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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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bat rink cancer. why someone is putting a foot down to keep them out of the enabled. >> a letter bomb blew up in his face last week. his message tonight. your news is next.>[a5df]ww]
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. happening now, a break from the rain but it will soon be back and heavier than ever. tonight we're tracking a chance for some severe weather. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. part two of one-two punch of rain and wind coming our way you could wake up to third danger and that is dense fog. so let's get straight over to meteorologist kathy orr. hey, kathy. >> good evening, lucy and iain. good evening, everyone. we're looking at some pockets of drizzle and mist going across the delaware valley. but once this rain comes to a complete end and that dampness goes away we will be dealing with areas of dense fog. visibility now reduced to the west.
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especially in lancaster county where it's only a quarter of a mile and as we dry out a little bit, we will see that fog rolling in. right now there's a dense fog advisory through lancaster county and westward as you head through state college the national weather service in state college issued this and it goes all the way down through baltimore and washington and there is a chance that this could be extended into our region late tonight or early tomorrow morning. so be prepared give yourself a little extra time before you head out the door tomorrow just in case. temperatures right now, still very warm. 60s to the south and east. 50s to the north and west. so we have a good chance of seeing that fog develop. coming up we'll talk about round two of this weather roller coaster with another round of rain. the threat of severe weather with severe thunderstorms that's tomorrow afternoon. some gusty winds, dam damaging winds possible and then temperatures come crashing down in that seven day forecast. more on that coming up a little later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> talk to you soon, kathy. you can stay ahead of the
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weather by downloading the fox 29 news app. you can see live radar images get weather alerts sent to your phone it's free. that's a good thing. search for it in the apple or google play stores. happening now people in one olney neighborhood have had it. they say piles of garbage have been sitting around for too long. the smell, the rats just looking at the mess make it hard to tolerate and people who live near the regency village apartments on the 5600 block of ogontz say they've been complaining about it for a long time. neighbors are sick of it. >> yup, they are. so they called fox 29's chris o'connell to get results. >> reporter: this is the view eddie gay man has outside his house. >> look at trash out my window. >> reporter: the heaps of trash you see comes from the building across the street. the regency village apartments on 18th and ogontz. >> yeah, i have mice. >> reporter: neighbors who live nearby have been complaining to management and the city for years. >> i have to get out of here. i can live no place like this. >> reporter: they say the
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trash is piled up daily and the broken dumpsters always seem to overflow. so much garbage blows around nearby lawns are being littered with other people's trash. and those neighbors getting fined themselves. >> it's nasty. i come out here every weekend and raking the leaves up and the trash and possoms come and alley cats and it's a mess around here. i shouldn't have to live like this. >> reporter: how bad is it? you decide. today was trash day. here you see in the back of the building piles and piles of trash, and garbage literally being thrown from the building. >> right up there. >> reporter: just as we were interviewing the block committee man someones toed bags of trash from the fourth floor balcony of the regency village building. >> you see what i'm saying? >> the trash did go in the dumpster but you see plenty that didn't. this building is a disgrace. they need to do something about it. >> reporter: we check the property with the department of licenses and inspections. and we found pages of prior violations including a long
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history of trash and sanitation problems. we tried to talk to the property manager, but she told us to come back tomorrow. >> asking about the trash. >> reporter: neighbors say the issue is no longer a code issue but a safety concern. one that appears to be falling on deaf ears. >> something has to be done. something has to be done. because this is just too much. it's too much. >> reporter: so far the property owner has yet to return our calls. we'll let you know what they say once we hear back. in olney, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. new tonight, camden police have just released this sketch of the man who sexually assault add woman on sunday she told police that a man who was driving in white van forced her into a vacant lot then assaulted her on the 900 block of south third street her description led to the sketch you see right there and you see the van that they're talking about. if you know who this is, you know anything about this, give police a call. house up for sale in delaware county has a buyer tonight with big plans and a noble cause.
