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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  November 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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state university, why officials are still concern. on this opening drive for green bay, rodgers with the toss to touchdown for adams. it was just awful. big lights, world watching and we lost and let one slip away. we will discuss. let us know your thoughts on twitter. >> good morning. thanks for waking up early. it is giving tuesday, however. >> it the is. >> i will get my coffee this morning and ran into folks just coming home from the game last night. >> oh, no. >> they needed coffee. >> yes. >> and i took your advice yesterday. >> today, forget it, it will be wet and windy. maybe wet leaves won't blow around as much as dry leaves but you need to have the rain gear and, you know, we really needed it much lately, we have not had much rain and we don't get a whole lot.
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today will be different. four out of ten, we have rain, wind driven rain, bus stop buddy is red which his rain gear on, temperatures though in the 40's and 50's, a milder start, then we have had yesterday and milder air moving in along with this rain. you can see it edging in chester county, delaware county this morning, and zooming in closer there so from west to east it is all moving in. it will be at your doorstep soon. it is dry for now in philadelphia here in our neighborhood in old city. it is 48 degrees. sunrise at 7:02, and temperatures, 39 in mount pocono, 47 in trenton, and in pottstown, and in lancaster, 57 atlantic city. so with these mild temperatures all we're expecting is rain but we could get couple inches of rain. it will be a soggy commute on both ends, the rain rolls in this morning and still around for the afternoon and wind could gust to 30 miles an hour, so, that is a nice day, um, bob kelly, won't this be fun traveling. >> aren't you just a barrel of fun over there.
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5:01. here's something that will not be fun, intersection of the ninth and the boulevard where the traffic lights are on flash. look at these files not even stopping, just cruising through here, this is just an accident waiting to happen here. when lights are on flash it is a four way stop. look out here at intersection of ninth and the boulevard. fire location, here in darby, right at cedar avenue, so, watch for crews responding to that scene. schuylkill not bad at all this morning, pennsylvania turnpike looking good, we are opened for business, here's a live look at the vine street expressway. we have, lets see, both directions, so we're opened on the westbound side and here comes the first gang on the eastbound side. of course, that is all part of the overnight construction and then throughout the day, watch for delays, college avenue, the bridge over the septa tracks here, right at haverford avenue that is a new project that kick into gear. both market frankford and subway they have just started to roll with trains and with that rain on the way expect delays today on the regional
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rails, karen, back over to you. thanks, bob. the lets get to a develop story from mayfair there is a search for two men who police say shot and killed a 14 year-old boy just blocks from his home. steve keeley has latest from police headquarters, steve. >> reporter: this just happened eight hours ago, and if any boys happen to be up at 9:00 chances are they are watching eagles game safe in their home but for some reason this 14 year-old was outside more than a mile from his home and besides two killers he wasn't alone he had a friend with him another teenager who was not telling detectives too much for some unknown reason despite his friend just being gunned down dave schratwieser reported last night. this friend hey be too scared for his own safety, since these two killers got the away after murder in mayfair just before 9:00 as most of the city was watching the football game. >> i was sitting on my sofa watching the eagles game and i heard gunshots, four, pop,
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pop, pop, pop. i said, wow that under some ised like gunshots. >> upon police arrival they found a 14 year-old male lying on the the high way unresponsive suffering there multiple gunshot wound to his chest and torso. police pick him up, rush him to aria torresdale hospital where he was pronounced dead, at 9:37 p.m. and he was suffering from at least three gunshot wound to the chest and torso. the now based on ballistics evidence we know three shots were fired from the semiautomatic weapon. we found three spent shell casings on the sidewalk in the 6200 block of brow street. >> reporter: since everybody on that street was watching football most likely, the lights are on in their house, always tough to see outside your windows in the dark when you have reflections from your indoor lights inside. police got vague descriptions of the two guys that got away and very different descriptions of their getaway car. police immediately had this teen victim's identification and home address so maybe his
