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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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appointments today only to find out their child's pediatrician is in the montgomery county jail facing child porn charges. his name doctor david s. kenne kennedy, arrest dad for five counts of sexual abuse of children and the criminal use of a communications device the 48-year-old ran the personal care pediatric here on main street up perkiomen police say a nurse practitioner was given a brand new company issued iphone seven plus over the holiday weekend for off hours calls but she discover dr. kennedy's i cloud account was connected to that phone and that account according to police was filled with sexually explicit pictures of children. the phone had just been purchased for the practice a couple days earlier. that practitioner immediately went to police who say kennedy has admitted to possessing those pictures. now dr. kennedy is also on the staff at grand view health. a spokesperson there tells us
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his privileges have now been suspended. now, we want to take you live out here. this was -- is dr. kennedy's car. as you can see it's filled with trash. we also saw several pill bottles in there honestly it's an absolute mess. he was arrested here but tonight he is in the montgomery county jail after failing to post $250,000 bail. montgomery county prosecutors are urging anyone with any information including the parents of patients to contact them immediately. of course, we'll have much more on this tonight at 10:00. guys, back to you. >> all right, chris, thank you torch a developing story now out of kensington. sources tell fox 29 homicide detectives are questioning a mother and her boyfriend about her two-year-old' death. police say they were called to a home along the 600 block of east clementine street in philadelphia just before midnight. they were met there by a woman holding the child. officers raced him to saint christopher's hospital where he died. sources say the preliminary
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investigation reveals the child had a fractured rib and lacera lacerated liver. family members and neighbors are in shock. >> he always told everybody he loved them. >> he always danced. >> he was just happy. he was happy little baby. >> i'm going to miss him because he always called me auntie and everything and every time he saw me he was happy and joyful and everything. >> sources are telling us investigators want to talk to the boy's father as well. so far no one has been charged. your fox 29 weather authority. another rainy day across the area our cameras caught fox dodging the downpour near philadelphia city hall this afternoon raining a lot harder than that. live look at reading besides the rain fog another issue now for commune commuters. sound familiar. >> kathy orr is outside tracki g more rain tonight. kathy. >> the fog will be dissipating because the rain is moving in. right now in old city philadelphia we do have light rain that will continue into the evening and it will be heavy at
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times. take look at ultimate doppler. you can see the rain moving in from the southwest and that line of yellow and/or ranch is the problem. so rain will be moving in across the area. mainly along the i-95 corridor into the north and west but spreading across south jersey as well. you can see in parts of chester county along 476, 76, even over toward abington and norristown we have pockets of heavy rain so slow go for this evening commute. totals today ranging from half an inch in allentown to .20 of an inch in atlantic city. more rain to come that will add on to those totals. another quarter of an inch or so. it still 60 in philadelphia. very mild. 47 degrees in the poconos. 67 degrees some 20 degrees warmer in dover. visibility an issue in some spots. down half mile in trenton and wrightstown where the rain has not made it just yet. even in philadelphia, two and a half miles visible. this evening the mist, drizzle and light rain for the 7:00 o'clock hour. 63.
