor. these little track their breathing. they track their skin temperature as well so you know whether the baby is a little too warm or not warm enough. and everything goes back to your phone, and it send you alert if you need to go check. >> so the phone there probably on your night stand right next to you? >> exactly, and have it on loud, that way you can know. >> exactly. >> the next one? >> the next one called owlette it comes in a sock that grows with your baby, has hospital technology called pulls objection empty. so this is the scene, you know in the hospital they have the little black tube on your finker? >> yes. >> it traps oxygen, and breathing, if something is a little off it will send alert to your phone as well. >> same thing. >> so everyone keeps their phones with them, this way it is so great and always know. >> look how cute that is? >> adorable. >> the next one called my baby, smart button. now, what's cool about this,
8:21 am
it moves with your baby, little button, you click on to the onesy or to pajamas, again, tells you if the baby is breathing correctly, it tells if you they -- pretty cool. everything comes back to your phone. >> smart. >> all right, so the last thing you want to do when you have a sick baby is waking, waking them up, neice two here, fever smart, philadelphia based by the way, they cool. >> this one? >> this one here. so it is a little smart patch you put on your child right underneath the armpit area t sends continuous alert, and messages to your phone, to let you know if their fever has spike or not. >> wow. >> so this is reuseable, this other one here, temp track, you can pick up for 20 bucks, but one time use patch. so you use it once for 24 hours, and again, you can go on the app, you can keep your partner updated, too, really great. you can write note, like when the child's eat, or drinks, so
8:22 am
you can see -- >> price range on this? is it expense sniff. >> so these are all about under 200. >> okay. >> under 200, okay. >> yes. >> that one is pretty affordable. that's 1999. again, it is a one time use. >> can you get these off amazon? >> yes, all of them are available on the website. really cool entrepreneur, really cutting edge technology. >> in you didn't get all of that we will post this in a matter of probably an hour, on our website >> sure people will be asking about these, amazing devices around here. anna, nice job. >> thank you, and live this dress. my gosh. every time. >> thank you. >> all right, guys. >> oh, yes. >> i'm going to go home now. seriously. >> put that thing in your ear. >> you know, big honor, anna, for the boss, who i call in the boss, you know him as bruce springsteen, he will be honored by the white house. this is a big, big award. >> oh,. >> also, it is turkey day here
8:23 am
on "good day" philadelphia. because thanksgiving a week from today, and jen is answering your turkey questions. hey. >> hi, giles. here is a question for you. why can i not inject and brine, or can i inject and brine, or do you injector brine, and would i inject the things in the brine? talk about it coming up. the turkey is going to taste good. that's all i know. >> ♪
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> bruce springsteen, one of several big names, to be award shall highest civilian honor, at the ceremony coming up. new jersey native as you know bruce springsteen will be among this year's presidential medal of freedom recipient for helping shape american culture, american music specially, total of 21 recipient will be there, tuesday, some of the other, tom hanks, michael jordan, kareem and buy jab al, bill gates, diana ross, zest lee tynan, frank geary famous architect. i could go on but i can't
8:27 am
remember the rest of them. >> there are a lot of themment probably why. >> we'll have full report wednesday morning. wonderful event. thanksgiving, it is a week from today. >> i can't wait. oh, i'm going to start saving room. >> so all this week, monday we went to greece, tuesday we enjoyed african-american dishes. let's see, yesterday was -- >> italian. >> italian. and today, puerto rican. so what, go to puerto rican family's thanksgiving, week from today, what will be some of the side dishes, al next. >> looking at some right now. let's go over there. >> let's do it.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> kate upton lashes out on twitter, justin didn't win the cy young award, somehow she is standing by herman. would you do the same? >> and did you watch empire last night?
