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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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good day it is try november 18th, 2016. it is a pretty day. >> yes, hi karen. >> good morning. >> i'm loving this eagles green. >> thank you. we have to represent our eagles green. we have it going on. >> yes. >> it is nice. >> yes. >> you have something underneath, working for you karen is ready for the weekend. >> it is 4:00 o'clock this morning. >> wow. >> hey now. >> going back in time, sarah jessica parker wants to revisit giving birth. if you could have a moment, thaw could relive because it was just so great or important to you, what would you relive? would it be birth of the child even they it is painful? sarah says it was probably happiest moment of your life. had would you revisit. >> if your children have have their holiday list together?
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there may be one thing on all of them, hottest toy parents are shelling out hundreds of dollars to get. they never like cheap toys but most expensive. >> this is sold out. i just tried to get it. i could not get it what is it. >> we will show you in a minute. >> must have. >> okay. >> so, oh, bob kelly. >> hey gang, good morning. i feel like dave schratwieser here under cover. we are advising somebody here this morning. we're here at a popular market. they are loading in the yard brewery guys, the bread guys are here, we're surprising someone that goes there. that will make a difference for hundreds of people, this thanksgiving holiday. when we come right back they are here to pick up all of the food. we will surprise them. wait until you see this when we come back. >> look at how big the string is on the balloon. >> out of all that, you went right to the strings. >> well, yes, didn't they look big.
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>> yes. >> we make them ourselves. >> who knows, they may not have had right string, and it is jen that does it. >> they look great. >> the budget on this show is so low this was discussed in the meeting. that the limit on balloons is five, per surprise. that was actually discussed. so who knows about the strings and ribbons. >> they are very nice. >> so keep doing those good things out there folks. >> and it is not about what you get, great things about these people they do it without reward. they are not looking for accolades. >> no. >> they are doing it because they are good people. >> and we are giving them recognition is the main gift. we're showing you off to the rest of the viewing area. >> sometimes all you need to do is say thank you. >> yes. >> so, an elaborate walk from outside, all the way into this food warehouse, your take away is thickness of the strings,
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the ribbons. >> it stuck out to me. >> okay. >> it is great. i'm looking forward to it. >> yeah. >> this is a good one. >> yes. >> lets get into this. let's talk about kissing, necking, smooching. >> it seems jennifer lopez and mark anthony are making more than just good music, i'm making this way too big of a deal. she was on stage at latin grammy award and the guy she was married to mark anthony was also a singer. he was on the stage too. and after a little bit, they kissed. >> you say there were two kisses. >> yes. >> i thought so. >> and a hug. >> then they back off. >> here's my thing, call me cynical but they have a single out together. so they want to make news.
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they want people to buy a sing. >> they kiss. >> that will get people talking. >> okay. they have been divorced two years. she is dating somebody else. i think he is too actually. >> i think he is married. >> yes. >> i think so. they spent 2014, they modeled. >> the day after he announced he was engaged we had to do an interview with j lo and we were trying to decide who would ask the awkward question. >> did i do it or did we do it or did we both bail on it. >> i think you did it. he called me, told me, something. >> that is exactly what happened. >> yes. >> anyway, what do you think about that. lets say that you're watching that on tv and you are now married to mark anthony, does that bother you, you are kissing j lo. >> well, forget ago this part if you have your partner that is if you are an actor,
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actress in entertainment in a play or movie they are kissing somebody else it happens all the time. this is just, kind of awkward where she's like what do we to. >> it turns into a cute kiss. >> yes. >> and now a kiss like that. >> a lot of people we kiss in our life. when you have children together. they were together. french people kiss each other, complete strangers, you are saying hi, every man, woman. >> even in the latin culture they kiss, say hello, good bye. >> yes. >> you ever kiss anybody you don't know on the lips. >> well, it is that you are in the in the relationship with. >> you do it all the time. >> i do not the. >> and kiss on the lips. >> close to it. >> well, viewers, and, and, they come up, and i have no
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problem witt. >> i don't like kissing people on the lips. >> you know, but there is no way i have ever kissed a "good day philadelphia" viewers lips. >> i'm not saying like that. i a quick peck. even quicker then that. >> yes, people come up all the time, they take pictures. >> yes. >> they kiss you on the cheek all the time. >> he looks kind of guilty. >> that is what she just said. >> yes. >> okay. love you have for your viewers, and the love viewers have for you. >> what is wrong with you. >> okay. >> it is a friday. >> no. >> have we ever kissed on the lips. >> no. >> have we ever kissed on the lips. >> no. >> you and i we make out. >> yes. >> yes.
