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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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good day. it is monday, december 19th, 2016. here we go, folks. it is christmas week. hi, karen hepp. >> hi karen. >> good morning, guys. >> welcome to the desk. >> oh, yeah. >> also with some gossip, rob
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kardashian and black china call it quits, rob says she took the baby and took off. but there is more, how the couple is now battling it out on social media, already. >> and is it real? some people are debating whether it is not just a publicity stunt. >> i think it is a stunt. >> holiday manners, this time of the year can be tough to navigate for kid. so parents how to help your kids handed up wanted gifts, hugs there grand mom and what about the food? what if they don't like something tastes but aunt betty made it. you don't want to upset aunt betty. >> there is certain things you can teach them to say. she was a true hollywood legend, fashionable, flamboyant, maybe the precursor to a kim kardashian, zsa zsa gabor has died, 99 years old, man, what a life that she led. zsa zsa lived a lavish lifestyle, finding success on the stage, screen, many people
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remember mulan rouge as one of her big hits, but she's probably most famous for saying the word darling. she called everybody darling. the jewels. the dresses. she was a socialite. she got married, ten times, nine of them stuck, one was annuled. so we have listed men in her life from her first marriage to her current husband. karen, help me out here. >> we have... they were on a cruise together the let's just get married. they were already married to somebody else. that had to be annuled.
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but there was a bigamy issue so that lasted one day before being annul. last one which is like fancy pants new york times, the moment the fake total prince von anhalt, he came out through her publicist and said she died of a heart attack. >> yes. >> so there you have it. >> wow. >> okay. >> so, back in the day, people who wanted to get together sexually, they had to get married. >> yes. >> that is why you don't see a lot of people of today getting married. >> that is your theory. >> she was like that era of the divas, elizabeth taylor, they loved love and they loved to live that way. a lot of people get married a lot. >> you think to because they crust want boom, boom. >> there is a lot of boom,
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boom. >> they thought it was more respectful if they were married to the person that they were with. >> so if that wasn't the case, do you think then that she would have had all those husband you would be like she would be just living her life. >> yes. >> interesting. >> like a kardashian. >> kim has been married. >> is she up to three. >> maybe on the rocks, maybe it is not. >> true. >> we saw mark anthony, he was getting divorced from the model one that has only been married for for two years. >> yes. he is famous because he is a famous singer. >> zsa zsa was famous for being famous. >> she sang, movie star. >> she wasn't really talented by any means. >> but 70 movies is something, tv shows. >> yes, lot of them were campy things but her sister ava was in green acres, for year. >> ily ava was prettiest of
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the three. but they were all pretty. the shore down to earth of them. >> so maybe my theory is shot. >> well, yeah, people give mark anthony enough time he could be married another four times, mariah carry, there is a ton of people. >> that is ative rent category >> they have been married three times, give them time, they will be up there at seven , eight, elizabeth territory category. >> enough time to find true love. >> find it again and again. >> other and over. >> kim kardashian is only in her 30's. by the time she hits 90 she could have five or six more. >> easy. >> a friend of mine has been engaged in her early 40's has been engaged six times. >> really. >> has she married or still engaged. >> she's engaged again, been married, i have been to three of her weddings. >> is that julia. >> sorry. >> it might be. >> there are just six days left until christmas if you are behind on your shopping
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you are not alone. we found a survey, nearly one-third of us, have not have have not bought one single holiday gift according to a new consumer reports pole. one in ten, have finish their holiday shopping all together. the reason most people, say they are still deciding what to buy or waiting for, wish list, from they have not heard from their loved ones. what do you want in 27 percent say they have other financial priorities before christmas. others say that they have just been too busy to get it done. i just find it so daunting, i don't start. i'm in a panic. i will do everything on line. >> did you some, you bought some great things on line. >> i went to the mall for first time in years yesterday. >> was it the a mess. >> it wasn't when i went but by the time scott and bob kelly went in the afternoon he
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was complaining about the parking. if you don't know about the park nothing king of prussia. >> power outage a parentally in the stores in the king of prussia mall. >> at some point. >> it was up to 20 minutes, could not check out. >> computers weren't working. i went to a star bucks the other day and computers weren't working. the coffee and cups was there but computer wasn't working so they could not get coffee. >> did you just wait. >> we storm the counter and made it ourselves. >> by the way this chess, c-h- e-s-s pie is fantastic. >> well, thank you. >> did you do research who named it that. >> what was your theory. >> i have something to do with the the chest, your chest, this chest. >> it turns out mike, you are right. >> i am. >> you are. >> but in a kind of way. origin of the name chess pie comes from the term pie chest but another name for pie face. >> oh, the pie in this certain chest to keep it fresh.
