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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> gem, thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving, everyone, many of you are waking to up cook those birds, while others planning to hit the parade later this morning. we will take you liver to the parade route, before you head out the door, what you need to know. >> plus if you are traveling today, we have a look at the roads, and of course, the flights, a look at the airport this morning, busy yesterday. what can we expect today? >> some police activity, also, we have to tell you about overnight. it was violent night in philadelphia. eight people shot in four separate shootings, all happening within three hours of each other. >> and talk about star treatment. >> i'll get off the video, talk about a little boy, he got the star treatment at the sixers game last night after being shot ten times, he's a fighter and survivor. good morning, scott, happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> right before we went on, we said, do you have big plans? >> eating with friend, and after that headed to the weekend to orlando, my sister
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lives there, will hang out with my family there, too. >> see, that's when a weather guy says, headed to florida the warm and sunny spots. >> here in the delaware valley looking at mostly cloudy skies, shotty powers still in the forecast, do that again, i like that. (gobble gobble. >> gobble gobble on this turkey day, temperatures topping out in the 50's, but once again still tracking some of the rainfall we've been talking about all week. no weather-related delays right now, 40 degrees at the philadelphia international airport. wind out of the east, 36 atlantic city, 40 in dover, mid three's in the lehigh valley, as we look at the winds, light to calm. so looking good for the parade, of course always an issue we have to keep tabs on those gusty winds, no gusty winds, in that forecast for today. fifty-three in philadelphia, 57 atlantic city, 50 allentown, coming up we will time out the shower chances less than tent after inch, not
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wash out for turkey day. let's talk about traffic though. right now we do have accident to report. take a live look right now. this is 95 southbound, at the betsy ross, the left lane is now currently blocked. so, just keep that in mind, once again, accident, 95 southbound, at the betsy ross bridge. , meantime, road closures to talk about, 20th street, and schuylkill avenue, eastbound, that's going to be closed, until the end of the parade. between the art museum circle and also arch street. the road is closed today from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. spring garden, is going to be closed from 76 to the art museum. septa, the bus route, detoured until 2:00. and also, the latest travel times, looking pretty good. i think a loft folks kind of hit those roadways yesterday. so woodhaven, road to i676, only 14 minutes, 95 southbound, 76 eastbound from 476 to i676, 14 minute delays. thomas? >> scott, thank you.
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following breaking news this thanksgiving morning t has been violent night in philadelphia. and in a matter of hours eight people have been shot, one every them killed. let's got right to fox 29's jenny joyce at police headquarters along with the good this holiday season. we have the bad. >> yes, absolutely, thomas. so eight people shot in total of four shootings, most of them, happened in north philadelphia last night, we do know that in north philly there was a double shooting, and there was a triple shooting that triple shooting happened around 10:00 on the 4,000 block of howelland street. at least one person was transport today einstein medical center. the other two were transported to temple hospital. the victim, late 20's, early 30's, and they are expected to be okay. we don't know what led to the gunfire. and at this point, no word on any suspect. within minutes, more bullets fired on the 2,000 block of turner street. two men were shot, at least one was pronounced, homicide is working the case this
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thanksgiving morning, and as always, police could use your assistance in these cases, so if you have any information give philadelphia police a call. thomas? >> so hopefully at least get a break, thank you. following more breaking news this morning, philadelphia police are investigating another shooting. this one also out of north philadelphia. the shooting happened just before 11:00 last night, on the 1500 block of west diamond street. the victim, a 21 year old man, was shot three times. he's in stable condition at temple hospital. just couple of hours earlier, two teenagers were shot in east germantown. police say 17 year old, shot in the thigh, 18 year old, shot in the shin. it happened along east chelten avenue, just after 8:00 last night. the teens are in stable condition. no arrest haves been made. >> developing this morning, philadelphia police are trying to figure out who brutally attacked a woman in the parking garage below love street. detective combing the scene for clues at the underground
