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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  November 20, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ann >> announcer: welcome to the state farm post game show. >> curt: the dallas cowboys have won eight straight games. their franchise has never won nine in a row. could it happen today hosting the baltimore ravens? >> terry: tony romo and dak prescott. he said dak earned the right to remain the cowboys quarterback. here's a good example why. on the four-yard touchdown. didn't make -- cowboys up by 17-10. then, of course, dez bryant so strong. three touchdowns receiving on the day. that one a 13-yarder. 27-17. dallas on top. the baltimore ravens. past the chiefs. alex smith in the fourth quarter. picked off. chiefs going in for the touchdown. looking, finding.
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chris conley up for the pick. tampa bay 12. kansas city 10. set up this play action at the goal line. jameis winston finds alan cross. a three-yard touchdown. 19-17. tampa bay going into kansas city and wins. >> curt: how about jameis winston. look at his last six games. 12 touchdown, only two interceptions and getting that balk nears team to .500 on president season. he talked to laura okmin afterwards. >> i know how big this is in terms of the standings. within one game of atlanta. how big is this win, period for this team. >> you know this, team we came out and worked hard. everybody was down on us. we fought as a team and a family. we overcame a lot of adversity and got the win. >> i talked to so many guys who said one of the biggest things that changed the team was you talking to them before the bye in the locker room and completely changing how they viewed themselves.
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what was the message? >> the message was think about when we play football for fun. not as a professional. football got us here. we didn't come here as professionals. we came here plesd by the man above. and we overcame a lot. we got to keep playing and get better every sij day. >> was that fun today? >> yes. >> thank you. >> snapped a five-game win streak. bengals hosting the bills. >> terry: a.j. green carted off. great wide receiver for the cincinnati bengals. they're down fourth quarter. dolphins to the end zone. knocked down incomplete. buffalo 16. 12 over cincinnati. rob ryan, defensive coordinator, he is ecstatic. >> curt: because his team got the win. they get back to .500 snapping a three-game losing streak. after the game, how about tyrod taylor.
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>> this was a must win today. how are you feeling? >> it's always good when you win. like you said, it was a must-win for us. it wasn't pretty. but we found a way to get the job done. >> your defense really showed up today. what do you think spurred them on? >> just the challenge. we were facing a very good offense. a bunch of weapons. they took the challenge head on. we found a way to win. >> tyrod, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks to holly sounders for that. blake bortles, third quarter. quarterback for the jaguars. into the end zone. marqise lee for the three-yard touchdown. jacksonville, it's bounced back. he rushes in from one yard out. 26-19 lyons beat the jaguars. >> the red hot lions. we're going to pittsburgh. le'veon bell. 201 total yards today. 146 rushing and that ends the
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steelers losing streak at four games. beat the browns. the player ground award. fedex helping small businesses simplify e-commercial. the steelers get back to the winning ways. the dallas cowboys, jimmy johnson continued their winning ways. never done that in a single season. >> jimmy: we talked about it in the pregame show. they keep such pressure on the opponents. they can move the football if they have the football. they had it for 25 minutes today. the other thing is, dallas has not turned the ball over. the opponent doesn't have a lot of opportunities to score. they keep such pressure on you offensively. prescott is playing outstandingly. i don't see any slip-ups with this team. >> howie: as we talked about the most valuable rookie on the team. dak prescott. 301 yards, three touchdowns today. under pressure some early.
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going deep to brice butler early in the football game. rolling out to beasley. something he did a lot of. obviously the slant. dez bryant getting him more involved. the fade and the deep in for the t.d. to dez bryant. getting him involved. getting everyone involved. i think the dez bryant component is a big component. dez gives you the explosive plays. beasley, one of your favorites in the slot. witten, possession receiver. dez is the explosive player. getting involved. this was a really a grind it out game. no turnovers. jimmy talked about it. controlled the clock over 35 minutes. >> curt: take a breath. >> terry: i want to correct myself. if i ever did highlights or said something without making a mistake. i said dez bryant had three touchdowns receiving today. folks, he only had two. my mistake. >> terry: he had two.
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>> curt: beasley had the other. the cowboys streak continues and so does yours. that's a joke. >> terry: that's love. >> curt: it's brotherly love. real quick, michael, i want to ask you. we see a team with a winning streak. that's not always the best team in football. dallas has won nine in a row. are they the best team in football. >> michael: i think so. i think by far they're the best team in football. tie games they win, they can blow you out. i don't think any of us are surprised. one thing that jimmy says, being a coach, it's not about how many great plays you make as how many bad plays you don't make. you see no turnovers and another thing, they only have five -- this is a team that everything is clicking right now. they can stay healthy, everybody stays on the same page, stays unselfish like they've been. this is the best team in football. >> jimmy: don't forget, they have over 400 yards of offense against the number one defensive.