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>> it is a joke. >> anyway, the original question was. >> the lightening, here it comes. >> the original question was does it bother you. >> let me guess. >> i would say i think i have witnessed guests. >> yes. >> we know you kissed someone. >> like, cute bartender guy. >> not the on the lips. >> yes, you have. >> i have never kissed a guest of this show on the lips. >> yes, you have. >> yes, you have. >> sound effects. >> i have never kissed a "good day philadelphia" viewer on the lips. >> on tv. >> maybe that one guy. >> the chef from over -- on tv or off of tv. >> you kissed tim, our director. remember. >> was it the a skit. >> what were you doing? >> no, i know what it was. >> it was, the first date. >> it was the 24 hour, 20th
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anniversary of this show when we sat in the the window for 24 hours. >> first date, and he was smelling his breath. >> that is right. >> yes, that is right. >> we started with that. >> yes. >> yes. >> show yourself, tim. >> i find him very attractive. >> you say this almost every day. >> good looking guy, tall, thin, fit, photographer. >> how long have you known him. >> he is not married. >> i don't think he is, is he. >> are you dating anybody. >> no. >> no. >> he is available. >> i was trying to set you up with tim, one of our directors, and we had a fake date and i did kiss him on the lips. but i think is there still video on my instagram, yes. >> that really wasn't a kiss, it was would be of these, you put your hand over. >> you kiss your hand. >> i have never kissed a "good
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day philadelphia" viewer on the air, or off the air on the streets, on the lips. >> ladies, this is what i need there you, this is a call. i need you, if you kissed mike on the lips, just a quick kiss on the lips, tweet me because i know i have seen this. i know i have. tweet me alex holley fox 29. >> there are people, there are people, in this city, who have a tendency to kiss everybody on the lips. >> yes. >> i'm not saying it is a bad thing. >> i don't want it. >> it is a seinfeld episode where women kissed jerry every single time she saw him. i don't need that. >> you you don't want to be rude. >> it is nice. >> i don't want to be rude. i don't want people putting their mouth on my lips. >> and now we have it, now people will be seeing you. >> oh, no. >> please do. >> awkward moments. >> i remember my aunt jane, older woman, big red lips. she was a lip kisser.
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>> yes. >> i think that is awkward when you are a child, and they would always kiss you on your lips. it is so weird. >> i remember one of my uncles, i have two, he was dating a woman. she was blessed. and based on my height she was call. when she would hug me she with put me right in between. it used to grab me nuts. so my cousins because i hated it, he would encourage her to do it. >> it is horrible. >> where is she today. >> they are no longer together. >> no. >> they where the knot official. >> by the way people are weighing in. >> linda says in way, it is not okay. oh, to he didn't. we're the not having that. and then, this one says, well, big head, notice big strings. >> really. >> big head alex holley. >> is your head, here we go.
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>> difficulties proportion nate to the size of your body. >> working with him you say i have big eye. big head. >> you are like dora the explorer, doesn't dora have a big hit. >> that makes you photogenic. >> yes. >> you are attractive. >> you know, just watching the show last night, i never watch it, one of those entertainment shows. one on a different network. >> access hollywood, et entertainment tonight. >> insider. >> nbc. >> the one girl on it, it is so small. she has biggest head i have ever seen. after our conversation that is all i was thinking. >> she's a walking candy apple. >> he says it is like a cartoon. >> but it is great. >> big eyes, big head. >> yes. >> that is the look. >> yes. >> now, you are like a cartoon character. >> if megan was any kind of producer she would bring up dora the explorer.
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>> yes. >> yes. >> yes, look inside your face. >> but it is cute. >> very attractive. >> okay. she's talking, i can't not hear her. you are working on a bob kelly shot, that is more important then this. what is wrong with bob kelly's shot. >> we need more time. >> megan. >> it is a friday. >> what is happening outside. >> it is her about on the day, happy birth the day. >> it is my birthday and. >> i love sue serio. >> oh, how nice. >> that is so nice. >> maybe you should go out and hug her. >> i will go. >> bye, sue. >> actress sarah jessica parker opens up about a moment that she wished that she could relive. >> she said if she could revisit a moment in her life it would be the birth of her three children.