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65 degrees at 9:00 o'clock as temperatures slowly rise ahead of a cold front. cloudy skies expected at 11:00. with temperatures in the 60s. back here live, we'll take a look at what the storms will bring tonight and look ahead to a much cooler start to the month of december. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> get back inside where it's dry, kathy. happening right now philadelphia city attorney caught up in a police investigation. it involves anti donald trump graffiti and police say a camera caught the crime. the philadelphia law depth says assistant city solicitor duncan lloyd one of the men in the surveillance video. >> and now that city official is facing calls to resign. our dave kinchen is covering this investigation tonight. he's live from philadelphia city hall. dave? >> reporter: iain and lucy, city officials say they're waiting on the results of a police investigation before they take any possible action here. but the philadelphia republican party wants this city attorney fired. security camera footage shows a man spray painting the side of
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the fresh market store in chestnut hill right off of germantown avenue just after midnight november 25th. you can see the graffiti brighting of f word trump. he does this as another man appears to take pictures or video. philadelphia city officials confirmed to fox 29 the blazer clad man holding a glass of wine is none other than duncan lloyd an assistant city solicitor in the law department. >> i was not a trump supporter, but i think to vandalize the store was a very inn appropriate reaction to the election. >> reporter: market customers are stunned that a city attorney would take part in something like this. >> i think it's unbecoming for him to do it. >> city officials are people, too, and they're flawed just like everyone else. >> reporter: first deputy city solicitor craig straw released a statement saying "to my knowledge, mr. lloyd has already contacted the philadelphia police and is cooperating with them. we will decide on a course of action once we obtain more information about the
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investigation. we do not condone this type of behavior from our employees ". meantime, customers say -- >> i think that we all need to just get a grip, and voice our frustrations in a creative way. >> reporter: we attempted to contact mr. lloyd. we have not yet heard back. philadelphia police say there are no charges at this time. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. turning to the transition of power at the white house now hearing is set for monday on a request for a statewide recount in pennsylvania. green party presidential candidate jill stein is behind it and two other state recount efforts including one in michigan that was filed today. here in pennsylvania, montgomery county judge has s rejecting requests for recounts in state precincts. trump narrowly defeated hillary clinton in all three states where stein is spearheading those recounts. wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. in the bridge gate scandal we should know within days whether a judge will appoint a
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special prosecutor to handle a complaint against governor chris christie. a new jersey judge says that she'll make a ruling by the end of the week. criminal complaint comes from a retired firefighter in teaneck william brennan claims that christie failed to order sub in order ants to reopen lanes on the george washington bridge in 2013. he alleges that violated the state's official misconduct statute. meanwhile governor christie just signed a bill into law that creates a special class of law enforcement office they'll work on school and college campuses. the class three officers are retired officers who are younger than 65 years old. now the law let's them provide part-time security on campuses and carry hand guns certain restrictions however do apply. a look now at the man accused of biting two philadelphia police officers this morning in juniata park. police say that the officers stopped to talk to too-year-old caesar ortega this morning to question him about a possible stolen car. cops say ortega punched, kick, head butted then bit the two
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officers. doctors at the local hospital treated and released the officers ortega faces a list of charges at this point. new jersey teenager responsible for a deadly hit-and-run that killed her school district superintendent has pleaded guilty. the teen's name is not been released because she was 17 at the time of the crash back in april. but on monday, she pleaded guilty to leaving the scene and careless driving. prosecutors say she was talking on the phone when she hit robbinsville superintendent steven maher as he was jogging under a plea agreement the 18-year-old will face three years of probation, lose her license for two years and has to serve 200 hours of community service. she'll be sentenced in january. marijuana was the topic of discussion at the philadelphia city hall today. >> city council members are considering updating the city's zoning code to allow more medical marijuana businesses. now officials are deciding whether to relax restrictions on how close medical marijuana facility can be to a daycare or a school. they held a hearing today at ski
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hall to discuss all of it. this past april, of course, governor tom wolf signed a medical marijuana bill into law under the new state law, dispensaries cannot open within 1,000 feet of a school. so the city is considering shortening that to 500 feet because of the city's density. the state would have to approve the changes. if you got a drawer full of outdated cell phones there's way you can get rid of them for good cause. who is collecting them locally to keep a vulnerable group out of danger? >> sean. iain, the pressure is on for the eagles. they have to win their final five games to make the playoffs. they talk about dealing with that urgency, plus penn state gets ready for the big 10 championship game. all of that coming up later in sports. >> first two new jersey troopers just saved a man's life. the airport emergency that had them springing into action. >> fox 29 is proudly partnering with the kellyanne dolan memorial fund this year to help as many families as possible. you can help as well by adopting a family.
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dolan fund is looking for unwrapped toys for kids up to 18 years old or target or wal*mart gift cards. you can drop them off the wissahickon firehouse on december 5th and 6th. "good day philadelphia" will be there live december 6th until 10am. for more information head to my guest list just tripled.