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garage right across from city hall. a 27 year old woman tells officers a man smashed her in the head with a object, then sexually assaulted her in a secluded corner on the third level. the crime happening just before noon on wednesday while the area was packed with holiday rebelers. women who parked in the garage tell fox 29 the violence has been extremely concerned. >> i really don't understand how this could happen. under the courthouse, you figure it would be safe for people to come park hire. >> i walk as fast as possible. i do have other people that i work with, that sometimes walk with me. >> the victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. investigators checking surveillance footage now, taken from the stairway exit, but say there are no security cameras located inside that garage. >> authority have released the identity of the man injured in the pine street explosion. james olden is list in the stable condition at thomas jefferson university hospital. olden, in his 60s, was injured
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when he opened a padded envelope stuffed with a bomb. it was delivered on monday to the center city apartment that olden shares with his partner. no arrest haves been made in that case. >> state lawmakers tame home pay is getting nice bump next month. their first raise in two years. pen live. com reporting the general as policemen pay will increase by $1,140. topping out at more than $86,000. legislative lead letters now receive nearly $135,000. state law gives legislatures automatic cost of living increases, pennsylvania lawmakers salaries the second highest in the nation, trailing only california. >> today of course thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving to you. and of course, come the parades across the country, then the shopping, all every those deals, and you can't leave out the food. but thanksgiving is known much more than for just the turkey.
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today we have you covered for all of the event happening around town, including the big philadelphia parade. also, tracking the flight coming in, oh, there is the parade right there, i wonder is that peppa the pig? what are we being told, pig let? i only know that because my knees wanted everything for peppa for christmas one year. trying to figure out what's the pig, if you know, tweet me at thomas drayton. let me know. hey, also tracking the flights coming in and out of the airport. we'll have more on the parade in just a moment. live look at philadelphia international airport. busy day yesterday. we saw those lines. what can we expect today? what can we expect on the roads. we'll update in you just a moment. but first, steve keeley, he's out there, moorestown, new jersey, outside the k-mart. good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: yes, no lines for the first thanksgiving in memory. usually this place is open by now at 5:00 a.m. but they've moved their hour
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back to 7:00 a.m. they're opening hour. and we'll find out why, because the managers inside getting ready. and across the street, which is a big street here, route 38, moorestown mall, also changing. no opening on thanksgiving for the first time recently. you know, thanksgiving sales overall across the country, went down last year, 12 and a half% lower than they were the year before in 2014. maybe that's a reason, work verse to be paid a double holiday rate. it hurt moral. it hurt good will with the public. your reputation perhaps. so all those reasons may explain why moore town's mall owner, also owns philly he is gallery two and plymouth meeting mall decided to keep the local malls dark and closed this thanksgiving. if you do need to shop, same road, same south jersey location, cherry hill mall will open today. so as we spin back around to k-mart, they're getting ready,
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the parking lot starting to fill. and i can't tell whether people are just staying warm inside their cars, because they don't see a line, but couple of cars have pulled up here, there are a few employees getting ready. but people every year tell us, thomas, they've learned that k-mart is open on thanksgiving because they're up for some reason watching tv this early and they thought hey, while the turkey is now in the oven, all of the food getting ready, nothing more more i can do, let me kill some time and get shopping done, even if it is just gift wrapping paper and greeting cards. let me show you a couple of other unusual sites. two best buys in south jersey. the first one, route 70, at the old racetrack circle, right next-door to the wegmans, no line there. and they have the big sign out front telling people they are opening on thanksgiving, but not until 5:00, and they're going to open for eight hours, until 1:00 a.m., then reopen on "black friday", 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. and then a second best buy we thought maybe the folks in mt.
