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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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live in center city in philadelphia. this is fox 29 news at 6:00. millions are headed home afield a long holiday weekend as we take a live look at philadelphia international airport tonight. travel industry analysts were predicting record amounts of traveling here's what it looked like inside on the security check points. thanks for joining us, i'm iain page >> i'm lucy nolan, not that any of that is a big surprise, big lines to get back home. and sabina kuriakose has been keeping travelers company. >> reporter: early birds sailing through security at philadelphia international airport sunday. beat get the expected rush of commuters on one of the busiest
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thanking travel seasons in close to a decade. >> nobody is awake now >> john and paula heading home to wyoming, they found a nearly empty airport. >> it was the calm before the storm. by late morning, the crowds had landed. lines building at security check-ins. almost 49 million people expected to travel for this handgun holiday. philly is one of the top spots for all the commuters. you can tell that by the line here, the airport thinks today will be busier than wednesday. seasoned travelers admitting there's no plentily surprised >> i showed up very early exp t expecting to be guess stand back there >> it really is busy but it has been worse. lines have been all the way back. this is sort of ok. >> reporter: at philadelphia
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international airport. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. conditions are going to be ever changing. we had a nice holiday weekend. temperatures falling at the airport. we're look at quiet conditions with light wind and clear skies. and things are going to change over the next 48 hour, it's 49 degrees, the high today 50, winds out of the north and northwest at six miles an hour, when you look at the temperatures from north to south, 35 in the poconos, 44 in dover and wildwood but with a clear sky, light wind in millville, you know how it gets in south jersey sometimes. temperatures falling quickly already at 36 degrees. wilmington, 46. 42 in reading, 41 in lancaster and 43 degrees in trenton. winds right now really not an issue at all. we have a west north we were wind in wilmington about 12 miles an hour, he will where
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pretty much light winds and those winds will be picking you mean. it's actually going to be a warm wind. take a look at the future wind gusts. you can see more of a northwesterly wind component during late night. but during monday, quiet. it's tuesday we see in his huge surge of warmth with winds gusts to 35. maybe 40 miles an hour tuesday morning, out of the south. and those strong southerly wind continue tuesday night, and even into the day on wednesday. so temperatures will be rising but unfortunately, we are going to see some wet wet weather. during the day monday, high clouds, the next weather maker moves in tuesday continuing into the afternoon and evening. by wednesday, another round the rain moves in during the afternoon period. due to think an area of low pressure, that's marching through the central plains with snow to the north but we keep it warm to the south and that huge
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surge of warmth moves in tuesday. strong southerly wind, temperatures rising in the 60's, good deal of rain tuesday, dry it out and more movies in late on wednesday. in the city overnight, we're talking about 36 degrees. in the suburbs 32. clearing skies cool. during the day tomorrow, high temperature around 55 degrees, sunny and pleasant. with winds out of the south at about five to ten. of course, we have monday night football. greenbay comes to town. we kick it off at 8:30, 44 dress at kickoff with a westerly wind at about eight miles an hour. a great night for football at the linc because after that, it gets really wet around here. so tuesday, the rain arrives, wednesday afternoon, there's more rain, then thursday, a front moves through then temperatures start falling. 58, the high, by late in the day, we're talking about temperatures in the 40's, then cool and sunny for friday,
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saturday and next sunday. two days of on and off rain, the rain easiest day tuesday by far. that's a look at your seven-day. send it back to you. baby survives a horrific car crash after being ejected from on a vehicle toss i do not a storm drain, what first responders think may have saved the baby's life. we're a month away from christmas. the perfect time for the village to open. sights and sounds of this year's winter wonder land. southwest airlines get behind the scenes look at what it takes to get travelers from a to z. what it takes to around complex operation in the sky.
