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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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traveling this thanksgiving weekend, you will not be alone. millions of other people are hitting the roads, rails and skies. it could be actually record setting when all is said and done. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy. >> i'm iain page. roads are certainly pack but so are the nation's railways and airports. our dave kinchen is live at 30th street station tonight where plenty of travelers have been coming and going. dave? >> reporter: almost looks like a line for concert tickets here this is penal getting out of town. a different kind of fun. i'll step out of the way, though. it's not all fun. here' weiss you can see the delays on the big board right there now running upwards every 25 even 30 minutes late in some cases. and i want to show you why. let's go to some video right now. we're talking about a fatal train crash in new castle county, delaware, that had stopped suspended the wilmington newark line there. we're told by amtrak that service has resumed although the trains are operating at reduced
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speeds in that area. now, we're also told that amtrak's waiting for police to release that train involved in that accident to release it from that scene. so that's the reason for the slow down here, but as we come back live here, we want to tell you that it's been busy like this even busier since 3:00 o'clock. because people are finding all sorts of ways to get out of to town. >> the lines are long at 30th street station as amtrak ambassadors help direct travelers. security is heavier than usual, too. with the busiest travel day of the year in full swing. amtrak expects about 750,000 people to hit the rails for the thanksgiving weekend. >> it's not my favorite traveling on thanksgiving or right before thanksgiving. >> reporter: however this year is already looking better for rachel or lynn ski on her way to nyc. >> last year my train was canceled. i had to hop another train. >> while turkey dinner is the holiday headliner, this mother
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and daughter team mixing it up with a night at the apollo. >> we spend the night and they move the top people winning. >> this is something we just been doing traditionally for the last few years. so just gives us a little extra connection before dinner. i always over pack. it doesn't matter. throw it all in. >> reporter: that's also part of the thanksgiving travel tradition for the frankels of central jersey flying out of phl international airport for turkey and family fun in atlanta. >> we always go on wednesday much there's my other daughter we're meeting and we've never had a problem leaving on wednesday. >> reporter: they are among the almost 49 million people traveler 50 miles or more for thanksgiving. the most since 2007 says aaa always worth it with georgia on their minds. >> two children there, four grandchildren there. love being with the family. >> seeing my nieces and nephews my brother and sister. they left for college when i was little it's fun to hang out with them. the one time we're altogether.
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>> can't eat all that thanksgiving food. you have to watch that food. >> reporter: no doubt about that. but here we're watching train delays again. delays up to about 25, 30 minutes because of the crash earlier. the pedestrian crash in the new castle county, delaware, area so this could be slow for quite sometime. back to you. >> all right, dave. good advice. thanks. from the rails now to the roads. >> depend wagon major highway drivers are on, they could could be seeing a whole lot of red brake lights. fox 29's chris o'connell has been traveling the majors all night. chris, where are you now and how is it looking out there? >> reporter: well, dawn, right now we're along the blue route in delaware county macdade boulevard and if you are heading out like the millions of americans who will, you will not be alone because this could be a record-breaking year for holiday travel. let me show you where we're at now. the good news here at least along the blue route, traffic not too bad. take look at the traffic you're
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looking actually we're coming up to 95 and the blue route right now. and this is typically a pretty busy intersection at least this time of night. but look at it already. it look like people have taken some extra time. they left early or they have just taken a vacation day. so not to bad at least right here. according to aaa, 43 million americans will take to the road trip more than 50 miles this holiday. that's the most in recent years experts say more families are taking these trips because of better economy, lower gas prices so they're hopping in the car. now we check out a gas station one guy who was leaving for florida saying getting there is half the battle. >> i just try to stay away from all the big rigs, you know what i mean? other than that, i don't really -- i get bogged down in traffic i put music on.