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tamly can help explain why he was in that area, last night, at 9:00 o'clock about a mile and a half from his house and karen, also sad that they were probably getting ready to shop for a birth the day gift for this kid because his birthday between thanksgiving, and christmas, just a few days away when we turned into the month of december. >> just heart breaking steve, thank you. also right now at 5:05. we are following breaking news in south philadelphia, a man riding a bike and now in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm. this happened around 1:00 this morning near the scene juniper by fitzwater and bella vice tap. man flagged down a driver who took him to the hospital. right now victim is listed in stable condition. police want to you take a good look at that person right there, they say he is wanted for sexual assault and home invasion in bensalem. they say he burst into a woman's apartment on the 500 block of bristol pike. lauren johnson near that complex right now with what we have learn, lauren? >> reporter: good morning, karen. worse decision for him, best
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decision for police was when he decided to leave that condo complex and walk right down here at bristol pike, to that food mart because police have a good look at who they are looking for and they want to you see the newly released video and help them track down the guy who broke in the nearby condo around 5:00 a.m. saturday, inside a mother and her ten year-old daughter sleeping soundly on the couch where they watched a movie the night before. she does not remember what happened but man held her begins her will. she was able to slip out of his drips, hide beneath her couch. the man seemingly startled left the condo. police say that is when he went to that gas station. the mother not wanting to be identified is still shake end up. >> i just wanted to get him out, and just to make sure my daughter was safe. i'm a single mom and there was a lot of blood, sweat ape tears getting a safe home for
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my daughter and this was a safe area, you know, i looked at crime statistics before i moved in here and that was a big selling point that it was safe. so to have someone in your living room that is not okay. >> reporter: here's a description of the the man police are searching for. man roughly 5-foot seven, 5-foot ten, he wears glasses, police believe he frequents a nearby park and woman that lives in this area came up to us saying she woke up to see surveillance video. she knows exactly who the man is. she said he lives in this neighborhood with his aunt. we instructed her to call police. that is what other people should do if they recognize the man seen in that video, karen. >> wow, maybe coming up we will have an update on that, very interesting developments there, thank you very much. time right now 5:07. big news green party candidate jill stein leading that recount effort right here in pennsylvania. here's how she started the process. lawsuit filed in commonwealth court on behalf of 100 voters
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alleging a legitimate good faith basis to contest the results. she's also asking voters to file challenges because you need three voters per precinct to file a petition to go before a why but deadline for voter initiated recount has passed. montgomery county says it has already received such a challenge. and president-elect trump has reportedly selected congress hand tom price for secretary of health and human services. official announcement is second later this morning, meanwhile, mr. trump continues to vet potential candidates for secretary of state. so, on money met with general david petraeus, also rudy guiliani, mitt romney are in the running, reportedly but that with man kelly ann conway had a lot to say certainly against mitt romney. delta has banned a passenger for life have after a ramp supporting donald trump. this was from a flight to atlanta from our area, allentown this was video from a passenger on board. delta issued an apology for not keeping that guy off the
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plane and they will refund ticket prices for the other passengers, on that flight. 5:09. classes at ohio state university are scheduled to resume to take just one day after police say a 28 year-old man attack fellow students, leaving 11 injured, one critically. police say a somalia born person abdul razak ali artan plowed his car in the group of pedestrians on campus and then got out and began stabbing people with the knife. campus police officer shot the attackers. coming up at 5:15 we will have a live report there the ohio state university. taking a look at more world news right now, leaders across the globe air arriving in cuba to pay tribute to fidel castro, the president of venezuela arrived late last evening. many decided they will not go just supporters of his regime that will be going. certainly britain's rhyme minister teresa may say she will not be in attendance.