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zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. philadelphia getting in the holiday spirit, christmas village having the opening ceremony >> a lot of german traditions. joanne pileggi live. >> reporter: it's cool to be out here taking part in the collective spirit of the holidays. everybody here in a very festive mood, shopping eating drinking taking part of the official opening of the city's christmas
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village. about the only thing missing is snowflakes because everything else here feels like christmas. >> it's wonderful for it to be in the middle of city hall. i mean, it's beautiful. it's great. >> it's really great they deployment the love statue also. >> reporter: the christmas village has a new home at dilworth park with vendors selling holiday items and food and drink. >> this is our first time here. even though we live in newton square, this is our first time into the city for the christmas village and we're loving it. we're having a good time >> this is the different types of jewelry they made. i saw a glass maker really cool. i love it. >> reporter: the village modeled after german christmas in before a vare anyway. people would come together and shop and enjoy the season,.
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it's a nice opportunity f entrepreneurs to sell their goods >> you can write, erase, rewrite on our shirts with chalk, they go in the washer and drier, and they're just a fun thing for people. >> i think it's awesome. >> reporter: what part >> all of it. >> reporter: hey, all of it including this pedal corn, and starliting and i have been -- oh, that's right, he hasn't -- and i photography hasn't been munching on this but i have. the christmas village open 11:00 to 7:00 each day and 11:00 to 8:00 on weekend nights. i'm out of here going shopping. >> bring some kettle corn back here to us. >> i promise. there's a whole big bag here. i promise some will be left. >> like that's going to make it back >> so bargain shoppers spending the weekend looking for deals post thanksgiving, also means professional shoplifters are
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out. >> samuel king shows us how one police department is trying to hunt them down. >> reporter: this bag tattered and warn as a tool of the trade for professional shoplifters if you look closely. it's lined with foil. >> what this foil does it helps defeat the theft sensors in the store. when we see people using items like this we know they're doing this almost as a career. >> reporter: police officers across the metro are keeping a close eye on these types of trips during operation blitz, uniformed plainclothes officers will be stationed in major retail areas. >> unified effort is beneficial. we have jurisdiction in egan, but the criminals don't. they're all over the metro. and when we can share information, especially images, or trends that we're seeing, it helps us better combat those professional shoplifters. >> reporter: aaron,
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>> it's important to take a stance on these habitwal shop the lifters >> retailers welcome any help which can ease into their profit >> we can't do it alone without their partnership, there definitely would be a lot more stuff >> they say shoppers can do their part during this busy time of year by notifying store staff if they see anything suspicious. >> it's not necessarily harder, we just have to keep more of an eye out for i >> police and retailers say these thieves are target things like high end clothes, cleaning items, baby formula all of which have high resale value on the black market. tennessee is $121 million richer tonight. sadly i have also not. one ticket matched all six powerball numbers.
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lafayette is a little town, 5,000 residents, don't give up he hope, iain page, lottery officials say someone bought a ticket in pennsylvania worth a million bucks, check those tickets. don't do your laundry till you clear out your pant pockets traveling can be stress, special during holiday. silicone valley come up with a solution to help alleviate some of those travels >> something techie, it's an airport robot who's a con see air. >> reporter: piper is here to help. norma and aamelia have moved into the concourses at the san jose international airport. they can take a selfie, host a dance party, give you directions to shop and flirt and wink.
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>> she's pretty. >> reporter: the idea is to offer travelers that little something extra. information with a bit of silicon valley flare. >> kids editor this, adults editor this. i editor this. >> reporter: as with any technology, there have been glitches. the touch screen has been troublesome and batter life a little too short. today two of the robots got replaced. still the overwhelming rack has been positive. >> i'm going to remember this and go home, tell my boyfriend all about it. sorry i missed it. >> reporter: from piper, we go to pepper. that's name the of the robot greeting shoppers at the westfield valley fair mall >> pepper is completely 2016. >> reporter: there two in san jose and three in san francisco. they speak multiple language, play games and dance and take selfies >> she can read whether a customer is happy or sad. we're going to change her to make sure that she is something that is really appreciated.
