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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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heading out to celebrate thanksgiving with family, friends and loved ones you can expect a lot of company over the next few days if you're out there traveling g evening, i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy. aaa is predicting this to be the busiest holiday for travel in nearly a decade and many people will be traveling by car. fox 29's chris o'connell is riding around checking the roadways. chris, where are you right now? >> reporter: well, actually, dawn, right now we're headed on to i-95 south in ridley park. it has been a mess out there if you're out on the roads. triple a says a million more travelers will be hitting the roads this thanksgiving holiday and many of them like us have done just that. either getting off of work early, taking the day off. let's take look right now if we can go to the highway. we're right now getting on i-95. and take a look at all those red lights ahead. going southbound rush hour started a lot earlier today
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traffic is heavy but not a whole lot different than ordinary rush hour. 43 million americans will take to road trip more than 50 miles this holiday. we are seeing a lot of cars packed with families, packed with food. it will take i was little longer to get there. that's for certain, but for most, it doesn't matter. it's going home for the holidays that counts most. >> the worst thing is the traffic. and just having to spend your days off in the car. but it's really good because you get to see people you haven't seen in awhile. so i'm looking forward it to. >> reporter: and as we take you back right now, again, we are right now i-95 south and the blue route. as you can see, it is basically bumper to bumper but, again, not too bad. hey, another note. this is a very big weekend for high school reunions. many people getting together and
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it is also a big night on area roadways. so be very careful. we're understanding a lot of local law enforcement having dui patrols out there. so take it easy. take an uber. we'll be continuing to monitor the roads here. we'll bring you back here at 6:00 o'clock. lucy -- dawn. >> all right, chris, thank you. over 30t 30th street station many are trying get home for the holidays by rail. hundreds of thousands of people use the rails for preferred helping of travel last thanksgiving holiday and amtrak is expecting another busy holiday weekend this year. >> but today deadly rail accident in delaware forcing some delays. our dave kinchen is live at 30th street station tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, it's just in the last hour or so we started seeing big delays developing here. let me step out of the way take look at the big board. there are a lot of delays right now because of that fatal accident a perp struck and killed by a train. let's go to video from skyfox. this happening in new castle county, delaware, skyfox was
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over the scene. amtrak says service between wilmington and newark is temporarily suspended due to what it calls a trespasser incident. delays in both directions there people online tweeting amtrak wondering what the delay is and amtrak letting them know exactly what we just told you. if we come back live to our picture here we'll show you how busy it is at 30th street station. it's been like that all day and we've been talking with people finding all different ways to get out of town. >> i always over pack it doesn't matter. throw it all in. >> reporter: that too is part of the thanksgiving weekend travel tradition fort frankels of central jersey heading to atlanta for turkey and family fun. >> we always go on wednesday. there's my other daughter we're meeting and we've never had a problem leaving on wednesday. >> reporter: they find philadelphia international airport to be their best bet. frankels are among the most 49 million people traveling 50 miles or more for thanksgiving the most since 2007
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says aaa always worth it when georgia is on your mind. >> two children there. four grandchildren there. love being witness family. >> seeing my nieces and nephew my brother and sister they left for college when i was little it's fun to hang out with them. it's the one time we're altogether. >> reporter: across town at 30th street station, amtrak officials are reporting heavier ridership throughout the northeast corridor expecting to match or even exceed the 750,000 customers they had last thanksgiving. >> it's not my favorite traveling on thanksgiving or right before thanksgiving. >> reporter: although this year is already looking better for rachel or lynn ski headed to nyc. >> last year my game was canceled and i had to hop on another train. definitely better than last year. >> while turkey dinner is the eventual holiday headliner this yea began mother and daughter mix it up with a night at the apollo. >> we spend the night and top people that are winning from the whole year. this is something we just been doing traditionally for the last few years.
