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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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look out for that couple, it could save you from being a victim. >> it is that time of the year again why local business leaders are sleeping outside in the name of hunger, a live look at germantown we will take through in a moment. great to have you you. i have to say hi at jeanita. she helped me get my coffee helped me get me through the day. amazing how a shine makes a difference. >> that wawa trip is so important that very first cough east because for us we are going in when most folks are heading home. >> 1:45, and she much wases us every morning. good morning to you. she will pose pictures on facebook. karen hepp, good morning. thomas drayton with sue serio. we have a good weekend, sue. >> i think you'll like the number, the number ten, yeah. if only this were going to last. you know what is coming over weekend. lets just talk about today. clear skies, means that it is chilly outside, but we will take the lack of precipitation, that is okay,
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42 degrees, sunrise 6:50 this morning. right now 39 degrees in mount pocono but chillier in millville, new jersey where it is 34, it is even chillier in wilmington then it is in the mountains but depends on how much cloud cover you have. we're as much as 11 or 14 or 9-. keep that in mind selecting your outer wear this morning. sunny skies from the time we have sunshine. sunset time 44:00 two. we will call that bob kelly, fine friday, looking fine. >> sound good, sueby. 5:01 on a friday, tgif and here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway n problems or delays this morning. the sky line all lit up, nice and pretty, all of the light bulbs working on the parkway and boat house drive as we welcome everybody in town for philly marathon. welcome to philadelphia we have vine street expressway opened so we are in good shape for the morning. the marathon madness. half marathon tomorrow, sunday full marathon.
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already we will see closures of the parkway right have after the morning rush hour, through the evening, and then through the weekend city wide, streets even ramps from the vine expressway to between the second street. vine will be opened but once you get off in the neighborhoods, the complete course maps, i put up on both my facebook and twitter page. so even if you are not taking part in the marathon, and you will have an impact coming in and out of the city. same deal with septa they have a marathon week and detours and service adjustments. i have put timetables up there. just, click and go, westbound on the turnpike we are looking good, no problems on the 42 freeway, both market frankford and subway back to running trains with no delays, thomas and karen back over to you. all right, bob, thank you. we have breaking news coming in the news room. this is from mercer county where police in hamilton new jersey are investigating a murder. this all happened at ge nesee park avenue shortly before one. police have in the released information about who the
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victim is or how that person died. we will bring you updates as the details coming in. also developing right now, out of our area, a man's body was found outside of the business. >> so now investigators this morning are trying to figure out a number of things who this person is, how he got there and, of course, who is involve. steve keeley is in line for frankford avenue in holmesberg this morning, steve. >> reporter: one of the other things, thomas how he died. they know he had head trauma and they won't know until they get an autopsy to find out for sure. you see dental office on the first floor, apartments upstairs here on very busy frankford avenue even at the this time of the day full of similar business/residential on this strip, three people seen dragging a dead guy out the front door here at 6:30 last night. not middle of the night but right at mid rush hour at evening rush hour. leaving, right outside front doors, right on this busy sidewalk where he was spotted real quickly and somebody thought he fell so they called for help. >> a female and a male were
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taken into custody, right now they are not under arrest, they are persons of interest, they were transported to homicide and right now they are being interviewed by homicide detectives. the owner of the property did pull the recordings, and homicide detectives did review the recordings, that did clearly show this individual on the sidewalk and what transpired just prior to him being dragged outside the front door of the property, and placed on the sidewalk. so right thousand it was a very suspicious, death. >> reporter: so that happened out the front door what they learn out back and look we have shot video, two guys climbed out that still opened back window up on the second floor off the porch, on to the ground in the back of the pickup truck and then took off. and you can see as late as