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baltimore was pretty good defensively. >> terry: that's a good point. i wonder if the opposing teams are saying these are two rookies. they've got a rookie quarterback. come on, now. the last great rookie quarterback. clay pot. i think moreno. he went with a good team. you have to say ezekiel elliott is going to turn it loose. surely prescott is going to have the three-interception game and perhaps so. from what i've seen so far, i tell you, this is a scary how good the two rookies are. >> curt: if you went to a game thinking that, you're not anymore. they play like vets who have been in the league a long time. the game is not bigger than them, the stage not too big for them. they can handle anything. >> terry: >> howie: this is not a cakewalk game. this is a momentum, momentum. they kept grinding and it opened up. >> terry: i was impressed that the romo thing came out this
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week. that is a lot of pressure. when tony finally says, this is your job. you are the quarterback. and then he goes out. now, he did not have a good start to this football game. but all of a sudden he settled down. you even said he looks a little nervous. >> jimmy: baltimore was putting pressure on him. >> curt: shaky start. but it dobts seem to get too big. he comes back. at the end of the game, you're playing quarterback in dallas. >> terry: that's a big -- >> no. but it's different. playing quarterback in dallas, is -- you're chasing a lot of ghosts. >> curt: next time we see dallas will be here on fox thanksgiving day as you enjoy your turkey. you can enjoy nfc matchup. two of the top teams in football right now. the way they're playing. washington, only one loss in the last seven games. dallas won nine straight and look at ja-- the state farm pos
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game show continues. we'll check in on jared goff's nfl debut.
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>> curt: country music star eric church can sing a mean tune. he'll be performing at halftime of the thanksgiving day game on fox. the redskins and the cowboys, all starts at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific. some have wrapped up their day and celebrating big wins. let's go inside locker rooms. starting in minnesota and defensive end brian robeson
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leads the charge. >> this is how we play viking football. we come out with attitude and put it in people's faces. say you're going home. >> we point out every ounce of everything we have for -- that's what it's about. >> that's number 3. [ applause ] >> i told you i was great before every one of y'all. you see how we play as a family. you see what we can do as a family. you see it's all about -- i'm going to give this game ball back to coach. >> he's a different cat than he was even last year as a rookie. >> yeah. i'm impressed by what he said too. a family. that's what it is. you need each other. >> already rallied around him. they're 5-5 on the season. let's check out the late games. talk about young guys. jared goff making a debut as the
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starter for the rams. >> terry: first overall pick in the draft this past year. this is a as a matter of fact call. this will help a young quarterback out. heading it off and todd gurley, 24 yards for the touchdown. rams up 7-0 over the miami dolphins. patriots at the 49ers. tom brady. looking right. boy, that's a great throw. back to the -- of course, what do you do after you score. you got to miss the extra point. craziest thing i've ever seen. eagles at the seahawks. c.j. for -- 72-yard touchdown run. rookie out of notre dame. go c.j. >> falls down. what do they do? >> miss the extra point. >> wow. >> we've had two missed in the late games. nine missed earlier today. 11 extra points missed and the games are still going on today.
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sunday night and monday night. that's the most since they moved it back. that's the most on record since it began in 1966. 11 missed. >> everybody is -- why didn't i -- now we know. >> blair walsh is sitting at home saying you guys were picking on me. everybody else is missing now. minnesota let him go. they did win today. >> extra point even with the new kicker kai forbath. final thoughts from you guys. start with you, jimmy. >> jimmy: the detroit lions. >> howie: i thought he was going to say cowboys. >> terry: give us one. >> jimmy: i want to talk about matthew stafford, the detroit lions. got behind again today. he brought them back again. no running game but he's throwing the football. 18 touchdown this is year. didn't have a touchdown today. but they came from behind again. they're a fun team to watch.
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>> michael: how about that nfc east. you got the giants winning, the cowboys winning, the redskins, the eagles have a big game. redskins and cowboys on fox for thanksgiving. who can keep pace? >> howie: don't forget, mike, we do a show on thachx giving. >> michael: when i signed up, they never told me we did a show on thanksgiving. i thought i was going to have thanksgiving with the family for the first time in 20 years. >> howie: god's way of balancing things out. >> michael: i'll be here on thursday. >> howie: particularly the quarterback and surprisingly, the group that doesn't get a lot of notoriety down there is their defense. the job they've done down there with a lot of -- name the three starters on leo owe claiborne, they're playing -- [ overlapping talking ].
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complimentary football where they're holding the football. not putting their defense in bad positions. who is the best team in football? forget about the nfc. dallas is up there at the top of the list. >> terry: this isn't good for the network. football doesn't start for me until the tenth game of the season. that's when you start. >> curt: what have we been doing the past three months? >> terry: just collecting thoughts. i mean, it really -- you can start pushing people aside. we're not going to say that on tv. always going to build it up. that's our job. here's what's getting my attention right now. tampa bay is getting my attention. send me home. tampa bay is getting my attention. two in a row for them now. an exciting young quarterback. then the other thing is, mike, the new york giants. they're just winning football games and winning football games. five in a row now. i mean, they're playing well.