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so this gives us a little extra connection before dinner. >> reporter: we're back live here at 30th street station. as you look at people looking at the delays on the big board right there, amtrak, northeast just tweeted this out service has resumed between wilmington, newark, though trains are operating at a reduced speed because of the track situation there. customers may experience congestion and -- congestion related to delays in both directions. we regret the inconvenience and thank everyone for their patience. that's the situation here at 30th street station. iain? >> dave, thanks for that. well, it's time to check in with your fox 29 weather authority. there's a steady flow of traffic making its way across the platt bridge tonight. it's pretty dry out there right now but there is the threat of rain in the forecast for anyone who's getting a later start hitting the road. kathy will tell us about that. >> that's right. good evening. yeah, we have some temperature that is are falling right now. everything is dry and that rain will be coming in especially during the day tomorrow. as we go through the evening, it
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will get cooler as temperatures fall through the 40s but the high today 51 and with the wind calm, it felt so much more comfortable. didn't it? to get those last minute errands finish. 32 in the poconos. we can see some freezing rain during the early morning hours. so please be aware of that if you're hitting the roads early in the morning. pottstown 43. 45 in trenton. 47 degrees in philadelphia. this evening, clouds will be on the increase. mostly cloudy by 9:00 p.m. with a temperature of 40. cloudy and cool at 11:00 o'clock with a temperature of 38 degrees. and all eyes on this big weather system with the snow to the north through the great lakes and rain from chicago southward. this is all pushing eastward, and some light showers will be moving in tomorrow. we do have one delay on the east coast and the northeast newark airport 33 minute delay. snow in the great lakes creating some delays as well. rain in chicago at 22 minute delay. minneapolis some snow 23 minute delay and other than that, looking pretty good in the central part of the country and
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the west. so coming up we'll talk more about timing the showers for tomorrow, your blast friday forecast and the weekend weather when everyone returns home. i'll see you later in the broadcast with that seven day forecast. >> all right, kathy, sounds good. you can take the fox 29 weather authority with you this thanksgiving just download the app. you can get the extended forecast and life radar it's available on apple and google play. drivers on the run after hitting a man in toms river, new jersey. it happened around 11:00 last night along route 70. police believe a vehicle like this infinity q50 was the first car to hitler-year-old john, investigators say several other cars then hit him as well but those drivers did stop. the man died from his injuries. if you have any information please call toms river police. president-elect donald trump will be spending thanksgiving in in order. but are in trump is still making additions to his administration over the holiday. fox's joel waldman is in washington with the very latest for us.
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>> reporter: before the first family sits down at a thanksgiving dinner, president obama taking care of some last minute business. pardoning to the the turkey for the final time in office sending him off along with his pal tater for greener pastures in virgin virginia. >> happy thanksgiving everybody. let's find these turkeys. >> president-elect trump spending the holiday at his resort announcing other nominee for his cabinet. naming prominent charter school advocate and fellow billionaire betsy dee voss as his secretary of education. the pick prompted concern among conservatives because devoss previously supported common core. controversial education standard that mr. trump railed against during the campaign. >> i'm fine with people coming in that disagree with donald trump on issues, but school choice is a big one. vouchers a big one creating competition for the government monopoly on education. >> reporter: he also chose another woman nikki haley as us ambassador to the united nations
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while the south carolina governor supported senator marco rubio during the gop primary, often and openly criticizing mr. trump his team released this statement today saying in part "governor haley has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of background or party affiliation to move critical policies forward for the betterment of her state and our country". president-elect donald trump will remain in florida through sunday while vice president-elect mike pence will be in mississippi visiting his son whose a marine. n washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> governor tom wolf getting praise today from the philadelphia branch of the naacp for vetoing a controversial bill. lawmakers in the state house and senate approved house bill 1538 late last month. it would prevent public officials from releasing the names of officer who's shot and killed a civilian. for 30 days after the incident or once an investigation was finish. today the naacp says governor