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laurel will have a line. no line at the mt. laurel best buy either. and so they will have probably lines form sometime this afternoon. the earliest big chain opening after k-mart is j.c. penney opening at 3:00. a loft them opening 5:00 and 6:00 like kohl's and wal-mart. aa lot of "black friday" deals on that is giving, then more "black friday" deals tomorrow. if you go to wal-mart for instance, thomas, they have "black friday" deals that don't start even though the stores open, the deals don't start right away. so, we will stand by here. we will talk to dave, the manager in there, very nice guy, and he'll tell us what k-mart's got to offer, for a thanksgiving door buster deal, or as they call it in boston, dill busters. >> can't wait to hear, sometimes they have the hidden deals, as well. the secret deals. >> yes. >> we'll see. everyone i think up this morning trying to map out where to go. what were you going say, my friends? >> reporter: nothing, just going to say i usually shop
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for mike in k-mart. then he has to wear it the next day. thomas i don't know if you saw it, but last year we got him a santa claus thong, and he put over his pant, and he looked like the lead singer from cameo. >> i bet he would wear it this morning, not over, but definately have it on. can't wait to see what you get for him this year. >> coming up next on the fox 29 morning news, what's the water department have to do with cooking your thanksgiving meal? new warning one city meal has for those of you hitting the kitchen. something going on in our city for years, panhandling. many mayors have tried to deal with it, why mayor kenney says his plan will be different.
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saints and sound of the season as far as temperatures, not as colds as this time yesterday. 40 degrees in philadelphia, 36 atlantic city, mid three's toward pottstown, along with allentown, 40 in wilmington. so, that regional forecast, looking at temperatures right in the 50's, pretty much area wide, that's average for this time of year. the cold spot for the day, 40
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in the pocono mountains, looking at ooh, the high in reading, 54 in wilmington, and mid 50's in millville, along with wildwood. still have mostly cloudy skies, and also, yes, the chances for some of the light rainfall. ultimate doppler, dry, quiet, looking at mostly quiet skies. off to the wells, moisture continues to head in our direction. we take you hour by hour. dry to start. and then watch what happens. from the west looking at light green moving toward the delaware valley late in the morning into the early afternoon. not looking at wash out, just some scattered showers, hit or miss activity, less than .10 of an inch of rainfall as the system continues to kind of pull away later on in the afternoon. so hour by hour, temperatures by noon, 52 degrees, spotty showers chances, moving in, and into the early afternoon time frame. by 3:00 spotty showers around, 53 for the high. by 7:00, it will be cloudy, cool temperatures, in the
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upper 40's. that weather authority seven day forecast, showing you, the spotty showers around today. as we move toward your friday, looking at 56 degrees. partly sunny on saturday, 54. low 50's into sunday, and look at tuesday, and wednesday of next week. we climb above average, even the mid 60s by wednesday, but little bit of trade off. because we have some showers in that forecast. time now to check on traffic on this turkey day, and we still have that accident that we have been keeping tabs on. right now, it appears, two left lanes are block. this is 95 southbound, at the betsy ross, two vehicles have collided, so just keep that in mine. once again 70, 95 southbound at the betsy ross bridge. also road closures talk about, 20th street and schuylkill avenue eastbound, scheduled to be closed until the end of the parade. between art museum circle and arch street, also closed from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. spring guard send going to be closed from 76 to the art
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museum. folks taking septa, those bus routes are going to be detoured until 2:00 because of the parade. so just check your bus schedules, also, part of south jersey, patco riders, trains are going to be operating on special schedules, of course, thanksgiving, and also "black friday". thomas? >> thank you, scott. something to keep in mind here. the philadelphia water department says we need to watch our water usage. city officials are asking resident to cut back by 5%. the drought watch was declared yesterday by the delaware river basin commission. no word yet on how long it will be in effect. >> taking a look at some of the other top stories we're following this morning, bensalem police have arrest add man they say sexually assaulted a 12 year old girl. >> jorge ramirez charged with assault on child and related offenses, first encountered the victim at church. they believe after the initial meeting the girl was sexually assaulted over dozen times, in
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ramirez's car. police say ramirez undockment immigrant from honduras. frustration this morning, in overbrook. for the grieving family who lost little girl to hit-and-run driver. they're demanding anyone who knows who did it to please come forward. >> police join neighbors and friend of eight year old gianna powell as they march through the street last night, someone hit powell with their car on lansdowne avenue last friday and kept ongoing. she passed away. last night her heart broken mother remembered her young daughter, at the very spot she was hit not even week ago. >> she is loving, she is caring, anyone who met her fell in love with her. she was smart, intelligent, she wanted to be a lawyer, honor roll student, she was wonderful. >> let's take a moment to look at this.