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>> it is still a chest. >> yes. >> is that what were you referring to earlier. >> and how about a treat for those kid, lauren johnson. >> yes. >> you guys were chatting, and you know why, every kid in his classroom gets a gift. let's talk to mr. clark. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, a rebater it. >> why did you do it for these children. >> i want to thank them for sponsoring this for our children, would i like to thank santa claus and my teachers for working here, but you know if you saw the faces and faces, that is why we did it. >> yes. >> and kid, screamed, shook and say i got a gift, so exciting. i saw press release $11,000
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donated from their own wallet. >> yes, they donated to make this happen for over a thousand children, 200 children. >> does it make you smile, make your heart melt when they do something for kid they don't know. >> well, it gives me a lot of hope. people really care. we will make it right. >> let'se if we can find one of the kid. this is one i saw excited mike and alex when he got his gifts lets see if he will talk. what did you get, caleb, what is this. >> let's see what it is. >> i saw you were so excited, smiling, shaking, how fun is this. >> good. >> wow. >> what do you think about that. >> good. >> where does santa claus live >> the north pole. >> he came all the way here to chester to see you today. >> yes. >> do you want to give him a hug. >> he is behind you, maybe you
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can go say thank you. >> santa, someone wants to give you a hug. >> how cute, mike and alex, $11,000 someone wrote a check for to make dreams come true this christmas. we were here. it is a special day here in chester pennsylvania. back to you guys. >> they are so happy. >> great school. they do amazing stuff there. >> so cute. >> i love it. >> okay this week when you have downtime probably watching christmas movie is what your favorite holiday hoff i. you know, movies like miracle on 34th street we have watched forever, elf if it is on i'll watch it for that scene when santa's coming. i know him. but those don't even come close to the top three holiday movies of all time at the box office. which ones have made most money? so number three. >> that is, the polar express
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good really. >> tom hanks used his own word in 2004 when it came out. when it day booed it made 183 million-dollar at the box office. >> okay. >> relayed almost all of the rolls in this one, we watch it every single year. classic we have watched this three times already. >> this is not a classicky get so mad, this is jim carrie version i love cartoon one that they still play around christmas time and i have it at home and i prefer that because it is all so cute with the ho and in hoville. >> remember what this category is, it is one that made a bunch of money, animated one is so old, you went to a theater to see it, it is a a buck and a half to go see it. >> that makes sense. >> it earned 260 million-dollar when it opened up. >> when you think bit latest star wars movie made 155 million. >> look at that.
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>> i'm telling y'all the cartoon one is so cute. i love the song, you are a mean one mr. grinch. >> yes. >> there are three word to describe you, stink, stank, st unk. >> i would never offend. >> you don't like the grinch. >> deport me. >> you don't like the who, in whoville. >> why not. >> i don't know. >> it just always turned me off. i don't know. >> because you are a grinch is that why. >> it probably is. >> i'm a bad banana. >> with a greasy black peel.