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>> reporter: pepper is a work in progress, she needed a reboot while we were there. this is a pilot project to see if a robot might take the plates of a cons air service >> if the lunch is successful, pepper could roll out to other properties throughout the u.s. a baby survives a horrific car crash toss i do not a storm drain what first responders think may have saved the baby's life. seem stresses are transforms handbags into perfect purses is actually helping a vulnerable community.
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. you decide and it's a trump transition moves forward and three background states the election battles is not over. a push to recount votes in three key states got backing from the clinton campaign. pennsylvania is one of those states and of course, president-elect trump has a lot to say about all of it. brian llenas has the story. >> reporter: hillary clinton officially joining the fight to revisit voting totals in wisconsin saying her team is
6:19 pm
participating because they have an obligation to the voters. the recount effort is being led by green party candidate jill stein but clinton's camp now saying also on board if stein also follows through with recount requests in michigan and pennsylvania, two other states, pivotal to trump victory on election night. however, the staunches democrats concede this will likely not change the results of the election. >> of course, it's taking a process, we will see what happens. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody else thinks there will be profound change >> prior to the election because of what donald trump said, a majority of his voters believe the elections were rigged a minority, re believed they were. let's show the american people they're not. >> president-elect trump is push back against the plans to recount calling the process a scam. mr. trump releasing a stream of angry tweets. hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in.
6:20 pm
nothing will change. >> why in the world can't the democrats quote accept election results? president obama and president-elect trump speak regularly, they spoke yesterday at length. they're trying to move on and form a government. it's high time hillary and her supporters do the same. deadlines to petition are later this week, in new york, brian llenas fox 29. delta airlines were apologizing to passengers >> political conversation blew up with a camera rolling. brad sattin is live outside of lehigh valley airport. brad. you tracked down the woman whose video went viral after she captured all of it. >> reporter: millions of views just in the course of a couple days here. her name she's 21 years old, emma bomb. she landed here at lehigh valley international airport here in
6:21 pm
allentown on tuesday. she lives in balese. she decided to come home during atlanta. she was headed here to allentown. struck up a conversation with man and started recording it. he said she that he didn't mind her recording it. take a look at it. it was a rant that went viral sprigged donald trump making america great again, he was standing up, using curse words to describe women who supported hillary clinton. she says that a delta flight attendant at one point took him off of the plane but he was allowed to get back on. at that point. he told passengers, quote, this is what i get for being a patriot. now, rest of the ride, he was quiet. the flight though was delayed for about 30 minutes. and emma says she and the passengers were clearly uncomfortable.
6:22 pm
>> donald trump, baby. that's right. this man knows what's up. we got some hillary -- on here? come on, baby. >> i was wondering why he was still allowed back on the flight after something like that. you know, just being obnoxious on a plane, i'm shocked after he did that he was allowed to fly. >> reporter: delta airlines did release a statement saying, quote, we followed up with the teams involved and all agree this customer should not have been allowed to continue on the flight. our responsibility for insuring all customers feel safe and comfortable with delta includes requiring civil behavior from everyone. when they landed, emma did say police wanted to see her video to try to identify this man. that video on social media on
6:23 pm
just on her facebook page has been viewed about 2.1 million times right now. most of the comments seem to thank her for putting that video out there. at least one made the comment that she was, quote, anti-white. she said she was not trying to make any political statement. she was much more concerned about airplane security. as you heard her mention after 911. again, she is fine. passengers were a little shaken up by the ordeal. again, this happened on tuesday, and she says she's getting ared to deploy back home again in the coming days. but quite the video that's making the rounds tonight iain. >> thank you. new video of the devastation caused by severe flooding in northwest italy. the torrential downpour caused a land slide. hundreds have been displaced. more severe weather is in the forecast for that area in in the coming few days. new orleans most popular tourist destination is a crime scene. someone shot and killed a man in the french quarter and injured