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this picture of the car they say struck the little girl, silver nissan maxima, or possibly, a a.m. team a. >> what's thanksgiving without kitchen heroics, of corpse, those amazing dishes? they take a lot of extra time though don't they? did you ever try to cook something over the holidays with no idea of how it would come out or if you could pull it out? a good friend tried with legendary traduckin? let's just say the feathers flew. >> working title of the story so far is going to be a thanksgiving tragedy. >> so when from chasing news to share a turduckin, he didn't know anything more than did i, that was blast of cold reality. >> bone, like the duck, the chicken? >> first stop orvals, needed
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ingredients. >> we're at the grocery store, haven't bought a thing yet. >> three must-have essentials for the legendary turduckin, cornish hen stuffed into a chicken stuffed into a turkey for immediate inch dull generals. we weren't prepared. we started late. >> technically we've got everything we need. most of russ already shellshocked. i guess what we know now to be this task ahead. >> back, we de frosted frozen poultry. >> they're frozen. >> technology is great today. six, seven minutes to de frost. >> tiny little bird. >> his mom kitty came in. she had a laugh on us. >> i think -- (laughing). >> i don't know what you guys are doing. >> right. neither did we. but we are doing it anyway. our de boning process turned
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chicken and duck into a meety mush t look like a murder scene. >> we're probably doing this somewhat wrong. >> ya? it is better than i thought it would be. >> little butter. little salt and pepper. little add opee. >> ginger garlic on it, that's got to be it. >> and be done with it for several hours. >> good by, turduckan. >> that's it, 350, little time without the end to brown her up. out she came. we dug in. >> happy thanksgiving. >> how was it? >> it is great. ya. >> this is pretty good. >> so, excitement, exhausted by the time we ate. the take away? just do the turkey, third of the cost, and less effort. but if you want to do it the
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way we did it, have your butcher do the de boning, speaking of ourselves of course they'll do a better job. are you attempting the impossible, chasing row hand in the house at fox 29 philly. happy thanksgiving. >> so here it is, 5:22 on thanksgiving, who would have thought that i would be getting schooled on my pig? so this is a live look. at the parade this morning. that's going to take place about 8:30. i've been wondering all morning, because the pig was deflated at first so i didn't quite know who the character was. >> first i thought it was pig let, thanks, tim. were you wrong boy the way. then i thought maybe it was peppa the pig which is in the middle. now, everyone is telling me, marcia, thank you, sean, thank you. melinda, thank you. that it is olivia the pig. i am should know. >> this because avenue neice named olivia. that's all she wanted, me a wanted peppa the pig, olivia
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wanted olivia. olivia on the left your screen, peppa in the middle and that's pig let. official word this morning going back out to the parade it is in fact olivia. what's so funny miss call on twitter says happy thanksgiving, the parade balloon is olivia, not peppa pig. she classier. so apparently there is a high hierarchy of pigs that i didn't know about. good morning, olivia, happy thanksgiving to you. always a fun book to read. >> after planning a big meal, are you planning to hit the stores or do some "black friday" shopping? why doctors say it might be just the thing you need to relieve some stress. here is another thing that you may need it relieve the stress. those winning lotto numbers. good luck.
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>> breaking news this morning, at least 67 people are dead, after a scaffolding collapse in china. the scaffolding collapse happened this morning, at a construction site in eastern china. two other work remembers injured, and one is missing right now. local media reports, you hear it in the background, say close to 70 people were working at the site, when the accident happened. >> news certainly continues on this holiday. let's talk about your money there is "black friday" may leave some of you in a better mood. it is not just because you found the great deal. doctors say so-called retail
5:27 am
therapy is real and shopping can actually make you feel better. so here's why. psychologist at the cleveland clinic says shopping is a mood booster, because it appeals to the senses. it can help you escape from your own troubles, even window shopping can leave you in a good mood. so you realize like myself you can't afford it. then it put you back in a bad mood. coming up at 5:30, the floats are getting ready for the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country. hi, olivia, we know who you are, talking about the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade. we will take you back live to the parade route coming up next.