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>> really. >> she gave birth to son james, two daughters, due to infertility problems she had. but she said giving birth is the greatest. everything goes away. and it is absolutely great. >> i do remember being high when my doubters were born. >> you were not doing the work. >> true. >> was it euphoria, would you want to relive the birth. >> afterward it is pretty neat. it is one of the moments, your life changes, everything is different after. it is one of the most significant events of your life. you know are your kids are always with you. even in a relationship change. that makes a huge difference. >> i would probably say that. >> everything changed, when jessica, popped out. >> yes. >> what about you, alex. >> i haven't given birth. >> no, is there a moment. >> i cannot speak to that. >> is there a moment you think of before that moment, and there is a moment that come after that moment. >> what you might say is,
9:15 am
meeting you, mike. >> meeting you mike was a wonderful moment. >> yes. >> maybe this is a significant moment. >> yes. >> yes. >> you get the to meet sue serio. >> yes. >> wrong way. >> okay. >> i don't think that is mike. >> now we're watching. >> what? >> sue. >> yeah, high. >> well, darling, most intelligent woman on this block. is what your name. look here because we have a camera here. >> it is your birthday today. >> yes. >> this is how you chose to expenditure birthday, it is 40 . >> it is okay but i get to meet you. >> please tell me this isn't the only gift you get for your birthday. >> i don't know but this is the one i wanted the most. >> how long have you been watching "good day philadelphia". >> for the last 20 years. >> yeah. give me a big hug. >> happy, happy, happy birthday. >> it was a laid that i used to come into my job. she looked sort of like you.
9:16 am
i said are you sue serio. she said no. i said well, i think you look just like her. if you you are, just give me a hug and she would give me a hug. >> surrogate sue in other words. >> yes. >> but i love you and my daughter, yes. >> hi amelia. >> hi. >> i did it, i'm outside of fox. >> well, that is cool. >> i hope it gets better from here. >> you just never know. >> i'm with sue. >> wow, you said that on tv. >> i'm very proud of my age. >> i'm 52. >> hi mike, hi alex. >> hi. >> how cute. >> so sweet. >> speaking of that, one of our coming forward. >> we don't want to get into this. >> that is not true. >> yes, mike kissed me close to the lips at fox 29 event a couple years ago at visitors center. >> that is just being nice. >> i kissed mike, who hasn't.
9:17 am
>> who is this. >> trish said i have kissed mike, who hasn't. >> it is okay. it is showing someone's love. >> here's the difference. >> i could get kissed on the face a lot but not the on the face. that is just too much. how would you like a guy, stranger to come up and kiss you on the lips. >> no, okay. >> i wouldn't like that too much. >> i wouldn't like that too much. >> okay, all right. lets get back, is there anything besides meeting me, that you would want to relive or everything was one thing and so, this moment, everything is after. >> and, my mother was from arkansas. our family members would come together. we made a big deal of it. we would all come from different parts, texas, arkansas. we on would come together and watch movies, reinact michael jackson music videos. it was really special. over the years, it has petered out and we didn't do it.
9:18 am
once my grandmother passed. e. >> you know when you have family around is there warmth in the room. is there something there you can feel the love. we don't do that as much anymore. now that i'm working in the the news business and we work holidays. >> we used to have family reunions. that would be a moment for me the day my mother die. >> you want to relive that. >> no, but... >> i want to relive the feeling i have when she was alive because i don't have it anymore. >> yes. >> what about that moment. >> exactly that. >> the death, the birth, and then next big when everyone gets together is your wedding. >> yes. >> yes. >> other day, i was sitting on the couch minding my business. i got the a text from my grandfather. he was like are you coming home for thanksgiving. no.
9:19 am
>> i felt horrible. >> he doesn't say a lot. man of very few wards. when he speaks, he seeks volumes. i know what he meant. >> if you wanting to, i will work for you. >> that is okay, mike. that is okay. maybe christmas or something. >> okay. >> appreciate that. >> very nice of you. >> one of my best moments, i would say is a place called cheese stake factory in the month of may. that is all i can say bit. >> congratulations, this just came into us, last month the pen and pencil club, oldest, press club in america, nominated some folks for their broadcast awards. and alex holley is nominated for best broadcast personality of 2015. >> there are people you are up against. >> i'll vote for that one. >> there is voting. >> it is an election.