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otherwise i listen to talk rad radio. >> reporter: remember, local law enforcement out in full force tonight. state police in pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey all telling us they have stepped up enforcement patrols for dui and speed enforcement. bottom line, take a little extra time but just be safe. guys, iain, back to you. >> good advice, chris. a lot of people who head out to the thanksgiving day parade tomorrow are wondering about the cold. maybe a little rain. so kathy is here to tell us about that. kathy? >> yeah you want to be prepared, right? it will be damp. the good news there's not going to be anything in the way of wind. we're tired of that, right? we've had enough of that. take look at the airport. everything moving along on schedule. no weather issues. not tonight. temperatures 46. the high today 51. winds out of the east at just 3 miles an hour. temperatures ranging from 32 in the poconos to 46 in wilmington and philadelphia. it's 39 in millville and 36 degrees with partly cloudy sky in wrightstown.
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so as we look through the evening, increasing clouds through the nighttime hours, 11:00 o'clock temperature 38 degrees. it will be seasonably chilly overnight tonight. we do have some patchy showers in a few snowflakes through the poconos but a lot of this not hitting the ground. so please be careful if you're traveling up the northeast extension toward the poconos and the upper lehigh valley late tonight. airport delays in newark, 33 minutes but other than that, we're looking at no problems along the east. chicago, minneapolis delays due to a storm that is moving all right way. so coming up we'll talk about timing the rain for your thanksgiving day. the black friday forecast and the weekend weather for everyone traveling going back home. >> all right. kathy, we'll catch in you a few. you can take the fox 29 weather authority with you this holiday weekend. just download the app. you can get the extended forecast and life radar it's all available on apple and google play. philadelphia police are trying to track down the man accused of shooting a worker in northern liberties. this happened november 11th
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inside northern liberties foods along warfield avenue. police say a man went in asking getting a job then tried to steal some cash. investigators say he got into kind of a tussle with a store worker and shot him twice. he's in stable condition tonig tonight. now the very latest on the white house transition. president-elect donald trump announced another nominee for his cabinet naming prominent charter school advocate betsy devoss as his secretary of education. the pick is sparking concern because she previously supported common core that mr. trump rallied against during the campaign. >> i'm fine with people coming in that disagree with donald trump on issues but school choice is a big one. vouchers a big one creating competition for the government monopoly on education. >> meanwhile the president-elect also chose another woman south carolina governor nikki haley as pick for us ambassador to the
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united nations. >> overbrook community gathering to night demanding whomever hit and killed a young girl last week to come forward. >> police joined neighbors and friends of eight-year-old jay anna powell they marched through the streets tonight. someone hit powell with their car along lansdowne avenue last friday. they just cep going. she died investigator it's have released this picture of the car they say hit that little girl. they say it's a silver nissan maxima or altima. if you've got any information, police would love to hear from you. now to 74 you saw first on fox 29. a woman in her 20's is recovering at a local hospital aft police say she was sexually assaulted inside a sent city parking garage. it happened just before noon in the garage of love park. police are looking at nearby surveillance cameras hoping that they caught a glimpse of the woman's attacker. >> if you spend any time in center city philadelphia, you know that seeing someone who's homeless is not a rare site.
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and the panhandling sometimes associated with homelessness has been a part of this area for a long time. >> it has now mayor jim kenney's administration is trying to find a solution to the problem. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in spring garden with what city officials are proposing and it's been a tough one to overcome. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, eradicating homelessness, doing away with panhandling it's a heavy lift just ask any of the past several philadelphia mayors who have tried and at least to some degree failed. this latest attempt seeks to make a bad situation at least a little bit better in a way that both street people and the general public can agree on. in and around center city philadelphia the signs are hard to miss. persistent homelessness. and panhandlers begging for money. some have the sense a humor but this is no joke. >> pretty regularly people kind of hang out in some of the same spots and ask for money. >> sad. seems like there's more of them out here now. >> reporter: construction
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projects at sites like love park have you rousted the homeless from their usual havens an office overlooking the site the city's deputy manager director for hell and human services says the business community among others has noticed. >> even though the actual number of homeless individuals according to our annual counts has gone down, there's more visible presence of people on the street. >> reporter: now comes a new partnership between the city and business leaders to make this bad situation a little better. in the coming months they'll move to create moorhouseing and job training programs for the homeless. push the public to stop giving cash donation to panhandlers and move those mass outdoor feedings inside pair them with other needed social services. >> receiving meals in the without service and again without anybody saying how you doing washington do you need that's not a safe and dignified setting. >> reporter: when love park reopens all nice and neat and clean do not expect the city to force out the homeless who will once again try and call it home.