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>> hearing all of the bad stuff, that song is a classic to me. it is so great. it is fitting why. my pastor at church, the surmon did he this sunday, he did an analogy about the grinch. it is a classic. i can't believe you. i'm so offended. i'm just kidding. >> do you like, are you a scrooge too, charles dickens. >> christmas carroll. >> not a big fan i'm seeing a trend here. >> maybe i'm just not a very happy person. >> no, not that. >> what is your favorite holiday movie, story. >> a christmas story. >> christmas story, from the early 80's, i saw that in the theater. >> we will talk about that one in a second. >> do you know what the number one christmas movie of all time, in the box office is, home alone. >> mccauley caulkin. >> other than that i'm this good shape.
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>> that is pretty good too. >> it was so great. i loved it. >> that made almost 300 million-dollar. >> yes. >> mccauley caulkin was so cute. >> but still i really like christmas story more than that one even. >> you know, abc family they played non-stop for like christmas eve. they play that same movie over and over again. >> but it is not on the list of the top movies. >> it is not, because it made just over 20 million-dollar. twenty million-dollar. >> when it came out in 1983. it was just played in syndication on tvy feel like it is a classic too. >> second do you remember that lamp with the leg with the fishnets, you can get those as gifts now. >> i have one. >> you one. >> my daughters gave it to me. >> yes. >> i used it. >> do you. >> what part of your house is that in. >> the bedroom.
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>> the warm glow up sex up and down the street whatever it is >> my favorite, but preacher's wife. >> you love it. >> every christmas eve, i have to see the preacher's wife and sound trek with whitney houston and denzel washington, whitney did all of the classic , joy to the world, it is so good she put some soul up in there. it is good. >> the preachers wife. >> it is like, you know, whitney houston she's a preacher's wife and denzel washington was guardian angel comes down and helps put christmas spirit back in and it is really cool. >> he is a guardian angel. >> yes, denzel washington was sent down to help out. >> does he marry her. >> she's preacher's wife, take wife from the preacher. they like each other. it was obvious. >> yes. >> listen, denzel, preacher's wife, he is still nice looking but in that movie, he is
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handsome. >> yes. >> whitney houston. >> angel was flirting with the preach ever's wife. >> yes, he knew better, he wouldn't do anything crazy. isn't it a classic. >> yes. >> it is all good. >> you like the sound track too. >> yes. >> look at denzel, look at him , styling, who wouldn't like that angel. >> um-hmm. >> yeah. >> have you seen it, mike. >> no. >> i'll lone to you. >> i keep looking for sometimes, i don't faux why you want new christmas movies, but last night we watched the abdominal christmas. had an all-star causerie ray l iot a and others. >> did you ever watch bed pan. >> it is -- bad santa. >> well, cable my family were sitting together. we said what is this. we will watch it. my mother was mortified but i
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thought it was great. has anyone seen bad santa because it is hilarious, billy bob thornton here. >> i will go back, megan because, i was, store over weekend do you know valentines day card are already out and we are not even to christmas. >> really. >> where did you see that. >> valentines decorations are up. >> that cannot be. >> kohl's. >> where. >> kohl's. >> in bensalem. >> in bensalem. >> you were not at kohl's. you have not been to a kohl's in your life. >> or even to bensalem, when last time you have been in bensalem. >> i have not been in bensalem >> okay, difficult that for effect. but i think milky way, are you in today in the control room. were you in the bensalem kohl's? your mother was. >> she saw it. >> i was with her mother. >> stop it. >> and over at giant supermarkets, halloween or valentines candy is out there.
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>> were you with her mother for that. >> yes, we were picking out heart shaped items. >> yes. >> is your mother married. >> yes, to my father. >> how is that going. >> pretty well. >> okay. >> 50/50 chance. >> doug pederson says less than 50/50 but that is fine. >> in the world of reality tv, black china, she has left rob kardashian and she took their new baby with her. kardashians, posted a series. >> rob kardashian did. >> rob. >> others have not said anything. >> rob posted a series of snap chat videos showing baby dreams, that is the name of the kids, dream. >> yes. >> showed the empty nursery, the child is gone. >> i get home, and china took the baby, took the little nursery we built. she left, and she just left me
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alone and took the baby. >> they have been going back and forth. i think this is surprising. i don't know fit is real but interesting to go see. so cute. them going back and forth and getting nasty. >> that is why some people are saying because their baby special aired last night they were thinking they are just trying to see if they will watch. they got renewed for a second season rob and chine at reality show. he he was saying stuff like, there is a hacker or something on our instagram account and hacker was releasing text messages and dm's she has been sending and they were saying her intention is never been with him very long. he was with him, get money and get that kardashian name. ron started posting, you love me for me, you gave you everything, blah, blah, blah but timing of this is interesting, i mean you know kardashian put their business out there but they put it all of it out there. and why is he documenting it. if you go to snap chat here's this room. she didn't leave me any food.