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just a half an hour ago homicide detectives still up on that second floor, gathering, further evidence to find out what happened. so we don't know if that guy was a resident here or visiting here but just that he was in his 40's ape 50's and classified as john doe until they get an identification. karen and thomas this is a strange one in northeast philadelphia they will there been for a while, steve, thank you. five years without a raise and teachers in delaware county say it is long enough. it doesens of teachers pack meeting for chester up land school district last night. they are tea manning a new contract with higher salaries. teachers say they have not received cost of living raises and many times pay for school supplies right out of their own pocket. >> over 1800 days without a contract. it is not fair. >> good people are leaving the school district. this is what really hurts. good teachers are leaving us. >> i have two kids in college we pay for it on a credit card. >> the state run school board announce sod progress is being made on a new contract, board
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members say they are optimistic and an agreement could be made in the near future. 5:06. we have some business leaders from our community sleeping on the cities street because they are trying to put themselves in the the shoes of the people they are trying to help. >> jenny joyce is in germantown this morning and they are doing it for a great cause but this is something that home less teens, go through on a knightley basis. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i don't know if you remember but our christie harris was one of our business members who was out here, in a becomes overnight last year. another man who understands importance of thinks chris gaffaney. you are on the board of covenant house. >> yes. >> reporter: you represent toll brothers here. can you talk about the importance have of getting business leaders involved in this effort. >> the ability of business leaders to to help, these kids and help what they are going through is immeasurable. we started this event years ago, there were only 20 people sleeping out in philadelphia. last night we had 100. that just means so much
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difference for these kids. >> reporter: monetarily a huge difference. how much was raised overnight. >> we raised $343,000. >> reporter: unbelievable, $343,000 in a single night. >> yes, just incredible. the these people came together, tonight, for one reason, to help and stop youth homelessness. what they did was just incredible. >> reporter: amazing. we will see all these people, they are up and adam at 5:00 o'clock in the morning. they have had a long night out here, sleeping on the pavement in these boxes and we do know it is incredibly important because the homeless statistics have gone up in philadelphia, over last four years number of the homeless youth listen by 73 percent, huge. can you talk about what kind of a difference these fund will mean for these children. >> well, what this will do is allow kids to do so much more. not only do we have a safe
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haven for them but we will be able to help them make their lives better. they will go and help get jobs. it will help them get their ged's, it will help them really be important parts of the society. >> reporter: i hear they have pretty inspiring stories for all of these business leaders as well, we will talk about that later coming up at 6:00, karen and thomas back to you. >> jenny, thanks very much. it is 5:08. president obama has add ad more stops on his farewell international tour and has more advice for president-elect donald trump. >> president obama is including extra meetings with euro zone meetings today including france, spain, italy and uk. german chancellor angela merkel president obama is calling on president-elect donald trum top stand up to moscow. the president says he doesn't expect the next president to share his russian strategy but that russia should not not be allowed to violate basic democratic values of nations. biggest republican critics
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this weekend mitt romney is describes as a healing meeting when they come together. there is a source saying romney could be contender for secretary of state. so this pair, mending fences after trump's victory when romney called to congratulate him. trump offered michael flynn the job of the national security advisor. we have in the been told whether flynn has accepted, it is a post that does not require senate confirmation. and happening right now, police say there is a couple accused of taking a purse from the elderly woman at a supermarket in northeast philadelphia. there was an 84 year-old woman says that the man in that couple distract her while woman stole her purse right out of her cart. it happened on the 2500 block of grant avenue. if you have a moment take another look here tredyffrin police say it may be the same couple who did the same thing at a paoli acme. cops say after that incident happened wednesday they left in a light colored vehicle. take a very good look here.