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thousands of cubans are lining up all over to pay their respects. twenty-one gun solutes rang out at the start of the memorial ceremony monday in the capitol, castro ruled cuba for nearly half a century. we have an update the now to a story we told you about first at 4:00, police in columbia have confirmed there are five survivors in a plane crash that was carrying a soccer team from brazil from the southern area of practice sill. on that plane was the soccer team, also journalist and people covering that event. there is a i big tournament that was scheduled. offer night the flight on its waste, when it went down, 81 people on board. it is believed there were many fatalities but very difficult to get to this mountainous area where the plane crashed in the mountain. they are trying to bring in helicopters but there was fog. we will stay on top of this breaking story, all soccer if that area has been cancelled. 5:10 right now. so, it wasn't good. you may have seen it, if you
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didn't, you don't want to. it was pretty bad. in a nutshell aaron rodgers was too much for our eagles. he did well. we did in the the do well. very frustrating. >> it was tough to watch. we thought it would be closer. it wasn't. >> it was a real frustrating that it to be an eagles fan but we love the bird. we're here. we have been watching them for decade in other seats and we will be back again hopefully some day we will win another one of those super bowls. >> thank you, your is. eagles needed to beat the packers to keep pace in the division. nfc east. we will have more still to come, we will have sports in one minute with sean bell and, of course, big daddy graham on the radio across the street. he will be on break this all down. we have a very important new warning about a synthetic drug, that they say it is more powerful then heroin, and, they call it, pink. why the dea says it is so
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important to keep it off the streets. plus, we have got the live look at the radar right now, that is almost over our head, this is going to be a big storm with heavy rain, gusty wind, we will have fog, it will be a terrible commute, but buckle up, everybody it will be okay. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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investigators are trying to determine if terrorism was motive behind that attack at the ohio state university.
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we know 11 people were injured when that suspect plowed his car in the crowd and then slashed victim with the knife. we have a reporter to bring us very latest, garrett penny joining us, good morning to you. what have we learned since this attack. >> reporter: investigators are not sure but they tell us there are indication that is point to terrorist. related here. we are told fbi is looking at a facebook post that they believe, belonged to abdul artan, the attacker and they say it was posted just minutes before he carried out the attack. one law enforcement source described it to us as a declaration against unfair treatment of muslims. now, another concerning detail, so far investigators looking into this case is methods that were used in carrying out this attack. the fact that he used a car, to drive in the crowded place and then used a knife to
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attack, the crowded student as well. both of those methods we have seen isis encourage to go use over the last couple of months in, their propaganda magazine much like we saw in these rants as well. now, we are learning more about abdul artan, that 18 year-old student, who carried out yesterday's attack. he is a refugee from somalia, his neighbors say that he was always very kind. he attended daily prayer service at a local mosque but fbi is now reaching out, to his family, his friend, to try to get a better eye tea of what may have caused him to have this happen, yesterday, if there was anything that caused him to break or snap, anything along those lines. now, you mentioned, 11 people were injured, in this attack. one critically injured. they have been at the hospital, they are hoping to get an update on their status later this morning and, of course, students here at ohio state, returned to campus again for campus classes today. >> we are looking at video, you had a prayer vigil last
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night on campus. what was that like. do people feel comfortable going back to classes today? very soon. >> reporter: last night students were in shock. this is what you see on tv but never expect it to happen where you are. for them, right now across from where this attack happened is dorms. this is where students live. some could hear gunshots from their dorm apartment. this is all unsettling. that is where they are sleeping and waking up tonight looking back on this as if it were a dream trying to come together and move forward, but the certainly has shaken up the columbus, ohio community, karen. >> i can well imagine, garrett, thanks very much for your live report we appreciate it and new details we are learning. thank you. so sue, i laid out the kid rain jackets. i listened to your advice.