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he is going through everything would you be snap chatting everything out there. >> no, no. >> they live through it. i think it might be true because what she was saying was hurtful mean things you might actually say. >> he gained all of his weight back and saying all this stuff back. now he is ungrateful. >> don't you think she was just into it get fame and fortune but then this is what vaulted her to the spotlight, to be in it. >> i don't know. >> i guess we have to watch the reality show to figure out what is real because that is how it works. >> at least she left the nursery nice, it looks like she vacuumed. >> it does look freshly vacuumed. >> he opened up his refrigerator and there was nothing. >> he likes food. >> i know. michael phelps secret wedding revealed, new video of the swimmers hush/hush nuptials, somehow we got a hold of it. i think.
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yeah, she vacuumed. >> at least she cleaned up. >> nice of her.
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breaking news here as we showed you a little while ago, this picture of this train, septa first sent out an alert about two hours ago, equipment issues. well, what they didn't tell us was that a wire came down across the train where people were stranded inside, told not to get off that train and that has been the cause of the massive delays this morning. so coal for septa in their stocking if they let everybody know that was issue first thing out of the gate, folks could have made alternate plans but we are looking at over 90 minute chase, on all inbound regional rail trains because of this situation, at the jenkintown station, mike and alex, back over to you.
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>> thanks for that update, bob >> may be done raining over the swim world but michael phelps had another gold medal after releasing footage of his recent wedding that is really impressive. >> hollywood style would you say, yes. nicole jones is bride, hello. newlyweds who dated on and off for more than eight years, first married in a secret ceremony at their arizona home last june and then again in october, the ceremony in front of the 50 friend and family members. >> dramatic music. >> in cabo. >> gorgeous dress. >> so stunning in her tiara. >> wait, i want to hear the music. >> ♪ >> they look beautiful. >> look at that. >> well, isn't it perfect.
9:26 am
>> it is like a movie or something. >> that was the highlight reels from her wedding. >> i love that people do this now a day. you can have home videos, you record it but when they take it and make it like a movie. do you remember kevin mccarthey, he has drones going through and everything and it looks like a movie trailer. my friend who got married in september they did one and they have one and they said, here's trailer for my wedding movie. it is like a trailer. >> some people get dollies, and gibs. >> it is nice, you want to remember it. that is how you want to see it y not dress it up and make it nice, dramatic, beautiful. >> when you are having trouble you you can put it back in the machine and watch it again. >> isn't that why they do it. >> holler at the tv. >> how many times have you watched your wedding video. >> once at ten year anniversary. interesting to go see, because some people died, gotten divorced and broken up and
9:27 am
they look young. we all did cry. >> wasn't it a happy thing. >> we had a wonderful thing. interesting to go look back ten years later, so it is a good times. sometimes it is good to look back. >> do the whole wedding cake thing, when you eat wedding cake. >> he take it out of the trees er. >> my husband, someone could not come, one of his hotter's friend. you have that cake. he doesn't know any traditions put it in the freezer for that doesn't he give it away to the person. i said what did you do to the pieces of cake. he gave it away. >> he gave it away. >> yes. >> is that something you do. when you go to the tables for all of the guest, a little piece of wine or something to give away, party favors. >> party favors, wedding favors, you guys have any of those, that you could have given instead of the cake. >> he wanted to give person a piece of change. he took the cake we had in the freezer. i saw it the right there
9:28 am
nicely package. i could give it to her. >> it is amazing that they are married. >> he didn't know he is a man. >> yes. >> i love that story. >> no one i know or have i ever known likes fruit cake. >> i had people on twit era after we talk bit said my husband likes it. she went to four places to get it. i heard this is amazing. >> that is the concept. i hate truth cake. always have, it is the most nasty cake, in the cake family that woman says that she has made a fruitcake that i will like. i will tell you who she is and where she's from, what restaurant. i will say it again i hate truth cake.
