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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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louis 78. nashville 71. 71 in little rock. so that's going to make a run at us for the next couple of days. but quickly behind it, very cold air in the northern planes. the first snowstorm of the season will be hitting there within the next 24 hours. so this is a scenario. saturday the high temperature will be around 70 degrees. just a beautiful day. but then by sunday morning, the temperatures will fall some 32 degrees for morning low of 38. so it will be a shock to the system we're calling it the sunday shocker. waking up to temperatures in the 30s. whipped chills sunday morning for the marathon will be in the 20s. afternoon wind chills for your sunday will be in the 30s and there is a chance of a few flurries around the city but a higher chance of snow as you move toward the lehigh valley. we'll talk more about that coming up with the seven day forecast. this time iain the cold could stick. >> all right, kathy. thanks. it is that time. drexel university student in big trouble tonight. police say that he wreckly flew
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a drone too close to helicopters in center city. now police want to put some other drone operators on notice about how to properly use the devices as they continue to grow in popularity. our dave kinchen is live in center city where that drone was found near 29th and chestnut. dave? >> reporter: iain, last night could have ended in tragedy both for the operators of the philadelphia police chopper and skyfox our helicopter so philadelphia police, they want drone operators to be aware of federal guidelines. first thing you think of mid air collision. mid air collisions don't usually work out well. >> reporter: scare in the air for chopper pilot rye oxline last night when a drone got too close as he was flying skyfox over an anti donald trump march through center city. this is video of some of the popular drones out on the mark market. >> everywhere the police helicopter went it was charging the police helicopter. and at one point he was charging us, and he came in through our side door and he turned quickly
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away from us. >> reporter: ox line used to fly in the philly police tax air unit in the '90's and knew what the current pilots were facing. >> you could hear the stress level in aches tax air's voice on the radio. there's a lot going on and it's happening fast. >> that aircraft came directly at my aircraft on at least two occasions. he came dangerously close. >> if he were to hit the main rotor or tail rotor he can cause damage which could take the aircraft out of control and bring it down to the ground. >> with scores of people and buildings below. investigators tracked the drone back to 20-year-old drexel university student joseph rosellely controlling it from the roof of a building at 29th and chestnut. swat teams moved in on rosellely who is now facing numerous state charges including aggravated assault and risking catastrophe. >> he could have killed, you know, my cam are guy, myself, and wherever we went on the ground wire talking center city rittenhouse square not many places for the aircraft to go. it's going to go into a
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building. >> reporter: federal regulations require drones to fly at or below 400 feet ton remain in sight. philly police say rosellely was flying it too high and too far for visual. the skyfox crew is thankful crisis was averted. >> very alarming, obviously if we have a collision, devastati devastating. >> reporter: meantime philadelphia police say they are passing along their case to the feds and they say more charges and fines could follow as well. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. students at the university of pennsylvania want to build awareness about racial discrimination. students from two black organizations staged a walk-out today one week after freshmen at the campus were sent disturbing racial threats. mentioning lynchings and racial slurs. investigators say now ex oklahoma university student used the app group me to zen the offensive messages. several other students in oklahoma are also under
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investigation. a time when our nation feels divided philadelphia city leaders are addressing residents concerns. the city says it's gotten many questions from citizens about how to keep our city quote inclusive. in a newly released frequently asked questions the city you weres residents to call 911 if you see a hate crime being committed or if you are vick of one. but that's a start and the city is providing a lot of other information on immigrant services, legal services and more. for full list of those resources head to latest now on the presidential transition of donald trump. the president-elect continues to meet with potential an point tease at trump tower in new york city. today trump met with everyone from former secretary of state henry kissinger and jack keen the mc key haley rick scott who could be potential cabinet contenders. one of trump's aids says there's no turmoil in the transition process despite all the media reports. >> very exciting time for us.