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the goal says eva glad steen is to better share our public space. >> the mayor said often we want people to be housed but we are not going to hide people. we're not going to criminalize homelessness and that is never been our policy and it won't be our policy going forward. >> reporter: well, we shall see. some of these new initiatives will require some resources. money. business community has spoken loud and clear about the probl problem. now we see if they are willing to come up with some of the money needed to help solve it. dawn? >> we shall see. thank you, bruce. one center city business is giving back this holiday season. workers at rush order teas raised money to buy food for local homeless shelters. 180 worker raised $2,500 for families in need. and they aren't done with their jenn rots they are already pla planning a toy drive. >> today some local college students learned that giving back is just as important as their class work. how many people they served during what's become a
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meaningful tradition. >> after that big holiday meal you plan to hit the stores don little shopping for black frid friday? why doctors say it might just be what the dr. ordered to relieve some of that stress. >> sean. >> nelson agholor has struggling badly on the field and it's all been mental. see what he's doing to get right and get back on track hater in sports.
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>> check it out. there's a steady flow of traffic making its way across the platt bridge this evening. and right now it's dry out there but there's a threat of rain in the forecast for anyone getting little later start hitting the road kathy orr will have everything you need to know if you're heading out later tonight or early tomorrow. cooks in your family may be in a bit of a panic thanks to extra family in the house. fox 29 crews caught some locals in the last minute dash at the grocery store this shop rite in west oak lane was buzzing ahead of thanksgiving but store officials are offering some support they came up with a creative way to use left overs.
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>> one of the things we sell is the platter is our turkey we take stuffing and we take cranberry sauce and put it on one of the king hawaiian rolls and it serves as a fabulous after thanksgiving meal. >> all right. good luck with your dinner and thanks to shop rite for having us in the store this busy morning. they are fox 29 sponsor. in delaware county college students are helping their neighbors. >> that's right. students at widener cooked up a thanksgiving meal for residents of chester. the salvation army hosted this event seniors and freshmen in widener's hospitality manage co app program prepared a thanksgiving feast for the families at the chester salvation army for the past 11 years they've been doing it. the students cooked everything all by themselves. i love it. they say it's a lot of work, but it was definitely well worth it. >> there's a lot of work leading up to it but the actual service itself it's really unmatch. you have such a great feeling giving back to the community and giving back to the chester community being four year senior
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i've been here all four years, you know, this is really my community now. so it's great to give back. >> good job, guys. students say they fed nearly 200 people at today' twos-hour feast and although college seniors led the project, freshmen and transfer students lend a big hand in finding donations and helping cook the meal. >> good for them this black friday could leave some people smiling not just because they found a good deal either. doctors say so-called retail therapy is real. >> yay! >> it's a thing. shopping can actually make you feel good. here's why. psychological -- psychiatrist at a cleveland clinic says that shopping is a mood booster. okay because it appeals to the senses it can help you escape from your own troubles and even window shopping can leave in you a good mood. it's all about producing positive brain chemistry. >> what happens when the bills come, iain. >> that could be negative chem tree. [ laughter ] >> don't think about it. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. a little chilly out there. but nice day. >> night day to travel if you're hitting the roads, kathy.