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it's easy to get caught up with dallas. they're that team. but the giants and tampa bay, pretty impressive. beat dallas. >> curt: this proves to be survival sunday for two teams in the nfc north and afc north. pittsburgh and minnesota. if they lost one more game, it would have been the fifth straight. their seasons might have been over for two teams that had expectations for. they won today ending those streaks and in those divisions -- >> jimmy: green bay has to stop the bleeding too. >> curt: you talked about dallas. they will be right here thanksgiving day. turkey day. spend it with us. redskins and the cowboys. our coverage start at 4:00 eastern time. 1:00 pacific. we can't wait. it's my favorite holiday. we'll be happy to spend it with you once again. we'll see you again. remember, thursday this week.
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it's chevy's most dependable plays of the day. the nfl's playoff picture starts to become clear. once the action kicked off, another week of spectacular plays, superstar performances and nonstop action. brought to you by the most dependable plays of the day. >> announcer: fox sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. for nfl news and highlights, go to yes to any seat, any day, any time. that's transfarency®.
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- welcome to teen kids news. i'm veronique. let's begin with our top story for this week. - this report is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. car crashes are the number one killer of teens. that's why, every year, a special week is set aside in october called national teen driver safety week. philadelphia's famous simeone automotive museum hosted the city's first ever drive safe for pa event. - the museum is about sports racing cars. you may have all heard of le mans, watkins glen, sebring, so these cars raced on the roads in the major races. - [nicole] dr. simeone says that all cars,
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not just race cars, need to be driven with care and safety. - [frederick] we all know they're beautiful and they've changed our lives. they've given us highways, shopping centers, allowed us to move. they can also give you a lot of harm. - and that brings us to why we're here. the national road safety foundation, partnered with ford driving skills for life to show teens just how dangerous it is to drive distracted or impaired. - i think i'm a pretty decent driver, yeah. - [nicole] alyssa volunteered to participate in the day's demonstrations. she's been driving for almost three years. - i definitely never drive distracted. i never drive impaired. - hey there, how are you? - hi. - i'm michelle gore. - hi, alyssa, nice to meet you. - come on, we're going to go out to work on distracted driving. we're with ford driving skills for life. and we're going to go ahead and start driving through the serpentine. put your hand on the outside of the wheel, there you go.
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- [nicole] michelle had alyssa drive through the course, explaining that she needs to avoid hitting the cones and obey the traffic sign. - um, go ahead and grab your phone for me. tell me the address of the school. you can pick up a little bit of pace. - it's 340 north maple ave. - alright. alright, so you just passed the stop sign. without stopping. tell me the third song on your playlist. see the sign? so, we're looking up a playlist, right? - yeah. - so we just went down the wrong way of a one-way street. - [nicole] the instructor then added another big distraction, loud music. - you got that one friend in the car that plays, heyyyy.
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- i think it was interesting that, she didn't even have me text anybody at all. - there's other things other than just texting and driving. we talk about scenarios like using maps, using the iphones for music, distractions of friends, talking to them in cars. - and i guess that's something that a lot of people don't think about as being distractions. - hi, i'm john shallenberger. - [nicole] next was driving impaired. - alrighty, what we're going to do, like i said, you're going to put these on, and these only affect your vision. you'll still have good judgment and you'll still have good reaction time. go ahead put your foot on the break. - oh, goodness. - okay, are you ready? - i guess so. - alright, same course that you already went through once, so see how you-- - start? - yup. the goggles that she was driving was .12 to .15, which is one of the most common levels of blood alcohol level we see in impaired driving. we took her around the course.
4:57 pm
as you can see when she did it, she ran over a cone. - oh my god. - you took out a family. (laughs) that was a whole family right there. she ran stop signs. do you think you actually stopped at the stop sign? - did i? - you actually stopped past it. - the second experience, i was impaired while driving, so i was wearing the drunk goggles. i definitely did a lot worse with that. i definitely hit a lot of cones, i blew a stop sign, and i think if i had done both, if i was impaired and distracted at the same time, i couldn't even imagine doing something like that. so yeah, it was a really intense experience. - [nicole] alyssa has another intense experience ahead of her, a simulated sobriety test. we'll show you how that went when teen kids news continues. - [announcer] closed captioning is brought to you by
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- welcome back to teen kids news. we're continuing our report on driving safety. - it's an important subject to the national road safety foundation that we raise awareness about teen safe driving, because we're trying to do our best to prevent teen deaths on the road. - [nicole] as part of the nrsf's drive safe for pa event, instructors from ford showed alyssa what it's like to drive distracted, as well as impaired.
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- and alyssa, so we did the driving part of it, now what we're going to do is show you the suit we have. it's a simulated impaired driving suit. - [nicole] the suit is designed to upset your balance, vision, and hearing, to simulate being under the influence. alyssa was now ready to be given a two-part sobriety test. - how're you doing? - fine, good, how are you? - good, my name is officer novak, i'm with the philadelphia police department, i'm going to conduct some tests on you, okay? - okay. - [nicole] the first test is called the walk and turn. - when i tell you to begin, what you're going to do, is you're going to take nine heel-to-toe steps down this line, you're going to slowly turn around, and you're going to take nine heel-to-toe steps back down the line. while you're doing this test, i want you to watch your feet, count your steps out loud, keep your arms by your side, and do not stop this test til the test is complete. do you understand those directions? - yes. - okay, you may begin. - one, two, three, four, five...


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