9:20 am
>> and who else can we throw in there. >> that guy alex holley over at fox. >> what do you have to do. >> i think we have to go to that web site and click on you. >> okay, until when. >> pen and if you love this show, if you have been a loyal viewer for 20 years, i implore, what is the other word. i urge you to go to pen and >> okay. >> and vote for alex holley. >> so sweet. >> don't beg. ain't too proud to beg. >> you know what, i have not the been over to the pen and pencil which is basically a parking garage, over in an alley. >> um-hmm. >> in a long time. >> i have never been. it is oldest press club in america. >> yes, in america. >> you know if you are at the pen and pencil you should probably be home. >> why. >> you go there really late, you go there at 3:30 or
9:21 am
4:00 in the morning. >> who does that. >> like las vegas. everything that happens or see that you say is off the record. >> serious business there. >> yes, you never say who you saw there. >> okay. >> or when it was, and go and eat bad tasting hot dog. >> sound good. >> yes. >> they are famous for their hot dogs. >> now i will not make it in because you are talking about them. >> it is honor to be nominated. >> there is no sign you have to know it is there. they open up, look at you. >> it is like a speak easy. >> thanks, for the nomination. >> let's go to the vice, see if we can pull this one off this time. bob does honors for this five balloons and big strings. >> i'm in the turkey freezer getting ready to surprise, someone who goes there, each and every year, this year, she's going to be making dinner for 150 people, we will go outside that door and
9:22 am
surprise letter when we come right back.
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♪ >> hey there. >> that is hilarious, bob kill any a tight dress. he is over there friday, we do this every friday. we like to honor people out there to go great things because that is our motto, we go there. we wanted to appreciate you, people out there going there. >> today we are honoring a beth fry. >> she's rally with toys create a healthy thanksgiving dinner for 150 families. hi there bob, please explain. >> hey gang, good morning. what a fun opportunity this has been this morning. we're here in east norriton in the meat locker of the wise wise markets with the manager here bob to roll roll out turkies that beth is here to pick up, all part of her process to make thanksgiving dinner, for 150 families. the it is like 10 degrees below zero in here.
9:26 am
lets get out of here and get to the surprise. she's right out here through this door. come on, jared, come on. are you ready? ready. ready. she's right here. okay, let me see, hold on. where is beth? is beth here. are you beth. >> yes. >> hi there beth i'm bob kelly from fox 29. >> hi. >> say hi to everybody. >> are you surprised. >> yes. >> you are fantastic. you are 13 years old. you are making thanksgiving dinner for 150 tam list. >> yes. >> unbelievable. give her a round of applause. >> applause. >> wow, i have to tell you much warmer out here then it was in that meat locker. you are here to pick up turkies. you hold balloon. our motto is we go there. you are someone that goes there. this is unbelievable you are 13, you are doing this for your girl scout badge. tell me process of had will happen is this you will pick up your turkies. we have them.
9:27 am
bring out the turkies, bob. believe me they are cold, frozen. the it is cold out there. tell me what will happen from the turkies and rest of the the day. >> we will go home, and we will go to presidential, and we will go cook the turkies and then go back to my house and we will carve them and then tomorrow we will make tons of different foods and then we will serve the people. >> are you a good cook. >> yes. >> you better be, right. >> yes. >> how many people all together. >> 150. >> that is great. >> now does your mom know that you're using kitchen. where is mom? hi mom, how are you. >> how are you. >> are you ready to open up the kitchen here. >> open up what kitchen at presidential caterers. >> we will get to presidential and cook turkies. >> we have to, they have like ten ovens. >> how proud are you of your daughter. >> i am, this has been a big effort from all of us, for the last couple of months. so we have had a lot of hours put into this. her good friend sarah right here has been a big part. >> hi, sarah, excited. >> very. >> now what is your job here, are you in charge of the
9:28 am
cranberries, stuffing or what. >> i'm in charge of keeping bess in control of everything. >> so over here where is liz from habitat for humanity, so liz, tell us how you play a role in the whole thing. >> habitat for humanity has been so blessed to have bess involved, she has been a huge part of everything we have been doing in montgomery county. she is from last year to this year really changed the lives of the kids who live in our neighborhood revitalization zone in norristown. >> what does this mean for folks that will get a thanksgiving day meal cooked by bess. >> it will mean the world to them. it will be an opportunity for neighbors to gather together, around tables, to share stories and their lives, and it is also an opportunity for their kids, to teach them a lesson about healthy eating that they have learned from less. >> you told me, bess, you have been talking to the kid clubs about healthy eating and getting them ready for thanksgiving day dinner. what have you been telling them as far as healthy eating. >> we have three classes,
9:29 am
first one we went over with healthy eating is and they did some work sheets on it and second one we went to the supermarket and they pick out healthy foods to eat. third one we actually made the foods. >> that is great. you know what girl, you go there. give me high five, congratulations, happy cooking and i want you to send me some pictures when you are all done, okay. when you send me some pictures of the turkey, thanksgiving day meal, we will pop them up on tv on fox 29 and show how good a meal you made, okay. >> okay. >> congratulations to you. thanks mom for sending us information. if you would like us to come out and surprise someone that goes there in your community all you have to do is send jen fredrick an e-mail because she took the day off and i'm proud to come out here and surprise you today. you know what did you see the open of the thing i had my high heels on walking through the door, dingdong, dingdong. >> you never looked better, bob. >> brilliant. >> good in that dress.