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♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it's true. nobody likes fruit cake. so why do we keep giving it at this time of year? >> it is festive. >> it is hideous. and who ever invented it, would somebody like that up? i mean, look at these things. dried fruit. it is british. is that right?
9:33 am
well, we ask and toy come in here from one of my favorite restaurant, dandy lion. and she says you've got to try my fruit cake. at first they said, no, i i don't. you can't make me do anything. but you stay is good? >> i promise. >> and abby has a confession. at first, i asked her, so, have you likes fruit cake all your strife. >> i really haven't. they have the stigma, it is hard, use it to block the store open, you re-gift it sometimes. >> constantly. >> a year later. but his is a game changer. >> the thing that freaks me out, the dried fruit, candied fruit. >> we took that away. >> i know, you are looking at the finished product there. what i want you to look at is the stuffy don't want in my fruit cake. and that's the what, candied fruit? >> yes, food dye, sweet, not really sure what it is, what is in here. >> so what's your substitute?
9:34 am
>> look at this. i mean, if you want a pan of this beautiful dried fruit. >> we took dried fruit, all natural, raisins, can you ants, april the cots, dates, soaked it in rum. >> soaked it in rum? >> that's right. we soaked it in rum. >> so it is not going to be as pretty. >> it won't be. but who cares? you're eating. >> you're eating it. >> so when orders this from dandy lion, do we get it before christmas? >> of course, that's the point, i mean, today is the last day, if you want to order it, mike, you got to get on that. >> okay, i got a plate here. actually have plate for the segment first time in 20 years. could you -- >> ill dot honors. >> sure, it looks heavy. >> it is, listen, it is like a sticky toffee cake, so it is moist and delicious. >> okay? >> but believe me, you won't think this is heavy. >> okay. >> could i put ice cream on it or something? >> if you want. that's slightly let british.
9:35 am
>> this is british ukee. probably one of the british trying to kill us. >> there it is. >> what do you call it on the menu? >> it is not on the menu. that is very special christmas sale. it is a one-time, really, you have to order it today, otherwise it is out of your hands. >> it is almost like a pudding. >> yes, it is really moist. >> like bread pudding. >> yes. >> oh, okay. >> it is like sticky toffee, so it retains all of the moisture, so you don't get the dense dry fruit cake. >> do you know why it is so good? it doesn't taste like fruit cake at all. >> right. but it is. >> it tastes like bread pudding. it is really good. >> thank you, thanks. >> and what's the sting i'm getting there? >> that's the rum, my friends. >> the rum? rum a dumb dumb. okay, but you got to order today at dandy lions by what,
9:36 am
noon? >> you have all day. >> and how much? >> $30, it feeds, i would say, eight people. >> depends of course how big of slices. >> over at 17th and sansom? >> eighteenth. >> that's a cool place. >> it is, really cozy, especially in the winter, you got the fireplace going, really nice for tea time as well. >> oh, i love tea time. >> it is wonderful. >> and good place to meet people, too. >> why are you looking at me? >> oh, you you know. >> so do you still hate fruit cake? >> i still hate fruit cake. >> but not my fruit cake? >> but not my fruit cake, because it is not fruit cake. >> but it works. >> thank you. >> apply pleasure. >> you know the president of the united states isn't too important to be prank dollars. the holiday high jinx from the staffers to the commander in chief.