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wolf made the right decision in vetoing that legislation. they called the bill dangerous. >> the naacp along with many citizens we have respect and high regard for the life of law enforcement officers, we feel they are part of our community. they risk their lives daily for public safety. however, to begin a practice of keeping names secret from the citizens of our city, we feel is to build a secret police force. >> philadelphia's police union blasted the governor's veto saying it shows a callus did he say regard for the safety of officers and a spine less caving to anti police hate groups republican state representative white is vowing to reintroduce the bill. to people are recovering tonight after escaping an early morning house fire in north philadelphia. flames broke out in the 3,000 block of north swanson street in the fair hill neighbor. victims were rushed to the hospital but only suffered minor burns. fire investigators say the flames started in the bedroom,
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no word on exactly what spark the fire. fire investigatorsly trying to figure out what started a fire in point breeze. broke out around 5:00 this morning along the 1700 block of annan street. firefighters rescued to people from the home. one person went to a local hospital as precaution. it took crews about 30 minutes to get thing under control. it's been something that's been going on in center city for years. panhandling. many mayors have tried to deal with it. mayor jim kenney says his plan will be different. and it was a nightmare for these parents. one minute their son was playing with a balloon in a pool. the next he was unconscious. what doctors say happened. all new at 6:00 o'clock a violent encounter between a robber an store employee it's all caught on camera. how police say the robber managed to get back in the office. ♪
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we're watching the roads for you tonight. millions of americans heading out there for thanksgiving. a lot of people able to get a head start but a lot of people still had to work today and they'll be getting late start so leave yourself a little extra time. you can see heavy traffic out there. to a developing story out of center city. you'll see this only first on fox. right now police are investigating a sexual assault inside a parking garage. >> a woman is in the hospital right now after being attacked fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at the scene with the very latest. dave? >> reporter: dawn, crime seen unit detectives -- crime seen unit investigators and the special victims unit detectives left here few moments ago. they spent the afternoon down below this parking garage underground garage across from
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city hall it's right blow love park which is under renovation. this happened just before noon according to investigators. a 27-year-old female says she was allegedly sexually assaulted and she was beaten. it was a bloody seen down on level p-three where the attack took place. we were there as special victims unit detectives and the crime seen unit collected evidence from the scene. we are told the victim is now being interviewed at jefferson hospital by detectives. we spoke to woman who's car was park a few feet away from the crime scene. >> the fact that it was on my car makes me extremely nervous. scared. i worry for -- i worry for myself the safety of my friends, family that work in the city. >> i hope they do catch the guy. i really do. i hope she really cooperates because i mean, it's a shame for someone to be that cruel to let them get away. >> reporter: now, again, special victims detectives are at the hospital interviewing the
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victim trying to get a good description of her attacker. at this point they're not saying what she was hit with but we're told she might have been struck with some type of instrument. there are surveillance cameras near the pay stations in the stairwells but not in the garage area where this attack took place. but police are reviewing those surveillance videos just in case. we'll have more for you on this coming up at 10 and 11 tonight. iain? >> thank you dave. pretty scary stuff. the science channel will not air a planned tv special about a delaware pumpkin chunking contest after the event went terribly wrong earlier this month in sussex county. a woman was critically injured by flying metal after a trap door ripped off a machine when the cannon was fired. a man was also hurt. the science channel had originally planned to air a three hour show chronic link the event. >> homelessness and panhandling sometimes a part of center city philadelphia for as long as people can remember. several mayors tried to find a solution to the problem largely
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without success. >> but now comes a new effort from mayor jim kenney's administration. our bruce gordon has the story. >> reporter: if you live or work in philadelphia, chances are you've seen evidence of homelessness and asked foreman by a panhandler. >> people come across and ask you for money or whatever. some are okay. some are not so okay. >> all these years i've been in the city seems like there's more of them out here now. >> reporter: according to a city ken suss there are fewer homeless men and women on the streets. construction projects at love bark, dilworth park and vine street have roust thed the homeless from their usual have havens. an officer overlooking the construction at love park she hears about it from the business community and just plane folks. >> what were they say to you. >> they're seeing -- the more visible the number of people homeless who appear to be homeless. people who appear to be panhandling and more aggressively the. >> reporter: a new partnership between the city and local