6:24 pm
nine others. witnesses say it sent those on bourbon street stampeeding into bars for shelter. it bullets hit eight men and two women. officers swarmed the area immediately. tonight say they have two people in custody including one man with a gunshot wound >> we were able to make two arrests on this scene. one of the violation was in possession of a firearm. another subject who perhaps may or may not be affiliated with this event was arrested in possession of a firearm. >> new orleans mayor tweeted the shooting was unacceptable. police and ems were on scene and responded fast. we will pursue the investigation aggressively. a car crash in arkansas is making headlines >> it's a miracle an infant is alive. unharm after ejected from a car that flipped over after being hit by a truck. first responders found a little
6:25 pm
girl 35 feet away on top of a grate on the highway's hey covered median. emts checked the baby and found a scratch on her forehead. people in the car were not seriously hurt in the accident. >> had to be some kind of divine intervention for her to end up being ok the way she was and the baby at the time, eight month old was actually sitting down in the grate, sitting up and looking up at us waiting for us to pull around. >> police say the driver of the 18 wheeler caused the crash, was issued a summons >> if that's not a miracle i don't know what is. political leaders are watching to see if there will be changings after fidel castro's death in cuba. weather we're talking about conditions that are going to change just like that, the clouds will be rolling in tomorrow afternoon and this storm will be bringing me rain.
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some of it heavy and some whipping winds but surprisingly warm. details coming up when we come back.
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police chase ended a seven-car profile pileup. police were pursuing a suspect in voorhees when they caught up with the car on route 73 and evesham township. plenty of the cars crashed. i don't know what exactly what led up to think one of the seven cars as you can see caught fire. several people were injured. not majorly. and medics took them to a major hospital. police are not saying if the suspect is in custody or what led to the pursuit. fox 29 users are covering news in our area through the all the different neighborhoods. kenny wright was on the scene of a fire burned, which burned on
6:30 pm
south front and shrunk streets in south philly. officials say the fire broke out inside a tractor-trailer around 6:00 this morning, aftermath got it right here. that truck is a total loss. firefighters tamed the flames within a short span of time. nobody hurt. investigators are still looking into what started the fire. flags are at half staff on buildings in cuba following the death of fidel castro. the-year-old cuban embassy in washington, dc is flying its flag at half staff as people paused to contemplate his death, others are wondering what his passing means for the future of the united states. some u.s. lawmakers are reacting. >> reporter: in the short term the future of u.s. cuba relations will largely be decided by republicans and president-elect trump. the obama administration has taken steps to reopen political and economic relations with cuba. but this morning on fox news sunday incoming chief of staff
6:31 pm
priebus said mr. trump once to renegotiate with cuba once he takes office >> there is going to have to be some movement from cuba in order to have a relationship with the united states. >> reporter: senator marco rubio was another harsh critic of the castro re jet stream >> as far as the practical -- his death is a historical milestone and i imagine a psychological one for a lot of people. but from a practical standpoint, cuba is governed the same way. >> reporter: bernie sanders argued it's important to work with those who disagreed with and defended president obama's statement which offered the castro family his condolences >> the united states of america has relations with china and brutal ticktator ships all over
6:32 pm
the world. we have to improve our relations, to do what we can to improve the economy and to make sure that the younger generation does better than their older generation. >> reporter: his funeral is scheduled december 4th, we're still waiting to hear who, if anyone, from the u.s. will be sent as an official representative. in washington, garrett tenney, fox news. the president-elect residence trump tower briefly took on that a more colorful name. someone re someone changed it from trump tower to dump tower. the unflattering name, a spokes woman from google told the associated press the company changed the name back to its original. fox 29 weather authority, it was perfect day for ice-skating at the river rink at penns landing. however, we could be having rain later on in the week, meteorologist kathy orr standing by with the forecast. >> got to keep the ice cold.