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great guys who are thrilled that the man survived and proud that they played a part. >> right here where i guess where these two cars were. and mr. sheridan collapsed right here between the two cars. >> reporter: sergeant bobby very door was fir on the scene last friday. 80-year-old man was unconscious and laying on the ground in the parking lot of the rental car drop off section at the atlantic city international airport. >> he wasn't doing too well. there's no pulse, no breathing at the time. his wife and daughter were there. so that added, you know, little bit added stress. they were visibly upset of course. >> reporter: victim had just arrived on a flight from florida to visit family for the thanksgiving holiday. and complained of feeling dizzy before collapsing. >> seconds count. >> reporter: the sergeant immediately started cpr. trooper mike, responding moments later using an auto mate mated external defebrillator to deliver one shock. >> we checked for a pulse and it was strong. i mean it was popping.
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i've done this before and i've never seen a pulse return that strong. huge relief report roar paramedics and ems were quick to show up, take over and rush the 80-year-old man to nearby hospital where he's still receiving treatment. today, the troopers got a surprise from the victim's family. they stopped by the airport barracks to personally express their gratitude and let them know they saved a life. >> they went out their way to come on a rainy day like this to knock on the door and, you know, say thank you. they didn't have to do that. >> it was fantastic. i mean i was nervous at first because i didn't know what they were going to tell me. that was probably the best news i can have gotten report roar of course these two troopers say it's all in a day's work but many consider them heroes. >> these kind of actions take place all day every day by police officers around the country. definitely grateful that i've been trained to do this and glad i got a chance to help. >> reporter: now joseph sheridan's family says does he have a tough road ahead, but
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they are optimistic about his recovery and eternally grateful to these two state troopers who they say saved a life by their quick thinking and quick act. lucy and iain. >> thank goodness. all right. thank you dawn. if you have old cell phones lying around you've not got a way to put them to good use. >> donating them can help keep a sewer visor of domestic violence out of a dangerous situation. philadelphia police partnered with women against accuse and verizon to collect old cell phones. collection boxes are in place at each police district. verizon collects the phones then they a range to erase the memory and refurbish them. they donate them to women against abuse gives the phones to abused suffer survivors. phones serve more than one purpose. >> those phones can be used not only call for help in an emergency, but to do things like help find a housing, employment, a range for child care. anything those survivors need to do to get back on their feet.
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>> you can donate any phone by any carrier no matter the condition. if it can't be used it will be recycled in an environmentally conscious way the hope line program is also paid for each phone donated and those funds are used to buy new phones for other domestic violence prevention programs. >> let's check in with our weather authority now on a evening filled with all kinds of weather. look at that. all lit up behind you. >> oh, yeah. we had break, lucy, not any more. here comes more rain in some thunderstorms as well. up the i-95 nor corridor most of the activity to the north and west of the city. delaware county seeing some heavier rain. chesterbrook near malvern and also berwyn, paoli, this area right here along the mainline of philadelphia seeing a line of some heavy downpours heading toward norristown along 476. if anyone will be driving these roads in chester town tee and into delaware county over the next half hour or so it's going to be a slow go. we have a huge temperature differential. 20 degrees difference between the poconos and dover. 47 versus 67.