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businesses aims to make a bad situation better. providing moorhouseing options and job training for the homeless. pushing for alternatives to cash donations to panhandlers and moving those mass outdoor feedings indoors. pairing them with other needed social services. >> when people eat a meal we want them to be able to sit down and enjoy the company of other people and not be standing up in a line. so -- >> reporter: human dignity. >> exactly. >> reporter: report when that new love park opens to the public do not expect a crack down to keep the homeless and panhandlers out. >> we're not going to criminalize homelessness. that has never been our policy and it won't be our policy going forward. >> reporter: you're not going to try to rouse these folks if they feel love park is their new home. >> no. >> it requires resources and money to make the fix that's where the business community comes in. will they put their dollars where their concerns are? we'll see. in philadelphia, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. a south philadelphia high school is showing thanks for law
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enforcement ahead of thanksgiving holiday. ♪ >> roman catholic high school held its annual blue mass of thanksgiving this morning. the school uses the event to show its appreciation for all first responders and the sacrifices they make to protect the public. local soldier has won the war against a local towing company last night we told you about staff sergeant timothy kohler. over the weekend his car was towed from a recruiting center near broad and cecil b. moore. sergeant kohler though was park in a space designate forward the recruiting sent but got his car towed any way. despite showing up in uniform to pick up his car he was charged more than 200 bucks. he filed a claim against george smith together but today the operations manager met with kohler and refunded him his together fee and court costs. fox 29 getting results there. bensalem police arrested this man they say sexually assault add 12-year-old girl. jorge ramirez charged with aggravated indecent assault of a
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child and related offenses. police say ramirez first encountered the victim at a church service and they believe after the initial meeting the girl was sexually assaulted over a dozen times in ramirez's car. police say he's undo you meaned immigrant from honduras. well thanksgiving is a time to get together with family. but are you dreading seeing some of your relatives after the election? how you can keep your cool at the dinner table. >> you kids know pinky it could be deadly and far too easy to get. how people are getting their hands on the drug that's not only illegal, it's not even meant for human use. ♪
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philadelphia police are looking for a robbery suspect who held up a 7eleven in fishtown in a flimsy disguise it happened sunday at a store on north delaware avenue. the man walks behind the counter, forces the clerk to open the cash register and then reaches in and grabs some cash. and gets away. if you know who he is call police. a florida mom says she's lucky her son alive and now has warning for other parents. >> she says her son sucked
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helium from a balloon and nearly drowned. you may fine this video good to watch. the good news the boy okay. marleen from orange county says her 10-year-old was just feet away swimming in their backyard pool. their home surveillance video shows the boy sucking helium from a balloon. his family says he then went under the water to sneak up behind his mom and talk in a high pitched voice. but he never came up for air. he was under the water for nearly two minutes before his mother realized something was very wrong and jumped in and saved him. doctors told the family that a combination of sucking in the helium and holding his breath may have caused the boy to pass out. after several days in the hospital, he is back home and doing just fine after quite a scare. a pair of lucky turkeys thankful today the birds tater and to the pardoned this year at the annual white house event. this is president obama's last turkey pardon so his nephew subbed in for daughters malia and sasha this year. they were at the president's
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side. >> fortunately, i have by my side here today two of my nephews austin and aaron robinson who unlike malia and sasha have not yet been turned cynical by washington. malia and sasha by the way are thankful that this is my final presidential turkey pardon what. i haven't told them yet we're going to do this every year from now on! [ laughter ] >> tater and to the will retire on a farm at virginia tech. >> like those names. well after contentious election season you might be a little nervous politic will be a point of discussion at the thanksgiving table. guess what? some experts say talk about it. america continues to come to terms with the election results, people are worried that friendly banter could turn into heated arguments. but medical and communication experts say it's best to embrace that big elephant or the donkey in the room and try to refrain from banning political discussions. some experts say if you're about
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to explode with anger do less talking and more list septembering and understanding. all right. hundreds of were left without power while rescuers attempted to get a cat that was clinging to the top of utility pole. the incredible amount of time the cat was out there. it is crunch time for travelers hitting the road for thanksgiving. why aaa thinks this will be the busiest travel day in nearly a decade. kathy. >> what do you think about tomorrow morning? that's when i'll be traveling. taking a look at the rain moving toward the delaware valley. it's moving very quickly toward the east. we can see some freezing drizzle moving into the lehigh valley and the poconos even tonight. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> we're definitely not talking politics. if the food is bad i'll figure out something to say about the food.