9:37 am
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♪ ♪ look at this beautiful shot in the poconos. people skiing and the snow blowing, the sun, peaking through the trees. >> they're rejoicing with this weather, the resorts are open and they're skiing. >> they really r i can't wait to go up there. also, the beauty segments here with us, she says starbucks has put out fruit cake drink, isn't that crazy? >> i want to try t i want to see what it tastes like. >> fruit cake frappuccino. must be good. i'm tell you, some people like them. i'm sure a lot of people do. well, members of the white house staff, they're treating the commander in chief to little pre-holiday high jinx. the rose garden snowmen have been creeping up on president obama from outside of the oval
9:41 am
office. staffers say they moved the yard ornament few feet each day so know one would notice, and the prank has been a big hit on social media. >> i guess one day he looked outside and it was like oh, look! >> i think that's -- oh, hi, kind of like our chairs. we used to do that sometimes our floorman jester here will move away all of the deer, put them in funny positions, and this is what they're doing, what's going on, if the viewers notice, or even we notice. you know, what's happening? it is fun. >> it is easy to notice when they're right up on you like that, like that picture. >> turn around, what's happening? it can be really funny if you did it all in one day, i'm sure he's probably not in the same room one day, well this just happened. i don't know if i would notice over time. but he is the president, he is busy, probably didn't even realize. 9:41, new way to stick it to your mate if the two of you aren't getting along. how about buying things for your significant other that that you know would really make him mad. or stuff you know they just won't like? one new study calling it revenge shopping, karen. >> kind of like a passive
9:42 am
aggressive kind of thing, just trying to subtly get to them, not make it really obvious. so the way to deal, if you have a conflict in your relationship, maybe feel kind of powerless, so like maybe your partner really like regular coke, go out and buy diet coke. sorry. so it is one of those things where you don't feel the power and you don't want to confront them on it and make a big episode out of it, but slightly biggot them like that. >> this sounds horrible. have you ever done that? confess. >> not that. >> ya? >> but the other day my husband was taking all of the credit forgetting the kids ready for school, so, you know, the night before i layout all of the place, do the smacks, all of the stuff. you know what i won't do all that, he can get them ready and do all those. >> so you didn't do anything the night before? no prep, nothing? >> it was a disaster, i went right back to it the next day. so what happens? was he asking you for help? >> no, it was just one of those, you nomar i had people are weirds. you just get into these like
9:43 am
you fight your battles in many different ways. >> really? >> lots of it without words. >> yes? >> so he never said anything? didn't even know -- >> well, he complained about the kids getting ready, oh, ya, sorry, i didn't have time. all right, that wasn't fair. i'll make sure it is all there, the bags are packed. >> now he appreciates you snore. >> maybe, and maybe not take on all of the bragging. >> so maybe revenge shopping, maybe revenge gift, maybe it works. who thought? >> 9:43, holiday panthers time of year can be tough to navigate for kids, right? you bring them over to maybe your friends' house, they give a gift and they don't like it and they respond. maybe they don't like the food. you don't want them to say something crazy. well, we will tell you what you should tell your kids to help them handle the unwanted gifts, the food they don't want, or all of those hugs.
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>> ♪ >> and of course right now we are taking a look at temperatures, and also the weather by the numbers forecast. it is going to be a six, because it is down right cold. yesterday's high temperature, made it up to 60 degrees, but right now, in philadelphia, yes, 25 degrees, that's the air temperature. it feels even colder when you factor in that wind. only at 14 degrees. of course, we are going to
9:47 am
keep those high temperatures today, probably only in the 30's, 34 in philadelphia for that high temperature today. up to you in the news room, mike? >> reporter: hey, scott, thank you very much. let's all go back in time now. i remember when my daughters, two years apart, take them over to christmas parties, and stuff like that, family, friends, just please behave, get through the next couple of hours, don't throw any fits, try to be nice to anybody that comes up to you. so brandy, welcome to good day philadelphia. >> thank you. >> give me your title. >> so i am a parenting coach. i'm also the best of philly winner for 2016. >> oh,. >> yes, your best modern day parenting guru. >> so let's go through some scenarios. what's your name? >> ada. >> how are you? >> kia. >> how old are you? >> seven. >> and you are? >> five. >> five, okay. would you holds this for next.