8:31 am
oh, empire shows all. talk about a leak there. with everyone gathered together, this side of cookie day did not expect. i don't think anyone expected that. the big moments coming up in our empire rap. sue i know you watch it the next day, so i will not spoil everything for you, okay? >> i do appreciate t but even if i have a little clue, i still enjoy the process. right? >> here's a look at bus stop buddy, celebrating homemade bread day today. temperatures in the four's, 50's, and it is bright out there. so, don't forget your shades. there is a look at radar, nothing to look at there, let's talk temperature, 49 degrees in the city, calm winds, looks nice out there. we're at 44 in mount pocono, 48 in atlantic city, a in wildwood. and headed to high of six of two, which is pretty mild for this time in november. we're in mid-november now, bob kelly, wow. >> november. you got 62 on the temperature reading, goat about 60 minutes on the septa line here, six of zero minute delays on the
8:32 am
lansdale-doylestown line. i pack it, in head back home, call it a day. here's your speedometer reading, 8 miles an hour on the schuylkill still hot mess here on 95 all from earlier accident. good news bad news, the accident has cleared. on the girard point double decker, but bumper to bumper from the blue route all the way up to the accident scene. if you are headed into the city your best bet, use that platt bridge to get yourself into southwest philly, or into the stadium areament mike and alex back over to you. >> as i can figure this, it seems like thanksgiving week from today. >> it is a week from today. >> yes. >> good thing there, mike. >> thank you. >> so still getting ideas for the sides, bring something new and different to the table, been doing different cultures every day. >> monday we did greece, tuesday, african-american dishes. >> then we did italy. >> italy yesterday. and today. >> puerto rico. >> puerto rico. okay. from spanish, i would say, spanish aisles, spanish island restaurant, good to have you
8:33 am
here. >> thank you. >> hey, carman. >> thanks. >> so these are all traditional dishes then? >> these are the traditional dishes would you finds at any puerto rican/caribbean home, holiday, you know? puerto rico, dominican republic, cube, a in the same region, so food bathesly the same for all regions. >> what's in the first pot down there? >> over here we have (spanish) which is pickled green bananas, yes, they also have chicken gizzards. but it is really really delicious. >> chicken gizzards, carman? >> yes. >> so what you want to do, you want to try little each one portion here. so you want to try a little bit of the chicken, bananas in there. >> put it on your plate. >> have you had chicken gizzards before? >> yes. i don't mind them at all. my mom use today make them. here goes a gizzard. >> ready? >> now, what's gizzards again?
8:34 am
>> the gizzards are internal part of the chicken, foot that they consume, because they don't have teeth like we do. >> like a pancreas, something like that, a filter of some sort. little bitty organ. >> do you want to try it? >> mike has it. >> go alex. >> well, this one here is a (spanish). >> or sweet plantain, i guess, sweet plantain pie, meat pie. >> so this would be very good dish for a side dish. >> is a plantain a banana? >> yes. >> rice one? >> this is plantain right here. >> okay? >> they're pretty big. >> look at the size of my plane tape! >> so, what, meat? >> it has meat, it has the ground beef, and it also has like three different types of cheeses on top. >> that's amazing like sweet and savory my gosh, yes. what's next? >> the next is the (spanish)
8:35 am
uka in a garlic oil sauce. >> is this like a yuck a plant? >> yes. >> sort of like basically thicker potatoes casino in. >> kind of. correct. >> okay. >> what did you put on top? >> this is the garlic oil base that's on the top. >> that's good. >> uka. >> and this, gout have your beans and rice, right? >> that's correct. >> the staple every spanish kitchen their rice and beans obviously or this one, the pigeon piece, what's in there. >> what? >> why do they call it pigeon piece? >> just a word they use. >> by the way, the way this uka, this season, oh, so good. >> so i'll explain the last one for you. >> this is make with green bananas, and seasoned with