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if you recognize them call police. we are learning more about the drexel university student who officers say flew a drone too close to a philadelphia police chopper. joseph restli the is charged with aggravated assault and risking catastrophe after police say he went after the department's air chopper as it flew over an anti donald trump march sunday night. news choppers including sky fox were put at risk. >> every where the helicopter went it was charging the police helicopters. at one point he was charging us. he came in through our side door and he turn quickly away from frustrates. he could have killed, you know, camera guy, myself, and where ever we went on route. when you talk center city writ even house square not many places to go it will go in the building. >> safety issues. he is being charged locally but philadelphia police say feds will pick up the case and could impose federal charges and fines. coming up later on good day we will have experts coming into talk about what
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you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do and mike and alex may be flying some drones as well. >> hopefully they will be in the rules and regulations. not looking good for boyfriend of the the late bobbi kristina brown, the millions nick gordon must pay out for death of whitney houston's doubt are. plus, wonderful story about a pretty neat lady. she has reached a milestone. the she's turning hundred years old. see her behind the desk. the she's still working. >> not giving up her job. >> why she said she will never retire. >> stay with us.
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stuck in the middle, it is not quite weekend yet but it is friday. we can be excited about that. now ray and other folks out west and north of the city, you could be getting wintry precipitation saturday night into sunday morning. it is always more likely, i say it every winter, north and west of the city, because that is where colder air hits first, usually when systems like this come in. lets talk about thanksgiving, shall we? because coming up on thursday, now it is less than a week away. we have fun graphics with the turkey and all that so we want to show you preview of coming attractions. this is early call on thanksgiving. high of 55 degrees. we have recovered from the chilly weekend temperatures but there is at least at this point a chance of rain. we will keep you posted. in the meantime we have mild air in place today and tomorrow, and these are your outdoor days and then, the
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cold trent hits, and it is late saturday night that happens. it starts out with some rain, changes over to perhaps wintry precipitation before it goes away and it goes away pretty early in the morning. future cast as we will see 8:00 o'clock 48 degrees in philadelphia and rain. then we will see change over with the chillier air rolling in at 11:00 o'clock, there is reading, lancaster with the possibility of some light snowfall or precipitation. it doesn't last very long. by 2:00 in the morning it is moving through quickly. by 9:00 in the morning we don't have anymore precipitation but we have chilly temperatures and high winds in store for sunday, in matter what you are doing but especially if you are running in the marathon. so, mild, mild, cold, cold, there is monday's cold and we're still pretty chilly on tuesday and then we will moderate a little bit as we head toward the holiday and that is your seven day forecast, and here is bob kelly. >> we are looking good, 5:15 on a friday morning. live look at i-95 in the
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construction zone, just keep in mind if you are traveling during the time period that sue just mentioned it could get messy. if you are through the construction zones it is tough to see those temporary lane markers and barriers get shuffled around every couple days depending upon the program there. live look at the benny, this problems at all coming into downtown, it is marathon madness, this weekend, we will say good morning, welcome to philadelphia for everybody in town for the philadelphia marathon. half marathon, of course, it is tomorrow morning, full marathon on sunday, throughout the weekend we will see closures of the ben franklin parkway, city wide streets, that will be part of the race course, and the ramps from the vine to 22nd street. new major roadways will remain opened. vine will remain opened, 95, schuylkill getting to and through center city won't be a problem. but once you get off on the roads and streets through center city portions of the drive even up in manayunk for full marathon. i have put course maps for
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both marathons on both my facebook, twitter page. i put up there the septa tea tore happens which will be important for folks that use mass transit, through the weekend and subway, and, and, now back over to you. thanks very much. 5:17. fbi is after that person, wanted for robbing a center citibank. investigators say he showed a teller a demand note, teller handed over money at republic bank on the 1600 block of market street on wednesday. robber was able to getaway but fbi hopes in the for long. national intelligent chief resigned, james clapper will leave when president obama finishes his term. yesterday, clapper says that the u.s. faces many threats in the next five to ten years with the the most concern coming from russia, chine, north korea and iran. clapper has held that job for six years. atlanta judge awarded damages of 36 million-dollar to the estate of the late
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bobbi kristina brown. her former boyfriend nick gordon must pay money in the wrongful death case. gordon has not been criminally charged in bobbi kristina's death. daughter of whether it the any houston and bobby brown was found face down and unresponsive in the bathtub in january 2015, bobbi kristina brown was just 22 years old. developing story this morning a mine collapses in turkey killing several people, it happened yesterday, in the south east region of the country. officials say the copper mine caved in following a landslide in the region at least three miners have been confirmed dead. thirteen others remain trapped inside. rescue teams currently on the scene. by the way miners were working a night shift when the mine collapsed. more than 47,000 acres have land are burning right now in north carolina as part of the whole massive wild fire. this fire forced more than a thousand people out of their homes, but the wild fire has been burning for ten days, it is so try there. they have severe drought conditions and the air quality, very poor, the
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governor is issuing a reward for anyone who has information on who may have started those wild fires. >> we do think that this was started, by hugh hands, we don't know if it was intentional or not. i want to officially a announce a reward of up to $10,000 for any information leading to the arrest of any individuals that may have contributed to the start of this fire. >> the wild fires were costing that state more than 12 million-dollar. video out of arizona shows a cop, punching a woman. we want to warn you video is disturbing. flag staff police department says officer jeff bonner was trying to arrest marisa morris on the warrant when she asked officer to see that warrant that is when tensions escalated as you saw video there cop punched her in the face and police are launching an internal investigation.