9:48 am
>> absolutely. >> let's start with you, come on down. both of you stand up, okay? i brought a gift for you. okay? do you want to open it? here you go. look in there. ya, there is stamps, i had laying around the house. see? that's a stamp of a butterfly. you dip it in ink, put it on a piece of paper. isn't that great? you don't like it? what should she say? >> so, what you want to do, what i do with all of this to really head this off before you even go to holiday parties. so you what opportunity do is hey listen we're going to go is see and see some people. you might get some gifts. all you need to do is say thank you, don't even tell them you don't like it if you don't want to we don't want kids to lie, but we do want you to say thank you for thinking of me.
9:49 am
later we can talk about it and maybe donate it or turn or finds something you like better, but just say thanks. >> hey, look what i got you. dig in there. >> they are stamps. this is a stamp after butterfly, you put that in ink. it is a heart. you put it on paper. what do you say? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> how about that? >> there go. >> okay, you're next. look what i made for you. i made dinner for you. well, made it two days ago, it is some dried pasta, but there are nice greens and piece of bread. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> well what i want to do is before you go, say, listen, there is some dishes that people in our family really love to make. and it means a lot to them. if you don't want to eat that, just say no thank you. but we want to make sure that we don't what i call yuck anyone else's yum. because we all like different things. >> see what you like some of
9:50 am
this? >> uh, no thank you. i'm not really that hungry. >> oh, okay. that's perfectly done. here's one i always hated. hey girls, come here. i haven't seen in you so long. how have you been? give me a big hug. awe, look at that, now, they didn't want to do that. >> right. >> and we spend so much of the year telling kids, you know, your body your own, don't let anybody touch your body if you don't want them to touch your bod. >> i don't let that creep hug you. >> no, and then you get to the holiday season and some uncle that you haven't seen forever or even grandmom that you see all the time, it is like go hug them, go kiss them. so instead of making your children, you know, hug and kiss people when they don't want to, you can talk about beforehand, just say hi, or give a high five, or a nod. >> high five. that's best. see, she did that entheusiastically. >> she did. >> come here, woman. >> oh, i'm glad to help you.
9:51 am
>> police department is in the building apparently. >> i know. >> either to arrest me or play, hopefully the latter. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:52 am
hello, peco. so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill. we can do that. great. i live in a post-war, pre-war, mid-century home and the heating system is a turbine, hvac, reverse hydrogen, boiler pipe unit. well sir, i can see that you live in a twin and based on the size, your usage has been spiking. ♪ that's exactly what i thought. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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welcome back everybody. i believe i've been arrested by most of the people in the room. >> they all have a story you? >> i recognize every single one of you. it is just a joke. welcome. >> thank you so much, officer don kennedy. >> high. >> so you founded this choir here. >> yes. >> what made you want to put this snot. >> my main purpose was to somehow bring the community and the law enforcement, you know, unite us back together,
9:55 am
you know this from things going on, that have a negative impact on the department. so my goal was to bring the community and the police, you know, bag together. >> what different departments do you have here? >> oh, all over, we have the police offers that's are behind me we have from different units, and districts, in the city, so from everywhere, we have sergeants, lieutenants. >> do you ever go out and perform for the community? >> yes. >> where can we catch you? >> our next event january 16th, formatter inch luther king celebration, at the university. >> wonderful. you guys haven't been together for how long? >> since may we started. >> oh, nice. >> yes, we had our debut concert october 29th of this year. >> when do you perform or practice? >> we practice maybe once or twice a week. >> yes, you sound good. >> thank you. >> in fact, so good, we are going to present them on our christmas eve special later on this week, saturday. >> we're excited. >> right here on fox. please play something for us, and sing. >> yes.
9:56 am
>> thank you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:57 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? we don't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ooh ooh >> wendy: welcome. [ cheers and applause ]


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