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my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
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philadelphia police want to figure out if a the same guy is behind a series of smash and grabgrabs. burglaries in the kensington area. since the beginning of the month nine businesses on aramingo avenue have been burglarized early in the morning. in each of the incidents, the thief busts the front door of the business with a hammer to get inside. the burglar getting away with money and stealing other items from the businesses. let's take live at wilmington right now at 5:30 on this business travel day. traffic is moving pretty well on 95 tonight. at least right there. meteorologist kathy orr will have your forecast coming up in
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just a bit. well one thing we know for sure, whether you're traveling by air, car or rail, it's going to be crowded. you can't get around it. >> that's right. this thanksgiving is expected to be the busiest travel holiday in nine years. fox's adam shapiro has more from newark liberty international airport which is expected to be one of the busiest airports this year. >> reporter: don't be surprised if you're stuck in traffic this holiday weekend. triple a expects 48.7 million americans are going to travel for thanksgiving. that's 1 million more travelers than last year. and the busiest turkey day since 2007. >> really a tributing this to the improvements in the economy that we've seen at the tell end of the year and low gas prices. drivers have saved more than $28 billion on gas so far this year. >> reporter: driving is expected to be the most popular way to travel with 89% of thanksgiving travelers hitting the roads. air travel is up, too. triple a says just this weekend some 3.7 million of us are going
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fly. and for the 10 days around thanksgiving, industry trade group says 27 million will take to the air waves. >> travelers need to make sure they arrive at least two hours early for domestic flights and look even if you have tsa pre-check that doesn't really exempt you from getting there early. those lines are going to be extra long this weekend as well. >> reporter: where is everyone going? out west apparently. triple lists las vegas, san francisco and san diegos their top three destinations this weekend. but if you're heading east, say, to new york, prepare to have a lot of company. experts say that our area is the fifth most popular destination and two of the airports here newark liberty in and jfk are among the nation's top 10 busiest. add newark liberty international airport, adam shapiro, fox business. get back to your fox 29 wet authority now. a chilly but dry day for people hitting the roads for thanksgiving. >> the question is, is it going to stay that way? meteorologist kathy orr has your holiday
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forecast in 15 seconds. it was a beautiful day with temperatures in the 50s and light winds which made it much more comfortable. ultimate doppler we're seeing the clouds rolling in and some sprinkle through reading berks county where uh-uh seat pink that's little bit of freezing rain. so we have to be very watchful of the northeast extension heading through allentown and northern lehigh valley and into the poconos late tonight for anything that appears to be wet could be on the icy side. this morning, we had the defendant air of the entire season with morning lows mainly in the 20s. allentown even colder than the poconos at 23 degrees. pottstown wilmington and ac waking up to 26. mt. holly, new jersey, 31 and philadelphia 32. the previous coldest morning in
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the city with 35 degrees. right now, temperatures in the 40s for the most part. 39 in millville and 32 degrees in the poconos but elsewhere fairly comfortable. fair weather high pressure will move off the coast allowing this front to move on through and as it approaches it will be bringing some showers. now tomorrow morning's drive you can see that wintry mix represented by the pink moving in as well. but by the time the rain moves in late morning early afternoon in the form of some spotty showers, that's all it will be the liquid variety. this cold front will be moving through and during the day for your black friday we'll see more clouds but it still will be fairly comfortable. thanksgiving showers will be roaming in mainly during the morning hours. you can see thursday morning at 7:00 a.m. fairly quiet. and then some spotty showers here or there in the poconos maybe a little bit of a wintry mix tomorrow morning. and then it moves on through with most of the precipitation to the north and we stay mostly cloudy for friday. overnight 38 in the city. 34 in the suburbs increasing clouds and seasonably cool for
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this time of year. during the day tomorrow high 54. scattered showers more like spotty showers not big deal more of a nuisance than anything else. mostly cloudy with an east wind at just 5 miles an hour. black friday if you're going to be shopping, well f you go really early like 4:00 a.m., 42 degrees by midday take a lunch break 55. maybe the next store the next mall or heading home by 4:00 p.m. the temperature 53. on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast, from your weather authority, 57 friday. saturday looks good. sunday looks pleasant as well. monday we have the birds monday night football kick off temperatures in the 40s but afternoon highs in the 50s. next tuesday looks nice at 60 and next wednesday get this, 65 degrees. that would be 12 degrees above normal at the end of the month. >> like the sound of that, kat kathy. >> not so bad. >> all right. thank you. preparations underway for a feast in kitchens across the country the four words you need to remember to make a safe meal