6:33 pm
it's going to be pretty warm and wet for the next couple of days, but that cold air will be coming. it's going to be held off for a couple weeks. i think that real serious cold air is going to wait until january. at the airport, a very busy place, as everyone comes home from the holiday weekend, temperatures in the 40's right now. wind out of the north northeast we have the at 6. one delay in our region, newark, new jersey, a 44-minute delay at the airport, mainly due to volume there. but elsewhere, rain in chicago, and heading toward minneapolis, but no other delays. take a look at the temperature, 40's throughout the delaware valley, western pa and to the south, 30's with snow in upstate new york, with those lake effects snow bands. a lot of cold air for the northern half of the nation. the warmth will be building up from the southwest. that's where the weather will be coming from over the next 48 to 60 hours. so as we go through this
6:34 pm
evening, mainly clear at 7:00, 44, cooling down by 9:00. by 11:00, temperatures falling fast with a clear sky and a light wind, the temperature down to 39 degrees. ultimate doppler, here's some of those lake enhanced snow bands. mainly in upstate new york, a few lingering into central pa. otherwise, just a really clear quiet dry through the new england. the northeast and the midatlantic. the high cyrus clouds means the next day will be warmer. we see that a lot. we're going to be seeing it in late november. much warmer air will be moving up ahead of this band of rain. this rain associated with a warm front and a trailing cold front not a lot of cold air with it. as you can see, a little bit of mix precipitation and north dakota, but other than that, pretty much mild everywhere. so as we go hour by hour, beginning tomorrow morning, at 7:00 a.m., you can see those high clouds build in. temperatures will be mild in the 50's, then, by tuesday morning,
6:35 pm
the rains very, very close, by the later part of the commute, rain everywhere. then we dry it out in the afternoon and another round comes in late wednesday, this is with a cold front. once this moves through, temperatures will be falling fast. when we look at the rain from tuesday, which is little bit of a rainy day and wednesday, we start accumulating between one and possibly two inches of rain with the heaviest falling in the area, shaded in purple. this would be over two-day period. overnight in the city, 36 in the suburbs 32. clearing skies and cool. the wind go south tomorrow. that means temperatures begin to rise, 55 not much of a wind. so it will be comfortable. but as we look ahead at your seven-day forecast. look what happens. we have monday night football tomorrow night temperatures will be in the 40's. light winds will be comfortable. then the wind really begins to build on tuesday, gusts of 35, maybe 40 miles an hour. but out of the south. so temperatures boost so it's
6:36 pm
wet but warm wednesday afternoon rain, more warm wind and thursday temperatures start to fall. the early high 50. then we fall into the 40's. then you can see friday turning cooler, but not so bad. seasonally cool. saturday, the coolest day, we bump it up to 50 sunday. all in all. next weekend is december. i'll take 50. what about you? >> a hundred percent. pennsylvania doctor made pharmacy in concussion. he's blaming the popular film for the decision. transforming old sandbag once used to help prevent flooding how turning the bags into purses. the city run over with thousands of mondaykies. why this influx? it's a very, very good thing.
6:37 pm
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. one bull made break for life short lived but in that time he made quite the should not following. >> something that could happen only in philly. >> reporter: i'm bruce gordon,
6:40 pm
ever find yourself sitting in philly traffic and mutterring to yourself, what a load of bull this? well, this week, you have been right, literally on tuesday, a 2000 pound bull male cow escaped from a kens slaughter house and made a run for it. personally i think it was an inside job, i'm betting he paid off guard or something like that. the bull trotted through the neighborhood and made his way on to i95 and the vine street expressway. seemed to know around the place better than some cabbies. along his route. amused drivers snapped photos all the better to complain to their skeptical spouses why they were late for dinner. a state conservation was called to the scene to reply re help create the battle of bull run. this was a rather one, side affair, the officer carried a
6:41 pm
shotgun, the bull did in the. in only he had the presence of mind to jack somebody's motorcycle. the bull played boy steve mcqueen giving german soldiers a one for their money in the famous world war ii classic the great escape. youtube alas just like that great escape, this great escape ended badly for the escapee, the bull considered a threat to public safety was shot to death by that conversation officer at eighth and vine. animal rights activities were understandably upset about the creature's demise but he had escaped from a slaughter house, what do you suppose they do at a slaughter house? now with the excitement over and philly traffic back to it's usual nonsnarl, when confronted with a traffic jam mr. simpson
6:42 pm
might well advise, don't have a cow man. only in philly. southwests airlines looks behind scenes what it takes to run a complex operation in the sky >> seamstresses are transforming old band bags once used for flooding how it's helping a vulnerable community.