9:30 am
>> yes. >> thanks, bob. >> so amazing, so great, so glad, she's going there. >> she's going there. >> 9:30. you know we have been doing all week here showing different cultures as we get ready for thanksgiving. we have done greek. african hearn. >> yep. >> and then we have done italian. >> yet was puerto rican? today i think we are going go to do a polish twist. >> pulaski day on good day. >> ♪
9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
so the countdown to thanksgiving day is officially underway, what, oh, i forgot about this, okay. so, have you been nominated by the oldest press club in america. it is called the pen and
9:34 am
pencil club. in center city. as the best broadcast personality of 2016, alex hole. >> i it is exciting. >> but you're up against four of the people in the market, or certainly in the state. so do you have vote. so we're going to the website, pen and and we vote. but here's what happened. implodes people to do this, and the website has crashed. >> my gosh, this lady said tried to vote but got an error. you broke the internet. i don't know about that, you win in our hearts. >> so many tweets and comments and stuff, just keep voting through december 5th, i guess we have to check on it little later. maybe they want people to start voting? >> i was able to log on from my laptop. maybe try again. thanks, guys, i appreciate you even trying, wow. >> oh, you're look kim kardashian, you crashed the internet. >> please. >> so like i was saying, thanksgiving is next thursday of course, expect to see lots of people, in the supermarket, this weekend. buying all sort of things. now we've been doing our part
9:35 am
to get you ready, as far as the side dishes are concerned, because we like them almost more than the turkeys. so we've take answer trip around the world on monday, we had our folks, greek restaurant, helped us out, the folks over at opa. >> we also had options for vegetarians, high street restaurant right here in old city. then on tuesday we had some conditions created by eatable delights catering, it was great. then italian, shelved up northern italian restaurant, davios. >> yesterday our friends from spanish islands restaurant up in the great northeast, served up some dishes, some great puerto rican dishes. >> and today it is polish food. here to show us some of the side dishes, normally, in polish households on thanksgiving day, marie thorpe is the owner of the place, and one of the chefs over there is jamie. hi, jamie. from the pierogi kitchen in
9:36 am
roxborough, i remember. >> why. >> i have a confession. i have tried a pierogi for the first time probably about a month ago. >> okay. >> i'm obsessed. they're so good. >> that's what happens. >> go to the pierogi then, right down there at the end. what is a per owingy? >> a pierogi is dough filled with any type of filling for the most part they're potato, we have a spin, philly cheese steak pirogi, savory pumpkin for the holidays. >> how many differentiates do you have? >> we have 34. >> yes, that's right. >> what's the weirdest one? >> probably that one. >> cheese steak? >> yes. >> really good. >> chicken, pretty obscure. >> what else would be a side dish of thanksgiving? >> poe tan owe -- potatoe pancake, and then needles, cabbage, onions, all sawed together perfectly with butter, and then smoke kill bass which sour crack, stuffed cabbage, pig in a blanket, and then some desserts, babka,
9:37 am
cheese babk a and chrischicki. >> let's start with that one, chrischicki. what's that? >> very thin supple dough, fried lightly, covered in powdered sugar. >> oh,. >> rolled in sugar. >> let's start going down the list again. >> sure. >> what's that? >> salisk. >> what's that. >> noodles, crab cab, cabbage. >> lazy man's pierogi. >> right. >> twenty years of doing this show, we still haven't learned to get a spoon. anyway, i'll just take it right out. >> be fair about it. >> go right ahead. >> all family here. >> oh, that's fantastic. >> with a about this big thing here? >> smoke kill bass fry port richmond. >> oh,. >> orthetic polish food. >> there we are. >> look at that. >> i love it. >> jamie, you're the man.