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>> a woman wants to buy the house to help people with canc cancer. but it won't happen without a fight. fox 29's brad sattin is outside the home in swarthmore to explain why not everyone is on board with this, brad. >> reporter: iain, the house we're talking about is just behind me here the 200 block of south chester road. there's a buyer who has a deal to purchase this house for about $700,000. it's been on the market for several years so you'd think that neighbors would be ecstatic by this news but tonight many of them are not. >> we walked in it just had the feel, it had the warmth. >> reporter: cheryl, wants to make this house hour newest nick's house named after her sonic who died of cancer 10 years old. head strong foundation gives out of town cancer patients an caregiver a fro place to call treatment for six to eight weeks during cancer treatment. >> a typical stay in the city for 10 week period is $10,000 in hotel fees. >> reporter: the current nick's households two families
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at a time. this new one could hold up to seven families or 14 people at a time the problem is it's on the wrong side of harvard avenue. one side is zoned for institutions. like a church and community center. the other side where the house sits is zoned for single family residences. some neighbors like lisa teary are fighting the move she says it's not that they don't have compassion. cancer runs in lisa's family. >> everybody is affect beside cancer. this is a real need. >> reporter: she is worried about the traffic, the parking, a precedent being set that could invite other group homes to move in and concerns for her son who has autism. she moved here six years ago thinking the zoning offered protection. >> i really need to know my neighbors so they can know him. he can stay safe. having that many people in one home row traiting through every six weeks there's no possible way. >> reporter: charity april cysts it will be a great neighbor those near the current homes say it's been problem fr free. >> they're not loud people. if anything they're just sad,
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and it's heartbreaking to know and see that they have child that might not make it. >> reporter: cheryl says much of the community has been welcomwelcoming and if nick's he allowed here she'll work hard to convince the rest. >> we've try to shown we're ready, willing and able to do whatever we can to satisfy their concerns and they're fears. >> reporter: now because this home would accommodate people with cancer it does fall under the fair housing act. a borough committee has approved this but again there's now an appeal so it's going to go in front of the and tire borough council on monday. that is when borrow council will vote. the hope is to get this up and running early next year there's a chance at this point lucy it could be headed to federal cou court. >> hmm. all right, brad, thanks so much. he wasn't on the run for very long. police say they have caught the man who sexually assaulte assaua woman in her be bensalem home. prosecutors have charged this man. we were there as he walked to court this morning.
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police say they found anderson who is homeless in abandoned car. he broke into a woman's home at the lafayette garden condo building early saturday morning, sexually assaulted her. the victim's 10-year-old daughter was home at the time just feet away. she's not hurt. the trump transition moving ahead as his administration begins to fill out possible secretary of state mitt romney dining tonight with the president-elect and his chief of staff reince priebus at a restaurant in new york city. despite his campaign promise to drain the swamp, today the president-elect tapped a handful of washington and wall street insiders. his nominating georgia representative tom price for secretary of health and human services. he is a fierce critic of obama care. trump tapped former labor secretary elaine chow for transportation secretary. she's married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and fox news reports, steven my new chen will be like the be the next treasury secretary. he's a former golden sacks
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executive with no government experience. meanwhile the president-elect continues to stir up controversy on twitter. early morning tweet took aim at the right to burn the american flag. trump tweeting today, "nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail! ". >> tweet true immediate criticism and praise. host, the 1989 supreme court decision texas versus johnson says flag burning is a form of protest and therefore is prote protected by the first amendme amendment. >> what do we want? -- >> in center city night this hundreds of protests across the country. workers demanded a higher minimal wage. people were block a highway. another young life is lost. another philadelphia neighborhood grappling with the reality of a teenaged boy gunned
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down and police have yet another murderer to find. 14-year-old iain wilsey died last night in mayfair. >> one of the many questions remain why would anyone do this fox 29's dawn timmeney has the latest from northeast philadelphia. >> i didn't believe it. i kept thinking it was fake. >> reporter: 14-year-old frank myers is still in shock over the murder of his friend and classmate ian wilsey. gofundme page started for the ninth greater to cover his funeral expenses after he was shot and killed last night. myers learned the awful news at school this morning. >> i felt terrified. i was about to cry in school and everything. i kept the pain inside. >> reporter: myers says the two attended northeast high school together and have been good friends since the sixth grade. >> i heard he got show shot. iain, he ain't the type of guy to get shot. he just liked playing football. >> the shooting happened about 9:00 o'clock at brows and devereaux in mayfair. wilsey and 16-year-old friend were walking to store when two guys just walked up to them, crouched and shot.