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they have placed her on leave, it is hard to watch. >> lets get to the university of pennsylvania now. two black student organizations staged a walk out yesterday, within week after freshman at campus received racial threats mentioning lynchings and slurs. investigators say annex oklahoma university student used the app groupme to send those offensive messages. investigators are also looking into several other students in oklahoma. some good news coming for people graduating from public colleges. >> talking about money here. newly released thumbs show graduates of the career training programs of the public colleges are landing better paying jobs then those who attend for profit schools. average earnings were nearly $9,000 higher. there are 1.3 million students enrolled in career college programs such as nursing, welding and cosmetology. it is 5:20 exactly. ups is announcing that it will hire 95,000 additional work tours handle the holiday
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season this years. these jobs are part-time but it could be stepping stone to future full-time employment. a large percentage of the people in jobs can turn into a full-time career. >> we see that 37 percent of the 95,000 employees that we hired during the holiday season actually gained permanent employment at ups. >> if you are interested in any of these job opportunities, that ups has to offer just visit their web site ups would you like tries with that? table service could becoming to all mcdonald's restaurants in the u.s. fast food chain has been testing table service in self service kiosks in 500 restaurant. mcdonald's adding local payments and costume made sandwiches. changes are expect today buy nationwide next year. pretty neat woman, she has been saying, shhh for a really long time, decade, she's 100 and she's still working, she
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probably will never retire. >> chances are she will hit the numbers, right. you are 100, 99, you hit the thumbs. here they are if you do have the a winning ticket. hopefully, good luck. ♪ (laughs..) here it is. ♪ ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment.
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if were you to live to 100 how would you celebrate. >> probably in bed, i would be tired. >> not this woman. local woman having a big, big party but what is more amazing she's still working. if you ask her why she
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wouldn't have it any other way. >> our own bill roar hung out with miss jidith and found out her secret to a loving, happy life. >> thank you everybody. >> when fortunate enough to turn 100 years old. >> ♪ happy birthday dear edith ♪ you get attention like edith,. >> yeah. >> thank you don't call her a celebrity. >> it the is just me and i'm not a celebrity. >> edith is celebrating her birthday a daze earl which her friends at pine life in northeast philadelphia. she has been a volunteer librarian, for the last 40 years. >> the older people only want large print books and enough of them are in the coming through. >> reporter: she always wanted to be a writer but great depression caused her to be a stenographer. >> i would like to to read all of them but that is why they will here, eventually i will get around to reading some of
5:26 am
them. >> reporter: edith has a passion for poetry. >> without the a doubt would i like to shout. >> reporter: she has written poems for the center. >> put me down for a day in town. >> reporter: secret to her longevity. >> it is all in the books. i think i'll be buried with them. >> i will tell you this angels help. >> reporter: in philadelphia. >> you have to believe in angels. >> reporter: bill roar, fox 29 news. >> i do. >> to carry you through. >> happy birth the day. take a live look outside because there is some people more angels of a different kind sleeping outside to help so many kids who could need it. they spent the night in cardboard boxes, to help out our kid. >> all for a good cause. this is a reality so many teens are going through so thank you for helping out the more work need to be done we will be right back, stay with us.