9:38 am
>> right there. >> what's this is upper? >> this is stuffed cabbage, ground beef, pork sausage, rice, rolled up into a cabbage leaf by hand, tomato parmesian sauce. >> are you open? >> yes. >> not thanksgiving, sorry, only day we're closed this month,. >> can people order in advance? >> absolutely, absolutely, yes. >> perfect. and where are you located again? >> 648 roxborough in the roxborough self sean of philadelphia. >> how many pirogi's? >> thirty-four. >> i love it, i'll try that pumpkin one next. >> do your children have their holiday lists already put together? there may be one thing that is on all of these lists. it is the hottest toy that i've seen. how much you're going to have to pay for it, what is it, then little later on, i haven't talked to him in a long time. he's not afraid to speak his mind, award winning comedian, carlos here live in our studio. you can watch him, and listen to him perform tonight, i'll tell you where.
9:39 am
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well, every christmas, you know how it goes, like a mad race to get the season's hottest toy. what's that movie called with arnold swartznaeger, fight to go get the jingle all the way. jingle all the way. the last toy, goes crazy? >> exactly, like a rocket manor something? so, this year's must-have toy, is called hatchamal. >> a hatchamal? >> it is so cute, like a bird, and a thing that hatches like a dinosaur, but do you have play with it in order for it to hatch out of the egg. if you play with it long enough. then do you have teach them thousand walk, talk, play. so toys "r" us put them out. i tried to buy them. sold out. sold out. can you not get them right now.
9:43 am
they only cost, well, not only, but about $50, but if you want to buy one for your child right now, 218 bucks on amazon. >> that does sound cool though. to play with it? you know what they look like to me? ferby. >> and that tagamuchi thing, combined them, a baby, that's what it is. my little baby, well, he is not a baby, he thinks he's like a little bird, after he gets out of the bath, pat towel over him, i'm in the egg, i'm hatching out of the egg, so i wanted to get him this so i can't. >> help karen please. >> oh, stop. >> maybe it will go back in stock, so you think it is sold out through christmas? >> i don't know, keep trying. >> we'll get this done. somebody, on twitter, say where you can get one. >> normally 50, $49, right now $218. >> you have the hatchable
9:44 am
right here. >> reality tv. just ask that woman right over there. new jersey's owner have ronica hearwood, from catching kelce. did you see what happened to her? oh, no.
9:45 am
9:46 am
we have half marathon ton, the full marathon sunday. wonder how cold it will be?
9:47 am
find out in 15 seconds. >> talk about your weather drama, what we will have over the week edge, see the snow out here in the midwest. we're not going to get this much. but we will get the cold temperatures, and maybe a few flurries, especially, over night saturday night into sunday. but, it is beautiful out there right now. 52 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-one in wilmington. 47 degrees in mount pocono. chilly start to the day. but boy, what a nice recovery. sixty-seven today. seventy tomorrow. it is almost mean, what mother nature is doing to us, just in time for the philadelphia marathon. because it is going to be blustery, and colder for the marathon on sunday. but, as we led into thanksgiving, a nice recovery. soap, basically, if you're doing the hair marathon saturday, great.