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>> i was sitting on my sofa watching the eagles game. and i heard gunshots. four. pow pow pow pause and then pow. >> reporter: three of the bullets hit him in the chest. police rushed the teen to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> it's an absolute tragedy. very sad. i mean, how can you be so cavalier to shoot a 14-year-old boy. so callus that it's unbelievable to me. >> reporter: frank myers says he left school today to check on iain's familiarly. >> i'm standing there seeing his mom cry, his brother cry and charles, his brother, he never cries. >> police are hoping someone will come forward with information about his killer. >> if you hear anything, you know, please don't hesitate to call. that could be your child, you know, that was walking down the street. >> reporter: $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. iain was just shy of his 15th birthday next month. but instead of planning a birthday party, his family is planning a funeral.
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dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> just so tragic. a big reward and a mother's plea for compassion in a hit-and-run crash that killed an eight-year-old philadelphia gi girl. >> i don't get a prom. i don't get a graduation. no marriage. no grandkids. no nothing. >> here's a big promise just made to that driver.
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>> all out battle against a wildfire in tennessee. three people have died. the flames have burped hundreds of homes. forced thousands of evacuations including popular tourist town
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of gatlin burg. firefighters hoping for rain but came along with whipping winds which has done anything but help in the battle. in gatlin burg alone the fire forced more than between thousand people out of their homes. the city's fire chief calls this wildfire one for the history books. letter bomb blew up in face last week. his life forever changed that day when he open the package in his apartment. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in center city. shawnette. >> reporter: well the victim said in a note posted on crowd funding page set up for him that he will use the money for his extensive medical bills. he says he still needs more surgeries license likely be out of work for quite sometime. the u caring crowd funding page shows a big of jim alden and the wounds he suffer at the hands of the cruel person who left an envelope for him rigged with a bomb. it exploded when he open it last tuesday at his apartment in rittenhouse. so far people have donated more
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than $16,000 to the page. and today, alden himself posted a heartfelt note updating everyone on his road to recove recovery. he says a week later, "he's happy to be resting at home and feeling a little better. the shrapnel damage to his face, chest and arms is slowly healing but a blister on his eardrum is affecting his hearing. he also wrote that he will need more surgeries and will likely be unable to work for some time. alden ended the note by saying he is relying on the love and care of his partner and friends and says he appreciates everyone's concern and compassion. meanwhile the fbi, atf, u.s. postal service, along with philly pd are handling the investigation trying to track down whoever did this to him. >> and if you'd like to make a donation or simply want to read that letter that jim wrote, just go to our website fox we put a link to the crowd funding page there.