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investigation is on after a man's body is found out side of a business, the puzzle of clues, cops are working with to help solve this case. and if it is that time have the the year again why business leaders are sleeping outside, right now, in the name of the hunger and home lessness. plus only 25 years old and already making history, what vineland's own mike trout has
5:30 am
just done for second time in his career. good day, everybody. it the is, friday, tgif, thank you for waking up early with us. >> great to have you with us. >> yes. good morning, bob kelly. we will get a check of traffic in just a moment. good morning whitney harris right now her husband going through some stuff with heart problems in the hospital but thanks for still watching us. >> thank you. >> well, we had a little drama this weekend in our family as well but happy to say things are going well and on the mend. we have a chillier start. here's bus stop buddy celebrating apple cider day, and hot apple cider on a morning like this but his is in a juice box so we will take that. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. we have clear skies for the most part and that is why temperatures are chillier, this morning, then they were yesterday. 42 degrees right now at 6:50, ten of seven is your sunrise
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time. 39 degrees in mount pocono. we have 36 in allentown. thirty-five in pottstown. so, we will see what we're talking about is these chillier temperatures. the here's the map, maybe nine, ten, 14 degrees colder then yesterday at this time but your pay off will be later on. you need jacket or sweater this morning but later on, on this fine friday we will get the to a high of 67 degrees, bob kelly. >> looking good, good morning everybody. 5:00 one. hello everybody. looking at platt bridge, in problems between airport and southwest philadelphia looking live downtown, no problems, at all, on that vine street expressway. they will work on i-95 northbound near washington avenue, as you work your way through the day. today is national push button phone day. remember when it was a big deal the block when your family got a push button phone. it the is marathon weekend. the philly marathon taking place here in philadelphia, good morning, welcome to philly for everybody in town for the marathon. of course, half marathon
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tomorrow, full one on sunday, closures all this weekend portions of the parkway, streets. i put course maps on my facebook and twitter pages for both saturday and sunday that is all you need to know. even if you are not running in the marathon running through center city will be difficult. septa had adjustments to the weekend due to the marathon. thomas and karen, back over to you. 5:32. we will get to breaking news we have been following. it is out of mercer county. police in hamilton new jersey are telling us they are investigating a homicide. it all went down on ge mereceive park avenue shortry before 1:00. it is an investigation so they are not giving us an which local of details as far as victim or how person die but when they do we will pass it the to you. now to a murder mystery out of holmesberg. >> a man's body was dragged out of the building, left on the sidewalk, and investigators are trying to figure out who he is and who is behind this crime. every half an hour steve
5:33 am
keeley has been getting new information, he is out there at the scene, good morning, steve. >> reporter: very suspicious crime with very suspicious circumstances, and direct quote from police here. a by and a girl at homicide not yet called suspects so no charges yet. also no id yet on the man whose body was just left on the sidewalk at 6:30 last night. paramedics were first ones called. someone first spotted this guy never thought anything was suspicious, 6:30, rush hour, dinner time and they see a guy who looks like he fell and hit the his head. they called paramedics. paramedics realized body so-called and dead for so long that they need to call the cops. >> when police were investigating the scene they saw his body was just feet away from the front door of the building, that houses a dentist office and apartments. they could see through front doors in the lobby that there was a surveillance camera that had been covered by a piece of cloth, so that was suspicious, there were other surveillance
5:34 am