8:36 am
pork inside. >> so looks like a tamal. >> i yes, actually wrapped in a banana leaf, green banana leaf. so you have to -- this is a process that takes a lot of work to do. because what happens is you have to cook the shell first, and then do you have wrap it in the banana leaf. >> like that? >> correct. then do you have further wrap it in a paper, in a baking paper, so that you can boil them in there. and it will crow ate that consistency. >> fold it up like my wallet. >> how long did this process take then? >> that's about a two hour process to do the whole thing. >> whole thing, yes. >> then not even cook yet. still has to be cooked. >> i'm coming over your house for thanksgiving? >> love it. >> i've her had that. say the name that far again? >> (speaking spanish). >> that's fantastic. >> it is? >> yes. >> okay. i have to try it. >> someone sees it, i love
8:37 am
there is i want to have this on my table but can't cook it, are you guys open thanksgiving or how should they do it? >> i would suggest they pre order from us. we can do all of the plates that you see here, we can do it at the catering. we have a lot of vare cases, have the restaurant already, for example, like what you like, available on our menu. >> and has little cook to it. >> oh, that sauce, i'll tell you. you two married? >> yes. >> you got kids? >> yes. >> nicely done. >> thank you so much. >> this is seasoning used on almost all of the spanish plates. what it consists of -- >> the fresh garlic, cilantro, gives it the flavor of the spanish platters this is how we cook it. >> like catsup? >> well, this is the base that we cook with. >> okay. >> very nice. >> where are you? >> northeast philadelphia between harbison and the boulevard. >> look out.
8:38 am
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8:42 am
>> jen, getting some tweets whether it comes to fox 29 turkey talk. let's talk. >> okay, and a lot of people want to know, should i brine, should i not brine? we have three, four ertz perts over there. >> green away that was the tease, see if you want it or not. >> we'll brine after the break.
8:43 am
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>> 85:00, the sun shining on the sonnei in, pocono mountains, everywhere else, as well we are bathed in sunshine, have great weather day ahead, milder than average temperatures, coming up, it is over the weekend that we get our weather drama we go from 68 degrees saturday, to 48 on sunday. >> possibility of wintery precipitation, winds making it feel like it is in the 30's, so for the philadelphia marathon get the wintery running gear ready, now the half marathon saturday, you should be fine. so, three mild days left before the bottom drops out, kind of wintery monday as well. >> by the time we get to get away day wednesday of next
8:46 am
week. >> okay, sue, thank you so. we want to cook to cooking and thanksgiving turkey, so many ways to go, you can brian the birds, deep friday it, love that. >> one says she puts cranberry cocktail inside her turkey. i thought this was funny. one year i forgot to take my turkey outside to de frost, so i put it in a jaccuzzi hot tub with the jet on. >> that's create disbelief that is creative. he, due brean owe brothers in rittenhouse, chef, can you de frost a turk nay bathtub? >> yes. >> okay. so he's a real chef emile yo real guy. patterson real chef. all three of you guys say brine the bird? >> brine away my friends. >> crazy, i never brine and we do this every year and you say i must start it brian bryn if. >> have to start to brine. >> why? >> does couple every things, one tenderize z the meat, because of the salt in the water, two, flavors it little bit, three, it keeps it much
8:47 am
more juicy. >> basic brine, four table spots of salt for every quart of water so whole cup of salt per gallon, just like that, little garlic powder, little spice, crushed red chillers, little onion powder for fun, and then these are whole mustard scenes that will kind of release out. >> can you show that the bucket every water is in a baby seat. >> so letting it sit in here. >> take your birds, pick it up >> submerged all the way through, let it sit. >> really? >> that's it? so nod in a bag or anything? >> not in a bag, all the salt, to permiate through all of the math.