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>> congratulations to the more than thousand volunteers working so hard on that parade. kicks off at 8:30, scott has you covered when you head out the door. breaking overnight, eight people shot in four separate shootings, the latest on the victims, plus, who police are looking for this morning. >> and, a heart-warming story. a six year old philadelphia boy, who really touched our hearts when he was shot over the summer, received a well deserved honor by the sixers. >> and i said it before, i'll say it again, happy thanksgiving. great to have you with us, thanks so much for spending your time with us, so many people, i can't speak this morning, tweeting us, facebooking us, letting us sharing their stories, and their memories, and pictures whatever they're doing on this
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thanksgiving and thanksgiving pass. >> happy thanksgiving, thomas, a lot of activity across the area, of course talking about the thanksgiving day parade, and folks are probably in the kitchen across the delaware valley, casino every making those last minute preparations, getting the bird ready, also those fixings, those sides, looking at mostly cloudy skies out there, still, watching for few spotty showers in that forecast. temperatures are going to remain above average, few locations, and right around average for most. so, as far as the bottom line, with ultimate doppler, mostly cloudy. look at the moisture off to the west. a little bit of light snow possibly in part of the pocono mountains, expect the light rain to move into the delaware valley. we go hour by hour, watch the clock, you can see by 8:00 most still off to the west. by late morning, into the early afternoon, looking at some of the light green across the area, not heavy rainfall, and we do anticipate about a .10 of an inch or less before all is said and done, so the
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main window for the rainfall today will be between 10:00 a.m., until about 2:00, from west to east, just keep that in mind, if you are making your plans, but once again i don't and the dissipate wash out of a thanksgiving. 40 degrees right now in philadelphia. we have 40 in dover. mid 30's, in allentown, pottstown, 36 degrees currently in atlantic city. so, the holiday forecast, setting the table, looking good, mostly cloudy skies, once again hit or miss shower. let's talk a little bit about traffic on this turkey day a lot of traffic we had problems yesterday, right now, we are taking a look at what's been happening at the 95 southbound at betsy ross, there was an accident, two vehicles collided, the vehicles have been towed away. things are clearing out, and running smoothly now. we have another accident to report now, this morning, in the norristown area. harding boulevard at markley street. that is in norristown. once again, an accident there. in the meantime, if you are taking septa, be mindful of the parade, and also, the
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detours. until 2:00 today. so just check your routes, and also, the market frankford night owl will be impacted. now, between 20th street and schuylkill avenue eastbound, that's going to be closed until 2:00 because of the parade. also, the art museum circle and arch street road closed today from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. so a lot going on. >> violent beginning to the holiday, at least one person is dead, seven others in the hospital after series of shootings. the crimes unfold nag matter of hours. jenny joyce, at police headquarters for thus morning, jenny. >> good morning, thomas, so as you mentioned, total of eight people were shot last night, three out of the four shootings happened in north philadelphia, and there was a double shooting, there was triple shooting among others, in that triple shooting, which happened around 10:00 last night, we do know that it happened on the 4,000 block of howell and street. at least one victim transport today einstein medical center,
5:34 am
the other two, were transported to temple hospital. the victims are in their late 20's, early 30's, they are expected to be okay. it is unclear led to the gunfire no words on any suspect, within minutes, more bullets fired 2,000 block of turner street. two men were shot at least one was pronounced dead. homicide is working the case, this thanksgiving morning, i'm sure they would appreciate any tips you might have to offer. so, give them a call if you have any information. thomas? >> certainly the news we don't want this morning. i'll be signing off soon. so happy thanksgiving to you, jenny. >> reporter: you too, thomas. >> we're following unfortunately more breaking news this morning, philadelphia police are investigating another shooting, this one, also, out of north philadelphia. the shooting happened just before one # 1:00 last night there is was on the 1500 block of west diamond street. the victim, a 21 year old man, shot three times. he's in stable condition at temple hospital. and just about two hours earlier, two teenagers were shot in east germantown.