6:43 pm
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. plenty of monkeys business going on, people held a food buffet. it's a big deal. all unfolded in place nick named the monkeys province, organizers say about 3,000 monkeys live in this area in iowa left over sandbags from this year's floods are being turned into a unique gift. handbag, african refugees are stitching the bags. the group is hoping to sell 3,000 bags and all the proceeds will go to the refugees and their families. millions of americans returning home, today one of the busiest days for the airline
6:46 pm
>> making sure you get safely to your destination, fox's john scott has that. ♪. >> reporter: traveling by air this week? you midnight catch a glimpse of your plot up front. and of course, you always pay close attention to your flight attendant safety briefing but you won't see the hundreds of other airline employees also along for the ride. working for you even after your plane door is closed. here's how it works at one of the nation's largest airlines. we got an all access pass to the heart of the southwest operation center in houston where those unscene eyes and hands monitor your flight every minute and hour >> these are more than 100 people flying public will never seism >> there's probably around 300 people on the floor any given time to have the day >> keeping your planes in the air but the passengers will never meet them. >> they do not meet them directly.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: running an airline like this southwest is to put it mildly a complex operation. 3900 departures a day during peak travel season, '99 destinations in the u.s. and eight additional countries, more than 700 aircrafts and 53,000 employees joined to move you and 100 million of your fellow passengers annually where you want to go. it's a logistical challenge under the best of circumstances. when mother nature gets cranky, watch out. >> so this is sort of your nightmare, bad weather moving into chicago >> we've been watching this the last three hours. i can look out up to eight hours in the day as to what the models are depicting >> we had pretty big thunderstorm just passed to the north within last hour. they were talking about potential windchills with that. >> precautions developed in concert with federal air safety agencies combined to make air travel the safety means of transportation ever devised. >> it's a place we call it our
6:48 pm
situation room, because it's where we come if we're dealing with a particular event of the day, something happens that is out of the norm. the >> the situation room was busy last august 27th, 3472 from new orleans to orlando forced to make an emergency landing after one of the two engines failed mid air. inlet separated from the rest of the engine and part of a turbin blade broke off. damage to the jet fuselage wing and tail structure as passengers saw smoke. >> started looking out the window and need to see the plane wobbling. >> it was a loud like explosion. >> reporter: during this unusual incident, the inflight crew worked with the team on the ground to divert the jet to pens cola where the captain safely landed the being 737 with one working engine, not just the crew and the cockpit keeping the
6:49 pm
aircraft and passengers safe >> dispatchers are doing what? sending individual aircraft out >> they're responsible for the flight in coordination with the captain. they share the responsibility with the flight with the captain. they plan the flights, release the flights and watch it as it operates. >> reporter: every flight at every moment is monitored across every platforms >> there's an airplane that's been waiting to taxi in 14 minutes out of la, this is how we keep track of our tarmac delays, making sure we're on the mark. on this wall behind us, we have cameras, gate cameras, we can pretty much look at every gate in our system. we do keep tv up because a lot of times, we get very current information quicker through the news than we get through our normal channels >> we'll do that for you. we'll take care of that for you. >> you might be surprised to learn that southwest and other airlines monitor social media for signs of trouble anywhere in their system
6:50 pm