5:35 pm
for your family and friends. >> domino's is ditching delivery cars for delivery reindeer. it's no joke. got nothing to do with christm christmas. all new tonight at 6:00 o'clock, after a big meal, are you plan to go hit the stores don some black friday shopping? why doctors say it just might be the thing to help relieve some of that stress. ♪
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♪ busy out there on the highways tonight. take live look on the ben franklin parkway. kind of traffic being detoured because of parade preparations. leave yourself extra time. meantime, nightmare traffic in california ahead of the holiday. this is what it looked like last night to the 405 bumper to bumper from san monica to los
5:39 pm
angeles airport. airport officials predict more than 2 million travelers fly through their terminals this holiday weekend up from last year. travel experts say this season affordable airfares and low gas price behind the rise in holiday travel. kitchens across the us thanksgiving preparations are underway. >> they are. but if you're not careful you could make your dinner guests sick and you certainly don't want to do that. experts say people can run into trouble because they preparing dishes that they don't cook on regular basis. the united states department of agriculture says, there are four simple words to remember when dealing with a mixed bag of ingredients they are clean, separate, cook and chill. >> we know that one in six consumers in this country gets sick from food-borne illness each year. and that's approximately 48 million people. it results in many hospitalizations and about 3,000 deaths each year. >> experts say it's also critical to wash your hands after handling raw meat so you
5:40 pm
don't contaminate your food. domino's is trying out new way to deliver in japan. by reindeer. this is no joke. michigan based chain is a iteming to train the reindeer in northern japan much these photos show animal trainers trying to balance a thermal pizza container on the back of a reindeer. [ laughter ] >> record breaking snowfall affected there domino's is trying to think out of the box to get the pizza delivered on time despite the weather. >> i can't imagine it would still be hot. but you never know. >> without toys for tots many children wouldn't wake up with presents under the tree. we have a rare look inside the operation that makes so many children smile. do your children know pinky you try to going get but you won't fine the deadly affects of the new way people are getting high. how people are buying a drug that's not illegal it's not even meant for human use. sean. >> iain, nelson agholor thing is serious than we thought. coach pederson talks about agholor's struggles and what he tries to do to fix it. that's coming up later in sports.
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♪ so do your children know about something called pinky? as a parent, it's a question you should probably ask. it's a new way to get high. it's cheap, and you can get it right over the internet. >> even though it was just ban in the u.s. some some users can easily get their hands on it. here's fox 29's joyce evans. ♪ >> i feel like i'm not even a person any more. report rohrer rick gomez is only 31 years old. >> i lost 10 years of my life. >> reporter: in and out of prison. >> i don't eat. i don't sleep. i don't do anything else. >> reporter: chris lay hey is just 24 years old. they are recovering heroin addicts who have injected or
5:45 pm
inhaled whatever was in the pact just as long as it got them hi high. >> i knew when i poured it out that it was not heroin. >> reporter: took only minutes to find out. he was right. >> od podded on the floor not breathing. and, um, the paramedics barely were able to bring me back. the narcan wasn't really working. yeah, i think they had to get me four or five times. >> reporter: chris says doctors had no idea what he to took. >> part of the reason they nobody we met at the brotherly love house even blinked to hear that there's yet another powerful killer synthetic opioid on the scene called pink, pinky or by its laboratory name u47700 and nobody was phased that anybody can get it online cheap. >> you're not surprised? >> no, i'm not surprised at all. i'm feeling good. >> reporter: devon receives set up brotherly love house as part of his long-time recovery
5:46 pm
mission. he says the stuff he he od pods on in 2007 was nothing compared to what is out there today. >> what we're seeing on the black-market is people are mixing drugs like pinky and car fet until and fet follow with heroin to boost the potency and what's happening people are thinking they're getting one substance and they're getting something a hundred times more powerful. >> it's we're up over a hundred deaths we've confirmed. >> that's just over the past year. dr. barry logan chief of forensic toxicology is sounding alarm about u47700. after seeing what's coming through the nms laboratory in willow grove, pa. >> we're seeing these cases from all over the united states, from alaska to florida and the midwest and the south many, many states. >> reporter: he believes it may be only a matter of time before it gets a strangle hold on every corner of the country.