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>> at least i know one person was listening. hopefully you were. we have that rain on the way and here it is, rolling in the area right now and we do have a few heavy downpours it looks like a few in berks county, a few in chester and montgomery counties around pottstown this morning we are seeing shower activity. as we look at the future cast, we will see it continue wind gusting to who miles an hour. little break overnight. more rain rolls in for the morning commute tomorrow. so we have this morning, we have this evening, we have tomorrow morning, and then, maybe tomorrow evening, just a few left over showers before it is all out of here, and we have a try, cooler, thursday. so that is what is heading our way, we have the rain gear with you, be prepared for your umbrella to blow inside out today, because this is, this is a windy rainy day. tomorrow we could get a thunderstorm just for good
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measure and then temperatures start to drop throughout the day on thursday, and then by friday, it the is a high of 52 r on saturday, and then by sunday, it is quite chilly, with a high of 47 degrees, chance of rain on monday. that is a look at your seven day forecast. you realize with what thursday is, bob kelly, december 1st. >> wow, my dad's birthday december 1st. happy birthday, mr. kelly out there watching, probably up early. good morning, valley forge casino in king of prussia, reason i'm put ago this out. there has been an accident, two, right at first avenue and golf road working your way in towards king of prussia interchange. nice shot of the ben franklin snap a picture because it will not stay that way. we have rain on the way coming from the west, heading our way, rain, fog, wind, it will be ayuky morning and evening rush hours, as we look live, in problems at the moment in center city. traffic lights are out on flash actually at ninth and
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the boulevard, so look out at four way stop sign there. fire location in darby at wrights and cedar avenue. i hated math in first period but here's easy one, rain plus leaves will lead to slippery rails and therefore expect delays on all regional rail lines especially that pretty tree line paoli thorndale line which always pops up with delays. and thanks to louise who sent us this picture from drexel hill. she decorated her house, got lights up on the front lawn, hopefully got steaks in there and tied the old christmas tree down paw that wind will do a number on all of your christmas lights. so, make sure you snap a picture before you head to work and then pop it up there on facebook, twitter, instagram, use the #fox 29 lights contest where i can show all of the pictures all take every day here on tv and then once a week we will pick the best of the best pictures that we have received, and hit the road, and broadcast from somebody's front lawn. we will to it the thursday
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night, touring five and 6:00 o'clock newscast. all details are on the web site at fox karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. it is coming up at 5:21 right now taking a look at more top stories that are making headlines. talking about the schools and what is happening with the deal that was offered? there was a four year, one hub million-dollar contract offer that is now being reject wye the philadelphia president of the teachers union. district proposal to that federation of the teachers included bonuses for teachers in their hard to staff school and raises for teachers who maxed out on the pay scale. teachers have work for three years without a contract and in raise for four. superintendent doctor william hite says the district just can't afford anymore. >> we would love to give them more. we don't have more to give. whatever we do now cannot put us in a predicament where in four or five years we are removing the resources or investments we have made in
5:22 am
order to sustain the agreement. >> union president jerry jordan says that the the proposal offered quote no recognition of the years that people have sacrificed. there was a 64 year-old woman hit and killed by a septa bus in center city as she was pushing a baby stroller. such a tragedy. it happened monday at 23rd and chestnut streets. investigators say driver of the route nine bus was making a left turn when this happened, the baby, who was about six months old was taken over to children's hospital for evaluation but was not hurt. >> it appears she was close to the crosswalk we are not sure yet, that is what the investigation or accident investigation will determine that, on where she was first struck and then obviously where she landed. >> police have not said if the woman and that child are related. there is a manhunt on for a gunman who shot a delaware teenager on his way to school in wilmington. police say bullets hit the 15 year-old boy in his arm and
5:23 am
chest. his father tells us that the boy ran to the school bus not knowing that he was even shot, but students noticed he was hurt and bus driver waved him on. he also called dispatch who call police. >> he was going through him and came out the other side of his arm. i think it was three holes, and two bullets. >> do you think it is gang related. >> i know it was gang related. >> boy is in stable condition at the hospital and police are on the hunt for the shooter. coming up later in the show, how a community in philadelphia is stepping up to offer support for a man who opened a package, do you remember this, that went off? there was a bomb inside. we have a big update on what is happening with him. it is also giving tuesday, so people are giving to many charities, and we have a warning, there is a new synthetic drug out there that they say is worse than heroin, more powerful so we will break down what you need to though and how we're trying to keep it off the streets.