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>> in chestnut hill these men spray painted an anti trauma message on the walls of a fresh mark. surveillance video captured them last week. police say they spray painted the building then one of them captured all of the images and the damage is going to cost thousands of dollars to fix because of the stone used to construct the building. new jersey's capital could be the focus of episode of this old house. you can call it this old state house. governor chris christie today announced a four-year, $300 million renovation to the 18th century structure to begin almost immediately. christie says the building has structural defects and safety violations, parts of it lack a sprinkler system. more than a third of the building has no heat or air-conditioning. it's got so many code violations we can't count them and fails to meet rules regarding access for those with disabilities. >> to leave the state house in this condition is embarrass many to the people of the state. it impacts the health and safety of the people who work here and visit here haven't business here
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and quite frankly it's shameful. >> christie says the executive branch of government will leave the state house when those renovations are going on when they're finish security screening will be moved outside the main structure for better protection from attacks. the owner of the still shuttered revel casino in atlantic city is suing new jersey casino regulators he says he doesn't need a casino license to reopen the property. developer glenn straub argues that he is merely the property's landlord not the casino operator so he shouldn't have to get the pricey casino license. the casino's new name as of this fall 10. it's slated to reopen in the spring with cass zen know and hotel rooms, restaurants and nightclubs. that's if it has the correct licenses. the casino control commission has not commented on the lawsu lawsuit. philadelphia city leaders are trying to tackle homeles spend $700,000 for beds and job
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training. council members and advocates for the homeless say the additional money found within the city's budget will expand support services to young people by 12%. homeless people ages 18 to 24 will get the most help and one man shared his own experience how important it is to make services available to a larger age group. >> you can understand -- youth living with their parents having them take care of all the issu issues, doctors appointments, not having to worry about bills, things like that. that transition process being an add dull and having all these responsibilities right after being homeless. >> other services will include counseling for lgbt youth who advocates sauce are affected by homelessness. first glance it looks like it might be a scene from a zombie movie. you're actually watching nearly a dozen people storming a store. but not just any store. what they got their hands on
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that has police working around the clock to track them down. after black friday small business saturday and cyber monday, comes giving tuesday. it's a push to get people to remember others this holiday season. >> take some of the energy of the can't consumer i of our culture and turn it into something generous and full of community and full of love. >> philadelphia's leading the way in the growing movement and you can join it as well. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for another rough commute tomorrow, and watch for ponding in all of the construction zones like right here along 295 and 42 where there's poor drainage again with the rain that we've had the last 24 hours. it's going to make a mess for tomorrow morning's rush hour. also check in with the airline. going to be rough couple of days here at philadelphia international airport. expect weather delays tomorrow morning and also expect delays on all of our regional rail lines.
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what you need to know before you get on the go. sue has the forecast. i'll check the jam cams. see you tomorrow starting at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ 71 families are in mourning tonight as officials in columbia search for an explanation behind this horrific scene.
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this is what's left while that was what was left of a charter plane that crashed in the an december mountains. what you saw before was a social media post by one of the passengers on the plane from brazilian soccer team. it was carrying 77 people when something wept wrong. the airport has an official twitter account that confirmed the plane had an electrical failure. all but six people died. authorities found the plane's black boxes and are in the process of analyzing them. in the attack at ohio state university investigators have seized two electronic devices from the apartment of abdul razak ali artan. >> the fbi is now working to try and determine whether the 18-year-old tack kerr was inn sparred by isis. investigators say the somali born student wasn't on the fbi's radar before the attack but did he leave hints online. he ranked about the treatment of muslims and warned of sleeper cells. but authorities are still looking into an exact motive to
10:25 pm
explain why he drove into a group of pedestrians and stabbed people yesterday. the violence stopped when a police officer shot and killed him. one of the victims recounts the terrifying encounter. >> it all happened so fast. literally, at least it seemed to me maybe the time frame is compressed. it seemed to me literally within 15 to 30 seconds i heard the shots. and it was over. >> 11 people were hurt in the attack but doctors say they shall all make full recovery. police in tampa on the hunt for group rammed a truck through the wall avenue gun store so they can steal the weapons inn sigh. investigators say as many as dozen criminals ran into the store and grabbed the guns off the shelves out of the cabinets. deputes say the group stole 40 weapons before taking off. so far no arrests. big reward and mother's plea for compassion in a hit-and-run crash that killed an eight-year-old philadelphia gi girl. >> i don't get a prom. i don't get a graduation. no marriage. no grandkids.