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obviously a ton of work to do. but we're doing it methodically and very calmly. vice president-elect mike pence spent the day making the rounds in washington. visiting republican and democratic leaders pence assured both sides the new trump administration will work with congress. new jersey governor chris kiss tee making his first public appearance since he was demoted from chairman to advice chairman of donald trump's transition team. governor christie league of municipalities a conference for local governments in atlantic city and christie says he was surprised at the number of people there especially the media who all seemed to know one thing, what comes next for governor christie? >> i know all of them have taken inordinate concern just in the last 10 days or so about my future. all of them have become, you know, mini employment counselo
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counselors. >> christie says he's got just one plan and that is to serve out the rest of his term as governor. a popular diner under fire for what one customer says an employee did to her because she supports trump. that customer has been going to the trolley car diner in east mt. airy for years. claims it wasn't until she started wearing make america great hat again she got harassed. diner owner says not so fast. sabina kuriakose is outside the diner. >> thing have gotten so bad the diner owner says he has gotten death threats. customer says she was physically assaulted, and people are taking sides. i don't know how we -- how we bridge this kind of divisiv divisiveness. >> reporter: raw wounds from hard fought election rearing their head over breck fest at a time local diner. this customer says she was targeted for being a trump supporter twice at the trolley car diner in east mt. airy.
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>> i was wearing a make america great again hat. >> reporter: day after the election. the customer says a waitress berated her for being a trump supporter. diner owner ken weinstein says, there was a verbal altercation and the waitress was reprimanded but the customer says she went back a week later and the alleged harassment got physical. >> she's standing in a corridor and knocks into me and then checks me with her shoulder. >> ken says that is not true. he says any physical contact was accidental and not initiated by the server. but after the customer's friend with the group citizens for trump tweeted about the back and forth allegations, things got even uglier. >> trump supports. >> whole thing blew up. we received hundreds and thousands of phone calls facebook messages, fake yelp reviews, and some of the most hateful language you can imagine threatened to -- threatened to burn down the diner.
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>> reporter: ken says he's worried for his staff. he's even had death threats from around the world. the trump supporter does not condone the violent messages. she says she doesn't even want the waitress fired or let go. she just wants full apology and this. >> i want people to, n say they're tolerant to practice tolerance. >> reporter: now no police report was ever filed in either alleged incident. the diner says the waitress will keep her job. iain, back to you. >> sabina, thanks. four men charged in connection to a robbery at may see's and stealing a luxury suv. louis mathis, hassan knight, jr. roam ricky johnson are me keys taylor all charged with theft, receiving stolen property. police say three of the men stole thousands of dollars worth of clothes from raffle lauren at the moorestown mall sunday the next day investigators say they barged into the macy's in center city but they saw security cameras and ran off. they're also accused of stealing infinity suv which police
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roughed this week. a dog snatched from his home all caught on camera. a fox 29 viewer shared this video with us it appears to show someone thank you very muching the 984 old yorkie late tuesday night from the 5,000 block of arbor street in olney. the dog is still missing after being taken from the doorstep and tonight on fox 29 news at 10 our brad sattin talks with the dog's owner about the devastating loss. the focus was good health today at the wells fargo center. that's where special olympics of pennsylvania held this free medical screening event. today's program benefited both athletes who participate and others in the community with intellectual disabilities. the organization says people with these needs are often under served medically. >> so they're not getting preventive attention an lot people might assume it's the opposite. our population is higher rates of obesity, heart disease, events like this are so important. >> more than 100 medical professionals and students volunteered their time.
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reaching the age of 100 is milestone in itself but to be 100 and still working, that's a whole other accomplishment. how local librarian special day was celebrated. if you've ever been too old -- to old city chances you've walked by ben franklin grave and manies toed a penny on it. founding fathers resting place needed some help and just got from it names you'll recognize. sean. >> brian dawkins always had a special connection with the philadelphia fans. see why he almost started crying while talking about this love for this city. that's coming up later in sports.