5:35 am
police say a 17 year old boy shot in the thigh, 18 year old boy shot in the shin. it happened along east chelten avenue, just after 8:00 last night. the teens are in stable condition. no arrests in this one. the science channel will not air a planned tv special about a delaware pumpkin chunking contest, after the event went terribly wrong, earlier this month, in sussex county. a woman was critically injured by flying metal after a trap door ripped off a machine, when the cannon was fired, a man was also hurt. now, the science channel had originally planned to air a three-hour show on that event. >> up this morning doing little cooking perhaps out to the parade later today t start at billion 30:00 this morning, it is the 97th annual thanksgiving day parade. it will get underway here in philadelphia in just a moment. what you can make out by the
5:36 am
map, but that's the parade route. look at the exact parade route. few trill i tradition, see peppa the pig, the grinch, i don't even want to guess this morning what these balloons are. i'm not doing too well. i have to keep up. so that's obviously a snow man behind the grinch, as well, if you are headed out there. all of the volunteers working hard to get this underway. scott's got your forecast, by the way, the parade steps, i'll tell you more about it, because i know that map was hard to read, begins at 20th street and jfk boulevard it, winds its way toward 16th street. before ending at the art museum steps, which is on the ben franklin parkway. and this year's special guest, we talked about this, includes singers drew lashea, from boy band 98 degrees, and r&b singer estell. time to check back in with steve keeley. test ' k-mart in moorestown, new jersey, any new developments, steve? >> reporter: you know what? we should have had the breaking news whole did a bang
5:37 am
coming to me, because we have breaking news. that's a first here. yep, i used a different words than i usually use to describe that, anyway, first customer, lonely and coldment the reason she got out of her car is because she saw some employees come up. they went over to the left, to smoke, and she thought they are grabbing carts. and i said so second or third in line isn't going to do you any good? >> no, she said, goat to be first, her name is terry harris, she adorable. we'll walk to up her. the reason she is here to shop because she, like us, thomas, is working today. so she has to shop, then work, and she works for the local hospital chain over here, virtua, so she is going to hit k-mart. i lover the fact she didn't want to be second or third in line, that wasn't going to settle. she had to be first in line. and terry, thank you again. by the way you look fabulous for being up this early. did you really sleep at all? >> on and off. because i had my turkey in the
5:38 am
oven. >> so you're already cook being, i already explained to everybody you're cooking, your a shopping, then working today. >> yes. >> so you're not going to rest today at all until this is not a day of rest for you? >> no, no, i don't rest, i usually don't rest today. i'm all through the day shopping. >> so map out your schedule. so what time did you get up. then what did you do? >> i got up around 3:30. and finished with the turkey. all of my thanksgiving food is done. started getting ready for work to come here to be the first one. this is my first year being first in line. i don't usually shop on line too much. after i leave here, i'll go straight to work. when i get off of work i'll go with the family, after i leave the family, i'll go shopping with my husband. >> are you going to rush dinner with the family? because you got to hit a certain store at certain time? >> no. because i know certain things that i have to get. so no, not particularly, i'm
5:39 am
if the going to rush anything. i'm going to enjoy being with the family. >> so what are you getting at k-mart? why did you have to be first in line? is there a limited number of something that you didn't want to be second or third in line? >> there is always a limited things at k-mart, coming year after year, each year i move up. this year the i'm the first one. >> first in line, should give you free gift for being first in line, i want to manage that. so what are you going to get here when you do get in there and start shopping? >> is there a list? >> no. >> so you'll just go and see what the best deal is in actually shop, brouse, you won't run over anybody with the cart, because you're going straight to the tv that's. >> i actually just grab the cart, just to grab a cart. >> that's good. >> whatever pleases the eye that i see that's worth it, because i compared a lot of prices. so, i'm bargain shopper. so whatever is the best price. >> being a bargain hunter, do you have a budget this year?