10:26 pm
no nothing. >> hear the promise just made to that driver. our kathy orr is tracking your forecast. lots to talk about kathy. >> we're talking about areas of dense fog tonight and then another round of rain over tennessee. that is going to bring some thunderstorms as well into the region. we'll track that and show was to expect for the weekend coming up. >> here's a look what's coming up at 11:00. it's hank. in burlington county with chase. two hold ups of pizza drivers in willingboro last week. he got held up last summer. it's a dangerous game in just a few minutes.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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♪ a call for a burglary turned into drug charges for a south philadelphia man. he called police to the 400 block of cantrell street this morning saying an intruder was possibly in his basement. police say they did not find anybody in his basement just 172 marijuana plants. that man facing a list of charges including manufacturing, with the intent to deliver. tonight police say it was cherry hill woman hit and killed
10:30 pm
by a septa bus. the victim is identified as 64-year-old lydia progress chino it happened last night around 5:00 on 23rd and chestnut. police say a septa route nine bus was trying to make left turn when it hit the woman. she was pushing a stroller with nine month old infant inside. the baby was not hurt. medic pronounced the woman dead at the scene. tonight a philadelphia family is pleading for your help. they're looking for any information that leads them to the driver who struck and killed an eight-year-old girl and kept on going. also tonight a big reward now stands for the arrest and conviction of the driver offered from both the mayor's office and the fraternal order of police. >> bruce gordon spoke to jay anna's message who has a message for the driver. >> reporter: i see is a pool and james powell mom and dad to little jay anna huddled with the 19th district police captain before stepping forward to address the hit-and-run driver who took their daughter's life. >> i had to leave my best to rest yesterday the hardest thing in my life.
10:31 pm
i don't get a prom. i don't get a graduation. no marriage. no grandkids. no nothing. just turn yourself n make it better on everybody. please turn yourself in. >> reporter: jay anna was struck and killed by a silver nissan altima in the intersection of 63rd and lansdowne around 3:15 on the afternoon of november 18th. police believe the striking vehicle was a 2009 to 2012 model and would have sustained damage to the front grill and one health. that damage would either be now evident or recently repaired. >> i want to say is, to the driver, your chance is now to come forward. we promise i was fair investigation of this crash. >> reporter: to help that probe the mayor's office is now putting up a $10,000 reward for information that leads to arrest and convict of the driver. the fraternal order of police is offering another 15 grand for an arrest alone. >> bring them in today you're paid today. it's not for the conviction. you don't have to wait through a
10:32 pm
long detailed process. you bring them in today you're paid today. let's give this family of little jay anna little bit of closure. >> reporter: her parents, her extended family, west philly friends and neighbors marched and rallied and prayed for justice in this case. now they're pleading for the driver of that altima to do the right thing. >> if you have a heart, if you have a mind, a soul, just turn yourself in. it could have been your child. your grandchild. your niece, right, just turn yourself in. you wouldn't want it to happen to your family. why do it to another family? >> reporter: james powell her father says he expects this will be a tough christmas season as the little girl's brothers and sisters come to grips with their loss. any information is welcomed. silver nissan altima like the four to six years old with front end damage or recent repairs to the grill and health. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. the truck driver who plowed into the back of a van carrying comedian tracy morgan has pleaded guilty. kevin roper entered the plea
10:33 pm
today in new brunswick, new jersey. investigators say he was behind the wheel avenue wal*mart tractor trailer in june of 2014 when he smashed into morgan's van on the new jersey turnpike. comedian james mcnair died in that wreck. with his plea roper can avoid prison time by performing community service and meeting other conditions. in the spirit of giving tuesday students in queen village came together for a good cause. they collected used shoes to give other countries such as haiti and honduras. people in those countries were repurpose those shoes and create jobs and grow businesses. the school principal says this initiative teaches students an important lesson at an early a age. >> i think that it's something that is i guess our duty to teach students to be service minded, and to be community mi minded so that they know giving back is something that should never end and isn't something that should only happen during the holidays. >> the non-profit funds will
10:34 pm
purchase the donated shoes from the school to give to the countries. the school will put that money towards new technology. fox 29 has proudly partnered with the kellyanne dolan memorial fund this year to help as many families as possible and you can help by just a topping a family. the dolan fund is looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old or target or wal*mart gift cards. you can just drop them off at the wissahickon firehouse on december 5th and 6th. good day will be there live on december 6th up until 10:00 a.m. so for more information go to fox the franklin institute's jurassic world exhibit is attracting some of the scientists who study real dinosaurs take look at these pretty realistic fake ones. paleontologists visited philadelphia's franklin institute and they explored the exhibit which opened last frid friday. it features lifelong dinosaurs some towering 24 feet tall.