cameras on the front and rear of the property while investigating the scene police received information that this victim's unresponsive body was dragged from inside of the building out the front doors where he was left on the sidewalks. >> reporter: well, another suspicious thing two guys seen climbing out this back window here and jumping down to the porch to the back bed of a pickup truck that then drove away, as you can see when we got here this morning, homicide detectives in the other window with the lights still on so we could see them still investigating. you can bet trying to get fingerprints around that window and learn who these two guys were because why would they leave a back window and speed away. we have man and woman in homicide and then these two guys that took off in the back of the pickup truck, out the back window. that is never something that innocent people do, karen and thomas. >> that is very odd, steve,
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thank you. it is 5:34 right now. president obama added more stops on his international tour and has more advice for the man who will replace him. with just a few months left in office, president obama is adding a few extra meetings with euro zone lead tears day including france, spain, it thely and united kingdom. president obama is calling on president-elect donald trum top stand up to moscow. obama says he does not second the next president to share his russian strategy but that russia should not aloud to violate basic democratic values of other nations. president owe electric trump has picked retired lieutenant michael flynn has national security advisor a position that does not the require senate confirmation. he has his critics who called him anti muslim and they are questioning his trip to moscow. last year he did appear with vladamire putin this weekend former republican presidential nominee mitt romney is expected to meet with trump who sources are calling a healing heating. it is about to click over
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to 5:36, right now. so many dozens of business centers decided to be outside right now for a very good cause. they are in those box necessary sleeping bags. it is fifth annual calf nan house sleep out shining light on serious issues in our area. >> there are more people getting up this morning at 5:38 but they are raise ago wearness for money for homeless young people. in the past four years the number of high school students in philadelphia, who have experienced home lessness, has increased, 73 percent. that means that one out of 20 high schoolers have experienced home lessness. the event has raised more than 550 you this dollars, to help out, and obviously more work need to be done but great job there for everyone who did that overnight. >> yes. vineland's own mike trout wins his second american league mvp award. trout's batting average 315 with 29 home runs and 100 rbi the's. >> he is only second player in baseball history to finish first or second in mvp voting
5:37 am
for five straight years. barry bond other guys to do that. trout won american league mvp award in 2014. speaking of sports former eagles safety brian dawkins is getting all choked up, ah, hear what he had to say about our philadelphia fans, up next. what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes
5:38 am
students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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good morning i'm sean bell. flyers sacked shayne gostisbehere last night healthy scratch hoping he can
5:40 am
learn from watching, as they played winnipeg at home. flyers jumped out early in the first quarter sean couturier right there scores a goal. flyers go up one to nothing. then just a couple minutes later flyers get a two-one break and michael rafl finishing off a great pass. flyers win five-two. sixers and timber wolves, this game was a bureau out in the very beginning. andrew wiggins steps in the three, nails it. he had 35 points, ten boards. sixers get embarrassed 110-86. college hoops villanova taking on western michigan in the charleston classic. jay wright a said he will be one of the break out players this year. he led team with 17 points, and nova wins 76-65. temple taking on u-mass. u-mass, with the clutch triple, minutemen win the game. owls fall 70-67. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. brian dawkins getting
5:41 am
emotional yesterday when talking about what it is like to be named a pro football hall of fame semi finalist. >> dawkins who still works for the eagles broke town when talking about his connection with eagles fans. >> for me have to have an opportunity to be in front of these fans to give everything that i had, that makes the world to me. the reason why i am emotional right now is because of the amount of letters i have gotten where people where people are being in my uniform good that is heart breaking. >> this is what you do and you do it well. that is you why are recognized. >> yes, heart warming. >> yes. all right. coming up next, there was a mistake, text message.
5:42 am
>> so, but it led to a really wonderful holiday invitation. >> here it is right there, thanksgiving dinner at my house. who is this from? no, grand mom does president text. we will explain.