9:48 am
if you're doing the whole marathon, not so much. >> well then i'll just hold off for the half marathon, not the full thing, i don't want it get wet. we said this many times, finding the one true love is never easy. well, you throw in 50 women, competing for one guy, you got yourself a mess, or a reality show. >> yes, probably a lot harder. >> well, yes. >> let's take a look. >> okay, if this was the show? >> i will put 06 seconds on a clock. >> my dad place football in the nfl. >> your favorite team? >> broncos. >> i hate them. >> what? >> you have to enjoy your life. >> i respect that. >> yes, a hundred percent now. >> by very similar one. >> you know that we don't have to go back to the mansion? we don't want. >> so, here is veronica harwood, came down to the final two women out of 50. where are you from? >> i am from cape may county,
9:49 am
new jersey. >> yes? >> so i live in wildwood crest most of my life, just recently moved to south fill. >> i welcome to south philly. >> yes. >> so what made you want to get on a reality show? >> actually found me. i wasn't looking for this, it is nothing i really thought i would ever doing. and picture of eagles game, before i knew it, someone was contacting me, like it is like the bachelor. >> let's back up a little bit for people who have no idea what we're talking about, bunch our guys, jason kelce, his brother plays, his brother travis, 50 people competed for his love. >> yes. >> fifty women. >> you beat out 48 women, woman. and so over six week period, no cell phones, you just concentrated on catching kelce. >> and why you get so wrapped up into it, it is that one person, and like every day that's all you have on your minds, okay, is he going to show up snowed what are we going to do? >> did you fall in love with him? >> of course i had my on the
9:50 am
line, had feelings for him. >> once he picked the other girl is, what did that feel like then? >> it was really hard, because if you watch the ending of the show, he built me up. like you're so great, this could really work, just saying how like we could have a future together. then he turns a second later and says you can go back to jersey. >> so everything that happened? >> you had some words for him, didn't you? >> yes, yes, i can't believe -- ya. >> fruit you? >> ya. i didn't say anything to him, i just got up and walked out. and i didn't even kiss him good-bye, hug him good-bye. >> what? >> wow, okay. >> you basically were tossed to the side, you went off -- >> no, not talking about her, she was from ken tuck. >> i ken tuck. >> i like to do this show, what's it like when you're in that moment. do you really feel it? with him or like called guarded because it is on tv? >> at first you are definitely
9:51 am
guarded because i felt like first few days in the house, i wasn't myself, cameras in my face, first, i was so uneasy, first day, for like two days now, then you spends more time with the girls in the house than you do with him. >> you kissed him? >> yes. >> a lot? >> i stayed over. >> what? >> ya. >> you mean cuddling? >> cuddling, i said i just laid there, rubs his hairy chest. >> real quickly because i know you are wearing a jersey here. is this a jersey were you hoping to wear? >> i mean, i went to matthew's because i was wearing green pants today. and i wanted to have a went, but everyone is selling out of wentz. and jason, i was going to say i do want to get my jason kelce jersey, so i'll bewaring 62 hopefully by the next game. >> now not travis any more, jason? >> no, no, no, jason was really cool, a great guy. >> okay. >> but i think he's taken. >> oh,. >> isn't it weird to have 49 other women kiss that same
9:52 am
guy? >> ya. i mean, a point where i turned him down. why didn't you kiss him? >> i don't know who else he's kissed today. >> forty-nine other people. >> no, only 20 made it into the howls, i think he only kills dollars a handful. >> stay in touch. in south philly now. okay, i want to talk to this guy. carl, i haven't talked to him in a long time, he will perform tonight in philadelphia. i'll tell you which club. >> ♪ what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities
9:53 am
to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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9:55 am
you can see award winning comedian, right there. >> how are you? >> great, how is it going? >> how is it going, man? >> like wise, likewise. >> you can see him at the valley forge music fair. is it tonight? >> tonight. >> what time should i be there. >> be there at 6:00 and stay
9:56 am
there until 6:00 in the morning. >> that's how long you're going to be there? >> no, i just want you to win money, i just want you to make a lot of monday. >> i good to see you, man. how are things going? >> been great, man. life is good. life is good. >> i asked awe question. we used to do this story little while ago, back in 1962, marilyn monroe sang happy birthday. >> happy birthday. i remember. >> to jfk. the most -- >> the sexiest thing ever in the history of happy birthday's. >> marilyn monroe. >> yes. >> the dress she had on at madison square guardsmen night in 1962 is right there. >> would you like fantastic. >> specially the back pardon. >> it sold led in los angeles. >> what's the most you've ever spent on something that you really craved? >> that i don't eat? >> yes. >> oh,.
9:57 am
>> probably a motorcycle, accustom motorcycle they built for me. so couple of hundred thousand dollars. >> what? >> ya. >> what casino every paint job did it have? >> really, the paint, that's what it is. >> it can it have your name on it and everything else. >> some artery is now are going what? paint? i slammed over that thing, i built it from scratch. i thought about it, i looked at it, i created this thing. what color was the paint? >> i'm just saying. >> did it have gold chips in it? >> yes. >> no, it is a piece of art. it is the person that built it literally made it to look as if it was a -- if you love the 1964 impala, you saw that motorcycle, and you were an e fish on at a, i have already been offered way mormon than it is worth, it is a work of art. i don't ride it. >> yes? >> i don't -- >> we'll see you tonight at valley forge.
9:58 am
>> alley forge tonight. >> boom. >> ghoul. >> good to see you. >> let's go eagles! see you tomorrow. g internet for. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for this amazing price. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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