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welcome back to your health news right now. is there a new opiate drug that experts are calling more dangerous then heroin. they have a important warning. tech income california nicky's u47 but police refer to it as pink. what makes this so dangerous? you can buy it cheaply on
5:27 am
line, either a pill or powder and here's the thing it is resistant to narcan so they cannot bring you back, shot used to save drug users when they are overdosing. over past few months pink has been blamed for several dozen deaths, all around this country. in other health enthusiasms texas officials are reporting first case of the zika virus contracted from mosquito within that state. there is a woman infect living along boarder with mexico but has not traveled out of the country and not pregnant. florida is only other state where mosquitoes spread the virus. we have very important developing news to tell you about and part of it the is rain, we have an approaching storm bringing rounds of heavy rain, big wind and we will have fog, so sue will tell us when this will be smacking us all in the taste but the good news is, we do need the rain.
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breaking on the fox 29 morning news a horrible tragedy a plane in columbia, carrying a brazilian soccer team has crashed, it has crashed this is mountain. there are, a hazingly, some survivors. and also another violent night in our city, teenager shot and killed what we know so far about this one and maybe how you can help solve this crime. plus an absolutely terrorizing event for a woman, that guy, she said, came into
5:31 am
her home, and attacked her. good day, everybody. it is tuesday. it is already november 29th. i cannot plea of we're almost in december. >> thursday is the day. >> yes. >> that is coming up. dividing tuesday. maybe you have a group you like to give to or help out. >> give you a nice cup of coffee. >> which is yours, but i'm just giving it to you. >> here is your phone. >> thanks, bob. >> extraordinary. >> got a little spill here in aisle three. >> you will give us much needed rain. when will it be over our heads and causing problems with traffic and all. >> if i minute now. >> okay. >> it is rolling in, as we speak. we don't have rain at the airport just yet but we gave bus stop buddy an umbrella so you should find yours before you leave the house. if you look out and don't see rain reza shourd it is on the way. forty's and 50's at the moment and you can see rain rolling from west to east, it is now went nothing to delaware county, montgomery county, little bit of bucks county
5:32 am
there and here in philadelphia as i said any minute, it is still dry, right now, but it won't be for long. 48 degrees. we are well above freezing and we're only talking about rain. 7:02. we will not the see sunshine. it will be rainy, cloudy, windy today. 48 degrees in the city, but 63 should be the high temperature. only good thing is milder temperatures rolled in. but be aware, all of those christmas lights that you put up over the weekend, so very, very carefully, wind could mess with them today. >> i hope they are tied town, good morning. maybe a good day to stay inn doors and do baking like merion's elf did baking making snow age else this is the flower overnight, thanks to hard john for sending this picture how she woke up and found her elf move on the overnight. atlantic city expressway this problems are delays at all but we are starting to see some i like to call them cheerios,
5:33 am
rain drops on the camera. this is a live look at 42 tree way at creek road, so, again, sue mentioned the rain is on the way, blanket us all any behind now, and that will be a game changer, the roadways, areas that have the leaves, fallen on the ground, those wet leaves will make things slippery. live look at the schuylkill expressway, traffic lights are on flash at ninth and the boulevard, fire location at darby at wright and cedar and expect delays on the regional rails, mainly because of the slippery rails with the rain, that is going to be with us all day long, karen, back to you. we want to get back to this breaking news right now. police in columbia have confirmed there are at least five survivors after a plane crashed that was carrying a soccer team from southern brazil and also journalist and officials that work with this team and covered this team. the it crashed into a mountain. overnight flight was on its way to the area when it crashed there. it has been very difficult to get into that area.