10:35 pm
the exhibit runs through next april. he put what in an officer's drink? what authorities say one mcdonald's employee put in two police officers sodas that got him fired. every subway driver's nightmare someone jumping in front of your train and being killed. >> she was walking on the platform and then she jumped right in front of my train g he was so haunted by this woman he would see her in his sleep. >> she just wanted to be alone, you know. she wanted to die in peace. >> chasing news tonight at 12:30 on fox 29.
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tonight mcdonald's franchise in topeka, cans can says mustard is the reason one of its employees is out of a job. all after two police officers say they got soft drinks with mustard mick flood them after the two law enforcement officers reported the muss starter drinks mcdonald's did an internal investigation and police started a criminal one. unidentified employee got fired. mcdonald's franchise says they proudly support law enforcement officers. happy homecoming for california couple that went missing while four wheeling. >> rory and susan hollander went on adventure on saturday in the
10:39 pm
foothills of he'll dorado coun county. supposed to return the same day. hours went by without their family being able to contact them. well rory was eventually able to find phone service to text his son you see the couple was stuck in the snow could not get out. rescue crews couldn't find them for two long days. until monday. >> we're just fortunate that we found them today, and we didn't have to have them spend a third night out here. >> started to panic a little bit today. tomorrow was going to be burn the tire day. >> the couple says they did have enough gas in their truck to run the heater intermittently for warmth. in your money tonight, did you shop online yesterday? well you had a lot of company. cyber monday hit a new record. the final lap in thanksgiving holiday shopping raked in three and a half billion dollars in sales. adobe digital insights shopper spending topped more than 12% than 2015. when it came to shopping on tablets and smart phones people
10:40 pm
spend a billion dollars using those devices alone. in san francisco travelers were jumping around eager to get going. >> passengers chihuahuas headed to new york city. virgin american teamed with animal rescuers for operation chihuahua airlift. this program started in 2010 because of an over population of chihuahuas in california shelters. we have the same thing with pitbulls around here. families in new york city will adopt these little guys or demand for smaller dogs is greater than the supply. after black friday, small business saturday and cyber monday comes giving tuesday a push to get people to remember others this holiday season. >> take some of the energy of the consumer i of our culture and turn it into something generous and full of community and full of love. >> how philadelphia's leading the way in the growing movement and how you can join it as well. our kathy orr is tracking that forecast of yours. >> all right. areas of fog tonight. rain tomorrow. half an inch to an inch
10:41 pm
possible. see that red? that's a tornado watch. severe weather to the south. we run the risk of severe storms tomorrow. all the details when we come back.
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new plot twists in the case of kidnapped california mom who turned up chained and beaten on the side of the road on thanksgiving. her husband now says they've had a backlash of people thinking it was all hoax. keith papini has few words for her. his wife sherri was covered with bruises and burns and was thrown from car with a bag over her head. authorities are looking for her kidnappers. ♪ bill anderson the force of goodness sake tonight we're all aware of black friday and cyber monday and billions of dollars we spend those days but some wonder why don't spend more helping other glass bill anderson looked into a movement call giving tuesday pickin pickp steam among people who think we should focus on charity during the holiday season for goodness sake. >> reporter: people spent nearly $300 million in stores on black friday alone. and another 3 billion online on cyber monday.