8:48 am
>> from four to 24 hours, 24 hours will be little salty, but you can go that far. >> okay, does it somebody to be fully de front dollars before dow this? >> i tip i can lick buy my frank giving fresh monday. >> i got it. >> but even buy fresh, it is icy, crispy, run in there. do i naught in there like that? >> yep, you're fine with any of that. >> now, what if i want to go this route and what is this, why do you have it, what are you doing with this? >> so this is actually food injector, okay? so this is really big sir inning. it comes with two different nozzles here, two different needles, this one right here, if you take a look. >> liquid injector, because when i do it, it works out that way. so wait. stop. even if you brian it, you suck the water out of there and
8:49 am
then -- >> you can absolutely do that. >> something fun inside of here, a jen party. >> add flavor goes inside of the birds. >> okay? >> this right here solein joke tore, so what i like to do, i take roasted garlic, make a pays out of it, put it into my tube here, automatically will inject it into different part of the bird. >> does this make a difference? >> so does super sexy that way the way it should be. comes out perfect. >> because, again, at my house, and you know i cook the bird, like when this stuff is going on, i've already had one, two, mimosa's,. >> take some mimosa, pop it right inside the bird. >> but it feel like a lot. >> but worth it? >> worth it, once go to cook it the flavor will come out. >> all right. >> like anything, yes. >> we've injected the turkey.
8:50 am
>> and brian. >> and brian, and we will carve the turkey in the next hour. >> yep. >> and that stuff that you need to know. >> stay away from this guy. >> i'll talk about that, talk about how brian is not happen which that. >> all right looks good to me. >> talking food, not talking refrigerators. chef today, baby. >> it already looks good to me. >> keep it up. keep it up, because you cook it and curve it, people tweeting me questions, how they do their turkey use the hashtag turkey talk so we can use it on tv. we can all work together here it make next week work. >> listen to. >> this. we know of course his wife is 40 years younger together for fine years now, but did you know how they met, how they first met? a surprising place. do you have any surprising stories about how you met your love or your spouse? i bet you it won't be this one.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> well, update for you now, wish granted for a local girl battling brain cancer. >> so, make a wish helps her achieve one of her biggers wishes, to meet the pope. >> now, we have the pictures to prove t look at. that will currently in rome, and these are the pictures, she even got a kit, learned her condition is even improving. her radiation treatment is complete. we wish her the best of luck, also to her family. what @ hazing experience. >> and come back and visit us once again, okay? >> please do. >> so last night, empire. we have two more shows to go after last night? >> might be three, but won't start back up until after thanksgiving. but did you watch last night? empire, bears it all. >> kissing going on? >> oh, there was more. you know, what did he say, which one of the rules, never send pictures of yourself right? >> one of my three reals in life. >> if only one of the lion
8:55 am
family members had list toned mike, because when everyone gathered together we saw a side of cookie we did not expect. let's talk about some of the big moments coming up in our empire rap. and i promise you so much going on last night, i'm not going to reveal everything, but there are some things i want to talk about. >> okay, you know some women,. >> a guy going through tough times, will kind of stand up for the guy, kate upton lashes out on twitter, upset her fiancee didn't win the american league cy young award last night. how she is standing up for herman. and would you do the same thing? so many comment on twit they are morning, that i find fascinating. we will talk about it.
8:56 am
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8:59 am
>> okay, crank it up! >> like when you hear the chorus, really, i think that every season there is a song this really sticks out when it comes to empire. i believe this is going to be it. >> we call your empire wrap. >> exactly, because last night we saw is a side of cookie we were not specking, so would will talk about the big moment in the empire wrap. alex holley fox 29. >> you saw quick glimpse of her. full shot of this woman. it is karen hepp. >> good morning, karen? how are you? >> love the outfit. >> thank you. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, november 17th, 2016. and i need your opinion on this, and you've been very vocal on twitter if you can be vocal on twitter. cape upton, super model, habbing out last night on twitter and i was following her, she is upset her fiancee, major league baseball pitcher for the detroit tigers,
9:00 am
justin, there on the left. didn't win the cy young award for the american league. and then she started standing up for her guy. and calling out the sport writers who didn't vote for herman. would you dot same thing? give me examples of what you have done to support your wife or husband. >> we didn't know the whole story, the surprising place where he first met her. >> let me say flat out what it is. >> how he met her before she was born. that's weird. he met her before she was born. >> so that's your riddle for the morning. >> kind of physical, kind of deep for us here at good day. you handle it. >> all right. let's talk turk think morning. we've got j


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