5:34 am
helicopter have been trying but there is a lot of fog and weather. we know there were 81 people on that plane. the it is believed there were many fatalities. we will continue to follow developments with this horrific tragedy. also, developing right now, there was a 14 year-old shot and killed, in mayfair, and now police need your help get these gunman off the streets. the lets get up to steve keeley with the very latest on this, steve. >> reporter: starting to pour out here so we will try to wrap this up quick and sadly this kid was freshman high school age. we don't know his name just yet but you can bet his classmates will spread word of what happened to him on their phones or in school when they arrive this morning. police have not put out the murdered teens name just yet, first quarter of the eagles game last night he was gunned town and over the sound of the announcers on their tv, everybody heard the gun fire that killed him, and then they quickly found it out that it was just this young teen shot three times likely at point
5:35 am
blank, no known, stray shots, hit anything else, and then the school age teen who would have only turned 15 years old in days in december lived more than a mile from this where he was killed, and then police learned his name and address, what they hoped to learn, still, is why he was where he was, and who were the two guys that killed him. >> we don't have a motive for the shooting but witnesses say that there were two males, one was wearing a dark hooded sweat shirt, in further description, other male was wearing a small cap, like a beanie, on his head, and in further description. both of these individuals entered a vehicle last seen traveling north onagras from neighborhood. >> it is a nice, beautiful neighborhood. i was shocked to see all this activity. >> it is a quiet neighborhood. nice neighborhood. the houses and lawns are well kept. we don't usually get any
5:36 am
shootings in this particular area, especially homicides. >> reporter: but because people really to care about their neighborhood and their lawns and their cars, some of them do have surveillance cameras, karen because mayfair in the 15th district we had those tire slashing cases. so hopefully this is high definition video that makes it look like it is take lighten though it is dark out because you can tell by vague descriptions looking out the window human eye cannot see what sometimes video cameras can see. hopefully detectives will get some kind of leads there and this kid was not alone. he had a friend with him and dave schratwieser reported last night that the friend was not too cooperative which is understandable if he thinks those two guys will kill him next but hopefully he has told some detectives some more, since those eight hours have passed since his friend was gunned down. >> hopefully he will have more to say, thanks, steve. we will show you a person who is a suspect. police say he is wanted for break nothing to a woman's
5:37 am
home this bensalem and sexually assaulting her. we have lauren johnson to explain what we know this morning at this early hour and you have someone that talked to you with some interesting information, lauren? >> reporter: yeah, that is right, karen they came up saying they woke up to this surveillance video and when they saw that person they recognized them. we instructed them to go to police. here's the deal, that manmade bad decisions early saturday morning break nothing somalia one's home, but best decision he made was walking to that sunoco gas station when he stepped right into a camera frame. the here's the video bensalem township police released hoping someone well recognize the man. it was 5:00 a.m. saturday morning when he forced his way inside a unlocked door where a mother and her ten year-old were sleeping on the couch where they fell asleep the that it before watching a movie. the once inside female victim for the with the man, and she tried to hide behind her couch to get away, when her daughter woke up she says it startled the man and he ran off.
5:38 am
she woke up with a bump on her head. she had bruises on her they can. it was a full out fight to protect her daughter. police say he left here and walk a short way to the gas station and that is where they were able to capture his image. neighbors learning about what happened right outside their front door are on edge but not all of them are surprised. >> what is pretty scary is we're right the here next to philadelphia. i have a young child, a female, so, it would be pretty scar if i that happened in our area since it has, we will be on the look out for her, for sure. >> i'm surprised. i a man goes around to check every door to see it has opened. i knew for about a year that was happening. >> reporter: how scary is that is this who is police looking for. he is a man between 5-foot seven and ten, he wears glasses. police think he is home less and lives in the area and might frequent nearby park. that female victim says she's a single mother. she made sure that she checked the neighborhood for crime statistics because her priority was to make sure her
5:39 am
daughter was safe. the she's surprised something like this happened to her so soon. >> lauren, thank you very much. we have a bright spot out of the tragedy that happened, community is now rallying to help one of their own. there is a crowd funding page for a man lives in rittenhouse who opened up a package with a bomb, and has raised a lot of money. already more than $13,000. we know he is a member of the lb gt community and was personally targetled. he is facing huge medical cost which include facial reconstruction surgery and he lost part of his tinker. police have not made any arrests in that case. it is 5:39. a pretty scary situation in tennessee where there were terrifying guests trapped inside their hotel by a raging wild fire? the help that may soon hopefully be on the way, to that area. also we have rain outside in our neck of the woods, sue will tell you where it will be hitting and may already been falling. i have asthma...