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♪ it's a mandatory stop on any tour of philadelphia's old city district. you may have even tossed a penny on it but after so many years, ben franklin's grave required
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more than pennies for badly needed makeover. today one of the country's most influential founding fathers can rest easy some big names made some big donations. fox 29's bill roar has the sto story. >> i think this is important to americans. >> reporter: benjamin franklin's final resting place is one of philadelphia's top tourist destinations. thousands come each year to pay their respects to a national icon at christ church burial grounds. >> it's touching an mazing to see just how he's touched their life and how people just want to either touch his marker or just even see it it's so inspiring people don't even speak english that know who he is. >> reporter: ben franklin needed a public's help. christ church set up a gofundme account in hopes of raising $10,000 to repair this crack. some say it's thousands of coins dropped on to each year but moisture seeping in does most of the damage. >> someone who played such an important important part of history i think we owe it to him to preserve the grave.
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>> reporter: hours after the site publish hundreds went online and donated. many like the philadelphia eagles, university of pennsylvania and dorothy thee ya and john bon jovi pushing it past the $10,000 goal. >> ben franklin, you know, is so important to not only christ church, the city of philadelphia but our nation, and he is the thing that always brings people together seeing the regular citizen that just gave five, 10 bucks it's amazing to meme it's really a maze. >> reporter: in philadelphia, bill rohrer fox 29 news. how about this? a local librarian is reaching a milestone. edith kutcher still work as avalon tear library at klein live in northeast philadelphia. she will turn 100 tomorrow god willing. friends gathered at klein live to wish her a happy birthday with cake and flowers. here's what the retired stenographer says is the the secret to longevity.
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>> i think i'll be buried with the books. >> well, i'd like to read all of them. >> i mean that's incredible. kutcher is from west philadelphia. she's been part of that library now for 40 years. philadelphia mayor jim kenney helping to kick off the holiday season in the city the mayor placed the first ornament on philly's christmas tree in dilworth park outside city hall. this year's tree is a 4,000-pound 40-foot colorado firly decorated by the end of the week. it will be lit up on saturday november 26th. they had nice day for it out there. i'm going to get out and take walk after the show here, kathy, because it's late november and it's still in the 50s or something. >> it's fantastic, iain. i am too. tomorrow great day to be outdoors and even saturday. that's the extra bonus day. in old city philadelphia getting busy. it's thursday night in the city. and temperatures are mild. 58 degrees right now at the high today 61. so not a huge drop off after sun is he. winds out of the northwest at 9 miles an hour. you can divide or region in half
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with cooler air to the north and west and milder to the south and east with the exception of millville at 42. it's 43 in the poconos. 50 degrees still in allentown. that colder air will be coming in overnight with clear skies and light winds. we call that radiational cooling. so any warmth that built up during the day escapes into the atmosphere with those calm conditions and high pressure sitting rye over us. we'll watch that high build over the next couple of days. the circulation around it is clockwise we get that huge search that return flow of southwesterly winds by saturday. and that looks like it will be the peak of the warmth then saturday night into sunday this front comes through and this is going to be a shock to the system. behind this front, there is snow and there is cold and there is wind. so the combination of those three are going to provide a shocker this sunday. for more on that let's send it over to scott. scott you have the numbers and i'll tell you, those wind chills will be biting by sunday morning. >> yeah, absolutely. it's going to be cold for the philadelphia marathon on sunday, kathy.
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with that sunday shocker. look out to the west. sections of colorado rockies we're watching that storm system kind of gather some moisture, some intensity it had cut through parts of the planes eventually head in our direction. what will it feel like? how will your body react? the second half of the weekend take a look at future wind chills sunday 7am lit feel like 28 in philadelphia. feeling like 32 degrees in atlantic city. as we go hour by hour, we keep feels like temperatures 10:00 a.m. 34 philadelphia. 32 pottstown. by 1:00 in the afternoon feeling like the mid to upper 30s across much of the region. let's talk about the rain changing over to some wet snow depending on where you live. saturday dry, much of the the day but by 7:00 o'clock we're watching that storm system move in from the west lehigh valley, rain changing over to some wet snow. wet snow in parts of the pocono mountains we could see a quick coating of snow especially the higher elevations.