5:40 am
are you just going to buy what you need and then think all right? >> i'm on a budget. >> what is it? >> i'm on a budget. >> when i feel like that's enough shopping. that's the normal american budget. terry, thank you, you're adorable. your husband did well. he got the ultimate shot by getting you as a wife. good luck tonight. i lover the ensemble, the ugg boots, and she warm, she told me she wasn't cold because i promised i would save letter a spot in line for her if she want to warm up every now and then, so did i my duty. by the way, yesterday we were thanking thomas as you recall, all our behind the scene staffers that i love. they know i love them. so sony kept avoid the camera yesterday. she producing right now. my guess is we're going to go to the camera, in our control room. she probably, probably dove under the desk. >> good. >> no you're not putting me on. >> sony, if you don't show your face, we'll show old high school year book photo. you have choice.
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>> thomas, i told her, if she doesn't show up in my head -- hit, we'll pop her up throughout the show every five minutes, because she not in control of the buttons, the great director is, and we will just keep popping up sony. sony, we love up, we thank you on this thanksgiving for being so wonderful, co-worker, and i have to row lion zone a lot. i always thank her over the phone. but i like thanking people on tv because people can see who does the real work at 5:00 -- at "fox 29 news", so sony, thank you. >> she is the sweetest, you know what makes big difference, when you come early, around 2:00 in the morning and you see someone smiling. it is to sets the entire day. so yes, hi, sony. i know you don't want to show your face but well deserved. happy thank giving to you, my friend. >> you got it, thomas. and we come in, people like sony in hours before we come n they have harder rougher live than we do even. >> do the k-mart still have the slush us? i used to go as a child every
5:42 am
time i went into a k-mart i want add slushy and a pretzel. >> they don't have a snack bar in this one. you know who has slushy and pretzels? hope depo on columbus boulevard in south philly. >> get out of town. >> not kid willing you right on the left when you go in. last time i was there they had soft pretzels baking, unlike philly pretzels, but had the slushy machine and the pretzels. so thomas, hope deem owe fairly controls. the next time upgrading the home, home depo, right, i think you live right down the street there, so there you go, you can relive your childhood. >> you just made my morning. that's where i'm headed after this, steve keeley, thanks, my friend. coming up next on the fox 29 morning news, sixers go to double overtime with the grisslies, doing good for awhile. but what happened? we'll break it down coming up in sports.
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good morning, i'm sean belling. flyers struggling to finds consistency, only had one winning streak so far this season, tried to start another one last night. in the third period, the flyers up two-one, the lightning with the shot. goes off the board, right there. to cash in. the lightning, tie it up, off the perfect pass. brian callahan therefore the gem. the flyers lose four to two. to the sixers and the grisslies, joel embiid angry and annoyed, told he can't play in the over time due to
5:46 am
minute restrictions, because of this, the sixers, shocked, marcus carries the grisslies in the second ot. economy onto lose 104 to 99. and, second ranked villanova taking on charleston, in the first half. off the penetration right here. they finds darryl reynolds, and reynolds with the and one dunk. nova cruises to a victory. sixty-three-47. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
5:47 am
for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury.
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(gobble gobble. time is 5:49. live look right now at the sites and sounds, things getting casino every underway, a shot of the ben franklin parkway, showing the parade, closures, so, keep that in mind early today. meantime we have an accident in norristown, once again, this is at harding boulevard, and at markley street in norristown, montgomery county, as far as what's happening with those closures, 20th street and schuylkill avenue eastbound scheduled to be closed until the end of the parade. also between the art new see many circumstance olan arch street that road closed from 8:00 in the 1:00. meantime spring garden closed from 76 to the art mute see up, and septa riders, be mindful of those bus detours, until 2:00. check your schedules.