10:45 pm
giving tuesday started nearly five years ago. and the point was to grab some of the attention from the frenzy of holiday shopping. you have the black friday and cyber monday and giving tuesday is really to book end that and bring it back to gratitude and, you know, giving and doing something positive in your community. >> reporter: it's a pretty simple concept. find a non-profit and either make a donation or follow volunteer your time. giving tuesday is growing nationally but philly is one of the leaders with hundreds of groups participating and hundreds of thousands of dollars being donated and i check out some of today's events starting with a toy drive in center city. >> i used to read good night moon to my sister every night before bed. great hat by the way. >> you know, you don't have to be serious all the time. we go from court to giving. today on giving tuesday that special day when we invite people to give online to take some of the energy of the consumer i of our culture and turn it into something generous and full of community and full
10:46 pm
of love. >> reporter: next stop the stadium area. people like radio personals preston and steve they get it. their camp out for hunger event going on today any way. but even they recognize there needs to be more focus more attention on giving tuesday this time of the year. >> ♪ >> we are spending this time right now getting prepared for christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate this time of the year and those are people you know but a lot of people out there you don't know that need just same type of help. >> reporter: seth the day moving from event to event gave me a chance to see what giving tuesday means to all different people. >> giving tuesday to me means giving back to my community. >> an opportunity to give back at a type of great couldn't see assume her i and change that oh a time of great charity. >> great opportunities to start you and your family's involvement in your local organizations. >> reporter: it also showed me there's still large numbers of
10:47 pm
people who have no idea what gives tuesday even is. listen no judgment, no guilt. a lot of people didn't know about giving tuesday. but now that you do, what are you going to do about it? imagine even 1% of the money that we spend during holiday shopping frenzy went to charitable organizations. we could make a huge impact for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ wouldn't it be nice if we can do it 365 days a year. >> um-hmm. >> on your radar, not 365 days of rain but it will feel like it. >> it will. comparatively speaking it's been dry around here. the rain, the drizzle, the mist, moving out but the fag is moving in and that could mean issue come tomorrow morning. rain today. pretty impressive an inch to an it inch and a half in many locations an additional rain expected tomorrow allentown, reading, pottstown 10 and philadelphia over an inch in wilmington nearly an inch of rain. live look at mark street in old
10:48 pm
city philadelphia. the roads still wet out there. the temperatures very mild. it is 59 degrees. 1 degree lower than the high for the day winds out of the west mouth of south west at 6 miles an hour. so staying mild overnight tonight. visibility reduced in lancaster. reading we still have 3 miles there but lancaster one and three quarter miles. we do have a dense fog advisory there. as we go through the overnight in tomorrow morning, where you see the zero that's less than quarter mile visible. tomorrow morning in many locations a forecast so we could be seeing pockets of purview's osama bin laden through the region. as we look ahead we're talking about more rain, more wind and more storms during the day tomorrow. monica has been checking that out. there's even a severe weather threat, right, monica? >> right. that could bring heavier rain to parts of the delaware valley but that won't really happen until we head into the afternoon. for the rest of tonight and into early tomorrow morning, those rain showers on the lower side we've got a lull in the rain.