5:47 pm
before this manmade drug meant for good joins another dozen or so franken stein monsters. >> u47700 is a drug that was developed by drug company back in the 1970s the up john chemical company, and it was a candidate drug for -- they were considering marking as painkiller. but for whatever reason, it never paid it to market. >> reporter: well, not until the formula made it on the internet and into the hands of offshore vendors who are still filling and shipping orders despite the government's very recent temporary ban on u47700. >> all you have to do is search it. 47700 and up pops quite a selection of different products from different companies. even on sale for $50, less than $50, here's one for $66 and 70 cents and the comments they're plenty of them. they talk about how great the
5:48 pm
high is. one even commenting, seriously, though, this is legal to just buy without any security? >> some of that gets caught in customs but a lot of it makes it through. >> reporter: we did not complete a purchase. there is a federal ban in place. but we could have. >> the high might be good but the life is horrible. >> reporter: that's if you live. >> it's very dangerous out the there. people using drugs know it because the friends they're using with the people they're using with are dying. >> reporter: but the demand goes up. >> when there's new substances out like that, you know, you figure, you know, why not? it's seductive. when you hear about something like that and it's, you think like, well, it won't be me. >> reporter: chris and eric are working hard trying to the not to return to that live. >> you know, something clicked in me about a month ago. >> reporter: both are doing extremely well so far. >> this it. i know it. >> reporter: they have real goals for the first time. >> i have a daughter i want to
5:49 pm
be loving father. >> reporter: eric wants to own his own business. chris first wants to regain his family's trust. >> i couldn't possibly express in words to them because they've heard them before. >> reporter: they say societal sigma may be harder than the habit to overcome. >> i get labeled as, not just felon but a convict, a junkie, um, a piece of garbage. >> it's the snake around drug use that led to us our problem and that stigma comes from 30 years of bad drug polls toll ran see. >> reporter: why devon is pushing for a public awareness campaign that would include far better and quicker treatment for all who seek help not just those with good insurance. >> up to 30 day waits to get in a treatment center. >> reporter: could be dead by then. >> and it does happen. >> reporter: like devon, chris hopes to join the fight. >> i think it only wins when it kills you, because there's always a way out. >> reporter: joyce evans --
5:50 pm
>> there is an answer. -- fox 29 news. ♪ and philadelphia mayor jim kenney announced the formation of a task force to deal with the city's opioid crisis and city asked devon of brotherly love to join it. if you need help with opioid addiction we have a link for help on fox family changed by a tragic loss says using their heartbreak to encourage organ donation. the moyer family lost their son in drunking driving accident ethan moyer's organs were donated. recipients joined our good day team this morning. >> i have ethan's lungs. >> wow! >> what can you say to -- i know ethan is not here. >> i'm eternally grateful. obviously to him and also to his parents because they had to -- i think also authorize it even though he had selected that. >> right. >> so to obviously i'm eternally grateful i'm able to live my life the way i would have liked
5:51 pm
to have lived it originally. it enable me to get off of oxygen which i had been on for several years. >> seven people were hemmed because of ethan moyer's organ donations tissue, bone and vessels can be donated to help safe someone else's life. >> you've seen the donation bins all over but where do all those toys end up? >> today we got inside peek at a local toys for tots destruction center. volunteers are hard at work in horsham township sorting through thousands of donated toys that will eventually end up in the hands of children in need this holiday season. the glenside chapter of toys for tots is spending its first year in many new space along gibraltar road. the space was actually donated by a generous local businessperson. >> he's willing to not take rent for gigantic spot like this where he can probably rent it because we have at least a 90% rental occupancy in horsham for this kind of space.