>> i have heard that twitter is one of the best ways to reach an airline if you got a problem and you're living proof that you actually do monitor this stuff >> we're here to help, so we try to do one, stop shop. if you have a change, have a question about your connection, whatever it may be, we can help you out. >> reporter: passengers take to twitter, facebook and instagram to report problems like inclement weather and delays. sometimes even their own. . >> we had a customer contact us one time say, if you, let me make my connection, i'll make i was key lime my. and we took a look at everything to see if it was possible to hold that flight. looks like it was going to be close we sent a message to the pilot and said hey if you can make this work, the customer will get you a key lime my >> so the pilot held the plane and the customer >> sent him a pie >> done scott fox news the man who discovered football related brain damage
6:51 pm
which led the nfl adopt new safety moves is disbanding his practice. he's leaving his and in profit foundation citing the man on his life and family because of publicity from the movie. comes 11 months after he founded the amali foundation. he discovered the disease which led to a one boulevard settlement current and former nfl players. sean >> fortunately the eagles not dealing with concussions but head issues. doug pederson talks about nelson agholor and whether or not he'll play tomorrow. plus the sixers had a chance to catch, see if they can hold on to the second half double digit lead next in sports.
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you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. z/ general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. ♪ the eagles have almost no room for error with six games
6:54 pm
left, they need almost every fame to make the playoffs. the cowboys are nine and one, running away with the division. they can still grab a playoff wild card spot. they have no time for nelson agholor and his head issues earlier in this week, doug pederson talked about lightening up his load. looks like he won't even play. he might not even dress, doug pederson talked about whether or not he'll suit up. >> i don't know. quite honestly, i don't know. like i said, he had a good week of practice. i feel like his mind has been -- he's been a good spot. he's done everything right. it's hard to say to at this point, you know, if he would be the odd man out. >> the only game of the day, giant and brown, josh jason pierre picks it three sacks and a fourth fumble. giants only up by seven but eli manning and odell beckham junior changed that four-yard touchdown in the middle.
6:55 pm
g men won re win 27-13. xjoel embiid. the last time we saw him, he was kicking a chair with minute restrictions. embiid back on the court. great position, gets the lay-up and all the way his parents were there to watch. 22 points, the sixers had a double digit lead at one point in the team but the cavs decided to turn it on in the fourth quarter. labron had a triple double. the sixers moved this one, third straight 112 didn't 108. eagles, tomorrow will have a little extra screws the eagles will be introducing two philly greats into their hall of fame. former jeremiah trotter and the voice of the eagles merle reese. they spoke to pitchers, signed autographs, they spoke about what this means to them
6:56 pm
>> this is the greatest honor i've ever received. it's amazing to be honored for something that you do that you love so much that's really such a pleasure. there's nothing i'd rather do than broadcast an eagles football game. being abducted into the hall of fame is the ultimate >> means a lot to me. i'm excited, my family excited for the fans. you know, we got the greatest fans in the football league. that's what i miss the most. coming out of the tunnel and seeing a sea of green. >> jeremiah trotter one of those guys went other places, didn't play well but for some reason in philly he was a monster, the only reason the defense was great. but there's brian dawkins, something about andy reid got him going >> loved the fans, only in philly you get the fans like that.
6:57 pm
falling to the 40's into the 30's, skies clear, winds light. if you're going out. make sure you wear a coat. once that sun sets, which it already has, it gets cold quick. got news is no wind until tuesday and this is for iain. it's a warm wind. >> there you go. >> were you perhaps in tennessee recently? >> no >> i was just wondering. the powerball thing. >> no. no, that's why we're here. >> we have more chances right here. we got more chances >> that will do it for us, the live lottery drawing up next.
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(gasps) (sighing happily) (gasps) (grunting) (exclaims) (groans) (grunts) okay, ellie, i got her. (gasps) the christmas rock. just got her out of storage.


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