5:50 am
and also, we want to check in with sony. once again, happy thanksgiving to our producer, on the show this morning, we appreciate all that she does. and in the meantime, i'll have werth coming up in 15 seconds. >> as we folk just on waist going to be happening for this thanksgiving, we will talk about that weather forecast. and also, the rainfall chances. there is sony. wave, sony, wave hello. trying to get her to wave. trying. there she is, there she is. there is sony. so, happy thanksgiving. we appreciate what you do. in the meantime, let's talk about turkey day, and we have the cloud cover. we have the showers. oh, she will get me after the show. we have spotty showers at noon, into 3:00, temperatures top taught around 53 degrees,
5:51 am
the sun will set this evening at about 4:39. mostly cloudy on ultimate doppler. but take a look at the west, watching some of that green, the rainfall will eventually move toward our area. it is not going to be a wash out. i anticipate less than a .10 of an inch of rainfall before all is said and done, we time it out hour by hour, as we watch that clock. by 10:00 look at the light green moving toward the philadelphia area. >> light activity, a lot will not make it to the ground, but see the time, window every opportunity between say 10:00 and 3:00. as we watch the forecast going hour by hour with mostly cloudy skies, during the afternoon, into the evening, with those light showers. temperature wise, right now, it is 40 in philadelphia and wilmington, 36 atlantic city. wind light to calm, good news for the balloons, for the parades across the area, and once again, looking at temperatures in the low to mid 50's out there with mostly
5:52 am
cloudy skies, and those showers across the area. the weather authority seven day forecast, showing you, we have the rainfall chances for today. fifty-six tomorrow. the upcoming weekend looking good for the temple game. then look at tuesday into wednesday. back into the 60s, but little bit of trade-off because showers are in that forecast. thomas, back over to you. >> thank you, scott, appreciate it. i know you guys took quick shot of me, so many people telling me what the balloons are, thank you so much, another, let's take another live look at the philadelphia thank giving day parade. will kick off at about 8:30 this morning, so, i understand, of course, we establish that's olivia the pig. that's the grinch. and that's not a snowman. which i said earlier. it apparently is barnacles, and it is an ochtanaut. i don't know, for all of the little kids watching they know this morning. i have no clue. but if you are headed down this morning, will be a great morning. bring the family down. the parade, so many of these balloons will going to have performers out there, it all
5:53 am
kicks off at about 8:30, the old else, the first one in the country. over a thousand volunteers working hard on this one. we're coming right back, happy thanksgiving.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> 5:55, madonna supporting son rocco after reports
5:56 am
surfaced the 16 year old arrested for the possession of marijuana in london. released a statement saying, quote, i love my son very much. i will do whatever i can to give him the support that he needs. and i ask that you respect our privacy at this time. rocco was the subject of a month long custody dispute between madonna and ex-husband, guy richie. they agreed in september to allow rocco to continue living with his father in london. amazon has suppressed number of negative reviews, fox news anchor megyn kelly's new memoir. los angeles times reports more than 100 negative reviews of kelly's settle for more. let's on line retail giant hours within its release, reports many of the comments came from link from a pro trump red it forum. amazon row viewed some reviews from users that couldn't verify had actually bought the book. >> billy joel is taking the blame for bruce springsteen's motorcycle problems. remember two weeks ago, bruce springsteen motorcycle broke down in new jersey, well,
5:57 am
billy joel said it was made at his custom motorcycle shop. said he apologize today springsteen who shrugged it off with no worries. let's take another life look at philadelphia thanksgiving day parade. it is set to take place here at about 8:30 this morning, volunteers getting those balloons red which peppa the pig and the grinch right behind, actually, my gosh, that's olivia. did i it again. it is olivia the pig with the grinch behind olivia. stay with us, the fox 29 morning news continues with good day, happy thanksgiving everyone. pea past
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> k-mart shoppers, more than just turkey. steve keel which his annual live reports from k-mart, people lining up already, this should be fun. >> and with thanksgiving comes philly's parade. stretching more than a mile through our city. what roads you should avoid. and this: >> no way i am cutting this habit cold turkey. >> with that i hereby pardon on you -- >> president obama continuing a white house tradition filled with, well, a corny cope ya of dad jokes. why this won't be the last turkey pardon. and why he says his daughters are fed up with it. good day everybody, happy


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