5:52 pm
he was kind of now give us and donate toys for tots the space. it's a wonderful thing. >> it is a wonderful thing. the toys in this location will go to children in bucks and montgomery counties. last year the glenside chapter helped more than 12,000 boys and girls have a very merry christmas. hundreds of homes were left without power while rescuers attempted to rescue a cat clinging to the top of utility pole. the incredible amount of time witnesses say it was there. and all new at 6:00 o'clock a violent encounter between a robber and a store employee is all caught on camera. how police say the robber managed to get back into the office. >> and after a big meal, are you plan to go hit the stores and do some shopping on black friday? why doctors say it my just be the thing to help relieve some stress. ♪
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5:56 pm
a cat in fresco know california is safe and sound after being stuck on top of a 45-foot power pole for eight days. it's owner says fat boy probably climbed up the pole after being scared with a dog. a non-profit animal group helped facilitate that rescue. i don't think fat boy is fat any more after eight days without food or water. 250 homes went without power while the rescue was complete and as you can see, that kitty is finally safe and on the ground. >> well americans love their cars it's a free country park where you want. wouldn't it be nice if we can. well one east falls resident is mad about an orange car and where it's park. in fact it has someone seeing red. fox 29's hank flynn has that
5:57 pm
story. >> ♪ >> what the hell is the matter with orange? there's no law against it. >> it's just silly. >> other things to worry about. >> no kidding but the orange on this gti has one east falls person turning red with anger leaving notes that say move it no one wants to look at your orange car. cars completely legal so passers by like steve were at a loss. >> you can park anywhere you want as long as you have a permit on your car. >> my boy has got one. >> yeah. whoever puts a note on that has lot of time on their hands. >> the original note poster was nowhere to be found one resident who wouldn't go on camera empathized the car has been there for days she said it belongs to a college student who doesn't live in east faults. and there were other cars on ainsly with mates from new york and maryland students possibly and these cars she says are the reason she can't park on her own street. >> that car is usually parked up
5:58 pm
here in front of my house and stay there is for four or five days. >> you left the note on it. >> no. what i do, i actually will -- you can't -- there's no compensation, there's no conversation. >> he's permitted any way. the kid is completely illegal whwhoever it is. >> don is a aims many street lifer. has no issue with the car but acknowledged sometimes park sag problem but nowhere like it could be. >> this is citywide it's become like south philly. >> yeah. >> south philly has been dealing with it forever. >> they park in the middle of the street. >> they park in the middle of the street. we don't do that yet. >> you have to do the best you can. >> the note on the car today was all love actually invitation we love orange. somebody even wrote go flyers. so nothing left to do really but post a note of my own to whom it may concern. number one, pipe down. number two, philly's got parki g issues everywhere and three life is full of wonderful challenges
5:59 pm
my contribution to are a that's becoming a public bulletin. what would you write? use your imagination on hang 29 or the house at fox 29 philly. >> right now at 6:00, ready, set, travel. millions of americans are piling into cars, trains and planes to get to their thanksgiving destinations. last minute tips you need to know before hitting the road. police are looking for your help a robber pulls a gun inside a local store demanding money but the employee fights back. till he it's good shot. how police say the robber got access to his office. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. it is a cliche but you definitely will want to pack the patience if you are heading out on area highways. it is brake lights as far as the eye can see. it is no secret by now if you're
6:00 pm
traveling this thanksgiving weekend, you will not be alone. millions of other people are hitting the roads, rails and skies. it could be actually record setting when all is said and done. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy. >> i'm iain page. roads are certainly pack but so are the nation's railways and airports. our dave kinchen is live at 30th street station tonight where plenty of travelers have been coming and going. dave? >> reporter: almost looks like a line for concert tickets here this is penal getting out of town. a different kind of fun. i'll step out of the way, though. it's not all fun. here' weiss you can see the delays on the big board right there now running upwards every 25 even 30 minutes late in some cases. and i want to show you why. let's go to some video right now. we're talking about a fatal train crash in new castle county, delaware, that had stopped suspended the wilmington newark line there. we're told by amtrak that service has resumed although the trains are o


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