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good morning, i'm sean bell. eagles at the five-five and last in the nfc east they need to win almost every game to keep up with the rest of the division. unfortunately packers needed this game just as much, as the eagles did. aaron rodgers just shredded this defense all night long. the first quarter first drive rodgers and adams, gets in for the touch town. that made it seven to nothing packers. eagles answered with a 11 play, 81-yard drive capped off by this car somebody wentz
5:43 am
rushing touchdown, his first of his career but that is all aaron rodgers after this. look at this pass, pinpoint accuracy to adams, perfect lays, made it 14-seven. in the fourth quarter packers just put this away. aaron, with the 1 yard, touch town run, eagles lose, 27-13. now five-six, on the season. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. oh, that's lovely...
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well 5:46. good tuesday morning everybody. you know i like grilled cheese. how about a tail of two cheeses sent by my buddy erock on twitter. we have green bay cheese hat and philadelphia cream cheese hat last night at lincoln financial told. we are starting to see rain moving through, here bee go get your wipers ready. here's i-95, we will be dealing with ayuky tuesday mornings. if you can take those covers and pull them backup over your head and stay where you are. lets look at 30 bypass wet for the gang from downingtown, rain will be a game changer.
5:47 am
we have an opening at that coney palmyra bridge, traffic stopped on both side, so head for betsy ross or just get jumbo coffee and wait it out. traffic lights are on flash at ninth and the boulevard. so that will be a hot mess for the morning rush hour and the rain, plus the leaves, it will leave us with slippery rails. expect delays on all regional rail lines this morning. so, i hope tied down all of those christmas tech racials you put up over the weekend. we are looking for it. we are looking for the best of the best, snap a picture of your home, post to it facebook, twitter, instagram, use that hard tag fox 29 light contest. i'm hitting road thursday night this is decorated news van. i will set up and broadcast live during our five and our 6:00 o'clock newscast. is what forecast like for thursday and for today? sueby has got it in 15 seconds.
5:48 am
to you haven't left the house yet so glad you tuned in because now you get to chance to see how damp it is, just 15ago, we looked and it was perfectly dry. the rain is here and here is a look at ultimate doppler radar to show you what we're talking about. it is all rain with this first frontal system we have two systems, one today one tomorrow, so two days of much needed rain. we will not enjoy it the necessarily, because wind driven rain at times but you can see heavy downpours right around reading here in berks county and then every where else it is not real heavy rain but it is steady, and on and off throughout the day and yes, it has made it to philadelphia. the good news, it is only rain we're talking about here with temperatures well above freezing even in the mountains it is 40 degrees. fifty-six in millville. forty-nine this wilmington. fifty's at the shore, and wind have not picked up a lot just yet the but they will be by
5:49 am
mid-morning. we will see wind gusts 25 to 30 miles an hour even more. average high is new down to 51 n around there since weekend, it was 53 yesterday but today well above, that is one if thing the mild temperatures, today and tomorrow in the 60's. when rain ends wednesday night and dry weather comes in and by sun take we will have high temperature only in the 40's. karen. >> all right, thanks, sue. we have to talk bit, there was a game last night and did not the go way we wanted it to so lets check into see what people are saying about this on the radio and in person, big daddy here to talk about what happened. >> well, what happened is one of these teams had to win. they were both two and five since that reparticular lust fourth week bye and the right team won. they are the better team. aaron rodgers will go to the hall of fame. i know, virtually everybody
5:50 am
pick green bay -- i'm sorry, picked eagles. i did not. i pick green bay to win this game. i can't say what i was advised by. what i was surprised by and what my listeners are upset about at 94 wip was that the team is heading in the right direction. you cannot win two of your last eight games, two of your last eight games and make that comment, that you are heading this is right direction. as a matter of tack, bad news is since that stupid bye week, nobody on the eagles has gotten better. do i want carson wentz to be my quarterback? absolutely i do. >> he did have have a touchdown. this is where i left right after this touchdown. >> but you we want him, as our quarterback. but he is not getting better. fletcher cox, for all of the honey, he is headaching not getting better. great run here. i thought they were going to challenge it. there was a chance he was down