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it is 5:45 right now. was what we're looking at is chinese astronauts who successfully returned back to earth after a month in space. this is china's longest space mission in history. >> big deal, china says success of the mission indicates wrapped growth
5:45 am
within their space program. so the mission was in preparation for the launching of the permanent fully functioning space station, set to begin in six years. lets get a check of the roads right now with bob kelly. >> yes, exactly. >> hi bob. >> i wonder if those astronauts had tang. >> heck yah. >> juice boxes, 5:45. good morning. live look at the schuylkill expressway coming in the city. light volume so far even though we have pockets here. nothing out of the ordinary. live look at the gang in delco up and down i-95. all of the overnight construction is cleared and we are ready for a rush hour marathon madness this weekend. tomorrow is half marathon, sunday full marathon taking over philadelphia. now here's the deal, we have closures, portions of the parkway later today they will close the parkway right have after the morning rush hour. they already have gates and fencing up, they have bleachers set up, city wide streets depending upon where marathon takes you through center city, olde city, out to
5:46 am
manayunk. major roadways, expressways will be opened. schuylkill 95 and the vine, however, 676 ramp to 22nd street will be closed. even if you are not running in the marathon you will need to know closures. i put course maps and closures up on both my facebook and twitter page. you can grab that for the weekend. if you use mass transit be ready there are detours, service adjustments through the weekend as well. all important weekend forecast for marathon runners, coming up in 15 seconds. it is crazy what will happen over the weekend. we will go from 70 degrees on saturday to a high of 48 on sunday. it will not even feel like 48 because of the wind, it will feel colder then that. marathon or no marathon you
5:47 am
need to be prepared for this drastic dramatic temperature change. now a bit of the break down real quick of the marathon morning. that was really quick because i clicked past it but it may be a little flurry activity early in the morning and then you have to deal with the cold, rain after that. again, wind chills will be in the 20's and 30's in the morning on sunday. no rain, in precipitation right now, and here's the rest of the weekend. 67 degrees today. seventy tomorrow. forty-eight on sunday. then still pretty cold on monday. even into tuesday, and wednesday, we will see chillier temperatures just we will start to get milder on thanksgiving day, we have a chance of a shower but that is early call, thomas and karen. >> thanks, sue. speaking of thanksgiving turkey day a phoenix area teen gets a text to someone who says it is grand mom letting teen know what time thanksgiving din are will be. >> i love this story. >> it turns out the text sent to the wrong person. >> story does not end there. i love this twist.
5:48 am
marci jones explains. >> when was last time a wrong text led to a dinner invitation. for 17 year-old jamal hinton the answer was yesterday. >> i was just this class and i got a random group chat text so i texted back and found a new grand mom. >> reporter: text stated what time thanksgiving dinner would be. once they exchanged selfies they knew it was a mix up but instead of taking back invite grand mom wand a extended it. >> i was like wow, she's really nice. i should go. she seems really sweet. just a nice lady i guess. >> reporter: we were there when they met for the first time before breaking bed next week. >> military families, so we would invite vets over, that we didn't know either for thanksgiving dinner. so it is not uncommon, but i haven't done that for quite a long time so, i'm happy that you actually want to come over. >> i do.
5:49 am
>> jamal and wand a have a lot in common like open mind and open hearts but there is one thing that jamal could help wand a with her texting. >> i saw a picture. even they i invited him i did not the think for a second he would want to come to my house after seeing my picture. >> it wasn't bad. >> my family all takes great selfies. my family teases me because do i bad selfies because i always have the phone down and they are like put it up. >> well, put the phone up. that was fox's marci jones reporting. it turns out that not only did she invite that family and jamal for dinner the entire family will come. >> for the record jamal says his biological grand mom does not text. can you you imagine that was a group text message and everyone is responding. just have everyone coming over. it was just jamal. so nice to see. happy thanksgiving to both of you. >> i think i must be old now. >> hold on.