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>> perfect day to travel. sunday the other very busy day will be a nice day as well. it's in between that will be eh a little iffy. take look at ultimate doppler we're seeing some precipitation. you see that white that's headed toward the poconos those are snow showers but they're in the higher levels of the atmosphere. so not much of that making it to the ground maybe a sprinkle or a flurry. temperatures out there right now mainly in the 40s. we have some 30s in the poconos. also in millville wildwood 36 degrees. and wrightstown only 36 as well. the clouds will continue to thicken as high pressure builds away. low pressure going right through the great lakes and into parts of southeastern canada this is forecast track for early winter we talk about that last week with our winter outlook. so the snow staying north in those riri sorts where we waneta and to the south seeing mainly rain that will be the case. during the day tomorrow, showers ahead of this cold front. and that means we'll have the clouds and some spotty precipitation but less than a tenth of an inch so it's not a lot of rain. as we time it out hour by hour
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tonight just mostly cloudy nig night. tomorrow through the morning, seven, eight, nine, 10:00 o'clock i'm expecting dry conditions. it's after that that the spotty showers will be moving through late morning into early afternoon. not everyone will be seeing them and then we really dry it out with mostly cloudy sky. that will linger into the day on friday for your shopping adventures. overnight in the city 38 in the suburbs 34. it will be seasonably cool with increasing clouds. during the day tomorrow, not much wind. just spotty showers mostly cloudy and the wind out of the east at 5 miles an hour. 54 degrees for your thanksgiving day. and if you're going shopping on black friday well if you hit the mall really early say 4:00 a.m., 42 degrees. it's pretty. lunch break at noon looking nice, 55. that's a buff average. as you hit the next store or move on home at 4:00 o'clock, temperatures still in the 50s. your seven day forecast from the weather authority friday 57. saturday 54. sunday 51. everyone returns home monday eagles game day for monday night football the high vick.
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kick off around 44. then tuesday and wednesday something interesting happens. temperatures rising above normal. 60 degrees tuesday. wednesday showers but 65? what's up with that? >> i like that. >> pretty nice. >> we'll take it. thank you kathy. >> exactly. hopefully there's some sunshine on the eagles season after a tough loss and tough off the field issues right now. mental and physical. eagles really struggling and in this division there's no time for it. in room for error. today the guys talked about the urgency in that locker room, plus nelson agholor admits to struggling this past sunday. see what coach pederson is doing to lighten agholor's workload later in sports.
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my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers.
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we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
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♪ eagles head nothing a huge prime time game monday night against the packers. that could really decide the rest of the season for them. yet they are dealing with one of the their wide receivers mental issues nelson agholor admitted right now he's in his own head it's not a physical thing it's a mental thing. the guys in the locker room have a bit of advice for him. main thing, stay off social media. after the game people were killing him especially after a couple mistakes the big one was that illegal formation call right here where he simply lined up wrong and took away touchdown from the team. now coach pederson is trying to
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lighten up his load. >> i don't want to expos him to anything that will hurt him there, you know, as an individual, as a human being, because i know, you know, i just know that this is -- this is also about life, and it's about him as a person, and it's not so much about football any more. i want to make sure that nelson is right as a person as a human being. >> really right now the eagles can't afford to worry about a player's psyche because at this point it's do or die. five-five in last in the nfl east they need to get things going right now or kiss their play off hopes goodbye and that's something that's very apparent to the locker room. >> it's obvious that there's an urgency. we need to win football games. there's a lot of good teams in this division. a lot of good teams in the nfc period. so, you know, we got to step it up but the only thing that we need to do is focus on ourselves. all the games that we've lost, it's us killing ourselves.
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>> the game is on monday but you can still get a full preview on "game day live" sunday at 10:00 a.m. howard eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break down the chances of beating the packers. there's nothing better than watching football on thanksgiving. this time it's extra special because it's a win/win for owe he is guess. washington and dallas at four confidential 30. either way someone in the nfl east will take an l. bad news for flyers fans. last night sean courtiere left the game with lower body injury. today the flyers announced he'll miss four to six weeks it's reported it's a mcl. things like that are very recurring when it's an mcl. hopefully it's just four to six and it won't be longer. >> let's hope. >> all right. >> that will do it for us tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. travel safe. ♪
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> fire in the sky. the fire ball that freaked out a city. >> look at that. wow. burning up. then, carmageddon. >> we got traffic. >> surviving the worst traffic jam. and inside and donald trump's winter white house. plus, what really happened to kanye west. >> he had an altercation at the home of his personal trainer. then -- >> deborah: before you go shopping for the holidays. >> i will take this one. >> how to know if you are buying fake merchandise, sunglasses, purses -- >> the name plate pops right right off.


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