10:49 pm
it's really not untilly afternoon we get a second round of rain that's going to be pushing through and that's going to be bringing about once again the chance for some of that heavier rain anywhere from half an inch to a whole inch in parts of the suburbs of philadelphia. kind of to the north and west of philadelphia. up through allentown and mount pocono expect in some locations to receive the highest amounts over an inch possible as we head into wednesday afternoon. now there is a chance for some of these storms to become severe. you can see that stretching all the way from the deep southeast all the way up into new jersey. southern new jersey actually under a marginal risk for some of those storms to become severe. now marginal risk really just means an isolated shower could pop up become strong enough to produce damaging wind and maybe even some of that heavier rainfall that's for all of delaware and even areas like cape may county, atlantic county we're talking cumberland county, salem also included gloucester county included win that risk
10:50 pm
for severe weather and once again that would be through the afternoon. kathy a lot of that has to do with some of those warm temperatures into the 60s tomorrow. >> it's unbelievable. thanks monica. overnight tonight, talking about areas of fog in the warmer air in the city 53. the suburbs 49. temperatures rising because look at this. near 70 tomorrow. morning fog, some showers, some storms late in the day towards the evening with temperatures quite warm for this ties many of year. on your seven day forecast drying it out thursday temperatures fall in the wake of a cold front. friday, saturday, sunday even monday look dry with temperatures around 50. the next threat of rain will come on tuesday with a temperature of 54 degrees. that's a look at your seven day forecast. sean bell. >> kathy, after yesterday's loss against the packers doug pedersoimmediate doesn't sound o confident about the playoffs. hear what he had to say about focusing on the future. >> college rankings came out today. see where penn state landed what they need to do to get in the top four much that's coming up
10:51 pm
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and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. the flyers still very inconsistent. still having found a groove this season they only had one winning streak so far they're looking to start another one today beating the bruins third period flyers up two to one the bruins get a shot off steve mason he's able to save it but he's not able to save the rebound by brad marshawn. that's a goal. sends it into a shoot out.
10:54 pm
ninth round of the shoot out shane sweet move right there off his shoulder. that's a goal. now it's up to steve mason to save this game and he had a great one today. steve mason with another save. he had 45 season high. the flyers win, three-two. to college football penn state has come out of nowhere really this season to be legit contenders in the big 10 after michigan lost to ohio state the nittany lions won the division and got a shot at the big 10 title. something know one pick in the beginning of the season and that's why today head coach james franklin was named the coach of the year in the big 10. penn state is 10 and two and has won eight straight games they haven't had double wins since 2,009. in september a will the of people wanted franklin fired and wanted less miles as their head coach. penn state will play wisconsin in the big 10 championship game on saturday at 8:00 o'clock right here on fox. the winner might make themselves
10:55 pm
into the playoffs. here's how everything looks right now. penn state is at seven. wis kiss ranged sick. alabama, number one. ohio state, clemson and washington. everything else is up in the air. i think the winner of the big 10 championship will get in but it will be hard to leave out washington or clemson if they win crush championship games. big five matchup villanova and penn. this isn't really any top decision warm up game for nova. jenkins was on fire from deep. sick, threes on his way to 22 points. nova wins 82-57 improving to seven-zero. to the eagles. their chances of making the ix in a game and a dropped half back of the final wild card spot. none of the tie breakers are currently in their favor but of course it doesn't matter they continue like they did last night. eagles just didn't have it against the packers. so much so that doug pederson went from talking about the
10:56 pm
playoffs to talking about players development. >> we're in this business to win games. that's why we're here, um, but at the same time i look at the process and i look at the plan. i use those words because those are words we use around here watch these young kids develop and turn into ball players and you see the potential. that's why when i say that's what i see with these guys. >> when you hear a coach say develop and potential doesn't look like you're trying to win this season. the white flag has been turned. >> the process was the sixers. >> exactly. no one wants to hear that any more. >> it's a building year. >> it's a building year. we got the quarterback. we need other parts. we're in the business to win games. yeah. you play to win the game. >> yes. not this season. >> we'll see. not over yet. >> all right. lucy what's coming up at 11:00. >> what about the process of building on your waistline perhaps? huh! >> no.
10:57 pm
>> do you notice those calorie counts and fast food menus. are they helping you make healthier choices? why something that's been happening right here in philadelphia doesn't have us feeling terribly optimistic. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes p your mega millions lottery is next. good luck. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news


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