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by 10:00 p.m. we're looking at some of rainfall moving toward philadelphia all rain as you move into delaware parts of south jersey. but as that colder air moves in we could be looking at couple of wet snowflakes maybe even some snow flurries during the day on your sunday. so what about the marathon forecast? 7:00 a.m., 38 degre 38 degrees. maybe some flurries. by 10am42 and mid 40s by 1:00 o'clock. winds are going to be gusting close to 30 miles per hour. kathy? >> brrr! that's all i have to say, scott. that says it all. we're looking at a pretty quiet night out there across the delaware valley with overnight low temperatures that will be falling into the 40s and in the city. 30s in the suburbs. so pretty quiet as far as temperatures are concerned. tomorrow upper 60s, some spots making it to 70 and on your seven day forecast from your weather authority, saturday 70. shocker comes sunday with some showers as well. blustery, 48. it stays chilly monday, tuesday, big travel day wednesday. chance of showers and cool for
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thanksgiving but it's always like that on thanksgiving. isn't it? >> it is. next two days i'm loving, kathy. thanks. brian dawkins getting a lot of love. semi finalist for the hall of fame beautiful thing. everyone loves him. he's a player that everyone just -- well he's a favorite. he's a favorite all eagles fans. everyone loves him and he almost comes to tears when talking about his fans in philadelphia. plus we take look at sunday's name. nolan carol suffered a concussion against the falcons. today he addressed his player status. that's coming up next in sports. ♪ my hero zero. ♪
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♪ after making it to the semi final list the pro football hall of fame brian dawkins wasn't even thinking about the halt of fame if he makes it he's sharing the celebration with the fans and rightfully so. there's no one eagles fan love more than brian dawkins much he's everything the city is about, hard work, passion blue blue collar type of guy. the city always had special connection with him and he's always loved this city. >> for me to have the opportunity to be in front of these fans to give everything that i had, that meant the world to me. and the reason why i'm emotional right now is because of the amount of, um, letters i've gotten where people being buried
6:25 pm
in my uniform. >> that's why we love that man. great passion. love him. we love you b dawk. all right on sunday against the falcons nolan carol suffered his third concussion of his career but luckily he passed the concussion protocol and was cleared to practice today. but after having to go through a three times he really had to start worrying about yourself first. >> one of those things you have to be honest and it's your health is more important than anything else. you just trust the process. trust them and they should trust you gone from there. >> today baseball owners meets in chicago as expected john middleton was designated as the person in charge or in control of the phillies. middleton has been part owner for the phillies since 1994. he's owned -- now owns 48% of this franchise. villanova in the charleston classic taking on western
6:26 pm
michigan. jay wright said this man would be special this year. eric pasquale nails the three. used every part of the rim right there. he nails it. and he led villanova with 17 points. nova wins 76-65. but again western michigan not much competition. pasquale one of those guys he said you'll find out who he is this year. the whole nation. so big guy to look out for sophomore. >> wow. >> look out for him. thank sean. join us tonight at 10:00 there's a war being waged over our heads the airlines against the passengers over baggage fees. you know about those. airlines trying to boost those sagging profits we took to the skies to fine some creative ways customers are fighting back. join us tonight for that. >> that will do it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] my new book. >> trashing megyn kelly. >> are internet trolls purposely giving her new book bad reviews? >> and inside the new center of the world. >> what's it really like living in trump tower? >> it's a nice play. >> are hotel and motel employees spying on you? perverts. >> invading your privacy in hotel rooms. >> how to make sure you're not the victim of a peeping tom. >> how many people were you able to spy on? >> thousands. >> and remember her? you won't believe what happened to actress shelley duvall. plus, mystery in the air.


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