5:50 am
>> i am old but i do not do that group text thing. i have a friend who there might be 20 people on a group text every day they talk to each other. >> i don't do that either. >> it is annoying. >> maybe three people. >> you get every sing is will message. >> and it goes on all day and all night long. >> my whole family does it, so we update whenever there is stuff going on because we don't always chat. >> can you bail out. >> i don't think you can, that is the problem. >> nice to see a picture but when you are responding, replying what are you doing next week. >> every time i do it if you don't respond in a couple days, where are you? i die gress. marilyn monroe in 1962, i believe it was may 19th, 1962, madison square garden she sang happy birthday to jfk. >> mr. president. >> his forty-first birthday may 291,962nd. they sold that dress that she haddon last night.
5:51 am
>> a lot of money, right. >> it is stunning how much honey it went for and if you bought, i'll tell you what it is on "good day philadelphia" coming up. >> hanging up in your closet to this morning. >> listen if i paid that money, i'm wearing it. you better believe it. >> also marathon is this weekend. to you hear temperature will go way down for marathon. you don't want bloody nipples. i hate to bring them up, but -- >> put band aids on them. >> yes. >> your nipples are hard. >> vaseline helps as well. don't ask me how i know that but something you learn throughout the years out there reporting, i worked in alaska, it was cold. >> yes. >> it would be fun. >> lots of people have have their band aids on. >> okay. >> band aids because the fabric of your t-shirt will cause nip he will bleeding. >> okay.
5:52 am
>> thanks. >> so j lo was on stage with mark anthony her ex-husband. they kissed, on the lips. one of the producers say they are parents who have been divorced forever still kiss on the lips. i find that odd. >> do you? >> they have children together. when you have children together you are in it for next 20 years. you have to see each other. you have to get along. >> is it odd for new spouse or just odd in general. >> get on twitter. >> quick kiss though. >> but if you are now mark's new wife, would that upset you. >> you know you came after j lo i mean seriously. he has been married a time or two. >> money is still flowing in. >> what if brian kissed his ex-girlfriend and they kiss on the lips. >> you know it is wrong if the person sees it and what their
5:53 am
reaction would be then you would know. if he does it, i guess if i saw it and there was something. >> anything you didn't see is cool with you. >> you know what i mean. >> get out of here. >> we will be right back. >> that was a quick hug. >> i love you ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s
5:54 am
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time right now 5:55. this weekend is going to the dogs. 1800 k-9's will be vying for best in show at national dog show. there will be a couple new
5:56 am
breeds competing, it is being held at greater philadelphia expo center in oaks, montgomery county. we will have have actor john ohurley here along with some of the new breeds on good day later this morning. you may remember him as mr. peterman from seinfeld. that is coming up. also philadelphia eagles are stepping up to save the day for a grays ferry youth football team. bird officials heard about our report on the thieves who stole field equipment from the new sigma sharks. eagles are partnering with the sports complex special services district to replace stolen gear. and the teams letting the sharks ten and eight under teams play this saturday's championship game on the practice field at 'nova care center. >> i talk to jeffery, doug and howie about opening up the bubble since we were heading to seattle on friday. they all said absolutely. >> big tiehl for these kid. >> i think it will be a neat experience. >> this this is something they will always remember when they are my age, when they are
5:57 am
their parent's age. they played where the philadelphia eagles, practiced really a big deal. >> they earned to play for that the title in florida so good luck sharks. coming up next on good day a man found dead on the sidewalk, police say his body was dragged there from a nearby building, we will be right back.
5:58 am
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a man found dead on the sidewalk, police say his body was dragged from a nearby building, and now they are trying to track down who is responsible, the latest on who police are questioning, right now. plus, they both criticized each other during donald trump's presidential run and thousand they are meeting face-to-face. cabinet position some say mitt romney is being considered for in donald trump's white house. >> there is a special connection. there is a special connection. >> as emotional off the field as he was on the told, brian dawkins breaks down when he talks about his connection with philadelphia eagles fans. the special tribute that brought b talk to tears. it is friday, it is friday, friday. >> it is friday. >> eagles green. >> i am wearing my eagles green. where is your eagles green. >> oh, it is on we just can't see it. >> we need all of the green we can


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