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almost a tale of two seasons here. with temperatures warming even further over the next couple of hours before cold front moves through. so we have the rain that will be coming through during the evening with some thunderstorms a few of them with gusty winds moving through at about nine, 10, 11:00 o'clock tonight. and temperatures will have risen ahead that front. look at philadelphia at 10:00 o'clock it's 67 degrees. it's 69 in dover. 68 in trenton, and in wrightstown. after the front moves through, tomorrow morning temperatures mainly in the upper 40s to around 50. and then it gets little bit cooler during the day as temperatures fall through the 40s by late tomorrow afternoon. so what's in store as we begin the month of december? well, scott williams has more on those numbers and, scott, we have a lot of rain to get through before we see some of those cooler temperatures. >> yeah, we certainly do, kathy. a lot of moisture right now in the atmosphere. take a look at the water vapor imagery from the southeast all the way to our area we're watching that last batch of rainfall fall moving in our area
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overnight tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. so let's talk a little bit about some of the rainfall that we've received over the last 48 hours. half an inch to an inch in parts of south jersey. half inch to an inch in new castle county in delaware and also around philadelphia delaware county inch to an inch and every half higher amounts mercer county, trenton 122-inches. one to 2-inches in the lehigh valley closing out the month of november, on a wet note and it look like the early part of december above normal precipitation for the northern tear of the country included in that our area mainly rainfall doesn't like like a whole lot of frozen precipitation to start the month of december and then temperatures will actually be several degrees below the normal for early december with average highs in the upper 40s. kathy? >> okay, scott. we'll keep a look out for that. it's unbelievable. december already as we look at allentown we're looking at cloudy skies and a few sprinkl
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sprinkles. but no fog to contend with at this point. overnight tonight, temperatures will be falling. but not too fast. in the city 57. the suburbs 54. a few rumbles of thunder this evening. tomorrow the high temperature 57. but falling during the afternoon into the 40s. on your exclusive fox 297 day forecast, friday looks good. so does saturday and sunday. monday a chance of a shower just a 30% chance. tuesday partly sunny, wednesday a chance of rain. the temperature 53 degrees. looking good over the weekend. good football weather sean bell. >> that's right, kathy. penn state getting ready for the big 10 championship game. we previewed that game against wisconsin. plus the eagles know it's now or never. they have to win out if they want to make the playoffs. the guys talk about dealing with that type of pressure next in sports. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman.
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the eagles going into sunday's game hurting. ryan matthews big d and jordan matthews did not practice today and nelson agholor was the last person off the field today. it's looking like he would suit up against the bengals. desperation time for the eagles at this point. probably going to have to win 10 games to make the playoffs the eagles need to win out if they want to grab one of those wild card spots. the players back at practice knowing they have to be close to perfect for the rest of the season and that's a different type of pressure. the players talked about handling that in the right way. >> you can't press and there's no reason to press. we know we've got a good team. we've got a talented roster. we've been in all these games in a couple of them we really
6:25 pm
should have won. so there's no need to press. but at the same time, you know, you got to be focused and be at your best. >> of course howard eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself break down the matchup on "game day live" sunday at 10ama special double header starting at 1:00. eagles and bengals followed by the giants and the steelers. college football. penn state barclay was named offensive player of the year in the big 10 and they need that man to be all world against sixth ranked wisconsin. hopefully he comes back right from that ankle injury he suffered on saturday. this is a huge game for the nittany lions that could put them in the college playoffs. it's a challenge they just can't wait for. >> a great opportunity, um, i mean we talked about it. we talked about it all off season. this is our goal much this is where we wanted to go, and i mean we just -- we put our head down and went to work. every week we improved and got better. >> that game will be right here on fox on saturday 8:00 o'clock
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the winner will most likely be in the college football playof playoffs. >> look at this little hoops. jr smith's man gets wide open for the dunk. how in the world does he get that open? look at this right here. jr goes on the side lines and hugs jason terry while the ball was um bounded. what are you doing? easy dunk. i think jason terry knew what he was doing but that's jr being jr. always doing something ridiculous on the court. i love him for it. >> he didn't realize he was not in the game. >> get focused. >> you knew what you were doing. >> he's a good golfer. he's a seven handicap. let's take it easy on jr. >> join us tonight one truck backs into another beside a busy street this was no accident. what started a fight that spilled on to road and what many are calling the road rage capital of the world. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪werball tickets
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only fios can. demolition derby exclusive. >> what she's telling only "inside edition." >> the whole rear of your car is completely shattered. and she was branded. >> the message that was burned into the kidnapped jogger's skin. >> branding her as though she were a cow. plus, what's in this stolen bucket that's worth $1.6 million? >> he starts to walk very briskly this way. then, they ate frog legs for dinner? >> they taste like a garlicky sort of chicken wing. >> and what this lip reader says the president-elect and mitt romney were saying to each other. and in the wake of


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