5:51 am
but i'm glad they didn't. things were looking good then. they started off strong in that first quarter. >> and then the interception which was hurting them. he throws this interception, you will not see the play require, he took a vicious hit. i had a caller point out, wentz has done that a couple times where he takes a nasty hit and on the very next play he throws an interception. >> he is a rookie, i'm still happy, he is here this doubt about it the but other than their kicker who is having a great year, amazing year, there is to be getting better. >> not to be -- look, they brought up paul turner. everybody has been dying to see paul turner they never tarringed him this is within ball was then his way the entire night. but, there was some good news,
5:52 am
i don't know if you have any footage of this, merrill reese. >> lets look at that. >> i loved jeremiah trotter, i thought he was a great guy. >> he is a great guy. >> this is at half time, wonderful ceremony, eagles hall of fame, what happened. >> merrill reese, who is 40 years we're talking, 40 years he has within doing this, look at him, you can see howie motionly choke up he is. great thing about merrill easies almost everybody, listening to us right now has met merrill. he has been here for so long. he is gracious to everybody. i have been in the presence of merrill reese, countless, countless times, over my time here in this city and i have never seen him be anything but gracious to somebody the in the media, or a nine year-old kid just in awe. >> class act. >> class act through and through. jeremiah trotter, nice guy. >> i met him, love him.
5:53 am
>> he is as big as the rock. >> do you have a event coming up. >> next wednesday, parx casino with joe conklin up there every wednesday and i go four or five times a year. go to big daddy to get your ticket. eagles will win next week. >> from your lips upstairs, we hope so. thank you. we appreciate that one. when we come back a major change, of planes in atlantic city. why there will not be a celebration of the new years eve there, why some people, some people will go there but somebody will not and we will explain.
5:54 am
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kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe.
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i'm now seeing the whole station partnered with the kelly ann dolan memorial fund who help kids and their families who are sick by paying their bills and they want to bring families some gifts and bring them joy this who will take season. if you have a new toy, any child up to 18 you can tropical it off at wissohickon firehouse december 5th and 6th and good day will be out there jen fred on december 6th, all the way during the morning hours until 10:00 a.m. just come to our web site at fox so when you this year arrives in atlantic city all eyes will be some lays else because big party they were going to have will not happen. big anticipated named concert
5:57 am
at boardwalk hall feast toured in the national new years eve broadcast will not happen. casino reinvestment development authority said show was part of the group's 11 million-dollar deal to keep miss america pageant there, but, they have some more financial concerns and they shut it down. they are trying to do a big show, maybe next year. all right. 5:57. we have an update on this breaking news, right now, there is a search for survivors, in columbia, a plane carrying more than 80 people, people related to a soccer team, the players, the people that cover them, the officials, that plane has crashed into a mountain. this is a brazil yan soccer team from the southern area first responders have had a challenge getting there. we will stay on top of that breaking news. plus we have this storm over our heads for much of the area. sue will break that down for us, the rain, wind, and some of our traffic problems. we will be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
potential of the football team and the guys that we have. >> another ugly loss, the eagles can't stop aaron rodgers and packers at home and now it looks as if they will miss playoffs. why coach pederson is still confident about his team going forward. >> trying to get the two through it. plus search for survivors in columbia plane carrying more than 80 people goes down


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